April 12th, 2007



I have tons of schoolwork to do but I have no desire to do it. It's taken me all day to do one paper because I just can't stand looking at it. What do you do when you have so much stuff to do, whether it be schoolwork, or whatever, but you just don't want to do it, and you just can't find the motivation? How do you force yourself to get horrible chores done?
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i like to live on the edge

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1.) If you're on a diet, do you let other people know? Not like blatantly/randomly ie "Hey, what's up.. I'm on a diet." But more like, someone offers you a cookie, do you say, "Oh nope, I'm on a diet." Or, do you just keep it to yourself... and just say, "Oh no thank you."

2.) For the majority of your friends, is diet/weight/excersise a touchy subject? One that you usually avoid talking about. ie, "Wow, I gained so much weight." "Wow, I need to go on a diet." "I'm having a fat day." etc.
Do you watch who you make these comments to?


Where do you girls go to get your cute swimwear? Online and not outrageously priced preferably. I'm lookin at www.mollybrownswimwear.com and the swim suits are sooo cute, but so freaking expensive.

Thanks in advance!

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What were those cookies with icing called that were popular with kids in the early to mid 1990s? They were in a blue box or something and they weren't "animals." I can't recall what they were called, but they were made with sprinkled icing.
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Visuals help

I have to make a speech tomorrow and I need "visual aids" for it. I'm totally not asking you guys to do my homework before those comments start.

My speech is on the origins of the New York accent. So it's hard to come up with specific visuals on something that's about language. At first I was thinking of making little signs for each group of people and what part of the accent is attributed to them, but some of them were the same, so that seems kin of stupid.

What in the world could I use as a visual here? I'm stumped! I probably should have choose something else knowing I need a visual, but I figured I'd think of something.

Bonus question: Since it's 3:40 in the morning now, I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna have time to wash my hair in the morning. How do I make it less dirty looking without actually washing it?
south park

(no subject)

1) What is something you're really looking forward to?
2) What would be the best thing ever?
3) Are there any topics that most people think is strange or uninteresting, but is really interesting to you?
4) Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

(no subject)

1. If I am disappointed that something didn't happen, does that mean that I wanted it to?

2. What is the difference between an apartment and a condo?  I see signs for condos, and they look like regular apartment buildings to me.

3. When filling out forms, why is there usually a choice for both single and divorced?  Why does it matter if people were once married if they are not anymore?

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I'm having problems with my itunes. Recently I added a bunch of music, and afterwards it tried to "determine gapless playback information" or something. Unfortunately, it sometimes gets to certain songs (I don't know which or why these particular songs) and freezes up. So I deleted all the songs and re-added them, and canceled the "determining gapless playback information" thing before it could do many songs, and that works but every time I close the program and start it again, it starts up and always goes through a few songs before I can turn it off. If this keeps happening, it will eventually get to problem songs and freeze again (this has happened twice already).

So my question is, do any of you know a way to turn of "determining gapless playback information" so it doesn't do it automatically?

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt

In honor of Kurt Vonnegut's passing (R.I.P.)...

What is your favorite quote OR book by Kurt Vonnegut?

My favorite quote comes from Slaughter House V:

“When a Tralfamadorian sees a corpse, all he thinks is that the dead person is in a bad condition in that particular moment, but that the same person is just fine in plenty of other moments. Now, when I myself hear that somebody is dead, I simply shrug and say what the Tralfamadorians say about dead people, which is ‘So it goes’.”

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Do you like Sanrio (aka the company that blessed us with Hello Kitty and Friends)?

If not, we can still be friends, but this post really isn't intended for you.

If yes:

Who is your favorite character?

Can you tell me why they are your favorite character?

Do you have a favorite theme for that character?

Are there any characters you don't especially like?

Can you tell me why you don't really like that character?

Where do you go to shop for all your Sanrio needs?
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I bit the inside of my lip pretty hard, and it's turned into a sore that looks like a canker sore but it hasn't healed in like a week and it hurts. What can I do to make it heal faster? I put salt on it, but it just made it ooze blood and pus, and Vitamin E didn't really do anything.

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What wakes you up in the morning?

I'm starting to realize... 5 years too late.. that tea makes me get going in the morning.

Why do I always want to go back to sleep, even though I've had 7 hours of sleep? 7 hours enough is sufficient.
Give a dog a home

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1) Let's say you have facial piercings. You get hired for a job, it's good money, the hours are good, and you think you'd enjoy it and be good at it. However, they insist that you remove all visible piercings (besides ears) and cover any visible tattoos. Take the job or find another?

2) Does rehab work?

3) Do serious self-injurers post pictures of it on LJ and MySpace?

4) What is your favorite ~*~*~*~*~ThInSpIrAtIoN~*~*~*~*~~* picture?

5) How does one stage a successful hostile takeover of a community? One mod wants to remove the creator of the community for her questionable ethics. (No this is not my community, I am helping a friend).

What exercise classes should I take? xposted to my journal

I am on a quest to lose weight and get in shape. Note I am 35 year old uterine cancer survivor --ie hysto last year. So - I can't be out there going kick boxing crazy due to being over weight and totally out of shape. Please vote and comment if you would like! THANKS! Nan

Poll #965106 What exercise classes should I take?

- what should I take on Monday in the evening?

pilates with mini ball
irish step dancing
ballet stretching class

What class should I take in the evening on Wednesday?

Ballet 1 for begginers - adult only class
tap for beginners - adult only class
fencing for adults
Appraising the past - finding out what your antiques are worth. (sorry I am an antiques roadshow HO!)

What should I take on Saturday?

horshmanship/horseback riding for adults/beginners
fiddle for beginners
belly dancing
vocal 1 for beginners
flenmeco for beginners
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Allergies shots basically consists of things I'm allergic to, right?

So they're injecting that into my body so that it forces my body to get used to those allergens??

Might explain why my eye is so itchy/watery......
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite May holiday and how would you decorate a tree for it?

2. What bank do you use?

3. What was the last thing you really wanted to do but weren't able to? Why weren't you able to?

4. Do you assume that everyone you see is trying to make a statement with their clothing?

(no subject)

1) How many good friends do you have that you see/talk to on a regular basis?
2) Where did you meet most of your friends?
3) If you were to move to a completely new city where you didn't know anyone and you weren't going to school, how would you make new friends?

EDIT: Which sounds better for dinner tonight before walking around town and listening to crappy folk music: Pelmeni (Russian dumplings) or fish and chips?

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1. At what age does a single woman become a "cougar"? Does she need to be on the "prowl" for men in order to be considered a cougar?

2. If you were a woman in your mid-30s and some guy in his early twenties called you a MILF (even though you did not have kids), would you be upset? Or would you be flattered?

3. Mary is an attractive 54-year-old single woman. Her daughter, Kathy, is an attractive 35-year-old single woman. Is it weird that Mary and Kathy go out clubbing together and flirt with younger guys?

4. Lori is pregnant with Jake's child. Lori has the baby and the child looks nothing like Jake, and he becomes suspicious. In fact, Jake thinks the baby looks like his friend Geraldo! Jake insists on a paternity test and the test comes back that it is not Jake's baby, and Geraldo is a match. Lori swears she has never been with Geraldo. Is Lori automatically lying?

5. Paul and Pete are identical twin brothers. They are married to Sarah and Sandra (respectively), who are identical twin sisters. If Paul and Sarah, and Pete and Sandra, each have a child, will the children be identical?

6. How many people do you know named Mary, Kathy, Lori, Jake, Geraldo, Paul, Pete, Sandra, and Sarah?
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

(1) Do you ever make stupid mistakes when you're typing or writing?

(2) If someone posts a reply and has made a simple typo, what do you do? Point it out, ignore it, make them feel like a total idiot?

(3) At what age is it no longer acceptable to type and send emails in net-speak or to not use capitol letters and proper punctuation? (Ugh, see what I mean about stupid mistakes?)

(4) What color ink do you use to peer-edit a paper or other document (one that has been printed out)? [My red pen is nearly out of ink from editing my Boss' documents.]

More Japan Questions

1. Has anyone on here traveled to Japan alone before? How did it go?

2. Can anyone reccommend any hostels in Japan? (Particularly in Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Shikoku)

Also, is anyone else having trouble getting to hotmail right now?


I had so much fun yesterday. Here is another poll.

When is the last time you threw up?

1-7 days ago
2 weeks ago, give or take
1 month ago, give or take.
Last year sometime.
1-5 years ago
I never throw up.
Today but not because of your post.

Okay, now how bad is throwing up for you?

I love it, it keeps me a size 2.
Duh, barfing it up makes you feel better so go with it.
I only throw up when I'm drunk and can't remember.
I hate it but do it out of necessity.
I prefer to be nauseous and not move all day than throwing up.

Choose one:

Throw up
Upchuck (this made me nauseous just typing it out, lol)
Blow chucks
Tossing cookies
Praying to the porcelain god/dess
One of these

Why did you throw up last time?

I was sooooo drunk
Food poisoning
Swimsuit season approacheth!
A dare.
Motion sickness
Reaction to someone else throwing up
I ran out of ideas, put it in a comment.

What was the WORST thing you've ever thrown up?

So, after all these questions, are you feeling a little queasy?

Yes, to be honest

What's for lunch?!


(no subject)

I have to create a banner ad for a client of mine. The problem is, I don't have photoshop. I do, however, have pagemaker and publisher. I need to include a logo in the ad.

Am I basically screwed? Help, please?

ETA: It doesn't need to have animation/flash/anything like that...just a logo and information.

(no subject)

  1. Why do guys get over girls soo quickly?
  2. How can i find a election related job doing webdesign/design graphics for the 2008 elections/caucuses in des moines, iowa? Is it too early to start looking when I know I can't move till next january?
  3. What is the background picure on your cell? mine is: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
  4. Anything Funny happen to you today?

(no subject)

So I'm sitting here at Work For The Dole (which is pretty much 'work for your welfare cheque' for the non-Aussies). My work consists of sitting on the internet for 7.5 hours doing nothing.

I'M BORED SHITLESS! I do this at home & I've run out of things to amuse myself with.

Can you tell me a story? Can you comment with some funny stuff? Can you send me to a good YouTube video (SFW)?

Overall, can you amuse me?

College.. :(

So I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I haven't been to class since about mid-Feb and dropped 3 of my 4 classes last semester.

Clearly, college just isn't for me.
I want it to be though.

I don't know whats wrong with me but I just don't have the motivation to go to school.

Has anyone else ever felt that way before?

How'd you stop feeling like that?

And if you didn't, how has life been for you without college?

I don't necessarily want to drop out, but seeing as how I'm on academic probation and not doing very well this semester, will they kick me out? How hard is it to go back if they do?

I suck.
Anyone have any words of wisdom to share?
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I feel like an idiot asking this

Okay, so I got my shiny new Wii yesterday and now I'm playing Twilight Princess. I'm in some sewers with an annoying faerie type creature who likes to make fun of poor Link.

I need to get to the other side of a gate because she's decided I'm an idiot and that I should do things on my own. I've found a hole that presumably leads to the other side. But the hole is underwater and I can't figure out how to get underwater =\
Yeah, I'm an idiot. Someone tell me how to do it?
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birds building


1) What's your middle name?

2) Have you ever had a nose bleed?

3) What about stitches?

4) If you gave your roommate your half of the rent two weeks early, and it was April 12th and he still hadn't paid your landlord, how would you feel?

5) Why is such a big deal made of racist/sexist/hateful comments? (Please imagine this question asked in honest innocence. Because...it is.)
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[dance] pink side to side


1- Have you ever had/heard of a potato pizza? (Meaning there's potato slices on the pizza, it's not made of potato flour or something.) How was it if you've had one?

2- What would be included on/in your ultimate cake?

3- Do any numbers catch your eye during the day and if so, what is your reaction? (IE: You see the number '69' on a sign and giggle cuz you're a perv. :P)

4- What are you distracted from right now? Do you even care?

1- Just heard about it from a local pizza place. Wondering if they've lost their minds. :)
2- Right now... Lots of chocolate and strawberries. With spongecake maybe.
3- Anything that is similar to '1337' makes me laugh. Especially when it's in an old person's phone number who probably doesn't "get" it. :)
4- This, actually. I've had this update window open for half an hour, heh. Not too worried about being distracted away from LJ. :P

Help please please please!

Hi guys.  My choir at my university decided last night to make me our representative in the campus talent show which is tommorrow, lol. I've decided to sing "I am changing" from the Dreamgirls soundtrack. I'm sure I could find the instrumental online somewhere but since I'm currently sick, the original key is a little bit of a stretch for me. So my question is:

Would anyone be able to transpose an instrumental track 2 or maybe 3 half steps lower? I know that there is software out there that does it, but obviously I don't have it. Or even if you could get your hands on an instrumental that is lower to begin with, that would be great. I thank you all so much in advance.

*edit* buying the music from Musicnotes and having it transposed there isnt an option because I have noone to play piano for me.

Things No one Remembers

When I was about 7 years old, at school, we watched this educational but with a lot of fiction show called Zardip's Search for Healthy Wellness. I had such a crush on the guy who played Zardip (I did find out who the actor was, fairly recently). Zardip was a sort of semi-robot alien, from a planet where people were starting to fall apart. He was sent to Earth in the form of a blonde, 12 year old, human boy, and he made up his surname from a newspaper he randomly looked at. He joined this incredibly geeky health club made up of other kids, and they'd lecture about the food pyramid and so on. But there were in between, random bits of fun stuff, like he was sent to go shopping and walked off at superspeeds and everyone's just like 'wow that's weird' but didn't really seem to care much, and he comes back with a shopping trolley filled with junkfood. In another one one of the girls was having a sleepover and he wanted to go, but she needed his Dad's permission so he got his commander to pretend to be on the phone over the radio waves... and the girl at the sleepover lost one of her teeth, and put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy, and so he was like 'cool idea!' and started yanking out his own teeth...

I loved it. It was SO geeky and SO 80s/90s style... but... I really liked it. And I know it was shown in a lot of schools, that's what it was made for. But no one else can ever remember it.
Do you remember it?
What do you remember that other people NEVER remember? And describe it/explain it. Maybe some one else here *has* heard of it...

(no subject)

how the fuck do you get over being bitter?

let's say you just went through a traumatic event that also made you very disappointed in yourself, then more bad things happened and your family totally let you down and you now know you have no family relationship with them... is there anything your spouse/SO could do to cheer you up? what?
(please don't say sex or stupid little things, my husband is in a serious depression and it's horrible.)

what's the worst thing that's happened to you lately? how are you dealing with it?

what's the best thing that's happened to you?

what are you looking forward to in the next month?
the Doctor is in

Here's what I don't get about Heroes...

Sylar's ability is an advanced form of intuition. He not only can rapidly work out how something operates but he can also improve it. This is how, I maintain, he's getting the other Emo·Sapiens' powers. Now, his ability has proven not to be limited to people with abilities; which is why he was such an effective watch maker & repairer while still Gabriel Gray. In fact, a rumor that's been making the rounds is that when he was in Bennet's little holiday resort...the reason he was able to appear to be dead was that he took that cockroach in his cell apart and worked out how it goes into hybernation.

Makes sense to me. It is one of the roach's more bizarre but interesting evolutionary adaptations.

Now, I went through all that to bring you over to this. What Sylar does with his ability is the long way around what Peter does naturally. However, Peter's (why does no one call him "Pete"?) limited to Emo·Sapiens with powers. He can't do anything really special beyond that; kinda doubt his skills as a nurse could be deemed super. So, how is it when he was over at Isaac's and using his precognitive abilities that he was able to finish that one painting?

I seem to recall him saying at the time he didn't have any artistic skills.
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(no subject)

1) Does any one have any funny or interesting stories about their apartment building? Scary superintendents, crazy neighbours?

2) Are you ever jealous of things your significant other has accomplished?

3) If you wipe standing up, are you going to try it sitting down? If you're a sitter, will you try it standing up?

4) I'm doing the Super Cities Walk for MS on Sunday, how far should I walk? Should I do the 2km, 5km, or 10km. I'll be all by myself, and I really didn't raise many sponsors, which I feel pretty badly about, so I'm thinking about doing the 10km.

5) Are you involved in any causes like that? Any tips for getting sponsors next year?


6) Are hospitals/nursing homes in your area frequently quarantined? Locally, it seems to happen ALL the time. Most of the time they would allow next of kin to visit, which, in my mom's case, is me...but I really hated spending so much time there, then! Maybe it's because I live in Canada's Chemical Valley.

Greeting Cards

Anyone here make their own Greeting Cards? If so, what software or Websit do you use? Do you print them yourself or order them? I'd also like to be able to add my own pictures. Thanks!


How do I talk to a really religious friend of mine about a personal decision, when he is convinced I am making a terrible mistake with it because I do not participate in the value system of his faith?

I do respect his commitment to, and belief in, his religion (evangelical Christian, i.e. Jesus is your personal savior, and folks who don't have a personal relationship with Jesus are doomed to hell and need saving). But I have no interest in belonging to it or the values it represents (I like and respect other cultures and religions, tyvm). It's perfectly fine if he believes that, but I don't have to. ;)

So, I don't know how to discuss with him the idea that maybe it's ok to accept other points of view, and just because my decision conflicts with what his faith believes is correct and proper, doesn't mean it's by definition a wrong decision.

(Yeah, I know, the hope of having a sensible discussion is pretty nil, but I was curious if anyone had anything helpful anyways.)
TVD: damon eyes
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(no subject)

Do you consider people that you've known online for however many years to be your "real friends"?
What if you talk to them on MSN every week, and you've known them for 10 years, but you've never actually spoken on the phone or face-to-face with the person?

summer jobs & oatmeal

1. I'm 19 and will be finishing up my first semester of college in the middle of May. I would like to get a sumer job but I have little to no experience. Are there any not too awful jobs I might be able to get that aren't retail?
I don't think there are any. I've been looking around but I can't seem to find any. If I don't find one I'm going to register for summer classes so I don't completely waste the summer.

2. My dad bought oatmeal at Sam's Club. Now we have 9 pounds of oatmeal, it's the Quaker Quick 1 Minute kind, I usually have 1/4 cup of it for breakfast. What are some relatively healthy things I could make with it?
I made some delicious Oatmeal Raisin Bar cookies, but they were packed full of sugar and fat.

(no subject)

I'm in Scotland and currently have a young worker account with the Alliance and Leicster. Because I have very bad credit I have a Visa Electron. Which is a pain using sometimes as a lot of places don't accept it. Which other bank can I use to get a Solo card?

XX Heroes

1. Who are the female role models and heroes in this day and age? Which females do young girls look up to?
2. Ladies, which women do you hold in high esteem or consider exemplary?
Full Metal Alchemist, Clerks


I have Verizon phone service and I'm unhappy with the VZW Tones Deluxe application.

1.) Where can I find good ringtones?

2.) Where can I find ringtones for TV themes?

3.) Finally, where can I find Metalocalypse ringtones?

Thanks for the help!
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(no subject)

it's that time again.. RANDOM!

what's the word on the street?

when's the last time you clipped your toenails?

for the ladies: do you wear thongs when you're on your period?

there's something you forgot to do just the other day, do you remember now what it was?

who were you most surprised to see in this post? did they look how you thought they would?
Got Rat

(no subject)

What do you think of goths that wear all black and then a huge Hello Kitty or Bagpuss rucksack on their backs?
Why do they do that?
Do they think the contradiction is witty or something?

(no subject)

I have discovered that I might not *hate* sushi.

Now, I don't like avacado, and I *cannot* eat sushi-grade fish.  (Bad experience with ceviche has warned me off all uncooked fish).

I LOVED the egg sushi I had today, and okay with the shrimp sushi.

What other kinds would you think I would like?

What's your favourite kind?

(no subject)

Do you automatically assume a person knows your sexual preference without you telling them?

The reason I ask this is because last night during a conversation with a guy at work he mentioned something about his boyfriend and I said "Oh, you have a boyfriend?" I said this because I thought he was single, as he had never mentioned seeing anybody to me before. He took it as an insult and said "Hellooo! I've been out of the closet for over 5 years now!" Well, nobody told me, not that I would care. We usually just talk about movies, In all the years I've known him I've never once had any reason to think anything about who he likes to have sex with, heck, I don't think I've ever in my entire life said the words "I am a heterosexual male" out loud to another person, does that mean I'm a closet straight guy?

(no subject)

A hypnotist came to my school today and, among other things, made my friend Segen make out with a microphone stand.

Have you ever been hypnotized/seen someone hypnotized? What's the funniest thing you've seen having to do with hypnosis?
Got Rat

(no subject)

1. Do you feel there's a strong sense of community here?

2. What TQC members do you always recognise and remember from their icon, name or things they've said?

3. What's your biggest passion in life?
Mitty box

(no subject)

Where is a good place to get prices for international flights?

My friend wants to fly from Moscow to visit me in America. She'd probably fly into DC. But the cheapest price she can find is $1300. Is this a good price or a bad price? I don't understand how I can pay 500$ for a rountrip ticket to Germany, but it costs her $1300 to fly here. =/
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(no subject)

Anyone who owns a digital camera.

1 - What model do you own?
2 - Do you use it often/not often?

My camera is a Canon Powershot S3 IS. I don't use mine all the time. I only use it at social gatherings or when I feel the need to take a photo.

(no subject)

i'm only one or two credits behind in school for various reasons. anyway, i'm looking to take some summer courses for college credits that i can just transfer over to my school, but i've been having a hard time finding anything.
does anyone know of any summer courses that give college credit in NYC? the only thing i could find was marymount.
knight's heart

Two questions in one day!?

For all those who remember, I did manage to figure out how to get out of that room in Zelda. I need to be more observant.

Now for some questions about glasses!

Do you wear them?
What for? Obviously to help you see, but are you longsighted, shortsighted, etc?
Show me what they look like? Prety please?

I just found out on Tuesday that I have to wear glasses all the time. I'm longsighted and astigmatic in both eyes but it's worse in my left than it is in my right. I don't have them yet though, because I have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome and need a pink tint on them so I can read properly - even with the lenses. So I have to wait a few days for them.
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uneasy, carson

(no subject)

So, I'm failing chemistry. Really really failing. My fourth test is tomorrow, and I know all I'm going to do is sit there for awhile, maybe doodling a bit, and turn in a mostly blank test. Is it even worth it to show up? Should I go, fill in random answers for all the multiple choice questions and just leave?

(And seriously, there is no question of whether or not I can pass this course. I should have dropped it but missed the deadline, and so I'm stuck with it.)
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south park

(no subject)

I know this is going to sound cruel.

But is there one person that you know, that is totally insane, totally out of their mind, but you still talk to them? I'm talking about those people that are so out of their mind, that you can't even understand how they've walked the planet for as long as they have.  Do you know anyone like that, that you just happen to know through friends or class or work? And everything about them is just hysterical? Please share :)

Collapse )
cole, baby
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(no subject)

What is the strangest/funniest thing that you have ever witnessed or that has happened to you personally?

My dog just stood up on her hind legs and opened the front door....That was kinda weird.


Every time I try to send a text my phone says "Message Failed!"  Sometimes it actually sends the message though.  The same thing has been happening to my boyfriend all day too!  We both have Sprint.

1) Has this happened to you?  How did you fix it?
2) Is this just Sprint being a jerk?!

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Max/MSP question

This is kind of a long shot (and pretty out of character for me), but do any of you know *anything* about the sound design program Max/MSP? I am pretty much a computer idiot and I am taking a Max class for composition...AND I AM STUCK. My professor is in Ireland until next Tuesday (when the project is due), so I am hoping, against all odds, that someone in this group is a MAX/MSP EXPERT.


To create a subpatcher, you have to remove the DAC box and audio off/on box, right? And then create an outlet box? SO...What does the outlet box do? Am I supposed to link it to something?

Watch the video before taking poll

Behind cut
Collapse )

Poll #965496 Rudy tootie fresh and fruity

What does this video say to you?

Donald Trump may have a curious, uncontrollable weakness for transvestites
9/11 was so stressful to Giuliani that he developed an identity crisis
Drag queen for president? Brilliant! Rudy should get back in the race by representing the often overlooked 'chicks with dicks' demographic
This video proves that nothing good can come from You Tube. It's the Wal-Mart of the interwebz
Low ratings for The Apprentice have forced some baffling, uncomfortable changes to the program
fourcorners should get back to work
Rudy Giuliani's a tease, and Trump's a molester. The former mayor of New York came thisclose to getting bent over the perfume counter and got an assful of 'The Donald'
All political candidates should be forced to crossdress to show they're not all rigid stiffs
It says as little as possible. Where's the NR-17 version?
Republicans must be concerned that they almost had a transvestite in the 2008 presidental primaries. They came thisclose to being the anti-gay/pro-tranny party

unintentionally bad movies staring famous actors?

Having seen snippets of "Zardoz" at a convention, myself and some friends want to watch it in all its glorious suckitude.

We want to watch it as a double feature with another movie like this: a movie that stars at least one famous talented actor/actress in the lead role, was intended to be serious and good, and ended up being a blatantly bad film that makes you seriously questions what the hell they were thinking when they made it.

Difficulty: English language, in color, likely available on DVD or VHS from the local Blockbuster, live action not cartoon.

And don't say "Gigli". I already though of that. ;)

And don't just like to the IMDB Bottom 100 Movies Of All Time. I know about that list. I'm looking for personal recommendations.

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This is killing me.

I'm going crazy trying to remember the name of this surf rock/punk/expirimental instrumental band. They have the word "Mars" in their name and they would sometimes come onto stage and do some sort of alien routine as a different band(?). Something about alpha and beta. Your help is much appreciated.

anti-virus software

how many of you actually bother to renew it after it expires? i bought my laptop with Norton on it a year ago and a desktop with McAfee on it 2 months ago. i'm worried about the destop because it's new and it has Vista on it, but anti-virus software is like $60 each. is it worth it, or should i just forget it?
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I call my mother

by her name
something else (do tell)
I have no mother.

I call my Father

by his name
something else (comment please)
I have no father.

3)If you have step-parents, what do you call them?
4)If you have children, what do they call you?

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Has anyone here previously or currently worked for Target???

I was just told by a former co-worker of mine that Target won't mail W2 forms..that you can get them off the HR site.

Is this true?

What the hell am I supposed to do if I don't remember my pin # and it won't let me log in?


God bless the internet. Never in my life(Well maybe if I hadn't been so panicked) would I have thought I could get the W2 from a place other than the Target website. Problem FIXED, crisis averted. Thanks for all the help.

Painting question

What is the best sort of paint to paint kitchen walls with? I know almost nothing about painting. I want something durable that cleans up well and easily. What have you guys had good luck with?
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I have a hard time sleeping and the quietest noise will keep me up. Do any of you wear ear plugs or something similar to bed? If so, what kind? Any suggestions?

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I'm getting all this spam and it's driving me crazy .. I'll go on a deleting spree, but 3 minutes later there are 50 more in the inbox!!

Is there anyway to stop it???

And if there's not ..

Some people say they make the spam go into a separate folder .. how do you do that? I tried to do it on my own, but apparently I'm pretty incompetent.

Thanks in advance for any help at all!


Why was the mind games post deleted? I want to know if there was anything in that picture! :(

...and for a better question, what's your favourite magic eye? (you can find tons through google) Can you see magic eyes?

I love Collapse )

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Who is awesomer:

Ged/Sparrowhawk of Earthsea?

Or Samuel Vimes of Discworld?

*Note: I've only read three Night Watch books - I prefer the absence of spoilers.
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are you a porn addict?
on a scale of one to ten, how attractive is christian bale?
do you say, 'i'd tap that'?
do you use '<3' in comments, lj entries, chatting etc.?
are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?
buffy horrified

(no subject)

1. How do you motivate yourself to start writing a paper? I have the first 5 pages of my research paper for my Grammar & Stylistics class due tomorrow for peer review, and I still haven't started it. I just really don't want to write it, and it's unlike any paper I've ever written.

2. Do you know the difference between active and passive voice? What do you think of each?

3. What do you think of this wedding dress?
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Hey guys,

I'm applying for a position within my company, and having a few doubts about the cover letter I've written. Could you please let me know what impression you get from it, and if there are any grammar issues, or any parts where it gets boring?

First, here's the email from our boss describing the position:

"The second opening is for a Content and Information Specialist (CIS). I'm especially excited to have this addition to the Communications Department.

The CIS will play an integral part in maintaining consistent information for our players across all mediums.

The CIS will also take over the template writing and revision duties from Harry. Harry will be focusing more on the backend of Kana to help us work more efficiently. The job description for CIS is attached."

Here's my cover letter:

Hi Gary,

Please consider this e-mail my application for the Content and Information
Specialist position.

As you know, I am a writer, as well as a passionate "grammar hound." My ultimate career goal is to secure a position which involves as much writing and editing as possible.

From September 2005 to present, I have been taking night classes at BCIT to complete a Technical Writing Associate Certificate. Nothing makes me happier than writing, etymology, exploring vocabulary, editing grammar and spelling, and the almighty Microsoft Manual of Style.

Over the last year and 6 months I have completed Technical Writing courses including "Technical Editing and Grammar," "Writing for the Web," "Designing and Writing Online Help," and "Definitions, Instructions and Process Descriptions."

As for my writing accomplishments here at work; a few months ago, I wrote policy and procedure documents outlining cashier policy changes I'd suggested to Lawrence, and said documents were subsequently approved and implemented into the handbook.

I am also currently working on a Cheque FAQ document at Lawrence and Shen's request, in order to cover all the changes our cheque procedures have undergone due to our new Cheque Processor.

After reading the description of the position from your email, I'm confident that not only am I qualified to excel in this position, it almost exclusively involves the skills and knowledge I have been honing for the last year and a half. I would be absolutely thrilled for a shot at this position.

Thank you for your consideration, and please find my resume attached.

Don't guilt/judge me.....

So I'm extremely poor and need some guilty pleasure to help me get through the next few weeks.

1)Does anyone know a good site for downloading television shows?
particularly wonderful departed shows like Freaks and geeks, and Dead like me???

please and thank you.

(no subject)

I have no idea how to go about Googling this, and I also have a nasty suspicion it will make me look stupid in some way, but never mind :)

I was christened as a baby. I'm not very happy about this. Is the fact that I've been christened recorded anywhere, on any official documents about me? It's not on my birth certificate, obviously, or my passport (that I can see). Does the church and/or government have my name down somewhere as a Christian?

If so, is there anything I can do to have it removed?

Answered - thank you, everybody!

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What is a good song about, or from the point of view of, a dog?

Or else about someone named Jenny?

My family is fostering a sweet Labrador named Jenny, and we're supposed to take pictures of her to put on the rescue website so people who might want to adopt her can see her, and I thought it'd be cool to make a video of her as well, and I need music. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Why do people get tattoos?

Why do people get piercings?

Is it really because they feel some kind of need to look different or get a memorial of someone/something, or is it more monkey see, monkey do?

For those of you with piercings and tattoos, do you think you'd still have gotten your piercings and tattoos if they weren't so accepted and commonplace nowadays?

Why does everyone love The Mountain Goats so much?
Grey Goose

You've just been pimped

Anyone watching Law and Order: SVU on USA right now?  This is my favorite episode ever.  It always makes me cry/a little sick to my stomach.  It's the "Ritual" episode if anyone wants to google it.  What is your favorite episode of SVU?

Something I've always wondered:  When the speed limit changes are you required to modify your speed once you see the sign, once you reach it, or once you pass it?
death from above!

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What's the most useless advice you've ever been given?

Last year my roomie ad I were both close to bedridden with the flu.  Just getting up to go to the bathroom was enough to make us dizzy, and actually going up and down stairs (we lived on the third floor) was entirely out of the question.  We survived on our stockpile of microwavable stuff.  When I told my mom how sick we were, she told me to make sure we emptied our trash every day (the thought being to get the germ-filled tissues out of our poorly-ventilated room).  Problem was, the garbage room was in the basement.  Not exactly helpful.

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"error loading c:\windows\byvsrq.dll

the specified module cannot be found"

why do I keep getting this when starting up my laptop? And I keep getting popups (Internet Explorer popups even though Im using Firefox) continually. I used the full scan with Norton Anti Virius and it hasn't helped. I assume it has something to do with this error. Its my own fault, I tried to download s program from Limewire, ran it, and some stupid virus was released. Through Norton Ive gotten rid of the other error messages, its just this error now, and the pop ups.

Edit: and oh yeah, I know why the error is coming up, its because there was some sort of error beforehand about "byvsrq.dll" so I searched for it and deleted it. I assume this new error means that the file was required and I SHOULDNT have deleted it? I guess what question is..what do I do now and how is it related to the pop ups??
The Receptionist Classic

Dogs and their magical tails

If your dog has a tail... does s/he chase it?
If your dog has one of those nubbin tails... does s/he try to chase it?

Our accountant's dog will chase his tail for a good 5 minutes. My dog at home will give it a try but she's easily distracted and runs off to get a toy after about two rotations. My mom's dog has a nubbin tail, but he's bound and determined to catch that thing.
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Going for a restart

I've got a relatively old (and definitely shitty) toshiba satellite laptop which has 512 megs of ram, which are definitely not enough for it in any shape or form, especially while running firefox which, before I killed it just now, was taking up 250 megs on its own (i do use lots of tabs with lots of images loaded in some of them, but def. not worth 250 megs)

question 1: currently the task manager shows under Performance tab that 456 megs are being used. The processes tab (even with "show all processes from all users" being selected) doesn't show memory usage for processes that would compute to 456 megs. 2 process are using 11 megs, 3 are using between 5 and 9, two are using 4 megs, 2 using 2 megs, like 8 using 1 meg each, and a bunch using less than a meg.

so.... is the OS using the rest?! how do i check on this? any way to free up this memory without rebooting? this is really fscked up...

question 2: i've tried installing linux on this laptop a few times, but the laptop has messed up bios (for one - it doesn't flash-update. just shuts down the machine whenever i try to update the bios) and some other stuff, so that some linux installations fail during install (i think it was ubuntu that would shut down the machine while executing makedev every time), and some are just messed up after install, like unwilling to run the fans, overheating, and shutting down.

any suggestions for this piece of crap? (aside from throwing it out and getting something else, or just getting something else. unfortunately it's not an option at the moment)

the model for this sucker is a75s206.

(no subject)

is it possible to access someones pictures on facebook if they have private settings (as in, if you search their name you can see they appear but you can't get into their account.)

I obviously know the whole point of private settings is so people can't see your pictures, but sometimes theres little back ways into things. :)

Webcam - fell on bed

(no subject)

Has anyone here ever worked at a Sylvan, Huntington, or Kumon Learning Center? Could you tell me a little about it? Like what the job really consisted of, how it paid, what sort of hours you worked, etc.

Has anyone ever been a student at one? How did you like it?

(no subject)

1)If you've ever watched Beavis and Butthead, did you feel like your IQ dropped just a little from watching it?

2)Is there a Trader Joe's near you? What sort of store is it?

3)Have you ever given money to a street musician/artist?
WAS | M - Sex God


1. When did you learn to drive?
2. What was it like the first time you drove?
3. What kind of things have you hit? Curbs? Trees? Cars? Dogs? PEOPLE?
6. Have you ever heard of anyone getting into a fatal accident while driving with a permit? Links please.
I want to make sure I'm not going to be the first because that would be soooo embarrassing!

I drove for the first time today. I went like, a mile. I don't want to do it again.

Serious answers only, please.
Edit: I was kidding. Tell me I'm gonna die and shit, go on.
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What's the best church sign you've seen?

I saw "Walmart is not the only saving place" on the way to my boyfriend's house the other day and it quite amused myself and my friend in the car with me.

"Remember, God has a big eraser" is one I really like. It sounds so... threatening almost. This church has amazing signs and I should really start writing the good ones down.

The biggest wtf one for me is "Where are you going? Why?" So damn invasive.

I know there are awesome church signs out there. Tell me about them!

DVD Backups

I'm making legitimate DVD backups on my computer, and have run into a problem. See, when I initially backed up my DVDs, I did so by directly copying the files onto my HDD. Now, I'm stuck with a bunch of VOB files. I ultimately want to compress the VOB files to something more space-conscious, but everything I've found online that wasn't an out-and-out scam seems to require that I use the DVD itself, or at least an ISO of it. I don't have all of the DVDs available for my legitimate purposes, so I need to know:

Is there any way to either

1. convert the VOB files to a DVD image for free, so that I can mount the image in an optical drive emulator to compress it that way, or

2. compress the VOB files directly for free, thus bypassing the whole image-creation thing?

Google-fu has been of no help to me, nor have I found my answer by consulting Doom-9.

(no subject)

1. Have you ever read The Dark Light by Mette Newth? If you have what did you think of it?

2. What are some of your favorite books?

3. Do you like Stephen King?

4. What is a picture I could use to represent freedom of speech and freedom of assembly?