April 13th, 2007


just curious

In general, do you think males are more capable of seperating sex and emotions? Do you believe the idea that men need to "spread their seed" and are biologically less likely to be monogamous? (or is this just an excuse to disguise the fact that they're all dirty cheaters out for all they can score!?)

I'm not too computer savvy.

What are some things inside of a pcu that could become loose or fall out of place due to moving the computer?
If you could just name some things that'd be great, I'll google them and find out what and where they are.
The problem: My cpu isn't sending signals to the monitor. I made sure it wasn't the monitor that wasn't working. I made sure the pci video card was in correctly and even tried other video cards to see if that was it but no luck. It's only a couple years old, has Windows XP and all, if that makes any difference. Thanks!

Dumb moment here....

What's the name of that website where you can make your PC like a Mac???  I know this gets asked all the time, but my brain's not working enough for me to think of it.....  :( 

(And my Google-fu has gone down the toilet along with the supper.....)

Please help, oh wonderful TQC.....
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(no subject)

1. I'm expecting a FedEx package and I have absulotely no idea what's in it. So, while looking for clues, the tracking information says 'Reference 340: watermark'. Do you have any clue what that means?

2. So, this package is for some contest I decided to enter that was set up by Queens of the Stone Age. No one's telling us what's in the packages. It's half a pound, according to FedEx. What do you think it is? Creative answers are totally acceptable.

3. Estimated delivery time is at 10:30 am tomorrow. The package just left LA at 8:05pm tonight. It's priority shipping. Do you think it'll get here at 10:30 tomorrow? Are FedEx usually good at getting things to you on time? Have they ever broken things you've mailed in packages? Baisically, should I trust these FedEx people, or will they do terrible things to my package?

Edit: 4. Since I'm paranoid about things like this normally, I wrote down my name as 'Megan Elizabeth' on the online contest form. Which is my first and middle name, but I didn't include my last name. So when the delivery person finds out my last name isn't Elizabeth, will they be like NO NEVERMIND WE'RE TAKING IT BACK?
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(no subject)

How do you fix:

a) premature ejaculation?
b) erectile dysfunction?

How do you tell someone you know (preferably subtly) about said solutions?

I know b) can indicate heart problems, and I'm worried for the poor thing. But... it's not even first-hand knowledge... their ex-gf told me :(

EDIT: a) & b) are different people btw

c) What is a BMT (sandwich wise)?
d) What are the statistics on hitch-hikers killing drivers? Is it all a conspiracy to keep the non-car-owners down? Have YOU ever been killed by a hitchhiker?
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Since there seems to be a music theme tonight...

What are some good "mellow acoustic guitar and a voice" songs? Like Girl From the North Country and Blowin' In The Wind by Bob Dylan, all of Iron & Wine's, Between the Bars by Elliott Smith, Mirah's quieter stuff like Archipelago, most of Damien Rice, some Belle & Sebastian, etc.? There has to be more acoustic-y artists out there. Specific songs earn you bonus points and e-head. :)
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(no subject)

I'm going to move beyond my usual answering of questions to ask one...

How do I go about making animated graphics out of Flash movies (or from DVD clips, for that matter)?

I ask because I got a rather funny e-card the other day, and a part of it would make for a great userpic.

EDIT: I was able to get what I wanted out of the e-card, as you can see in my userpic for the post. Thanks for the pointer!

(no subject)

Long distance relationships:
1. Do you think they can work?
2. How far is too far?
3. Details if you are in one right now or have been in one.
4. General comments about them if not included in the questions =)

south park

(no subject)

1) What was the last thing you discovered?
Tonight I discovered American Gladiator.  Funniest thing EVER.

2) What was the most ridiculously mushy thing you've overheard a couple say in public?
Two things: Two kids outside of a store a few days ago, they're like 15 years old and the guy goes, "Oh baaaaby, this is where I asked you out just last week!"
   Then last night I was in a store, where a girl goes "Oh my goodness, Fruit Rollups!  Remember Fruit Rollups? I love Fruit Rollups!!" and the guy just looks at her and goes "I love you!" and they start making out.  It was nauseating.

3) What's your daily routine every morning?
....I don't even get up in the morning anymore.


(no subject)

Today I went to a taping of The Colbert Report and got to meet one of my favorite people ever (Paul Dinello)!! I got a picture with him and he signed my copy of Wigfield (therefore completing the Trifecta of Awesomeness).

What was the best thing that's happened to you in the past 24 hours??
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UFC question......!

Was watching Spike TV and some UFC program came along..then I decided to look up YouTube to see if I could find the actual fight of Serra vs GSP...of course not, licensing trouble. But I did read some of the comments and every one of them had George St. Pierre winning easily over Matt Serra. So...uh...after Serra won(and I laughed, knowing it'd happen that way)...2 questions arose: 1. Am i the only person that truly believed Serra would beat GSP for the welterweight title? and 2a. Do you think Serra will have what it takes to hold on to the title and for how long? 2b. If not, who will have the title in your opinion?
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word can help write your suicide note
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(no subject)

Okay, first, read this story (edit: or don't, whatfuckingever) posted over at Fark about a Geek Squad employee who apparently set up his cameraphone at a customer's home to video the daughter showering. The family is suing Geek Squad.

While its theoretically possible that a cameraphone can be upgraded with enough memory to record lengthy video (albeit with presumably crap resolution), and the OS modified or hacked so it won't go off to sleep like most phones do (assuming this one also does), the thing that piqued my curiosity here was that the daughter claimed the phone had "a blinking red light", you know, indicating it was recording.

I'm just wondering, what model of cameraphone has a blinking red light to indicate video recording? Also, if you were to go through all that trouble and risk to video some chick in the shower with a cameraphone, wouldn't you tape over the "blinking red light?"

I don't really have an opinion or care whether the dude's a pervert, whether Geek Squad sucks, or whether the women are innocent victims or out to sue for as much money as they can get, so don't bother sharing your opinion on those areas. I'm just really wondering about the cellphone with the red blinking light like some old school 90s videocamera with videotape and whatnot.

This stupid post was brought to you by boredom and caffeine.
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(no subject)

Has anyone here had sinus surgery? Or know someone who has? You know, where they scrape out your sinus cavities in a way too all reminiscent of the extraction of brains from Egyptian mummies.

If so, what symptoms did you have before the surgery and did the surgery alleviate them? I'm especially interested in knowing if it helped alleviate sinus headaches.


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(no subject)

Foreign language film.

Young man who has clairvoyant abilities. Has a wall of photos that move when he looks at them.

Tries to get a young woman away from the gang she is with. The gang are ayahuasca dealers, and do crazy ritual sacrifices.

Anyone know what it is?

(no subject)

So my friend had a baby in February and I bought him a little stuffed bear and her a picture album. Well, I suck at sending things by mail and its still sitting in my room. She's moving back to Illinois in June.

Should I wait and give it to her when she moves back or try to get my ass to remember to go to the post office on Monday?(The only time I am off work when a post office is open)

(no subject)

1. Would anyone be nice enough to
a. Take a high quality, 1 - 2 second video of them snapping their fingers or
b. Take as many high quality, clear photos of your hand, snapping your fingers, all in one sitting. Only fingers, against a black background:

My camera sucks, my video sucks, I don't know what to do. Please help!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Please :D

(no subject)

I know this will end with no good, and she's... I guess the word could be flaky, and she's already fucking around with this guy who she knows is no good and he probably has diseases and he's the kind of guy who does not just have low standards, but really no standards at all, but she's one of my best friends and I see her all the time and I know she in some way likes me.

My question is, how do I get over her? How do I stop caring whether I'm good enough for her or not? Because time and time again, it's proved to be that I'm not and it hurts so much every time.


What race do you see Jesus as in your mind? Like when he just crosses your mind or you hear his name, what physical picture do you automatically see? If you don't mind saying, do you see him as the same race as you?

I can't help seeing him as a white guy with green eyes and long brown hair because that's the image I grew up with.
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(no subject)

1) uh-oh, a greys anatomy question! in last night's recap, there was a scene where Bailey and Derek are in the elevator, and Bailey stops the elevator so that Derek can compose himself. What was he upset about? I can't remember what it's about and it's driving me crazy-- I definitely think it's older than the Meridith drowning saga, though.

2) Help me, Dr. TQC! I recently had a full blood panel done to rule out hypothyroidism as I exhibit many of its symptoms. My blood work came back clean-- so what else could be causing my hair to fall out (nothing major, but definitely more than normal), my extreme fatigue, and dry skin? (Obviously I'm going back to my doctor to discuss this with her, but in the meantime I thought I'd ask the all-knowing internets.)

3) best new song that you've heard recently?
Sissy Fight
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Dog Foods

Positive that this question has been asked many times over, but... 

What is the best dog food to feed my dogs?  

Please keep in mind that I have a miniature Pinscher ( Over a year old ) and a Miniature American Eskimo ( Under 6 months old ) and they will both be eating the same food. So a high quality puppy chow with a high protein percentage, and low fiber percentage would be preffered. 


Annnnd. Caribou Coffee, Starbucks, or Dunn Bros?

Pink whites.

1. Do vegetarians ever get on your nerves because they have to have everything special made? And V's, do meat eaters ever get on your nerves?

2. Would you rather contract herpes (the kind that infects the genitals people) or be allergic to every food except chicken?

3. Would you rather be tired all the time or have a cough all the time?

4. Do shy people that are afraid of everything get on your nerves - or assertive people who go for it? (Can we just pretend like this is a reasonable conversation - I don't actually mean AFRAID OF EVERYTHING, but you know the type. The type who pansies and pussies and whimpers and whines because they just can't take control of their lives and situations.)

5. Would you rather be raised sheltered/pampered and then be a bit whiney as an adult? Or would you rather grow up unnurtured and pretty much on your own to tough it out and learn how to do it on your own from a very young age?

6. Care to share a picture of where you live (your neighborhood)?


Imagine your country is in a civil war:

1) What are the 2 (or possibly more) sides? Note: I am thinking geographically but feel free to interpret it however.

2) What is the conflict about?

3) Which outside countries are backing each side?

4) Which side are you on?

5) How does it turn out?
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Shipping items?

I just sold my Sidekick 2, and I've never really sold anything before, so I want to make sure both the person who bought it and myself are protected.
I know I should add delivery confirmation and insurance and keep a receipt of shipping and the services I added. Is there anything else that I should add onto the shipping? Like a signature on delivery, etc?
I just want to make sure the buyer gets it and that it's in great condition like it was when it left my hands.
Also, do any of you know/could guess what the best way to package it would be? I don't think I have the original box anymore, so that's kinda out of the question. Should I ship it in a box filled with those styrofoam peanuts (I think that's what they're called, haha) or in something else? If I don't have any screen protectors, should I just put it in a plastic ziplock bag to make sure the screen and body don't get scratched?
TIA :)

(no subject)

1. While watching American Chopper last night, I noticed Paul Sr. says "idear" instead of "idea." This is not the only time I've heard this. Do you know anyone who says "idear"? And where did they get the R from?

2. Have you seen Team America: World Police? Are you American?

3. Cheez Whiz on scrambled eggs. Gross or yum?

4. Do you know anyone who shortens the word breakfast to "breaky" (pronounced like Becky, but with an R in there)? I thought it was just my crazy family, but have heard a handful of other people use this term lately.

(no subject)

Can anyone tell me what song is playing in the background of this video?

Edit: Wow, I feel dumb. I thought I recognized the song, but only because I had to watch the music vid recently to compare to the Alanis parody. Thanks guys! :)

(no subject)

My friends and I just bought a big, beautiful house that is ours this May, but I'm not moving in until September. This means that I have the summer to decorate. My room is SUPER big, and right now has these ugly dark blue walls that need to be covered. As well, I'm buying a new bed, so I'll be buying a new blanket and sheets and such. The floor is a light wood... I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's more gold than brown.

So, what colour do I paint the walls? What colour should my bed stuff be? I'm thinking I want something earthy, but not just a boring old beige room. I have big windows, so dark colours are ok too. And I'll need to coordinate with a desk and furniture and.... you get the point. Any ideas?
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(no subject)

How do you think people would react if the internet died? What would people do if cellphones and all the technology we rely on just stopped working forever? How would you react?
[dance] pink side to side


Why HAS the US taken it upon themselves to be the police of the whole world? I've always wondered that... Well, not 'always', just ever since the latest pile of attacks on the universe.
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(no subject)

In your personal opinion, what are or what are the best way to describe "New York eyes" and "Chicago thighs"...? I like the idea of the cities as their own adjectives, but have so many different ideas of what they could look like (especially since I've never been to Chicago and know next to nothing about it). What do you guys think?

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(no subject)

So here's some questions about hair since I just got like 7 inches cut off of mine.
Doesn't matter your gender to answer... come on girls you know you check out other girls' hair...

1. Do you like long hair or short hair better on girls?
2. Past what point does hair have to be considered "long" for girls?
3. Do you think long hair or short hair is sexier?
4. Does a girl look older if they have long hair or short hair?
5. Do 3 & 4 just depend on the person?
6. Whose hair do you wish you had? (unless you are one of those lucky individuals who is happy with their own)
on and on and on

par avion

can i send an airmail envelope in the mail if it's NOT going overseas? it is traveling by air (over the 400 miles) but it is domestic. do i still have to pay airmail rates, or can this envelope just be an envelope?

(no subject)

1)What is it that makes blue(bleu) cheese dressing taste so good? It can't possibly be the cheese because I swear every time I eat the cheese I want to barf.
2)What are some kind of oddball things you like to put together on a sandwich?
3)Where do you put your keys when you walk in the door?
4)Do you prefer your shark fins buttered or unbuttered?

Tipping at the Salon

I got my hair cut 2 weeks ago and my stylist said that if I needed anything fixed to give her a call and come in. I'm wondering if I need to tip her again? I gave her a really good tip after she cut my hair, but I'm unsure now. What should I do? Thanks!


My personal TWO YEAR dry spell ended last night! I am sure you all care about this, because this is the internet and it is serious business.

Anyway, I got a compliment last night that has left me smiling all day today. Evidently I haven't lost all my mad skillz.

Have you ever received a compliment that leaves you feeling silly and with a goofy grin on your face?

Your BJ skillz: awesome, average, omg don't bite?

Your longest dry spell? On purpose or not?

Anyone else amazed that I have managed to make this post without using the "s" word?

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dog day afternoon

A beautiful german shepherd showed up on my property yesterday.  It milled around, drank from the pond, but really seemed like she wasn't sure where to go.  This morning I opened the front door and there she was, asking for admittance.  I let her in so I could read her tags, found a phone number (from a different state) and called.  

The people had to travel quite a distance (a couple hours) and I had to care for her until they got here, so I grew fond of her.  They told me they had given the dog to someone who lived in my state, with the warning that should he change his mind about the dog ~ to let them know.  It was their opinion that the scoundrel had either lost the dog or abandoned her.

My question is, should I still be worrying about this dog?  =<
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(no subject)

I'm thinking about buying Adobe Photoshop to do editing on pictures that I take. I'm a pretty amateur photographer but I do love to take photos and try to get them to look somewhat professional. So, I was looking at the Adobe Photoshop website and saw how it has Adobe Photoshop Elements for Amateur photographers. Has anyone used this before? I currently am using iPhoto for Macs to do my editing. Does this have a lot more features than iPhoto? I've took the "tour" on the website but it didn't detail all the editing it could do.

Would this be worth it to buy? Or would I want to do the next step up the Photoshop CS3? I also don't want to struggle a lot to learn how to use the features. And I've heard it can be hard to learn.. is that true? Anything else to recommend to be able to edit photos?

Stupid Drunk

(no subject)

When random people you don't know call you your short name (given that your name isn't short to begin with) does that ever bother you?

For instance, my name is Travis. If I'm at work, and some random customer calls me Trav or Travy, I'm usually taken aback a little bit and like, "who the fuck are you?"

My friends and family can call me Trav or Travy as I find it endearing, but if someone else does, I take note of it.
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training language skills

I'm studing English and Italian, and now want to find a penfriends for training my language skills. Can anyone advice me, where i can do it in Internet? I've looked for them, and found a lot of sites, but every site is for seeking lovers and partners!!! Every! There's nothing about penfriendship!

Maybe you know such site or special place, don't you?
bjork 2
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(no subject)

1. HEY, I'M BACK!! Did you miss me? Har har har.

(Kidding... Has anyone asked this recently? It's always good for an exaggerated eye-roll.)

2. Do you really pay a lot of attention to product labels when they are changed? I swear, Lipton has changed the labels on their iced teas something like three times this year, and I don't know why. All it does is make me look twice that I'm grabbing the correct thing from the cooler.


1. have you seen jesus camp?
2. if you've seen it, what're your thoughts?
3. why do fanatics scare the crap out of me?
4. what's the most wtf movie you've seen lately?
5. have you ever dropped a fresh roll of tp in the toilet? what'd you do?

Fair business practice?

This is the practice my business currently implements. It's gotten mixed reviews. So I'm asking y'all whether you think it is fair or not.

If a customer orders something and changes their mind after the order is already made up and ready to go without telling us, are we justified in not refunding them?

NOT when there's something wrong with the order
NOT when we got their information wrong
ONLY when they order something, we make it, and we don't hear from them for a week. Or we make it, get worried, call them, and they say, "Oh, I meant to cancel it but forgot."

We make perishable goods (cut fruit baskets) and there's only a 50/50 chance we can resell the average order the next day for a reduced price.

Also, AND ANSWER HONESTLY: Would you be pissed off if a business did this to you? Let's say you spent $60 on something for your friend's birthday and forgot about it. Would you demand a refund?
I understand why someone would be irked that they just blew $80 on nothing, but I don't think we should suffer for their forgetfulness/apathy. I mean, if you went to a restaurant, ordered surf n turn, and let it just sit there and get cold all evening you wouldn't expect a refund, would you?

(no subject)

Going to be learning to drive soon, do you know of any places online that would be helpful to me? Either with actually learning to drive and taking my test or doing my theory test?

(no subject)

To all of those who have worked as delivery people (specifically pizza) tell me your experiences

how old where you?
how were the tips?
did you pay for your own gas?
ever get jumped or anything?
would you say it was a decent job or would you advise against it?
any other info would be great too

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Would it be possible for me to move to India and take one of those "outsourced" call center jobs?

If you had to visit a country that's not in Europe, North America or Oceania that you've never visited before, where would you go?

(no subject)

I'm thinking of getting an algae eater to go in the same tank as my turtles: two red eared sliders (maybe two inches long each). I admittedly don't know as much about fish as I do about other kinds of animals, so what kind of algae eating fish would be able to live with two turtles safely?

Also, at what age would the size difference between genders be noticeable in red eared sliders? I read that in adulthood females are larger than males, but I've noticed that one of the turtles is larger than the other and they're not even 6 months old yet.
...for my horse

(no subject)

Ok. Say you've been working for a company for 5 years. You've just found out that over the next 3 years, your department will be cut back until it is cut out altogether. You have perhaps 2 years before you get your pink slip and severance package (amounts to about 5 months' pay).

Knowing that the end is near, do you:

A) Go back to school and keep working so that you can get a different job in 2 years?

B) Start looking for a new job now? (i.e. prepare resume, make contact with potential employers, etc.)

C) Attempt to transfer to a different department in the same company?

D) Say screw it, ride it out to the end, get your severance package and THEN worry about getting a new job?


E) do some combination of the above/something completely different? (if so, what?)
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(no subject)

hypothetically speaking: you're married to the love of your life and all of a sudden, he/she ends up passing away.. do you re-marry? would you want your SO to re-marry? does it matter if you're say.. 40 when he/she passes? what if you were close to 70?

guys: do you hate it when your gf/girl you're dating hits you with a bunch of hypothetical questions? (ie. will you still love me if i get fat?)

girls: why is it that some girls are prone to hound the guys they're dating with hypothetical questions?

Fear of Intimacy

Do you suffer from fear of intimacy?

Can you explain how you feel and what's going through your head when you're getting close to someone that causes you to freak out and run away?

Do you know what made you the way that you are?

Are you able to be affectionate and "intimate" with people you don't have deep feelings for, because you know the relationship has an end or isn't going anywhere or some other reason?

When I say "intimate", I'm not necessarily talking about sex. It can be sex, but I'm talking about emotional intimacy mostly.

Any and all thoughts on the subject are welcome. No judgment. I'm just trying to understand stuff. Thanks.

Hypo, hypo, it's off to work we igo

Two hypotheticals

1. You're working at this new job. It's technological breakthrough-level stuff, and your company is developing the first time travel machine. The way it works is, you open a portal to the past and as long as you tell the machine to hold the portal, the portal stays open for that long, up to 3 hours. You're assisting one of the techie guys, and the machine is completed during his shift. He looks around, and there's not anyone else around but you two. He then starts programming the time machine to go back in time, shortly before Hitler's birth. He admits to you that he plans on travelling back in time to push Hitler's mother down a flight of stairs while she's still carrying him, thus cancelling out WWII and the holocaust. He leaps through the portal. You notice that there's a 2 hour window before the portal closes. What do you do? Go through the portal yourself and stop him, or let him complete his goal?

2. This one's for the ladies. You're driving late at night when a car careens into yours. You both get out, and it's clear that the damage is only on your own vehicle. You figure it's about $1,500 worth of repairs needed. You're about to call 911 when the guy stops you. "Please, here me out. I've been drinking tonight, and I'm terribly sorry about the damage. This was a one-time thing. I was getting liquored up because my brother is moving to Europe and I won't see him for a good while. If you report this accident, it'll just create much annoyance on my end. I see your car is damaged. My money is all tied up right now in other things, so I can't compensate you monetarily. However, I am a gifted plastic surgeon. If you were to not get the authorities or insurance companies involved, I will give you a free boob job. Either enlargement, reduction, whatever. I'll make em just the way you like em. This service I normally charge over 6k for, and that's valued at much more than the cost of repairs. What do you say?" He shows you his medical license and his business card, vouching for his occupation. Do you take his offer, or do you get the insurance company involved to get your car fixed?

(no subject)

1)Is there anything about your job that you are REQUIRED to keep confidential? Is there anything about your job that you keep confidential just because? What?

2)What's the strangest compliment you've ever received?

3)If you've ever accidentally kicked or stepped on your pet, did you apologize to your pet?
teenage mutant ninja turtles

Financial Problems!

I overdrafted about $20 on my checkings account for Citizens Bank.
I now owe them $260 some-odd dollars because of collective overdraft fees!!

I'm in college and in no way can pay that all off.

I don't have the money, I have no credit, and no credit card.

What should I do?

Can I even get loans? or have them stop making charges to my account?

Thanks, I really appreciate any comments, because they want to add another $35 fee this up coming Monday!!

Books to Movies?

What books-turned-movies do you think followed the books best? Worst?

I was thinking about this the other day when during a sappy girl moment, I put in "the notebook" to watch. I read (and loved) the book before seeing the movie (not so much for the love story, but because of her struggle with alzheimers - it's something close to my heart) and was rather disappointed in the movie when comparing it to the book.
Mitty box

(no subject)

1) So my laptop is broken and I am sending it in to get repaired (3 weeks before the warranty runs out! woo!). What should I do with myself for a whole week while it's gone??

a)Do you like milkshakes?
b)What's your favorite flavor?
c)Favorite place to get them from?

3) What should I get from Olive Garden for my birthday dinner/dessert/alcoholic drink?

4) If you have reflux, what do you take to help it?

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(no subject)

This is kind of a weird question, but I've always wondered and I've looked on Google and in different books and never found a clear answer.

In the Holocaust, how did the Nazis know for sure if someone was Jewish? I know there are sometimes physical traits, and there were Jewish districts, but aside from that, could someone with no clear "Jewish" traits, outside of a Jewish district, easily have passed as a nonJew, or was there some sort of system for finding them?

[EDIT]: Answered. Thank yooou, your reponses were helpful. :]

music question

1) Do you listen to any radio stations that play new/current music?
2) Are they online, HD, satelite/XM, or regular ol FM?
3) Other than the radio, how do you find out about new bands & music?

One of the reasons I listen to the radio (plain ol FM) is because if I didn't I would have almost no way of hearing about any new bands or songs.
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(no subject)

Inspired by the earlier question,

I know in Schindler's List Jewish women are shown rubbing blood on their faces to try to look healthier to put some color in their cheeks. Did people (Jews) ever try to change their appearances to look more Aryan, putting bleach on their hair or something in an effort to disguise their heritage? Or would that have been a totally lost cause?
I realize it's worded awkwardly, it's a weird question, but I am curious.

Another one that's probably obvious:
Why are 'filipino' and 'Philippines' spelled differently?
I asked my history teacher today, he didn't know.

(no subject)

So, my sociology course got me thinking about things. Norms, taboos, that kind of thing.

1) Two first cousins who were raised in separate households and saw each other a few times growing up a year fall in love and start a sexual relationship. Does this gross you out? Do you consider it wrong (and from what standpoint? Moral? Scientific?) Why?

2) A ten year old girl takes a shower with her mother. Do you find this gross or wrong? Why?

3) A girl of the same age showers with her father. Do you find this gross or wrong and why?

4) Two half-siblings (let's say they have the same father) are not aware they are related and meet as adults. They become married and have children. Does this situation disgust you? If you were in a situation such as that and found out the truth, what would you do?

5) How old do you think is 'too old' for children of different genders to bathe together?

6) If you were in a store, restaurant, or some other public place and saw a woman breastfeeding, would you feel uncomfortable or offended? 

7) When you see a woman wearing clothing that shows off a certain amount of skin (maybe a pair of short and a sleeveless top that shows her midriff), do you make assumptions about her? (Such as 'Oh, she's obviously looking for attention' or 'She's probably a slut')


How I mine for fish?

I want to make omelettes for breakfast tomorrow.

Whenever I try to make them, they end up as scrambled eggs.

How do you make omelettes and do you have similar problems?

Keep in mind that eggs hate me (for those of you who may remember my boiling egg fiasco).
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(no subject)

Can someone explain cricket to me in terms as simple as possible? I tried reading the wikipedia article, but I got rather lost. There seems to be so much terminology and I can't keep up.
Rin angry

(no subject)

How do you stiffen the joints of an action figure without completely immobilizing them? I just bought a Sephiroth figure from Play Arts, and due to weak ankles he falls over at the drop of a hat... not very menacing, somehow...
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

How man vids do you have in your YouTube faves?

Who has a sexy voice?

What is/are your kink/s? Doesn't have to be actual practices, could just be something you like reading or thinking about, whatever.


I have 358.

Jeremy Irons.

Incest, teacher/student & roleplay.

(no subject)

I know a lot of people think accents are sexy... so here are some questions.

1.  Within North America, what is your favorite accent?   Southern, Boston, New Yorker, etc?

2.  What's your favorite accent outside of North America?

3.  If you're from outside North America, do you like American accents?

4.  What's your favorite word to hear, and in what accent?

Cingular Wireless

If you have an account w/Cingular, are you having any problems making calls right now?

I'm just curious - both my lines are having major issues making/receiving calls and I'm so totally not late on my bill at all! I'm calling cingular from home and have been on hold for like... 12 minutes. So I'm wondering if it's a network-wide issue?
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Alcohol questions

I am a total noob at the whole alcohol game, and I haven't been able to find any good intro guides on the web.

1) How much is in a pitcher of beer, glasses wise?
2) What is a good price for domestic or imported beer? I know this probably varies by region, but ballpark it.
3) How much is too much for domestic or imported beer?

Thanks for the help. :)

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Working for the Queen

So as you already know, even though England stopped being a full monarchy a long while ago, the queen and all the royals still continue to exist and live in a humongous castle. Within that castle there are many positions to fill, some of which involve really neat uniforms.

1. If you worked for the queen, what position would you like to have and why?

2. Would you work for the queen just to wear one of those neat uniforms? (they're cool lookin')

3. Do you know how much the attendants are paid?

4. Do you know anyone, or are you someone that works for the queen?
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(no subject)

1. What do you think about parents who put their kids in activism stuff?
Like this And this

2. What about these?

3. Lets say a girl gets pregnant, and she wants to raise the child by herself. Do you think she should have the right to?
3a. Do you think she should have the right to move away from her child's father without his consent? (lets say she just wants a change in scenery, not moving for her job or school)

4. Do you still have/use something from your childhood? What is it? Do you have a picture of it?

(no subject)

who has seen that the learning channel's documentry about the smallest people in the world or of another one called kenadie's story? has anyone ever seen a primordial dwarf? or know of anyone? theyre such amazing people.
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Cat ._.;

I know, I know, all I seem to be posting are cat questions recently. But I thought I'd ask the collective brain another one that I really don't have the answer to.

We adopted a stray from the local animal shelter, and he was really sick when we got him. With some warm food, TLC, and antibiotics, he's turned completely around and is as healthy as can be. Except for the fact that his left eye is kind of...uh, weepy. It leaks brownish dishcharge, which dries and gets matted into his fur on his nose and cheek.

The people at the animal shelter said that some cats 'just develop it as kittens,' but I've never heard of it before. Google results have been less than fruitful, as I don't even know what the condition is called.

Anybody have an idea? Is it harmful, or just ucky?
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How old does my dog look?

No, what I REALLY want to ask is - what BREED  do you think this dog is?

This is my baby I found abandoned in the woods as a puppy.  Everytime I take him somewhere (well, not EVERYTIME), people ask what breed he is and when I say a mutt, they proceed to tell me that he's probably "this" or "that".

Not that I really care.  I love him all the same.

My guess is that he's Lab and some sort of terrier.

I took him to a new new groomer this evening for a nail clip and she swore he was part Bouvier Des Flandres.  She owns a couple these dogs and she told me there's no doubt in her mind.

Ha,  I say.  I live in a small hick town where the people can barely pronounce the name of that breed, let alone own one.  (with the exception of this lone woman)

So, all knowing QuestionClub...

What do YOU think?

And to ease your curiosity about the age, he's 4 years old.

However, if I were to put some pink lipstick on him, you'd swear he was at least 7.

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Oral hygiene

How often do you floss? a few times a week

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? 2-4, 2 at the very bare minimum

Do you use mouthwash? no

This has probably been asked before. Have you ever answered it before? no
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(no subject)

1. When you're wearing a purse or bag across your body, do you wear it right shoulder to left hip, or left shoulder to right hip?

2. We're moving in two weeks and I'm mostly worried about my cat. Have you ever moved with a cat? Do you have any suggestions - especially should I move her to the new place first or last?

3. Any suggestions on making the move day as smooth as possible? We're hiring movers to do the big stuff, but we'll be helping with a lot of stuff.

4. We need to clean this apartment before we leave and we've already started. What is a place/thing that we're going to forget to clean?

5. The other day someone asked a question I think about fashion stuff. People commented about how they used to wear tank tops over regular shirts. Can you believe that it's back? Students at my school are wearing that again. I thought of you while I was at work, TQC.
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Dear TQC, Make a decision about my life for me. kthx

So I just bought paint for my room, two colors- green and gray or Bahia Grass and Dark Ash ~*~*~ I need to decide which walls I want to be which colors. I was planning all green and then one gray wall but which one?! And I have this little alcove which I'm thinking maybe I should paint that all gray too, or do the sides green and the back wall gray.

In any case please view my diagram and advise me because I cannot make decisions alone.
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1. What do you think I should do?
2. What color is your room(s)? Did you paint it that or was it like, default when you got there?
3. If you painted, how did you decide on the colors? Any regrets?
4. This is the third time I've painted this room (did it in 4th grade and then in 7th, now I'm in 10th). What does this say about me as a person?
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(no subject)

Last night was the premiere of The Amazing Race All Stars in Australia, but I missed it because I was at a friends place, and they'd have rathered to watch Casino Royale. Grr. But anyway, does anyone know where I can watch the episode online? I've looked around on youtube but haven't found any full episodes, so any help would be great!


OK, here is my question. I have a stepdaughter who is in Job Corps. She claims that they are going to terminate her out on Monday because they found THC in her urine test.
She claims that she has not smoked in 6 weeks and that the reason the THC is still detected is because she is 250 pounds.

I think she is full of shit because two weeks ago, she went back to her moms house and then disappeared for the weekend. Her mom said when she came back, she was glassy eyed.

So, TQC-ers, here is my question....

Is she full of shit and did she smoke the pot or is it possible that she is telling us the truth and because of her weight, the THC is still showing up.

This will go towards my husband and I deciding whether or not to let her come here to live with us.
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(no subject)

How do you, personally, pronounce the Lauren in Ralph Lauren? Accent on the "Lau" (like when it's a first name), or on the "ren"?

My friend told me it was with an accent on the "ren", but they say it the other way on Friends. Hmmmmm.
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How do you let go of caring about how others percieve you? Enough so you are independent of your thoughts, but not apathetic to the feelings of others. I don't want to lose my compassion. I just want to not feel pressured from myself to be a people pleaser. I want to be more objective.

Should I stop observing people's reactions?

What should I do?
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(no subject)

For those of you who work during the day (or a combo of school and work), how do you wind down at night? What's your routine?

I've started reading for hours on end, but that just keeps me up late...
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(no subject)

1. What are your feelings on classical music?

I'd love to get into it and I know, based on vague recollections of Encarta 95 (God bless it), that there are pieces I absolutely love, but trying to find them is like trying to navigate a labyrinth - I mean, they don't exactly have catchy titles for a start, and there's so much that I find pompous or risibly "jolly," if you know what I mean.

2. What are your favourite classical pieces? Bonus points if they're not pompous or risibly jolly :)

Friday night...

I'm watching "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" For those of you who watch the show, what's your favorite game/segment? I love Scenes from a Hat and Props.

Also, who's your favorite line-up? Mine's the original four guys, but the women are nice too, it makes a nice change.
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Bonjour et comment ca va?

Have you ever been to Provence, France? What area would you recommend to vacation in?

My family and I want to rent a house there for a week or two this summer. There are a crazy amount of websites out there for house rentals in France and it's rather overwhelming.

Duke Lacrosse rape case

It was found that the three lacrosse players were declared innocent. It was also revealed that the accused had reported somebody else for rape on questionable terms.

One thing that really struck me was when one of the lacrosse players said that the whole thing really opened his eyes about how lucky he was that he came from a privileged background that he was able to have the defense attorneys available to him and how so many other people don't get good representation.

What are your thoughts about this case?

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(no subject)

Are you sleepy?

How much sleep do you need in a night?

What do you wear to sleep?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night to pee?

Bonus question: Tell me a bedtime story?
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Do you think anything peanut related should be banned from schools in case someone happens to have an allergy?

Should everyone's rights be infringed upon for the rights of people who have allergies or are in poor health?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

1. Assuming you and your SO tell eachother when they have things in their teeth - do you just tell them there is something in their teeth or do you pick it out for them? Do you pick it out without telling them what you're doing and just go for it while they're talking?
2. Do you groom your SO in public? Groom as in like, fix their hair, pick pet hair off their clothes, straighten their collars, etc.
3. Is anyone else's SO's parental unit crazy? Any stories?
4. What song makes you think of your SO the most?
5. Are you flexible? If so, have you ever gotten praised during/after sex acts for how flexible you were?
6. Do you ever regret not getting mad and angry and yelling at someone, even if you know if you had done so it would have caused even more problems?
ETA: 7. If your SO or best friend or something gave you their password for something (MySpace, email, LJ, etc.) do you feel weird knowing their's but them not knowing your's? Do you feel obligated to tell them your's, then or in the future?
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A matter of Life and Death

You've been granted the ability to explode three people's heads using the power of your mind. Who's it gonna be?

My choices:
1. George W Bush
2. Bill O'Reilly
3. Fred Phellps

In their place, you are able to bring three people back to life. Who are they?

My choices:
1. Mitch Hedberg
2. River Phoneix
3. Jeff Buckley
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Novels on the brain

Does anyone else construct extremely long, detailed plotlines in your head that you keep going for months and months and continually rehash the scene in your mind until it's perfect and create really realistic characters so it's almost like a movie playing in your head and NEVER write it down but are always able to remember almost every single detail and line of dialogue in it?