April 16th, 2007


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Does Macy's do drug testing? I have no problem with getting tested, but I don't remember it being mentioned in the application or at the interview.

Based on just the icon I'm using, what kind of person would you assume I am?

Does your computer have a sleep button? I accidentally pressed the button on the keyboard and when the screen went black I swear my heart stopped (but now I remembered to save all my work).

Is there anyone you constantly see, but still try to avoid?
My boyfriend's mother is always so loud and rude and always has a problem with something (her most recent thing was being angry that I got a job), I try to avoid her as much as possible but she's always home :\

lady tree tree

Sexuality and hypothetical questions

Your partner (of the opposite sex) leaves you when they discover they are gay. You feel:

a) That it's all your fault and you must have MADE them gay.
b) That it is no way your fault - they just aren't attracted to anyone with your bits.
c) Pretty damn good about yourself. Your ex isn't even attracted to your gender, but they still tried to make it work with you. You must be awesome!

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Has anyone saw the ads for Yogabooty ballet? It's a workout program.

My mother and I are laughing hysterically at it. The name, the people being enthusiastic about it.

(No, we're not ordering it, we're just highly amused and I figured why not ask everyone here? XD )

Imagine a regular workout commercial, and add in for the name "Yogabooty ballet" and you've got this infomercial, pretty much.
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Where can I find a masculine box for my jewelry? It doesn't have be an actual jewelry box, I just need something with compartments I can put my cuff links, lapel pins, and tie bars into.
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I know this one's probably been done to death, but I'm curious.

What pets do you have and what are their names?

I have three betas:  Captain Jack, Captain Morgan, and Captain Crunch; two cats:  Spaz (who's more my stepdad's, really) and Mischief; and the latest members of the family (just got them today) are two rats:  Marcus Aurelius and Hannibal (he's a devil-child, that one--hence the name)

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If you had the chance to go to a really good college (and this is something you really want to do), but your significant other has a job he/she loves and goes to a college where you live now, and wouldn't be able to transfer to your dream school, would you go anyway and spend weekends and summers at home with your significant other?
Have you (or anyone you know) been in a situation where you were only able to spend part of the week with your spouse/SO for an extended period of time? What was it like?
edit: I just want to emphasize that the type of SO I mean is one you have history with and are committed to, as in married or long-term partnership.
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looking for Recommendations

I was wondering if someone could suggest me some really good books that were written/published around the year of 1923- 1924 (give or take another year) that would fall under surreal, existentialist, or dadaist literature. And why do you suggest it?
I just need those specific years. This would be a world of help. I can't think of anything that I want to read that I haven't read already and I need to write a paper for it. Thank you in advance.
I was thinking if there is anything you can think of that is a bit architectural, not necessarily about architecture, though it can be, but rather a text that is distinctly moving through different spaces from that time? I guess I am getting so ridiculously specific. That is why I have been having so much trouble with this. Any help with be great! Thanks again

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Pretend for a moment that you are taking a class on European Imperialism from 1830-1930 and you have to write a research paper on any topic regarding material covered in the class. What would you write your paper on?

(Otherwise known as: I have a paper due at the end of the semester and I have no idea where to begin with choosing a topic. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!)
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I only just recently started downloading American TV shows instead of waiting for them to come on TV [I currently live in the UK] and I never knew that they all had a break in the middle of the season? I'm referring to Desperate Housewives and House. Why do they stop them for a few weeks and then continue? Just to give them a break? I don't think I've ever seen an English programme do that.

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Anyone here know what a good counter - laxative is?

"Taken from the small print on the back of the package of cough drops I have been serially hitting in order to keep my lungs in my chest:

"Contains Phenylalanine 2mg per drop: excess consumption may have a laxative effect."


Halp? :D
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Do any of you use those Intuition (lather-maker included) razors? The kind with no-shaving-gel-or-soap necessary cakes around the razor? I'm not sure how else to explain. Do they work? I have very sensitive skin, so they sound kinda nifty, but I also don't want to stray from what works.

You know the toffee pieces in Brach's Bridge Mix? Do they come separely anywhere? They're the reason I buy it, well, those and chocolate-covered raisins.

Have you ever been asked to make animal-sounds during sex? What kind? Could you do it?
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Grrr angry

Ok TQC I have a situation that needs some opinions. My next door neighbors have a big dog that roams the neighborhood. It digs through the trash and growls at people who want to check the mail box and is just a menace. I have called animal control on it once, and when they came, the neighbors said they would keep it under control. They tied up the dog for one day and then let it free again. Today, I washed my white shoes and put them outside so that they could dry with the sunlight. The damned dog decides it's going to take off my newly cleaned shoes. Should I be a bitch and call animal control again, knowing that nothing will happen? My neighbors are not approchable. Keep in mind that their kids will come up into the yard and take my son's outside toys if we don't put them up. I need HELP! 

bah humbug.

update: I called the animal control. They will come out and investigate. I asked if they keep it annonymous and they do, and I am glad. I do not like confrontation, and I can see my neighbors getting pissed over me calling. Don't get me wrong. I love animals. We have two cats and two dogs. All fixed and vacc'ed, and I get so mad when I see this one just out and about, terrorizing the neighborhood. Thanks to everyone! You were all helpful.
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spoilers ITT

Who are some well known actors who've never died in a movie?

Comedic actors like David Spade & Will Farrell don't count (even though Will Farrell dies in Austin Powers), nor do extras who's biggest role was "Young Thug #5"


Last week it was determined that the font used in a project I’m working on is: Avenida. Is there anything similar I can download to use?

I was also just told that it looks similar to the font used in the closing credits to King Kong (the Peter Jackson one). Do you know what font that one was?

Anything ya'll know that can help would be great! I need to re-type what's in orange here: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Because I'm redoing these for stickers and I can't get a hold of the person who originally designed this.


For any of you who have given oral sex to a woman:

1. What did the woman/women you've given oral to taste like? (Bitter? Salty? Sweet? Sour? If you can't really describe it, just give a general "not bad" or "awful" or something.)

Edit, because this seems to be just as interesting: 2. What did she/they smell like?
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Sorry, I know I asked this a couple of days ago, but I need to clarify what I asked.

I'm going to study abroad in the Netherlands (specifically Maastricht) for one month. I'll be traveling to Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg. I have a T-Mobile cell phone, and I got it unlocked. I was told to buy a SIM card over there, but here's my question:

Where would I buy a SIM card? How much are they? and How do I put minutes on it?

Thanks, I really appreciate it. It's getting down to crunch time so I want to get this taken care of. :)
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21 bash?

My 21st birthday is coming up soon. Im at a loss at what to do other than the usual get drunk off my ass idea. Anyone have any creative ways to celebrate? Just in case, I'd like to do something with friends and my beau so anyone with any clue please help me :)

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Hello, dear TQC

I'm not a native English speaker and have to hand in an English paper today. I'm almost done, but there's one thing that boggles my mind. Which of these sentences is correct?

"I'm most looking forward to Christmas" or
"I'm mostly looking forward to Christmas".

Either one actually sounds ok to me. If both are ok, what exactly is the difference in meaning?

Thank you :)

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What do you think are some of the best ways to manage your time?

What are your hobbies? Have you ever signed up for a new class or hobby based on something you've always been interested in? How did it go?

What time do you wake up?

What frustrates you the most?

Do you believe in astrology? Not so much day to day horoscopes but astrological profiling & characteristics.

If you got a check for $4000, what would you do with it?

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1) What are your favorite cities that you've been to?

2) How close/far away do you live from your parents?
3) How close/far away do you live from your siblings?
4) How often do you talk to your parents and your siblings?

Sewing Classes

Does anyone know how I can find a place to take sewing classes? I've tried local community colleges and art supply stores but none of them are of any help. Anyone have any other ideas? Preferably in miami would be best. Thanks <3
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Christmas episodes

A week after Easter, I just saw a Christmas special episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
What shows can you think of that simply can't get away with holiday specials?
What shows have you seen that did a special for a non-Christian holiday?
Has anyone seen the new TMNT movie? Is it any good?
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My boyfriend is coming from Inverness to see me for a week.

I want to make him a cake, because he likes my cakes.

I have a choice. Cinnamon and strawberry sponge cake or rum and double chocolate cake. Which one? Or should I make both?
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How would you deal with someone that used to be your best friend and is now your roommate? My roomie never communicates with me on anything but makes snide remarks to make me feel uncomfortable. I've tried talking to her one on one but she just looks around nervously, agrees with everything I say, then walks off. I keep hearing about things she says behind my back. It's getting to the point that I wanted to physically slap her yesterday.

How do you react in a situation like this? I have to live with her for 4 more months.
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Okay, I have NO money at all due to saving everything I get (well, what little I get I care for my Mum, so I don't work) What can I do to pass the time, enjoyable stuff that I can do for free? This is only for a few months. I need to do more stuff rather than sitting inside most days doing nothing but surf the net and read books.

So, any suggestions?


So you and someone close to you have a fight over something that's unambiguously the other person's fault. (They did something for a long time that really hurt you.) They were honestly sorry. Now when you have other fights, you remember that first fight and feel hurt again. They don't like that.

Have you ever been in this situation? What do you do? Do you try not to bring it up again? How do you try to get over it? How would you feel if you were the other person?

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Can you help me translate this? It's handwritten, so I might have a couple of letters off:

"N'oublies pas tes nêves!" That last word might be rêves, though. Or kêves. Or hêves. I'm sorry, I can't tell. My friend from Germany wrote it in the copy of The Alchemist that he sent me. I'd ask him, but we lost touch.

answered! thanks to ciara_belle.
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This is a completely HONEST question, wanting to start a civil discussion, and not a war.

We all know that it is completely unacceptable for a white person to call a black person a "n*****" or another racially derogatory name.

Does it/should it work the other way? Should people be vilified in a similar way for calling white people "cr@ckers", "h0nkeys" or Asian/Chinese people "ch!nks" or "g00ks" other similar things? Why or why not?
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I'm in the market to buy a laptop... I'm looking for something cheap ($600 or less) and it's mostly for e-mail/IM purposes.. not so much for music/storage (my desktop is for that)..anyway, I'm looking at the Dell Inspirion 1501 for $549 because I've had decent luck with Dells before and the price is right... but Best Buy has a Compaq Presario 430 for $469 and I really don't know anything about Compaq Presarios. Does anyone have one and do you like it? Pros/cons? Anyone have the Dell Inspirion 1501? Pros/cons?
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For the sake of a fun question to think about, pretend we live in a world where everybody gets one "free" kill a year - meaning each year, you're allowed to kill one person with no legal repercussions. If you don't use your kill, it's gone, no rollover kills. Assume that there isn't really a stigma attached to having killed someone, since so many people will have done it, but you do still have any guilt or regret that you personally would feel, and there's always the possibility that somebody close to the person decides to take revenge. And let's also say that the method will be something relatively painless and non-violent, so there wouldn't be any sort of stigma attached to certain methods or anything else.

1. Are you going to use your kill this year?

2. If so, do you know yet who it would be?

3. Would you have used it already, or would you save it until New Years Eve or something?

And just because this question is feeling incredibly creepy and morbid and I seriously can't even kill bugs so you don't have to worry about me...

4. What's your favorite kind of Lunchables?
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1. Which girl do you find more attractive? 
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2. What's the most awkward thing you've ever had to explain to someone?
-I had to explain to a 7th grader what masturbation was...

3. What's something someone keeps bugging you about?
-calling the doctor.
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Alright you history buffs I need help remembering. Bear with me if I use my terminology wrong this is not my strong suit. :)

During the Renaissance, when the Medici were muy powerful, there was this monk who kind of laid the ground work for the reformation. I don't think it was Martin Luther because I seem to remember that it was an Italian monk. Anyway, he had serious psychological problems in that he didn't like to poop, long of the short of it, he thought it was keeping him from being closer to God.

According to "The Agony and The Ectasy", he was pretty much the launching board for the demise of the Medici family and, if I remember correctly, the battle that ensued with another Italian state. He was against the display of wealth and believed in the practice of flagellation.

I could go back and read the book but it's 784 pages and my google-fu is stumped. Does anyone happen to remember his name?

Sibling's SO's

For those of you with siblings, are you friends with their SOs?

If your sibling and SO break up, do you stay friends with the ex-SO?

With a sibling's relationship that has ended badly, has the ex-SO ever tried to put you in the middle?

My sister broke up with her girlfriend roughly 4 months ago. They tried to stay friends, but now it is TOTALLY not working. The ex is jealous of my sister's new relationship and has basically turned into a total nut job. Her ex and I were friends and technically still are. After yesterday, I have realized that the only reason why she talks to me is to get dirt on my sister. Every single conversation we have ends up with her wanting to know things about my sister and I'm getting sick of it!!!!

The thing is, this isn't the first time this has happened!! The girlfriend before this one tried to be my friend after they broke up and it totally didn't work.

Is this normal? Am I going to have to go through this with every freaking relationship she has? Should I tell her to quit bringing her girlfriends around?

Any advice is appreciated.
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1- What the hell?
2- Why did my new cat try to run through a closed window last night repeatedly?
3- Question for a friend: If going on a 7 hour trip (mostly flying, part waiting for a layover) what would you chose: Several short books, or one long book to read?
4- Favourite kind of poptart?

1- I have no idea.
2- Once again, no idea. It was kinda funny, until he started yowling at me. At five in the morning. :(
3- Nevermind what I said. :P
4- S'Mores. :D Poptarts are on sale this week, whee!

ETA: Do you think that forcing people to have organ donor cards or they can't get a licence/health card is a good or bad idea?

I think that people who have religious feelings against organ donation are going to flip the fuck out...
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Im lonely. :(

So tell me, where did you meet your SO?
Or where did you meet the last SO you had, if you're currently single?

Also, that stupid post about people using birth control? Where did that come from? I missed the post that it was "making fun of" or whatever.

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has anyone here lived both on campus and at home during their college years?

did you like one more than the other, or did both have their pros and cons?

also, which did you do first? what made you decide to switch to the other?

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Greatest benefit of abstinence-only education?

Environment-friendly. No longer will millions of latex prophylactics litter earth's trash heaps and sewers
As people live longer, they'll need more young people to contribute to SS, and a lack of sex education will only lead to more pregnancies
If knowledge is power, then abstinence-only education will ensure than future generations are fairly ignorant, and thereby powerless and easily manipulated
Fosters lifelong fears and mysticism regarding sex. Soon, those that don't get pregnant will be labelled as witches and stoned to death in the street
Further dissolvement of the nuclear family, as the number of unwed teenage mothers skyrockets. It's revealed, finally, that AO-education is actually a liberal plot to undermine christian values.
Allows me to go through society and pass out condoms and become famous among the ignorant masses, becoming the modern-day Johnny Trojanseed
The only thing missing from the 'no child left behind' education policy is some way to intentionally arm our children with misinformation. Anarchy shall reign, my little Nietzsches
Investors in the baby food and diaper companies will see their stock increase in the next few decades
NASCAR is a growing 'sport' and will need a fan base of millions more poorly educated kids
AO-education and denial of evolution is the best way to make sure that social chaos occurs at some point, as superstition and fear replace science
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Insensitive ?'s

1) If the school shootings at Virginia Tech happened last Monday, do you think Don Imus would still have his job?

2) Do people think you're insensitive?

3) Do you think the majority of people where you live are overly sensitive?

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When I was in my first few years of high school (so, 2000ish), I'd sometimes go to a website called the interactive learning network, I think it was at iln.net.
The site had a blue background, occasionally had little treasurebox things you could click for points(most points at the end of a given period got a prize), and explained a bunch of different school subject things in fairly simple terms. Math, science, literature...
One day I went there to study for a chemistry exam, and it was gone. I can't remember the exact level of 'gone-ness', but it stayed gone. Not a temporary glitch.

Anyone remember that? Or am I just imagining this? Any idea what happened to it?

asses of fire

1.) What are some foods that tend to make you gassy?
2.) Tell me about the events leading up to the last time you vomited. (I know it's not a question just fucking answer it)
3.) What was the last non-food item that you ingested?


1.  Why are we taught that if a man hits a woman just once, she should leave him, but that it's more acceptable for a woman to hit a man and not grounds for him to leave her?

2.  For women in a relationship with a male, or just hypothetically speaking:   If you and your long-term SO got into a fight and he slapped you once, would you leave him?  Assuming he had never done anything like it before and it seemed as if he weren't going to do it again?

1.  I honestly don't know, and I think it's a double standard.  I'm not talking about beating, just hitting, and not hard enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room or anything.

2.  I wouldn't.  Not unless he did it again.

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1) If you put weight on, not enough to be noticeable especially but enough that it's not normal fluctuation as it's been the same for a month would you conciously lose it? or would you think fuck it?

2) Do you perform infront of people?

3) Are you good with your money?

4) What was the last thing you had to purposely save up for?

1) Yes yes, but I would think most other people would think I was being neurotic. I need to lose 5lbs, to get back down to an 18 BMI. No idea why how I put that on & i've spent too much time thinking about it and not enough time doing something about it!

2) Not anymore but I miss it, I used to be in a national choir & orchestra. Never done any acting though, think i'd be rubbish.

3) Terrible. I've been too spoilt and now I'm at uni dealing with my own money I don't really have a clue. I'm working on it...

4) Nothing :-/ Right now i'm saving for a months trip to Australia...ouch... this means not spending money on ANYTHING i don't need... I think i'm giving up food... Ouch...

momma's day

For Mother's Day, I want my momma to receive something special delivered to her door (not delivered through the mail).

My mom has often said, "There are so few occassions where you get fresh cut flowers!" so I know she'd love flowers delivered. However, she's also REALLY interested in grapes and wine. Is there a way to deliver a living grape vine or somesuch thing?

Or should I just send tulips or roses?

Thanks in advance.
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Why is it, that whenever a school or college shooting happens, people start blaming it on media such as music or video games?

Why can't it be because the parents didn't pay enough attention to their child or that the individual needed help or was just sick in the head?

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Has anyone here had abstinence-only education as opposed to sex ed?

What were you taught? How did you feel about it? Do you feel it worked for you?

My husband was wondering this yesterday. He didn't think it could be a very complete class if they just rounded the kids up and told them, "Don't do it. We're not going to tell you what 'it' IS, because that'll just make you want to do it... so just don't do it." It got me wondering. :)
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what should i write an essay on?

should i...
a. read a book
b. play the clarinet
c. watch television
d. try and play with 5 year olds
e. clean the house

have you made up any words recently?
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I lost $2100 worth of my school's camera equipment was stolen today while it was signed out under my name, and to top it off, it was uninsured. I have to pay for it now.

Anyone else having a really shitty day? Anyone just *feel* like shit? Dump your troubles and worries here.

Just messin' with you

What are some ways you have "messed with people's minds" or have had yours messed with? In the sense of harmless pranks (well organized or spur of the moment) that are in good fun rather than manipulative emotional turmoil.

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i think i may be lactose intolerant. which seriously makes baby jesus cry. :(

are any of you lactose intolerant?

what are/were your symptoms?

did you go to the doctor or figure it out on your own?

any recommendations for dairy substitute products that aren't gag worthy?
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A little bit of background before I ask my question:

Collapse )

Now, my question is this: Should I be upset at this mutual friend for not referring me instead of my boyfriend? Our mutual friend knew at the time that my boyfriend had a job, and that I've been in desperate need of money for the past few months. I know he probably referred my boyfriend because he likes my boyfriend more than me, and I can kinda understand that, but do I have the right to stew about it by myself for a while?

ETA: My mutual friend told me that he did not refer me. :/ I thought I'd add that because everyone's saying that he probably referred both of us, which he did not.

And another question pertaining to the job seeking thing: Aside from fast food worker and cashier/grocery bagger, are there any other jobs out there for a 17 year-old? Like I said, I've been searching for the past 7 months for somewhere to work, and the majority of places won't take me because I'm underage.
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TQC, what did I do with the pen for my tablet? I can't find it anywhere :(

Do you ever feel guilty/have the need to defend yourself even if you did nothing wrong?

I'm bored and waiting for my boyfriend to call, so I want to play with makeup :P What color(s) should I wear on my eyes?
Serious or non-serious answers are cool.

What's your obsession?

Self conscious about asking for help.

I ask my foreign language teacher for help a lot and I always feel like I'm annoying her. I have her check over all my homework assignments beforehand so I can get 100% grade average on my homework grade. I ask her a million questions everyday. I want a 4.0 in that class because it's for college credit and in order to get a 4.0, you gotta get 100%. 3.9 is 98%, and so on.

I did a lot of extra credit for that class (11 extra credits) and she said that I cannot do anymore because usually she allows extra credit so kids with lower grades can bring up their grade and no one, not even kids with lower grades, has done extra credit compared to me. I also feel self conscious about this.

I want to ask her for help after school on an oral presentation we're having in class. Reason I'm self conscious about asking her is because she helps me a lot already and I feel like I'm asking too much of her. I have the highest grade in the class (don't want to seem braggy, but that's also the reason why I'm self conscious to ask her. I don't care if I have the highest grade; my goal is to get a 4.0 in that class) and she might not want to help me that much because of that. Currently, I have a 97.7% in that class and the upcoming oral presentation is 5% of our grade. I really want to do well, but I feel so insecure about asking her for help. She always tells me to stop being neurotic about my grade and seems annoyed when I ask for help.

Please give me any words of wisdom as my ego is turning to mush because of this. How do I not feel so bad about this?
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I had this CRAZY dream the other night. I live in Chicago, and in the dream a bomb or something went off. I'm not totally sure, but all I know is that my husband and I knew that things were going to get BAD in the city - like there would be no food or water, riots, etc. So we started grabbing things and packing the car to head for the country.

It's really been bothering me, though. I can't stop thinking about the things that I would take with. Keeping in mind that you're going to be isolated for who knows how long and have no idea what supplies you'll have or even if you'll have electricity.

What would you grab for survival and throw in your car?

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1. How old are you? (If you're uncomfortable telling, give an age grouping, eg. 35-40)
2. Who is more important to you, family or friends? Why?
3. At this point in time, who is the most important person in the world to you, and why? What's your relationship with them?
4. What's your favourite meal? Recipes/links?
5. Favourite home-made snack/dessert?

Thanks muchly! :)

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1- What was the last big purchase you made?
2- Do you regret it?

1- I bought a Zune today. Including the case and warranty, it was about $400 dollars.
2- Not yet, but I think I'm going to really miss my savings in a few days.

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1. Suppose you were on a desert island with no hope of survival (LONG TERM SERVIVAL - YOU WILL NEVER GET RESCUED) and limited supplies - you're with your significant other and your best friend in the world. After drawing lots, it has been decided that you must resort to cannibalism and 2 of you must eat the other - you are on the team that does the eating. Which do you eat and why - your significant other, or your best friend? EATING NO ONE/STARVING IS NOT AN OPTION.

2. Suppose that you had the opportunity to change into your opposite sex counterpart for one week (ie, if you're a man, you turn into a woman for a week). None of your friends suspect that you've turned, and it simply looks like the "real" you has gone on vacation, and LO, here's this new person for a week that they've just met! JUST in the spirit of fun, would you hit on your friends (ie you're a man turned woman, and you hit on your man friends)?
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Stifling over here...

We just moved into a new house, and we're lovin' it. I only have one little gripe:

My boyfriend demands that we keep the curtains shut at all times. I'd like a little sunlight and fresh air from time to time, but oh no.

His logic is that people can look into our living room and see what we have sitting out, and decide to break in and take our shit. My logic is that we live in a better neighborhood now than we ever did before, but he never felt so paranoid at the old place.

So my question is:

Have you ever had your house broken into?

Did it have anything to do with fucking curtains?
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cartoon inspiration

I have this theory... that Generation X and Generation Y people somehow look to cartoon characters for inspiration in their lives.

For example, I'm 21 and feel that I can identify with Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid. My friend Ange is 23 and identifies with Snow White. I know another girl who's about 25 who identifies with Cinderella. I knew a boy who's currently about age 27 who identified with various princesses... in his own words, he said, "I always wanted to be the princess at the ball!" A guy I work with is 27 and he identifies with Alice in Wonderland.

Any thoughts on this? Anyone identify with cartoons other than Disney characters? Maybe some people that are not in the Generation X or Y brackets?
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There was a movie made in the mid to late 80s. It had something to do with math, took place in a city (I think) and the teacher wore really ugly 80s glasses. That's all I remember about it. Does anyone remember what this movie was called?

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Woo!  Got my Girl Scout cookies today.
Don't be jealous; support your local girl scouts & gain a few calories along the way! 

Do you order Girl Scout cookies?  If so, what kind(s)?

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I know I posted not long ago and this is technically against the rules, sorry if this bugs anyone...

I promised I'd take my little sister and her friend to the movies tomorrow, and the choices have been narrowed down to Happily Never After, Mr. Bean's Holiday and Meet the Robinsons. I've heard that Mr. Bean's Holiday isn't as good as the first Mr. Bean movie and that Happily Never After isn't good fullstop, but I thought I'd check with TQC anyway.

For those that have seen any of these movies, what's your opinion and are they worth taking my sister and her friend to? My sister and friend are both nine.
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So for the last three or four months, I have been planning on going on a school trip to China this summer (I'm a senior in college) but now I'm not sure on whether I should go or not.

Collapse )

So for the tl;dr crowd, here are my pros and cons of going on this China trip:


* I'll learn Chinese A LOT better than I know now
* It will be my first time traveling out of the United States
* It's probably one of my last opportunities to really go traveling


* It costs $3000
* I have no friends who are going on the trip (there are ten of us and there are two groups of friends already - a group of 4 and of 5. Guess where that leaves me.)
* Honestly, I am scared to go to another country without anyone I really know.

Poll #967850 China trip?

Should I go on the China trip?

Maybe (expand in comments please)

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When you hear about things like school shootings, do you ever wish it had happened at your school or that you could've been there?

If not, what would you think about someone that had those kind of thoughts?

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In the wake of this terrible tragic shooting at Virginia Tech, should guns be treated in the US the same way as they are in Britain?

Yes. I don't understand why the firearm laws are so relaxed in the United States It's so so so very upsetting. Look what happens when guns are seen as a normal part of society.
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VAIO help

Hi there. I have a Sony VAIO computer. I know this is a random question, but I was hoping someone could help.

I have the system recovery disks, and I want to perform a system recovery. I have been able to do this in the past, however now I'm getting this message everytime I place Disk 1 in my CD drive:

"Cannot normally execute the initial setting of partition information. The utility exits and your computer is rebooted."

...wtf? Can anyone help me? please? :( I just want to restore my computer as if i were to start from scratch.... again.

I appreciate all the help I can get.


Mr. Magoo vs. Bambi - it's about time, says Texas

New Texas legislation may allow the blind to hunt with guns

1. Should the blind be allowed to handle guns, even if the guns do have a laser sight?
2. Is it discrimination to not allow the blind the hunt?
3. Put yourself in their shoes. If you were unable to see, would a 12-gauge and the promise of frisky meadow animals be enough to bring joy to your dark world? Do you think that hunting is so pleasurable an activity that it's injust to ban the sightless from partaking in it?

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you are in your university's library, tucked away in your little cubicle reading/studying.  you know you are going to be there for hours.  how relaxed can you get?  is it okay to take off your shoes if you have socks on?  what if you don't have socks on?  is it okay to spread your materials over two cubicles?  what about putting your feet up on the cubicle/table?  where do you draw the line?

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Imagine that you are somehow pushed out of this reality and into an alternate universe. Of course there are many problems to suss out, but eventually you get settled and try to forget about your old life. One day, you meet someone who looks exactly like your significant other from your old life. There's no mistaking that this is their double in this life. Do you try to attempt a relationship with them or do you leave them be? They just look like the one you used to love after all.
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Let's be honest, now..

How many parents out there secretly think one of their kids might (grow up to) be gay? If you aren't a parent, do you know any children you swear will grow up to be gay? Why do you think so?

I have none and know none but today my boss was discussing how she thinks that if one of her two boys were to be gay, it would be the older one. So I'm interested to see if she's just crazy or if there are other parents like that out there.
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I've always read and learned that the 'u' in the Japanese copula "desu" is perfectly acceptable, or even polite, to pronounce. A teacher of Japanese said that this is true. My friend claims that this is wrong.

Sooo... Is it? Can I pronounce the 'u'? Do you have any source [online or off] that I can use to show him or to see for myself [if it is false]?

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Pie-ing ?'s

1) Have you ever thrown a pie in someone's face?

2) Have you ever had a pie thrown in your face?

3) Have you seen that clip where Bill Gates get hit in the face w/ a pie?
EDIT: Here's the aforementioned clip.


I was thinking I should start reading newspapers more to get more 'into' things (plus learn English better), but I don't know what the best online source of information is. So what's the best online newspaper? Most interesting? Most objective? They can be British, Canadian, American, Australian... as long as they give good World News reports (& the rest). Please give me links, too. 

Oh: are there any nespapers I should avoid as they are more gossipy or sided?

Thank you!

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If you were my lesson plans, all printed out and with commentary from my teacher, that I need to turn in on Wednesday, where would you be?

If you're in college, what's standing between you and the end of the semester? I have my practicum portfolio, my classroom management portfolio, a presentation, a personal development plan, and three finals.

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My computer is refusing to play any video files.

VLC will play the audio, but not the video.
Quicktime will just quit immediatly as soon as I open it.
RealPlayer won't play the audio or the video, but will open a window as if it is, the window's just blank.

This is with .avi and .wmv files.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

I'm on a mac, BTW

Seaweed salad

Has anyone here ever tried seaweed salad?

If yes, did you think it was the best thing that ever happened to you?

Did you hate it? Think it was disgusting?

I love it more than chocolate.

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I know there's a way you can get songs off Myspace that haven't been made downloadable yet, what is it?

What's the longest period of time you've gone without food and why?

Why does everyone want to be a journalist nowadays!?

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I know this subject has been touched on a couple of times, but I'd really like to know...

Are you upset by this whole Virginia Tech thing?

I'm always surprised when something like this happens and I find myself with a clenched heart and tears in my eyes like a giant sap. Though it could have a lot to do with it being one tragedy on top of another in recent history...it's really overwhelming.
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I have a lot of email accounts, but I'm trying to have at least one main one. I've been using hotmail and Comcast mainly, but what do you guys like? Hotmail I've been having so many problems with and I have a gmail account and don't know why so many people like it. Too many advertisements in my opinion. Anyway, what do you guys suggest that is free? Thank you.

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so uhh my neck glands are pretty sore and swollen but i have no other symptoms...me being the paranoid hypacondriac i am, i thinking the worst.

any ideas what it could be?
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Do you believe that "queering" texts really holds any weight or are people usually just trying to look too deeply into a work with their own agenda in mind?

I lean toward the latter.
fuck me

for u.s. residents

not that i'm totally or even all that really pro-gun

but i've read a lot today about the need for tighter gun control, erasure of the second amendment, citing that we're no longer at war with england or have minutemen; and that personal gun ownership is outdated and unnecessary..

my awkwardly phrased question is, shouldn't the public not allow itself to be disarmed by their government? when only one group of people hold the guns and the other doesn't, isn't that a bad situation?

not that things are so bad or tyrannical in the states that i feel an uprising coming anytime soon, but still, it would make me uneasy if i wanted to purchase one but couldn't.


Where can I find decent looking bras for about twenty bucks? I'm broke and all of mine are falling apart.
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Types you attract

Is there a person from a particular part of the world, a particular ethnicity, a particular social group or whatever that you always manage to attract?

For me it's almost ALWAYS Balkan guys. Especially those from the former Yugoslavia. I attract a lot of Turkish admirers too.

That's fine with me because guys from that region are HOT!

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Anyone ever re-done a whole bathroom?  I'm talking about taking everything out, and starting over..new sheet rock, shower base..everything.

If you care to answer, how much money did you spend?

My parents are thinking of spending sixteen thousand (US) dollars on a tiny bathroom..I'd guess it's about 10'x5' or so.  It's a 3/4 bath.

I was wondering is this the average amount spent a bathroom this size?  Or just plain stupid?

For the record: I'm not sure what materials they plan on using everywhere.  I do know they're gonna use the green sheet rock for the whole bathroom, not just behind the shower, since there isn't any ventilation.  Also, it is all labor based; no one in my family knows how to do stuff by ourselves, nor do we have friends/family that would like to help us.  (yeah, we're losers.)  Also, they probably are keeping the toilet, and possibly the flooring.  I did just find out they wanna use onyx..not sure if it's on the shower base and sink or just one or the other or something completely different.

EDIT: Found out that they're using onyx for the vanity, walls, and sink.  --  that's what's on the estimate.  And the 16000 is an estimate.  Also, I'm not sure if they plan on re-doing the plumbing and electrical work.

EDIT #2: There is a ton of mold damage, which is why we're starting from scratch. 

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How do you cite various lectures in the MLA format? I have found NADA on the subject.

I should clarify that i've found how to cite one lecture that's titled, but how do I cite a bunch of untitled academic lectures?
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What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?
What recipe do you use to make fruit shakes or smoothies?
What's the difference between a smoothie and a shake? Is there really a difference or are the words interchangeable?
What sort of snacks do you consider to be healthy?

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Has anywhere you've lived//gone to school been the scene of a serious crime?
Can you tell us about it?!?!

ETA:One of the waitresses at my work is the only woman to have escaped Ted Bundy, which I find cool.
During one of my soccer tournaments as a kid, we were across from the Green River, where Gary Ridgway dumped his bodies. During our game, they were dredging up the bodies. It was pretty scary.

Pet Problems!

Ok, so a bit of a long situation here!

I have had a Siamese cat for about 8 years now. My parents seperated and we left him behind (circumstances which we couldn't help, my mum is the rightful owner of the cat). Upon visiting my dad, I found the cat to be very neglected and abused. We left him there for about 4 months. I urged my mum to take the cat and we did. He has been diagnosed with kidney disease. We are now nursing a very sick cat back to health, and he has made progress! (Was on the brink of death :( )

In the meanwhile, I purchased a Siberian Husky puppy, over 2 months ago. He is about 3 months old. He is a very very sweet puppy. We would like to introduce him to the cat. The cat has been with dogs before. But we are worried that because he is very ill and in a new home, it will not go down well. I miss the puppy (lives with the ex boyfriend up the road, long story!) and his visits to my house. Pup cannot be left in the backyard alone.

How do I do introductions!!!

Thanks guys. :)

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Why do people post online when they're drunk? Why are they even thinking about the internet?

I thought the natural progression of drunkenness was drink -> fall down -> pass out in bed/bed type object. Is there an 'internet' option that I missed?

Edit; Changed 'pass out' to 'pass out in bed'
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Reporting cruelty to animals?

I was going to the movies with my friend, and we saw a poor dog stuck in a car. Apparently, the people went into the place to see a movie and left their dog in the car. Leaving a dog in a car for that long is bad enough, but it's worse when it's about 35-40 degrees outside. The dog was barking and jumping at the windows every time someone walked by, like it was dying to get out. I felt horrible. I couldn't see how someone could do that to a dog that's completely helpless, so I took down the plate number and a description of the car.
I just called the local SPCA to report it, and she said, "It's going to be hard with only a plate number and a description of the car, but I'm going to give this report to the policeman who works here but has connections to the local police and is a certified cop. We'll try our best to run the plates and get something on whoever it belongs to."
That being said, how likely do you think it is that something is done about it? I mean, all they'd have to do is run the plate number, and they could get an address and name, right?
I really hope something is done about it. I can't stand to see that kind of thing; it's absolutely disgusting :(

connections, strong feelings and full-body shivers?

hey ya'll, have had some weird happenings lately, just wanted to get some feedback:

1) do you ever get full-body coldness/shivers when thinking about sexual or emotional experiences with someone?
----> this has been happening to me lately - i'll be trying to read and *wham!* i am overwhelmed with a physical shiver which runs from head to toe. it vanishes..slowly, but i have been having to re-read plenty of sentences.

2) have you ever had such a freakishly good connection with someone that it freaked you out? did you tell them?
----> i have both told someone and kept it inside in different circumstances, when i told someone it was rather anti-climatic, and just made my feelings fade, when i didnt, eventually the feelings faded, too.

3) (similarly) have you ever told someone you felt super strongly and had it backfire? go well?

Thanks, just in a squeeze!
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Stupid Question: Little Bites

This question is in reference to Entenmann's Little Bites.

I recently bought some of their 100 calories packs. I bought some Strawberry ones, brownie ones, and blueberry muffins. There are about 5 of the Strawberry per pack, and about the same amount of brownie ones. However there are only 2 of the blueberry muffins per pack. They are the same exact muffins you would get in one of their regular non-100 calorie pack, but the brownies are miniaturized for the 100 calorie packs.

Why do they miniaturize the brownies for their 100 cal packs but use the normal sized blueberry muffins? Why don't they miniaturize the muffins?

It just seems strange to me. Either way I won't be buying any of them again. Seriously I could have a whole mini bag of 94% fat free popcorn, or a pear, or oatmeal, or cheese and crackers, or a decent salad for 100 calories, and they are all tastier and more filling than Little Bites.
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What is so great about Joss Whedon? Why does it seem like so many people worship him? 

I really enjoyed Firefly, but honestly I find Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel to be incredibly boring and stupid. I wouldn't consider any of the above to be life changing or important to the state of the world as his adoring fans do. What am I missing?

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Is it cheating if its cyber sex? What if youre only with someone online? My mate seems to think its all right to yiff others, cos we're not really together. Hes married "for real", but how real can it be that he wants tto be my mate? I know he loves me since he talks to me more then her. Help? PS, should I tell his "real" mate? SHe doesnt know.

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I'm bored,(and can't focus on homework because I'm still shaken up about the VT thing [I live in VA, lots of friends go there]) and I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but...

1) Favorite part of your body?
2) Favorite part of the male body?
3) Favorite part of the female body?

Eyes. Pelvic muscle. Legs.