April 21st, 2007

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Inspired by this post.

You have to give a one hour lecture on any topic of your choosing and you have less than 5 minutes to prepare. What are you going to lecture about?

I think I'd just give a lecture about the history of the greatest band on the planet, Speechwriters LLC, and why they are amazing. That's all I know an hours worth of shit about.
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1. Who gets the pets if you & your S.O. split? Why?

2. What's this 4/20 business? (P.S The U.S date system sucks)

EDIT: 3. Did your parents 'stay together for the children'? How was that for you?
4. Did your parents divorce? How was that for you?

1. My SO told me today that I would get our pet because I seem to love animals more & could give her a better life. :S

3. Ostensibly, but really I think they stayed together to satisfy their own twisted psyches & so they didn't have to figure out a new way of life. They fought all the time & it was horrible to live there. I couldn't see why anyone was upset that their parents divorce because I wanted it so bad for my own parents.

4. They were going to, briefly. But then they got back together & after telling my mother "it's me or him" I moved out of home - yay!
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1. How long is the longest song you have on your computer? What song is it?
25:46. "Tereza And Tomas" by Bright Eyes.

2. How short is the shortest? What is it?
0:36. "7." by Pretty Girls Make Graves. There are a few Reggie and The Full Effect things that are much shorter but they aren't songs really.

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i've been baking cookies and somehow the surface of the cookies looks too smooth.

anyone knows how to bake them such that the end results looks homemade i.e. the surface is not smooth but actually has little bumps on it?
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Do you judge people based on what music they listen to?
Equally, do you judge people who judge people on what music they listen to? (For example, "He is a complete idiot for thinking everyone who listens to rap is an idiot.")

What is he trying to say?! i really don't get it?

I think it's the guys that gives mixed signals that drives girls crazy. I like this guy, and he gives me mixed signals all the time. He talks to me and seems like he wants to go out, and doesn't plan anything at all later on. Then when we finally get to go out(in a group of 4), he doesn't talk very much to me but seemed to listen when I talked. He seemed like he wanted me to go to this movie and even asked me whether his movie choice was ok, and that we could watch something else if I wanted to, even though there were 4 of us. I am really happy he asked me out, but his concern and lack of concern at the same time makes me confused. What is he trying to say?
To add a little to him, he's stood up for me, gives me encouragement, asks me whether I'm okay, shares his food with me, tells me about himself and family, goes on breaks with me when we were working.

what do i do with mixed signals? what is he saying? is he not interested at all?
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Well, a while back my PseudiPod (Creative Zen MicroPhoto, for realists) died, or seemed to, and I've been fighting with Creative to get them to fix it, since I've had it less than a year and it's warrantied for that long. They kept sending me to lame help lists and giving me instructions on how to reformat it when my compy no longer even recognises it, and it won't keep file names. But lo and behold, something they suggested looks like it's finally working, so perhaps it doesn't have to be fixed/replaced after all. BUT. The year warranty is almost up. If it's fixed now, it may still break again within the next couple of weeks, and then I'm just screwed, and I'm pretty afraid it will die again, since it was really, really fucked up this time. Would it be wrong to lie about it having started to work again (if it actually has) so that I get one that will (hopefully) be more reliable? Would you do it? I probably won't, as it does seem kinda tacky, but I did spend a lot of money on this and I do think that it will most likely die again soon...Mostly, I'm just curious.

EDIT: I should probably add, lying wouldn't necessarily get me a new one, but would make them look at the old one and hopefully fix any problems. I don't care if it's new or fixed, I just want more assurance that it will work longer than a couple weeks.
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My husband went to a club tonight with his buddy. (They went to hear a DJ I don't care for, so that's why I wasn't there.) Anyway, he left his wallet in his truck, and while they were in the club, someone smashed the window and stole his wallet and his iPod. Along with the money and credit cards the thieves got, they also now have my home address. Don't I have the right to be a little pissed off at my 43 year old adult husband for leaving his wallet in his truck?
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How come the stringy parts of a banana taste so different from the regular parts of a nanner?

Serious or silly answers..

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think "I am a complete mess. I need serious fashion advice."?

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What is the most EXTREME thing you've ever done?

Is furniture from Ikea actually any good?

There's a little ad thingy next to this window that says 'do girls make better fighters?' What do you think?

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A SSN (Social Security Number) is NOT to be used as an ID number?

(it says so on the bottom of the card!)

You are not obligated to put it on an application for a job. Did you know someone can use the number to commit ID fraud?

Did you know Soc Sec is NOT a tax? (But they take the money out of your check...its Govt funded insurance )

Did you know SS got started in the Great Depression in the 1930's??
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Hypothetical situations:

1) You are offended by something someone says and she doen't know you are upset. Do you confront her about it?

2) You offend someone with something you said, and you know you've offended her. Do you confront her about it?

3) You are offended by something someone says and you email her to tell her and ask to talk about it, but she never responds and never talks to you in person. She then promises a mutual friend she's going to talk to you at a specific time and never does. Do you go confront her again, or are you finally sick of the b.s. and just say fuck the friendship since she obviously doesn't care? (This one is less hypothetical and can be expounded on more if needed.)

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This is really random but does anyone know where I can get a Tom Jones hoodie?

My brother's 16th birthday is soon and I know he'd love it (we have an inside joke re: Tom Jones). I tried Googling, and no I am not capable of making him one :(
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What music artist/album do you not like, but everyone else loves? Do you get shit for it?

My answer: I never got into The Cure's Disintegration album. My boyfriend almost had a heart attack when I told him. I said I would make another attempt at it though.

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My sister called last night to tell me she caught chicken pox from her baby. She's never had it before and now she thinks she's going to die or something because it's a lot more dangerous for an adult to get it.
So, my question is, have any of you had chicken pox as an adult or teenager? How severe was it? What did you do? etc. etc.
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Random ?'s

1) Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

2) What would be harder for you: telling someone you love them for the first time or telling someone that you don't love them back?

3) Have any plans for today?

Everyone hates questions about tipping and gratuities.

My cousin was getting her hair highlighted at a beauty school yesterday. On a whim, I decided to go with her and put blonde highlights in my hair, since they had an opening at the same time. The girl that did it was catty, snarky, and an all around cow. The highlights don't look very good, but the instructor praised her for doing well. They way they styled my hair afterwards left me looking like Lionel Ritchie.

When I went to pay (50 bucks), the girl who colored my hair was standing right beside me. Even though I wasn't going to tip -- I mean, I wasn't pleased by her, the highlights sucked (and were unfixable unless I wanted to dye my hair brown), and I didn't care for the school, I felt obligated to because she was staring at me. I gave her five bucks. Would you have tipped?

Oh, by the way. The 44 foils she put in my mid-length hair took 4 hours. I sat in a chair from 12:30 to 4:30.



You're on a 6-hour flight somewhere overseas aboard a fairly small aircraft, and you're sitting next to the only empty seat on the plane somewhere in the back. About an hour in, a flight attendant approaches you and starts to have a strange conversation with you. "One of the other passengers has died. A 50-yr old man, and it's sending the person next to him in hysterics. Would you be willing to have the man's body placed next to you for the remainder of the flight? In exchange for your sacrifice, we'll fully refund your airfare (which was over $1,000), and give you a free $1,000 flight voucher for another trip. I'm sorry, but because we're over the ocean, we cannot make an emergency landing to have the body taken away. "

So, this flight and your next flight completely on the house in exchange for having to sit next to a dead body for 5 hours, who incidently will be covered in a sheet. Would you do it?

Edit: The man died of a massive coronary during the in-flight meal, and there's bloody mary, a tossed salad and chocolate pudding all over his seat, which would make swapping seats with the man rather messy and undoable, unless you're willing to be diligent about cleaning up the mess yourself

P.S. - I'm not actually interested in how deaths are actually handled in these situations, so please no comments correcting the scenario given above. It's another 'wouldya do this...' macabre question

Web design and marketing

Hi all :)

For years now, I've tried to ignore the commercial side of the web, and I guess it's biting me in the ass a bit now.

I have a few web projects running, that aren't doing so well in terms of popularity. Maybe that's the norm -- I guess the sites that make it big are just the ones that get lucky, out of millions of others. Still, I'm sure there's more that I could do.

To begin with, I've launched an online freelancing project, for a nice new site design. So hopefully the new look/feel will help.

Questions are:

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Sorry for the long post; I'm desperate ;D
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1) Two people wearing leather jackets and leather assless chaps just drove up to my neighbor's house on a motorcycle. It's about 77 degrees outside right now. Is all that leather really necessary?

2) Speaking of leather, what do you think of PETA?

3) Speaking of PETA, how about pita bread?

4) What's the best way to get rid of or prevent blackheads?

5) I have to give a monologue in one of my classes at school. How do I sooth my nerves?

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What happens if animals eat "special" mushrooms?

Do you think they go all crazy in the woods? If not, what happens?

Can you explain an lsd trip, or have they been different for you every time?

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1. What do you think of people who find eating alone in a restaurant as agreeable as eating with company?

2. What do you think of people who find eating alone in a restaurant less agreeable than eating with company?

3. Sky blue and cherry red go well together. Yes or no?

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I would never eat shrooms, but several of my friends have and it was interesting to hear how they tried to describe the way it made them feel.

So I wanted to know, what happened to you personally when you ate shrooms? Describe the feelings, the effects, ect ect.
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How difficult would it be to pick up a book by some of the people I've been learning about (Karl Marx, Emile Drukheim, Max Weber, Clifford Geertz, Franz Boas, etc.) without a class to guide me along? Would it be impossible to read a book by these people outside of an academic setting?

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I've been in the early development stages (planning, mostly) of a business idea I had a couple of weeks ago and I just found out that the near identical principle of what I want to do has already been done.

Would it be unethical/immoral/illegal for me to continuing on and implementing this idea of mine?
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In our city, we have a "Trash to Treasure Week". You basically put anything on the curb you don't want every April and during the course of a week, people are able to take whatever they want from the piles...furniture, appliances, boxes of clothes/toys/younameit. My friends and I really look forward to this week every year and we usually fill the back of a pick-up truck.

Does anyone else have this?

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1)Who are your current celebrity crushes?

2)If you are married, what was your First Dance song at your wedding?

3)If you are single, do you think if you dont get married by a certain age you should be entitled to hold a huge party to celebrate that fact?

1) Wentworth Miller, Leigh Whannell, Rachel McAdams, Natalie Bassingthwaite, Debra Stephenson

2) Im not married

3) Yes i think you should celebrate your life no matter what. Singledom is no reason to be miserable!
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Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

Prom time..

My boyfriend's mom called me today, because her youngest son is going to prom today. In thier tux rental, in addition to cufflinks, there are four other little peices, and they cant figure out what they're for.
Does anyone know what these four peices could be?
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lame ass questions

1. if i let a hotpocket defrost, but then popped it back in the freezer... if i was to heat it up will it still be good? (well, as good as a hotpocket gets...)

2. it's a beautiful day here in RI how's everyone else's weather?

3. who do you love to hate (famous people and such)?

4. and finally... i want to see pictures of your pets!! show me!
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The names Zoe and Chloe are pronounced Zo-ee and Chlo-ee. The names Joe and Moe are pronounced Joh and Moh respectively. Spelled similar to Zoe and Chloe, but pronounced differently

That being said, say you were at a formal gathering where people had nametags, and you were approached by someone whose tag read KOE DOE. How would you pronounce her name?

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I wanna go on holiday. I will be going alone (I'm 24)

I live in Scotland so it WILL be somewhere warm, more than likely somewhere in Europe. I am considering camping. I've never been on holiday alone so I am a bit nervous. I generally don't like camping (Well, definitly not in Scotland. Have you seen our weather?!) Soooooo....

Have you been on holiday alone? Any tips/words of advice/stories to tell?

Camping alone in a foreign country... what do you think? Is it just a really stupid idea?


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Do you have gmail?

Do you find yourself wondering how you got around w/o gmail?
I do.  to both.  I also force gmail upon my friends, missionary-style, so I can talk to them on the mini-chat thing it has when I'm at work.  Glorious is technology when it's functioning.
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1. Have you tried Diet Coke Plus?

2. I hope I'm not alone on this one. Are any of you afraid of using silicone oven mitts and pot holders?
Yes. I'm always convinced they're going to melt so I hurry up and put whatever the hot item is down as soon as possible.

uh ohz =(

Okay you guys! I really need your help!

Basically, I'm working the runway tonight, but I was like shaving and opened a new raxzor and like accidentally knicked my lip. So now there's like, 2 mini cuts (one almost invisible, the other not so much) directly on my lip, and this is so bad! How do I get rid of them within the next less-than-an-hour? Help help help!

I don't want to get strange looks from the makeup artists, nor do I want the hordes of photographers photographing me arriving, pre-makeup, etc. to pick it up on their cameras. That would be like so embarassing!

How do I remove or at least hide weird mini-cuts on (like, really on) my lip?
this is soooo embarassing. Respond ASAP!
helpppppp =(
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My friend just got screwed over by a guy (and another close friend) and so I am making her a mix CD to listen to before we go out tonight.

I want cocky, empowering songs for girls. Example: U + UR Hand by Pink and Give It To Me for Nelly Furtado's part in it.
Suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!

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Hey everyone.

When my tv plays the new KFC commercial, the one with the babysitter, whenever the camera zooms in on the KFC bucket, the tv, like...buzzes. Does this happen to anyone else? Its annoying!

Also, on one of the other message boards I frequent, there was a poster who got a bar of soap stuck up his tailpipe, if you know what I mean. and he's trying to get it out. Any suggestions for him (I laughed my arse off about it too).
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1. i just wiped my comp after getting a nasty virus. the second i got my computer online i started getting these annoying popups from sites like registrycleanerxp.com, set32.com, saferegclean.com saying crap like "CRITICAL ERROR MESSAGE! - REGISTRY DAMAGED AND CORRUPTED." wtf?
i have adblocker and its not doing a damn thing.. these messages pop up anywhere from 10-20 times an hour. anyone know a good free program to get rid of this crap?
2. when is the last time you cleaned your room?
3. do you like to dance?
3a. are you any good at dancing?
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When applying for college, do you need proof of your exact community service hours, like a record or a signature? Or can you just supply an estimate of the hours you've served?

I just realized today that I've been serving all year and my service leader hasn't been recording any hours.

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1. How do I sign up for Windows Live Messenger with a gmail account? I have the software. I've tried google to no avail.

2. What's the last thing you thought you saw but actually wasn't there?

3. What's the last thing you thought you heard but it never happened?

4. What's the last typo/freudian slip you made?

2. A white toy gorilla that was a actually a crumpled up piece of paper
3. People knocking at the door too early
4. 'sex' instead of 'size' (when writing the font size tag)

Special K!

Alright, what is this losing weight myth surrounding Special K?! I have heard loads of people swear on their life that eating it has made them lose not just some weight, but A LOT of weight, and I've even seen this weight being lost, but I started eating Special K (strawberry) for breakfast beginning of last week and since then I've gained about 5 pounds, and no longer fit into my pants. Now, I'm not saying there's any connection (the week before, I had gone to the Bronx and survived only on junk food and NY pizza), but it's just...strange.

I mean, the box says lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks, but that's eating cereal for TWO meals a day...could I still lose 6 lbs in, say, a month by eating it just for breakfast? Or should I let myself eat the normal surgary cereal that I love so much if I can't manage to eat it for breakfast AND dinner (lunch isn't possible - I eat that at school.)

I mean, is Special K for real? I hate these stupid fads I never get that never work for me. (Also, for a 5'1 girl, is 115 pounds a lot? Because I used to weigh 100 like last year, then I gained about 5 over the summer, and I've gained 10 more this year probably...stupid "freshman 15"...can't believe that shit's for real lol)

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Do you wear make up?
If so, how much do you usually wear?
How old are you?


I used to when I was a [young] teenager, but when I hit 17 I stopped. It just took up time and everyone tells me I don't need it. So it all works out. :-)

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Okay so I know it's a bit late for a 4/20 question but here goes:

In Winnipeg, on 4/20 marijuana smokers gather at the legislative building to sit on the grounds and smoke pot, as a peaceful protest kind of thing. I thought that this was done in most places in Canada, if not the world. I was informed yesterday that Winnipeg is the only place that does this. Does your city have something like this? Where do you live? How big does it get? There were about 1000 people yesterday, which was a pretty good crowd.


So..what are you up to tonight, TQC?

Why did Fed Ex send my package to Northern IL if it was being shipped from two towns over?
That being asked, why did Fed Ex lose my package?

I'm going to a "Dress for Success" seminar on Thursday. My college adviser is pretty much insisting that I go because I showed up for my advisement appointment in my usual bum lookin' clothing. Should I buy a new outfit (because I don't own anything business-y) or go with what I've got (which is jeans and a t-shirt)?

What do you get a kid that is "graduating" from the 8th grade? My little sister is "graduating" in May and I have no clue what to get her. Should I even get her anything? I don't remember getting anything when I "graduated". Hell, I didn't get anything when I graduated high school now that I think about it. Grr..

These are for the moms since Mother's Day is coming up:

Do you have one of those Mother's Day rings?
If you have multiple rugrats and a ring, did you wait until you were done having kids to get one or did you get one that you could add stones on to?

Ok...I think I'm done for now.
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1. You are the best movie director in the world. You can even wake up dead actors from the grave and make them perform in your movies. You have all the resources you could possibly need. Now.. What's your next film gonna be like? What's the genre? Who are going to be in the main roles?

2. Do you like watching foreign-laguage movies/series etc. subbed or dubbed?
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A bunch of smoking questions!

Just because I felt random. :P

1) Do you smoke?
2) Have you ever smoked in the past?
3) If you don't now but did, why did you quit, and if you still do, have you thought about quitting?
4) When did you first start smoking?
5) Why (if you know) did you?
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Ok, I have a reason, but I don't want to start off with that because I want unbiased answers.

Let's say you are writing a book or a script....enter a lesbian. She needs a name. What do you name her?

(I'm actually looking for serious answers on this one. I mean, feel free to leave the funny ones too, but I'm really curious!!)

Cadbury Creme Egg

On dress codes

One of my friends is having a 21st birthday party this week, and I've been invited. On the invitation, it says the dress code is 'casual'. When I asked her (the birthday girl) to define this, she said 'jeans and a pretty top'. The thing is, I don't have jeans that I wear outside of the house. The outfit I had planned was a cute dark grey skirt and a nice top, with some heels and patterned stockings; but everyone is telling me that this is too dressy.

I don't want to go out and buy clothes for this party that I'll never wear again; but conversely, I don't want to 'upstage' the birthday girl or upset her on her birthday. What do you think I should do? Suck it up and buy an outfit similar to what everyone else will wear, or wear what I want and hope it all works out?

Have you ever committed a major fashion faux pas, or seen one committed?
My answer is in the comments.