April 14th, 2007


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1. What's your favorite cover song?

My current favorite is Reel Big Fish's cover of Sublime's Boss DJ.

2. Have you ever lived in an apartment where you were the only member of your gender?

3. What's better: Getting oral sex while working on your favorite hobby (providing it's a hobby that you can do while sitting still enough to have oral done) or getting oral sex after just waking up in the morning?
shannon you never wonder why

Lost fans

If you're familiar with the series Lost....

1. Who is your favourite character (alive or dead)? Why?

2. Who is your least favourite character (alive or dead)? Why?

3. Which character do you think you're most like (alive or dead)? Why?
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what are you doing this weekend?

what's the first thing you're going to do after you finish your exams [if you're on them]?

are you/did you save yourself for marriage? why? why not?

for those outside the USA: What's your favorite current tv show?

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I have to write a brief article for my homeowners' association newsletter thingie. There's really nothing happening, or else I would have at least someplace to start. So, TQC, what should I write about?

Edited to add:
There are seasonal reminders that are necessary, or else we'd give it a pass. The last one went out this time last year, if not earlier. The column's window-dressing to make people feel we aren't yelling at them.

The yelling:
-don't abandon your vehicle here, or we'll tow it.
-stain your deck, or we'll do it for you (not in a nice way).
-while you're at it, keep the damn thing clean. And that does not mean "spread your shit out in the area surrounding your deck," that means keep it clean.
-keep it down in there! damn youngsters.
-you want to attend our meetings? please don't, but here's how.
-here's the number of the management company. they like to hear from you; we don't. actually, they don't either, if you're just calling to bitch about your neighbor. if you are, grow a pair and talk to your neighbor. if that doesn't work, call the police- if it's a legitimate complaint. IF.
-quit telling us to weed the damn detention pond, it's fine the way it is- and you like the ducks, anyway.

The current window-dressing:
-here's what happened at our last annual meeting!
-our now-president won the $50 raffle at the last annual meeting. coincidence? hmmm...
-bios of the board.
-list of restaurants.
-game reviews for the Wii.

a joke is a joke is a joke


where do you draw the line when it comes to people making comments about race/nationality/religion/stereotypes? how far is too far? do you have a gauge? what's a joke and what's not? how do you deal with people that say things that make you uncomfortable?

my coworker is racist and it's really annoying because in other ways he's fine and i want to be his friend and plus well, we work together, so it'd be good if i didn't hate his guts, yanno. i went off on him today about something and he claimed he was joking.

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1. Is there a limit to the number of comments/replies a post can have? If so, what's the limit?

2. What's the biggest number of comments you've seen for a post?

My answer for question 2 is 5000.

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how much would a chanel tote go for, on average?
what about a chanel wallet/checkbook cover/thing?
what about a christian dior handbag?

my best friend owns all of those, and it makes go D: to think of how much it might've cost. i found a replica of the tote she owns, and the REPLICA is going for $250. wtf?!

alexis bledel

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1. I was feeling like ass yesterday so I stayed in bed/slept until 10pm. I'm wide awake and it's 6:30am. I have a baby shower at 1pm. Should I try to sleep before it or just stay up all day?

2. Tell me an embarrassing story that happened to you!

I was at 6 Flags last summer and I went on this water slide. It was pretty much the scariest and thrilling thing ever. When I got off the raft in front of the long line of people my bikini bottoms weren't all of the way on me anymore. I mooned probably about 100 people. I was in a funk the rest of the day and wanted to go home. We had like 8 hours left before the park closed and my family wasn't leaving over people seeing my booty.

3. Is anyone else doing the 100 movies in 2007 meme? If so, how many have you watched so far?
I've watched 74. I'm a movie freak.

4. Do you have any foods you used to hate when you were a kid but you love now? What about foods that you loved as a kid and hate now?
I used to love any flavors of crush and root beer when I was a kid. I drank so much of it one summer I haven't drank any of it since. It disgusts me now.
The Receptionist Classic

International Marriages

Suppose for a moment that I live in the US and I'm set to marry a fellow that lives in Canada. I'm a US citizen, he's a Canadian citizen.

How would one go about getting married in this situation?
Does one of us have to apply for citizenship of the other's country beforehand?
Has anyone in here been in a similar situation? I'm quite curious about this and would be ever so thankful if you'd share your story.

(No, I'm not getting married.  I'm just very, very curious about a potential situation.)

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The other day my boyfriend put my shoes on the table, while he was vacumning. I quickly snatched them off the table and said "Don't do that. It is BAD LUCK.

My question is what are some bad luck superstitions you have read/been told about?

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holding hands

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Really quick computer question:

I have a 15-page application that is a .pdf file that is saved to my desktop.  Is it possibly to somehow isolate two pages of it to attach to an email, or would I have to attach the whole document?
Oh hay thar

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I am not getting comments sent to my inbox. I checked the comment settings on LJ and the box is clicked to have them emailed to me. My inbox settings are fine too, and they are not being sent to junk mail.
What is wrong?

two questions

1. I saw an old Simpsons episode recently (the Loch Ness monster episode) and was wondering.. Jim Nabors has that goofy speaking voice, and sings in a baritone. Is he FAKING the high pitched speaking voice?

2. Who raised you? Okay not raised.. but when you got out of grammar school, where did you go and who was the 'authority' figure there? so many households have/need two working parents, or single mothers who have to work.. who was in charge when you got out of grammar or middle school?

(my grandmother lived at home, so she was the caretaker when I was younger)


So...the people who live across the street have no concept of common courtesy. I went to school with the girls who live in the house. More often than not, there are 3-4 cars there. When someone goes to leave, they'll pull a car out and park it on the street.....DIRECTLY BEHIND MY DRIVEWAY.

The side streets in my town are small. We have a van. How the hell are we supposed to get out of our driveway?!? It is extremely difficult to maneuver. Usually we end up driving through the yard, around other vehicles and out the back alley. However, when we have a few days of rain that is impossible.

I've talked to them multiple times. They say they won't park behind our driveway anymore. Off to the side is fine, just not directly behind it. They quit for a few days and it started up again. So I ask again. They comply for awhile and then it starts up. I finally asked one of their mothers. She said she'd take care of it and she couldn't believe her daughter was doing that.

Guess what I woke up to this morning? The roommate's boyfriend's truck parked DIRECTLY behind my freaking drive way.

How can I make them stop!?!?!! If my crappy truck was up and running, I contemplated backing into one of their vehicles. Whoops.

All suggestions are welcome.

Job question!

Do any of you know of places that hire while you're still fifteen? I do have a work permit and whatnot, and I turn 16 in June, but that's the problem-- by the time I'm actually 16, all the summer positions will be filled.

I already applied at King Soopers (Kroger, basically), Qdoba, Good Times, and Wendy's, but aside from Qdoba and maybe Good Times, I don't want to work at any of these places.

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So, I bought my boyfriend a Dreamcast yesterday.Not for any real reason, just because he wanted one and I thought he should have one. All my friends seem very impressed by this, especially the ones in the US.

Why? Are they hard to find over there or something?
What was the last thing you bought someone "just because"?
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gnome me


When you say you have a hangnail, what do you mean?
Does this vary by region? Where are you?

I've always wondered about this.

I use the word to refer to the little danglies that occur above the nail, the slivers of nail that come off the side sometimes and the wounds that ensue when you remove them, AND the little slivers UNDER the nail from when the nail breaks/is cut funny.

Crossposted to linguaphiles.

Also, how do you feel about bats? The animal, not the weapon.

GRE & One Night Stands

I took the GRE a few weeks ago. When I was done with the exam, it let me select schools from their database to send my scores to. Along with the schools, it let you pick a department. However, I guess they were outdated because "Physician Assistant" wasn't listed on any of them. (It was a generic list ranging from Engineering, Environmental Sciences, etc.) But when you go to schools' websites, it says "enter code XXXX" to send your scores there. There was nothing like this on my GRE database.

I ended up just sending my scores to the school, in the "general" category. So my scores were sent to the school. From this point, is it possible to have the school forward it to the appropriate department? Or am I out of luck and need to pay to have them sent specifically to one department?


Oh, and bonus: I heard that the song "Here's To The Night" by Eve 6 is about a one-night stand. Is this true?
waiting to sing

anti-anxiety question

Years ago I took Kava Kava for anxiety issues and it worked quite well. I stopped taking it for some reason I can't really remember now. Anyway, about a year ago my doctor prescribed Wellbutrin for anxiety and it worked wonderfully, but I developed side effects that the doctor said I couldn't live with (chest pains, shortness of breath). So, I asked him if I could take Kava Kava again. He said no because he heard it messed with your liver.

I can't find any info dated later than 2002 about this. Does anyone out there know about any newer info relating to Kava and the liver?
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If they made a new Jelly Belly flavor, which of these would you most like to see made?

White Castle
Sweet potato
Fudge brownie
Caramel machiato
Bloody mary
Pumpkin pie
Mint Oreo
Marlboro Reds

You're at a karoake bar and you HAVE to sing. Unfortunately, there's only 15 choices. Which of these would you sing?

My heart will go on - Celine Dion
Crazy - Aerosmith
I'm too sexy - Right Said Fred
You outta know - Alannis Morissette
My humps - BEP
Sexual healing - Marvin Gaye
Rock this town - Stray Cats
Bullets with butterfly wings - Smashing Pumpkins
Criminal - Fiona Apple
Smooth criminal - Michael Jackson
Mmbop - Hanson
Baby got back - Sir Mix a lot
Sexyback - JT
Oops, I did it again - Britney Spears
Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley

In some bizarre turn of events, Hugh Hefner and all of his immediate kin die in some boating accident (God forbid). Turns out, in some truly ridiculous geneological twist, you're a distant relative of Hugh and you inherit the Playboy mansion, the magazine and the whole shebang. What do you do with it?

Keep the magazine and things going as it's going now, making just a few minor changes. Sell the mansion
Same as above, except I keep the mansion the way it is and party it up like Hugh would have wanted
Sell everything. I wouldn't care for any of that stuff. Eww
Let someone else run the magazine while I spend all my time at the mansion
Nothing. I want no part of any of it. It goes against my principles and I don't want to profit from it
I'd do everything in my power to become more like Hugh, even to the point of going everywhere in a silk robe

For $5,000,000, would you be willing to lose 12 inches from your total height?


speakers for iPod

I'm moving to a job where I'm going to be in a cubicle that's pretty private, so I'm shopping for iPod speakers. Do you have a speaker docking system for your iPod? What kind? How do you like it?

I'm kinda looking at JBL and Creative products right now. One requirement for me is to be able to keep the case on when on the speaker dock.

Feeling Proud/Fate

Edited because I sounded (I swear unintentionally) like a conceited bitch. My apologies.

What have you done that you're proud of? Do you ever feel like you were 'fated' to do it?

 Two years ago, I started off a forum, for writers, artists, musicians, actors and creative people in general. (we're mainly between 16 and 30, but there are 13 year old members, right up to 60 year old members) I thought it could be 'helpful'. It's two years old today, and I'm feeling just *so* proud. It's brought new friends together, helped out a lot of people with creativity, with real life problems, homework, and with celebrating the good times. I honestly don't know how I would have survived the past two years without it. It's not a perfect forum. It's only got 400 members in total. But I love it anyway.

And it's making me think... at the time, it was a 'crazy' random idea that I came up with, and did almost on the spur of the moment. Just a sudden amazing urge to do it. (I thought about it for about two days). What if I hadn't done it? Or was it just a natural thing for me to have done based on my previous experiences? I'd made yahoo groups and been moderators of other forums before... I really am wondering where I'd be now, where the other members of the forum would be now, if we hadn't had the forum... And then I think... would we just have found substitutes for it because it was something we needed? I don't really believe in Fate, but... I don't know. Something about it seems... I'm not really sure how to describe it.

What have you done that has made you feel proud and you can't believe you were the one to start it off? What about things that you are horrified to think about what would have happened if you hadn't done what you did? Have you ever just suddenly had an urge to do something, and it turned out fantastically?

phone question

Hey everyone,

Cell phone question here. Which provider offers the "domestic partner/spouse" plan where you can call one other person for cheap/free?

I hope it's not T-mobile or Cingular, my boyfriend and I dislike their services.

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One of my best friends is going to study abroad for a year in China! I'm so proud of her (she opted to go to a state university in our hometown so she could save her parents money; they're not financially well off) plus she's getting a scholarship with it!!

Can you think of any gift I can give her that will help her transition in China or something she'll find useful? To help, she's Chinese and is pretty fluent in their customs and language already.

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Why must dorms have such craptastic washers and dryers?

I mean, I shouldn't really complain since we only have to pay for hot wash, and even then, there's a machine that does free hot wash too.

But honestly. :P

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American Idol time!

1. i used to hate AI, but now i'm strangely addicted to it, despite only watching it this season. why is that? what the hell is so intriguing about watching people sing?

2. this season: favorites? least favorites? people that got kicked off that shouldn't have? vice versa?

3. fave past season and fave contestant? did you buy their album if they had one?

4. what is your opinion on the whole Sanjaya thing? are you surprised that Chris was in the bottom 3 instead of Sanjaya this week?

5. is Ryan Seacrest gay?

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Sorry for posting twice within a few hours, but I decided to ask this here, after contemplating it for a while.

I submitted a short story to a magazine's fiction contest last year, the dealine being December. In the instructions, which were printed in the issue featuring last year's winner, it said that "the winners will be notified by mail in 2007" (not specifying a month) and for a list of the winners "send a SASE after March 15."

Now, I sent the envelope but have received no list. They haven't released anything in regards to the contest on either their website or in any recent issues, it already being April, and last year the winning story was featured in the June issue, which is released in May.

What I'm wondering is -- what should I do? Keep waiting? Send another SASE for a list request?

Which one?

So..I figured out what my husband is planning on getting me for my birthday....it is a digital camera. The doof was silly enough to look at them on my computer and he didn't delete the history.

So...which one is better?

Cannon Power Shot

Casio http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Casio-EX-Z75BE-Digital-Camera-Blue/sem/rpsm/oid/175903/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do

Kodak Easy Share http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Kodak-EasyShare-C703-Digital-Camera-Silver/sem/rpsm/oid/169193/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do

And another unrelated question..

The sump pump went out in my basement today. So...I had a nice little flood. Thankfully nothing was ruined.

What's something crappy that's happened to you lately?

Edit: Links should work now.

Another Edit: I just checked my e-mail and I thought about adding this.

For those of you who use freecycle, when offering an item, have you had people pretty much demand that you give whatever you are offering to them? Or people who "assume" you haven't had any responses so they just assume that the item will go to them? Do they keep bugging you after you've posted that the item is gone?
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Have any of you upgraded to Windows Vista Home Basic? I got a free upgrade with the computer I purchased in November and the software just came in the mail today... I'm just curious how other people are liking it so far and if I should go ahead and upgrade now, or if there are still too many bugs...

Nas tickets

Anyone in, or near, Detroit.. interested in buying some cheap Nas tickets?  I am unable to go due to changes in my work schedule.  This Thursday, State Theatre, 6PM.  2 Mezzanine seats next to each other.

Semi-formal attire

I'm going to an event in an hour, and it requires semi-formal attire.

Does this mean I have to wear a dress or can I wear a skirt and a nice top? 

No jokes about me not being a female.

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Has anyone ever gotten their jacket relined?
I'm wondering what the cost range is, or what is typical.

My jacket is an almost full-length wool jacket, and the inside is ripped to shreds. It was expensive in the first place (and I got it on sale X_X) and I'm completely in love with it. My mom thinks I'm silly for wanting it fixed >_<

taxes and the lottery

I got into an argument at work about winning whether one should go for the lump sum or the 20-year annual installments if you won a lottery prize worth like $60 million or whatever that recent Mega Millions thing was.

I said I'd got with the installments, since the lump some is less money total. They said the lump sum would be more because you'd be paying more taxes with the annual payouts. That doesn't make any sense to me. Can anyone explain it?
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dr. facilier

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Have you filed your taxes yet? Are you getting a refund? If so, how much ( If you want to share. Don't have to.)?

Am I an asshole?

We did ours last week. We're getting about 1400 back.

I don't think so, but apparently someone else does! lol.


1. What kind of grades did you get in high school?

2. What have those grades affected (good or bad)?

3. How many colleges did you apply to? (Feel free to say which ones)

4. How many did you get into?

5. Which one(s)?
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Inspired by this news story.

Should a teen mother be allowed to miss school in order to care for her child, and not be penalized for those absences, provided she keeps her grades up?

EDIT: Eff, I didn't realize this had been posted yesterday. I fail at LJ Seek and should have just gone through yesterday's posts. I'll leave it up, though, in case anyone still cares to discuss it.
Zach Braff

Hello friends

1. Every year, for the past four years, I've been going to Manhattan to celebrate my birthday. I always manage to find some cool restaurant to go to and I'm at a loss of where to go this year. Nothing looks that good. So what are some really unique restaurants in NYC? I'm interested more in the experience than the food and I've already been to Mars 2112 and The Jekyll and Hyde Club.

2. How in do auctioneers talk so fast?

3. Do you have a really weird mixed breed dog? My parents bought me a dog last year for my birthday that cost $2000(their problem, not mine haha) I have a Miniature Goldendoodle-it's a cross between a Miniature Poodle and Golden Retriever.

EDIT: I know you hate these lol But I want a new digital camera for my birthday and decided on a Canon Powershot. I know it comes in different models(630, 750, 1000, etc etc), but does it matter which one I ask for? Is one better than the other? Any opinions?
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Fucking Jeremy Sisto, Friends with benefits, Ears, Exercise, and Edward Norton.

1 Does anybody else get Jeremy Sisto singing that song in the scene from Clueless stuck in their head all the fucking time?

2 Have you ever had sex with a friend? If so, how did things turn out?

3 Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to-and-fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow? If they don't, do you know anybody whose ears do?

4 Do you have some sort of exercise regimen? If so, what is it like?

5 Also, perfect dress to see Edward Norton in tonight, y/y?

From a comment in an earlier post

1. What do you think of employers checking prospective employees' Facebooks, MySpaces, and other bloggy things when hiring? (I mean for jobs that, historically, have not required thorough background checks.)

Edit: 2. Does your online stuff give an accurate impression of you? Does it give a hire-worthy impression of you? Is it set to "private" or something similar?

3. Let's say you have a candidate who has the right qualifications and good professional references. What would you have to find on their online stuff to refuse to hire them?

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I want to yell at someone

My brother just called me to yell at me for not recording some shitty documentary for him last week. I did record it and I gave him the video tape yesterday. Why the hell would I give him a tape if I didn't actually record it?! His anger has now become my anger and I want to yell at someone. Why do you want to yell at someone?

Anyone else hate the word 'yell'?

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So me & my bro were watching some Family Guy, the episode where Peter & co. get stranded on an island and to entertain themselves they play would you rather. Peter asks "would you rather be black or a cripple?"
Bro says "That's dumb, being black is like being socially crippled," and inspires this question.
What's the most ridiculous thing anyone has said to you recently?
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If you knew that a store near you was selling 4 Wii units tomorrow when they open at 7am, what time would you get there to make sure you get one?

Oh, and if it makes a difference, they advertised the Wiis in their circular this week and the people at the store said people have been calling to confirm that they'll have them all week long...

(no subject)

1. Have you ever written to an advice column? Which one? Did you get an answer?

2. If someone committed murder at the age of, say, 13, and the murder was solved years later, at age 30 or so, would they be charged? Would they be tried as an adult? For the sake of clarity, I'm thinking American law.

3. Has anyone here been legally adopted as an adult? Do you feel like sharing your circumstances?

Edited to fix wording fail in #1.

(no subject)

1) If you had to lose both arms or both legs, which would you lose?
2) If you had to lose your ability to hear or see, which would you lose?
3) If you could save ONE cause that is important to you (save the rainforest, end world hunger, etc.) in return for giving up sex for life, would you do it? It would solve the problem entirely, without any backfire-y consequences (no more cutting down rainforests, no more hungry people, whatever).
4) If you could have any job in the world and not have to worry about money, what job would you take?

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I have to put citations in for my thesis that is due monday. I have lost my CMS manuel. I cant buy a new one since I have no money. I googled but I couldnt find anything that will help me but I also suck at googling.

Do any of you have links of somewhere Online that will tell me how to do CMS? I need Bibliography and footnote information for books, articles, archives, email, interviews, etc.

peace out sprint?

For those of you with T-Mobile (and a Sidekick), would you say that you have good service? Good signal, no dropped calls, good internet connection...?

Tell me what you like and what you hate about the phone/service.

:) thanks!


I lost the remote control to my DVD player.  My DVD playter is an obscure brand and my friend doesn't think I can buy and program a new remote.  Is this true or are there truly universal remote controls out there that may work with my player?
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re: another post, what accents do you hate?
southern, boston/eastern ma

What words drive you crazy in an accent or people just don't pronounce correctly?
I hate when people say withdraweral instead of withdrawal. Idear instead of idea. Axe instead of ask..
HP-Dumbledore-the original!

An Internet Question

Does anyone have CABLE internet?

Did you have to provide your own cable modem?

If you did, did the company take off for you have one already?

Is it expensive?

Is it really that fast?

dw-- is curious because I'm getting new service when I move monday, and I want to know what is best.
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


1. I had to get rid of my old tv cause it died on me. So my mom's friend let us borrow her old Samsung tv until we got a new one. I set it up, attached the cable and it won't turn on. I mean...when I was plugging the wire stuff in, I heard it clicking...like when you turn on/off the tv. I know it's definitely not the cable cause when I press the cable button, the display channel shows. When I turn the tv on, nothing comes up. If I wait awhile, do you think it would work? If I called the cable company, would they know what the problem was?

Nevermind this question, the cable guy is coming on Tuesday to fix my TV.

2. What's one song you could listen to all the time and never get sick of it?

3. What does your SO do? (Job wise.) And if you don't have a SO...what does your crush or ex do?
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Me--State Fair

I'm kinda freaking out here.

This isn't a "ask Dr. LJ" question per se, but I'm kinda panicking here and I'm just curious...

My grandma went to the doctor yesterday, I believe, and they found a mass on one of her ovaries that they are biopsing on Tuesday.

Do these things usually turn out okay or not? She's 77 and been in pretty decent health, except a recent problem with hearing, but otherwise, she's been healthy as a horse.

I know there's no concrete answer until Tuesday, but I just want to know what your experiences, good or bad, have been with you or loved ones "masses". I hate how vague the term "mass" is.
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Feet Pyramid

Pre-paid phones

I'm doing study abroad in Europe this summer from May 11-June 10, and I will be traveling to 7 countries. I was wondering if anyone could help me with pre-paid phone service there. I want to be able to call country to country while I'm in Europe as well as back to the United States from time to time. Any suggestions for cheap rates, where to get them, etc?

Thanks --
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what would be something to cook my very work-weary boyfriend? I have to travel by bus to get to his place :0

I have lots of vegetables, fruit, three eggs and many spices.. some turkey, cheese, milk....

Help... please?

I recently bought a new computer equipped with windows vista. I have no problems with it at all. Just one strange thing that I don't think has anything to do with vista but still. When I go on to the internet and try to access my deadjournal, it gives me this.

This program cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.
There might be a typing error in the address.

What you can try:
Check your Internet connection. Try visiting another website to make sure you are connected.

Retype the address.

Go back to the previous page.

More information

This problem can be caused by a variety of issues, including:

Internet connectivity has been lost.
The website is temporarily unavailable.
The Domain Name Server (DNS) is not reachable.
The Domain Name Server (DNS) does not have a listing for the website's domain.

I can update my journal no problem but I can't do anything else without getting this message. I've tried aol, firefox, crazybrowser and IE and nothing works. Anyone know how to fix this before I lose my mind?
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(no subject)

What is your average amount of comments posted by you PER MONTH?
What is your average amount of comments RECEIVED per month?

You can get it by dividing your total number of comments (found in your profile's extended view) divided by how many months (estimate) you've had your LJ.

Posted: 1500 per month
Received: 1163

Brekkie Time

What do you usually have for breakfast?

What is your favourite thing to have for breakfast as a treat?


I usually have scrambled eggs or rice noodles and a drink of milk or chocolate milk.

My special treat would be Eggs Benedict or french toast.
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Bad Taste

For the past week or so I've had this awful taste in my mouth. No matter how much I brush my teeth, use mouthwash, or have a few mints... it's still there!
I haven't started any new medications. My diet is basically the same except I am eating less now.

I otherwise feel fine.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Or at least how to stop it?

(no subject)

1. Do you take the sticky price tags off your
a. pens
b. books
c. any other things

2. If you take them off, do you do a thorough job? Do you really make sure the sticky area becomes non-sticky?

3. What do you do to cheer up? I am feeling extremely disappointed.

wedding guests

so i'm planning a wedding.
it'll be small because 1) i only want my family and close friends to be there, not a shitload of my acquaintances. 2) price considerations

so there's this guy. he's nice and everything. when we hang out he's fun and i don't mind being around him. but we're not close friends. also up for consideration is that he just got me a job with a very nice financial company.

anyway. he knows about the wedding, that i'm planning it, that it'll be sometime around june, etc. and he expects to be invited.

now a lot of people expect to be invited to this wedding.. i guess because i've been blabbering about it.. because i'm excited. and i was actually planning to have like two weddings.. one for close friends and family, and another just in the park with a whole bunch of my friends and people i know...

so what should i do? what would you do if you didn't have a lot of money for the wedding and wanted it to be special and personal, without hundreds of people you generally hang out with? how would you tell people whom you sorta owe a favor that .. it's for close friends, and they're not a part of that group (i don't know if he thinks he is.. but at some points we hung out a lot. he's slept over my place, we went skiing together, etc.)

hah.. and i do hope that not EVERYONE in the world reads tqc...

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Ever had a secret relashionship with someone? how did you keep it secret?
Gone out/dated someone from a diffrent religion or culture and did it work out?

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I went to Lush today and bought a bunch of things. So now I really want to take a bath later. I'm going to use one of the following products but I can't decide which. Which one should I pick?

Edit: I used the Golden Slumbers one and it was rank. 2 minutes after it stopped fizzing I had to take a shower. The things that came out of it were the worst; I'm not looking forward to picking them out of the tub later.

So hmm....

Say you were about to meet/date a guy/girl for the first time. What are 10 questions you would ask them? Ignore the fact that they would feel like they were being interviewed, what would you really want to know about them? You would know that they were being 100% honest.

Have you ever been able to remain friends with an ex?
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If you're a heavy sleeper, or were once upon a time, what were some of the craziest things that you have slept through?

For me, I've slept through numerous earthquakes that have knocked many things over. I'd wake up, and be like, "what the fuck, why are all the picture frames on the wall crooked, why is shit all my shit knocked down? WTF" kinda thing.

The other when I was little and shared a bunk bed with my step brother. I slept on the top part of the bunk, and one day I woke up sleeping on the floor. My step brother said it was the funniest thing that he has ever seen. Apparently I fell, fumbled around a bit in my sleep, and just fell right back to sleep.