April 6th, 2007

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Question (obviously).

One of my younger mates recently got his P's (drivers permit). The last few months he's developed this thing where he has to go to sleep in his bed after a night of drinking. I used to pay for a taxi as I didn't want him walking home for over an hour at 3am on a deserted, pitch black highway.

Well, now that he has his license he's apparently been driving home drunk. The drive is a good 15 minutes on a pitch black, near deserted highway with a lot of twists & turns. He now either lies to me, or waits until I'm distracted or asleep before he drives home because he knows I'll pretty much tackle him to the ground before I'll let him in the car.

If this keeps going on, would you recommend me telling his mother? I go to the gym with her most days & I'm really getting scared that he'll crash at 3am with no one to find him for hours.

I love the guy to death & want to keep him safe, but I know our relationship would never be the same if I did something like 'dob him in' to his mum.

Edit: I'll take his keys off of him & tell my mates to when I'm not there (which I didn't think of, seeing as I'm an idiot). And if he still gets his hands on the keys, call the cops. I think getting pulled up by the cops for drink driving is a lot worse then me telling her. Plus, I stay out of the middle of the situation.

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Recently, TX Rep. Warren Chisum is pushing a law to the house requiring the bible to be used as a textbook in all public schools in Texas, and a requirement for all public shools to offer a biblical scholarship course.

"We're not going to preach the Bible, we're going to teach the Bible and how it affects all of our writings, documents and the formation of our government," said Chisum. "We're taking it as a document that has historical value. It's the most widely distributed book in the world."

My question to you all is, can the bible be used as a neutral textbook, or do you think that this is a thinly veiled attempt to combine church and state?

My answer: I'm thinking the latter, because although I do agree that the bible has affected literature throughout the ages, almost every single person in Texas is a Christian! It's a very large challenge to teach an academic course without personal bias, it's going to be next to impossible to teach a bible course without one's own religious views coming into play!

*hunkers down for the storm that is sure to follow once "post" is clicked*

Does anyone know?

Does anyone know the name of the ancient practice where a woman gives herself up completely in devotion to a man, and takes him as her master? It's a form of slavery and I recall the term not being in English, of course.

I know they kind of touch upon this in "The Secretary".
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"Thank god you're here" Is an Australian comedy show that has now been bought by some U.S. channel(NBC).

Which of these do you find funnier?
(you don't have to watch the whole thing if you're lazy).
Please compare & criticize.

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Do you have to pay to bring animals to the shelter?
Would they accept animals if they're not yours but you know who's they are?
Can you get in trouble for taking an animal out of their home without the owners knowing if they have been neglected and very unhealthy?
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help! i'm developing a crush on my FWB. how do i make it go awaaaay? obviously i don't want to make myself hate him, but i so don't want a to have a crush on him.

serious and silly answeres appreciated.


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if the spice girls got back together would you buy tickets to their world tour?

what if nsync and backstreet boys went on tour, would you buy tickets?

the best comedian you've ever seen live? youtube link? [if they have one]

when someone says to you "that guy totally loves you off. what does loves you off mean?

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south park

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In my sociology class the prof. was going over marriage and religion, especially polygamy.  We watched this video on polygamy in the United States, where they would show both sides of polygamous marriages.  One of the things that got me was the fact that one of the men in those marriages said "Can you really trust your husband?..." And goes on about how he has multiple wives, and they can trust him because all his wives ... in more realistic terms, know who he's screwing, instead of being in a monogamous relationship where the wife doesn't know who he's sleeping with.  And, the women didn't look happy (even in the good examples of polygamous families), and many other women were saying that it was dehumanizing to hear their husband having sex with someone else, etc.  They had good and bad examples of polygamy (showing abusive and incestuous polygamous marriages in the US, and more successful polygamous marriages).  But even with the more successful ones, it just seemed to me that they weren't completely happy.  Overall, the whole video really irritated me...

Also--the women said that they had to put their selfishness aside--selfishness, meaning jealousy of other wives, which I thought was a bit disturbing

So to the questions:

1) Have you been in a polygamous relationship/marriage/etc
2) Has anyone grown up with a polygamous marriage?

..(for 1 and 2 I'm assuming not many, lol...)

3) What's your take on polygamous marriages in general?
4) Would you agree or disagree that you "can't trust your husband 100% to not cheat"/Do you agree or disagree that women's jealousy, even in a polygamous marriage, is considered selfish?

Do I need written permission?

I have a cable access show and we're in the process of putting the first show together.
I'm the host of the show and I like to have a floating co-host to keep the show fresh.
We want to use some of two interviews I did with two bands. My co-host at the time is someone that I am no longer speaking with for a variety of reasons.

I really hate to use the interviews because I don't want his face/voice on my show but there's really no way to edit him out because I made sure that the interviews would be fair: I'd ask a question and then he would. Our cameraman included shots of us asking questions so if we cut him out, the interviews would end up looking weird.
I thought of mosaic-ing his face out but that would look ridiculous.

So I've decided to keep the segments in their entirety. My question is: Since I'm going to use the segments, do I have to ask him to put it in writing that I have permission to use his image on my show?

I think I have a myspace message from when we did this that he confirmed that I could use him on the show but I doubt that is enough.

He messaged me on my birthday to say Happy Birthday and I never responded. Am I supposed to pretend I'm okay with him just to get him to sign a paper saying I can use his image and then I can just never talk to him again and continue hating his face?

I don't know the rules of using people for television, even if its just crappy cable access. I'm not going to be profitting in any way from this, I just don't want any problems.

I can't just go and to the interviews by myself again because 1. Its special to me since it was my first interview(s) and 2. They're not local bands. One of them is European; so its not like I can just go and retape it.

Please help!

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Do you wear perfume?

If so, what is your favorite perfume?

Theres a perfume shop around here that sells designer perfumes for 10$ a pop, so I'm going there today to load up. But I'm not sure which ones to try.
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bed time

What size bed do you have?

What do you wear to bed?

What time do you usually go to bed?

Do you sleep w/ anybody/thing?

Do you toss and turn or lie still?

Am I forgetting anythiing else?

Do you snore/talk in your sleep?
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So, how are your parents?

Are you fasting or not eating meat today?

I still haven't decided if I should leave work at 1:30pm today. WHAT SAY YOU, INTERNETS?

When you get into an e-fight with someone, do you post about it elsewhere so that others can comment on how stupid the other person is and/or come and defend you?

Is there anyone in your group of friends that you are technically friends with but can't stand? Why?

Are there any songs that you ALWAYS play on a jukebox?

Do you find this picture funny or offensive?
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who do people say you look most like? your mom or your dad?

it's Good Friday, has it been treating you good so far?

what's your SO's last name? or best friend's last name if you don't have a SO.

Fucking Cold.

Background: I'm from Bakersfield, California. And I'm currently in Laramie, Wyoming.

And I'm curious:

1. Why is it so God fucking cold?!
2. Who, in their right minds, would subject themselves to this sort of torture?

I feel like I'm dying every time I step outside. Twenty-four fucking degrees! I didn't know the thermometer could measure that low.

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Ladies, do you keep track of your period? Do you use a calendar to mark it down?

I know a couple that do, some that don't, and most just say "oh, it should come sometime this week." I fall into the last group, and was just wondering how common it is.
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What's in a name?

1. What's your first name?

2. Do you wish you had a different name? If so, what?

3. Did you get made fun of for your name as a kid?

4. Unusual/ethnic names - yes or no?

5. Other name opinions? (phonetic spellings, unusual spellings, strange names, etc)

6. My husband wants our children to have Spanish names because that's his heritage. He had an unusual Spanish name in a predominately white neighborhood. He doesn't really speak the language much and feels having an "unusual" name made him a stronger person. I just want to be able to pronounce my own kids' names. Should we name them Spanish names and I do my best with it or should he compromise with me?
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Beast mode!

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1. My favorite lunch place closed down last week. Where should I eat lunch today?
Choice #1 - Deli, with good food but bad beverage selection.
Choice #2 - Sandwich shop with good food and beverages, but someone tried to rob me there four months ago and I haven't gone back since.
Choice #3 - Quizno's, good food and beverages but it is four blocks away and it's cold out.

2. What are your weekend plans?

3. What was the last article of clothing you bought?

4. Should I go watch my roommate do a reading in the church service tonight or stay home and watch TV?

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1) In what ways are you unhealthy?
2) In what ways are you healthy?

3) Would someone comment if you wore a parka into the grocery store?
4) Would someone comment if you wore a summer dress and sandals into the grocery store?

5) You are at a salad bar that has every possible thing a salad bar could have. What do you put on your salad?
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i have a long commute

So, while driving to work this morning I was wondering someone was against mixing of the races how would they feel about an adopted child of a different race? For example, if a person claimed to not be racist just interested in securing the purity of their own race, would they think it was ok for a white person to adopt an asian/african child? Technically they're not ruining the bloodlines or anything since they aren't blood related.
Weird I know.

Anyone have XM radio? How do you like it? I bought my mom a receiver for Christmas last year and she never hooked up so I took that shit back and now it's mine. Since I already have the receiver should I just get the service?

Do you get to leave early for Good Friday?

What are you in the mood to eat?

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What kind of metal do they use in twist ties¿

How come its called "good Friday" by so many Christians if it is supposedly the day Jesus was crucified¿ .. sounds like a pretty bad Friday to me.

What is the best thing to do after you are already at work and then realize you have B.O. you forgot to take care of¿
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Today is Good Friday. My family are "Diet Catholics" as my boyfriend put it. They don't go to church or anything, but they do pretty much everything else.
This means no meat on Good Friday. Fish is okay though.

I don't eat fish. Looks like I'm eating vegetarian today! What should I make?
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I just signed up to do the Walk for Hunger in Boston with a few of my friends.

It's a 20 mile walk around Boston and having never really walked 20 miles, I'm a little concerned.

Water will be provided but we're pretty on our own for everything else. Has anyone ever done an event like this? Any suggestions?

So far I've heard bring an extra pair of socks and use vaseline to avoid blisters. Any other words of wisdom like that to offer?

Also, what kind of snacks would be smart to pack to eat along the walk?


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What are your opinions on drinking during pregnancy? (I'm not talking about shots but maybe the occasional glass of wine here or there)

For those of you who have been pregnant, did you drink during pregnancy at all?

Travel Questions+ Music..etc..

This is will be my first time traveling in quite some time. This will be my first time having an e-ticket as opposed to having paper ticket (which I like better because then I know for sure I’m on the flight). Btw, my relatives were the one who booked my ticket. I just fear that somehow the computers will have some type of error and say that they don’t have my ticket on record. Anyways, here are my questions:

1. Which is better: using a kiosk or just getting/printing out boarding pass online within 24 hrs of the flight?
2. Also I don’t want the hassle of checking in my bags since I’m only staying at my destination a mere 4 days. But is it safe to have my disposable razor (I absolutely need to shave, lol) on my carry-on?
3. Speaking of traveling, is anybody a member of the mile high club? If so, was it with random stranger or someone who you actually knew? Stories please…
4. What music would suggest on m travel playlist? (Specifically, classic rock and current music)
5. Who do you think is the most underrated classic rock band ever?
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What easter related books, tv shows (or episodes), movies, etc, do you know of? That aren't religious, preferably.
My favourite easter related thing is an episode of The Adventures Of Lano and Woodley, where Col turns into a chocolate fiend, and also has a 'war' with one of their neighbours over a pair of his spotty socks that he thinks she stole, and stuff about people with speech impediments, and a priest who insists on everyone calling him  Ricky rather than Father Richard. And an Easter Rock Mass... and Frank traumatising children... :D sooo good.
So what have you got that's eastery?
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I thought of another one! Father Ted. That has a GREAT easter episode, well, Lent. Where they try and quit smoking, drinking and rollerblading... :D And a nun comes to try and make them stick to their lenten vows and also make them 'better people'. It involved being dragged along behind a tractor and all sorts.

Another question: Have you heard of/Do you like The Adventures of Lano and Woodley, and Father Ted?

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If you could shop for free at one store for the rest of your life, what store would you choose?

Someone gives you $500, what do you spend it on?

I have a gift card and want to buy the newest Sims expansion pack. Has anyone bought it already? Opinions?
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Does your car have a cigarette lighter?

Do you moderate any communities?

If you were stuck in a room that stunk to heaven, which of these would you pick for it to stink of? YOU CANNOT SAY NONE, OBVS. MUST PICK.

- urine
- feces
- vomit

do you think...?

1. that it's possible to fuck around on the internet while watching a foreign language movie with subtitles and still comprehend the plot of the movie?

2. that it's possible to deal with a rat infestation without using poison?

3. that it's possible to post a question to thequestionclub and get serious answers only?

4. that it's better to be told "i have a present for you" or just to be given the present?

5. that your salary should be at least the same as your age? (like 28k when you're 28yo, etc)

6. that my neighbors will actually reimburse me for shit that was destroyed in the great flood of yesterday?

Also, could you tell me about your favorite part of your last vacation?

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1. Where is the clitoris? If someone says, "next to the vagina," does that mean on the leg?

2. Have you ever been to Fiesta? If you lived in San Antonio, do you think you'd go every year?

3. Wanna have a cascaron fight?

4. You have two cascarones. On which tqcer's head would you break one on? Who in your immediate vicinity would get the other? Would you be brutal or gentle about it?

5. Some parent brought in DYED baby chicks today. As if that weren't bad enough, she left them in a box in the middle of a room full of preschoolers. What would you have done in this situation?

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If every animal in the world suddenly developed the ability to speak to one another and hold conversations and think the same way humans do, how long do you think it'd be until they developed religions and started killing each other?

EDIT @ 4:20pm (Seattle time)
Yes, I know animals already kill each other for food, basic instict, territorial, yadda yadda yadda... What I was asking was about killing for religious reasons.

I really didn't think I'd have to spell this out for everybody. I wasn't even expecting full serious answers, this is TQC afterall, but based on the comments I guess I put too much faith in people's ability to use common sense to know when other people have common sense too. I mean, I know not everyone here has a high IQ, but sheesh people!


Single life

Why is it that young women who are single seem to be looked down upon in this society?

I am out of a very long and serious relationship, I am happy, I am too busy for a new boyfriend. Because of this people think I am nuts. There is so much pressure to be in a "stable" relationship.

Whats wrong with being an idependent woman?


OK, this is a simple, maybe even a stupid question from an European girl. My friend and I debated about Native Americans and their right to vote. So I have a question for you: Are Native Americans who live in reservations allowed to vote?
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wireless networking!

I have an Apple iBook with OS X 10.3.9. My friend just got a new HP laptop with Vista. Both have wireless. I want to transfer some files from my computer to hers.

I figured out how to create a wireless network on my computer and it picks up her laptop, but when I try to connect it wants a password and neither of us know what this means. I enabled file sharing and Windows sharing and she said she enabled filesharing on hers. She never picked me up on her computer at all.

Ideas? Can somebody at least point me in the direction of a how-to site for this or something?

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I have a situation. In the summer (and only in the summer) every year, my tear duct turns red and gets really itchy and irritated. The more I touch it, the more it hurts, but if I don't itch it bothers the shit out of me.

What could be the cause of this? I'm thinking it could be related to allergies, but I'm not sure. I've done a few Google searches, but haven't found anything that helps me.

I don't want to go to a doctor because it's not a huge deal to me, I'm just curious as to why this happens.
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the final 3...

what qualities do you possess that would make someone want to date you?

what qualities do you possess that would make someone break up with you?

when's the last time that someone cussed you out?

Having a good day!

I'm having a good day TQC, how about you?

Have you gotten any good news lately?
I have! I found out I am only going to have to take 1 final exam out of 5 classes! Hell yeah.

I found a DS today at Target. I got there about an hour after they opened. They had no pink ones, but plenty of black and white. Anyway..I've heard people rant about that Puzzle Quest game for the DS. I found it at Electronic's Boutique. Should I go back and get it? The husband said he'd buy it for me since I'm going to have to order Cake Mania off the internet.

How long would it take you to go through $1,000?
I think I broke my record. I was through it in less than 24 hours. I paid off my new computer and I bought some birthday presents.

I've got another question to ask about a show's season finale, but I'll wait and ask it in another post.
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1- Ninjas or Pirates?
2- Do/did/will you have today (Friday) off?
3- Why on earth does it look like I haven't made any process in cleaning my living room? :(
4- What is my cat freaking out for?
5- Most interesting thing in your visual range?

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Friday Randomness

Normally on Friday's I take the train about 20 minutes out of my way to spend an hour and a half standing in Dunkin Donuts talking to the guy I have a thing for and a pretty awesome friendship type thing with.  Today however, I drove into work from home instead of taking the train from school.

Should I go out of my way (including calling my parents and saying "hey, dont wait for me for dinner") to see this guy?

Would you?

How are you today, anyway?

What color comes to mind when I say 'insane'?
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Sean and Julie

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I work/live in a motel.

Would it be in bad taste to ask one of the housekeepers to clean my apartment once a week, not as a motel employee, but as my personal employee? (I work like 12 hours a day some days, 6 days a week and am falling behind on that whole susie-home-maker thing)

How much should I pay her?
I know how much she makes as an employee of the motel, should I match that?

Do you have a housekeeper?

Are you a housekeeper? How much do you charge per hour?
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i have had a cold for the last few days. i am much better, except for a persistent, wet, chest cough. i have tried advil C&S, vicks 44, robitussin, cough syrup and codeine (legal, from the doctor), tylenol, sudafed...nothing has worked.

does anyone have any other suggestions? a special tea? supplements? a medicine i haven;t tried? hanging upside by my toenails? walking backwards and chanting?

its too late to make a doctor's appointment today, and i am going monday anyway. for various reasons, its really really important for the cough to be gone by then.

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Can anyone tell me where I can get free windows xp themes? I'm bored with the usual blue taskbar etc and stuff. The only other ones I can get are the default ones of silver and green. I did google it but its hard to trail through all the crap of ones you have to pay for etc etc.

Thanks so much in advance!

What was that you say?

I have today off and I was flipping through the channels when I came across "Beauty and the Geek" on MTV.

It was an elimination round and it was the girls' turn. This one chick's question was:

"GQ is a popular men's magazine. What does "GQ" stand for?"

And she replies with, "Men's Fashion?"

So...what's the stupidest thing you've heard someone say recently?

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Google has failed me, so I come to you, O wise(ass) TQC.

Are there any websites similar to cd-tracker.com, but for DVD's, that you have experience using? I found dvdtracker.com which appears to be from the same people as cd-tracker.com, but they are closing on 12/31/07 and are not letting n00bs in. I also found some beta thing called utrackmovies.com or something, but it looks like I will at some point have to pay for that. Anything else out there?
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1. My professor sent me an email saying:
I think your email is carrying some sort of spam, etc Each time you send me a note it is in quarantine....I release it so I can read it but I would suggest checking it out esp for the summer hybrid course...eventually I may not be able to open it.

How do I fix this? I send her emails all the time, and this has never happened before.
My computer has McAfee security suite. Its all up to date and gets scanned weekly. Is there a way to scan just my email?
I use Hotmail.

2. What was your favorite part of this week?

Baseball is back, and it has been fantastic :)

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What are some good Canadian colleges/ universities? 

EDIT: Very helpful so far, but let me elaborate... What are some Canadian colleges / universities with good Liberal Arts? I want to study Anthropology/ Social Sciences or Illustration or Journalism or something. Also, I  don't have the best GPA (3.2).

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So I was trying to take a nap today but I woke up because I felt something crawling on me... Opened my eyes to a bug, which ran and hid somewhere. It was either a roach or one of those waterbug things.

I'm terrified of them, and I refuse to sleep in my room until it's dead, so I want to know if there is a way of quickly killing it or getting it out of my room? I'm iffy about bug spray, since I have no idea where the bug went and it seems like the only way that stuff works is to spray it right on the bug...
epic fight - pwnd
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I'm trying to think of a rap song, TQC.

All I know is that this one guy kinda sounds like Lil' Jon (maybe it is), and he says "Let's go!" and the beat is really cool...and it was in commercials for Stomp the Yard. Yeah! 

What is this song? Sincerely, a little ol' white girl.

(no subject)

When I was in 8th grade a friend of mine told me she thought that sex = kissing. I couldn't even imagine someone believing that in 8th grade.

1. So, what is the stupidest thing you believed when you were in 8th grade?
I don't know. I'm sure it was pretty stupid though.

2. Did you ever believe that sex = kissing? If so how old were you when you realized that was no the case?
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So it's fucking cold out (28 degrees or something) and I'm attending a Sweet 16 in the middle of nowhere. The majority of the party will be outside or in an unheated little cottage type thing. Rumor has it they might have a bonfire (woo).

So my question is this:
What the hell should I wear?

The occasion is dubbed "semi-formal" and this is high school so I want to dress to impress some hot males but above all I don't want to die of the cold. I don't have any dress pants either.

Edit: Where the party is being held it is actually 22 degrees. Yikes!

Edit: Fuck it! Jeans and layers here I come. Ain't no one makin' it into my panties tonight. :(
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what kind of liquor do you like? and how do you drink it? [shots, mixed with something, etc]

in regards to my last post here. i went to the dr and i am not pregnant. and thank god. because my boyfriend just left me and moved out today. so i am going to do some drinking with the ladies tonight.
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360 Wireless headset woes...

Ran into a "bit" of a sync problem with my new wireless headset for the 360(after my fraile looking wired one broke like...2 days ago). Charged it up and everything...followed the manual...supposed to work, right? Wrong. The controller(only have one currently) booted the headset off the first channel. I could only go to channel s 2-4, never back to 1. I did get it to work at some point, but it was purely by accident and couldnt reproduce exactly what I did. Looked up the troubleshooting, nothing worked. Looked up Xbox forums, and they kept talking about a problem with the headset and launch date controllers. Controllers would boot the headset off the first channel, etc. Here's the kicker: I don't own a launch 360. My 360 was bought about 2 months ago and the manufacturer date is Nov 15...of 2006. O_o I'll most likely get another wired headset(that EA football coach monstrosity the wife likes) until Logitech comes out with a headset. However, before I return the headset, want to exhaust all possible fixes to this problem. As always, your input is appreciated. =D
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User names and Comment Threads

Have you ever gone to respond to someones comment (not to your post, but in a community, or someone else's post) and then not done so because of their username?

I did just recently, as I thought they wouldn't like me due to their username (can I plead bizarreness?)

Conversely, have you ever commented on someones comment, simply because you like their username?

How do you feel about commenting on other peoples threads in a friends lj?

personally, I like it, To me lj is all about interaction, but I have seen some people see it as hi-jacking. Not me :) anyone on my friends list here, reading this - feel free to comment on other peoples comments if you feel so inclined.

(no subject)

My sister bought a small chocolate easter egg (a kinder surprise) for her 6 month old daughter.

Granted, I don't have kids of my own, but I don't think kids this young need to have sweets and chocolates! The longer they don't have it, well, they don't know what they are missing so they don't want/need it! My other sister also gives her daughter hot chips, I know I love hot chips (french fries) but I also know there's not much good in them!

Do you think 'a little bit won't hurt', or that the earlier you start encouraging bad habits the bigger the potential for problems? I'm just concerned that kids these days have enough against them already and there's no need to feed them junk!
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(no subject)

I want to drink more water, and I think the best way to accomplish this would be to buy a good water bottle I can carry around all the time. So, what's the best kind of water bottle? (I would prefer one with a sport/squirty top, but it's not a necessity)

I think I've heard about these pills that you can put in a cat's food to make you not allergic to them here before...My boyfriend thinks he's allergic to cats, and I want to tell him about these. What are they called?

My friend said she was going shopping with her mother and then coming over to my house...about an hour ago. Do you think it's possible that grocery shopping is taking this long, or did they die in a car crash?
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Do any of your screennames/usernames/email adresses/etc. have your name in them? If you do is it a silly play on words with your name?

My aim screenname has my name in it, as does a couple of other usernames on message boards and sites. Mine is a play on words with my name, but I have a couple of friends with screennames like '(their name)said' and 'sup its (their name)'

Edit I also have a school email address with is my first and last name, and a 'professional email address' which is the same thing but at gmail, but anything besides that. I totally forgot about those until people started saying them.

Hopefully you all understand this.

.Mac + EDIT

So I've had my Macbook Pro for a while, and got really bored today and decided to try a free trial with .mac.

I just put up my page today, and haven't really done much but fill in the templates yet; I still don't know if I'm going to keep it past the trial.

Anyways, I wanna get more into it, so I figured I could ask:

1. Do you have a .mac page?
2. What's your link?

I'm at http://web.mac.com/tylergscott

Unrelated Edit: Anybody know how I could go about finding an old elementary school friend, with no information besides his name and our school? (We're both 18ish now, so it was 10 or so years ago, give or take. Don't know if that would make a difference).

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do you ever just put on your headphones, crank it up to a million and then jam them into your ears so it's louder than a concert and listen to all of the subtle layers that are in the music?

isn't music, like, better than sex? (sorry, i'm having a dorky poetic moment or something.)

what are you listening to right now?
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Thoughts in the night

1- Do you or have you ever folded stars from strips of paper?
2- Why do gum and toothpaste companies seem to think everyone likes mint? :(
3- Do you freecycle? If so, have you ever had a no-show?
4- What noise is afoot currently? Aside from yourself typing. :P

1- Yeah, just found my papers again tonight. :)
2- Dunno. :( I think I'm allergic to the stuff, but have little choice.
3- Yeah, and yeah... Sigh. Just tonight. :(
4- Someone walking around upstairs, husband banging around in the kitchen, and something on tv I'm barely paying attention to... some crime show.
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Does Listerine mouthwash make your teeth sensitive?

I've only used it twice in the past 3 days (THAT STUFF IS STRONG). My teeth feel very very sensitive now, and I feel a possible ulcer forming (or is it called a cold sore? It's on the inside of my bottom lip/cheek). I used the correct amount, I definitely did not overdo it.

What the hell, man? If not that, what is it?
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Have you ever been on the street and seen someone famous?
How did you behave?

You having an Easter dinner?
Are you having it at your house?
Someone else's?
What are you eating?
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1) How come I start out with 2GB of space on my harddrive and end up with 50mb when I haven't downloaded anything? When I turn the iBook back on the missing space is suddenly back again.

2) When did you last buy a cd in a shop? So not paying to download it? What was it?
Tom McRae -- Just like blood in 2003

3) How many songs you do have on iTunes?
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ew how effing creepy

ok this is SO weird to me. my friend was just telling me that when she went to the gyno, her doctor asked if she used condoms and my friend truthfully said yes. during the exam, the doctor said "Oh I can tell you do." WHAT?! HOW CAN THEY TELL IF YOU USE CONDOMS?

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A friend of mine has a habit of saying "I've excellent news! The gin works!"

(If not gin, it's whatever we're drinking at the time.)

It's a very familier line, but I can't remember where from... or even if it's just that he's said it so many times that it's imprinted itself in my mind.

Any idea where it's from?

Sam outside

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So I woke up this morning with really pink eyes and could barely open them up bcuz of gross gooey(sp?) stuff on them. And all day they've stayed red and they itch/hurt. 

Now I'm not sure if it's pink eye or just allergies. 

1. In your opinion, if I'm the same tomorrow should I go to work where I make ice cream all day??

2. How would you feel about the person serving you ice cream if they had really red eyes? 

3. Are you celebrating Easter? Either way, whatcha doin' on Sunday?