April 18th, 2007

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1- The hell is with the influx of song identification questions in the past couple hours?
2- Would you give someone a receipt that not only had your full checking account #, but your full name as well?
3- Tell me the first website that pops into your head?
4- Will you win with me with Winzy? :P

1- Sheep-syndrome?!
2- The girl who gave us our new cat gave me his vet records, with all her info attached. O_O I'm wonderin if she's crazy.
3- LJ! :P
4- I already win. Yay.

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Beside the fact that you can drink wine, and there's red and white...

What do you know about wine?

What's your favorite kind?

(I personally love Australian Shiraz)

Whats your favorite website to get desktop background from? --- that you don't pay for!
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What's in a name?

1a. Is your first name common where you live?
1b. Is your first name common in its country of origin? (like, say, your name is German, is it common in Germany?)

2a. Is your last name common where you live?
2b. Is your last name common in its country of origin?

3. Do you know of anyone with the same first and last name as you? (put your name into Google if you want to see)

4a. If you hear/read about someone with the same name as you, does it make you feel kind of odd? (not sure how to phrase that question, but I'm sure you can figure it out)
4b. Does that feeling change if you are reading about that other person's death?

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If you were dating someone on and off for a year and in that year said person cheated on you twice and kissed your "best friend" and you took him back both times,then one day decided that he was going to sleep with you then break up with you 2 days later because he "didnt like you as much as you like him" , Would you plan revenge? and if so, what would you do? and if not, what would your reaction be?

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: ( help! the mute button on my laptop doesn't work anymore (when i hit it, it mutes for a second and then the sound comes back), and the left side of my headphones (which i only use with my laptop) quit working. i suspect that the two events are related. the left speaker still works though, so i'm not sure.

i haven't changed any settings or anything; i just woke up this morning, and it wasn't working. haaaalp!!

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1. Have you ever been sued?

2. What for?

3. Does it stay on your record?

Turns out I'm being sued for a balance owed to an FCU that the gap coverage from my totaled automobile's finance company was supposed to pay but didn't due to missing information from the FCU. I've never refused to pay and have spoken to the FCU about the gap coverage.

4. Will I have a criminal background for this?
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Lights & Sounds...

Are you overly sensitive to lights and sound in everyday life?

What happens to you when you're around certain kinds of lights or sounds?

Do you have any underlying medical conditions? or have you always grown up feeling sensitive and not knowing exactly why?

Tell me your story if you would like...
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TQC, I need your help. My lab partner is a complete fucking moron. Long story short, after 10 minutes of detailed explanations and demonstrations by the teacher on what we need to do, she'll turn to me and go "But what do I need to do?" After explaining things to her, AGAIN, REPEATEDLY, the same thing happens. I usually just do everything and end up being the last one out of class.

So how do I politely tell her to READ the lab book before we go to lab, understand what she reads, and ask questions if she doesn't?

Because this kind of stupid just isn't good for my blood pressure.

And another unrelated question. You know those monkeys in Japan that go to hot springs in the winter to keep warm? What do they do to dry off? Is it warm enough around the hot spring to wait until they dry?
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1. why do people react to spaying a pregnant dog as if it was like a human having an abortion?
2. how do people who live in the pacific northwest (of the US) deal with (psychologically) the constant rain during the winter?

for those in a relationship,

3. is the sex that you have with your SO pretty much consistently excellent? if not, how do you deal with that?


How do you get a job with the TSA?

Do you know anyone who works for the TSA?

What is the best job to get when you have no skill set?

Should I just stay in Afghanistan for the rest of my life?


Why is it SO irritating that people want to say Good Morning every single morning? 

Just because I sit out in the open, unlike everyone in the office - why is that an open invitation to say good morning? 

Why can't people either just let me be to a reasonable degree and realize that I have ZERO privacy and I like to have a couple quiet hours in the morning?  I don't need to say the mundane to feel alive. I see you walking by, I wish you the best. Just keep walking and leave me be.

Why am I this bitchy about it and have tried to not be, but it keeps coming back and annoying the hell out of me?

** ** 

These are not the most serious of questions. I just feel like this EVERY DAY around this time. I wish I were nicer.
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Pet owners of TQC!

I have a one year old cat named Dr. House. In general he is a good kitty, very playful and sometimes thinks he is a dog. He is in good health, has been fixed and has all his shots, so we let him go in and out as he pleases. Lately he has been bringing up presents. I know that we should praise him, but how do you praise a cat? I had some treats, but they were recalled, and so I haven't given him any and have not had a chance to get more.

Am I a retard for wanting to know how to praise my baby?
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it's too dang early, to be awake.

i always fall for that one guy/girl who is so out of reach, but still close enough to make it hurt.

1. *if applicable* who is that one person?

why does the one thing we don't have affect all the things that we do have? -sex and the city

2. what's that one thing?

3. do you eat breakfast every morning?

4. tell me a weird fact about you that you don't think anyone would give two shits about knowing? i have a glass of OJ just about every morning for breakfast.
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1) If you were to be in Rocky Horror, what role would you like to play?

2) Okay, so my husband has been sick with shitty flu symptoms since Sunday night. It's Wednesday and he still feels bad. His birthday is Saturday. I had planned on surprising him at our favorite bar on Friday night with a cake in the shape of a beer and all his friends getting him trashed, but I am 75% sure he won't be up to it by then.

Should I cancel my reservation for the beer shaped cake pan? I could use the $25 to get him a small present instead and take him to a meditteranean restaurant. What would you do?

3) What was the last thing you screwed up at work?
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1. Ever had to have a pet put down?
2. When?
3. Why?
4. How did you feel after? Aside from incrediby sad and miserable.
5. I had to have my cat put to sleep yesterday, but keep feeling like it was a mistake. The vet had said there was a tumour in her sinuses and there really wasn't anything they could do, but I still feel it was wrong. Is this normal?
6. Was it the right thing to do?
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To those who call yourselves vegetarian (however you choose to define it):

What made you decide to become a vegetarian?

How do you get your protein?

Are you aware of the essential amino acids? How do you ensure that you get them?

Do you force your children to also be vegetarians?

What about your pets?

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So I got this email today:

"On April 17, 2007 at approximately 11:25 AM, a staff member at the RIT Inn & Conference Center reportedly heard a suspicious sound coming from inside a student’s room. The alert staff member contacted RIT Public Safety.

RIT Public Safety and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office responded to the room, where a student admitted possessing two unloaded illegal firearms that he said he had just assembled. No live ammunition was found in the guns, however the Sheriff’s Office found ammunition inside the student’s parked vehicle. The student was suspended from the university and the Sheriff’s Office investigation continues."

The RIT Inn is just a hotel that students live in. My guess is that one of the cleaning people probably knew about this for a while, and decided to bring it up due to recent events.

Do you think there is going to be a witch hunt for people that have guns on campus similar to how there was a witch hunt against Goth's in high school after columbine?

Is it really right to do so?

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I've had this computer about a year, this computer mouse a little less time. (had to switch to a little-red-light mouse because they're more apple-juice resistant. >.>)
And, yeah, it's a cheap crap mouse, the kind that comes in that hard plastic thingy hanging from a hook instead of out of a nice box with styrene.

Within the past... oh, two weeks maybe, but crazily often in the last two days, my mouse will stop responding for a second, windows will make the "something unplugged... now plugged back in!" noise, and things will be fine. Lately sometimes it doesn't make the noise, and i have to unplug it and put it back for it to make the noise and go back to normal.

1) I presume this is an issue with the mouse. It's a USB mouse... do I need to clean the port, clean the plug, new mouse?

2) Does any company make reasonably priced left-handed computer mouses? because I'd love one of the niftykeen ergonomic ones, but using a molded-to-the-right mouse for a left hand sortof negates the whole "ergonomic" idea.

3! new subject!) Who the hell designed speculums? It really seems that women would hate exams less if those thingies opened sideways instead of up and down.

4) Think my girly bits were protesting by deliberately starting my period on a day when I was scheduled to have an exam?
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music choice

I work on the sound crew for my school's drama program. The director wants to play music durring scene changes that relate to the show.(Pygmailion) She said that she wants songs with lyrics about changing or improving yourself.(songs have to be ok for all ages though...)

Any suggestions?
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I'm a senior education major, student teaching in the fall. I don't know where my placements are yet--all I know is that none of them are at the high school level. I've asked my professors this question, but so far none have answered me :/

What should I be doing over the summer, to prepare for student teaching in the fall?

I Scream

1. How many Free Ice Creams did you get yesterday?
2. How do i make my back less sore from 2 days of hard core softball?
3. I Scream You Scream we All scream for._______________?

my answers:
1. I got 2 one at each of the ben and Jerry's one before softball one after.

Kneady Cat?

About a year ago we adopted a cat from a family that couldn't keep him anymore. He was (and continues to be, actually) extremely skittish and it took him a few days to warm up to us. He's become extremely attached to me to the point where he follows me wherever I am in the house (he even stands outside the bathroom door when I'm in there). He's also the cuddliest cat I've ever known/had. He has to be curled up touching me at night when we sleep, and if I move over an inch, he moves over an inch, too. I don't mind this at all.

The problem is, about 5 months into him living with us, he started the kneading every night when we go to bed. Now, he does it on me, whether it's my arm, or my stomach or back, or whatever. And it's annoying. I HATE the feeling. I've done research on it and everything tells me it means that he's content and a "kneady" cat is a truly happy cat. I'm glad to hear that, but damn, couldn't he show his happiness in another way?

So, what's an annoying yet endearing thing your pet does?

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1. Have you ever known an obnoxious person who eventually reformed and stopped being obnoxious?

2. So you have a massive falling-out with Friend A, and have mutually avoided contact for a year. No big deal, since she hated all your friends and the only friend of hers you liked was Friend B. Now you suddenly have a lot of classes with Friend B, and he wants to hang out outside of school, too. You're not sure how much he knows about the falling-out. Do you try to mention how you'd rather not see Friend A, or say nothing and just see how it all shakes out? Or something else?

3. What do you think of girls who have no female friends?

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Make me laugh...

I have a telephone job interview in about 30 minutes (they're calling me... dun dun dun!) and am getting a little nervous, despite not being too stressed about getting a new job.

Help calm my nerves by answering this:

What is the funniest thing that's ever happened to you on a job interview?
What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you on a job interview?

Other comments welcome of course :)
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So, I just resigned from my job and my boss started crying and had to go outside to be alone. I feel wretched and have to do something for her today because I know I'm putting her in a tough position and she's really a great woman and don't want to see her this upset. I'm going to walk to the flower shop at lunch and buy her something, but does anyone have any other suggestions for things I can do?

I am feeling so bad, but I hate my job and really needed to quit. :/
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Krickety krackety.

I have a question. I have a MySpace that I typically don't use (I'll just sign on every once in a while to see if I have any new messages).
As of late, I've noticed that various seemingly random people have 'requested' me as a 'friend' on no apparent grounds. Some of them are of questionable nature.
Why are these people suddenly taking an interest in me?
I'm not particularly attractive (I think I'm ugly, although certain people say otherwise), and I don't even use a photograph of myself as my 'default picture'.
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What should I get at Crispers??

So I have a coupon for a free menu item of my choice (excluding platters) for Crispers.

What should I get??

I thinking either the Caribbean Chicken flat bread, the Thai salad, or maybe a wrap or a salad....

EDIT:I ended up getting the Thai Salad, it was a close one between that and the summer salad but the apples in the summer salad kind of turned me off. The thai salad was good!! Even better 'cuz it was free!
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New energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs:

Got 'em? Thinking about getting 'em?

Anybody changed out every bulb in their house and seen a difference in their electric bill?

Edit: Have any of you ever found small CFLs for use in ceiling fan lights?

Edit 2: Never mind, I looked at Wal-Mart and they do carry small CFL bulbs for ceiling fans. Round globe ones for bathroom vanity lights, too.
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1- Do you feel that you are internet-famous? What for?

2- What do you think is the meaning of e-famous?

3- Anyone on LJ who you think is well-known? (Just on LJ, celebs having journals doesn't count.)

4- How about other forums/games you roam?
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Metallica One

At the intro of the song ONE by Metallica on the live album box set Binge and Purge (1993) there is a woman singing, this intro piece is not from the song and is obviously sampled, it can also be heard during hour 1 of the March 26 2007 radio show of Dennis Miller, just before he begins to interview Gulliani.

Where is that sample from. For some reason, I believe it is from The Good The Bad and the Ugly, but am not sure.
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Alone in the Office

I'm alone in the office today. The managing editor is on vacay this week and consequently, my coworkers all either called off or just didn't show up today. I am the only member of my team here and have been chilling in the office since 8:30.

If you were in this position, would you stick out the workday and be productive, or go home and chill? There are no consequences to bailing on work other than not getting work done.

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1. How cold is too cold for you to get in the water? (beach, pool)  Curious about both outdoor temp and water temp.

2. How come there are so many Floridiots on TQC? (though I say that word often enough, not sure about the best way to write it out -it's the correct term for people from and or residing in the state of Florida)
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LADIES, SHOW ME YOUR BEWBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEWBIE icons that is :)

i made two because i felt left out :(

what show will you be specifically watching tonight?

what professional athlete (of whatever sport) do you find very attractive? (a link to a picture would be appreciated)

what professional athlete (of whatever sport) do you find very un-attractive? (a link to a picture would be appreciated)

who has the best body, EVER?

Follow-up to a previous question

1. What do you think of the opinion that girls are harder to be friends with than guys because girls are cattier, bitchier, sneakier, more dramatic, more two-faced, etc.?

Edit: If you are a girl, do you feel you fit this description?

2. Are your friends mostly girls or mostly guys? Are you a girl or a guy?

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(no subject)

Which sentence is grammatically correct:

1. Tom likes leather expensive Italian shoes.
2. Tom likes expensive Italian leather shoes.
3. Tom likes expensive leather Italian shoes.
4. Tom likes Italian expensive leather shoes.

(no subject)

what "weapons" do you think police officers should be allowed to use in the course of duty? Right now they have guns, mace, asps (batons) and tasers (optional, not all officers carry them or go through the required training to use them). 

Would you take any of those options away? and Why?

edited to add a bonus question:
Should cop haters and people that abuse 911 be blocked from calling it for police assistance? They would only be allowed to call for medical or fire related assistance.
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(no subject)

Which sentence is grammatically correct:

1. I know the woman who lives next door.
2. I know the woman who live next door.
3. I know the woman that lives next door.
4. Both 1 and 3 are correct.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever injured yourself at work?

2. What is the most embarrassing thing you've ever been caught doing at work?

3. How would one go about meeting and seducing a professional baseball player?

4. What was the last thing that made you cry?

5. I can't remember my other question. So instead, what was the last thing you drank?
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In about two hours, I have an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed. It's my first time. Is there anything I should know before I go? (Other than the fact that it will probably hurt and it will be red for awhile.)


Do you have to have an iPod to buy downloads from itunes? Or can you save the music and keep it on your computer's hard drive?

I found two versions of a song I simply MUST have, and they're hosted on someone's website as an MP3. I know the direct URL to them, but I can't figure out a way to save the mp3 to my hard drive, either, so I'm assuming the only other way to get them is to buy them from iTunes.

(no subject)

A job that I'm interested in is that of Animal Protection officer. I've no idea where to find info about it though. I googled it but I just found a bunch of sites about the show Animal Cops but nothing really specific. Perhaps my google fu is weak. I also checked out the ASPCA website and couldn't find information.

Does anyone know how to go about getting and/or finding out more about this job? Should I go through the ASPCA or through the police?
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Vocabulary question...

Would you use the word

or something else entirely?

I need to use one of those words or something equivalent to them in a paper, but neither of them are in the dictionary, and I can't think of anything else that sounds suitable...

call me vera
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Okay, TQC-ers. I'm going to a formal this weekend. It's the first formal I've been to in like three years, and I probably won't be going to another for a good while.

I have two dresses: one is super-formal, absolutely fucking gorgeous, and makes me look like a movie star. BUT, it's really long, and I don't have the time to get it hemmed. The other is also a little long (I'm really short :/), but with big shoes it's about okay, and it's still pretty... but not quite as pretty.

Do I go for the super-amazing dress, length be damned (and what do I do about all the length if I do?) or do I settle for the other one?
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My search abilities suck!

Does anyone know of an active community for people caring for someone with heart problems? I'd really like a comm where I can morbidly wallow in my fear and misery without making friends (and my husband) feel bad. Totally need to unload myself on a bunch of random strangers (it's not like anyone can FIX things) and I can't find any random strangers to listen to me! (yes, yes, deliberately emo post)
I tried a search for heart and got lots of emo sites about vampires and suicides and heart disorders doesn't exist as an interest. Any sites or suggestions for searches welcome.


Positive Thoughts...

I just found out that I blew at least two interviews and I'm feeling down...

So, in the spirit of emotasticness, I thought I'd ask this question:

What is something that you have noticed in another member of TQC and that you would like to let them know is appreciated? Keep it positive.

On a purely selfish note: Where might I fid some good info on how to handle interviews?


First, I didn't realize that Nikki Giovanni taught at VT. I love her poems and I have a couple of her books.

Second: "I knew when it happened that that's probably who it was," Giovanni said, referring to her former pupil. "I would have been shocked if it wasn't."

As a future mental health professional, there are some questions that have been stewing in my mind. I hope that my Crisis Intervention class and my Interviewing and Assessment class will have enough time to discuss this case.

1) MOST mentally ill people are NOT dangerous. Would stories like this increase the stigma of mental illness?

2) Different English teachers were disturbed by Cho's writing. I know that there was another post on TQC about censoring writings from students. I certainly wouldn't want students to feel restricted in being creative. If any of you are creative writing or art teachers, have any of your students disturbed you with their work?

3) I just wonder how we as mental health professionals can really tell if somebody is going to be dangerous. Sometimes people will just make off comments or maybe have a warped sense of humor and say something and not be dangerous. It's definitely a case of fine lines and trying to determine when lines are crossed. What do you guys think? How would you be able to tell if somebody is dangerous?

4) The experts consulted in this case say that these gunmen have a huge sense of failure and they feel that being famous for being mass murderers makes them feel like they've accomplished something. How do you reach out to people about these things before it is too late?

5) How do you think our culture contributes to these crimes? Or does it?


6) People say that Cho had an anger at rich kids. I know that many people are angry with society. However, many people end up using that anger with society and pick up causes, perhaps go into social work/mental health, run for public office, or volunteer. If somebody was wronged or traumatized by ill treatment, the best thing to do would be to have some therapy to help sort things out and cope. What makes somebody choose to do what Cho did?

Follow up and gardening

I had my MRI this morning and it was totally ordinary and even a bit relaxing. Thanks so much for all of your advice and reassurance. On to the questions!

1. Don't you love squash? haha
2. Do any of you grow your own vegetables? What do you grow?
3. I'm growing all of my veggies in containers because I can't tear up the yard. Is there anything I absolutely shouldn't use as a planter?
4. Have you ever tried a horned melon? Did you like it?

(no subject)

What assumptions would you make if you saw a toddler who was missing their front teeth?

What's your favorite coffee creamer?

I wanted honest answers so I didn't mention that my daughter is missing her front teeth (probably could be assumed, though) She fell and knocked them out. 

My favorite is vanilla caramel but coffeemate just came out with a blueberry cobbler creamer, not sure if I like it yet.

Somewhat of an emergency.

Alright. So basically, the world famous creator and personal photographer of an immensely popular doggie is coming to town for the premiere of the doggie's latest action/kiddie flick at a festival. I love this photographer and want to do a photoshoot with them. I already know they take pictures of people, as the dog's website shows her mini-portfolio and it's of just people. She lives in LA (just North of me), and per the website, she has no travels or appearances planned soon so it wouldn't be particularly out of her way.

So how do I strike up a conversation that will score me a photoshoot with this award-winning wonder? How do I exchange info if she's so fabulous? Much of her work is either of her cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute dog or photojournalism. How do I make her want *me*?

I'm assuming I should be sort of done up like if it were an interview with an agency, but not quite - I have to appear personable, and not kitschy in any way. What should I wear for this chance encounter?

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(no subject)

What is the most ridiculous/stupid movie you ever cried over?

I cried at Uptown Girls. How dumb is that? I blame it on post pregnancy hormones, lol.

What can I put on my poofy hair to make it not poof?

I cut it all off yesterday, and while it looked good at the salon, I always forget that I don't know how to do those things and I don't have those products, so while it looked pretty chic yesterday, it looks like crap today. =(
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Me--State Fair


Cheapest place to get digital prints in person?

I've got Walgreens, Target, HyVee, and (ick) Wal-Mart. Oh, and I guess there's a new CVS too.

ETA: Another question: Have you suffered any physical injuries this week?

My three-and-a-half year old niece accidentally slammed my head in a door (I'm fine and she felt really guilty about it) and I seriously winged one of the toes on my right foot on my old computer monitor yesterday. I came in, sat down at the computer, and moved the hand I was sitting on, that was under that foot, and found blood all over it. It bled a lot, ick. It looks real gross now too. :-( THEN today, I stubbed toes on the other foot going up stairs, but not real badly.

I think I should just stay home the rest of the week. I got sauce spilled all over me at work Monday night too. NOT LOOKING GOOD.

(no subject)

What did they do with the paralized before the invetion of the wheelchair?

I'm trying to remember a book, it was about a girl(woman?) who befriended the local crazyboy. Turns out he was deaf and they invent a sign language.  The towns people then call her a witch, and blah blah blah.  The boy's name was raven. Any takers?

(no subject)


I have a very specific question for any of you who use or have used a Nokia 6085: when a reminder pops up, can you edit it there and then i.e. change the time and date?

  • kjaxxx


Whose voice can you absolutely not stand?

Whose voice do you absolutely love?

Who here shares a passionate dislike for Maynard James Keenan's voice? (Lead singer of A Perfect Circle)

Who here also loves Brandon Flowers' voice? (Lead singer of "The Killers")

P.S. I am pretty sure there is something wrong with my grammar here. Halp an ESL student!

P.S.S -
The Killers - Read My Mind
A Perfect Circle = The Outsider

For reference.

EDIT. Grammar fixed.
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(no subject)

Ok, "hypothetical" situation:

A man is trying to leave a hospital with a newborn baby in the middle of the night. When told by hospital personnel that he can't just leave with the baby, the man becomes belligerent and says that there will be "a hostage situation" if they try to stop him, so security is called which consists of two off-duty police officers.

Given that the man does not appear to be entirely rational and determined to leave with or without permission,

1. Is it reasonable for the officers to assume the man is trying to kidnap the baby or that the baby is otherwise in danger?

2. What actions, if any, would you consider reasonable for the officers to take to prevent him from leaving?

3. Does it affect you answers if the man is the baby's father?

(no subject)

What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Shave his belly with a rusty razor
Put him in bed with the captain's daughter
Put him in bed with the captain's son
Harvest his organs and sell them on ebay
Bring him to church and save his soul
Write on his ass with a Sharpie "Bubba was here"
Write to my congressman about introducing alcohol-free zoning laws
Cover his body with that instant tan solution, and so much of it that he'll wake up orange and not be sure why
Tattoo a Hitler moustache on his upper lip
Report him to his commander. Disgrace

The playground rhyme goes 'girls are sexy, made out of Pepsi. Boys are rotten, made out of cotton'. What can best be concluded from this kiddie song?

Girls will rot your teeth
Boys can shrink when they wash
Girls taste even better with rum
Boys are absorbant and might make excellent tampons
Enjoying girls' sexiness too much will only make you fat
Most girls' underwear are made out of boys

You have to switch bodies with a famous person for one day. Who do you pick?

Paris Hilton
Kevin Federline
Pat Robertson
George W. Bush
Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt
Tom Cruise
Mary Kate Olsen
Jared Leto
Snoop Dogg
Jessica Alba
Christina Aguilera
Bill Gates
Hilary Clinton

What actions would this celebrity end up doing the day you're in charge of their body?

Donate all their money to the needycharity of your choice
Donate all their money to something stupid, like NAMBLA or Hairpieces for Retired Circus Performers or something
Eat 25,000 calories
Get some unsightly tattoos
Show up drunk at a public event without any pants, and corner a valet, demanding that they give them oral pleasures
Admit you're crooked, and then step down from your position and demand to be replaced immediately
Publically convert to Satanism
Just enjoy the life their lofty bank account affords. I'll live it up to the hilt
Spend all day in bed with their significant other, banging them until they can't walk
Just enjoy being them and garnering the kind of attention, flattery and wanton looks they get on a normal basis
Stay in and play WoW on the computer, like I would any normal day
Attend a public event dressed in the most embarrassing outfit you could find. Something with a lot of orange and purple, 2 sizes too small and obviously meant for a person of the opposite gender
Have hidden cameras installed in every room in their house, with connections to your computer
Email this celebrity's bank account numbers to your computer, so you can help yourself to their money the next day
Attempt (badly) to assasinate the vice president. Drunk, wearing a bright lime-green suit, jumping out of the bushes wielding a letter opener. They'll go to jail

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How does a temp agency work?  Do they just find you "temp" work?  As in, if I were looking for a job for 2 months, would that be the place to go? 

Or, rather, would it be unethical to go to telemarketing agency and apply for a job, knowing that you will quit in two months?

(no subject)

Do you think it's crass, tacky, tasteless or negative in any way to include the word "bitch" in a baby shower invitation?

I'm not sure.

It's in a joking way, like "You're invited to ____'s baby shower (you lucky bitch)." Is it still tasteless, tacky, crass, etc?

I'm not sure.

(no subject)

for example, my brother, being a Christian, is against homosexuality. However, he is completely for gay rights. Can people make judgments for the good of others separate from their own beliefs?

1. So how do you separate your moral and political beliefs? Any other comments?

Basically there are 5 Starbucks in our small town, 4 of which have been implemented in the past year, 3 of which are on the same street as eachother along with the downtown area consisting of a bunch of independently owned family businesses including several small coffee shops. for our student run political newspaper, I was asked to draw a cartoon showing how the new Starbucks are potential (and probable) problems to the family-run shops now that they'll be competing.

2. Can anyone give me a good illustration for this?

my idea was to have a cow swiping its tail to brush away flies, the cow obviously being the large corporation and the flies being the family-run businesses. I was thinking of adding someone milking "money" out of the cow. I'm not really sure how much I like the idea, and I feel like it would come off as the independent shops are bothersome flies buzzing around or something.

improving my resume and portfolio

I'm a college student about to graduate and I have a few questions about what to put on my resume.

If I recently started to learn how to use certain software programs (in this semester or last semester), would it be OK for me to add those on my resume? If not, what could I say?

Also, I have an interview lined up for tomorrow and need to show them writing samples. I have clips I can show them. What's the best way to give them the copies? I'm thinking in a folder/binder with the copies in page protectors, but I wonder if there's something better that I can use.

I appreciate any advice! This is my first experience getting an internship in my field (journalism).
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What on earth is that word that means that something shows something really well? I want to say "exemplifies" but I looked it up and that's not right, but maybe it has some similar letters or something like that. I could just say "shows," but this word is better and it's right on the tip of my tongue.

How has your day been?

EDIT: NVM, got it. You can still say how your day was, though.
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I'm looking for a specific skit on SNL. It was on on May 6, 2000. John Goodman was the host and Neil Young was the musical guest. The skit I'm looking for was a parody of the Christopher Lowell Show. This was by far one of the funniest skits I've ever seen on the show and I haven't been able to see it in years, but I've always wanted to show friends. If anyone has any idea where I can get a clip of it, I would appreciate it A LOT!
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What do you think about the concept of friends with benefits? 
Do you think it's possible to be friends with an ex?
If so, is it difficult when they start dating someone new and can you be supportive about the new relationship?
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What is the best laptop I can buy for under $900?
What are some things I should look for or avoid when choosing one?
I don't really know where to start. It will really just be for casual use, I'm not going to be playing games or editing music with it or anything. I will probably have a lot of music and pictures on it.

gross and dumb

So what can I do to make my co-worker understand that I'm not fucking kidding when I tell him to stop coughing all over me and that perhaps it's his fault the copier sucks so bad because he kicks it and slams it around all the time?
(Incidentally, he's 40 years old. None of this should be news to him.)


Does anyone know of a device that is a digital camera, video camera, and mp3 player in one? Not like a cell phone, but something decent. Creative has exactly what I am looking for in the DiVi cam, but it is only sold in Asia. Well, there is one sold in the US, but not with specs I want. I have searched quite a bit and haven't found any others so I thought I would see if any of you knew.


What are some peculiar patterns you've noticed about the general public, observed because of where you work/go to school/etc? I don't mean normal stereotypes and "lots of teenagers are shitty drivers" and whatnot. I mean something that you never would have found out had you not been working there/going to school there/etc.

My answers (which will hopefully help you if the question seems unclear):

1. I worked at an ice cream store and I noticed that the vast majority of black people who came in ordered cookies and cream ice cream. A subconscious desire to bring ebony and ivory together in gooey sticky harmony, perhaps?

2. I now work with fruit baskets and from early December through February, people order apples like they cure cancer. They order them other times of the year but never ever do apples make up such a huge percentage of what we sell.

3. Also, funeral orders skyrocket during the winter while enormous corporate orders (gifts bosses send to their staff, mostly) pull us through April, May, and June.

It's always more interesting when contract killing is involved.

Picture yourself in the following situation:

It's about 11:00pm on Christmas eve, it's snowing, and you've just discovered that your SO has hired a hit man to kill you. They warn you about it in a pang of remorse, and you make a run for it. Alone and dashing through the snow in nothing more than your nightie, you make it to a payphone at a gas station. Unfortunately, the phone's not working. Suddenly, a stranger pulls up while looking for gas. Seeing you shivering in your bathrobe, they offer you a ride.

Now then: knowing that there is a hitman out to make sure you never see another sunrise, do you accept the ride from the random stranger?
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Have you ever been to a wedding in which the culture/religion was different from your own? What were your experiences?

My answer: I'm Jewish but not religious AT ALL and I went to an Orthodox Jewish wedding two nights ago. It was without a doubt the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. So much so that I'm actually thinking of taking some of their traditions and incorporating them into my own wedding.
lead me

it's a train... railroad... thingy thingy.

My school is close to railroad tracks and today when I walked out to my car, I saw something on the tracks which was definitely not a train. It was yellowish-orange, roughly the shape of a bulldozer, and it had what looked to me like a set of pincers that came down from the center and did something to one of the cross ties, then it scooted down the line to the next cross tie and did it again, and each time it reached down and "grabbed" it three times before it moved on to the next one. The noise it made was horrendous. It had this long orange boom arm out in front of it with what looked like a warning sign with lights at the end of it, and as the thing moved, it pushed that ahead of it.

What on earth did I see, TQC?? I know it's got a name! And what the hell was it doing?
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Gas Mask B&W
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Which one of Inspector Gadget's gadgets do you want? You only get one.

Unless you're talking about the spring-shoes, or extending arms. Stuff like that comes in sets, because one spring shoe would be stupid.

so random...

I ordered something from ebay & it was being shipped through EMS Worldwide Express Mail Service (from China). I was tracking it and it said that they attempted to deliver it but no one was here, on April 9th. Now what? I can't find an e-mail contact on the website (http://www.ems.com.cn/english-main.jsp) to ask them where I can pick it up. The only contact they have listed is a chinese phone number, which I'm not spending an arm & leg to call... So now what?!

(no subject)

Everyone here ask such cool and interesting questions that I want to comment on all of them but there are so many. Is that bad? I'm new here, will this feeling wear off?

Also, anybody try the new Vista operating system and if so do you like it?
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(no subject)

Everytime I see VT, I read it as Vermont, not Virginia Tech. Anyone else?

What can I do with a lot of milk that I won't be able to drink before it spoils? I don't have any culture to make yogurt with :( I haven't made dinner yet, so there is some possibility there!

Which turtle are you guys rooting for in the Great Turtle Race? I'm going for
Stephanie Colburtle!

Favorite hersey kiss? I generally hate white chocolate, but there's an orange swirl one that is SO GOOD.
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Answering a compliment

I am a teacher, and get this quite a lot from my administrators: "Thanks so much for all the work you put into that."

I never know how to answer this because my instinct is to say, "Oh, no problem." But it really was a problem. Well, not a problem, but a lot of work. "You're welcome" just doesn't seem appropriate. So usually I just smile awkwardly.

How should I answer this compliment?

(no subject)

In what ways do you feel that your socio-economic class affects you?

This question is geared more towards people who would be considered middle or upper-middle class, seeing as how a lot of the effects of being lower class are more obvious.

ETA: I was thinking more about negative effects of the class.

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is it weird that i'm fully into this game called drug lord, and i'm only 14?
am i going to become a drug dealer? is this my fate?
should i start now?
all my friends are addicted (oh har har) to it too atm, should we mould into a gang?
do you play any weird games too?

(no subject)

My 17th birthday is in a few weeks. I want some kind of gaming system, just some kind of upgrade. I currently have an Xbox, but my sister and I want something new.
So...help a girl out:
What's your favorite gaming system?
What games do you like to play on it?

And, on another note:
When's your birthday?
What would you looooove to receive?

(no subject)

Have you ever felt really sad about something that doesn't effect you in the slightest? (And I am not talking about things like natural disasters wiping out entire cities and mass killings..)

I'm really upset over my friend and her husband separating. NO idea why...she's handling it rather well but I feel sad when I think about it.

(no subject)

1. What's your last completely awesome thing you bought?
I bought season 1 of Even Stevens. YAY! Sorry, I wanted to brag.

2. I have one pack of blank DVDs that all of a sudden stopped burning. About half of the pack burnt fine, but now they've suddenly stopped. I tried a burning to a few other blank DVDs I have sitting around, which are a different brand & they worked.
Any idea what's wrong with the non-burning DVDs?

3. If you download shows, what are some shows that you love to watch on tv?
Prison Break & Heroes for me. I love waiting for Wednesdays to come (the night they're shown in Australia), love getting annoyed when an ad comes on & getting frustrated at the end of the show when I have to wait another week to find out what happens. I'm a geek, I know.

4. What are some cool/odd things about your family?
My mum & I have never seen my dad without his beard. I've never even seen a pic of him over 16 or 17 without a beard. My mum won't let him shave it off because she'd freak out if she 'saw him with a different face'.
Dork - This is what I do at school

(no subject)

I need a word! I am talking about students who show delays in their academic abilities, but I also need to be able to talk about students who show the opposite in their academic abilities. So I'm saying "This assessment shows delays and _______." What word am I thinking of?

Don't you just love when you thought something was due 2 weeks from now, but turns out it was due tonight and you have until tomorrow to turn it in? I do.

(no subject)

What is the worst devastation that you have witnessed firsthand due to a natural disaster (eg- hurricane/tornado/snow storm/nor' easter/ etc.)?

Today, I went to some beaches in my area that were hit by the Nor'Easter that hit a few days ago. My friend and I walked around a bit on one beach and at one point, the sea wall had completely caved in and the houses in the general area were flooded and looked very dilapidated. The road was completely under water, showing about a foot of the street sign and the asphalt was picked up and was buckling and twisting and turning because of all the rocks that had pushed it back. I had never seen anything like it in my life.
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(no subject)

1.) What's being a bartender like? I'm thinking about going down that path, but I don't know.

2.) Who knows what happened to katyowns and nebris?

3.) What are some cheap furniture/home decorating websites besides IKEA? I need a futon, a table and some chairs.
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(no subject)

Are there any notable cases of WOMEN going frigging insane and killing a mob of people? I mean, come on, we have the PMS going on for us. We could even argue for reasons of hormones that we couldn't stop ourselves! Especially those unlucky gals who have a complete chemical attack to their brains when that time of the month is coming. O_O

PS, I don't mean chicks who have been conned by their controlling husbands to walk into a mall with a bomb or something. Must be 100% chick-controlled!

Harry Potter nerd, here...

Hi guys, I'm currently living in Canada and I'll be working in Houston all summer, and I was wondering about the best way to get my Harry Potter book this July!

Haha... um, first of all, should I pre-book? Its not a problem finding a copy of Harry Potter at the local Shoppers Drug Mart where I come from, so do you think its best if I pre-book at a local chain, or do you think that it'd be available at Wal-Mart or whatever on the day of. Thanks for any help guys, this is seriously causing me angst.

Also, have any of you experienced any jerks who blurted out the ending during the book pickups? My boyfriend did when he got his Half-Blood Prince... it wasn't nice!
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1. What is your preferred flirting technique and why?
2. If you know that you have no chance with someone, do you flirt anyway?
3. At what point does flirting become something more serious?

(no subject)

Is there anything that you freaked out over, and it turned out to be no big deal? Any stories to go with it?

I drew my first nude model today and I've been freaking out about it for weeks, but it turned out to be no big deal and the model was very friendly, I even ended up chatting with her during breaks.

My mom said she would make curtains for me :) She's very good at sewing. Anyway, I get to pick a fabric for the curtains. My room is a really bold blue, with a little bit of green. What colors/patterns would work well?