April 19th, 2007

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I'm torn between two shoes to buy...

which shoe should I buy?

I wasn't sure if I should use an lj cut... so I didn't. They are not that big, right?

lol, look. 2 questions in one. :P

thanks in advance.
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1. Is there anything you've been eager to say/do but the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet? What is it?

2. Without looking it up, what would you say is the widest river in the world?

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Has anyone ever bought from eyeslipsface.com before?

How do you like the products?

I was looking at product reviews today and some people were complaining that the makeup is made in China and that's why it's so cheap and some said that the makeup sucked because it wasn't made in America. Any credence to this?

I'm an eyeshadow fiend and have all of their eyeshadows. I absolutely love them. I also have a few brushes, a shimmering facial whip, some applicator things, and the pressed powder. I love all of it. I don't wear makeup all the time and my taste in colors changes a lot so I like having a lot to choose from and not having to pay a lot for it, but I keep seeing so many bad things about the company that it's worrying and confusing me a little, especially since I've always gotten my packages in a timely manner and the products have worked amazingly for me.
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Does anyone else have problems with their wii not connecting to the internet consistently? Our connection seems to be completely sporadic and I've followed all of the suggestions on the Nintendo support website...

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I'm bored.  :(

Will you please tell me a joke?
What are you doing right now, apart from reading and/or answering this?
Cliche, I know, but who would you want to be for a day?
Better yet, what other species would you want ot be for a week?
When someone says the phrase, "perfect lifesyle," describe the image that pops into your head. Is that your idea of a perfect lifestyle, or a stereotypical idea? If the latter, what's your idea of a perfect lifestyle?

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may 16 - last day of classes
may 17 - "reading day" - no classes, no exams
may 18 - first day of final exams

my birthday is the 17th. i will be 21. i have no finals on friday.

do you think i should have my party on the 16th, and have to have someone else buy the alcohol for the party, or on the 17th, when some of my close friends might not be able to go because of friday finals?

in either case, i already have daytime plans for my birthday.

not having a party is totally out of the question. this is my last chance before i'm too old and nobody's given a shit about my birthday since i was like 10. so there.

edit: i can't go barhopping because a lot of my friends aren't 21 yet.
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my hump my hump my hump

Are there any designer jeans that aren't capris that come with a 28" inseam?  I'm really short.  29" is too long on me.  :-(  And it costs too much to get them altered.

Have you ever met anyone from Lichtenstein?

Have you ever known a South African?  What languages did he/she speak?

How many flavors of gelato have you tried?

Where are you going on your next vacation, or where would you like to go?
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1. Is there any completely normal thing that you find incredibly squicky? A friend of mine is grossed out by eyes. Yeah, sure, just an eye on the table would freak anyone out, but like normal eyes bug him, he could never wear contacts or put in eye-drops or anything. Actually this is true of at least two of my friends. I'm grossed out by belly-buttons, I don't like to look at them with one exception and I hate the thought of anything involving them. I could never pierce mine although I really want to, because the jewelry is neat. But urgh urgh urgh bellybuttons.

2. What's your favorite kind of toffee, if you like toffee? Do you have a recipe or a link where I could order it?

3. As my icon says, "Any chocolate?" Yes. Always chocolate.

4. Does the idea of teaching small children freak you out? It does me, because I may end up doing it.

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1. A woman is attracted to men aesthetically (finds them attractive) but not romantically or sexually. She is attracted to women in all three ways. Would you consider this woman a lesbian?

2. What book(s) are you currently reading?
Once Upon A Time by Gloria Vanderbilt and The Areas Of My Expertise by John Hodgman

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1. Do you choke up when you think about the knocking down of the Berlin Wall?
2. Have you ever panicked in front of a lot of people and been incapable of continuing whatever you were doing?
3. Which do you think tastes the best: tangerines, mandarin oranges, navel oranges or clementines?

my answers-
1. Yes, every time and I don't know why.
2. Yes, during a presentation in 11th grade, I started sobbing and had to sit down without doing the rest of the presentation. It was especially weird because I usually do really well with speeches and acting and all that spotlight business.
3. Clementines all the way.
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What is the most creatively named business you've ever heard of?

I used to go to a place where you would paint pottery and they would fire it for you and it was called A Time to Kiln. This girl I knew, her father owned PDQ delivery. Everyone assumed it was the man's initials. It actually meant Pretty Damn Quick. There were 2 local scrapbook stores (does anyone on here scrap book?!?!) called Holy Scrap and Full of Scrap

What is your real name? What do your friends call you? What does your family call you?

My real name is Shae. My mom calls me pumpkin or shaeshae. My dad calls me Little One or Taco Head (don't ask because I don't know). My extended family calls me ShaeShae LaRue (which my cousin turned into ShaehaeShae LaRue, smells like poo-poo). My friends call me Digga, Shaebay, Shaebaby, ShaeShae, Shaebay e-bay, and many other ridiculous things.

What song do you currently wish you could hear over and over?

I have a million favorite songs, but I'm currently rocking the shit out of "Black Republicans" Jay-z and Nas.

Have you seen Pearl, the landlord?

I die every time she says "I'm just buzzed" Little kids using foul language is quite possibly the funniest thing ever.

I've checked this post twice for errors, but I must admit I just got in from the bar. Please don't kill me.
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What the crap is wrong with me?

I have never seen anyone else have this problem before - why do I get so depressed after working out for awhile? By awhile I mean, by the third week of me working out I start to get depressed.

I have no idea, and it really honestly has nothing to do with me not seeing improvements because when I do work out I see results fairly quickly. I'll go to the gym for about an hour every other day and I'll feel great at first because of the endorphins but I get to the point where I feel like my life is not worth living after I'm done working out haha. Does anyone else experience this?

Also, why is it so hard for me to sleep? I've been having the worst luck with sleeping. I can go to work for 8 hours, go to school for 4 hours, work on homework, play with my cats for awhile, play WoW, and it will be 1, 2, 3, 4 am and I am still awake. Or if I am somewhat passed out, I am inbetween sleeping and being awake and I'm going through some stupid story in my head but I keep opening my eyes. I did this from 12-5 last night. And here I am up at 4:10am tonight.


Getting myself on a normal sleep schedule

For a long time I've been a night owl. I'm obsessed with staying up all night. It seems that nothing I've tried so far has worked. When I go to bed, I usually find myself getting up again because I just can't sleep. Going to bed and staying there is much easier said than done. I've always slept better during the day but my current job doesn't allow that. At this point, my lack of sleep has affected my job performance, my health and my relationship with my partner. I honestly don't know if I will ever be able to overcome this problem. I'm wondering if anyone else here has gone through something like this or if you've known someone who has? What would you say is the best way to overcome a problem like this?

I would try sleeping pills if I wasn't afraid of becoming addicted to them. I know someone who is and it has made his life hell.

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With all the media hype over the Virginia Tech massacre, how many Americans do you honestly think realized that at least 6 times as many people were killed in a series of bombings in Baghdad yesterday?

Don't you think it's about time we started to GTFO?

*EDIT* Question 2 is, in general, unrelated to question 1. If I made any mistake, it was putting them in the same post. Q1 was not meant to be political, just me venting my frustration with humanity. Since you've probably had enough of my shit at this point, I'll just shut up.

New neighbor.....

So, rumour has it that a new guy moved into the neighborhood- he's young, good looking, owns his own business, and most importantly, single.   How should I introduce myself and welcome him to the area?
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1) If you opened a restaurant, what would you name it?
2) What about a bookstore?
3) do you have someone in your life who is in constant need of attention and validation? how do you deal with them?


What color matting would you use for this print on this website?

I'm getting a black frame, and I was going to just go with white matting... but now I cant decide.


If you could be anyone else, who would you be?
I'd be a coffee shop owner in Ft Colloins CO and give free lattes to hot chicks...or I'd own a coffee plantation in Belize

If you could have a do-over...what would it be?
I wouldn't have majored in Communications....no way!!

Would you ditch your SO if you could???
*betty draper reading


"We're moving beyond putting roadblocks in front of abortions to actually prohibiting them," said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, a national antiabortion group based in Wichita, Kan. "This swings the door wide open."

He and other strategists said they hoped to introduce legislation in a number of states that would:

• Ban all abortions of viable fetuses, unless the mother's life is endangered.

• Ban mid- and late-term abortion for fetal abnormality, such as Down syndrome or a malformed brain.

• Require doctors to tell patients in explicit detail what the abortion will involve, show them ultrasound images of the fetus and warn them that they may become suicidal after the procedure.

• Lengthen waiting periods so that women must reflect on such counseling for several days before obtaining the abortion.
So, what do you think of pro-lifer Troy Newman's new plans for American abortion prohibition?

Should third trimester abortion be outlawed with the ONLY exception being to save the woman's LIFE (not to preserve her health or spare her from permanent disability)?

Should abortions for fetal abnormalities like Down Syndrome and "malformed brains" be banned?

Should a woman be told that she "may become suicidal," and forced to wait "several days" before she's allowed to have a first trimester abortion?

Yet another follow-up

1. So a fair few girls said they believed the "girls are catty" stereotype, but that they themselves were not catty. Fair enough. What are some other stereotypes that you believe in and consider generally true that could apply to you, but don't? (Edited to clarify.)

2. If you had mixed-race, cross-culture twins, would you give one twin a name from one culture and the other a name from the other culture? Why or why not?

Edit: 3. So you and your SO are transplanted to a country whose language is completely foreign to both of you. Your first kid is born there, and will stay there for life. Do you name him or her in your native language, or the foreign one? Does it make a difference if your family could not physically pass for the native residents of that country?

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apartment dwellers:

Do you ever bang on the wall when your neighbors are having sex right next to you?

I was just tempted to, not because of the sex, but because the squeaky mattress was really annoying me.
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My boss just threw up but insisted she get on a conference call.

I've had a sinus thing all week, but have come into the office.

Why do people insist on going to work, even when sick? Do you go to work when you're sick?

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Why are elevator rides so akward?

Have you ever done anything to make the trip a little more interesting?
I was in there with just a bunch of friends, and we were laughing about how elevators are akward and that we should spice up the ride because we all were friends, so I said "We should all jump up and down!" just to see if anyone would actually do it...we were only stuck for about 20 minutes...

Also...how should I get the song stuck in my head out?

*Edited to fix HTML...my bad*
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1. Do you like tanning? Do you go to a tanning salon?

2. Have you ever tried Mystic Tan?

3. What's the best way to clean a bathtub/shower? My boyfriend hasn't cleaned his bathtub/shower since he moved in (nearly a year ago), and I only scrub at it half-assedly. What's the best product to use? I'm thinking Comet.

4. Do you think kids would be less inclined to touch electrical sockets if they didn't look like little faces?

5. Do you ever wake up from sleeping to find a bug on you?


When did I become a responisble student who actually does her work ahead of time?

If you were listening to a presentation on Catalan, would you rather watch:
A clip of catalan music with catalan lyrics
A clip of a catalan TV show
See something that's normally in english which has been dubbed in catalan?
(this would be a less than one minute clip)
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just curious

Hey everyone
I'm reading the "Nanny Diaries" right now, and I was wondering who the authors(McLaughlin and Kraus) worked for?? I've been googling but so far I've found nothing telling who...anyone know??

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Have you ever met someone that you thought was gay but were surprised to find was straight?

What made you think this person wasn't straight?

How often do you make judgements about the sexuality of people you meet? Why?
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cant wrap my head around the idiocy

one of my best friends has just called me to tell her she and her idiot boyfriend have decided to get an apartment together.(clearly they discussed it last night after their week "break" and he's out looking for an apartment right now.

Now let me give you some background on their relationship. She has cheated 15+ times, boy doesnt have a clue in hell, in the 4 years ive known him this is the first ive ever seen him have a job, and he hates it and would rather sit at home smoking weed and living off welfare than work. He doesnt have any savings, a car, a license, a life plan,a steady job, only a GED, and she actually might be going somewhere in life if she doesnt have him dragging her down.
They are "on a break" 40% of the time and she is "Waiting for him to do something really stupid so i can just break up with him and be rid of him"

Now, i think them moving in together is the stupidest thing ive heard in about a year.
Do i
1) Let her do it, realize how stupid it was, and then have her move back home only for me to say "i told you so"?
2) try to get her to understand how stupid of an idea this is?
3) stay out of it in general

*keep in mind we're been best friends for 6 years, i basically call her parents mom and dad, and id rather see this guy dead on the road then married to her in 3 years*

2 related birth control pill questions

Last night I woke up at 3:30am with the stomach flu, and threw up everything in my stomach. I took birth control at 10:30pm that previous night. I would figure it would have absorbed, but the last time I ate had been at 7pm that night, and I threw up a bunch of food. So obviously the stuff I'd eaten before even taking birth control hadn't completely absorbed...

1- Should take another pill from the pack?
2- If I do that, I'll be 1 pill short this month. Will having 20 days of pills versus 21 do anything bad?

Right of Free Response and Setting up a Radio station

I have googled this but havent found any reputable sources and/or nothing that helps me.

1)What is the right of free response? Can someone link me to a place that will tell me what it is, it's history, etc? I know what it is in laymans terms but I need to know what it is legally.

2) Lets say you want to set up your own radio station. What are the legal steps you would need to follow in order to start your own station (link to where you found said legal steps) and if someone else wants your frequency rating how could you increase your chances of winning the license (link with proof)?

Again, I have googled and have come up with nothing. I fail at google where as you guys are wizards with google. Thanks so much!


1. Have you ever made a prank phone call?
2. What's your favourite childhood memory?
3. Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours? Why?
4. What is one thing scientists should invent?
5. What stereotype would you label yourself as being?
6. If you could go back in time to one point in your life, where would you go? Why?
My Bodyguard, Chris Makepeace
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memphis tn

I'll be going to Memphis for a few days at the end of this month, for work. (Got my dogsitter lined up--she's a friend of my dog walker. So that's a relief.) ("Rendezvous," from Like This goes something like: "Rendezvous in Memphis/Looking for the King/blah-de-blah-de-blah-de/trying all his rings....")

I'll probably have a few hours on Monday afternoon to see one or two sights. What should I do? Is Graceland near downtown Memphis? I am not an Elvis fan. Is it a tourist trap, or somewhere you must go once in your life? I think I'd rather roam the streets of Memphis a la Mystery Train, and see the Stax Museum, or something.
orion's belt.


I feel like I'm having some kind of anxiety attack. I've never had one before, but my mother gets them, and I'm pretty sure this is one.

Do any of you out there get these things?
How do you deal with them?

I'm at work right now and I have a huge meeting later, so it's imperative that I stay here for the rest of the day. Any suggestions on making myself ok right now?

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2.) When you imagine stuff in your head, what's the weather like?

3.) If peoples legs were digitigrade (bent backwards) what would chairs look like?

4.) What do you think my first question was before I decided not to ask it?
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Stuff and stuff.

1- Do you feel the need to be balanced physically? IE, if you have only one sock on, you either have to take it off or must put on the other sock.
2- Last time you bit your own tongue?
3- Last time you got an electric shock?
4- What is your favourite form of therapy?

1- Yes! I can't go out with just a watch on, I need a bracelet or two on my other wrist or I feel weird. :(
2- Yesterday... it still hurts.
3- About ten minutes ago from a filing cabinet. I've been shocked half a dozen times today, and I have no idea how many times in the past week. It's confusing me. :(
4- Scalp massage, 100%.

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I soaked a bowl of beans so that I could leave them overnight and cook them in the morning, only I was really busy and sort of left them there for 3 days in a bowl of water. I didn't really think it was a big deal. I started cooking them now, and raw, they were similar to crispy vegetables, not hard to chew through, and as they're cooking they are extremely foamy and smell like corn. Are they gonna come out right?

Update: They came out right, hooray! They also aren't really different than when I don't over-soak them.

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1. what is one movie that gets you laughing very hard?
2. what is one movie that gets you crying?
3. what song do you love to work out/run to?
4. what song do you wish you were dedicated to?

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1. Have you ever had a concussion? What happened/How did you get it?

2. If you like going to bars, what are your favorite types (sports bars, seedy bars, laid back Cheers types of bars, etc.)?

3. Do you ever write down things you overhear other people say (because you think they're interesting, funny, strange, etc.)?

4. For The Office fans, were you as bored as I was with last week's episode?

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When you're getting your nails done and the lady is doing it completely wrong, do you say something? Do you wait until she is done and get someone else to fix it? Do you complain?

Today a woman nearly drilled a hole through my nail (which you can see THROUGH the acrylic!) and I was too scared to say something because, well, she had my hands captive. I was also afraid I'd end up walking around for a few days with incomplete nails.

What's the proper way to say, "Hey bitch, you be fuckin' up my nails, y0!"?


I skipped classes today (I could go to the third one, but I'm just not feeling like it) and even though I know it was dumb to do, I didn't have a presentation finished and an assignment done. I found out about my grandma--one of her ovaries is the size of a baseball and it all has to come out, and I've been feeling pessimistic and bleah all week, and just needed a day to be a bum.

When's the last time you had a "bum" day?

DISCLAIMER: I'm not making light of anyone's situation by using the word "bum"--I am just bumming around the apartment in my robe, watching cheesy TV on TLC.
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alright you style fiends of TQC
im in the process of growing out my hair again cause im ready for change.
also i need to stop bleaching it cause there is a risk that my hair could fall out
now id like to still keep it blondey, but am going to add some ashy brown to it...(see my roots in photo)
now question
do i totally redye it and add some highlights(risk!)
or do i just start adding lowlights to it so its still quite blonde with some ashy brown with it as well....

help kids!
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Random ?s

1) Have you ever purposely humiliated someone in public? What'd you do?

2) For those of you that watch NFL Football: If you believe in the Madden Curse who would you want to be on the next cover of Madden?

3) What's a topic people probably shouldn't talk about when they're drunk?

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My brother has a fungus in his throat. Am I the only one who finds this disgusting?
Just typing the word fungus made me gag a little :(

I found my tablet pen! Where do you think it was?

Did you have a creepy toy when you were little? What was it like?
My mom gave me and my sister a doll that looked like a Barbie, but it had a really creepy angry grin and we never liked playing with it or even touching it.

Are there a lot of compulsive liars out there, or do I just have the luck of finding them?

Why is that one girl in my photography class always pissed off at everybody?

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Biggest disapointment today?

I ordered some supposedly very authenlic mexican food today, hoping that the spice would help my cold.  It's the blandest food that I've EVER had.  And I had a swedish grandma!
edit: bland = no flavour.  as in the tamal tasted of nothingness.
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Do you think Hillary has a strong chance of becoming President?
Is our country willing to accept a female president?
How about Barak Obama...is the country willing to accept a minority president?
Are most people prejudiced regarless of what they say?

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Internet/IRL Friends; Laundry; Hobbies.

1. Have you ever unintentionally met someone in real life that you already knew online? How'd it happen? Was it awkward? Toward the beginning of my freshman year of college, some guy named Matt added me on Facebook. We messaged back and forth for a couple weeks, but that was about it. Then, in the first semester of my sophomore year of college, I had a math class in which I sat behind a guy named Matt. I never really got to see his face, as he always arrived before me (the entrance to the room was in the back) and I'd always leave before him. After about a month, when the professor said Matt's surname aloud, I realized it sounded really familiar for some reason. After getting a good look at his face after class, I went back to my apartment to check my Facebook and make sure they were the same guy. Sure enough, they were. It was kind of awkward for me for a little while, but after about a week, I asked him about it after class. Yep, he was the Matt from Facebook, and had recognized me, but was too shy to say something! And we have the same birthday!

2a. Assuming you do your own laundry, how do you split up the loads (size, color, certain items, etc.)? Or do you? I usually do a load of whites that I can bleach, a load of whites/brights, a load of darks, and a load of delicates. And the occasional load of towels. But if I don't have time to do all of my laundry, I'll do a small load of things to wear for the next couple days and just throw them in together, unless I know there's something in there that will get discolored.
2b.* Is that how laundry was done in your household growing up, or is it your own personal preference? That's pretty much how it was done in my house, but I tend to bleach things more than everyone else. I like my whites to be white.

3a. What one of your hobbies are you most passionate about? Photography.
3b. Can you remember how you originally got interested in that hobby? I've always enjoyed taking photos, but it wasn't until my first photo-outing to a botanical garden in 2003 that I realized you can really capture some exceptionally beautiful things through photography.

*Edited to add #2b
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Hi thar question club.

1. Have you ever driven cross-country? If so, what was it like? (Why, who with, where to, how long, etc.)

2. If you were going to drive cross-country, which sights would you want to stop and see along the way? (Feel free to recommend both places you've already been or places you just think would be cool.)

3. If you were going to drive cross-country, who would you want to do it with and why?

4. Like a desert island question, only different: what three things would you want to take with you on a cross-country road trip? Assume you already have boring stuff like road maps and water bottles.

EDIT realized that I should have mentioned I'm guilty of forgetting that the internets =/= America. So I'm talking about the US here but feel free to contribute answers anyway if you've done something similar somewhere else or if you can still imagine what you'd like to see in the U.S. ;)

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Does your mouth itch when you get sick?
Or your throat?
How do you personally make it stop?

Mine does. I usually rub my tongue ring over the itchy spots or suck on a cough drop to distract myself.
griffin only spelled right

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First a situation, then the questions.

Suppose that you're in high school and taking two different literature courses in the same year, and the subjects studied often overlap. In one class, you are assigned to write a satirical essay of any topic. Two weeks later, you are assigned a satirical essay of any topic in the other class. The rubrics for both classes are word for word identical; the only differences between them are the name of the class at the top of the page. After having had both these teachers for about 30 weeks, you've not gotten any indication that they interact with each other outside of meetings and the like, much less discuss the work their students turn in.

Since you've already written the essay for one class, would you turn in the same essay for the second class? Why? Are there any other factors that would influence your decision?

This isn't asking for advice (I've already decided to write a new one), just asking what you all would do in this situation.

(no subject)

How would you handle,

1. Telling your over protective parents your considering moving out.

2.Confronting someone who you just met and youv'e already found out that said person is lying about stupid things.

3. A person who was in a band that was writing nasty songs about you and playing them at shows, would you say anything to anyone or would you suck it up and deal with it?

and last but not least,

When you go to Ikea which do you tackle first, Getting those yummy snacks or the actual shopping, And where do you start and do you steal handfuls of their golf pencils?
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I want to apply for a job at Barnes and Noble, but I have some questions before I submit my application:

1) Will B&N hire someone for just the summer? I don't think there's a store near my college so it's not like I can transfer anywhere, and I don't think they would want to take the time to train me just for me to have to go.

2) Should I mention my cashier experience? I was the cashier at my uncle's deli for a year, and it's was defunct so I don't consider myself all that great at it.


Due to recent downpours, my basement flooded out completely. It became so high that it knocked out the pilot light in my hot water heater. I've relit it a thousand and one times but for some reason whenever somebody uses the hot water, it goes out again. Is there anything I can do to remedy this or should I go looking for a new hot water heater?
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How can i stay awake for work tonight? I got plenty of sleep, but I'm still tired. And I'd have coffee, but I don't like it and it keeps me up all night. I only have work for about three hours, so I don't need OMIGODHYOOGENERGYBOOST! Any suggestions?

A while ago I posted about a friend of my brother's who pierced her nipple with a sewing needle and stuck an earring in it. Yesterday I found out she still has it and she says it's in horrible shape. Should I step in, or do I let her handle the stupid on her own?

What is the most awkward thing that's happened to you recently?
The other day I took a shower at my boyfriend's house and couldn't find a hair dryer, so I went to his sister and asked if she had one I could use. She was busy, so she just told me it was in her nightstand and I could grab it. I thanked her and pulled out the drawer and sitting in the middle of it was this humongous vibrator. She saw the look on my face and realized that I found it, but neither on of us knew what to say for a couple of minutes until she said the hair dryer was in the next drawer.

south park

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There's a $100 bill on the ground.
Do you take it?

Hate to say it, but I could really use the money,,,

Edit: One more question
  ... I have a Toshiba laptop that I have had for a few years now... Recently the screen keeps falling over all the way open or closed, and nothing will hold it up, and today for some reason it's even worse.  It's been sitting on my desk like it's always been but all of a sudden this is happening.  Anyone else have this problem? How can I fix it, for the time being? How the hell could that have happened?

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Why do people consider IVF/fertility treatment before they consider adoption?

Personally, I'd rather adopt and actually have an end product then risk shit loads of cash on something that might not work.
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hair problems

Looong story short. I need a new look. I'm just sick of how horrible my hair has been looking lately. I have enough money to get it cut at the salon.. since I have bascially been giving myself hair cuts for the past 3 years. Except for once last summer.

1. So what kind of haircut should I get? Or do I just let it grow?
2. Should I dye it? What color?

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(no subject)

1. Have you seen this? Were you amused, or did you think it was stupid? (it's a commentary, so it helps to have your sound on)

2. When you played Super Mario Bros, did you cheat and go on the ceiling on the second level to take the tubes to the more advanced levels, or did you just play it the whole way through?

3. You know those fireworks at the end of each level? How did the game figure out how many you'd get? I was always bummed when I only got one or two.

Well, Scientology is it's own KIND of crazy...

What would you think of someone who is wearing a shirt that says "I'm not crazy, I'm a Scientologist"?


My guy friend was interested in this (slutty) girl at my school, who lives in my dorm ... he's talking to her and then he gets a text message, out of the blue, saying "I'm in a suckin mood."
He thinks she meant "I'm in a SHITTY mood."
As a girl, and through common sense, I told him she was saying "I want your cock in my mouth."
But apparently, he's heard the term "Suckin mood" to mean "shitty mood."  Seriously, I've never heard that one before.
...What would you say she meant?


Do you think that someone who believes in God ought to have a reason for doing so?

If, regardless of your current beliefs, you found out that God had ceased to exist today, would you do anything differently? (Assuming that the world continued uninformed)?

If the world received some kind of giant official cosmic memo that God was in deed dead, how would that affect the world?

др....как его провести?

как провести ДР? если оно во вторник, во всероссийский праздник и вроде выходной, но...... че делать то?
приглашены люди, которые между собой особо не друзья

ps^ учите русский
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I know this is gonna sound majorly retarded, but can animals be depressed? Because I think my fish suffers from major depression problems.

Edit: It's a beta fish. I was thinking that maybe he's just old, but I don't know how long they live for... anybody? I've had him for a few months. My last one disappeared, but I had him for over a year.
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(no subject)

1. Is there any music artist/group that you really don't like listening to, but you enjoy the lyrics?
I like the lyrics to most Bright Eyes songs, but there's only a few I like listening to. I really don't like the way Conor Oberst sings them, though I like his voice.

2. Do you ever get to places waaaaaaaay too early?
I usually leave for my classes 45 minutes to an hour before they start. Same goes with most every other place I go. I'd rather be too early than even a little late.

3. What's your strangest hobby or collection, if you have one?

San Francisco

Hello out there San Francisco natives I will be visiting there soon. Where would you suggest visiting? I like to get off the beaten path and enjoy all places have to offer. I would like to visit some wine tasting room seeing how I will be so close to Napa Valley. A chocolate shop,some historic palaces and good food is always high on the list. So if I can get some options that would be great! Thank You!!!! :)
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For those who use any kind of MP3:

How do you get your music?
a. Pay for each song, via itunes, emusic ect.
b. Buy the whole CD
c. Progams like Limewire, where you can freely download songs.
d. Other. Please explain.
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It's turned into summer here. I now have a heat rash on my chest. Putting on sun screen doesn't prevent it.

What, other than wearing something that doesn't expose any skin, can I do to prevent heat rash from the sun when I'm out and about? And, any suggestions of things (preferably natural remedies) I can put on heat rash bumps to make them a) go away and b) not itch?
Sam outside

what do i wear??

1. What would one wear to a Jewish Funeral Service? 

My mentor just passed away and her service is tomorrow but I'm not sure if they are strict on what people wear in their church temple. I've never been and we never really talked about it so I am clueless.

Edit: i've learned it's not called a church
Good and Evil

Buh... what?

Background- My husband's supervisor is a total ass. He steals from the company, treats the employees like crap (particularly anyone who isn't white), and is ruining a bunch of their longtime accounts. Guy isn't gone already because he's friends with the owner of the (small, family owned) company.

What happened today- This boss wrote up a woman there because he didn't like her perfume. The write-up said the perfume caused a loss in productivity (according to my husband, nobody had noticed that the woman was even wearing perfume).

1) Have you ever been written up?
a) If so, for what?
2) What's the most ridiculous thing you've heard someone getting in trouble over at work?
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Renting an Apartment

Hello All,
Well I'm moving out for the first time in a few weeks, to a little home. The current tennant isn't moving out until April 30th, and the landlord wants to start charging us rent May 1.

My question is, doesn't she have to take time to clean it and inspect it for us? and if so isn't she NOT supposed to charge us rent until the keys are handed over? Does anyone know what she's supposed to do (clean the carpets etc..) before we move in?


What's simple is true.

Inspired by my earlier post;

If you (or a person, whatever) were the sole human being left on earth, do you believe that you would have worth/value?
Why or why not?

(Answer with your gut instinct, perhaps before looking at the original post or any other comments.)
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There was a post about olives in TQC yesterday, and it made me want some, so I bought a jar of green olives last night. I just cracked it open today and ate a whole bunch... mmmm.

What was the last thing you did in real life that you did because of something on TQC?

(no subject)

I’m 17 and currently trying to work out what I should study at university. I’m doing English and Physics for sure, but I’m not sure if I want to major in TESOL (teaching English as a second language) or not. I plan to teach English in South Korea, and possibly Scandinavia once I leave university: has anyone here taught in either of these two places, and can you tell me if a TESOL qualification is required/is helpful? Google keeps giving me conflicting answers. (Oh, and just to clarify, google keeps giving me “Learn to teach English in two weeks! Only $250!!!!” What I plan to do would be an actual university qualification which requires learning and assessment of abilities.)
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Have you ever won an award and been published by Poetry.com (or a similar site)?

Wait, maybe I should rephrase that question.

Have you, or has anyone you know, ever submitted a poem to such a site and NOT been told you're being published?

Did you / anyone you know fall for it and pay $50 for the book?

How horrified were you / how much did you laugh at them when you realized what a pile of shit it was?

My answer: I once wrote 5 minutes of freestyle gibberish and submitted it just to see what happened. I won an "editor's choice award", along with an invitation to spend $50 to see my poem printed in a book. I felt sad for humanity.

(no subject)

I have a statistics exam tomorrow, and there is one problem on my homework tonight that I just don't understand. I called another girl in my class, and we tried figuring it out for 20 minutes over the phone, but that didn't work, because our teacher didn't really explain this topic thoroughly. I also tried looking up a how-to online, but I couldn't find any that explained anything clearly.

So, I'm gonna ask here, because this is my last resort, and I know that a lot of you are really smart.

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EDIT! (again): I solved it!

(no subject)

I have a community service requirement at 8:30 AM, April 21 (Saturday). And I have to know before I decide if I'm going out on Friday...

1. Would it being the day after 4/20 be reasonable cause for a drug test?
2. Considering I won't be there for a drug related incident, is there a way to refuse without looking guilty?
3. Even if I didnt smoke, and was simply around other people who were, can I get in trouble for having it in my system/not reporting it?
4. What about alcohol from the night before? Would that show up in a drug test?

I tried to Google it, but I couldn't understand much of what I was reading... :/

(no subject)

I'm going to southern Arizona for the week.

If I spend a few hours outside will I absolutely need sunscreen? By absolutely, I mean to prevent sunburn.

For reference I am fairly pale, and in PA I would only really need sunscreen (to prevent sunburns) in summer, if I was outside more than 3-4 hours. But I know in the summer when we go to south carolina, I absolutely burn after an hour, so I don't know about Arizona this time of year.

We're visiting relatives for the first time and I don't want to annoy anyone with that sunscreen smell unless I have to!
Jesus Lost

(no subject)

O great TQC, I have lost my sense of evil.  I'm going to be interviewing a large number of people I work with to evaluate them for promotion, and I need some hard questions to throw at them.  I've already got a couple of nasty ones, but I want to hear from you.  If you were being interviewed for this kind of promotion, what would you absolutely dread being asked?
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In an ideal world!

You're in charge of organising the lineup for a Huge Two-Day Music Festival. Budget, schedules and the whether or not the bands are actually the festival-playing-sort are non-issues, however the sponsors would like to see a good mix of Local and International acts. (Also it has to be current bands, we're not bringing back half of the Beatles from the dead so they can play your gig!)

Which 15 bands would you book?
How much would you pay to see a festival with that line up?
(And how much do you wish your festival really existed??)

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madeline OMG

(no subject)

I'm semi-listening to the current episode of "Grey's Anatomy", and a background song caught my ear. It was a lower-key version of Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself", and it was sung (very well) by a woman.

Where can I find out who performed it and where I can download it?

(no subject)

okay it isn't covered in the FAQ
and I'm really fucking desperate.

How do I open a report on someone hacking into my account and trolling if they never flat out stated on a website that they would do such?

This person has a history of trolling and I know it's him.
He hacked my account and trolled lj_devand lj_art
I don't know how to properly report it and I am freaking out because my account has been reported for hate speech!

(no subject)

Oh wise TQC,

Does anyone know tricks to subtly reform a roommate's ways?

1. I live in a college dorm and occassionally businesses (ie restaurants, places that are hiring) will slip menus or flyers under our door. These apparently make my roommate angry. However, instead of just picking them up and throwing them in her trash can, she opens the door and very dramatically tosses the paper/menu/whatever onto the hallway floor.

For some reason this REALLY bothers me because it's not fair to whoever cleans the hallway to pick up after her and I don't want to either. I also don't want people to think I'm just throwing stuff out of our room.

2. Also, she watches TV all the time. all. the. time. It seems like mostly when I'm reading/doing work or something she will turn it on (which is fine--I can do work with the TV on, but she turns it up so loud I can hear it when I'm down the hall in the bathroom, and I can't think over that). Unless she has a paper due, then she announces, "Ok, no TV today, I've got some work to get done!" and I feel like she's my mom who's grounded me or something. It's her TV (I brought the fridge) so I feel weird doing anything.

3. My boyfriend stops by occasionally. Apparently she is his mother too. We don't really have room "rules" or something but you would think we do. He'll walk in and she will say, "Jesse, time to take off your shoes." or "stop chewing so loudly."

Everything I come up with to say sounds way too sarcastic in my head. What are your behavior modification tricks?
Do you think I'm just getting annoyed because I'm sick of living with her all year?

(no subject)

1. what would you eat drink with crackers and cheese?
(not wine, because i'm not supposed to drink (edt:)alcohol yet)

2. what's your favorite kind of cheese?

3. what's your favorite wine?

4. do you prefer red or white wine?

(no subject)

i wanna make a cd but don't know what to put on it...not big into rap or shit like that...country, old songs, pop, stuff i can dance around too....lol right now i'm listening to boys 2 men

EDIT: Anyone know of any good songs they can suggest for me?!?!
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I'm doing my Intercultural Communications project on transgendered people. So I'm curious.

1. What do you know about transgendered people?

2. What would you like to know about transgendered people?

3. Do you know of any good songs we could use for our project?
I was hoping to use a Peaches song but then I realized there aren't really any that would apply.

(no subject)

Poll #969915 Even number of odd questions

There's a black man and a woman running for president next year. Based on the factors in this day and age, which of these traits would be the least electable, or, the trait that would hold the candidate back the most? The candidate is ____

open about the fact that he did drugs in his youth
related to George W. Bush
a fundamentalist christian
severely unattractive

You're about to move in with your SO (assuming it's a different one than the one you have now, if you live with a SO already). They're willing to compromise on all their belongings in favor of your things and ideas, except for one thing: their collection, which is extensive and one which they demand to have on display. If it's a girl, it's a My Little Pony collection. If it's a boy, it's a G.I. Joe collection. Would you still move in with them?

Hell no. There's no way I'll live in a home with so many of those freakin' things on display
Yes. It's a minor price to pay to live with someone I love

You're trapped in an elevator for 3 hours with the celebrity that you find the most sexy/desirable. It sounds like a pretty good way to spend 3 hours except.....someone has uncontrollable, noxious gas. Which would be worse?

You have the gas. You cannot keep your toxic aromas to yourself, and the celebrity is disgusted
The celebrity has the gas. You have to spend the next 3 hours smelling them

You start to have these bizarre, recurring dreams. God appears to you and tells you to build a boat that's (insert dimensions here). Not just one dream, but you've been having the same dream every night for the last 2 weeks. What do you do?

Start building a boat with those dimensions
Through caffeine and OTC meds, find new ways to stay awake for as long as possible, and thus not sleeping nor dreaming
Ignore them. Probably some weird mental quirk or emotional insecurity that's producing these nutty dreams. It means nothing

You've been dating someone for a year. Things are going very smoothly. You are in love with them and are talking about moving in, when your SO drops a major bombshell on you: they had a sex change, and used to be the opposite sex they are now (the same sex you are, for most of you). You had no idea. They show you pictures of how they used to look. The change is incredible. They ask, what now? Well, what now?

I continue to date them. It's bizarre, but what's done is done and I'm happy with them now
It's too freaky. I end the relationship. I can never see them the same way again
I play it cool and pretend I don't care, but start to put on the brakes in the relationship. I'll slowly break it off over the next few weeks, just so it doesn't look like the reason for the breakup was the gender-change thing
I see them in a whole new light...and it's kind of a turn-on. It's like dating both sexes at the same time.
Start laughing. When they ask what's so funny, I show them MY pictures before MY operation. We're both post-ops, bitch!

Which hand do I have the ball in?

There is no ball (it's the matrix)
You cheater! It's in your pants pocket
It's in the severed hand you have stashed in your jacket pocket.

(no subject)

#1 = urination
#2 = defecation
Let's assume, on average, people urinate more than they defecate in a day.  Well, what if Bob has always defecated more than he has ever urinated.  Would his #1 be defecation?  And would he think everyone pooped just as much as he did when they answer 'number one' when asked 'you going number one or number two'?   And would Bob be malnourished?  have jaundice?  scurvy?  Anything else?
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(no subject)

When the Lotto 6/49 "Happy Dance" ad comes on, do you get up and dance? I do, religiously, but I don't know anyone else who does.

I see the ad on Global, which is a Canadian channel. I thought it was a pretty widespread thing, because I remember seeing it on other channels, but I could be wrong. So, if your answer is yes, what channel have you seen it on?
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(no subject)

Genuine question here, asked out of pure ignorance, and inspired by bellasmommy's icon!:

Why do some dog owners have their dogs sleep in a cage? [Answered!]

So as not to let a meaty topic go to waste - what are you thoughts on putting dogs in cages at night?

(no subject)

Of a band or artist you are a fan of, what is their worst song? One that makes you almost embarrassed for them?

Why is the phrasing of that question so awkward? How would you have written it?

Is killing ever justified? Even when the victim ate the last of the cheese?

ETA: Hey, I remembered another question. Are you familiar with Karl Pilkington?
Joshua Tree
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mothballs, WTF

The local megalo-mart, QFC, took over what used to be a small shopping center in the heart of a trendy urban neighborhood, Capitol Hill, here in Seattle. The old store was adequate, the new store is a little obnoxious - but it's close. When they opened, they tried for an absurdly upscale image, but they seem to be plunging... down, down, down. And today I saw mothballs. Right in the middle of this sky-lit, upwardly striving, mostly-groceries market, next to the balsamic vinegar, the truffles, the caviar, and five kinds of pesto, mothballs. Advertised as "old-fashioned" or "traditional," or something, mothballs, but still.

WHY would anyone use mothballs?

They stink. They stink unbelievably. What a nauseating stench. Why would anyone wish to smell that way? I'd rather wear sweaters completely riddled with holes (it would be great, it would look like The Matrix!) than smell like mothballs.

And mothballs are toxic. I'm pretty sure they're carcinogenic, and they do some other horrible things to health. I'm too lazy to google it now, but I remember reading something about how toxic they are. So with the stink and the toxicity, why would anyone choose these things when there's cedar?

There's cedar, and it smells lovely. Cedar chests, cedar drawers, cedar drawer liners, cedar blocks, cedar balls, cedar oil. The options range from the luxurious to the economical. Cedar is within everyone's reach. I have it in my drawers, and my sweaters, hats, scarves, and gloves are just fine. No moths.

And if someone's sensitive to cedar, there are other natural oils and herbs which repel moths. Even patchouli, which was used to keep moths from fine shawls in another era, would smell better than mothballs!

So why do people still use mothballs?!
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(no subject)

Mmm ok, I hate to post twice within the span of a few hours, and about the same subject no less (but I did figure out the answer to my other question!), but I am desperate.

I feel really stupid about this, but I can't find the answer I'm looking for anywhere. SO, with that said...

Two six sided dice are rolled.
(a) Find the number of ways a total of 8 is possible.
(b) What is the probability of getting the number 8?

I know this is a really easy question, and I know the answers to them. I just want to know...what is the formula to figure out (a)? And perhaps, what chapter/subject would this question fall under in a statistics book (so I can look it up)?

Thank you SO much. So very very much.


If you can hear the rain coming down when you are lying in bed trying to sleep, does it bother you? Do you like the noise?

Anybody sleep next to a drain spout?

For the record, I sleep next to a drain spout and I love the noise.

Food Quirks

I just had a craving for peanut butter, so I whipped out the jar of good old Jif peanut butter and ate lotsa spoon fulls and it got me thinking about strange food habits we all have, just quirks or aqquired habits about what we eat. For example, one I get made fun of fur frequently, I LOVE Italian subs, but I hate the actual veggies but I cannot go without them because I love the flavoring they leave on the meat and rolls xD So I get an Italian sub with everything, then end up taking everything off after it leaves flavor. Other things I do are like for snacks I eat just crutons and salad dressing.. haha What are some of your food quirks?

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Hair curlers?

I have these plastic, springy hair-curling things that heat up.

Do I dry my hair beforehand, or do I go ahead and put them in while my hair is wet? I lost the instructions a long time ago. :/
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[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

1- When there's trouble, do YOU know who to call?
2- Current owwies?
3- Tomorrow is my great vanishing for 24 hours adventure! Whatever shall you DO?!
4- Homemade honey garlic chicken, good idea or bad idea?
5- Will someone pay for my account on here? It's about to expire. I don't care enough to pay for it myself, haha. :P

1- Of course I do.
2- I slammed my foot into a doorframe, I thought I broke my toe, now I'm fairly certain it was just popped out of joint. Ow.
3- Oh, I think we all know the answer to this.
4- I'm still debating that.
5- Harr harr harr. ;P
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(no subject)

Dear TQC, I have to start and finish my psych paper (which was due last Firday) by 7:30 AM tomorrow. What should I write about?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder

More importantly, why the fuck am I listening to Glassjaw?

(no subject)

Do you think it's rude for someone to answer their cell phone when you're at the table (ie having a meal)? Does context make it more or less acceptable - for example, if you were at a nice resteraunt vs grabbing Taco Bell? Does the importance of the call make it more or less acceptable?

What about texting?

I think it's rude to answer your phone at the table. I think if you have to answer it, you can take it outside. I do, although I am guilty of returning texts.

(no subject)

1. a) How often do you get cut/hurt (even if it's just a paper cut or scrape)?
b)If your answer wasn't "pretty much never", is there something you do regularly, like part of a job or a hobby, that contributes to getting hurt more and what is it?

2. a) Are you easily impressed by party tricks and useless talent/knowledge things that people do? Or if someone randomly starts showing you something they can do, do you find it annoying?
b) What is one thing someone could do that would really impress you and stand out?
c) There was recently a post asking about your own useless talents, so I'm not asking it exactly again, but how often do you show people whatever it is you can do?

anyone heard of this?

I was surfing facebook tonight and found an extreme right-wing Christian group known as the Westboro Baptist Church, apparently they're going to be picketing the funerals of all the VTech students who were killed because "they were in college which raises rebelliousness against God." They might also be known as the "God Hates F**s" (anti-gay slur) group. i was doing some reasing about them and watching some videos on Youtube...these people are nuts. Anyone heard of them or have an opinion?
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