April 15th, 2007

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I'm moving to a new state and trying to find new doctors, vet, etc... is there a rating site to see how good these doctors are? Or even, how clean the place is? I hate these grubby looking offices.
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To go along with the few deafness-related questions that have come up today:

For people who are deaf (and have been for most of their lives): do you hear in your dreams?

For everyone: do you suppose a person who doesn't hear in every day life hears things in dreams?
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so. who's gonna die in hp 7?

i say there is a huge massacre, and basically all the major character dies. and then naked dumbledore appears at the end. (yeah; i just watched potter puppet pals~*~)

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Where can I find some religious macros particularly ones that have to do with creationism and the bible?

And yes, I googled. It didn't help.

Edit: Blame my lack of sleep for the typo earlier.

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Have you ever had shingles? (as in, herpes zoster and not roofing material)
If so, have you had it more than once or know someone of good health who has?
I had it like 4 months ago and the same area on my back is itching again. I'm paranoid that it's back but doesn't sound likely. I don't know anyone IRL whose had it even once, let alone twice.

Is anyone else sitting around hitting refresh on their friend's page or doing something equally dumb instead of going to sleep? 
only applies if you're in a timezone where it'd be appropriate to be sleeping right now. it's 2:32 here.
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Are there parenting techniques/things that some parents do with their kids that just drive you nuts? 

Hitting, and any kind of abuse, that's a given.  But honestly, I have an aunt who has two girls, one who's 7 and 4, and this woman is borderline anorexic, isn't even attractive, and very gaunt looking.  This is a woman who literally drives herself absolutely nuts with working out, eating healthy (I haven't seen this woman eat any more than celery sticks, and I've been out to dinner with this woman plenty of times).   You walk into her house and you find EVERYTHING low fat, which isn't terrible, but she does it to excess.  How does she teach her kids? "NO 1% milk, you can't have that! I don't want you gaining weight" (to her daughter, when she was 2).  And so on... At age 7 and 4 these girls are already asking me if I think they're fat, and they have "carbohydrates," "calories," "cholesterol," "obesity" "skim", ETC in their vocabulary.   I'm just waiting for these girls to get a little older and discover candy.  And then when they're 13, when this woman actually has to deal with the "OMGZ!! THEY HIT THE AGE WHERE THEY MIGHT GAIN WEIGHT!! I MUST SEND THEM TO FAT CAMP!!"
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Ok, so a week ago, I gave my boss (I work at a grocery store) my two weeks notice. My last day was supposed to be April 19, and I'd be starting my new job (waitressing) on April 20.

I went in today to find out my schedule for this coming week to find out I have been removed from the schedule completely. It's like they fired me a week before I was going to quit. No one bothered to tell me, and I was sorta counting on having a paycheck from them for another week. It's not really a huge deal, I can probably call up my new employers and tell them I can start earlier than expected, but something about this really ticks me off. It seems like an extraordinarily bad way to treat someone who worked for you for over a year.

Should I go in tomorrow and ask what happened, and let them know I was hurt by it?

Have you ever had a similar situation happen to you?
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1)Should I get a set of white wall tires?
2)Who moved my cheese?
3)Do you ever watch Saturday morning cartoons anymore like on the major networks? Which network has the best cartoons? I think all the cartoons are just beyond terrible.

Work or surgery?

Back story:

I have a blown knee and a ruptured disk in my back. I'm in constant pain. It sucks. I was up all night last night because of the pain in my knee. I took more pain pills than what I'm sposed to, and it still felt like someone took a sledge hammer to my knee...

That being said...

I've got roughly 3 weeks of school left this semester. I thought about picking up a part time job to make things easier, but with how bad I hurt, I've contemplated pressing the issue of replacing my left knee with my doctor and possibly (depending on how fast I heal from that) having surgery to fix the problem with my lower back. The doc wants to wait because I'm so young (22) but I can't take it anymore.

Sure it would be great to have the extra cash, but it would also be great not to be in so much pain. Theoretically, if it takes care of the pain, I can lower or even get off the dosage of pain meds I'm on. At the rate I'm going now, I'm afraid my liver will be shot by the time I'm 40.

So...what would you do? Get a summer job or get your body fixed?

The husband says he doesn't care what I do, as long as I'm sure it is what I want. I'm just a little weary because I've heard some things about doing a knee replacement at such a young age, but at this point I don't care if I eventually become an amputee, the pain is that bad.


My brother is graduating from High School this may. 

He is my best friend. 

I am very creative and love doing art projects and making things, but I am at a loss as to what to get or make him for a graduation present.

Any ideas??? He is going to college for Art.

Poll results and shoe questions!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for commenting and weighing in on my "what should I do for exercising poll". Here are the results!

Monday - Yoga
Wed - Ballet
Saturday Belly dancing!

So now my next question for you is:
Anyone recomment a good place to buy dance stuff on line that will fit a "womanly" figure? If I get a little skirt to "hide" not so fun parts of my figure - how long should it be? Also for those of you out there who did take ballet - why do you have to wear all this skin type stuff? Why cant i just wear like leggings and such?

How do you fit Ballet and tap shoes - just like regular shoes? I plan to go to a place in town but I just wanted "to know". And lastly - what is up with those "jazz" type gym shoes? Do people really wear them? And are they a good over all shoe?

Lastly - what are yoga shoes? do you recommend them? are they worth it? or should I do something else?

Sorry for all the questions! Thanks! Nan
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Ok ok-it's silly, but I really want to know this:

For those of you who watched Saturday Night Live last night, what song was played throughout the Digital Short? (The skit where they kept shooting each other and every time a shot was fired, said song would come on?) Lots of thanks for anyone who can tell me!~
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Does anybody know stores (I'm in FL) that sell the aerosol foundation like they have sometimes in What Not To Wear?
I've been wanting to try it because I usually hate foundation because no matter what I've tried it either feels thick or causes me to break out the next day. I'm thinking the aerosol would be light enough that it won't be an issue. Am I correct?
Does anybody with sensitive, breakout-prone skin have any suggestions for me?
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1- At this time, are you just waking up, relaxing mid-day (for you. Can be at work too, you know!), or winding down for sleep?
2- What are you waiting for?
3- Thing nearest to you, which is the colour green?
4- Where are you usually when you come up with questions for this place?
5- Where are you generally your most thoughtful overall?

1- Just waking up. Need to get my brain moving, before I start cleaning, or I know I'll forget something. Bleh.
2- A girl to bring over our new kitty!
3- My frog and flower piggy bank thing.
4- Work! Though I am not there now. :)
5- The bathroom, usually the shower. I think this is common, but I wanna check. ;)
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A little while ago, I posted this: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/19648213.html

I contacted the seller, saying I was pleased that he sent the item quickly but it was damaged and could we work something out? I sent that on April 4th. No response after 4 or 5 days, so I emailed him again. There is STILL no response and it's now April 15th. I know the guy's email works because I sent him an email before I got the item, asking if it had been sent, and he replied and said yes. He also replied within two hours of me sending the email.

I'm starting to get a little annoyed, so I'm going to send him another email:


I won the following auction: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=010&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT&viewitem=&item=200088366603&rd=1&rd=1

When I recieved the item, the top was very wrinkled. I have emailed you twice about this and have not yet recieved a response. I am quickly approaching the point where I am ready to leave negative feedback since you have not responded at all and I am not satisfied with the item. Please contact me through this email or on ebay with a solution to this situation so I don't feel the need to give you negative feedback.

Now, does this sound too harsh? Does the whole situation warrant negative feedback? Is there anything else I can do to either get my money back or get a new poster?

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My computer needs fixed and my ex-husband, who I'm still on good terms with, just offered to take it to his friend (a computer fix-it guy) to have it repaired.  

My question is - will he be able to find out all my internet activity, passwords and such?

What kid of stuff exactly will be open to his viewing if I choose to go this route.  The ex-husband and I are civil, but I have no doubt that he'd snoop, given the oppurtunity.

Not that I really have anything to hide...I just don't want the man nosing in my business!

Public Spaces in RL and Online

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question yesterday. Your answers made me reconsider my own opinion, which is always good. I hope you don't mind if I ask a follow-up.

1. An employer is hiring for a job that, pre-internet, checked only references named on an applicant's resume. Which of the following may the employer ethically do?

A) Google applicant's name
B) Call applicant's home and ask roommates/SOs/relatives (who are not listed as references) to provide character references
C) Search for applicant on Facebook/MySpace/etc.
D) Follow applicant around without their knowledge and eavesdrop on personal conversations
E) Go to applicant's home and examine the yard/exterior
F) Go to applicant's home and look in the windows

Please keep in mind that slutty drunk photos are not the only personal information online. There are also things like health problems and marital status that employers are not legally allowed to ask about during interviews.

What is the difference between the actions you found ethical and the ones you didn't?

2. You are going on a first date with someone. Which of the above actions would you do?

Collapse )
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Blue, oh so Blue

What would you do with yourself if you were feeling blue and not wanting to be alone with your thoughts, but all of your local friends weren't available?

(I'm going to see a movie, but it doesn't start for another 2 1/2 hours.)
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1) What food item/ meal are you craving right now? I'm almost ashamed to admit that I would murder someone for a chicken cheesesteak...

2) Can you folks help me find a book? I believe it came out in 97 or 98. It was an art book, more or less. Something about a young boy (college-aged) and it was a scrapbook of his photos, drawings, letters, etc. I think he was killed in Africa... or maybe the scrapbook is mostly of his time spent in Africa? I don't know. My book searching skills are rusty :(


Goddamn you, United States measurement system!

Any tips on memorizing (US to Metric and vice versa) conversions?
More specifically, in smaller units of volume.

It's for pharmacology so knowing the smaller measurements (milliliters and milligrams) are most important.

Also, where's a good place online to search for apartment deals? There are 29379234 sites so I'm wondering if there are any y'all specifically recommend.

Tax question!

Incredibly long story, but I'm still hunting down most of my W2s in order to file my taxes. This is bad, since taxes are due on the 17th. I didn't file an extension because one of those employers made promises he didn't keep about getting them to me.

I know for a fact I'm getting money back from the IRS. I definitely over-paid, plus I was unemployed from March 2006 to August 2006. However, the only information I can find on the IRS website about late filing tells you circumstances for owing the IRS money and filing late. It doesn't cover my circumstance.

My taxes are simple, easy, 15 minute taxes, when I've got all the info, too.

Anyone give me a heads up on what kind of hellfire and brimstone I'm looking at, as a result of filing late?
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My father, being the brilliant man that he is, decided that what I was doing on the computer wasn't important, so he reached over and flipped the master switch to shut off everything. Of course, i was in the middle of a school assignment (which is annoying since I have to do it by mouse since I can't find the pen for my tablet) that I've been working on for several hours, and hadn't remembered to save for at least two.

What would you do if someone did something like this to you?

This is hypothetical only, I was really just wondering. If I paid for my computer and everything in it, do my parents have the right to take it away from me?

I have a digital camera that was a gift from my parents a couple of years ago. A few months ago, my mother borrowed it and dropped it down a staircase. It's in such bad shape I can barely use it, but I need it for school assignments and personal projects. My sister suggested I ask my mother to replace it, but since it was a gift from her in the first place I don't want to be so demanding. What do you think, TQC?


Following THIS POST I made an omelette for breakfast this morning!

I filled it with mushrooms and onions in creme fraiche and a little cheese spread (was out of regular cheese) I served it with bacon and it was delicious!

How has LJ inspired you recently?
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Home Phone Number

Have you ever been required to provide a home phone number (non-cell number) in order to sign up for something?

Yes, when I signed up for my gym membership they required me to provide a non-cell phone/home phone number. They told me that they do not allow people without home phone numbers to sign up for security reasons. In this day and age of people using their cell phones as their primary phone number, I thought this was odd.

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1. What movie should I watch this afternoon;
a. Life as a House
b. Friday Night Lights
c. Jarhead
d. Alexander
e. Night of the Living Dead
f. Detroit Rock City
g. Black Hawk Down
h. Stand By Me

2. What do you think is the movie you've watched the most times in your life?

3. What movie character did you used to look up to/want to be like when you were younger?

4a. What's your favourite genre of movie?
b. Has it changed over the years?

5. What's the most treasured movie/s in your collection?

6. What's the main genre of movie in your collection?

7. Do you love scary movies?

8. Does everything need more gore?

9a. What's the last movie you saw at the cinemas?
b. Did you enjoy it?
c. If yes, was it as good as you expected?


1. Do you(/have you ever) brake check people? 
2. Do you jerk your car to a stop?
3. Do you go around someone who is turning left if there is a paved side of the road?
4. Do you ride in the left lane when both right and left lanes are open?
5. If you are in the left lane on the highway, do you move over if someone comes along going at a much higher rate of speed than yourself? (If you can move over that is.)
6. What is the most dangerous type of driver on the road today?
7. In traffic, do you stop/go/stop/go/stop/go with traffic or do you hang back and roll slowly?

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1. How old do you have to be to work where you are? (Where are you?)

2. Can you get around it?

3. How old were you when you got your first job?

4. Did your parents bug you about getting a job?

5. How are your countries unemployment and health care benefits?

1. 14 & 9 months. Australia.
2. Yeah, they told me casually to bring in a note from my parents saying I could work. I didn't, but you know...
3. 14 & a half maybe.
4. Yes, I went around to so many places when I was 14 or under, and it was rather depressing because no one was going to hire me because I was too young :( & my parents were bugging me about not trying hard enough.
5. Good. Relatively easy to get unemployment benefits, none of this paying it back bullshit. We have free health care for everyone (minus the super-rich).
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Are there any programs I can download that you can speak into your computer's speakers and it types out what you say? I'm really hoping for this! My boyfriend has his arm in a sling, and he has a big paper due very soon, so any help is appreciated!

*edit: mic, not speakers, lol
and i'm sick so I can't go out, and it's a ten page paper that he doesn't have prepared in the least bit. due Thursday. I helped him for awhile, but I keep coughing up my lungs when I'm on the phone, lol
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What are you trying to get done right now?
What's distracting you?

I'm trying to get started on one of my term papers. I only have one page out of fourteen done.

The temptation of the internet and the fact one of my cats keeps trying to hump the other. Even though he's neutered the warm spring weather has made him a bit frisky and he of course picks the super cranky older cat to try to mate with. I can't look away, it's like a trainwreck.

meds at work

Friday after work, I ended up in the ER due to chest pains/numbness in my left arm/dizziness. They said they thought it could be several things that all needed to be tested further, but they weren't going to test me there. The paperwork says 'undetermined cause' on it, but the two biggest thoughts were a valve not 'working at 100%,' and stress. To calm me down, to see if it helped, they sent me home with a script for ativan and a note saying I had to rest yesterday. I rested all day (aka only getting out of bed to pee once) but today, I have to return to work.

Since the med is a sedative, I'm not really supposed to take it at work, but I'm still in a lot of pain. Normally, I'd call out and explain what's up, but I'm still in my trial 90 days and have been written up for attendence bs (my general manager sent me home for being sick, and then even ackowledged this when she made me sign a thing because I'm 'not supposed to miss ANY time during the first 90 days of [my] employment.' WTF?!). So my only thought is to maybe take a half of one and try to work only slightly drugged. I don't operate any machinery heavier than a computer mouse and keyboard, so that part's ok. I hate to even consider it, but I really feel terrible.

So tell me, TQCers that read all that - what would you do?
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1. Is there anything you've quit ordering when you go out to eat because the kitchen can NEVER get it right, no matter how easy it is?
---bacon. I'm the type of person that will only eat bacon if it is burnt. I tell them this when I order. I tell them that I don't care if it comes out black and charred, I will eat it. I still never get it the way I want it.

2. Does anyone have any good chicken recipes? I'm running out of creative things to do with it.

3. I've got several half used bags of peanut butter, chocolate, and white chocolate chips. What should I do with them?

4. I'm watching a show on HGTV, and the people painted a colorful square around a snail that died on their wall. How creepy is that???

5. What should question number 5 be?

6. What is your favorite video game system? I see questions on here all the time about games, but not so much about systems.
---I'm all about the original Nintendo.

Ok..hm...that's all I can think of right now.

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I want to get actual ramen noodles from the store, not the Ramen brand, and do something creative to cook it. Are the noodles actually called ramen noodles? What's a good way to flavor ramen besides with the seasoning packet? I can only think of adding random spices + soy sauce.
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1) When you organize your CDs/tapes/records/whatever, how do you it? Alphabetically, chronologically, by genre, etc.
2) If you have a compilation album, where do you put it in your collection?
3a) Would you put Elvis Costello under "E" for Elvis or "C" for Costello?
3b) How about Elvis Costello and the Attractions?
4) How do you deal with bands that start with a number?
5) Do you have a list of your CDs/records/tapes/whatever somewhere online? Where?
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To those who speak multiple languages...

What's your native language?
What languages do you know fluently?
What language do you speak the most?
What language do you think in?

I can't answer this, but my boyfriend's native language is Spanish and he learned English when he was 5.  He rarely ever speaks Spanish now (but hasn't lost it) but still says the language he is speaking in determines the language he is thinking in, which intrigued this question.

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Do you have something that you can never find when you need it?

This question is brought to you by My Toenails™, as I'm sure I own at least six clippers by now and can't find a single damn one of them.
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It's a rainy day and in celebration I'm not going to study, instead I will eat icecream and watch a movie. Which movie should I watch?

1. Ever After
2. Moulin Rouge
3. Lion King

Thankyou! I just watched Ever After and I'll watch Lion King after dinner.

Cycles in our lives

Why do we all go through cycles? Phases? Stages? Ups and downs? Different chapters in our lives?

How do you get out of plateaux? Stagnation? Boredom?

Go on and reply. And I hope you are having a fantastic weekend with your friend(s) and/or family.
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My bro is going to grad school and I am moving into his room. What colors should I paint the walls? Right now it is an emo brown...I wont be here too much longer so I dont want my mom's walls to be too outrageous and her to have to re-do it later but the brown has got to go.

What color is your bedroom?
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I was sick for almost an entire week. I couldn't go to school or work, hang out with friends, go to a birthday party, etc. In fact, I could barely leave my room for almost four days. During my time of sickness, not one of my friends called me to see where I was or how I was doing. In fact, I called three of them to make sure no one was worrying...

But they didn't seem to be becuase they hadn't called, emailed, or done anything to contact me.

What do you think about this? If one of your friends was MIA for a week, would you call them? Check up on them? Bring them soup or tea?

Let me know.

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1. Inspired by Dexter: Are you fond of any morally questionable (or downright repugnant) characters from film, television, and/or books? What makes this character (or characters) bad? What is it about them that makes you care for them regardless?

2. Do you have any Sunday rituals that are geared towards getting ready for the week?

3. Do you "call in" or "call out" sick to work?

4. Your partner in drag: Hot, scary, or hilarious?
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1)Ever kissed someone spontaneously ? like without their knowledge?like in films when someone just grabs someone else and starts kissing them.....or does that just not happen in real life?
2)How do you do that without teeth clashing?

(no subject)

My brother got the theme song to Power Rangers stuck in my head. What is suitable punishment?
Non-serious, of course.

Do you have a favorite cult-type movie? What is it?

Do you find the phrase "instant classic" to be annoying?

Dating question

This is going to sound pretty stupid, but I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Here's the deal: I really like a guy. We had a class together and throughout the semester we would causally chat and sometimes walk home together.  I've gotten some signs that he might be interested too.. but nothing too obvious. On his birthday, I took him out for coffee.. and although it went fine, once again, there were no huge sparks. Also, this was happening right before exams, so obviously we were both busy and the timing was not ideal. Long story short, my birthday is coming up and he said we could do something then.

Here's where you guys come in:
I really really want this "date" to go well. This will be the last time we see each other before we both go home for the summer. What can I do to make it good? Any tips or personal experiences?

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Hey guys,

So my work is having an "80's Day" where we're meant to dress up like our favourite 80's style or favourite 80's character. The best-dressed wins a $500.00 travel voucher, which is pretty darn sweet.

I'm having trouble thinking of a really awesome costume idea. My boyfriend works at the same office as me, so we could possibly do a duo-thing. My best idea so far was Sandy and Danny from Grease, until I remembered that was 1978 so it wouldn't work.

Any ideas would be really appreciated :)
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Random Questions

1. When you type a paper that needs to be double spaced, do you start off double spacing it, or do you type it single spaced and then make it longer at the end?

2. How do you stop yourself from procrastinating?


(no subject)

Vaguely inspired by this:

Here is the hypothetical scenario:

You are going to pick your child up at day care. There is a nice woman who runs the place, she seems like an ok lady (you leave your child with her, why shouldn't she be?) When you walk in the door, before your child runs up to you to take him/her home, the woman hugs your child and gives him/her a light kiss on the cheek.

Do you mind?

What if it was a man?

Pictures of hair style?

I just cut off 12 inches of my hair today to donate to Locks of Love ... I want to layer the front portions of my hair now (it is roughly down to my mid-shoulder blades) so that it frames my face - roughly so that a few strands would be chin-length, then a bit longer, and so on until it meets further back at a normal length. That is the best I can describe it, but does anyone have a picture like that? I have been trying to Google search for it, but I can't find anything. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks!

Edit: Okay, I haven't actually SENT the hair yet, so if Locks of Love is so bad, would someone mind telling me some of the other organizations that would be better to donate to? Thanks!

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What is one of the stranger moments you've had with your significant other?

My girlfriend and I both have zits that appear on our backs, and sometimes when we're bored, we pop them. It's strange, but at the same time, very intimate.
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What do you do to cheer yourself up? I'm unfortunately locked in the house with a project and no car, and it's much too cold to walk, so... Any happy music/shows/ect?

ETA: Also... Can someone "look" bi? It's certainly possible to look gay, but someone told me I looked bi the other day and it made me go wtf.
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Laptop owners: Which laptop do you own? Do you like it/any specific problems you're having with it? How much did it cost you?

What bands are similar to The Offspring, Bloodhound Gang and old Blink-182?

(no subject)

I just found out one of my best friends boyfriends told her he wants wife and kids someday, but doesn't know if he wants it to be her. They've been together almost 4 years. I want to do something for her, but right now she's two hours away and I don't have a car. What can I do to cheer her up?

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Why does fruit-flavored candy never taste like the fruit it's named after?

I think apple is the closest to reality.

Watermelon is definitely the farthest. Furthest? Feel free to answer that, too furthest.

edit: thanks for the grammar lessons :) You would think I could handle it, being an english major and all. Although if I had said "furthest from the truth" I think it would've made more sense...

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1.  Has anyone here ever had a problem with chipping teeth?  
To my knowledge, my teeth are pretty healthy, but in the past couple of months, little shards have been breaking off of my front teeth.  The only contributing factor that I can think of is that I have been using Crest White Night toothpaste 2x/day instead of the recommended once per day.  Could that errode my enamel within 2 months time?

2.  Depending on your preferred sex, are either of your parents "your type"?
    My dad isn't my type of guy at all.  He's preppy, conservative, loves to hunt, and hates change..  All opposites of things I look for in a guy.

(no subject)

1. Ladies: How many times do you wear a bra before washing it (or wearing another)?

2. How many bras do you have?


3. Are you annoyed when people say that infants look a lot like one parent or another?

On a message board I lurk at, a link was posted to Marcia Cross's 8 week old twins. Several people were like, "OMG, they look just like their dad!". To me, they just look like tiny bald babies. I think for the most part, people seriously reach.

4. Have you seen an actual, strong resemblance between an infant and his/her parent/s? If so, prove it. ;D
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1. Do you enjoy clothes shopping?

2. Is it easy or impossibly difficult for you to find jeans/pants that fit properly?

3. This may have been asked before, but are there any stores that are NOT online-only where you can buy weird bra sizes (like, larger cup size and small back)? I don't like buying things online without trying them on first, or at least seeing in person what they look like.

4. Do you usually wear shoes with a heel or without?

5. Do you think you have what is considered an "ideal" body? Do others think you have an ideal/good/great body?

6. How often do you feel depressed or anxious?

(no subject)

I have to write an informative speech for my Public Speaking class.

If you had to listen to one of these speeches, what would you be intersted in being informed in? aka what are interesting topics I could write about? Thanks!

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What are some of the awesome things animals get to do that we can't do that we wish we could do?

I have always wanted to be a lion, so I could catch my own antelope, and tear it open and eat it.
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The Piano Teacher

Has anyone else seen this movie/ read the book?

If so, can you please explain the ending? Why does she stab herself in the shoulder and walk away? Does Walter really like her? Why does he insult her- just because she said she wanted him to?

My boyfriend and I are really confused.
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90th Birthday Party!

Hey guys. So it's my grandmas 90th birthday in August and it's tradition to have a big party at my parents house because there are a lot of birthdays in August/September and we always try and make her day special. Anyway, so it's the big 9-0 and even though we are having the party, and definitely inviting a lot more people than we normally do, what else can we do to make her 90th birthday unforgetable?

She doesn't want more presents because she says she has all that she needs and that she's leaving everything she gets at my house! But what special things for the day could we do or get her? We are at a loss.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Headphones to block out noise?

Is there something you can use when it's too loud and you need it to be quiet? Is there such thing as like headphones to use to block out all the noise? I want to use this during school when everyone is too loud and I want to work. I also want to use it when I'm sleeping and people in my house are too loud.

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having to watch a movie twice

We were watching Shootin' Aces, but we were half awake and it was really hard to keep up. We have to watch it again. LOL!

What do you think of having to watch a movie twice just to understand what's going on?

(Personally, I don't like having to devote more than 5 hours to a single movie. =P )

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Why are hamsters the demon of all pet rodents?

I've had some adorable, sweet hamsters in my life. But I've known more of them to be just... evil.

Including the one I just bought tonight. He's already bitten me!

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If I understand right, a diesel engine works by pressing the diesel tight enough that the heat makes it combust, instead of using a spark plug.
Which might be wrong.

What happens if you put diesel in a standard gasoline car engine? I know it has horrible effects, but what and why?

Would it be possible to construct a diesel-using engine that used spark plugs?

Alternately: I'm writing, and I need something for this character to say. "Well, then, it's like _________. Just because it's weird doesn't mean it won't work." where the weird thing that works is some gears-and-machinery type thing. The first example I thought of was putting sparkplugs in a diesel engine, but I realised I have no idea whether that'd actually work or not.
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Los animales de dos en dos?

This is the Spanish version of "The animals went in two by two" (from a commercial).

Does anybody know if they recorded the Spanish version for the commercial only? I really like that song/ version and would love to have the complete song, anyone know where I could find it?

Thanks :)

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Do you know of any websites that deal with cheap travel for students?

My life is sucking right now because I need a vacation. I haven't been anywhere in about 3 years, and I'm tired of pretending to be happy for people that get to go somewhere. Christmas break, spring break, plans for summer... you name it, everyone's going somewhere. It's major suckage because a lot of these ppl have their parents paying for stuff. I don't expect my mom to do so, because I'm 21 for cryin out loud. But seriously. Picking up extra hours over spring break was NOT the way to go.

Help me, please? I want to go somewhere. I NEED to go somewhere. This may be my last summer before PA school. No road trips or campouts, please. I want a bed. And some fake hotel coffee. Something to subdue the bitching that makes me not feel like myself. Thanks =/

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Do you listen to instrumental music (like orchestral or movie scores)? If so what are your favorites?

Mine consist of (but are not limited to):
Music from "The Incredibles"
Holst's "The Planets"
anything jazz

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1) What is the newest vocabulary word you have learned?
2) What is the last book you gave away to someone else?
3) What is the last thing you bought online?
4) What song are you listening to right now?
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You know how most LJers are American females between 18 and 20? Are there any other things (personality traits, financial status, education, mental disorders, etc.) that you think would be more common among the LJ population?

Hot Water Bottles

Call me old fashioned if you like, but I still like a good old hot water bottle to cuddle in bed at night. (.....and yes, I have a husband as well ). I find them so comforting and I just love the smell of the warm rubber bottle. Does anyone else agree with me?

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Lets say you knew someone who was a cokehead, but had a very anti-drug girlfriend. Obviously, the boy hides it from the girl- though does it when together (his excuse for going to the bathroom every 30 minutes being "I have diarrhea"). Would you tell the girlfriend?

What if they stopped and promised to never do it again. Would you still tell the girlfriend?
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1) What is your current annoyance?
 Both of my speakers are now fried in my car. So now I have to fork out the cash to fix that. That and the windshield wiper on my passengers side broke off and now its electrical taped on so my windshield wont be scratched

2) What is currently amusing you?
my cat has a toy and my puppy is trying to take it away from her. much growling, hissing and general tension is floating about the two as my cat runs around with the toy in its mouth and my pup tries to run after and steal it

3) What are you putting off until the last minute?
A semi-psych paper that is due in 13 hours. I haven't started it and I don't really need it to pass the class, so I don't think I'll do it.
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i can't stop sneezing.

One of my 4 year old students gave me a cold Friday night. It started to creep up on me Saturday and then today it just took me over.

What do you think are the odds it'll be worse tomorrow? And if it is, I should probably call in sick, shouldn't I? I don't think getting my piano students sick would be a really good idea.

In the meantime, what are some things that make you feel better when you're sick? I want to take a hot bath but then I'd be cold when I got out... things like that. I'm sorry I'm not making any sense, I can't think straight.
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Learning to drive.

Anyone know a good free site that has a bunch of drivers for all/most hardware on your computer?

I found plenty of pay-to-install sites, but none that are free. I'm sure there's some out there?
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I listen to a lot of bands which I'll never see live, but just have found out there are actually bands I enjoy listening to that are a) active and touring and b) the members are not senile yet and c) I actually have a chance of seeing them! This is so cool! :)

Is there a band that's still active that you really really really want to see live, or that you've already seen but would sell your soul to see again? Which is it?
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Stupid head!

I've been wandering around my apartment for the last half hour or so singing in my head "when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore!" It didn't get to the point of actually singing it out loud cause I don't want my boyfriend to think I'm nucking futs.

So that got me wondering, what are some phrases/lyrics/slogans that get stuck in your head, fellow TQCers? Something that will just play over and over, and occasionally you're forced to sing/shout/say it out loud?
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