April 11th, 2007

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So I met this guy at a party a week back and he's coming down to see me for a day tomorrow. I'm really nervous and I'm predicting there's gonna be a lot of awkward silences! What can I do?

Serious and humorous answers please. :D
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Let's try that one again...

Somehow, one (or possibly all three), of our cats has caught fleas. Don't ask me how; they're all indoor kitties, and they haven't set so much as a whisker outdoors since they entered the house to begin with.

So I bought the lot of them flea collars. The two boys couldn't care less. They're both begging for my boyfriend's ham right now. But the girl, Lucy, keeps licking hers. Now, I'm no vet, but I find it troubling that my precious baby girl is ingesting toxic insecticide.

So my question is this: considering my cat is too stupid to wear a flea collar, what can I do to convince her to stop eating it? Either that, or what kind of alternatives are out there for a cat with a collar-fettish?

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1.What was that question that was like do you make up scenarios in your head or something like that? I cannot, for the life of me, find it or remember what it said and I really would like to find it :)

2.Has anyone ever seen the cartoon Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends? I am not a big fan of cartoons but I LOVE it! Especially the character Cheese <3. I cry laughing everytime I watch the episode with Cheese! For those of you who have not seen I think you should.


3. How was your day?
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A couple of food-related questions...

So, tonight I was adding the veggies to my homemade chicken soup and I started to wonder:

1. To those of you who grew up with Sesame Street (especially in the early '80s) did Captain Vegetable actually convince anyone to eat their vegetables?

I don't think I count because I always liked my vegetables anyway... Where "vegetables" doesn't equal "beets" or "Brussels sprouts".

2. After making dishes that require fresh garlic, my hands always smell like garlic, no matter how much I wash them. I actually LOVE this. I'm nuts, aren't I? :)

I'm not sure of my own answer to this. Being a garlic freak doesn't make me nuts, IMHO... Just garlicky.
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Twooo Wuv

1.  What is the fastest you have fallen in love.

2. Are you still with said person?
2a. How long have you two been together?

Edit:  I'm glad I'm not the only one who fell in love so quickly!  Now I don't feel like such a weirdo! haha
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Wisdom Teeth

What happens if you don't have your wisdom teeth removed?
Mine are coming in and I have no dental insurance and surgery scares me. It's mainly the surgery, though. I mean, I can afford the procedure with time, but I'm so scared of waking up during anesthesia or something crazy like that.


Do you like Milk?

If so, how do you prefer it? Skim, Whole, 2%, 1%, strictly organic, of the goat variety? o_O

Personally, I love it and I drink either whole or 2% usually.
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I am watching Alex Mack right now!   :D

What were some of YOUR favorite childhood shows?

Alex Mack, Ren and Stimpy, oldschool Doug, Rugrats when it was cool, Salute Your Shorts, Are you Afraid of the Dark, man oh man...
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Does anyone know of a good site to search for internship grants/fellowships? I'm moving to a relatively expensive area for the summer for an internship, and every little bit of income would help- it's an education based internship, and something that's required for my career path.

Come on down!

I went to a movie screening last night and pretty much fell asleep right after I got home. Long story short, I'm in a bind. Could you guys come up with a bunch of questions about gameshows?

I'm looking for something along the lines of:
-What are some things you would say about yourself in your introduction if you were on Wheel of Fortune?
-Who are some people you would pick as a phone-a-friend lifeline for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
-What Jeopardy categories would you do best in?

And if you come up with an interesting question that you actually want to answer you can answer it too.
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I'm sickly and my work doesn't offer insurance unless I work full time (which there are no full time positions ever).

Short of getting a job at Starbucks, what's the best way to get insurance? What kind do you have and do you like it?
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grammar time.

ok...so I'm always noticing people doing this and it drives me nuts because it sounds so wrong to me...but is it correct?

"I'm sickly and my work doesn't offer insurance unless I work full time (which there are no full time positions ever)."

"5 days in Jamaica with a cruise option (which we have no idea what the cruise costs extra)."

it just seems like the "Which" isn't necessary at all. But I could be wrong, so I'm asking you, TQC!

(no offense to the people who wrote these =P)
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Hump Day, woo!

Do you enjoy Classical music? If so, what would you attribute to your enjoyment? (What or why do you think you like it?)

I love Classical, and I'm pretty sure I can peg it back to watching cartoons growing up. Most of your basic classic cartoons (Warner Bros., Disney, Tom & Jerry, etc.) had classical scores throughout. "Rhapsody Rabbit" = Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, "What's Opera, Doc?" = Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries and excerpts from his Der Ring des Nibelungen, and of course Fantasia is one giant classical piece.

I also watched a lot of Olympic figure skating growing up, and most of those performers chose classical pieces for their routines.

And, of course, movies. Most movie scores are simply modern-day classical pieces anyway. Of all the CDs in my collection that are soundtracks, the majority of them are movie scores rather than the songs from/used in the movie.
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Someone just told me that since I eat a ton of tuna fish (canned)its going to cause me to get alzheimers...
I've heard that pregnant women should limit their intake of fish because of mercury levels.

I can't google right now (stupid pda...can't google but I can lj makes a lot of sense)

Does anyone know what all the hoopla is about? I know fish has mercury but is my daily tuna sandwhich really going to hurt me that much(well we will eat tuna for a work week, then lunch meat for a week or two then switch back to tuna for a week)?

Does anyone here not eat tuna for that reason?

Does anyone think its not that big of a deal?

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Have you ever owned a rotary phone?

Have you ever used a rotary phone?

Have you ever seen a rotary phone?

Do you know what a rotary phone is?

Would you be able to use a rotary phone if it were the only phone available in an emergency situation or would you really have no fucking clue how to use the damn thing?


have any of you gotten invisalign braces?? how did you like it?? my teeth are a little crooked and i'd like to get invisalign...but i have no clue how much it costs. my current dental insurance only covers 25% of orthodontics, which sucks. cuz i'm sure invisalign is not cheap. anyone know of a dental insurance plan that will pay for most of the cost of orthodontics??? thanks
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1. Who else reads every question posted here, even if you don't answer them all?

2. So, odd question to be asking here but this question got me wondering. I've heard about people becoming infertile from chemotherapy before. Does anyone know what it is about chemotherapy that causes infertility? It is just certain drugs or what? Because no one said a thing about it to me when I had chemo and I feel like if that was a risk I kinda should have been told.

3. Have you ever been trapped on an amusement park ride?

4. What is the last bill you paid?
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Do you touch yourself at night?

Store-brand or name-brand?

Extended breastfeeding (let's say, past 3 years). Weird or no?
What do you think of this video? (Somewhat NSFW, nipple is shown)

I'm trying to think of a word, and it's eluding me. Thesaurus.com is not helping. It means something like nitpicking at words that are similar but can have different meanings in context, like diet vs. healthy lifestyle.


GOT IT! It's "semantics".

Carnival Foods

So...summer is around the corner....that means festivals and carnivals.

Does your town or area have a big carnival every year?
We have Herrin Festa Italiana. It lasts for 5 days at the end of May. It gets insane around here. It is like the whole town is under siege.

What is your favorite carnival food?
Funnel Cakes...and taffy

I'm not much for riding the rides.

Anything with darts.

I love funnel cakes, but I hate paying $4 for one. So a few years ago my MIL bought me one of those funnel cake kits. The sucky thing is last summer the metal ring I used to shape my funnel cakes broke. Does anyone know where I could get another one? It was a thin metal ring, roughly 8 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall. I don't have a restaurant supply store around here, so I don't know where I could find one.

Edited to Add: http://www.herrinfesta.com
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Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Ladies, have you ever heard your biological clock ticking?
What did/does it sound like?
Where is the snooze button?

Do guys have biological clocks, too?
I have never heard a guy say "Man, my biological clock is ticking away, I need to settle down and procreate."


What should I make for my sister and I for dinner tonight?   something with chicken?
Is is snowing where you are?
Whats for lunch?
Did you learn any thing today? any lessons of random knowledge?

My lunch is traderjoes mini tacos, applesauce with cinnamon sugar, fresca, and maybe some ham that one of my co-workers just gave me!
 My lesson learned today... DON"T THROW SNOWBALLS AT MAIL PEOPLE! it's against the law!
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europe and america

I'm doing study abroad in a month; I'll be studying in Maastricht for one month in the Netherlands and traveling to London, Paris, Milan, Germany, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Luxembourg. Last night I attended my final pre-departure orientation, and we were told not to stand out as Americans over there because of stereotypes and the hatred for Bush. I thought this was a bit extreme, but I was wondering...

For Europeans, what are your stereotypes of Americans? Do you think the majority of us support George Bush? Can you pick out an American in a crowd easily? Would you treat an American differently just for being American? Is it true European men think American women are easy? (This was seriously something that came up at the orientation.)

For Americans that have traveled to Europe, did you have any problems? Did you encounter people that assumed just because you're American you support Bush and his war in Iraq?

Thanks guys! :)
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1. Who is the last person that called you? Why did they call?
My dad just called me to tell me he heard Conor Oberst on the radio.

2. Should I wear these shoes to class today?
EDIT: They're the yellow ones from yesterday. I'm not sure what I'm wearing but my toes look nice.
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What to say?

I'm fixing up my resume so that I can start applying for jobs.

In my "Education" section, it currently says "Currently enrolled at X University in X program, 4th year, projected graduation Spring 2007".

As is obvious, that means I'm about to graduate.

While I am done everything except for one exam, and expecting to pass everything, I won't officially have my degree in hand until mid-June, so I don't think I can yet claim (especially being as I don't have my final grades in yet) that I have officially graduated with my degree.

So how can I reword that to say "I'm done, but I don't have my degree in hand yet, but I will soon"?
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1. Do you think that sex offenders are treated fairly? (EDIT: To be clear, I am talking about 'sex offenders' as the group of people, not pedophiles and rapists specifically.  Sex offenders can also include statutory rapists and even people charged with indecent exposure for, say, urinating outside.)

2. Do you have sympathy for addicts (of any sort)?  Are there certain addictions that garner less sympathy than others?

3. Would you consider yourself more right-brained (creative and artistic) or left-brained (analytic and concise)?  Do you think that your friends and family would agree with your assessment?

4.  Do you think it is possible to remove the negative connotations of certain words by "taking them back"?  For example, fat.  To me, this is an offensive word (or maybe just hurtful).  Do you think that taking that word and adding it to the vocabulary I use to describe myself is effective or not? (I'm not asking for personal advice; just using a personal experience to clarify my question) 
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1) Do you ever notice weight loss or weight gain in yourself?

I went from an 18/20 to a 14 but I've only actually lost 8lbs. I can't tell a difference, but every one else seems to be able to. I still feel like a big fatty.

2) Has anyone here ever had a tummy tuck? What was your experience? Do you regret it at all?

I think I want one in a few years when I'm definitely sure I don't want more kids.

3) What would be a good school to go to for an Archeology major? Would it help to minor in Anthropology?

I'm thinking of doing this in a few years.

EDIT: 4) When I go back to school, it will be 10 years after I graduated HS. I never took the SAT or the ACT and have no idea what my GPA was (pretty crappy, I imagine). For older people returning to school, what do the schools look for in accepting them as a student? (Does this make any sense? I have a hard time wording things.)
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1. Who is the ugliest celebrity you can think of?
2. What is your favorite line from a movie?
3. Least favorite? I mean the kind of line that you wish you could wipe from existence.
4. I'm chaperoning a school trip. There will be twenty-five five year olds in attendance (not counting however many kids who will be there, but who are not in our group). Who wants to come along with? :D Bring some aspirin please.
5. Because I missed the radio program this morning: How do you spot a dangerous man?

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I have a possibly stupid question.

I'm having a fair market appraisal done on my house tomorrow.

What's all involved in that? Where all is she going to look? Is she going to freak out if things aren't perfect? Basically, do I need to deep clean my house, or can I just clean it like normal?

I'm in the middle of packing, also, so things aren't perfectly clean. They're not terribly messy, either, but not everything is put away perfectly. I get nervous about having strangers in my house anyway, so I just want to know how bad tomorrow is going to be. =/
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weight issues

I do nude modeling and recently had an instructor say I was looking a little more 'full' than normal. I'm assuming she meant my waistline (which measured at 33 inches after lunch today). Anywho...

1. What are good foods to eat if you're trying to be health conscientious?
2. What are some foods to avoid ?
3. Any tips you can give?
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once you go black, you never go back.
once you go white, you know you've been licked right.
once you go latin, you know what you've been lacking.

my questions to ya'll...

once you go __________, you never _________.
once you ________, you know _________.

how much did the shoes on your feet RIGHT THIS SECOND cost you?
what's the last thing you bought on sale?

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i'm attending one of those traveling seminars tomorrow held at a hotel (it's a photoshop senimar). my usual work attire is casual but nice. jeans are a-okay.

have you ever been to one of these? what should i wear to this seminar tomorrow? it's essentially just a class. i'm not there to do any kind of social/business networking. but i don't want to show up under dressed either.
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zomg, tiny questions

Does Tarragon taste like thyme?

Do you have webbed toes? SHOW THEM?

Do you have an extra finger/toe/head?

Are you missing a toe/finger/head?

EDIT: I have packets for 16.9oz og lemonade.  If I have a 1L bottle of water, how many packets do I need?
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gas, water, electricity and monopolism

i've an everyday question about running costs in your city. i'm from russia (moscow) and in our city there's only one company, which sells and supplies us electricity (the same's about gas, hot and cold water). So these companies're monopolists.

It's interesting for me - what method of payment you have? Can you choose the company? The best price or tariff? Should these companies compete with each other in selling benefits, advertise themselves? Do you have special meters for gas, water, electricity?
And point your country and city, pls!
Thank you
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I know I posted a little bit ago, but it's slow on TQC today.

They just dismissed all charges against the three boys from the Duke Lacrosse team who were accused of raping that girl.

How does this make you feel?
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What could be considered a stupid question...

I'm shaving my head this Monday for a cancer fundraiser at my school, and once all that's left is stubble, I'm going to go home and basically make it so that there is absolutely no hair, just skin on my head. Not even the tiniest bit of hair if I can.

When showering, would I use shampoo on my head, like, for the little folicles that might still be there, or would I just use regular soap on my head?
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for fans of Law & Order: SVU

What exactly do you like about the show? Is it the storylines that mess with your head? The guest stars getting to act completely beyond evil? The characters?

My answer: it's a little of all three. I just can't help but to wonder where they come up with this stuff. BTW, I'm not a Benson/Stabler shipper.
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1. Did you know about Trix changing their shapes? How do you feel about it?
2. Ever have Fruity Cheerios? How are they compared to Froot Loops?
3. Favorite cereal you can't find anymore?

Collapse )
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1- What is something you've done lately that you're proud of?
2- Is there anything almost entirely useless you've wasted your time on lately? (Not TQC, this place isn't a waste of time! It's a learning experience!)
3- When you were little (or now, maybe) did you ever put all the types of pop they had on tap into a cup to drink?
4- Do you, or don't you? (Not connected to any other question.)

1- Made my LJ look pretty. It's basic but cute. :>
2- Made matching mood-themed icons for myself. Heh.
3- Yes! Now I just mix either root beer and sprite, or sprite and orange pop. Or sprite and cream soda.
4- I do.

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Poll #964653 Things that are bad for you if ingested

Bacon-wrapped, cheese-injected, deep-fried hot dogs. Who are these made for?

People who thought that hot dogs were too healthy by themselves
In-laws and relatives you don't like. Each one will probably shorten their life by one month
Suicidal people who feel that hangings and razor blades are good ideas but just not 'delicious enough'
People who favor taste much more than pesky health issues
Richard Simmons' next hopeless charity case

Say you're on Fear Factor. It's the second challenge, where you usually have to eat something you wouldn't ordinarily touch with a stick. This time, however, the challenge is, eat 3 bars of deep-fried butter injected with cheese. Totaly caloric value of 6,500. There's 3 other challengers who just completed the task. Considering the odds and the amount of calories, would you eat it?

Hell yes. That's an easy way to get to the finals
Yes, only because I know I'd probably win the 50k
No. It's not worth it. I still have only a 25% chance of winning the money
Hell no. That's too unhealthy and fatty to suck down.

How much money would it take for you to eat a camel spider? Let's say it's not a live one and any poison glands it has, if it has any, have been removed (I really don't know or care). Be honest in how much it would take to get you to say 'ahhh'

No amount of money
Truthfully? A dare
$50 gift certificate for Sharper Image
Oral pleasures
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Your "Hair Down There"

Naked? "Landing Strip?" Au naturale? Trimmed and tidy? Fun shapes? What do you do with it?

Boys (and Girls too where it applies):
What do you like on a girl? (in regards to previous question) Do you even have an opinion.. or are you just happy to be seeing some? :)
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In your opinion, what are the best office supplies to steal for home? If you don't work in an office, pretend.

What kind of question is this? The answer will always be pens.
Post Its.
White out.
Paper clips.
Duh, the stapler already HAS staples in it, so it's sort of like two birds with one stone.

Which is the best highlighter color?

Yellow is the Chanel suit of highlighters: classic.
Blue! No, yello-AAAAAAH! Srsly tho, blue.
Green. Do they even make green?
Yes, they make green.

Which is the WORST highlighter color?


Which of these would you rather be:

On drugs
Drunk and on drugs
Smoking a cigarette
Having sex
Stealing office supplies
A medley of two or more of the above
A medley of the above INCLUDING stealing office supplies

Do you like your job?

I don't have one, sucka!
I don't have one, lucky.
It varies/I'm neutral/something between yes and no.

Which of the following do you find yourself drawn to?


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By being a careless stupid cow, I have been off my anti depressants for over a week. What do you do when you are very depressed and fed up and all you can do is cry? I'm getting my anti depressants in the morning but they won't kick in for a while and I can't feel like this much longer. Any ideas? It'd be much appreciated.
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1. are you male or female?
2. what’s your age?
3. what’s your living situation like? (do you live with parents still, or have your own place, do you share your living area with someone(s).. lol.. or do you live alone)
4. if you have your own place, at what age did you move out?

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A)I just binged. I ate instant noodles, a piece of bread, half a cup of hot drink and rice.

When was the last time you binged? What did you eat?

B) Have you ever took psychology? What was the most interesting thing you've learnt? Tell me about it.

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So, I keep getting these random red dots on my hands and feet. It comes and goes. It itches slightly. What the hell is this?? How do I stop it? I've tried lotion... doesn't seem to help.

I'm moving to another state next month, do I need to get a new license when I move there, or wait for my current license to expire? I think I have about 3-5 years left on it.

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Which would you be more prepared to put up with in a relationship - violence or infidelity? (I know the right answer is "neither," but play the game :) Let's say violence means getting slapped or hit every so often, hard enough to hurt but not hard enough to cause physical damage, and infidelity means your partner having sex with someone else every so often.

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With oil prices down today, local gas prices jumped over 30 cents in a matter of hours.

Already oil companies are saying that refining capabilities are down due to overdue maintenance, the same excuse they used last summer.

1.) How much is gas where you are at right now?
2.) How high will it have go before America really changes it's ways?
3.) If you met an oil executive, would you join me in kicking them right in the nuts?

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for those of you who have read the may 2007 issue of highlights:

there was a two page article about a boy from zimbabwe who discovered a very rare porcupine-like creature with scales instead of quills. i read about it in a waiting room & forgot the spelling of the animal when i got home & was trying to remember what i could, but to no avail in my search. can you tell me the name of the discovered animal from the article? thanks!

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pressing question: if you eat pop-tarts, how do you eat them?

or, more to the point, do you put butter on them after toasting?

my coworker does this and it makes my skin crawl. i need to begin proving that she is the only one in the universe who would do such a thing.

edit: they are frosted, if that makes it any more revolting to anyone. i had to ask after she kept eating pop-tarts with frosting that looked curiously wet, and immediately regretted it.
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luna by heimweh26
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I just got a new computer and have no music on it. I'm looking for song recommendations because I am trying to make a bunch of different playlists. What songs do you recommend? What songs are currently your favorite and why?

(no subject)

Has anyone ever had a dachshund diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease?

And if so, what treatment did they receive?

My story: My 6 year old, male dachshund was diagnosed with IVDD between his C2 and C3 vertebrae in late February. He's been under a vet's care all of this time, and although he isn't worse, he isn't better, either. He has another appointment with our vet tomorrow, and I've been very concerned. It would be so helpful to hear from others as to what to expect with this disease, etc. Thanks for your help. :)

Google Fu Challange!

My google-fu has failed. I was looking up Giant Sequoia on wikipedia for no particular reason, and it said someone named Claude Heit planted one in the finger lakes region back in the 1960's and that it's still growing. This is probably the closest sequoia to me, but I can't find its exact location anywhere, nothing more specific than the finger lakes.

So, where is it TQC?
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Recently I have found myself engaging in LJ-fights. I'm not proud of it and I feel really awful for the fact that I have called a few people idiots or morons, perhaps among other things.

The worst part is finding myself looking back and seeing how a) sometimes my responses to comments didn't even make any sense, b) rude I can be to someone and c) I've totally embarrassed myself.

1. Have you ever had an LJ war? Link if you can - the one I have in mind today is in this community

2. Was it fun?
probably a little at the time but not today!
3. Did you realize later that you were right or that you were wrong?
I realized later that I was out of line in my reactions to some comments.
4. What did you do?
I apologized. And if I missed one, please consider this a public apology. I totally don't agree with name-calling as a general rule and feel just awful that I had the nerve to "speak" to anybody like that.
statutory rape

Homework Help.

I'm writing an appellate brief in which I need to try to argue that a jetski is not a dangerous instrument in the hands of a smart 14 year old professional swimmer. The court that I'm writing for has only heard one case on dangerous instruments, and in it it held that a pizza is not a dangerous instrument.

So, help me out TQC. How is a 562lb SeaDoo Bombardier Jetski like a pizza?

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Poll #964711 COOKIES


Yes, please!
I'm dieting, you jerk!
I feel bad that the last clicky is unimportant.

What kind?

Chocolate Chip!
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Peanut Butter
Your face!
Other (I'll say it in a comment to feel special)

I don't have any cookies, sorry.

Oh, okay.
I feel bad for the unimportant button again.
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panic attacks

1. Do you ever have panic attacks? How long have you been having them for?
2. How often do you get them?
3. What are your symptoms/what happens? Do you know what your triggers are?
4. If you used to suffer from panic attacks but no longer do, what changes did you make for them to stop?
5. What STOPS your panic attacks once you're in the middle of one?
6. Do you take medication?

ALSO, if you do have panic attacks, or a panic/anxiety disorder, are you able to function "normally" most of the time, i.e. hold down a job, relationships, friendships, etc.?
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What's pissing you off right now?

Me? Having to listen to kissing noises. I can't freakin stand it and it's been coming from the next bedroom over for the last 45 minutes. For christsake kiss quietly or take it outside! GRRRRRR!

Rant over.

i'm having a brain fart...

Do you know this song? or who it's by?

it goes something like this....

1 2 3 what are we fightin for? open up the pearl-y gates...........
then it continues with all the numbers .... it was a propular song in the '60's during the war and woodstock....

(actually someone sang it at woodstock...

Please help me remember this song.....

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I know this may seem really ignorant but my friends & I have been wondering...

Are there any gas stations in New York City? If so, where? We've all been there multiple times and don't recall ever seeing one and we're confused as to how people get gas... I guess ??
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I am hoping to make a pot of black and white bean chili this weekend.

The recipe calls for 6 oz of DARK beer, along with the beans, tomatoes, peppers, onions, chili, cumin, etc.

What sort of dark beer would YOU recommend? I like beer but honestly don't know much about it. Basically, if I'm drinking outside it's Corona. Inside it's Bass Ale ;)


I'm a very paranoid person

I've been babysitting for this lady during spring break while she does stuff around the house and today she asked me if I wanted some perfumes her mother sent her. She said that if I don't want them, then she'll probably throw them away. They were Chanel 5, Calvin Klein, and Kenneth Cole. At first, I told her that I don't wear perfumes. THen I told her that my mom loves Chanel 5 so I'd take that for her. Then I said I would take the Calvin Klein one. I hate taking stuff from people for free because I feel like...I don't know. My mother always took like a million free stuff whenever it was free and I was always embarrassed of that. The lady left it out so when I leave, I would see it. But I didn't take it. I feel like it would hurt her feelings that I didn't take it. But I felt weird to just grab it without her telling me to when she was walking me to the door. I'm sure she knows that I saw it.

Do you think she was hurt by that? I know this post will probably piss you off and people will probably react in a mean matter, but I can't help being a neurotic person.

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Okay, let's see if I can explain this. I'm having trouble with Excel and their help file is sucking big time. I have a graph with time on the x axis like the following:

0                               120

I do not want my line to go all the way from the left boundary of the box to the right one. I want there to be a little bit of space between the edge of the box and the line. Is this possible?

            0                120

Please help. Do you know how to make this happen? I'll email you a DQ blizzard if you can.



1.) What do you, as a parent, specifically look for in a babysitter? How do you weed out the bad ones from the good ones?

2.) Would you rather have a babysitter who is always nice to the kids and puts up with their mean behavior, but has a hard time being firm/punishing the kids or one that yells at the kids firmly when they are bad, but it works? Pick one of the extremes.

3.) How would you prefer a babysitter to "punish" a toddler if s/he was bad? Would you even want the babysitter to, or would you rather the babysitter leave the punishment to you?


I'm getting my learnings on.

What are some good real-life books about slavery?
ACTUAL ones written by or about ACTUAL slaves (not those irritating little faux autobiographies written by some random author, only in diary format).

Olaudah Equiano,
Harriet A Jacobs, and
Frederick Douglass.

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How can I become less awkward? Do you think there should be classes offered for The Awkward?

How are you awkward?
I'm awkward in my mannerisms and speech. I over-think actions and then they come out all wrong.
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In communities (that you are active in/actively lurk read) do you read all the posts that you missed?

In this community I feel weird about commenting on posts that are more than two pages back. How far back will you comment on before you feel the post is too old? (I really hope this question makes sense--I couldnt think of any other way to word it)

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What is your favorite television commercial, past or present?  Double points if you can give me a link to it online.

My favorites (at the moment) are the Skittles commercials.  Both of them have an extremely high WTF-factor, and I think that's great in a commercial.

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So uh..anyone else not file their taxes yet?

What's your reason?

Do you feel you are underpaid, overpaid, or just right for the work you do at your job?

I feel I am seriously underpaid. I am doing paralegal work and I am not making paralegal pay by ANY means.
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Don't even need a catchy title 'cause you'll answer anyway

1. What do you think of Margaret Cho? she's cool
2a. What is your favorite play by Henrik Ibsen? The Wild Duck
2b. What is your favorite play by August Strindberg? Dance of Death
3. Should I take a pharmacology class about drug interaction or elementary German next semester? ??
4. What's the prettiest city name you've ever come across? L'anse aux Meadows
5a. What is your favorite kind of cake? petits fours
5b. Dougnut? frosted with sprinkles
5c. Muffin? depends on my mood, but either blueberry or chocolate cappuccino, usually
5d. Bread? real rye
5e. Pastry? apple fritter
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What to do?

I have a bag of VHSes that I tried to give away through FreeCycle... No one showed when they said, and so I still have them. I don't feel like posting them to Craigslist or anything else like that. What would you do with a random dozen tapes you have no need for?

I was thinking of taking them on the train with me when I go over to pick up a friend next week, and just leaving them on a seat, but I dunno if that would look scary and suspicious of me or something. :P
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1. If you are no longer living with your parents... Do you like being an adult or kid better? Why?

2. Do you believe in past lives? If so, why? Who do you think you were in a past life? Why?

3. Regardless of whether or not you believe in past lives, if you had the option of returning in some form or another, would you? Why or why not?
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When did you last take a photo and what was in it? Will you post it?

The last photo I took was yesterday and it was a picture of the gross scab on my leg. I don't think you want to see it.

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Well, I've already posted once today... but this is completely unrelated and I'm really curious.

Are there any diet sodas that are both caffeine-free AND tasty? I looooooove Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Coke W/ Lime, but I need something to drink with my meals that isn't beer and that won't keep me up at night.

Basically what I'm asking is, are there any diet sodas that actually taste like the original? I like most soda flavours (except grape. ew.)
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I broke someone's pinky two weeks ago.
I thought he was simply messing with me until today. I feel horrible. He even refused to go to the doctor because it was just his pinky, and it was broken by a girl.

I'm thinking about obtaining some sort of apology gift. Any ideas?
("Hookers and blow" is not an option.)

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A) If I shot a video, and when I look at it on the computer, it's not upright, is there anything I can do to make it upright? (Don't really know how to explain this, it's like a picture that is supposed to be placed horizontally but then is vertically placed)

B) Is there any program that I can use to extract every single frame in a video? A 1-2 second video. That's about 48 frames?

2 Questions

Celebrity Endorsements & Advertisements

Can anyone think of a successful celebrity advertisement or endorsements that helped increase the revenue for a company? I'm having trouble finding statistics on how celebrities have actually helped companies. Mainly, I'm trying to focus on athletes promoting sportswear, celebrities promoting cosmetics or fashion labels. Thanks.

Phantom of the Opera
Has anyone seen the new Phantom of the Opera in theatres? How was it?
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I've been getting two or three calls from a collection agency every day now for over two years. The catch is that they're looking for the person who had my phone number before I signed my contract. When I get a call, I either get a recording ("This is First Revenue Assurance. Please return this important business call at... blah blah") or a live person asking for so-and-so who had my number before. I have told them that I am not that person many times. I have called the number many times and explained the situation. They always apologize and ask if I know the people they are looking for (no) and say that they'll take me off their calling list. This doesn't happen. I've also been to their website looking for a different way to contact them, but no luck.
Of course, I can see why they keep calling. I'm sure a lot of people say "oh, you have the wrong number" when the collection agency calls. I've learned to just not answer my phone when they call, but then they leave voicemails. Sometimes up to three per day.
Needless to say, this is driving me insane. I don't know what to do, except change my number. This would be much more hassle than it'd be worth.
So tell me, TQC, how do I make them stop calling me?!??

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1. Have you ever worked for a corporate company and actually had fun? I'm looking for a job, preferably one that hires a wee college student with little experience, but will still let me keep in my lip piercings (of which I have four. I'll link to pics if anyone cares).

I just quit Tully's Coffee. I loved it, but I want to work for a place that won't care if I work odd hours (stoopid colige). Most independent places I've talked to either serve beer (I'm 19) or need me to fit to specific schedules.

Or maybe I'm just way too picky.

2. Is there anything you're allergic to that you just can't stay away from, food or otherwise? I'm lactose intolerant, but I always find myself eating stuff with a lot of cheese in it.

3. Are you a vegetarian? If so, why? If it's because of the conditions animals are raised in, would you eat an animal if you knew it was well taken care of and killed humanely?

If you're not, do you find that most vegetarians are self-righteous about it? I've run into a few, but I find they're mostly pretty chill/don't make a big deal about it.