April 20th, 2007

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How do I get over this homesickness?
(Asides from cry and keep New York State Of Mind on repeat)

Should people with HIV or AIDS should be isolated from society in order to eradicate the disease? (I just wrote a paper on this topic and argued against the proposition btw)

For those this applies to, but what was your most funny/awkward way of seducing someone?
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Aw, since the desktops were already done today... (I saw it on GJ earlier, haha, that's where I got it from. -_-)

Does anybody watch Nip/Tuck or have any opinions on it? I never meet people who watch the show religiously like I do.

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1) Have you ever been on welfare or gotten any money from the government? What for?

2) Would you ever go on welfare or take money from the government for any reasons? What reasons?

3) What do you think of people on welfare or who get money from the government?

4) Where are you from?

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So I'm pretty lazy when it comes to working out. My main reason is because it doesn't feel like a good workout unless I'm running. But I can't run anymore due to knee problems. Other stuff is just annoying.

So! Have any of you tried belly dancing? Fun? Good exercise? Worth it?

I used to do it, but got off track and lost the workout tapes. So can you recommend a good instructional DVD or download?


Do Asians circumsize their babies?
I'm just really curious because a family member just adopted a Chinese boy and said that they had to take him to the urologist to "get taken care of". I am assuming it is a circumcision.

And, how do you all feel about circumcision? Yes? No?
Personally, it's not my body, not my choice.
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Let's say you have some of your art up on the internet, in places like DevianArt and Elfwood. One day, a friend of yours sends you a link to a YouTube video in which someone has used some of your art (a particularly old and crappy sample of it that you never liked anyway) without asking or crediting you.

What would you do?

I ask because this just happened to me, and I'm a bit agog at the fact that someone thought my crappy doodle from my Junior Year of highschool was good enough to steal. Well, maybe not "steal," so much... but you get what I mean.
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was it memorable?

your first time? or first sexual experience in general? what was it like?

i was drunk and it was with my first serious boyfriend when i was nineteen. it was not as momentous as i thought it would be. although later on he said it was special to him, heh. i was more like, mkay, practice makes perfect.


Ask me a question....I will consult the chicken gizzard and tell your future!!!

OR MORE TQC appropriate:
Will you ask me a question?
I can tell the future!
EXAMPLE: brokensemaphore you're gonna have a troll.....(as in GIVE BIRTH)...nerd.

tessibean you're gonna have a cheeseburger

so_mikey.... everyone hates you. You're getting it up the ass.

See how this works?
* future readings are for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance between hajiomatic and a nappy headed 'ho is purely co-incidence!!
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a geek by any other name

8:13 PM 4/17/07 · There are a number of people I know that are aware that they're geeks and proud of it. Yet I also know a fairly other large group of folks that are equally as geeky and heavily in denial about it. They throw up criteria and all but bust out the charts and diagrams showing what constitutes a geek and how they are so nowhere close to being that.

The popular view seems to be that geeks are into comics and science fiction and fantasy. I got this particular perspective from someone who will remain Carrienameless when she was defending that even though she goes to a certain convention regularly she is by no means a geek.

She's also one of the biggest House geeks I know...and I know many.

I'm offering no criteria so use your own understandings of what "geek" entails:
  • What makes you think you're not a geek?

  • Do you think being a geek is a bad thing?

  • Do you enjoy geeky things?

  • Is there any show or series you follow regularly?

  • If you know you're a geek, is there anything that you follow regularly that you feel falls outside your fandom?

  • Also, if you're a geek are you just a general one or a specific kind?

Idea for this came to me given this random ello Mistuh Brandguy's recent fascination with the Veronica Mars series.
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Mother's Day at the daycare

So as we all know, Mother's Day is only a few weeks away (or a few weeks ago. Freakin' commies). The daycare I work at is having a tea party for the mothers, but we are also all doing gifts. The age group I work with is 6mos to a year, though except for one, they are all older than 9 months.

If you are a mother, what sort of gift would you want from this age group?

If you work in a daycare/school, what have you done in the past for Mother's Day?

If you are someone's child, what arts-and-crafts things did you do for your mom while you were growing up?

Right now the ideas we have are to buy small pots and have the kids paint them (the kids paint all the time and love it), having them make handprint magnets (well, having us get their handprint and put a magnet on the back), or having them do a window hanging (painting again).
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NHL Questions....!

To all those hockey fans out there(you know who you are...!):

What's the greatest Shootout goal you've seen this year or in previous years?

For me, in recent memory...the 15-round slugfest between the Washington Capitals and the NY Rangers...Defense Marek Malik for the win! Doesnt hurt that whenever the Caps went up one late in the shootout, the Rangers scored. =D
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Stickey Fingers

Does anyone else out there use Crazy or, Super glue to mend cuts on their hands?  You know those painful little slices that are like paper cuts that don't want to heal well because they are in a place that keeps getting banged, bumped, scraped.  Bandaids never stay on and just get in the way.

Second Part:  Anyone have any good Super Glue stories to tell us?  When I apply the glue, it runs sometimes and if it is not dry yet and I touch it with another finger, the second finger sticks for a second sometimes making me afraid it will not come unstuck.  Once, I even got too close when I was trying to dry the glue quicker by blowing on it and my lip touched it! I could only imagine  me in the emergency room with my lip stuck to my hand.  How do I explain that? 

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is anyone else in TQC world wearing khaki's today? [for no specific reason]

i woke up thinking it was Saturday, what's something :S that happened to you today?
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My friend is bringing me her computer this weekend so that my husband can "clean up" the harddrive.

Really we're going to check to see if her husband has been doing questionable stuff. She knows he looks at porn, and that she doesn't care about. But now she thinks he's meeting women online, and maybe even meeting those women IRL. We have to see if there's evidence of that. (She's so computer dumb it's not even funny, which is why she's bringing it to us. My hubby's in the computer tech field)

My friend's husband is a truck driver, so it would be very easy for him to cheat on her without her knowing. But is he cheating already?

The question is, how far does someone have to go for it to become cheating? Where's the line drawn? Is it when he meets a woman IRL? Is it that he's even seeking out other women in the first place? Is it only if he has sex with another woman?
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Do you have a dog (or dogs) as a pet?

If so, what breed(s)?

I personally LOVE mutts, and I have two! One is a Aussie Shepard mix and then in two weeks I get my puppy who is a terrier, chow, beagle, boxer mix. :)

ETA: Include pictures of them if you can!!! :D
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How do you feel about animal testing?

How many posts about 4/20 do you think we'll get today?

How many posts about passing a drug test do you think we will get in the following days?

What do you think of this picture/these thoughts?

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For people who have taken German classes:

Let's pretend for a moment that you can't pronounce ü. No biggie, I'm not good at it either.

When presented with a word with ü, then, what is your course of action?

-Pronounce as ooooo. Hey, it's a u.
-Pronounce as eeeee. That's what it would be if one didn't round one's lips.

Where and when did you learn German?

Because I can *not* figure out where my father got this idea.

For clarity- not looking for instructions on making the noise. Am just trying to trace where my father learned this reasoning.

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On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you with your physical appearance?
What do you like?
What do you dislike?

On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you with your personality?
What do you like?
What do you dislike?

What do you do to boost your self esteem when you're feeling down about yourself?
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I'm BORED!!!

Is it really better to have loved and lost?

Are there any better playoffs than The Stanley Cup playoffs?

Why are most women put off by guys who are just up front and direct?

If Aliens are of a higher intelligence, why do they kidnap the stupidest people?

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To save everyone a long and annoying tl;dr block of text I'll make this as short as possible.

I had a coworker get fired last night, and my bosses are being unusually tightlipped as to weather he actually got fired or weather they just worked stuff out. What I'm wondering is, is there any legal reasons they can't just tell me he got fired? He works in my department on my off days/shifts so its kind of important to know if our department of 2 dropped to one.

Rookie Driver

If you were training a new (and particularly nervous) driver, would you put the Rookie Driver sticker on the car or make a sign saying "New Driver" ? 


I made this to put in the window for my darling 26 year old bf who's never driven and is quite nervous - not a natural driver. What's your reaction? Is it horrendous? Would you tweak it? Are you just laughing at me/us? :P
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On Wednesday, I lost my wallet, which pretty much holds my entire life. Debit and credit cards, state ID, school ID, health insurance cards, some cash, my family pact card which is how I get my birth control... everything. I figured it was lost forever and pretty much cried all day because I don't really have the money to replace everything.


Someone found it and turned it in! Can you believe it?! If even the cash is still in there, I will be amazed.

Two good things came out of this- first, when I was crying at school on Wednesday total strangers came up to me to make sure I was okay.

Secondly, someone actually turned the wallet in, which is so nice and unexpected.

Has anything good happened to you recently? Anything that would "restore your faith in humanity"?
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1. What are your plans for the weekend?

2. What books are you reading now?

3. Do you think Pete Rose should be allowed in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

4. Why does my mp3 player seem to think it's Christmas? Every other song it's playing is a Christmas one!

5. What relative from your extended family (i.e. not parents or siblings) is your favorite? Why?
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Dog bites.

If someone's dog bites you, are they responsible to pay for your medical bills?

What if the dog owner is one of your best friends?

This happened to me yesterday. My friend's Rottweiler bit my forearm. She's somewhat apologetic about it, but is mostly nonchalant and hasn't even mentioned paying for anything yet. Would it be wrong for me to ask her to do so?

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1. When you masturbate in the shower with the 'needles' setting on, do you suck in your stomach to make your self more attracted to yourself?

Yes, yes I do. I just did.

B. Have you ever stolen money from your mom's purse when she was drunk?

No, I haven't but she's dead now so I could at any time.
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I'm moving into an apartment with a 25 pounds weight limit for dogs and I am planning on rescuing a dog but I was curious, what dog breeds tend to fall in the weight range?
Blanche - Jumpy

Fred Phelps is at it again...

For those of you who know who Fred Phelps is, he's at is again:


"The families of those killed in the Virginia Tech massacre may not be able to grieve in peace at the funerals of those they lost. An anti-gay religious group known for protesting at the funerals of American soldiers killed in Iraq is planning on appearing at services for those killed on Monday as well."

How can people who aren't complete lunatics like him deal with or respond to him? Here is how I feel: Why can't some homocidal maniac with guns show up at Westborough Baptist Church? Is this stooping to his level? I mean he's such a vile piece of dog shit it's hard to be rational about him.

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Trek Talk

10:02 PM 4/16/07 · I have something of a habit of putting myself into a show when I'm watching it; part of why I seem to be so far gone for those that have observed me. For example, I've been enjoying the replaying of Enterprise on SciFi, Mondays 7pm to 11pm. They're currently involved in trying to stop the Xindi from developing a weapon to destroy the Earth...

...it's a thing.

In most of the commercials on this channel for this show...they keep showing the one that goes the first ship, the first.... Basically a lot of firsts. So, Captain Archer and Trip have snuck on board a Suloban ship and Archer shoots one of the aliens. The commercial goes the first phased pistol...

...what Archer says to Trip, as the alien goes down, is "Stun seems to work."

Everytime I hear that I recall what I pictured as being there with him as part of his crew. Mildly sarcastically I went, "Unless you just killed him."

Have you ever found yourself saying something sarcastic or funny to a character on Star Trek like I do? Which series was it and what was the scene? What was it you responded with?
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1. Do you think that many people in America are over-medicated?

2. I want to start composting.  But I am really, reeeeeally not smart about these things.  Do you know of an extreme idiot's guide to composting?  I would like some personal recommendations if you have any, not a link to www.google.com.  Mostly because the resources I have found online are still above my intelligence regarding composting.

3. Do you know what boys like?



Has anyone here moved across the country? Or many states away?

I'm trying to figure out how to move my stuff. I don't have a lot of stuff, maybe enough for a studio apt? I've heard suggestions for renting a u-haul and hitching my car, using moving companies, etc. Wondering if you guys have any suggestions? Advice? Do's & Donts?


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Well I saw a news report where in schools that promote abstinence-only education, kids are starting to have sex more and more.

My questions are:

1) is anyone really surpised about this?
2) how many of you were subjected to abstinence-only sex education?
3) what did you think when you were subjected to such.

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It seems that everybody uses the word "wank" on teh internets now, to describe flame wars, trolling and general asshattery. But do you ever use the word "wank" in RL, and in what context? Where do you live?

[ETA: I use it a lot, as a slang term for masturbation, verbal excrement and as an insult. :)]

Oh, and another while we're on the subject: what words do you use online that you'd never use in RL?
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Creativity welcome!

Hi all-
I just bought a new motorcycle (upgraded!) and I am going to get a personalized license plate. Since riding is known as such a "boy" sport (at least for those so sexist-ally minded), I want to get a plate that emphasizes my femininity. You know, so when ppl pass me they can say "was that a chick?" And then my license plate can answer. Here are some of the better ideas I've come up with so far:


You get the idea. I live in a state where you can only have 6 letters and/or numbers total, and you can have a space or a hyphen inserted anywhere in there.

I now solicit you for creative ideas! Keep in mind I want people to be able to "get" it, and I'm probably not going to put anything pr0n-related. :-P What license plate would be cool to see on a chick's bike?? Thanks!!
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Where can I go to find out what song is being used in a movie preview/commercial?
In particular In The Land of Women's TV spot that's out right now. I think that's my friend's uncle playing in the background but I can't tell. (And she doesn't watch TV so she has no idea what I'm talking about.) I've already checked IMDB.com and can't find anything.

Edit: I love the internet. It is her uncle's band!
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I don't know how it is in the US, but up here in Canada there's something that says you can enter university at 21 if you don't have a high school diploma. Does anyone know more about this? I've heard and read about it a bit, but I don't know anything except that you're apparently allowed to do so. Are there certain requirements like giving up you first born child to Satan ;) or is it free for all? Also, does anyone know what the chances are of getting in? Seems to me like they'd be less than through the regular admittance pattern. If anyone knows what I'm talking about about would elaborate on it, I would be muchly obliged.
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Poll #970226 creepers

Is it better or worse to attract creepy men twice my age, who work at the grocery store gathering the shopping carts than to not attract anyone at all?

about the same

EDIT:Why is this the case? Are they attracted to all 19 year old fatties or am I special?
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1) What is your strongest SMALL pet peeve (i.e. someone chewing with his/her mouth open, grammatical your/you're issues, people screaming at their cell phones, etc.)? (I hate open mouth chewers so much that it makes me sick.)

2) What is your strongest BIG pet peeve (i.e. people driving while on cell phones, bike riders who don't use the turn lane, bosses who get in your face about your work, etc.)? (People who don't wear helmets on motorcycles make me insane.)

3) What is the number one thing that makes you snap from being in a good mood to being so pissed you want everyone to die? (When I encounter resistance from someone at a bank or school or something and instead of trying to find a work around, the person just announces that it's "policy.")

4) What calms you back down after that? (There are only a few things that work: Wii Boxing, Burnout: Revenge, Guitar Hero, a cigarette, or food.)
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


I applied for this 2 week retail internship today and the person that is going to run the classes is supposed to call back in a few hours... and I'm kinda uncertain about the whole thing. The ad says that they'll pay me...a $150 stipend...but why would they pay me if it's an internship class? Are they going to pay everyone in that class?

Is this a scam? I'm praying that it isn't because I need this. And it just seems too good to be true, ya know?

Here's the ad:
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on my birthday my friend and i are gonna drive down to tijuana and spend the day there and probably come back late at night - it's a couple hours away or so.

have any of you been there? what should we do? i don't wanna do anything gross, so no hooker/donkey show suggestions please.
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Ok, TQC, because it is at the end of semester and I am not having happiness with my calculus class, please tell me which these things.

1. Which class(es) do/did you hate most in high school/college (whichever was last or most hated)?
2. What grade did you get  in this particular class?
3. Was your hating this class and the grade you received related?

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hey so my dad wants to take the family on a vacation in july but we don't know where to go. he is taking input from me and my two sisters.

i think he wants to go somewhere tropical, which is weird becase none of us really like the beach. he keeps suggesting aruba but i don't even know what there is to do there.

i like cities. i really want to push the idea of going to a city. i like city vacations. i strongly would prefer not to go to an island somewhere. i want to do something different every day and wear a bathing suit no more than three times over the span of the week.

i am pretty sure we're limiting our search to the US and the caribbean islands. overseas travel is too expensive. i also think that we won't be going to canada, because my dad wants to go south, not north. the northeastern US is out too, basically anything within a 8-10 hour drive of new york city is too close because my dad's like, "oh, but we could do that anytime! this is our BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG VACATION!" also we're tired of florida so we're not going there. since i'd prefer not to go to an island, i guess i personally would like to stay in the US, but i'll take other suggestions too.

so where do you suggest we go? beach, city, other stuff?

oh yeah, and wherever it is, there needs to be golf.
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Help :(

I have a job interview tomorrow (on a Saturday, wtf?) at a music store.
What the hell should I wear?
I'm scared of overdressing, because i over dress for EVERYTHING. 
Should i wear pants/skirt + shirt and jacket? 
Would the jacket be too much?
I've never had an interview at a place like this, most of them have been for office jobs.
Any advice?

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I just realized I've been pronouncing 'trebuchet' wrong for years.

Are there any words you've pronounced improperly your whole life, before some kind soul finally decided to let you in on why everybody keeps laughing whenever you ask for some delicious ess-kar-got for your horse-dee-over?
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Do you drive a manual or automatic transmission?

I haven't driven an automatic transmission since my first vehicle - a 1988 Dodge Caravan. Manual transmissions are superior for daily driving in low traffic conditions. They improve gas mileage; they give you the ability to drop a gear quickly for passing without having to wait on the automatic (which'll reduce gas mileage); they're more fun to drive; and they're less expensive to repair when they break. And I was wrong about the first stick I drove. The first stick I drove was a Chevy truck with a three speed transmission where the stick was on the steering column. They call them three on the tree. Forward and up is first, forward and down is second, back and up is third, and back and down is reverse.

My favorite band in terms of lyrics is probably most definitely Ween, and hence I've decided to ask an unexpected type of question from the song Tender Situation.

What is your place in my glorification?

(no subject)

1)What is your most disgusting habit?
2)What knowledge do you have that has been very helpful to others?
3)If you went to a casino, what sort of games would you want to play?
4)How would you describe the people you hung/hang out with in high school?
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For everyone:
1. When in the shower, do you make sure to wash your back or do you let your shampoo/soap just rinse down it and assume that it'll be clean enough?
2. What's your favorite flavor of ramen?
3. What's your favorite board game for two people? What about a big group of like 8-12?

For the girls:
4. Who makes your favorite bra?
5. Do you like showing your cleavage on a regular basis? What about at bars/clubs?
6. If you like to wear sandals, what color do you paint your toenails in the summer (if you do)? Do you change it often, or just leave it the same color the whole summer?

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Oh, and how's the weather where you're at!?

It's 70 and incredibly sunny here in Michigan!
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1.What is the most amount of money you've spent on an article of clothing or an accessory?

2. Was it worth it?
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Does reading on the toilet help get the job done for you?

It's how I get all my reading done (I -do- get enough fiber in my diet).
OMG this is disgusting.
Hahaha, I am so drunk right now.

Now, do you use a room spray after you've, er, read a chapter?

I hate that because now the smell of the air freshener reminds me of stinky poo and it ruins it for me.
I'm sorry but my shit doesn't stink.
I turn on the fan/open the window.
I use matches
I use a blow torch (what is fiber?)

Moving on. I work for a design firm, and I have typed up proposals for a $250,000 kitchen and a $60,000 CLOSET. How does this make you feel?

Disgusted by how people waste their money.
I think people can spend their money however they want if they earn it.
I think those people suck.
Those people are idiots. I would spend that money on hookers and blow.


Check all that apply:

Everybody's working for the weekend.
I am already drunk.
I have plans this weekend.
TODAY WAS PAYDAY (or payday was some day this week)
I am so broke.
I can't wait to get drunk.
I can't wait to get laid.
I can't wait to go to sleep.
I have to work this weekend. :(
I have traffic school tomorrow.
I need a haircut.
I hate coffee.
I love coffee, you bitch.
Seriously, all I can think of is sex right now.
Oh thank god you put something in about drugs. I am going to do drugs, if I have not done them already.

How often do you clean your house/dorm/apartment/room/jail cell? And I mean CLEAN, like dust, mop, doing dishes, vacuuming, the whole shebang.

Once a week.
Every two weeks.
Once a month.
Mommy does it for me.
Every fucking day.

Please select the Pixies lyric that you like most.

I was talkin' to preachy-preach about kissy-kiss
Got hips like Cinderella, must have been having a good shame
From distant star to this here bar the me, the you, where are we now?
And the way I feel tonight, I could die and I wouldn't mind and there's something going on inside
Estaba pensando sobreviviendo con mi sister en New Jersey

White Chocolate

Inspired by the question about vanilla ice cream.  White Chocolate.  Why is it chocolate if it's white?  And for those of you who say "Jeeper's Creeper's"  Who was Jeeper?  And why do we say "Oh boy"?  instead of "Oh girl"?

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is there anything i can do to trigger or speed up my period? 

(i'll explain... it's supposed to happen around now and i can feel that it's going to happen soon but it needs to happen by today in order for it not to interfere with the pool party i'm going to next saturday because it lasts 7 days and i don't like to use tampons at the end of it... like... i guess i will if i have to but i'd rather if i didn't have to so i'd like it to end by at least friday... any ideas?.. haha... probably not but i thought i'd ask anyway)

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I dont know if this makes any sense but...

What is the etiquette for greeting someone when they/you are entering/leaving a bathroom? Like at work, if you're going into the bathroom and someone you know is coming out of the bathroom is this time and place appropriate to say hi or should you just ignore each other? Or should you just nod and smile at each other?
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There was a tiny article in today's newspaper, saying that 1/4 Australians don't want (not 'would prefer not,' but 'don't want') a gay person/gay couple living next door to them. They apparently questioned some other (mainly western) countries too, and we've not got the biggest percentage of not wanting them to live next door. I realise that they didn't interview everyone in the country. And they'd probably have interviewed the household owners... rather than the younger generations. So. 'How' homophobic do you think it is to not want someone gay to live next door to you? Do you think 1/4 is a big number? Do you think that percentage is about accurate? Would you mind a gay couple or gay person living next door to you? If you would, why? Do you think the number of homophobic people in your area is bigger or smaller than this? (and where are you from?)
I've been talking to some british girls, aged 16/17 lately, and they think that practically no one in England is homophobic (no they don't just mean 'would bash gay people up'), but I think they're just basing that on their personal experience and their circle of friends and probably age group. What do you think?
Since Australia is supposed to be less homophobic than the US... what sort of percentage would you say the US has? Or the UK? (Ireland was one of the countries that had higher numbers of people not wanting gay neighbours) And, this is like 'not wanting them to live next door to you' not 'wanting to bash them up/kicking your kids out of home if they end up gay' etc, but the only reasons I can think of for not wanting a gay couple to live next door to you is that you find it somehow debauched.

edit: found the article online: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,21585267-5005962,00.html?from=public_rss

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1. What's your favourite icon?
This one *points*

2. What's your favourite macro?
I don't know how to post them properly. ... Stop laughing at me!

3. What was the last thing you copy and pasted?
nah, just an evil bull that wanted to fuck all the cows that were on heat ... Yes, true story. My grandfather and I were trying to get him back into his own paddock. Luckily for me, I had a quad bike. My grandfather had rocks.
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1) I have what I'm assuming is scar tissue on my inner arm near my elbow, from a deep cut at least a year or so ago. It's bumpy and pink, and sometimes it itches or stings. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to soothe it?

2) Does seeing or hearing the word 'yawn' make you yawn? Did you just yawn?

3) What's your favorite 'classic rock' band?

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(no subject)

Why do boys spit so much?!! If you're a boy and you spit a lot, please explain to me why you do it. I know some girls may spit but normally I don't see girls going around spitting, just boys.
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Do you have a webcam?
How often do you use it?
What do you use it for? Long distance friends? videos? nudie website?
What kind is it?

Wanna show off pictures you've taken of yourself via a webcam? Bonus if they're camwhore shots!
*betty draper reading

grocery store busybodies

What would you say/do if, while you were in the check-out line at the grocery store, a stranger criticized the choice of food you had in your cart?

Agree with them? Argue about it? Ignore them? Tell them off? Cuss them out? Wait for them in the parking lot and beat their ass/hit them with your car? Other?
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


My sister sent a box from Korea to me in NJ on March 30th...or April 2nd...she can't for the life of her remember exactly when she sent it. She didn't include any insurance or delivery confirmation (we never did when we sent packages back and forth)...she sent it regularly...and the guy at the post office told her that it will take 10-14 business days. It is now the 20th of April...and I still haven't received the box yet. Do I still have hope or did it get lost?

The stuff she put into the box were important documents for her social security card renewal and she won't tell me what other stuff she included in there, except that everything in there is worth $300 altogether. I heard that packages can get lost and show up 3 months later...

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To those from the US who have "backpacked" through Europe:

1. Where did you go?
2. How long where you there?
3. Where did you stay
4. What was your mode of transportation?
5. How much did the trip cost?
6. Any tips for keeping it cheap?
7. anyting else yo'd like to add

Kill Bill - Elle
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My mom's birthday is tomorrow. I didn't forget, I just didn't have a chance to go shopping. What do you recommend I do? What should I buy/order for her?

I am being confirmed in three weeks. I need to go dress shopping. Are there are any good stores to look at that don't sell slutty, low-cut, religious-function-inappropriate dresses?

How has your day been?
Do you like bananas?
What's your weather like?
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Ok, so I'm going to the Ex-Servos (a club/pub) tomorrow night to see a band for my mates birthday. The show doesn't start until 8.30, which is what time she's going to turn up.

Thing is, I want to start getting out more on my own so I'm going to go at least 45 minutes early. I'll most likely be there without friends so apart from wasting my money in the pokies (slot machines), what can I do to entertain myself? I'm not a chatter unless I'm drunk, so wandering up to similarly non-drunk people & talking isn't an option.

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Me & a friend are going to change our names on a forum to something similar.

They're gonna be 2 names that rhyme or you'd put them together.
We've came up with:

Phil & Lil
Dee & Dum
Salt & Pepper
Sonny & Cher
Bob & Bobina.

She doesn't like any of them! So the question is.. what other names can you come up with like the ones mentioned?

Edit: We've decided on Tic & Tac. Thanks for the suggestions!
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Im so borreeddd

You know the security system that comes with a new new computer?
Well, my McAfee "privacy service" and "spam killer" have expired.
Should I renew and buy a whole new security suite or wait until the virus scan/firewall expire?

Whose your favorite lj friend?

What lj user do you love to see around in communities because they're awesome?

Do you rock out (aka sing/dance) when youre in the car? Do you care if people look at you weird?

2. littlerarity is cool, and her kid is cute just like mine.
3. withtraffic always makes me laugh. I think she is *~so kewl*~
4. Yes!! And no I dont care :D

sayings, songs, and cliches

1) Does anyone know where the phrase "By jove, I think he's got it!" comes from and who/what "jove" is?

2) Does anyone know the origin of "Lets blow this popsicle stand!", or at least what noteable series(es)/movie(s) made use of it to put it into popular culture? I think it might've been used more in the 80s... I've just used this expression since I was a very young kid (I'm 25 now) and I have no idea where I picked it up from.

3) Does anyone else think AFI's "Love Like Winter" is about being born with a drug addiction?

4) Does anybody else sing the lines "Rain rain on my face / hasn't stopped raining for days / my world is a flood / slowly I become one with the mud" every time a good rain shower passes through? Does it annoy the hell out of anyone you know?

5) Does anyone know how long the concept of something being cliche has been around? I would think the idea of a "cliche" is a relatively recent concept.

6) What movie uses the most cliches you've ever seen? I saw "Redline" last weekend and it seemed like they tried to cram as many into as they could...

7) A character in a play/movie/etc speaking directly to their audience or otherwise recognizing that they have an audience is considered "Breaking The 4th Wall". Is there a term for situations like in "Ocean's 12" where they reference the fact that the character played by Julia Roberts looks like Julia Roberts? I like to call it "breaking the 5th wall" but does it have some other term? Is it just another form of Breaking The 4th Wall?
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If you knew a sibling was cutting class/work to hang out with their SO, would you say anything? Would your answer change if you didn't like the SO?

Would getting pet rats be a bad idea if I have cats?

Speaking of cats, all three of our cats are strictly indoors. Only one wears a collar (he's my sister's and moved back in with her). The other two are about a year and a half old, is it too late to get them used to wearing a collar?


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When you hear the name Chris, what gender do you automatically think it is?










And, of course, Pat?


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Why are Girl Scout Cookies sold once a year?
Can I buy them online?

Seriously, I would buy 2 boxes a week if I could. I saw some in my boyfriend's kitchen and looked up where to buy them. Apparently "Girl Scout Cookie Season" has ended in the San Francisco Bay Area. :-(
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Anyone watch "Bones" tonight? It was a rerun of the pilot. I don't usually watch it, but I was ored tonight so I did. Bones had on a multi-strand red bead necklace with a large brass Hindu type hand with carvings that looked like henna tattoos. What is that hand called and where do you think I could find a necklace like that? Or at least the hand. I can make my own necklace. ~ Thanks! 

EDIT:  Nevermind - I found it.  It's called a Hamsa Hand
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Where would you look if you needed a recording of someone saying the english vowels?

Is you couldn't find it, how would you record it yourself so that you could eventually get it onto a cd?

(no subject)

This year is actually looking like a decent year for movies.
So far, what have been you favorite movies that have come out?

300 and Disturbia have been my favorites so far.
Blades of Glory and Hot Fuzz were pretty nice as well, but in my opinion, didn't live up to expectations.

(no subject)

1. Who do you think would be a better match for you--someone your complete opposite, or someone who is exactly like you? (I realize it might be a mix of both, but where do you lean towards?)

2. How are you and your SO similar/different?

3. (And for something completely different) Which television shows from a country other than yours do you like watching?

4. Where and how do you watch these TV shows?

5. (And switching topics again) What's the funniest thing you've found on Youtube recently? Links/embeds welcome.

Randomly thinking as I got one of those troops forwards

Some Americans pray for the soldiers over seas, and they pray for saftey, and for the troops to come home. But What would a suicide bomber pray for? They dont really need safty or a return because they are commiting suicide, and it seems like it would be against any religion to hope they kill a lot of people when they go through with it, so what would one pray for? and do they pray? All i've seen in the media of them is that they are very heavy in their religion and feel they are killing for a higher purpose so I would assume somone so devout would pray before suiciding.
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In the News and Your Favorites!

Yahoo! Does the most interesting news articles. On their front page now is an article about how the Vatican got rid of Limbo.
Can the Vatican do that? What happens to the centuries of people who are in Limbo now? Just...general opinions on this...?

I know you all have a favorite CD, but what about a favorite CD cover?
Visual art is just as important as music!
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I was supposed to meet my 3 other group members at the library to work on our project today. 2 of the people didn't show up. I called one, and she said she was in the hospital because she had just gotten in a car accident. I'm having trouble believing this. She is at least 30 minutes late to class everyday and has missed 3 or 4 classes already and it's only a ten week course. I don't have the other girl's number so I couldn't call her. So far I'm the only one that has done anything for this project, and I have a feeling I'm going to be doing the whole thing alone.

1. So TQC, do you think she really got in a car accident or is she a big liar?
I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but seriously I knew this would happen. She's even getting extra points for being the "group leader".

2. Why do you assume the other girl fucked us over?
I think it's just because she's a huge bitch. She was the only reason we had to meet on a friday.
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Sup, TQC.

I never thought I'd go to a bunch of internet crazies for fashion advice, but a couple of you seem to not follow Hilary Duff as your northern star of clothing choices, so I'm going to dip my foot into this pool.

I love dresses, but I haven't worn any in years. I have recently made some fabulous dress purchases that I am very pleased with, but the footwear issue remains. You see, I am a strict disciple of accentuating the positive. I'm horrified every time I see someone wearing something that is unflattering to their body shape or skin tone and so forth. For this reason, I do not wear open-toed shoes.

My question for you is this: what sort of shoes would you suggest for summer wear? I am rather short, so both heels and flats are cool with me.

Question #2: If you were trying to seduce shippo, what sort of meal would you cook to get him firmly caught in your spiderweb of seduction?

I don't think I'd cook to seduce him. I'd pounce on him with my handy ether rag, and then when(/if) he came to, I'd ask him what sort of meal he'd like. What can I say, I'm a pleaser!

3. Do you use the word 'rag'? I do it all the time, unless I make a concentrated effort not to.