April 7th, 2007



How realistic are your dreams?
What sort of things do you dream about?
Do you feel pain in your dreams? See color? Hear music? Smell things?
How often do you remember your dreams?
Have you ever had a hard time distinguishing between a dream and reality?
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I hate Comcast, but I love their commercials.
I also hate StateFarm Insurance, but I love their commercials (the 'now what?' ads)...

So I'm wondering, are there any companies that you can't stand for whatever reason, but you absolutely love their advertising? What is the advertisement?
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Okay, I'm trying to justify myself.

Tell me: why are the pussycat dolls not a symbol of liberation for women?

Given the premise that you should be respected as much if you are naked as if you are dressed, because it's not your responsibility to cover up so that others don't want to sex you - they should have self control.

EDIT:I'm trying to justify myself right now, because I believe there is no shame in being a stripper, prostitute, or porn star (in theory, primarily, because generally porn for example is quite sexist- doesn't mean all porn HAS to be though), but I do believe that there is shame in being a Pussycat doll. Hmm...
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[Draco] PWNED

Taxes taxes taxes

I kept putting off my tax return until today, and realized, I've lost my W-2. Is there any way of getting a new one without having to go through my last place of employment (WalMart)?

I will if I have to, but I'd rather not. I kind of . . . walked out. Awkward.
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As of an hour ago, I'm precisely half my husband's age.

In honour of that, some questions.

1. Have you ever been in a May/December romance?
1b. If yes, were you the May or the December? Have you done both? How big was the age difference?

2. For those of you who have not, would you ever consider being in a relationship with someone twice your age? Why or why not?
2b. What about someone half your age (edit: presuming that you're at an age at the time that the younger person is legal)?


So I am seeing this guy right.

I really, REALLY like him alot and wanna be with him.

The catch is he has HIV.

It does not bother me , but should we have sex even if we use condoms? I feel like I am making a bigger deal than it really is. 
I don't know advice?

Getting rid of Spyware!

Every time one of these unforseen pop ups come flashing onto my screen, my computer dies a little. It is happening more often (i.e once or twice every five minutes) and I can't stop them. (I put high security, pop-up blockers on IE, but nothing seems to work).

Should I start getting out my blank CDs to burn everything on this computer, or is there something I can download to remove the spyware?


Beating kids, donating eggs

1) Does it make you mad to see parents spank/jerk around/yell at their kids in public, like in stores or parking lots (not, for ex, crossing the street)?

2) Have you ever donated your eggs, or known someone who's done it? Would you ever consider it?

3) ETA: Can Catholics donate their eggs?

Ads in my university paper are always calling for students to do it for couples in need. I'm hard up for cash and would love to help a family, but I've heard there are huge risks.


So, my boyfriend and I are on our own for Easter Dinner and I don't know what to make!

What is your favorite Easter dish or any dish for that matter?
I don't have the stuff to make a turkey (no roaster), I hate ham and I don't know how to cook a chicken.

And, I love crock pot recipies. =D

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You have an intense feeling toward two different people, and they have an intense feeling towards you.
Person A lives in another state, and wants you to move in with them. You've stayed with them on a full time basis for a month before. You've known them going on a year now.
Person B wants to move from another state, in with you. You've stayed with them on a full time basis for 2 weeks before. You've known them for approximately 4 months now.

What do you do?

(no subject)

Do you wear a support brace?
    What kind?
    What limb/joint?

What are some of thoes "illegal-hosting-tv-shows-lol" sites?

Are you super hungry right now?

Americans- What's for breakfast?

Europeans- What was for lunch?

Asians/Aussies- What was for dinner?

Knee brade, Ace thing..
Dunno, just wondering
I had a cinnamon roll, and am still starving DX

(no subject)

Dad sues over car damaged in chase

Basically his 19 year old daughter was high and stole mommies car to go to a friends house and to a club, she went 100 mph down the wrong way and police had to bump the car, kid was charged with 16 counts. insurance won't pay, daddy is suing now.

Collapse )

What the hell is wrong with this man?
Shouldn't he be making his own daughter pay for her own fuckups?
Why isn't she in jail?

(no subject)

What happens if your car gets stolen and the thief wraps it around a tree or something?

What are some good ways to calm down your nerves?

I'm going to be stenciling some images onto my wall, what should I use for it?
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I like subject lines.

1- Why does husband's computer run so much slower than mine, even though his has ten times the HD space (and not very much of it used, either), and twice the RAM? Compaq (his) vs Dell (mine, and it was free!)

2- What is a material object that you would cry over if it was lost? (So, no people or pets... Unless you count a pet as a material object! Eesh.)

3- Why do some people answer posts here with just "No" sometimes? Why not just... not post anything? D: (I mean when it's not a yes/no question. :P It happens!)

4- Will you miss me when I'm gone (for two days in a couple weeks XD)?

DVD buying

Have you ever bought a dvd 'blind'? That is, without having seen any or much of its content before? Like, if it's a movie, you haven't seen any of it, if it's a tv show, you've not seen a whole episode yet, just perhaps some clips and someone's told you about it and raved...
Or, do you have to have seen the movie previously say on the tv or at the movies, do you have to have seen at least a few episodes of the tv show? Do you only buy a dvd about a tv show if you're already obsessed with the show? Or would you buy it because you want to see more...
Would you buy a dvd that has someone that you really like from another show or movie in it, without having seen what this dvd is (though you may have been told about it)?

If it's a show or movie that you saw YEARS ago, or when you were a child if you're younger, would you have to watch some episodes again, even if you loved it when you saw it the first time?
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(no subject)

Can you get rid of a perm?
I permed my hair a while ago but it didn't really work well, and turned into frizz. So is there a way to get my hair back to normal? Would one of those "relaxing creams" that works well on afro type hair work?
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iPod hunting

Hello, this is my first post (in case anyone was wondering.)

I was curious if there is a way to track an iPod once it's gone from you. My boyfriend recently bought and promptly lost a 2nd gen nano and we had it registered and everything with Apple. We have no idea where it went or if it were stolen or anything. I was just curious if there was any way to know if someone else attached it to iTunes. It should come up as registered to us, correct?

gregory peck smart is sexy

(no subject)

Would you be freaked out if your SO said s/he loved you after two weeks together? What's the soonest you would want to hear that?
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I'm going to Coldstone's Creamery today! Yay!

For those of you who have been, what is your favourite combination?

My current favourite is Birthday cake remix but I also like mint/coffee icecream with brownie mix-in.

Any ideas for what I should get? I'm ok with anything except nuts or that disgusting Heath candy.
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Engagement Parties

1.) Do you bring a gift to an engagement party if the couple is not registered anywhere? Approximately how much money should be spent?

2.) Would you bring a gift to the engagement party even if you knew you weren't going to be invited to the weddding?

(no subject)

I'm incredibly, unimaginably pissed of right now, and I'm thinking of doing something really mean and hateful to my sister. Do I:

a) tell my parents she's having sex with her boyfriend (and ex-boyfriend) regularly (my uptight azn parents would totally flip out and kill her)
b) throw away the key to the drawer where she keeps her life savings
c) scrub the toilet bowl with her toothbrush
d) other (comment!)

Sadly, I'd never actually do any of these things, but it's nice to fantasize.

eta: To clarify, I'm pissed at my sister, not just randomly taking it out on her.

(no subject)

Do you have business cards?

If yes:

What kind of information do you have on there? Is it the standard stuff or anything different or interesting?

Do you not really give a fuck about what they look like or do you get all excited about them like Patrick Bateman from American Psycho?

If no:

If you were to have business cards, what info would you have on them and what would they look like? Would they be a necessary evil or something you were really into doing?

Wedding bells are ringing...

These are pretty much aimed at the girls.

1. Providing you aren't married, do you ever look at wedding dresses online? For the married, did you look at wedding dresses before you were married/engaged?

2. What about engagement rings? Do you ever visit those online ring design websites?

3. Do you want a large wedding, or a small wedding?

4. Do you want a small wedding party, or a large wedding party? How would you select your bridesmaids/groomsmen? Do you already have your wedding party selected?

5. Can you foresee problems with your (fictional) wedding, already? Regarding guest lists, etc.

6. I don't want to wear a veil. Is that weird?

7. I want to wear an ivory dress merely because ivory looks better on me than white. Is that taboo? Will people think I was a loose woman?
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Does anyone have those elouai.com pixel dolls of yourself? If so, show me. If not, go make one and show me!

Here's me:

I don't have that exact outfit, but it was as close as I could get.
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(no subject)

1. Do you enjoy eating chocolate chips straight from the bag?
2. What is your favorite type of flower?
3. If you could only pick one song to which you could listen for the rest of your life, what do you think it might be?
4. When was the last time you (really) looked at the stars?
5. Would you like to go on an adventure? If so, what sort of adventure might it be?
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(no subject)

i live an hour upstate from new york city. tonight a few friends and i want to do something different. we don't mind driving two hours or even three. anything in nyc, albany, jersey, pennsylvania, or even in boston. also we are not 21 so anything like clubs would have to be 18+. i've looked on city guides but i'd rather hear from you guys on any suggestions for dancing? karaoke? shows? events? or just about anything.


1. Whats a good way to get out of going on a date and not be too obvious about it?
2. Whats your age limit to dating? 

2. 3yrs younger, and 2yrs older then me
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sans meats.

1. my brother-in-law is coming over tonight and i'm making dinner. he is a vegetarian. i have a few vegetarian recipes, but i want to make something really special, as i don't get to see him that often. do you have a vegetarian recipe that can be prepared in about two hours or less that you would consider amazing? if so, would you mind sharing it?


2. is there a flickr uploading tool for the sidekick 3? the email option is nice, but i'd like something that posts my images right away. does it exist?

3. if forced to choose, would you rather have sex with andrew dice clay or gilbert godfried?
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(no subject)

From what I understand, becoming an EMT requires taking the class/classes and a state specific test.

Is there a different route involved in becoming a paramedic? Or is it just more classes/schooling involved?

(I'm in California if that helps in your answer)

(no subject)

Okay, I'm sure most of you have heard Pinks new song "U +UR Hand"

I've noticed two radio stations here have blocked out the word suck. Yes, suck

In the corner with your boys you bet 'em five bucks
You'd get the girl that just walked in but she thinks you suck
We didn't get all dressed up just for you to see
So quit spilling your drinks on me

My question is why? Why are they blocking out this word?
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I don't think I'm trying to be emo, I just really am sad

1. Is it okay to (sorry, typo-not, not now)not want to 'make it in life'?(Of course some part of me wants to be a famous artist, fashion designer, movie director, but a large part of me wants to an ordinary, stay at home housewife, cooks nice dishes and makes little things for my kids, while waiting for my husband to come home.) What do you think?

2. Yesterday I realised that I didn't want to do art after I graduate. I think this is partly due to the fact that someone told me my artwork sucked 2 years ago and told me not to take something design-related.Ever since then I have been afraid to draw and I kinda lost the amount of passion I had for art. Have you ever had instances like that?

3. I have lost my zest, passion and motivation. I don't know what happened. Have you ever experienced this? What did you do to overcome it?
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removing oil stains?

The other day at work I had on a white cotton singlet underneath my shirt, which was underneath an apron. I was doing stuff with oil (olive oil) for an hour, continually wiping my hands on my apron. In the end the oil soaked through to my shirt, and to my singlet...is there any way to remove the stains from my singlet? One of my coworkers said to put talcum powder on the stains and leave it overnight, then wash it as normal...I did that, but the singlet is still slightly discoloured. It's just simple cotton, anyone know of any tips?

ETA: yes, duh, I googled this first, I'm not stupid. I've been trying other remedies on my shirt, since I don't want to f*ck up my singlet, but none of them have worked yet, so I'm looking for something that ACTUALLY DOES.


What's a really ordinary thing that you can do much better than the average person?
Something no one would ever really congratulate you on (ie cooking, writing, dancing -- do not count), but you are so utterly amazing at it that you deserve people to bow at your feet in envy.

Mine is parallel parking. I am the parallel parking M-A-S-T-E-R. I can do it in any car, any street, any situation. And it takes me like four seconds.

(no subject)

Did you wish you were a twin when you were young? [those of us that aren't]

(I always wanted a twin, the more similar to me the better. I've always assumed almost everyone wanted a twin, and I've just learnt that (most?) people don't)

Edit: Do you kind of still wish that?
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(no subject)

Have you ever applied for a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Who did you get your loan through?

Were your experiences mostly positive? (Ex: Did you pay off your debt in a reasonable amount of time and with no hassle?)

Any negative?
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yucky fridge

When do you throw out your milk?

when it reaches its "best by" date
when it starts to smell bad
uhhhhh... other?

How often do you clean out your fridge?

about once a week
about once a month
when it gets too full/stinky
uhhhh... you're supposed to clean them out?
I don't have a fridge, but clicky clicky CLICKY!

How do you clean your fridge? What products/cleaners/tools do you use? What are the steps you take? How long does it take you? Do you also get that really tough, brown, liquidy-looking, sticky crap that takes forever to scrub off in the bottom of your fridge? WTF is that? Any tips on making fridge cleaning easier?

happy caturday!

1. I wear eye makeup and lipgloss, but thats it. I don't wear foundation or bronzer or blush.
BUT I WANT TO START, or atleast have it around for when I"m feeling blotchy.
What's your favorite powder-y foundation? What's your favorite bronzer?

2. I've read every book in my house. Can you recommend a good funny one to me? Something smart, but still funny.. no historical fiction, preferably.

3. My husband has been AWESOME taking care of me, as I'm super wicked sick. What can I get him as a small token of appreciation? Sexual favors unfortunately aren't in the works as I feel like i'm DYING.

4. If you were going to go to ONE STORE ONLY to do all of your summer clothes shopping, where would you go?

5. I have a Teddy Ruxpin, and New Kids On The Block Sheets in my guest room. What random throwback things do you have??

Wedding Registry

1. Would you be offended if you received a wedding invitation with the registry info printed on the invitation?

2. Would you be offended if you received a wedding invitation with the registry info included but printed on a separate card?

3. Would you prefer a link to the couple's wedding website that had links to their registries? What if you didn't have computer access? (I know, I know, I'm asking this in an internet forum)

4. Would you rather call the bride, groom, MoB, MoG, FoB, FoG, or a bridesmaid to get the info?

5. Would you rather no one give you the info because you're expected to search all the online registries yourself until you find them?

6. What lovely country do you call home?
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(no subject)

1.I desperately need some new music to listen to. What do you recommend?

2. What are the last 5 CDs you bought?
Doves - Lost Souls
O Sister 2 - A Women's Bluegrass Compilation
Fela Kuti & the Afrika Seventi - Stalemate/Fear Not for Man
Nelly Furtado - Loose
India.Arie - Testimony: Vol 1, Life and Relationship


1. Has anyone ever used the torrent site: oink.me.uk?

2. If so, do you have an invite you'd like to pass along to me? Yes, I'm quite familiar with torrenting 'n such. I have lots of good stuff to share, and I know how to maintain a share ratio. :)


3. Is it cold where you are today? Have any pictures of snow on cherry blossoms? Or any kind of frozen plants/flowers?


Video bloggers please help

My friend and I came up with an idea, and I reserved fatcarl.com , so I could start a website/video blog about my super-duper weight loss journey.

I want to youtube the videos, and get this baby rolling (mainly because I'm hovering at my current high weight waiting to get it started)

However, I've noticed a few things.

I purchased a Microsoft Lifecam VX-3000 ($50).
It records at 640x480, and has an internal microphone.

However, I notice that the films recorded jump a little, and that my voice is not in sync with my lips (so it gives it that chinese theatre dubbed effect, which isn't cool unless you intend it that way).

Can someone help me understand why this is? Should I get a better webcam, and if so, what specifically should I be looking for? Should I get an additional external microphone, or will a webcam-embedded microphone be sufficient? How do I keep the webcam from skipping?

Next question : What recommendations for free/cheap programs do you have for editing the video (say, to put text, fade outs, etc)???

Thanks for the help, I'm new to all this.

(no subject)

What's something productive I can do online when I'm bored? I've already gone to cnn.com and I feel like I'm wasting my time with celebrity blogs. I've already watched TV shows I've missed on youtube as well.

Plz make decisions about my personal life for me, anonymous internet strangers.

What do you do about people you're only "friends" with out of obligation?
I know this guy that has social anxiety disorder and has a hard time trusting people but for some reason he likes me and I feel bad because he annoys me a lot, but i don't want his problems to get worse so I hang out with him a fair bit.
Is it selfish to not want to hang out with him anymore? I always feel really guilty when I bail, 'cause he's not a bad person really, just annoying, and he calls other people freaking out that I cancelled because I hate him or something.
Some other people we both know invite him out just so they can rip on him or get him to pay for stuff, and I think that's pretty fucked up.
If you were in this situation would you just block him/stop answering when he calls/stop replying to his messages, or just sacrifice yourself and continue to see him and play nice?

(no subject)

the Hot Topic smell.
It's... *sniffs new shirt* It's not bad, it's a bit sweet-smelling actually. But it's in every single HT I've ever been in.
Where is that coming from? It's in my shirt, so I theorised it came from the store and permeated the shirts, my brother thinks it comes from the shirts and permeates the store.

Not -exactly- related: Oh god, what smells like rotting meat? I just took my garbage out so it's not that. (and it's not the shirt either.)
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(no subject)

If you use a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, do you get wet armpits?
I don't know. I'd like to try a LUSH deodorant, but I hate having wet pits.

Do you use baby powder?
Yes. On my bum bum.

Do you like Baklava?
Love it.

Do you have a certain meal planned for tomorrow? What?
I'm going to make Kalamata pork tenderloin with fresh rosemary, Spanakorizo (spinach and rice with feta and lemon zest on top) and Baklava. WTF, I'm not even Greek.

Baklava is a Greek dessert with cinnamon, walnuts and honey syrup and phyllo pastry sheets.
I am shocked and appalled that some of you have never had the deliciousness that is Baklava.

cartoon cat

(no subject)

Is there a phrase for when it's last call/closing time at a bar, and the people scramble to find someone else to hit on/go home with at the last minute? I swear I heard a funny term for this but I can't remember it.

TV/Computer Help

What is the difference between a DVI to HDMI cable and an HDMI to HDMI cable?

My computer has an HDMI output, and I want to connect my computer to my TV so I can watch/record television on my computer.  The TV I'm wanting to connect to is an older television (ten years old, give or take).  Will it even work?


family and friends (and an abuse of the / key)

On Parenting
My friend was telling me about her cousin who locked his two-year-old in the bathroom so he could smoke. Reminded me of an old motion we had for debate once.

1. Assuming it's feasible (ie, there are funds, etc), do you think parenting should be licensed? Why? Why not?
1a. What criteria should be set? Who should decide these criteria?

2. What is the best a parent can do/hope for his/her child?

3. Was your parent's/s' parenting of you good or bad? Explain.

4. How much of yourself (ie, development as a person, personality, beliefs, etc) is directly attributable to how your parent/s raised you?

5. Assuming you want/have children, how would/do you parent your child/ren?

On Friends
Inspired by this post:
6. Did you ever have that one friend (in high school or college or at work, I'm sure there's one everywhere) whom no one liked, who hung out with your group regardless, impervious to the entire group's disdain of him/her?

7. What did your group eventually do to him/her? Keep tolerating them, dropped them, confronted them? Have you got any inspiring/funny/annoying stories to share about it?
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(no subject)

Whats an easy and relatively inexpensive way to check credit from all three bureaus? I know annualcreditreport.com is free once a year...but I'm looking for something that also provides a credit score.

I remember using annualcreditreport.com last year, having to submit my information three times in a row due to requesting information from all three bureaus and it was a pain in the ass. At the end, I didn't even know what I was looking at.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bouncing Baby?

Hey.  I remember making this dessert type thing with my friend made mostly of eggs that rises a lot and is very fluffy. Its made with lots of melted butter.  And powder sugar is used on top. My friend said it was called "Bouncing Baby"  but I can't seem to find the recipe online.  Does anyone know what I'm talking about and how to make it exaclty or where to find the recipe online?  Thanks.

(no subject)

What excuse can I use to get an extension on an assignment that is due on Tuesday? (It's currently 8:30pm Saturday).

EDIT: Well, it is good to know there are people who procrastinate as much as I. I was starting to think the world had been totally infiltrated by weirdos who plan their work at least two weeks ahead.

If you're all so confident it can be done, which question should I do, & any ideas of what to write?

1B. Bullying is not uncommon in schools, workplaces, the military and prisons. Examine and explore the ‘Engage’ program as a means of preventing bullying and developing skills in non-violent conflict resolution.

1E. Examine the critique of the ‘just war’ by Diana Francis. Does she present realistic ways of confronting aggression and injustice?

1F. Examine the role of public spaces in a democratic society. Choose a specific public space and evaluate the way it is managed with respect to cultural and political expression in a tolerant multicultural democracy.

Commenting style.

When reading a post, what is your commenting style/pattern?
If the question inspires an answer in you right off the bat, do you comment without looking at others comments?
Do you read through what's already been said and then comment?
Anything else to add about your commenting habits?
Anything you can think of that annoys you about the commenting habits of others?

(no subject)


When I get bored whilst writing these two papers, what should I do?

Masturbate? Eat? Fun webthings? Read about financial affairs? Eat baklava? Think about the Easter Bunny? Get laid?
funky chicken

(no subject)

Let's say you have a really messy room in your house. You're trying to clean it. How do you go about it?

Do you start with one "category" of items and pick up all of those items? (Like do all clothing first, then papers/books, etc.) Do you start at one end of the room and clean everything, working your way to the other side? Or do you do the "ADD crack child" method and jump around, not really finishing anything until the very end?
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(no subject)

1. What movie have you seen in theaters the most times? I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl seven times.

2. Do you have a last.fm? How many tracks do you have scrobbled?

3. Does anyone know how last.fm calculates top albums? Here's my top album chart as an example. The only music I have by John Ottman is the Superman Returns soundtrack, which has 15 tracks. My overall charts say I've listened to 518 tracks by John Ottman, and that I've listened to that soundtrack 433 times. Bzuh? Am I missing something here?

4. Have you gotten addicted to any PopCap games? Have you bought/downloaded a crack of deluxe versions of any of them? I have Feeding Frenzy 2, Chuzzle, and Peggle, and Chameleon Gems, which is a Zuma knock-off. I used to have a major addiction to Bejeweled 2, but managed to get over it somehow.
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Zach Braff

So I was watching Little Miss Sunshine and...

1. For those who haven't seen it, one of the characters takes a vow of silence and hasn't spoken for nine months. He starts to speak again and my question is, if you haven't spoken for nine months, would you be able to speak normally? Would your vocal cords be damaged? Would you have to learn to speak again?

2. Do people really dress their kids up like Barbie dolls and make them compete like that? What exactly is the point of beauty pageants besides teaching your kids value is based on appearance only?

3. So then, I was painting my nails while watching LMS and another thought occured to me. Whenever I paint my nails, my paint on my nails chip off so easily. But the paint on my toes can survive for months. I still had a little chip left over from Homecoming(uh that was about five months ago, ew haha) The shower hits both my fingers and toes so it's not like they don't receive pressure haha. Why does polish on toe nails last longer?

(no subject)

I just recently visited UConn, Quinnipiac, and Northeastern because I will be a senior next year and kinda need to pick a college.

Has anyone gone to these colleges and has any extra info about them?
Or does anyone have any other college recomendations?
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paper, pizza and poop

1) For all you that have online journals [I'd assume all of you] how many of you have paper journals too?
a) How long have you had your journal?
b) How often do you write in it?
c) Do you share it with anyone? If so, who?

2) If you like pizza, what are your favorite toppings?
a) How many slices do you usually eat?
b) Ceci's pizza buffet--thoughts? (If you have one nearby.)

3) How many times a day do you poop?

(no subject)

My boyfriend and I have a rare day off together tomorrow.

What should we do?

EDIT: sex is an absolute given :) My boyfriend and I are huge home-bodies so we were trying to think of something to do together that would get our butts in public. :)

(no subject)

Why do they call it a "wet bar"? Why not just "bar," is there a "dry" bar?

I'm going on a car trip soon from New York to Chicago and will be driving on I-90 -- Is there internet on the highway so i can use my laptop?
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(no subject)

Do you think "being drunk" is a legit excuse for anything?
"Oh, I ditched you at the club, sorry, I was too drunk."
"Sorry I hooked up with your boyfriend, I was drunk."
and on and on.
If yes, what is excusable by being intoxicated?

Chicken recipe

Hi -

I am making a roast chicken for lunch tomorrow and I usually use the recipe from "Joy of Cooking". However, my cookbooks are packed away, I can't find them and I have no memory of how to make the chicken. Does anyone have a good recipe for a basic roasted chicken (in an oven) or the recipe from "Joy of Cooking" or a link to one?


French movies and pictures, please?

1. Have you ever seen a French movie that didn't suck? If so, what was it?

2. Is there ANYONE in TQC-land (or the world??) that didn't like the movie "Amelie"???

3. What's your favorite lamp in your house/apartment/room? Care to show me a picture?

4. What's your favorite writing utensil? Care to show me a picture of that, too?
leave your turntable on

ah, relationships are tricky.

You meet a person, and at first the two of you have a fairly friendly kind of relationship. You talk to each other on a semi-regular basis and these conversations are always great, and you enjoy being around each other. After a while, you realize that you're really attracted to this person.

There's a problem: this person is a bit of a player. They've been with multiple people, and they admit to this. You're not entirely sure that they'd ever consider you an option, but you do know that he/she seems to somewhat enjoy your company at least, and they might possibly be interested in you as well.

Would you rather become one of the many people that this person hooked up with, or would you rather be just the friend that he/she could never have in that way?

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Does anyone participate in religious holidays/practices because it's more of a family tradition, rather than an actual religious tradition?

My mum is Christian, my dad & I are atheist. My dad & I always refrain from eating meat on Good Friday because it's my mums 'thing'. Neither of us know why you don't eat meat on Good Friday, we just do it because my mum doesn't.

EDIT: Apart from holidays like Christmas & Easter, as for a lot of people they're no longer about religion, but family & giving & Santa & The Easter Bunny etc.