April 8th, 2007

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is anyone else sort of bored?

have you noticed how everyone has some creative excuse as to why they're sitting at home on the internet? why can't people just tell the truth?

is anyone on aim? can we have aim sex or at least talk about poptarts?

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Is there a Nickelodeon/Disney TV star with the last name "Evans?" Teen girl, age 15-17.

I work at a shoe store close to an airport, and we get a bunch of travelers every day. This girl walked in and I did a double take, because I know I've seen her on TV before. I talked to her for a while, sold her a pair of high-top converse, and her Mom paid with a credit card. I checked the last name, but nothing came to mind. I'm 100% sure I've seen her before, but never really watched her- making me believe she's on Nick or Disney, as my 12 year old sister watches those channels all the time.

I'm hoping she has the same last name as her Mom. :-\
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i have the thermostat on FIFTY. it cannot physically go any lower.

i had the one window that opens and the sliding glass door fully open for quite some time and then had to close them due to rain and now it's still too. hot.

it's only like sixty degrees outside, and yet it's nearly eighty in my apartment.

what gives? how can i cool this place down? why is it that it is so hot in here anyway?

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My brother is getting married in June. His fiance is having two bridal showers - one thrown by her side of the family, and one thrown by our side of the family.

Should I bring a gift to the bridal shower thrown by her side of the family?

Should I bring a gift to the bridal shower thrown by my side of the family?

I'm photographing the wedding, so I'm already spending a lot of money {edit: out of pocket, but will be compensated for} buying some equipment I don't yet have, so any gift recommendations would be appreciated!

Also, my boyfriend and I were driving down the road and there were a few cute little ducks pecking at the ground on the shoulder of the road. So I honked a couple times and hollered, "GET AWAY FROM THE ROAD, DUCKIES!!" I tend to do that whenever an animal is near the road. Is that weird? Have you ever hollered/honked at an animal approaching a busy road, in hopes that it'd turn around and not get smooshed?

What happened to the good Saturday morning TV shows, like The Bugs Bunny Show?

What Saturday morning TV shows do you remember watching as a wee one?

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Doctor TQC,

I just drank a bottle of Starbucks frappuccino coffee drink. I bought it at a store a few weeks ago, but only got around to the last bottle tonight. The best before date is April 2, 2007; today is the 7th of April.

Am I going to get really sick? Could I even die from this?
Please be nice in your comments; this might be one of the last posts I ever make in TQC.

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Do you have a particular quality or interest that people point out when they introduce you, or remember as a fact when they meet you again?
For example:
Are you "the guy that stilt walks" OR "the girl that dated a clown"
If this happens to you does it bug you?

And, cos I'm feeling kind of voyeuristic about your lives, what does your handwriting look like? Quick, scan me a sample!

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supersyncspaz7's post has prompted me to make my own.

1) how do you have casual sex without developing feelings for the other person?
2) let's say there are two kids who are 18, and they have casual sex. neither of them have done anything like this before, so the whole thing's pretty new to both of them. how likely is it that the guy might develop feelings for the girl?
b) what about the girl developing feelings for the guy?
c) which is more likely?

so i'm back to the velvet underground

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1. Has anyone bought Crystal Visions: The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks?
2. If so, regular edition with just the CD or deluxe edition with the CD and DVD?
3. What are your favorite tracks on it?

1. YES!
2. Deluxe edition. It was either buy the deluxe edition or download the tracks I didn't have already and hope a torrent of the DVD would show up one day.
3. Edge Of Seventeen and Landslide (Live with the Melbourne Symphony), Stand Back, I Can't Wait, Planets Of The Universe, Talk To Me
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It's nearly 2am. One of my mates is sitting at her house drunk & in tears. She just sms'd me to ask if I was awake & can I call. The best thing for her would to be to go to bed.

Should I call her or let her fall asleep? I feel like a bitch for not calling, but I think at the moment it's the best thing for her.

EDIT: I'll call & try to talk her into bed.
cheer for doggies
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bull terriers?

Can anyone give me some first-hand experience about what bull terriers are like? I'm trying to decide between a Boston terrier and a bull terrier. I have a feisty old cat, no children, big house and I'm just curious how a bull terrier would fit in. Are they good-natured dogs, do they require extensive socializing or are they pretty laid back from the get go, are they crotchety and temperamental? Are they snuggly, do they like attention? I had a lab growing up, and I lived with a Boston Terrier for a couple years, but I've never had any experience with a bull terrier. Just curious what they're like as a breed.


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I have some raw beef (hamburgers) in the fridge- the expiration date on says it says April 7th, today is April 8th. Can i use it today? (don't ask me to smell it because i cant smell shit)

Don't smile that I'm the one asking this but..

1. Have you ever looked at someone and been truly grateful that you weren't them - and felt bad because they think they're great and have no idea that they are a completely miserable person?

2. How do you know if a potatoe (oh wait, the gods will rage - I meant to say potato.) has gone bad? If it has little eyes sprouting, can you just cut them off?

3. Are you going somewhere for Easter or having people over or neither?
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Happy Easter, TQC!

1. Did you go to an Easter Vigil Mass/service last night? (it's 3:25 am Sunday here)
2. How long was it?
EDIT:3. For the Catholics: How many people (not you, but other people) got baptized at the vigil?
3b. How many people (not you, other people) got confirmed at the vigil ?
4. Are you going to Mass/service today?
5. Are you up right now because you think you're going to see the Easter Bunny? HE DOESN'T EXIST mwahaha i will ruin your childhood...

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mornington crescent
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Did you do AP classes in high school? Did you find them to be worthwhile?

My school didn't have AP classes. I took college courses at Portland State sophomore through senior years instead. I seem to be about the only person at my university who didn't take APs. "What did you get on your APs?" was one of those questions everybody liked to ask at the beginning of freshman year when they were trying to show off to new people and I had to explain my whole educational history over and over.

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1. Do you like Cadbury Creme Eggs?

2. What is the stupidest question you've ever asked in here?
I asked about how I could get the end of a q-tip out of my throat.

3. What is the stupidest question you've ever seen asked in here?
I can't decide. There have been a lot.

4. How many eggs is too many?
I've googled and found all sorts of different answers. I don't know. I usually have 1 or 2 scrambled eggs on the weekend but I never realized just how much cholesterols they have. I don't eat meat so I don't get that much cholesterol to begin with but now I've worried myself out of eating eggs. It's really stupid because it's only 2 eggs but I'm just such a worrier.
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Goooooooood morning/afternoon/evening, TQC!

1- What is the state of your hair currently?
2- Do you have hotkeys for your playlist so you can skip songs without touching your mouse?
3- Why do my dreams tease me into thinking it's later in the month than it really is?
4- What will you be up to in the next hour?
5- Have you ever gotten a compliment and been so surprised that you didn't know how to react, so you said nothing? What did you do after the fact, if anything?

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1) You're taking a cab by yourself. Do you get in the front or back seat?

2) If you have a SO, how do you decide which family's holiday events to attend (assuming it's not possible to go to both)?

3) What ethnicities have people attributed to you based on your name or appearance? What is yours really?

4) Do people ever ask you where you're from "originally"? How do you feel about that?

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Why do girls want use to be honest with them? Is it so they can pick a fight with us when they do not like what they have heard?

"all i want is for you to be honest with me (so i can rip you apart)".

is it just me or are women crazy?
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Is there a thesaurus out there that will let me put in a phrase and give me other ways to say a phrase instead of just a word?

Last night, my Fiddle Faddle had a black nut in it. How does that happen? I didn't eat it. Do you think it would have killed me?
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When making a list of things to do, be it lifetime goals or just a chore list, if you do something that wasn't on the list, do you then write it on and cross it out?

I do. it makes me feel like I've accomplished more.
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Do you wear slippers? What kind?

Did you/are you going to church today? If so, do you go regularly, or are you a C&E (Christmas and Easter)churchgoer?

Are you watching the Jesus of Nazereth miniseries today on the History Channel? We didn't go to church, but my husband is watching it. He said that religious or not, it's a really good movie.

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1. My dad included some shape-able soap in my Easter (laundry) Basket. What should I shape it into?

2. What kind of flowers are these?
Obviously I don't know. I took the picture a few years ago at Butchart Gardens and I really love them. I checked the flower guides on their website and couldn't find them. Though it's highly likely that they do list them and I'm just completely inept.

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I got hit in the face obviously pretty hard on Friday night.  My eye and the surrounding area is purple, and my face from my eye to my lower cheek is really swollen.  It still feels pretty numb in places like I'm just coming home from the dentist.  If anything, it keeps getting worse since friday. <BR><BR>I've never had facial damage like this so I'm wondering should I go see a doctor, or go to the emerg, or is this really something I'll have to wait out?  And is there anything I can do for it besides putting cold compresses on it?<BR>

<lj-cut text="pictures of the damage">
<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/xorangejuice/meandryleigh.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
what I look like without my face all gross...

<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/xorangejuice/IMG_0010.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
the day after it happened

<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v36/xorangejuice/IMG_0016-1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>
today (about thirty six hours later)

Take Two

Questionable Parentage!

Okay, not really.  What kind of relationship do you have with your parents?  I ask because a friend of mine (member of this community, who will recognize herself immediately) comments frequently about things she'd never say in front of or hear from her mother.  Do you act more reserved in front of your parents?  Are there curse words or certain phrases you won't let them hear you use?

In my case, though my mother tried to be very careful until I was a teenager, I learned many words (such as "fuck" and "twat," two of my favorites to this day) from her.  She sent me a link to an alien penis game the other day, and once thought it would be fun to send to me (at work, no less) a picture she'd taken at the zoo of a zebra with a hard-on, and in return I sent her a link to a dodge-the-dildo game, and a fun little flash game where you move a birth control pill around the screen trying to stop a horde of sperm.  On the same line, squid sperm is a recurring joke between us after she watched a scientist masturbate a squid on The Learning Channel.  (I told her to look up hentai online after she told me about this.  I know she hasn't done it yet, because I'd have gotten an irate voice mail asking me what the fuck I was trying to do to her if she had.) 

Contrary to the image that this presents, we both have a very strong sense of public propriety.  We just don't see the need to be that reserved in private conversations.  Most people I know are absolutely scandalized by this, and some people who don't know us well think we probably have an extremely dysfunctional relationship.  We don't - neither of us would have it any other way.  I'd much prefer this to a mother who refused to admit it when I became adult enough to discuss things like sex.  So where are you with your parents?  Would your parents be horrified if you dropped the f-bomb?  Would it mortify you to hear your mother talk about penises?
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I am going on a lone trip this weekend, and haven't decided where yet.
I only have 2 days & live in Maryland, so I'd like to go somewhere on the east coast, from South Carolina to Mass.
And my goal is to relax and contemplate, so preferably somewhere quiet & or very beautiful, as opposed to NYC.
And I have been to D.C. too many times, so not there either ;)

Any suggestions of beautiful places on the east coast for me??

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What is your opinion on Walmart?

I've only been to one, and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven (...nice jeans for 15 dollars! Skirts for 5! :-O). But the more I learn about it, the less likely I am to shop there. Damn morals. :-(

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Okay, my Mum has just moved in with me due to health reasons with her (our) 10yr old German Shepherd, Buster. I have a cat, Fonzi. Buster has a really loving nature. He's very friendly and happy and just wants cuddles and kisses. Fonzi's a little bit tempremental but they got on really well. Which was a surprise to us. But anyways, they are getting on well and the only issue we have is a bit of a pain...

I lived with Mum and Buster previosly. From the day we got Buster, till he was 5 or 6. I always have used the same words, same tone of voice when it comes to both Fonzi and Buster so now, when I go to speak to Fonzi or hold him etc, Buster gets jealous, barks and scares Fonzi away.  This is the only problem we have. What can I do about it? Buster is so used to me calling him 'baby' and 'darling' but I've always spoke to Fonzi the same way.

Any ideas to stop Buster getting so jealous?

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fuck ok I guess I have another stupid question...

I just made a post and tried to add pictures. I don't lj much anymore at all so please tell me is there some new trick to adding pictures? Or did I really just totally forget how to do it.

Help my awkward self TQC!

Last night, boyfriend and I were hanging out with his family. Boyfriend and mother invited me over for Easter dinner. Problem being, I left my cell phone at the house and Hallam is in no way internet savvy. Do I:
1. Just show up at the house around 5:30?
2. Hope that a friend appears online and borrow her phone for a minute? Chances of that are slim because her boyfriend is in town.
3. Go to the pay-phone and call him?

Another question: Is Easter dinner a thank-you-card worthy event? The family is not religious, but they are always happy to accommodate my dietary needs and have been very welcoming.
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Simple question

Why do a lot of people assume that if a girl sleeps around, she must have had a bad childhood and that there couldn't possibly be any other explaination?
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you need her


if you could go back to highschool for a day, what would you do?

( i have 3 weeks of highschool left and want to "get the most out of it". i dont wanna look back and be like man, i wish i would have appreciated this more, or done more of this)
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I'm traveling to Boston, Chicago and New York to visit colleges. obviously some of that time will be at the school, but i want to get a feel for the city. where should i go to find some interesting places to go and things to do?  Art Galleries, clubs, resturants, bookstores, cafes, THRIFT STORES, cool places in general, landmarks anything. throw it at me.


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1. Assuming that you read it, why do you like Perks of Being a Wallflower?
(EDIT:Same goes if you didn't like it)

2. Tell me some books that you think a person should read before he/she dies/goes blind?
andrew raycroft

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1. where's the cheapest place to buy a nintendo wii? preferably a bundle pack with the console, controllers, a game or 2, etc but.. whatever happens to be cheapest. i want one for my birthday and my parents agreed to get me one but they're grilling me to find the cheapest price, haha.

2. your friend copies everything you do. she wears the same type of clothes on the same days (sometimes even the same shirt), she buys the same hats/sunglasses/shoes that you do. she gets the same exact piercings you already have (except she said nothing about wanting them before you had them). you get a tattoo, she has to get a tattoo. you get a chest tattoo, she gets one. you get swallow tattoos, she wants one. your favorite style of tattooing is oldschool, and she previously hated it, but now loves it "so much". she used to hate rockabilly, psychobilly, and hardcore. once she heard you listening to it, she suddenly loved it. you like someone, she likes the same person. it doesn't stop there. your friend is obviously copying you so much so that your personalities seem identical, when you're two way different people. it's a huge problem, because you hate people who don't have their OWN personalities. how do you feel and what do you do about it? :\
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Family reunion for crazy people.

Here's the deal... My family is as parted as anything you've ever seen. Our Easter today was me and my grandparents at a Chinese buffet, discussing how screwed up everyone else is. Fun. During this, we decided perhaps it is time to plan a family reunion. Full of people who I haven't met, or have barely any recollection of. SO! I have to come up with crap to do at said event.

It will be at a huge park, with lots of trees and fields and stuff.

I've already come up with kite flying, as something to do, and we're thinking of a potluck sorta lunch deal.

What else would you suggest for a group of anywhere from 20-50 people of ages 10-70 to do for an afternoon in June? Nothing illegal, please. :P

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seeking a word:
The way yoda talks sounds weird, but is still technically correct.
What's the word for that?

(I know, shoddy explanation)

Edit: The word I was looking for was Anastrophe. or, I apparently learned what it meant wrong, but as soon as i saw it.. snap. I just have to rephrase the sentence i wanted to use it with. Not that english has anastrophe, but that Anastrophe is possible and not a form of grammatical bastardisation in English.


1) Do you have to pay for refills and where do you live?

I could have SWORN it was illegal for you to get free refills in sit down restaurants in CT (Fast food excluded) but my dad could have lied. I know that it is alot more commen in the South to get free refills then the North but is that really true?

2) Is it really illegal to serve both Pepsi and Coke products? Or is it just a simple preference by the restaurant?

(Illegal may be the wrong word)
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Make a statement that isn't true, but that you wish was?

Edit: Ok, for or those of you that are so literal
"Please share a statement that is not true, but that you wish was?"

Edit II: hahadamnhowdidImissthat ok I really am a total dick:

"What's a statement that isn't true but that you wish was?"

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Do you like rasslin? Are you M/F? How did you get into it?

And finally, who's your favorite wrestler?

I love it, it makes me happy. I'm a chick, my mom, step dad, step brothers and cousins used to watch it all the time when I was little and that's how I got into it.

Undertaker, since day one!
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Sudan man forced to marry goat because he had sex with it. Odd, that in parts of the old world, you'd pay a dowry in goats to get married, yet here, you pay the dowry to marry the goat.

Who's the winner in this story?

The man. No more having to sneak around, buggering goats. Now he can bugger a goat legally in the privacy of his own home
The goat. The fate of most goats is pretty uneventful and tragic, but this goat is like a lottery winner. The goat will be wined and dined and live the glamorous life of a newlywed
The former goat owner. He managed to get some sucker to pay a dowry for his stupid livestock. He's laughing his way to the bank
Supporters of family values. Doing the right thing and making the interspecies union legal before God shows good morality
Beastiality practitioners. This is one step closer to making someone's love for livestock legal

Who's the loser in this story?

The man. He had to marry a fucking goat just because he was caught fucking a goat
The goat. She's clearly an athiest, yet has to have a religious ceremony
The gay community. This marriage is binding, but your weekend wedding in New England isn't
Everybody involved
God. He just wants people to do the right thing, and next thing he knows, people are using his words to marry goats off to people. He's thinking, "Don't make me the stickler to rules, you sickos"

What's the hardest part of having a goat as a spouse?

Goat never raises a hand (or hoof) to do any of the household chores
The in-laws. They never say anything. They just eat your food and stare judgingly at you
Those looks of shame your family gives you whenever you show up with 'the Mrs/Mr'. They can't even look you in the eyes
Your ovine SO isn't housebroken
Your 'beloved' keeps eating your favorite clothes

What's the best part about having a goat as a spouse?

Free goat's milk whenever I want, and I can make my own goat's milk cheese!
S/he never objects to the kinky things I want in the bedroom (if s/he does, I can't understand what it's saying)
No need to use birth control
If we ever get divorced, I can probably just eat the goat
There's never any nagging

Moral of the story

Never have sex with a goat in the Sudan
'Doing the right thing' isn't just limited to humans. Sometimes it applies to humans and petting zoo buddies
Beastiality is A-ok in the Sudan, as long as you put a ring on their hoof first
Religion just makes people do weird stuff
If he was a decent guy, he's 'make an honest woman' out of the goat before all the goat's friends started thinking she was a barnyard slut. Kids (baby goats) can be so mean
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1. If you have used MyHeritage.com, who is the strangest match you got?
For the following picture, my number 1 match was Aretha Franklin and number 2 was Osama bin Laden.

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2. Do you ever throw up from eating too much?

3. I want to go someplace. What the hell is open on Easter besides Starbucks? I'm bored out of my mind.

4. What is your least favorite clothing store?
The Receptionist Classic

Lucky Duck

Our Bunco group meets on Friday the 13th this month and the hostess has asked that we wear something lucky. The only lucky thing I wear is a certain pair of underwear and I am not showing my chones to 11 women, sorry.

What are some "lucky" things one could wear?

Or what are some "unlucky" things one could wear?

Special Note: Rabbit feet gave me nightmares when I was little, so there's no way in hell I'm touching one of those. And last month I wore a shamrock t-shirt and that certainly didn't bring me any luck. :(

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long story short..i hate my english GA with a passion.  he's failing me (not giving me my deserved C+ to graduate).  i've been through every option to fix my grade..nothing is working.  when the semester is over, i will file a grade grievance.  anyway, the final is an in class essay.  a prompt is given, and there are 45 minutes allowed to write.  

so i come to you o fabulous question clubbers..what should i write?

Hoo Hah mark 2!

What are your all time top 5 martial arts films?


1 - Ong bak - some great stunts, martial arts the way they should be!

2 - Drunken master - love the training methods used

3 - Game of death - it is weird, but less cheesy than other bruce lee films

4 - House of flying daggers

5 - Karate kid - Wax on, wax off
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declawing a kitten

I was considering getting a kitten,
and was wondering how cruel is it to have them declawed?
I know it's their only line of defense against animals, and if he/she got out w/o claws, could get attacked and die...
It's just that i have lots of furniture that would look....bad scratched up.
i feel like if i got a cat i should not declaw it, but i was wondering what you all at TQC think?
should i get a kitten/have him/her declawed? Why/why not?
yin-yang fried egg
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not a palindrome, or a palingram, or a semordnilap, or an anagram, but a...

Is there a name for a sentence or phrase whose words, when placed in reverse order, form a different sentence or phrase that also makes sense? Akin to a semordnilap, but with whole words rather than letters. Like:

"Father Charles goes down and ends battle" <=> "Battle ends and down goes Charles' father"

"Jimmy loves Mom" <=> "Mom loves Jimmy"

Also, would anyone happen to know any more examples?

volunteer work

The company I work for is starting a program where employees are given paid time off to volunteer and help out local charities/non profits of our choosing.

If you were offered this sort of program, would you take them up on it? Why/why not?

Which charity or non profit would you choose to help?

Do you currently volunteer anywhere?

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I need your help with choosing a topic. I think I may be one of those uncreative people *sigh*. Anyway, I need to choose a topic and write an informative speech about it. The most important thing is that it must be highly interesting to the audience. The audience is mostly 18 year olds. So anything interesting and factual that you can squeeze out your brain for me? Anything at all will be appreciated very, very much. *dies*
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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I am freaking out about college loans, and I want to spend this summer working and saving enough money to pay off my tuition for next year. I want a job that pays in the higher teens (17, 18, 19 dollars). My friend cleans ducts and makes 26 dollars an hour. Someone else suggested landscaping.

My question is, anyone know of summer jobs that would pay a lot? No restrictions, really, as far as labor goes.

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Oh lovely question club-bers
I ate too much chocolate/reese cerel/jelly beans.
And I feel fat and gross now.
What can I do to not feel gross?
Serious and non answers rock.

And since I'm putting off typing my essay.....

What's your favorite acoustic-y song?
I'm currently on a acoustic-ish kick.
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At the risk of being judged slash mocked for the rest of eternity...Is anyone here a college cheerleader, or used to be one? Has anyone tried out for a college cheer squad? What were tryouts like? Is there anything I should do or not do? The clothing part is easy because the tryout info gave strict guidelines, but it also said "Hair and makeup appropriate for gameday." What does that mean?
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SO I am not 21 yet and in Wisconsin you need a liquor license to bartend if you're between the ages of 18 and 21 (I don't know about other states).
Its something like a 3 hour class, and I'm thinking about bartending when I move across the state in June- but I don't want to pay to get it if I'm not sure about working as a bartender yet.
Will a bar hire me and train me if I don't have my liquor license yet? Its a very short class, so its not like I couldn't just take it online right when I get hired-- but am I more likely to be hired if I have it first? Even if I do get it, its not like I have any experience.
ETA: Have you ever bartended? What's it like? Did you enjoy it? Was it like a college bar, or a classier joint?

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Some hair questions:

1.  My hair is too long, thick and I'm tired of straighteneing so much hair, and it's also kind of heavy. I've been having trouble making an appt. with my stylist because I'm an hour away at school, and I really want to get it cut before a formal I have on Apr. 20. Should I cave and go to a new stylist?? :/ I want to get a lottt cut off, like five or six inches.
2. What's been your worst hair-change experience? best?
3. What's your hair look like?

Nintendo DS

On an impluse, I bought a Nintendo DS the other days, along with a Momma's Cookin game from a EB Games store. I've played it a bit and regret my decision and want my $160 back !! Will I be able to return an opened box, or will they buy it back for less money? Should I try a different game and see if I like that better?
Does anyone want to buy a Nintendo DS at a discount?!
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how do i use my print screen button? when i had a pc all i did was push this key and then paste whatever screen cap into mspaint so i could save it. now when i do this (on a laptop) nothing happens. not that i need to show the world my desktop everyday, but it'd be nice when i'm playing a game or something. thanks in advance.
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Bobby Flay

Does anyone watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay and know who won the cheesecake episode? My boyfriend (Dan) and I saw half of it the other day and we both fell asleep. Dan will just not let it go until he knows who won. Answered, thanks!

Oh, and anyone else tried that Kona Creme coffee flavored gum? What did you think? (I like it, especially since I can't drink coffee, but I also like black coffee so it's not bitter enough for me.)
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So my boyfriend and his family went away for Easter and I've been, I don't know, sort of melancholy without him around. And to pass the time I cleaned my room, like throughly cleaned for around 6 hours. What do you do when you're bored or upset? also whats you're karaoke song? (because you know we all have one, and mine happens to be Jesse's Girl)

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On The Girls Next Door, why is Kendra so obsessed with those damn panties? Why does she think they are 'granny' panties?! My bf and I both agree that those are NOT old lady panties and they are not that un-sexy. what do you think?
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Darling won't you ease my worried mind?

Do you know any poems containing religious allegory? Or any allegorical poems?

I have to write a 3pg paper comparing two poems, and I've chosen Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti, so I thought another allegorical poem might go well with it. Any suggestions?
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Can anyone think of a movie, or a book in which the image of a balloon is important in some way?

Anything at all will do..
(I thought there was a book by Edward Gorey based around a balloon, but I can't seem to find that one.)
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When was the last time you got dumped by a friend? What was their reason? How did you get over it?

My friend can't talk to me anymore because I remind him too much of his ex-boyfriend(another friend). I mean, we'd only been close for a few months, but it's damn upsetting. I understand and want him to do whatever will make him happiest, but fuck if I'm not angry and hurt.

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1. Do you/have you ever had braces? What was your experience with them?
I had braces from 4th-6th grade, and I just got the spacers and brackets in for them again.

2. What exactly does "scrunching" your hair entail?

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1. Does anyone here have a Cingular BlackJack? If so, do you like it? Would it be a good substitute for for my BlackBerry?

2. Does anyone know of any good brands of cowgirl boots that are comfortable without socks? If not, please tell me: do you think cowboy boots and shorts are fashion heresy?

3. Have you ever edited a Wikipedia entry? If so, which one?

That's all for now.
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Oh noes! MYSPACE!

So, yeah, it's a myspace question!

I'm not a total idiot, but I'm not 16 years old, either - thusly, the inner workings of MYSPACE escape me.

I know HOW to add a song to my myspace profile, but I'm confused about the options. I want to add a song to my profile that artist doesn't have up there...am I SOL? Can I search for the song itself some how, find it, and use it?

Oh, please help me!
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My friend's dad died late last week in a road accident. I'm going to visit her tomorrow. We're both 20, and it's really the first time I've ever had to face the bereavement of a friend's parent. I don't know what I could possibly say or do to help. She's having to make all the arrangements, her mother is not coping at all, understandably. Has anyone here ever lost a parent? Was there anything that helped at all, anything anyone could do for you?
All the things I can think of seem like they'd be insulting her grief. How can I even presume to be able to help her with something this large?

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1)Have you ever played Monkey Island? Would you ever name your kid Guybrush?
2)What's a quote from a movie that you tend to use? What movie is it from?
3)What did you think of sushi before and after you tried it? What kind of sushi did you have when you first tried it?

Easter Sunday

So for Lent I gave up soda/pop/coke, whatever ya'll wanna call it.

This year was my first year ever succeeding at giving something up without breaking it. YAY!!!

What did you all give up for Lent and did you succeed or fail?
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Is there a website that has the script for Death of a Salesman?

Why do gummies make my teeth hurt?

Why does red meat bother my stomach so much? I could barely hold down my burger yesterday!

Edit: Any suggestions for how to settle my dog's stomach? She's been getting sick for the last few hours and the vet isn't open, so we can't call or anything until the morning.