April 9th, 2007


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Why do I attract so many crazy people? Does that say something about me? Why did I ever date a suicidal, pot-smoking, anger-issue drunk? Why do I still care about him and am there for him when all his friends have given up?
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dyngus crunk

RING me on my MO-BILE

my luddite of a friend has decided to emerge from the stone age and get a cell phone. she's currently comparing sprint and verizon. sprint's $10 cheaper per month (for 200 any time minutes and free nights & wknds), but she doesn't know anyone who has it. SO, does anyone have any opinions on sprint or have anything else to contribute to the discussion? thanks!

(she'll be living in boston, if it makes a difference)

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1. Hi guys, I really need help with this. It would be great if I can get answers within 4 hours(I know I can count on you guys!) I am very bad at things like screwdrivers and nails, sooooooooooo..

does anyone know of any motor that has a circular surface, it would be good if it was a small surface, and it can spin at a very, very fast rate(think helicopter or fans). I suppose you can call it a motor?
Do you think I have to build this?
How much would it cost approximately?
Got any sites?

Please! It's 1.14AM and I'm very sleepy but I'm struggling to find information on this! Thanks! :)
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Why is the rum gone?

1. What is your favorite beer, if you have one?
Mine is Razz Wheat, but it's hard to find because it's from a local brewery. Otherwise I like Pacifico or Red Stripe.
2. What is the worst beer you've ever tasted?
Keystone Light
3. If you drink, do you prefer beer, wine or hard liquor?
Hard liquor in mixed drinks, but I am learning to appreciate beer and wine.
4. Have you or do you drink with your parents?
Not with mine, but my MIL bought me drinks last night. It felt a little weird to drink with her.

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my friend from indiana said a package was sent to him via fedex from new jersey last friday (not this past friday). so it's been a week if you don't count sundays. when do you think he should expect the package? is fedex notorious for being slow at all?

argyle slip ons

hey i am dying to get a pair of argyle slip on shoes.
i saw a girl wearing a pair in the mall the other day
and she said she got hers at charlette russe,
now obviously i cant buy shoes there cause i am a male
with a size 11 foot.
i have been searching all over the place for shoes like those
and got nothing. can anyone help me????

the closest i got were these:

i want ones similar to this but more argyle where the black is.
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Are fat black girls more attractive than fat white girls?

The reason I ask this is because whilst out having a drink last night, I overheard a conversation between two young lads who seemed to think so. It went something like this:

"Yeah, I totally did her even though she was, like, a complete heffer."
"So why'd you do her then?"
"Well she was black innit so it's alright. It's the white fat chicks that I wouldn't touch."
"Oh yeah I get you now."

Obviously beauty is in the eye of the beholder whether you like fat, thin, black, white or whatever, I just thought this was strange as they were both white so it didn't seem like a racial issue so much. Curiosity killed the cat, which is why I didn't ask them about it :(
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1. Has your current SO ever cheated on you?

2. If so, why did you forgive them?

3. Would you forgive them if it happened again?

4. Where do you work? If you're not comfortable answering that then what do you do?

5. Do you like your job?

6. Are you full time or part time?

What to get a saffer?

I'm going to South Africa (Capetown) this summer, am going to school in Pittsburgh, and will be going home to Brooklyn for a little bit before I leave.

I'm staying at a friend's house in Cape Town, and I want to get him some sort of present.
I'd like to get him something he couldn't get easily there, and would rather not get him video games (not because of price, but just because he has an import place).

He's on the creative end of advertising, so anything pretty would be cool.
I'm mostly trying to brainstorm things which are exclusive to America or exclusive to Brooklyn, especially if they are difficult to buy online. I'm probably going to bring twinkies, maybe cheez-wiz, but actually cool things would be nice too.

If there are other details I should include, tell me and I will.


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where can a bunch of college girls go on vacation...in august? we want to take a plane from toronto.

i would go to cuba/ mexico/all those other all inclusive type places but i heard its hurricane season. ever been during hurricane season?

how was it?

is anybody awake right now?

what are you doing?

I really need some assistance here...

I am going to start renting a house from this guy. But I haven't given him any money (and he won't take it) because he hasn't gotten the key from the last tenant yet.

My question is; it's been almost a week (since about Tuesday last week the old tenant has moved out.) and he still doesn't have the key.

Now, before I offer up my question PLEASE keep something in mind. I am not exactly the most well spoken person in the world. I tend to bite off more than I can chew. I have ADHD *big surprise I'm sure* and I have a tendency to say exactly what I am thinking, but it not always in the most constructive way. I need HELP with this like yall would NOT believe.


Now for the question (sorry about that): How do I tell him that I am willing by BUY new locks for the house, because, while I do not want to call into the question this person's moral fiber, he has had the keys for an inordinate amount of time after he has moved out and I worry that he may have made copies... or if there are copies, who has them? I am a young woman, who will be living on my own and these are the things that I am thinking of when he tells me that 3-4-5 days later, he still hasn't gotten the keys back.

::takes deep breath::

I need something that sounds calm, cool, collected and most importantly rational, and not spastic (which is how it would sound if I were to pen it myself, because, I have a tendency to come off a bit... I would say STRONG, if it weren't for the fact that that would be this years biggest understatement.).

Thank yall ever so muchly..

oh and 2nd question: are the banks and post offices closed today??
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What food are you craving right now?
I'm craving pansit/pancit/poncit/ponsit (too many spellings) like crazy right now.  I've gone to two family gatherings in the last three weeks and there was a serious lack of the goodness.  I'm going through withdrawl!

Peeps: Good eats or aliens from another planet with world domination in mind?
Look at their eyes, people, they're evil.
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1) What was the last text message your received and who was it from?

2) Does it bother you when people chalk up how someone is acting to something like the following?
- "She must be on the rag/PMSing."
- "He's so freaking bipolar"
- "What a retard"
- "It's because s/he is *insert race here*"

3) Besides iPod and LJ questions, what kind of TQC posts do you find are usually the most made fun of?

4) Does anyone remember the text-based game "Zork"? I used to play it in my "uneek and speshul" gifted classes (lol) and I tried again a couple months ago and couldn't get out of the damn clearing.

5) Do you ever wear a long-sleeved shirt under a t-shirt?

6) What was the scariest movie you've ever seen? Why?

7) What rock star would you like to beat the shit out of?

8) EXCLUDING RACHAEL RAY, which Food Network chef would you like to beat the shit out of?

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1. Do you think there are genuinely nice guys with no catch out there? 

I've recently been seeing a new guy, and my friend seems to think he's too perfect -  thinks he has some deep dark secret or something.

2. What's your favorite food product that has been discontinued?

 I liked the PB Captain Crunch..

3. For you veggies: Favorite meat dish made veg? 

I'm absolutely in loooooove with veggie shepard's pie.
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Why did this guy sit RIGHT next to me in this almost empty computer lab? (D:)
       a. Why is he just sitting there to play comp games? D: D: D:

Do you suffer from what social psychologists call Stranger on the Train Syndrome?

Lattes or Cafe au Lait?
Feet Pyramid

Windows Media Player 11

Nearly all movies I try to play in Windows Media Player 11 will not play sound. Is there a way I can fix this? I've googled it, and I've checked all my sound stuff on my computer. I think it's a problem with WMP. Anyone else have this?

EDIT: Solved! I downloaded VLC and that has fixed the problem. Thanks to matchbox360
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In a bedsheet, does higher thread count mean warmer? I bought a new bed and some "nicer" sheets (like 450 thread count, I think) to go on it. And now I wake up every morning sweating. Did my old cheaper sheets with the low thread count keep me cooler? If that's not it, what sheets would make me more comfortable?

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1) Are either Grindhouse or The Reaping worth riding the bus downtown in the rain and paying $8.00 to go see? I like scary/gory movies with a lot of violence but sometimes have a hard time sitting through things at the theater.

2) How many of your co-workers smoke and take smoke breaks? Do you feel uncomfortable if you're the only smoker or the only non-smoker? Do you take breaks throughout the day if you're not a smoker?

3) What was the last play you saw? Was it good?

Give it a guess

If soda companies stopped putting caffeine in the drinks without telling anyone, how do you think people would react? Would they notice, or would the placebo effect take hold? Would you notice?

I think most people wouldn't really notice. I wouldn't. Every now and then I'll stop all caffeine cold turkey and I genuinely notice almost no difference whatsoever. Then again I don't drink that much to begin with.
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1. What is your favorite tv theme song?

2. What is your favorite tv opening credit sequence?

3. Do you wish more shows nowadays had theme songs or opening credits rather than just a flash of the name of the show (like Lost, for example)?

4. Do you have a favorite jingle from television commercials?

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If you had to pick a term to describe a person whose parents are of different races/ethnicities, what term would you pick?

If you know a non-English language, what term would you pick in that language?

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Hey!! ok so I just got a new phone and I really need some ringtones! my friend mentioned a site he thinks is called tunethis.com  But that didn't work. Does anyone know what he's talking about?  Or anyother sites that will get me free ringtones for my uscellular phone?

Whiter Teeth

For those of you who have/still do whiten your teeth ...

What do you like to use to whiten them?

I've wanted to try whitestrips, but I've heard they make your teeth sensitive and I've tried the baking soda method, but I wasn't patient enough and just gave up after 2 -3 weeks.

So, what's your tried and true method?
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

Help me TQC, you're my only hope!

I need a dress for graduation, and the looking I've done has helped me figure out what I *don't* want.

I have looked at Lane Bryant, Newport News, La Redoute, even Torrid (oy).

I am tall and on the chunky side. I have very muscular calves that I don't like people to see. So what I am looking for is something long (mid calf or longer) that's not in patterns that might give someone a seizure. I'd rather it didn't have sleeves, and it needs to have a shape to it.

Any ideas of where I might find this mythical dress?
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Fellow caffeine addicts:

1. Have you ever taken caffeine pills as a substitute when you were simply unable to have any coffee or soda with you? Did it work or did you end up still sick or twitchy from the pills?

2. What is you preferred source of caffeine?

3. Have you ever slept in too late and awoken with a caffeine headache?
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Hey guys,

So, I want to try investing in the stock market for the first time, just to test it out and see what happens. I only want to try it with about $100.00 at first (if I can invest that little, not sure how it works.)

I've been reading a few articles so far on www.fool.com to get familiarized with how everything works, and I've decided that I want to invest online, instead of physically going to a stock broker, to avoid the higher fees (and because I want to be able to check on my stock online whenever I'm curious.)

So, fool.com has a "Broker Comparison Table" for choosing an online broker. The problem is, some of the terminology on the table is pretty foregin to me.

Here's the table: http://www.fool.com/dbc/tables/compare.htm?ref=60broker

Can anyone explain what all the criteria in the table mean? And possibly, can anyone recommend which would be the best Broker to choose for someone who wants to spend as little as possible doing this?

Thanks so much,

- Liv.

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Hey TQC-

1. Does anyone know the difference between taking a home pregnancy test or getting one at a Planned Parenthood or a doctor? Are they pretty much the same thing or would a person be better off going straight to the doctor?

2. I went on a date with this kid and let him borrow one of my comic books. We haven't talked since said date, how do I get my comic book back? (Serious or hysterical answers welcome, it's better that way!) Keep in mind, we live four hours away from each other and have very few friends in common..

Thank youuuuuuuuu!
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I have to go to little rock arkansas for the week of 4th of july for my FIL's retirement party. I've never been there and I'm guessing theres not much to do... Is there anything cool I should try to see while I'm there? I've heard about supposed diamond fields in arkansas... the person who told me could have been wrong about that though...

Anyone know anyone who got published in playboy?

Anyone been to Graceland?
How was it?

Ex's stuff?

So, my ex and I have totally and officially parted ways to the point to where we consider ourselves dead to each other.

However, I still have a bunch of her stuff and as of right now, she hasn't expressed any interest in having it returned.

Part of me wants to burn it all, but part of me thinks I should return it.

My question is, if you were in this spot, what would you do with your ex's stuff?
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When I grow up, I want to be a father who is taken seriously because of love and non-physical discipline.
Am I just being an idealist, or are there other parents who know this can work?
Any other thoughts on the subject?
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1. if you were living in 1807 instead of 2007, what do you think you'd be doing for work?
2. when is it ok to abandon (not surrender) a pet (yours or someone elses)?
3. what was the last movie you watched (theatre/tv/whatever), did you like it?
4. what's the last non-pet animal you saw?
5. if you were going to buy party supplies online, which site would you buy them from?
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how do you deal with a clingy person? (especially in a relationship)

does it make a difference if it's a long-distance relationship? (say that they continually text you while you're at work and then get all sad and what not if you for some reason can't go out of your way to make time for "them")

what about the amount of time they've been together?
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School, Job, or Career?

Are you in school? What are you studying for? What do you want to BE when you're done?

Are you working a job that you don't plan to stay at long? What do you want to do?

Are you in a career? What do you do? Do you secretly (or not-so-secretly) want to be doing something else?
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Why does my left ring finger hurt when I type? DO I HAVE CARPAL TUNNEL?

What is your preferred face wash?

Why are a lot of child-free people really batshit? (note: A LOT. I didn't say all.)

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What are you guys planning to watch at the movies?

I was thinking I'd try Mr. Bean's Holiday. To anyone who watched it already, how was it? And did you like it? No spoilers on the movie please.
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Okay, so this question is for girls. I mean, anybody can answer it, but it's probably best that a girl answers it.

So right now I'm on vacation and I got a lot of easter money. I really don't need all of it myself so I thought "Maybe I'll buy Lauren (my girlfriend) a nice gift!". The thing is, I'm on some island place in North Carolina and the only store I can really buy a gift from is some over priced tourist trap store with pretty much nothing that I think will interest her.

Now, here's my question. Which would make a girlfriend the happiest: trying to think of something nice to buy her and then buying it for her, or just giving her money and letting her spend it on something she'd want. I've gotten mixed reactions, and I dont know what's best to do! I'd just ask Lauren myself, but I want to keep it as a surprise (I know she'll be very impressed that I thought to buy her a gift) so that's out of the question.
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Do you find accents sexy? Which one do you think is the sexiest?

I really like Irish accents, but after reading Outlander, I'm starting to really like Scottish accents as well.

Also, why does my cat cuddle socks and cry? She's 7, and she's done this ever since she was a baby. It used to be only black socks, but now that there aren't any in the house, she will cuddle any sock.
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I want to get into a new TV show, preferably something I can buy on DVD off eBay. Any suggestions?
Also, something that's not Veronica Mars or House. I'm not interested in those.

So far the shows I have are;
American Chopper
American Gothic
Dark Angel
Invader Zim
One Tree Hill
Prison Break
The Young Ones
Viva la Bam

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1. What characteristics and/or behaviors do you feel make a person a loser?

2. Do you believe that the majority of those who make up the upper echelons of society are there because they inherently deserve it, worked for it, or because they were born into a good position?

3. Do you think achieved or ascribed attributes carry more weight? Which type do you think has the most influence on how a person's life plays out?

4. And now for a serious question: Is there such a thing as comfortable pantyhose? :D
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1. Do you invest in the stock market?

2. If yes, do you use an online broker, or do you physically go to a broker? If no, why not?

3. Age?

4. If you use an online broker, which online broker do you use? Would you call it user-friendly for a newb looking to invest in the stock market? Is there a minimum amount you are required to keep in your account? What was your biggest problem with it, if applicable?

5. How much have you made/lost? How long have you been investing in the stock market? What was your biggest mistake? Any tips for someone looking to explore the stock market?

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This has been driving me crazy.  I've been searching for a short black and white, silent movie.
It's one in particular, I just need the name of it.  I haven't seen it, but I know it involves a girl's eye getting cut open.
Sound familiar?

I really need this for my TV class, because I want to watch it and refine my paper on how torturous motives have always been around in movies.  :[  It would really be appreciated.
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1- What is the smallest thing someone could do that would make you hate them? (Like, start smoking... not murder your mother, that's a major thing. :P)
2- Do you hate people who look/act different than you?
3- Is life like high school forever to you? (The need to fit into a clique, for example.)
4- The last time you said "I hate you" to someone, in so many words?
5- If you were to start a fight with someone over something petty, would you run, or finish what you started? Be honest. ;)

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1) What happened to that Passion of the Christ question from last night?
I realise it was erased, but i can't imagine why. I thought it was interesting :(
If there was drama that i don't know about please forgive me. I don't want to start any shit. I just never know why innocent and drama-free question get deleted. It happens quite a lot and i want to get to the bottom of this unfortunate phenomenon.
It went like this:
"Anyone else find The Passion of the Christ as disturbing as I did?"

2)why do innocent and drama-free question get deleted sometimes? Have you ever deleted such a question? Why do you love to confuse me so?
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My Google-fu is weak today, and I'm not sure it could answer this question anyway.

Let's say you have an S2 LJ layout, Flexible Squares to be exact. You want to put in a header, but not only that, you want to put rotating headers in it. (With a rotating header, each time you reload the page, a different header pops up.)

How would you do this?


anyone live near/in virginia?

whats the weather like about this time of year, especially near the beaches..temperature wise and stuff?

im going on a trip there from school next week with all the musical groups for a concert and i can only have a small little bag so i wanna pack the right clothes..

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The other day as I was reading the newspaper, I read an article about something that happened in a local movie theater.

A theater full of children ready to see The Last Mimzy was instead treated to The Hills Have Eyes 2. Without warning, a scene where a screaming woman in chains gave birth to a dead baby came onto the screen and chaos ensued. The parents were given a refund for the movie and two free passes to see The Last Mimzy.

Imagine bringing your child to see a movie and having this happen. What would you do?

Do you think it was an honest mistake, or someone playing a sick joke?

Edit: Here's the article.

what do you do?

Ever had some much on the go, some good, some bad, some stuff you just had to do, but then it all stops. Then you have nothing to do.
Then you sit in that state of what do i do now. Its kinda depressing.

What do you do when this happens to you?


i had 100 things to do and finish so it kept me very busy, but everything was done for today. so now im just sitting at my computer screen just not knowing what to do next. When you find you have absolutly nothing to do at all, how do you keep your self sane and occupied
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Weirdly worded hair questions.

1. Does anyone know any good websites with lots of current hairstyles? I want to put blonde streaks in my (naturally light brown/dark blonde) hair, but I want lots of pictures to illustrate styles that aren't streaky. Pictures of celebrities work, too. Last time I went equipped with a picture of Fergie, but didn't get what I wanted.

2. Do you know anyone who uses the name "Dirty Texas" to describe the hairstyle that has bangs pulled backed and teased to create a little puff of hair on top of your head?
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When was the last time you cried? Why?
Do you have something you do/watch/think about when you need a really good cry?

Last night I watched the youtube clip of Schindler's List when he's lamenting not getting more people. Oh man, that kills me every single time, without fail.

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is anyone else here completely unable to take a good picture with their significant whatever?

my boyfriend and i are both pretty decently average-looking people and we should be able to take a picture together and look pretty good, but every time we try, one of us looks terrible and ruins the picture. it's almost impossible to get a good picture of both of us. i think we are broken.
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I always thought it was rather new

11:18 AM 4/7/07 · Flipping channels, killing time, putting off how long it will be till I go out to go see The Reaping. On the Comedy Channel they're showing Airplane (the first one obviously) and it's that part where that all important captain is entering the airport and he's fighting his way through all the religious freaks and people with causes...

...basically a bunch of pamphlet pushers. Every airport has some variation of them.

One of them, that I believe received a double spin kick to the head, said something about scientology. While I'm aware they've been around for awhile, and I partially blame this on the fact that a recent negative spin in the news of late may be the cause of this, I've only been relatively aware of them fairly recently.

Don't know offhand when Airplane came out, early 80's or thereabouts, but just how old is scientology? When was it created exactly?
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I quit world of warcraft... now what do I do?

Does anyone know of  fanstay/paranormal romance book club online?  - the kind where you dicuss books with other people and find out what books rocks.

(no subject)

Why do some people simply LOVE shoes? Not just comfortable ones either, pretty ones. Pretty ones that they're willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for..

Is there any psychological significance to this or... is it just... what?

Birthday gifts

OK, so a really good friend has a birthday coming up and I've narrowed down the list of things to get him. One thing I'm thinking is a messenger bag. He said he just got one from a competing company. He said he regrets getting that particular bag now over the first choice. So, would you get your friend the bag they really wanted (even though they already have one)? I never know how to handle these types of situations...

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1. My husband and I want to find a city to live in. We won't be moving for two years or so, but we want to start checking places out now. We want someplace that doesn't get crazy cold (I can't take Chicago's -20 anymore) and where we won't have to live in a subdivision. Bonus points if we can get a bit of land, too. But not too far from an actual city (in a city is ok, though). What to you think, TQC? Do you know of a magical place we can live that will fit all of the criteria?

2. Does it make you sad when your friends' lives start heading in different directions than your own? A friend of ours and her husband have been talking about how they are ready to start a family and she just told everyone today that she's pregnant. I should be happy for her, but since I don't like kids, I don't understand the allure. I know we're probably going to lose her as a friend and that makes me really sad.


Has anyone else suddenly developed allergies? Just randomly, out of the blue, never so much as sniffled in the spring before?

I did this weekend...my head is kinda plugged and when I ran out to get 25 cent Cadbury Creme Eggs just a bit ago, my sinuses were like OMGWTFOWWW!
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So, next week I'm going on a school trip to Quebec City for 3 days. I live in Maine, pretty close to Canada, but I've never really been there and had the opportunity to shop or look around much.

What are some things I should do/buy/eat that are unique to Canada?
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When you graduated from college what was the most memorable/best gift you received. What gift was the most useful to you? (Don't say money, I know that that is always the most useful think you can receive, I want to know the most useful item.)

If you haven't graduated from college yet what would you like to receive?
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TQC, I have absolutely no clue what I want to do with my life. I'm only 16, but I'm graduating early. I figure I'll work for a year or two to save some money, but I don't know what I'm going to do past that. Appealing options are:
A. going to college for something English/Journalism related;
B. going to cosmetology school so I can become a makeup artist;
C. getting a business degree so I can open my own place (probably a bookstore); or
D. running away to California to become a Hollywood hobo because I just can't handle this many choices.

My questions are these: How should I go about finding what I want to do? What do YOU want to do? When/how did you find this out? Does it even matter at this point?
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What can you do with a degree in anthropology? 

There are some really cool classes, with an instructor that I really like who makes the classes fun, that I would like to take classes from next couple of semesters. However, I want a degree in Social work, and don't need those classes. 

Can you tell I am bummed? LOL
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I prefer

toaster strudel

If I paid 50 bucks for a ticket to a show and something came up so that it would be a very busy weekend and tiring to go to the show, I would

still go. I paid 50 damn dollars for it.
skip it. There will be other shows and 50 bucks isn't worth being busier than a one-armed paper-hanger.

My favorite things on the playground were

regular swings
tire swings
teeter totter/see saw
monkey bars
concrete pipes/tunnels
basket ball goals/court
four square
railroad tie balance beams
dirt and rocks to throw at other kids

Half question, half quest.

Has anyone ever seen a picture of Ron Jeremy's penis online?

Not something that MIGHTBEHIMBUTIDK and not a censored picture or anything but the actual penis itself? Because I cannot, for the life of me, find one. single. picture. of his penis. He is the most famous porn star freakin' ever and NOTHING.

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okay...so this may seem really crazy but i've got to come up with at least $1,400 by May. It's for an urgent trip to Paris I am taking for roughly only about 3 days (may 6th-9th).

If any of you can suggest quick ways to make some cash, please let me know...or even better, any cheaper ways to get to Paris? I checked travelocity and what not and jdghjkhgfjshgsjkd i'm so fustrated
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1. What's the worst fight you've ever had with a sibling?

2. Would you give up airplane travel to reduce your carbon footprint?

3. Asian guys: more, less, or as sexy as everyone else? Edit: And why?

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polaroid cameras and sinusitis

1) Do any of you all out there have a polaroid camera? If so, can you tell me which kind or recommend what model I should get? I'm looking for one that's not too vintage (i.e. they still sell the film for it).

2) Do any of you all out there have sinusitis or chronic sinus infections? Besides going to the doctor and getting antibotics, do you suggest any ways of relieving the pressure? I have tried vaporizers, which help, and a neti pot, which also helps.

3) What's your favorite letter?

4) How many fingers am I holding up?

5) Would you let me pee on you?/Have you ever let anyone pee on you?/Have you ever peed on anyone?
Kasumi of the DOA games

The Ultimate Final Fantasy Poll

Poll #963299 The Ultimate Final Fantasy Poll

Which is the best of the Final Fantasy games?

IV/II(US): Set the stage
V: Hidden Gem
VI: In a word - Kefka
VIII: Hey, someone must like it!
IX: Underrated, yo!
X/X-2: What? They're not the same game?
XII: ...Mostly because I never played the others
Other (specify in comments)
"Final what" now?
They All Sucked.
Kingdom Hearts. What? WHAT?

(no subject)

Is anyone here a psychology major/has a degree in psychology? What college do/did you go to, and what was/were your experience in the classes like? Did the courses cover the things you thought they would in high school?

Also: Does your college's psychology program focus more on psychological research or treatment of mental illness/counseling?
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Silent Treatment

I haven't talked to a friend of mine in a year and a half.

We used to be best friends, and we practically dated for quite a few months. He's a really great guy, and we knew pretty much everything about each other. However, he got really into alcohol and partying. I hated him when he drank, despite the fact that he was still really sweet to me when he drank, and after one bad night, I stopped talking to him.

He said "hi?" the next day on MSN, but since then, he hasn't tried to talk to me. Most people know that I'll talk to people when I'm ready, though.

I'm happy without him in my life, but sometimes I'm wondering why we purposely do not talk to one another. We have mutual friends, and we've seen each other about five times since we stopped talking, but we've never said a word or really looked at each other.

The problem is that he still turns into an idiot when he drinks. I saw him at a small house party a few weeks ago, and everyone said that was the worst he's ever been. (He got violent when his friends tried to take him home.) I can't stand seeing him like that, and I worry excessively about him when I know he's drinking.

I've been told (quite a few months ago) that he drove by my house whenever he was in the area. He also still has me added to MSN, despite the fact that I deleted him over a year ago; he's the type of person to know who is on his MSN.

I just think it's kind of weird that we don't talk, even though we still have mutual friends. He's not as close with them anymore, though.

I can't decide whether or not I should get in touch with him again. I think it'd be too awkward to talk in person (especially since we're never near each other, even when we're at the same place), so online would be the route to go.

But should I even talk to him? And if I do, what would I say?
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Poll #963384 Disaster!

The earth has been depopulated! The only humans left are just you....and Dick Cheney (or Rosie O'Donnel, if you're a guy). You have the option of repopulating the human race by rigorous copulation, or letting our species perish. Rosie's surprisingly open to hetero nookie in this scenario. What do you do?

Buck up and start procreating as much as my loins can bear
I'll make one or two kids. Whatever happens after that, I've done my part for the preservation of the species
Human race goes bye-bye. No one's getting pregnant if I have anything to say about it
Not only do I not procreate with the other person, I beat them within an inch of their life and leave them for dead
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(no subject)

1. What all have you had to drink today?
2. What is one trait you have which you are currently working to fix/improve/change?

1. I've had Diet Coke, a half peanut butter-half dark chocolate milkshake, Sprite mixed with pomegranate juice, and lots of water.
2. I'm trying to talk to people more often rather than just *thinking* about talking to them.


1. I'm trying to find a website that offered magazine subscriptions for practically nothing. They had a ton of different magazine choices and were, from what I remember, legitimate. I even bought my mom a subscription to Outside Magazine for around ten bucks, so I know it once existed. Does anyone remember this website? I checked a few through google, but they were only knocking off around $10 a subscription.

2. When you buy new clothing, do you wash it before you wear it?

3. If you were going to make yourself a martini at this very moment, what would you mix? Does it have a name? If not, name it.
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Minneapolis and Austin

1. How similar is Austin to Minneapolis? I mean both aesthetically, population-wise, driving-wise, etc. Obviously I'm not talking about the weather.

2. Any home remedies for easing the pain of a burn that's on the side of my hand and therefore gets in the way of everything? I burned myself two days ago and so far it hasn't even started healing.

(no subject)

Why is it that, as a society, in most cases it is all well and good to say a rude comment about somebody if you feel it is deserved (God that guy was so emo; Could that lady have taken any longer in the check out line!?) but once someone is dead, if you say something about them you are yelled at for speaking ill of the dead?

Liberal arts university/college

1.) What makes a liberal arts college/university appealing to someone who isn't going to major in liberal arts? Liberal arts college seems so interesting to me, but after googling, they said it's for people who want to create their own careers. 

2.)Why would someone pick a liberal arts college over a regular one? 

3.) What are the pros and cons?
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Firefox help

I heard, a long time ago, of a Firefox extension which expanded an LJ comment page, stopping it from hiding all comments two into the thread.
I didn't take note of it at the time, but then I joined this community, and, well, you guys just never shut the fuck up ^_^
So...anyone know what this extension is called?

Random Questions

1) How tall are you? How tall are you in a pair of heels? Has your height ever deterred you from wearing heels?

2) Every once in a while I have a dream that feels very real where I'm pregnant, am ususally in labor for most of the dream, and ususally wake-up before the baby comes. When I wake up I kind of consider this is a nightmare because I don't think I want kids and for me to have one at this point in my life would be very bad. So, why am I dreaming about being pregnant and having a baby when that's not something that I want from life? It's not even on my mind very much and there's no chance of me actually getting pregnant right now.

3) My brother pretty much survives on Ramen instant noodles, Campell's chicken noodle soup, toast, and various microwaveable freezer foods. This, as you know, isn't healthy. Can you think of any healthier foods that a picky kid might be interested in trying? (Before anyone jumps on me about him being a bratty kid, he's also autistic. Part of it is just the fact that he's very sensitive to texture and taste.)

4) What do you think of the name Marion? On a man?

(no subject)

what's with the shirts that come down past your ass? I just got a shirt from old navy with tiny short sleeves, and it's so long it goes past my ass. Is this 'style' stupid to anyone else?
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(no subject)

Questions for left handers:

Do you feel like you write slower than most people using pencil and paper?

How did you do/are doing in English in high school?

What are you doing/will be doing as a career?

if you're right handed and feel like answering these questions anyway, just specify.

Meeting games

I am leading a meeting tomorrow for a team of IT / Helpdesk associates, and have been asked to come up with a team building game.  We will have about 30 minutes to kill, and most of the associates are young adults.  Any suggestions of games or activities that I can use?

(no subject)

my ipod screen is really scratched up cuz i never got around to buying a protective case and its kind of annoying when i'm trying to watch a movie on it. would it work if i went of my screen with one of those scratch fillers made for eye glasses? do those even work on eye glasses?

EDIT: okay, i think i should have mentioned that i'm a poor college boy, thats why i was going this route.

(no subject)

I'm writing a paper for my Bible as Lit & Philosophy class and the basic idea of the paper is "who is God based on Genesis & Exodus" (and I worded that badly). But anyway. Should I capitalize He/Him/His (when referring to God, of course) etc throughout the paper or is that just considered strictly a religious practice?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever resigned as mod of a community? What was your reason for doing so?

2. Which of the userpics you use is your favorite?

3. Are you missing anyone at the moment?

4. Did you sleep well last night?

my answers:

1. I did this morning. I handed one of my communities over to a friend. We had been discussing that community and I felt it was time for me to pass it to someone else who will probably be a better mod than I was.

2. The one I'm using for this post.

3. Yes, I miss my girlfriend. We don't get to talk as much as we used to.

4. Slept just fine.

practical vs. crazy

EDIT: I change into the shoes I can run in before I'll be completely alone. Like when I go to a show in the city I change my shoes right before I leave either while I'm still in the venue or right outside.

Whenever I'm going somewhere where I will be alone in the dark (like a show in the city, or to my class on tuesday/thursday night) I always make sure I have shoes I can run in just in case someone attacks me or something. If I'm not wearing shoes I could run in (which I'm usually not) I carry a pair of flats that I could run in inside my handbag. Is this practical or crazy?

a little of both
YOU are all around crazy!

(no subject)

1. Ants. Why'd it have to be ants?

2. How the phuq do you get Easter egg dye off your fingers?

3. I'm thinking about auditioning for Deal or No Deal. (You hush; I could do a lot with a cool million.) Should I attempt to attend the "cattle call" audition, or send in a videotape?

1. Little muggafuggas all over the kitchen. I'm staving 'em off with Windex. They hate ammonia.

2. Between the kids at day care and my daughter, I look like the crossbreed spawn of a Smurf and an Oompa-Loompa. Yeek!

3. My fiance says I'm a fool to even consider, but I think if nothing else I'd have fun...

(no subject)

I need ideas for my 21st. I'm thinking I may want to dress up and have some sort of theme (anything but pirates) where everyone has to stay in character all night. But..I have no idea, really.

So, TQC, What did you do for your/a friends 21st?

(no subject)

I finally got a job! I'll be working at Macy's formal department a few days a week, selling suits and dresses :)

I have to buy clothes for the uniform, though, which is black from head to toe. I'm a big girl so I have trouble finding clothes in regular department stores that fit comfortably. There's a store I can go to for plus sized girls, but it's more expensive.

Should I spend more on clothes that will definitely fit, or should I try to save more money and hope for the best at department stores?

Also, any recommendations on what shoes I should wear while I'm working? I have a few pairs of black shoes: sneakers, loafers, heels, and maybe a pair of flats (I'm not sure if I still have them and since I'm painting my room, my stuff is every where).

Anyone ever work at Macy's before? Stories, tips, anything?

(no subject)

so i just walked into my kitchen and saw a bunch of bananas. and my friend told me that he thinks bananas stimulate dreams. so now i'm stuck thinking about my dreams and bananas.

1. what was your last dream?

2. did you know the song that goes "come mr. tally man and tally me bananas/ daylight come and me wan' go home" is about slavery?
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Baby registry?

Despite me being loco for babies, I never knew baby registries existed until... uh, now.

I know people seem to find wedding registries tacky for some reason (I still don't get why)... but what about baby registries?

Are they only tacky if it's for a second or later baby, as opposed to the first child of a couple?

What would happen if there was a miscarriage or similar complications, and there was no baby to receive the gifts anymore? Is there a good timeframe that someone should make a registry just in case of said problems?

I'm going all googly eyed at these things, and cursing myself for it. :(

*.avi files

What do you guys use to play *.avi files on Windows?

I used to have this free program, but my laptop crashed a month ago and I can't remember what it was called.


I need to watch the latest episode of The Shield :(
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hence i've never been to a strip club

Am I the only person that thinks going to a strip club is a waste of time and money?

All that happens is you give money to strippers, buy food that's likely to be mediocre, spend more on alcohol than you would at home, and leave frustrated with a wet spot in your undergarments from pre-ejaculation.

(no subject)

So I have a job interview tomorrow morning. It is at a Plasma Donation site, where I will most likely start as a receptionist and move onto drawing blood, etc.

I plan on wearing the following:
Brown & white houndstooth blazer
Brown knit shirt
white skirt
brown tights
with [EDIT] white and brown shoes

Jewelry will be limited to one pair of small diamond studs and a small silver locket.

Good idea or bad idea?

(no subject)

Dear TQC, I am hungry. However I have already flossed and I'm on a diet. I'm considering the following options. What should I have?

mini bag of 94% fat free popcorn (100 calories and lots more flossing)
5 saltines with a wedge of Laughing Cow light garlic and herb cheese (105 calories)
A bowl of the delicious baked ziti I made for dinner (too many calories - but a whole lot of tasty)
a glass of decaffeinated iced tea (only 5 calories)
nothing you big fatty!

i'm bored.

1. What is your favorite sculpture or object?
2. Favorite John Cusack movie?
3. What was Regina's little sister watching in Mean Girls?
4. How are your favorite shows treating you this season?


I'm mildly retarded when it comes to ebay/paypal.
i just won an auction, and want to pay using paypal.
i have a paypal account. When i get to the "Complete Payment" page, it says $XX.XX from (XXXX-XXX-etc) from a credit card i do not want to use for this.
i cannot for the life of me figure out how to switch it..
please help !!

[edit]figured it out! thanks anyways[/edit]
Doctor Who - Nine/Rose "End of the World

Curiosity gets the best of me.

So what's everyone's position on global warming?

I am amending this to the position on the cause of global warming. Because that's what I'm curious about! I just tried to leave it too open ended.

Another edit:

My intention with this post was to see what people had to say without hearing my opinion. But that's been sort of ruined now, if you read the comments before you post.
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(no subject)

Well, instead of finishing up my close reading of a passage from Anna Karenina, I thought I would ask this question that's been on my mind lately:

Does your heart really skip a beat when you think about/see someone you like?

I don't know what else could be happening in that area other than your heart skipping. Why does that happen? It seems crazy to me that your body could have such a strong physical reaction to something you only see. (And yes, I did look this up on Google and only found things about sneezing and actual medical conditions.)