April 10th, 2007

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Does anyone remember the show "Undressed" that came on MTV?
What did you think of it?
Why do you think they stopped airing it?

For some reason they are playing old episodes right now for the rest of the night.
I absolutely loved the show.
I learned more than I ever could about the drama of relationships, and sex.

Johnny Lewis played one of my favorite characters, Ray.
I also loved in the first couple episodes, I think his name was Steve or Scott or something, and he talked to sock puppets.
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your relationship with music

I always have a song in my head. At every moment ever, I could tell you what song is in my head (or maybe I've just made something up, but at the least there's a tune at any given time).

Here's the thing I've always wondered: does everybody else always have a constant running song in their head? Am I unique? TQC friends, do you all have songs all the time? Or do you have quiet mental times?

Also, when viewing a music event, do you always have a desire to be on the performer side than the audience side? That is; is it human nature to want more to MAKE music than to OBSERVE it?

I hope these questions make sense. They've been rolling around in my crazy head for a long time.

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how many hours of sleep do you have to get in a night to function properly at work/school the next day? (you, personally, not collective you)

now tell me, what do you know about cocaine?

(no subject)

Is there somewhere online that does custom sword engraving? I keep finding it for knives, but I need one for a sword I've got. Heck, if there's somewhere that has fantasy swords with custom engraving available, that would work.
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Full time working people:

Do you have paid vacation time? How many days/weeks?
Do you have paid 'sick days'? How many?
Do you have paid health insurance benefits? Partially paid benefits?
Does you company offer dental or AFLAC to their employees? Do you buy it if they do?
Any other perks with your job?
What is your job title?

I have 2 weeks paid vacation, two (count 'em!) paid sick days. The company pays for basic health benefits and I pay a little extra for an enhanced plan (makes copays lower). The company offers dental, which I don't carry (Shenandoah Life dental sucks big time) and several AFLAC programs (I carry an accident and a dental plan) which the employees pay 100%.
My boss lets me use the UPS worldship to send packages (which I try hard to not take advantage of).
As for a title, I guess "Administrative Assistant".
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I, erm, finally have a question to ask, I think. And what I was wondering, is this: What's the most remarkable thing you've seen recently?

It can be anything, really. Something small--a random observation. Something you may not've remembered until just now. Figure, the more detail, the better. ::shrugs:: I don't know. I like hearing about such things. Different perceptions and all--what's important to other people. And anyways, this is what I saw and wrote about and thought not too long ago:

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credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

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my husband is the best man in a wedding in three weeks. I wasn't invited (for obvious reasons~ I'm not in the bridal party) to the rehersal dinner. that night happens to be the only night he has off that week.how rude would it be to go to the rehersal but not the dinner? they are "such close/good friends of ours" (his words not mine) so I think they should understand that he wants to use his one night off to relax at home with his wife. Its also not like he will be able to see me at the wedding because he will be doing his best man duties and I understand that. My other thing is they sent an invitation to him that said rsvp if you are coming and what you will be eating, which to me gives him the open choice to attend the dinner.
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I do not feel like going to work today, TQC, but I know I have to, and I have tomorrow and Thursday off, so at least that's something.

But is there any song that, if you listen to it on the way to work or school or whatever unpleasant yet necessary event you must attend, never fails to make it a little brighter? What is it?
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Rochester, New York

1. What kind of cars would you suggest for a place like Rochester, where the winters can be very cold/icy?

2. For those of you who live in Rochester, any tips/advice for someone who will be moving there soon from Houston?

Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1) Fraggles or Muppets?

2) Reading Rainbow or Sesame Street?

3) Fun House or Double Dare?

4) JD Roth or Marc Summers?

5) Tiffany or Debbie Gibson?

6) Is there a movie that you seemingly hated, but are for some reason obsessed with? I feel that way about Body Double and Tommy.

7) Inspired by this post:
Do you think the punishment for Don Imus's racist and sexist comments is sufficient?
And to ask the question the Today Show asked this morning:
Why is there still a rift between races?
Do you think that racism is often ignored?
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1. What was your reaction to what Don Imus said? Did anyone laugh out of disbelief?

2. What was the hardest thing for you when learning how to drive?

3. Are you patient enough to teach someone how to drive?

4. Would you rather live in this day and age or in the days of The Wonder Years? If neither, which time period would you prefer to have lived?

model → rad boys

Introducing dogs to live together.

Tips on introducing dogs?

A girl is renting out my sister's room and will be living with us for a while with her puppy. She just arrived back into town and the dogs met for the first time. Amber (my dog) is eleven years old and usually okay with other dogs, though it really depends. She has become very maternal, but she is still rough sometimes and forgets her size (she's a Weimaraner). The puppy is male and a Papillon. I know to keep giving her lots of attention and it will take time, etc. etc., but seeing as how they'll be living with each other I thought some special TQC advice was needed.

(no subject)

1a. Do you tend to listen to different music on your mp3 player than you do on the radio? I listen to the same kind of music on my mp3 player as I do the radio, but there are a lot of songs that I like listening to in my car that I always skip over when they start playing on my mp3 player.

1b. If so, does your music choice depend on what you're doing or where you are? Most of the time I like listening to louder, faster songs in the morning as I wait for the bus. After work I tend to listen to the slower, quieter ones.

2. I'm burning up and these nylons are making my shins itch like crazy. Anyone else feel bizarrely uncomfortable today?

3. I can never seem to wake up feeling fully-rested. It has come to the point where I wake up ten minutes before I have to leave for work, so I do my hair/makeup when I get there, and throw the ingredients for lunch in my lunch bag rather than putting a sandwich together etc. I've tried everything I can think of - getting more hours of sleep, getting fewer hours of sleep, eating before bed, not eating before bed, sex, masturbation, sleeping pills, exercising right before bed, not exercising right before bed - nothing has helped me wake up feeling rested. Do you have this problem/have you had this problem? Do you have any serious tips that could possibly help me, or should I talk to my doctor?

4. Which is worse - driving behind a car going 10+ mph under the speed limit, or having a car on your ass that wants you to go faster? IMO, driving behind a car going 10+ mph under the speed limit.

5. How is your day going? Are you looking forward to anything even slightly out-of-the-ordinary this week? It's going alright. Today is my short day at work, so Tuesdays are always pretty good. This week I'm looking forward to my wireless card arriving, and my boyfriend finally getting his motor put in his new truck so I don't have to keep driving everywhere!
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So what is your fave book from your childhood? 
I loved a book called "sigularity" about a space time vortex thing these twin boys found in there cabin. 

Fave book/author of all time?
I love Mary Higgins Clark

What breed of dog do you have or what is your fave?
We have 5 boxers at my dads house. One that we have had for 7years, He is out boy. then there is his girlfriend and one of there pups from her first litter. and two tiny baby pups from a recent littler that we are trying to sell! I love them!!!!

(no subject)

1)Would you say Heinz ketchup is the defining taste of ketchup? If not, do you prefer any brand?
2)What besides fries do you put ketchup on or dip in ketchup?
3)Did you try any of the colored ketchups when Heinz made them? If so, did they taste differently?
4)Are you available on short notice?
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I am inept!

I graduated from high school last June. There was this girl in my class, who I guess I would consider an acquaintance, anyway we both really like Architecture In Helsinki. She was going to come with me to see them once but she wasn't very familiar with the city so she decided not to come. I plan on seeing Architecture In Helsinki this June. I have her phone number because she randomly texted me like 9 months ago and I just called her back like 2 months ago because I didn't recognize the phone number. It was kind of awkward when I called her and we only talked for around 3 minutes and she told me to call her if I ever wanted to hang out, I told her I would probably never call her again. I'm thinking about calling her to tell her about the Architecture In Helsinki show because she probably doesn't know about it and I have a feeling she would really like to go. However I don't want it to seem like I'm trapping her into going with me. Should I call her or not? I'm very socially awkward so I'm bad at stuff like this. Would it seem like I was trying to trap her or something?
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lunch anyone?

not sure if anyone's asked yet...

1. what's for lunch today? where?
2. what would you rather be eating?
3. w/o thinking too much.. memorable lunch? describe.

edit w/my answers:
1. lean cuisine + edaname at home
2. eel unagi + seaweed salad + glass of chilled sauv. blanc.
3. cafe in Paris, after strolling through the Louvre... red wine and jambon/fromage sandwiche (luvly ham + cheese..and i don't even like ham, but it was good!)
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Last night I was watching CNN.

Did anyone else see watch it and see the guy who thinks that homosexuality is basicly a illness and that with lots of pray and thearapy one can become straight???

What are your feelings on this? 

I was so mad and upset.  I am a homosexual and no it is not an illness.  Like omg.......why are people so close-minded, I don't understand.  There are more important issues in the world, liek the war, hungry, poverty, aids, to be talking about than to worry so much about someones sexual orientation.
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(no subject)

1. Are we moving toward a paperless society? Should I throw away the fifty pounds of paper on my desk and tell my boss that we are?

2. Are you allergic to any fibers (wool, angora, etc.)? If yes, do you ever just take an allergy pill and wear them anyway?

3. What's the best way to make yourself start going to bed earlier?

4. Do you know who Eddie Gaedel is (without Googleing, EDIT: or reading the comments :P )?

5. When dining out, when do you ask for the check to be split?
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How much do you know about digital television versus analog? How do you get your TV signals? If you're an American, do you know about the February 2009 deadline when analog TV signals will not be transmitted anymore? Does this impact you in any way?

Me: You bet it impacts me. I have no cable and no satellite. I'll have to get a converter box for each TV if I want to be able to see anything other than DVDs and whatnot.

digital cameras

I'm looking to buy a new digital camera and was wanting some opinions. I've owned both a Canon Powershot SD300 and a Canon Powershot A540. I liked the sd300 but my pictures wound up blurry a lot of the time (though this could have been my fault) I currently have a Kodak camera (but have no idea which one as it's in a box in my closet, it sucks)

If you have a digital camera, which camera do you have?
What do you like about it?
What do you dislike about it?
Approximately how much did it cost?
Can I see a picture you've taken with it?

(no subject)

what's the last sweet thing you did for your SO?
he doesn't know it yet. but i just bought him all the cadbury cream eggs that our grocery store had. he was complaining that he didn't get any this easter.

what's the last sweet thing your SO did for you?
saturday night he was out with his guy friends and was supposed to crash at their place. he took a cab home at four in the morning just because he wanted to sleep next to me.
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I'm not a very house-work cleaning type person. I despise it, but I always manage to get it done.

TQC members:

A) Do you have a house-work schedule? (And stick by it).
B) Do you do house-work when you feel the need?

I choose B.

Does anyone have any house-work schedules that will make my house-work fun?

Toilet Paper...?

Aaahhhh, a most exciting topic! Excellent!

1. How many people do you share a bathroom with?
2. How many toilet paper rolls do you go through in one week?
3. What do you use the toilet paper for, if not for the usual toilet-focused routine?

(no subject)

If a dog is left outside 24/7 on a heavy chain in all kinds of weather, is this animal abuse? Does it matter what kind of dog it is? We've called the ASPCA, but since the dog was able to fit under the porch to hide, they said that it had shelter and left it there. Is that really an adequate shelter for a full grown husky?

Do you like your neighbors? Why or why not?
Not the neighbors mentioned above, but my neighbors across the street are awesome.  They have five kids who are all sweethearts and helped me shovel my car out when it was snowing, plus our dogs got out the other day and without even being asked to help, the whole family went out and found them for us. Our other neighbors mostly keep to themselves.

Edited to add: I was in therapy for a couple of years, which was all fine and dandy and I'm better now because of it. But my parents forbid me from ever telling my younger brother about it and every time I went in for my appointment, they always made up some excuse for my brother. Everyone else in the family knew except for him, and they STILL don't want me to tell him about it for some reason. Why do you think they don't want him to know?

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(no subject)

I've been invited to a bridal shower that's coming up this Sunday. It's a charming (but imo creepily virginal) theme of "Teddy Bear Tea Party!" I'm at that age that my college friends are starting to marry up, and this is the first wedding so I'm new to all this...

What exactly is a bridal shower? In baby showers, you bring baby things. But presents are for the actual wedding, and I'm sure as heck not getting presents twice. Is it more of a social gathering of sorts to discuss the wedding?

shoes and icons

I really love these shoes. However I have a feeling they aren't too comfy because they're cheap. I have had cheap comfy shoes, but I don't think these are of that variety.

1. Do any of you have these shoes? Are they comfy?

2. Do you find them to be tacky and/or ugly?

3. Do you recognize the person in my icon?

(no subject)

I plan on throwing a suprise party for my boyfriend's 19th b-day.
I plan on having about 20 people there.
Due to my small house i can't have it there, and I don't have any friends who have large houses.

Where do you think I should throw it?

(no subject)

i am trying to help my friend understand what key changes are, in music.

can you guys think of examples where there are key changes in popular songs? at what time it happens in the song would be very awesome! thanks!

also, what do you think these lines from songs mean?

1. "you are what you love, not what loves you back."

2. "on the scales of desire your absence weighs more than someone else's presence."
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(no subject)

help! i’m falling asleep at work! what can i do to keep myself awake? (i’ve already drank coffee.. which i hate… and i don’t want to walk around cause my feet and knees hurt.. *damn heels*… i jus wanna curl up on the floor in a corner! *whimpers*) HELP!

ETA: thank you!!! i tried the stretching and water and i feel a bit better :)
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Inspired by a previous question,
1. Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Any embarrassing stories?
2. Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person? Any embarrassing stories?

and I asked this before but it was a Sunday night and I'd like to get more feedback (probably should have asked earlier). I'm a college student and I would like to make a lot of money this summer. Any ideas?
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Camera Woes

Why won't my computer recognize my camera? How can I fix this?

I have googled and found all sorts of possibilities, but they just confused me even more. I'm pretty much inept when it comes to stuff like this so any help at all would be fabulous.

EDIT: I have a Nikon Coolpix P1, and Windows XP. I have never had any problems with it before.


Where would I find a white v-neck shirt? Preferably tighter fitting and longer sleeved. I need it by the end of today.

Thanks you guys!

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(no subject)

Do you ever make assumptions about people, either positive or negative, based on the stickers they have on their cars?

Yes, yes I do. LOL. I get irritated when I see people with "I'm not spoiled, I just get everything I want" because seriously, who the fuck says that? I don't think highly of "Stupid boys, trucks are for girls." And it might piss a bunch of you off, but the majority of people I have encountered on the road with the firefighter helmet stickers on their vehicles drive like assholes.
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Seeking suggestions

It may be argued I'm a tad community creating obsessed (currently moderating 62 of them) but everybody has their little hobbies and quirks. Just started another with a rather distinct color theme and I'm having a hard time with the interests list.

Current Interests List: albino eyes, cotton candy, strawberry nesquik, baby girl clothes, pink, pink flamingos...

Can you name me some pink stuff?
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(no subject)

What is so great about opening day at Fenway Park? Or any park for that matter?

Seriously people, it's a baseball game.

To make it clear, I do enjoy watching the red sox. It's not like I hate them or anything, I just don't understand the hype about it.

(no subject)

If you work in an office, are you technically supposed to be busy all the time, or is it accepted that there will be times when you don't have anything to do? If the latter is the case, how do you fill that time?
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Often imitated but never duplicated.... GENIE.OF.THE.LAMP!

EDIT: TL;DR. Let's try this again. 8P

I'd like to be able to write THE script for an unknown actor that would change their lives. For example, the guy who played Socrates in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I'd like to write a script that'll win him the Oscar and put his name on everybody's lips.

You're able to change lives magically.

So how do you do it? grant wishes? mail loads of money to people anonymously? Leave cars with the keys and the titles in the driver seat in random spots and the first to find it keeps it?

Who do you favor with you wishes? Anyone who crosses your path or only those in Podunk, Mississippi?

And no wishing for world peace. ;o)

(no subject)

Anyone have good suggestions for data recovery programs? We somehow managed to horribly corrupt the folders containing all our music and pictures. I'm fairly desperate to get this stuff back. Free programs would be the best, but any that you've had good results with would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

Say you have a can of peanuts. It's presumed that several people will be sharing the peanuts or at least will have access to them should they want some. Say one person amongst this group is now eating can to mouth so that their fingers are touching both their lips and tongue and the remaining peanuts in said communal can.

1. On a scale of one to ten (1 being absolutely yummie and 10 being horrifyingly disgusting), how would you rate this scenario?

2. What's the grossest breach of food etiquette that you can think of? Because I'm watching this peanut thing go down right now and I don't think you can beat it.

edit: it cannot involve piss, shit, vomit, or phlegm.

(no subject)

My daughter is being screened for "superior abilities" (making her sound like a candidate for the x-men, woo!). My googling abilities are marred by my excitement and all I'm finding is crap... can anyone help me find a sample test anywhere online so we can know what she's in for?

edit: oh yeah, they say they're giving her "Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test 2", which I've also googled and I get almost nothing of use!

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tacky wedding ideas

Would you ever...

Have a double wedding?
HELL NO! That sounds like the worst idea ever.
ETA: I'd avoid this arrangement because it is way too complicated to plan for 4 groups of friends/family, and I don't think I am generous enough to share me and hubby's "special day" with another couple.

Incorporate pets into your wedding?
Yes... because I think of them as humans.

Have a theme wedding (ie Renaissance, gothic, Star Trek)?

What are some other tacky wedding ideas?
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Of fantasies and fairytales.

1- Does this story sound entirely made up to you? (Short of it: Guy claims to have randomly dialed a number of some chick and they fell in love and got married. Just like that.)

2- What entirely real event in your life would you make into a lie to get media exposure?

3- Last dream/hallucination you mistook for reality? Or vice versa? (Something that really happened that you thought was all a dream.)

1- Yeah. I don't get why Reuters is running something like that as fact, with nothing to back it up but the dude's story.
2- How I met husband. Meeting online is so cliche, I should figure something more romantic. :P
3- I'm constantly confused if things are real or not. It's fun.

mold = gross :(

i have this cool plastic tupperware container with a screw on lid. i took it to work with yogurt in it. i ate the yogurt, but did not rinse it out. meant to do so when i got home. threw it in the sink, forgot about it for a couple of days. last night when doing dishes, i opened it up, and there was a bit of fuzzy green mold growing in there that smelled absolutely ghastly. i almost threw up it smelled so bad. but, i held my breath and washed it out REALLY good. this morning, i went to put something else in it, but smelled it first. it still STINKS REALLY REALLY BAD. its gross. before i throw it out, is there some way to get rid of the disgusting mold smell?? should i soak it in bleach or something?? baking soda?? any ideas?? thanks
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(no subject)

1. If you like vodka, favorite brand? (Keep in mind, you're not paying. lol)
2. For shots?
3. For mixed drinks/cocktails?
4. And, if you had to choose, would you rather have Absolute or Smirnoff? For shots? For mixed drinks?
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(no subject)

Fellow TQC-ers, I'm in a little bit of a pickle. I've been involved with a role-playing game for a number of years now, and it's starting to die out. The people that have been around forever bicker with each other, and the "moderator" seems to not give a crap anymore, while refusing to give up power. There are people that are still interested in the game, and I'm at a loss as to how to promote it and bring new blood into it. Here's my question:

How do you get new people interested in a role-playing game? Where can you advertise, if it's a really specific niche? Or is the game doomed to die out?

(It's virtual gymnastics, in case anyone cares.)

(no subject)

I remember reading a very sad article on Wikipedia months ago. It was about a woman who gave birth to a baby girl born with just a brain stem. Although there was no way the baby could ever live without full live support, the mother refused to let her child die because of her religious beliefs. She felt it was only up to god to decide when the baby should die. The little girl died when she was 2. Does anyone know the url to that Wikipedia article? Has anyone else heard of this?
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(no subject)

1) What other tv shows besides Buffy the vampire slayer, 7th heaven and Scrubs have had a musical episode?
For some reason I want to say Ally McBeal but I think they just did a lot of singing and dancing in general

2) What tv shows do you think should have a musical episode?
"House md, the musical" would be funny. I can see "Lost: The musical" as well. (They don't even need an excuse to start singing. If they can have a polar bear they can do pretty much anything and get away with it.))


1.) What Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are you? If you have never heard of it, take the test here: http://humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

Oftentimes, your results may not be correct. I got INTJ the first time and it was because I thought it would be ideal to be that, but my true type is INFP. You gotta read the results and see if each individual letter really fits you.

2.) Do you research about your type a lot? 

For me, yes. Almost obsessively (at least before).
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(no subject)

- If you had the opportunity to apply for a job via email or in person, which one would you choose? Do you think how you apply would affect whether or not you get the job?

- Do you buy organic food?

- If you take a lot of digital pictures, do you print them at home or order prints from a photobucket type site?

- Do you honestly accept other people's opinions if they are different from your own?

(no subject)


I just bought a dvd, one of those "special edition" deals that has the thick paper cover thing over the actual dvd case. (better example: the paper often used to cover the actual dvd case on boxed sets and such) The stupid people at F.Y.E. put the price sticker right on the paper, so when I attempted to take the sticker off, it left that white, sticky, gunky residue that I'm sure many are familiar with.


What can I do to get this gunky residue off of the cover paper without ruining it?
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I hate it when the husband gives me hints about my birthday present more than a few days in advance!!!

My birthday isn't until August, why is he giving me hints now?!!?

This is the hint he gave me: I'll use it more than I use my laptop.

WTF kind of hint is that?!?

I know he's buying it online and it is going to cost more than $100 at least.

Should I wait until he goes to work tomorrow and then check the history on the desktop computer?

Arg. He knows I'm nosy. Did he do this on purpose?????
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(no subject)

Do you think humans are born as inherently good people and are spoiled by religion/media/government, or are we born with brutal, violent, primal instincts and are kept in check by laws?
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(no subject)

1. what's a good song to help people deal with grief? which one helps you?
2. what is(are) your favourite tv show(s)?
2a. does it have livejournal communities dedicated to it/them?
2b. are you a member of any, if so, which?
3. what will sanjaya do with himself tonight?!

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(no subject)

What do you look for in a relationship?

Personally, I go by Daria's criteria: whether or not their personality clicks with yours, if our sense of humor/likes are similar, whether or not we can have five-minute conversations without boring the living hell out of each other.

(no subject)

An object you (an intern) and your boss share has been misplaced, and must be found as soon as possible. He has searched his office, and you have searched yours. You are certain it's in his office. He tells you to search your office even more thoroughly, and wastes time looking in more and more improbable places there instead of trying his again.

Which of the following do you do?

a) look again so he'll go back to his office
b) tell him you'll look again so he'll go back to his office, but don't really
c) tell him you're not going to look again, since it's in his office

I suspect I chose wrong today.

Edit: You searching his office is not an option.

2. Where do you think the object was, in the end?
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full stop

Do you put one space or two after a period in a sentance?

I've always put one space. My boyfriend says 2 is correct. Your opinion? And who taught you this way was correct?
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(no subject)

All-wise and all-knowing TQC, I bring to you this dilemma of mine...

How do I get temporary hair  dye off  my hands and  face?

EDIT: Keep those suggestions coming! Most of what you've suggested I've tried, but it hasn't worked. Tomorrow I can see about buying some lava soap or baby wipes. I'll try those. Thank you!
Me--State Fair

TQC, I need some help!

I'm starting a job at HuHot next week, and one of the requirements is that if you hair is past the shoulder, it needs to be up. I look 15 with my hair back, and since that was 12 years ago for me, I don't want that. I'm thinking of going to chin length. But most of the websites that I'm looking for pics on are crap--they show me long hairstyles, they shrink my Firefox window, they have annoying pop-ups...

What's a good site to check out haircuts? And for that matter, do I have the face to pull off such a 'do? I don't even know what shape my face is. I'm not a very girly girl...

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Life lessons

What are some significant life lessons that you learned from experience? Life lessons that helped you mature, be more mindful, and/or helped you react "better" in later situations. I would appreciate it if you tell us about the experience that led you into the lesson. Definitely explain your lesson, though!

If it's cliche, please delve more into it.

(no subject)

What was the last embarrassing act you committed?
I sent my boyfriend's dad a text message instead of my boyfriend, apparently I stored the wrong number. The message itself wasn't too bad just a "I'm so nervous about to be interviewed, if they say no then I'm fucked". Still, I want to crawl into a hole and die now.
petit prince

trail mix anyone?

1. are there any fruits that you like dried, but not fresh? how about vice versa?

2. what nuts do you not like?

3. do you like banana chips?

4. have you ever had the ones from whole foods that are just banana 'crisps' or something and they're not coated in hydrogenated oil of satan or whatever?

5. if we were in the library together writing papers about al qaeda, would you want me to bring you dried fruits and nuts or the mike & ikes that come in the blue bag?
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Creative activities needed!

What are some group activities for around a dozen people or so that involve art?
For example collaborative paintings where people each take turns at the canvas...

What are some ideas you can think of that are half art, half game? Or just some fun art projects that a whole room of people can enjoy together?
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Two questions

First: What do you suppose the most proper (in terms of respect and definition) term for a person of mixed heritage is?
Still answer this one if you'd like, but apparently it was asked recently. I'm still curious to hear if anyone wants to answer.

Second: If you had your choice between a chocolate chip and M&M cookie, or just a regular chocolate chip cookie, which would you choose?

(no subject)

For those with tattoos, how bad did it hurt when you got them done?

I'm getting my first on Saturday, and I'm nervous and worried that as soon as I feel the needle, I'll leap off the chair.

Also, pics please.


In your opinion, what protects our Constitutional rights better: The state or the federal government?

What rights do you consider to be inalienable, Constitutions aside?

What right do you wish was inalienable?

Who would win in a fight, Hamilton or Madison?

A computer question

Wondering if the collective brain here knew something or other about computers as it's too late to contact a technician at the computer store tonight...

My boyfriend was trying to upgrade his computer today but things aren't working very nicely together.

He's using his old:
Old harddrive (ATA)

With a new:
Power supply (650 watts)

When he turns on the computer, this is what happens:

Sits on a black screen for a bit.
Flashes intel splash screen.
Flashes "Would you like to load SATA bios?"
Wierd letters on bottom that cycle through twice.
Sits on black screen.
Keyboard and mouse lights go out and become non-responsive.
Sits on windows loading screen for a long time.
Sits on black screen for a long time.
Windows login screen with no cursor or mouse.
Blue screen of death.
Computer restarts.

Any suggestions of what could be wrong?

Are these two compatible:
-Intel Core2 Duo E6400
-Intel Motherboard D975xdx

(no subject)

Given that in English we read from left to right, and that it easier to be, and more people are, right-handed, in places where languages such as arabic are written (which read from right to left) are there more left-handed people than right?
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the more you know

(no subject)

Do you remember those Oreos that turned your milk blue? This was like 7 or 8 years ago maybe.
Did you ever happen to eat any of those? They turned my shit blue.

Have you ever had a color change in your fecal matter due to something you ate/drank? What was it and what color?

(no subject)

Where could I find dresses of this style (all one piece, the longish sleeves) in a size 16? (16W is alittle too big usually D:)
I've checked: Vanity, Pennys, Younkers, Kohls, Gordman's, dillards, amongst others

Law and Order SVU

I really wanna watch Law and Order SVU but am having trouble finding the episodes online.  I've watched all the episodes that they have on fanpop and the one's on youtube and peekvid don't work.
Does anyone know where I can watch more episodes online from any season of Law and Order SVU? Thanks!

(no subject)

Have you ever had a close online LJ friend die?

Did you keep their journal friended? For how long?

I was very close with sadsong and she died a year ago today. :( I still have her friended. I dunno why. I just can't bring myself to delete her.
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Marriage %

Are there any statistics that show what percentage of Americans over the age of X gets married?

Or at least something that says how many Americans get married each year?

I like to think logically and I'm just wondering what my odds are, from a statistical point of view (even though I know it's zero from a social point of view so whatever).

How many people over the age of 45 do you know who aren't and have never been married?

Have you ever known anyone who has never had a significant other?

You can factor in sexual preference if you want.

art majors

Anyone here majoring in art?

Here’s my dilemma: I really like art and I really enjoy doing it. I want to try and minor in art for now and see how that goes.

My issue is that I barely have any art experience. I took one year of beginning art in high school and that’s pretty much it. (high school barely teaches you anything so it’s not much)

I’m afraid of failure and I’m worried that art is something you either have to be naturally good at or else it’s not going to work out. I lack innate abilites since I don't even know how to paint, sculpt or shade :0(

So my questions are:
For art majors, how much experience did you have before you decided to pursue art as a major? Are you just naturally talented? Took art classes in high school? etc?

Do you think it’s possible for someone with very little experience to major in art? Do you think a person can actually LEARN to be artistic?

(no subject)

Dear wise people of TQC,
1. Do you know of any rotatory motor that I can build myself? A motor that can support a cylinder of weight about 2-3kilograms, and it would be best if the speed can be adjustable. Major plus if I do not need to use a lot of money.

2. If you have made great big art structures before, can I please speak to you? I really need help with my art project because 1. it's driving me nuts and I have about 4 more months to finish EVERYTHING and 2. one of my teachers keep on saying that it wouldn't work.

For the ladies...

Inspired by the latest period question:
Where is the most unpleasant place you've gotten your period?
I can't decide which is worse, the plane to Hong Kong or the loooong security line in the airport, right before I boarded a very long flight. Both were unfortunate circumstances.
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(no subject)

1. Does it annoy you when people call tortoises "turtles"?

(Yes. Because they're a totally different species.)

2. How frickin' awesome was Life on Mars tonight?

3. Because this was just on the news ...

A young woman gets cancer and doctors tell her she'll be left infertile after chemo. She and her SO decide to have some of her eggs fertilised with his sperm and then frozen for the future. Then, they break up, and the man wants the embryos destroyed so that she can't use them. The woman appeals to several Human Rights courts and loses. They just finally ruled today that the embryos would be destroyed. Do you agree with this? Why/Why not?
im french

(no subject)

How many US states do you think there are?

How many Canadian Provinces do you think there are?

What is your nationality?

*Fuck HTML. Inspired by the post about license plates and state flags.
not mine, mat

personals sites

hey people
what's a good online dating site that's free?
My biggest problem is that i'm in a relationship but looking for another (I'm bi, dating a male but also looking for a woman) and it's hard to convey that when the stat thing is so limited/
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(no subject)

I'm a junior in high school. I know I'm one of the younger people here, so I was hoping to get some advice from you fine folks.
I'll be graduating in 2008, and I'm thinking about putting off college, at least indefinitely.
Did you or anyone you're close with take a gap year or just do something for a bit before heading to college?
What'd you do?
Can you give me advice about what to do after high school, pleeeease?
cole, baby
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(no subject)

"I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad, the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I ever had"

What song is this and who sings it?

I can't for the life of me remember...

Dont know if this has been asked here yet or not but...

Who is everyones pick for American Idol? Just Courious

No present = no cake, sry 2 say

My 16th birthday was March 19th and I didn't have a party or even let anyone acknowledge I'd gotten older- my question is this:

Is it still cool for me to have a Sweet 16 in June, or even in the Summer? Is it too late? Are people gonna be all "wtf @ her" as in "Why does she suddenly want to have a party when she was all unhappy on her birthday?"

And when inviting people should I stick to just people I know or also go with people my friends know and like to party with that I don't not like? I feel like I should invite them just because they're at every party I attend but at the same time I don't know them!

What should I do about old friends that I want to invite but I don't know how they'll mesh with the rest of my friends? I'm afraid they'll just be bored and have no one to talk to. My friends aren't minglers.

Do you want to come to my party?

Edit: removed question about gmail. nvm!
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(no subject)

I recently found out who my roommate for next year is going to be.  She's really nice, and I already knew her, but we're not really friends.  I'm one of those people who talks a lot and says very little--she just very rarely talks.  We've been hanging out lately, and there are a lot of loooooooooong silences.  These make me uncomfortable, but I don't want to monopolize the conversation, and we have almost nothing in common.  So after we get past the "So how're you?  Fine.  What've you been up to?  Nothing much" part of the conversation, there's nothing to say.  She generally gives one or two word answers and then just gets really quiet again.  We've already done the whole age/major/home conversations.  Also--and I have no idea whether or not this has any bearing on the situation--she may be mildly retarded (for lack of a better word).  And I do mean mildly.  I've met autistic kids, and I don't think she's anywhere on the spectrum, it just seems like every once in a while a couple of neurons don't do what they're supposed to.  So my question is this:

Can you suggest some neutral/broad topics that I might be able to use to get her to actually talk?  I feel like I'm treating her like she's stupid, and I don't want to, because she's not, but I don't want to throw something at her that makes her feel stupid, either.  Any ideas?
south park

(no subject)

What's the most ridiculous thing that just makes you soo happy?

Seeing things that I don't always see, like Triscuts or Animal Crackers or something.  It sounds so stupid, I know.  There's also Team America, and the song "Americaaaa FUCK YEAH" Just makes me happy, lol

There's also a lightening storm where I am right now, too.  Those also put me in a super-awesome mood.


unrelated question--how many people do you know personally that still use LJ (for anything, whether it be updating journals or commenting in communities)? Other than my sister I seriously feel like the last of my kind, and I only really use it for communities now.

*deep & seedy voice* Love song dedicatons

1. Have you ever made a love song dedication? What song, and to whom?

2. What is the worst or most ill-chosen love song dedication you've heard?
Someone (with 6 kids incidentally... hrmm...) just dedicated Annie Lennox's "Why".

3. I think there should be some sort of emotional dedications time, where people dedicate songs of love, hate, anger, thanks & whatever else they're feeling. What would you dedicate right now on this station, and to whom?