April 5th, 2007

So's Toes

Nude Prints

I have a few nude/semi-nude photos that I would like to blow up into much larger ones. These are digital and I think if I try to do this at my local CVS, I'll be arrested, right?

I'd really like to frame them. They're tasteful but definitely show some nipple

Where can I get these digital photos blown up so I can mat and frame them?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know a legal website where you can get mp3s that you can play on as many computers / mp3 players as you want? Do such things even exist?

I'd really appreciate any help!
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(no subject)

I just broke up with my boyfriend, who I still love very much and still live with until I find another place. We still get along and all that jazz but heres the issue:

Easter Sunday his mom has a dinner, the usual family thing. I love his family too, and will miss them almost as much as i'll miss him. Should I still go to dinner, even though they know we've broken up? Any other comments?

Edit: Ok, i've cancelled the dinner invite (but have been promised leftovers). Now I get to watch figure skating on ESPN.
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(no subject)

So, I've been wanting to really enjoy this summer, and I've saved up enough money so that I can work less hours. Question is, is there a way I can request this, during a time in which I obviously have less going on, without appearing overly lazy/irresponsible to my employer? Is this a valid concern?

(no subject)

why the hell hasn't PeekVid been working on my computer for the last 2 weeks?! i need my House fix people. is it down? are there other sites like PV that i can go to? i hope it's not just my computer... help please!

(no subject)

i'd try google but I don't know where to start in less than this rather vague description.

Does anyone know what those magic drawings are called that looked like a repetative pattern of something but if you make your eyes go fuzzy and stare into them, it reveals a 3D image?

edit as I found it from the first comment, thankyou :-) So.. by using the first comments link, can you see the image? How quickly?

I can see them straight away, I'd forgotten how fascinated I used to be by this!

Please can you reccomend me an author/book?

I'm going on holiday on Friday and am heading book shopping tomorrow. We have an amazing second hand book shop near my house that has anything and everything, I read a lot so it's like heaven.. i shall take the list and see what I find.
In return I reccomend 'The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets'- Eva Rice. I've just finished it, an absolutely delightful book that I never wanted to finish, alas it was so good it took me no time at all!
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looking for suggestions on an audio file for a class

I've been making a website on the Legislative branch of government for a Web Design 2 class (at Florida Virtual School), and I've run into a slight problem. This assignment requires me to insert an "appropriate audio file" into my website (to show that I ... can). The problem is, I can't think of any sort of audio that would seem appropriate for a site on the Legislative branch.

What do you guys think I should do for my audio? The national anthem? Or are there any audio files floating around that ... tell about the Legislative branch?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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It is 5:39AM

Are you hyper, TQC?

I sure am. I just finished writing a ten-page paper for my NEU368 course, but I've still got way more vault in my system than should be possible. I don't drink much soda anymore so all this sugar is kind of crazy. Plus the sushi I had a bit ago. And the fact that I am extremely sleep deprived.

What's the grossest thing you've seen lately?

I decided to take a break and walk around around 3:00AM and discovered that someone had puked the whole way down the hall. It was pretty sick.

photo pricing.

There's this lady that wants me to take pictures of her husbands band sometime next week. I believe they are going to be still shots. In the end, I'll basically be giving her all my work with edits onto a CD so she can print and use what she wishes. (I don't have the capability or time to print and price her through only the ones she wants to have.)

So my question is - from the photographers point of view, what would you charge?

And from her point of view, what would you be willing to pay?

I was thinking 100 bucks. Travel, time, editing. I don't want to over price her, but I'm not going to sell myself out either. Plus, she'll have all my work, for continuous copies afterwards.

(no subject)

1. what's your favorite kind of easter candy?

2. what would be the best easter gift i could give my 7 year old daughter? (we're talking pinwheels and soccer balls here, people, not "world peace", hehe)

and unrelated:

3. have you ever used a trading website like www.chancexchange.com before? has your experience been good or bad? is there a site for trading your old stuff that is better/higher volume than this one?

thanks in advance :)

(no subject)

when was the last time you did something, and it wasn't your most brilliant move, and it made you feel like disappearing off the face of the earth?
what happened?
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(no subject)

I go to my Weight Watchers meeting tonight (shut up, I've lost over 15 pounds, OKAY?). After every meeting, I get something REALLY good to eat, it's my "freebie" night.

So, what should I get?

Favorite candle scent?
I have a chocolate chip cookie candle on my candle warmer that smells AWESOME.

Are you having a good, mediocre, or bad day? Why?
Mediocre so far. I feel kind of sick.

Did you know the chances of your kid being on Broadway are 1 in 11,000, but the chances of you kid being autistic are something like 1 in 156?

What was the last thing you got for FREE?
I got three free subscriptions to Stuff, Blender, and Shape (already get Jane and Maxim) from here, using the code "1free" at checkout (if anyone else is interested). Didn't even have to use my credit card. :) Oh, and you can get the MAXIMUM subscription, I got FOUR YEARS. I signed up under my husband, and my two dogs. :-P Bella is now getting Shape magazine.
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Menu advice

So, my husband and I have invited a dear friend and his girlfriend over for dinner. Said dear friend is a vegetarian, which is putting me in a culinary world with which I'm not very familiar. I'm thinking about making this as the main dish (both the friend and his girlfriend loooooove garlic), but I'm unsure as to side dishes.

So, what kind of side dishes can I make with that main dish? What else would you suggest? (And my husband is making a salad already - I just feel like there should be something else.)
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out of the blue..

Have you ever bought a bed based on whether or not you could tie someone/be tied to it?
My bf and I are buying some things together and I was just thinking about how I bought my last batch of furniture... haha. Happy long weekend everyone!! :)

(no subject)

Who do you think lies the most?

Used car salesman
Celebrity publicist
Player at club
Shady mechanic

Who is the most trustworthy?


Even if it paid well, what would you consider to be the worst job on this list?

Port-a-potty cleaner (working that hose)
Person who scoops the dead animals off the road
Masseuse at a weight loss farm
Person who has to shave the pubic area on people going into surgery
Horse semination caretaker (you help the horse get off, and you gather his semen)
Colonic practitioner (you stick the hose up people's butts)
Elephant caretaker's assistant at a circus (you just shovel pachyderm feces)
Public defender in the country's highest murder capital
Door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson
Call girl/boy (no pimp, but you gotta put out for money)
Professional waxer
Person who mops up at the end of the day in the stalls at a peepshow
Euthanizer of stray animals

Would you do an embarrassing, disgusting job if it paid very well,

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(no subject)

1. Do they usually play the previous season's finale sometime before the new season begins? Particularily with shows that end with cliff hangers?

2.  Does Maine get Patriot's Day off because it was a part of Massachusetts when the Battle of Lexington and Concord occured?

3.  Using made up words from tv shows. Yay or Nay?  (for example when people use "frack" or "gorram" or even "shiny" (in the Firefly sense) in every day life).  
I think it's annoying.
The Dude Abides

Going to the movies ?'s

1) Do you think it's lame to go see a movie at the theatre by yourself?

2) If ever, what's the last movie you saw at the theatre by yourself?

3) How often do you go out to see a movie while it's in theatres (by yourself or with others)?

Are you going to see Grindhouse this weekend?
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Junk and stuff.

1- I just about choked myself, checking the tag of the shirt I'm wearing... What's the most 'brilliant' thing you've done lately?

2- Any animals in your visual range? Never said they have to be real. :)

3- How many windows/tags are open on your computer right now? What are they? ;P

4- Very specific question: Our xBox360's headset mic has died. It doesn't record. We've tried everything on the xBox website to try and fix it, to no avail. (Unplug/re-plug it in, fiddle with the options within the xBox settings, etc etc...) Any additional solutions?
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(no subject)

1) Homeopathy: Credible or Crap?
2) Have you ever had acupuncture? If so, what was it like?
3) Yesterday it was 86F. Today, it's 46F. Is anyone else having such erratic weather?
4) Have you ever read The Phantom Tollbooth? Thoughts on it?
5) Ice cream: Lunch food?
6) And just throwing this one out there... On Sesame Street today, Ernie was singing a duet of "I Don't Want To Live On The Moon" with a black singer from the late 80s/early 90s (as evidenced by the sweater he was wearing, lol). His voice sounded really familiar, but I can't figure out who it is. Has anyone seen this? Any idea who he is? I tried Googling and YouTube, but I can only find the versions of Ernie by himself. EDIT: It's Aaron Neville! Thanks slinksgirl!
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(no subject)

1. do you own/wear flip flops?

2. if so, how many pairs do you own?

3. does it matter if your flip flops are brand name or not?

4. what's the most amount of money you'd be willing to spend on a pair of flip flops?
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(no subject)

Ladies:  Imagine that someone offered you a cushy room and all the food you could eat in exchange for having babies.  The following conditions apply:
       -  You have one baby per year
       -  You never actually have sex; a trained doctor will use artificial insemination to get you pregnant
       -  You give up each baby once it's weaned, with the knowledge that it too will have a cushy lifestyle
       -  You have to let people come in and watch you give birth and take pictures
As long as you agree to the conditions, you'll be taken care of for your entire life (even after you're too old to give birth).  Would you do it?

Guys:  Same perks, different conditions:
       -  You have to masturbate at least 4 times per week and let strangers watch/take pictures
       -  You never actually get to have sex
       -  If your sperm aren't good enough for their purposes, you can never masturbate or have sex ever again
Again, as long as you agree to the conditions, you'll be taken care of for your entire life (even after you're too old).  Would you agree to that?

(Please specify whether you're a guy or a girl)

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Church of Baseball


Why is it that people will run all the way across a large room to catch an elevator and then only take it up one floor when the stairs were right next to it?

(Please give me silliness.)
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Birthday Argument

Hey all. My son's second birthday is coming up in June. I've already bought 2 of his gifts and my husband and I are arguing about his third.

So far he's got a TMX Elmo and Tom and Jerry plushies.

My husband wants to get him a toddler 4 wheeler.

I want to get him an art easel and art supplies.

Where we live isn't the best place for a 4 wheeler. The back yard is taken up by a gazebo and soon it will have a swingset underneath a canopy (we don't have any trees for shade).

He likes to color on the windows (which I don't mind). I'd like to get him involved in more creative things before I'd let him get involved in more of the dangerous aspects of boyhood.

What do you think? Maybe if I showed him some other opinions on the 4 wheeler issue, he might cave. He thinks it is a great idea because one of his coworkers bought his daughter a 4 wheeler for her second birthday.

Any input is much appreciated.

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(no subject)

What are your opinions on this article? Do you think the laws are too strict? Not strict enough? Do you think that the city of Miami and the state of Florida should be required to help find more habitable accommodations for these people? Why or why not?

(no subject)

Rightio. Over the long weekend, i'll be going on holidays with a christian, religious family. I'm athiest. I don't have any problems with looking attentive during grace, or anything of the sort, but i'm not sure about the ettiquete. Anything I should know? Dos and do nots?

yeah so i still exist.

I've been doing a whole bunch of lame and boring labs for my ecology students, and I've had it with my lab manual. For the rest of the semester, I'm doing cool labs.. next week, I've decided on a GPS scavenger hunt (geocaching). Do you have any ideas for something cool I could hide? Or if hiding actual objects seems like a bad idea, what should I hide as a marker for them to bring back, and what should the prizes be for finding things? Furthermore, any other cool labs you can think of that would actually be FUN for an eco class? I have a few ideas, but I'd love to hear more.
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Federal Excise Tax

Hey all... I am filling out my boyfriend's taxes right now.

Does anyone know if this $30 Federal Excise Tax refund is available for standard cell phone plans as well? (Cingular is his provider)

He doesn't have a land line, and doesn't keep his old cell phone bills like a dummy so I can't look up his old bills to see if the charge is on there.
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(no subject)

Do flip flops cut the crap out of your feet?

Are there any brands that won't cause my feet to bleed but look nice?

Why are flip flops so evil to my feet?

Yes, I've given up on wearing them. I'd see a cute pair, buy them, wear them, and be in agony within 30 minutes of walking around.

The few out there that don't hurt my feet are ugly, and not very cute. :(

No clue. Maybe I just have sensitive skin on the top of my feet? Or some irregular gait that causes the straps to rub against my feet a lot.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]


I feed my dog Pedigree...and the last time I checked ... they weren't infected. But last night and this morning...my dog had really bad diarrhea. So I was wondering if they're still checking up on all the brands? And where I can get the latest list of the infected/bad pet food list? I searched on google but Pedigree wasn't on the list. Am I just being paranoid?

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(no subject)

What are some "typical" Jewish last names?

What are some stereotypes for various races and religions? For example, all black people are "lazy", and all Jewish people are bankers or rich, and that all white people are racist Republicans.

Should I ask my boss if I can take a half day tomorrow so I can watch a 2-hour special on Disney tomorrow that is on at 1pm?

Goddammit, my coworker already took tomorrow off.
Should I just LEAVE at noon and email my boss saying that I am sick? She's not going to be in tomorrow as well.
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Rain Boots!

Do you have rain boots?

If you do:
What do they look like? Where did you buy them? How much were they? How often do you wear them?
This. Century 21. They were only $10! I don't wear them very often. I wore them yesterday for the first time in months.
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(no subject)

1. the boyfriend and i are on a non-speaking break - i need some feel good chick songs! what are some of your faves?

2. do you have snow on the ground right now? where are you?

3. Hugh Laurie or Kiefer Sutherland

4. Have you ever gotten therapy? has it worked well for you?

5. what's the last death you experienced?


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(no subject)

My computer is having trouble uploading. I have the same issue in both Firefox and IE. If I try to upload a userpic, the connection times out. Same thing with Sendspace and similar sites, and Photobucket.

Edit: I'm connected through a 2Wire router to DSL, but my laptop uses the same connection and I can upload fine using that. I have antivirus and ran a virus scan, and nothing seems to be awry.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? What can I try doing to fix it?

(no subject)

1. I'm indecisive. Which of these should I watch tonight:

The Departed
Night of the Comet
Time Bandits
Casino Royale
or The Last King of Scotland?

2. Do you ever make tabouleh/tabouli? If so, how do you go about it? I love the tabouli from a particular restaurant. Unfortunately that restaurant is in another state. Whenever I try to make my own, it's not half as good.

3. Do you tend to curse more than usual when you are driving? This morning, I called an old man an ass heap. I'm not even entirely sure what that's supposed to mean. I'm thinking it's actually a compliment.

4. Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet?

Coffee and Deliverence

Which beverage would have the most caffeine with the least coffee flavor? One of those sickeningly sweet corn syrup creations with a bunch of espresso in it.

Does anyone else think there's just something unusually creepy about the rape scene in this movie? Something that makes it even more disturbing/weird/etc than the average rape scene? If so, what exactly is it?

1. I know nothing about Starbucks, which is why I'm asking.
2. I think it's the fact that, if you don't know about the movie, you really don't see it coming at all. The earlier part of the movie is pretty happy buddybuddy with weird-but-funny rednecks and they're paddling paddling yay water paddling stop for a drink SURPRISE! ANAL RAPE!

(no subject)

Do you get car sick?
When taking road trips with others do you let other people drive if it's your car? or do you drive the whole time?
Can you sleep in the car?
Do you ever feel weird when someone of the opposite sex says they'll give you their house key?
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(no subject)

so i sent thegreatone0381 a present for his birthday.. can you guess what it might be?

what's the last stupid thing someone said to you? i just had a customer call and ask us for our Saturday hours, i told him that we were open from 8am-NOON. he's going to then proceed and ask 'noon as in.. 12 o'clock?' *silence on my end* 'uh.. yes' after i hung up i thought to myself, what other noon could there be?
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(no subject)

I've just given blood again!  They gave me a homer simpson blood donor shirt   =D

Have you donated blood?

About how many times?

Worst donation experience?

Is it sad that I get excited over a blood donor tee?

What did you eat for breakfast?
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Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

Car Question

How cheap was the cheapest car you've ever gotten? What kind was it?

Can I find a reasonable (wont break down for a while, looks decent) car for $1000 or less?

My parents are giving me a car, but are only going to spend $1000, do you think I should try to pitch in more (as in, $250-$500), or should I just take the free car and go?

Any advice for 1st time car shopping? (My dad will be with me, and knows a lot about cars, but anything I should be prepared for?)
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(no subject)

So yes.

1) Who likes sushi? What kind do you like?

2) Pet mice are the best things ever, yes or no? If your answer is no, you must explain WHY YOU DON'T LOVE THE MICES!!!!!

3) Do you know what four states are not technically states?

4) Do you know which teeth are "eye teeth"?

5) Why is the main character in jail in "The Shawshank Redemption"?
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Banned ?'s

There's a rumor that Reggie Bush is banned from the Playboy Mansion for "improper conduct."

1) What do you think one would have to do to be banned from the Playboy Mansion?

2) Have you ever been banned from someone's home or an establishment?

3) Have you ever kicked someone out of your house?

What type of people aren't welcome into your home?

Movies of Hispanic Culture

What are some movies that relate to the Hispanic culture or anything to do with Hispanics? Preferably in the English language, but it's fine if it's in Spanish.


Mi Familia


The Motorcycle Diaries


Real Women Have Curves

Buena Vista Social Club (documentary)

María Full of Grace

A Day Without a Mexican

Evita: The Story of Eva Perón


Il Postino

Los Lunes al Sol

The Sea Inside

Please name as much as you can. Thanks.

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ballet photo

tax season

those of you who have filed/are filing their taxes
do you owe the government money?
or are you getting a return?
to either, how much?

My Answers
I filed mine and already got my return
it was 1350, it was supposed to be about double that but my very very part time job wasnt really taking any taxes off..boo. oh well cant complain.
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Internet radio!

Ever DJed on internet radio? How long? Was it fun?

I've been doing it for about two years now, probably more. It's a lot of fun and it's led a lot of my friends to discover new music they'd never heard of before. I'm doing it right now, in fact.
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billy said a naughty

(no subject)

hypothetically speaking:

you make a post, and shortly thereafter, you would like to delete it - BUT! many people have responded...
my question is -
do you still delete it, or just let it go and try not to me a moron next time posting w/out thinking?
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Hate to pester...

But I really need the lyrics to a song I heard on MTV's The Hills. It plays in the episode where Spencers asks Heidi to move in with him and while she is on the way to see the new place it's playing. They only play a small part, somewhere along the lines of "If I could go back once again, I would change everything. If I could go back once again, I'd do everything so much better". I think. I've tried google and all that...thanks!

(no subject)

Have you ever known someone with Tay Sachs Disease (known someone with it, or known someone with a relative with it, for example)?

Have you ever been tested to see if you are a carrier for it? If yes, are you a carrier? If yes, did this upset you?

If you are a carrier, does this influence your decision to have biological children?

If you were to find out you were a carrier, would it influence your decision to have biological children?

What about if your would-be mate were a carrier, how would that influence your bio child decision?

Never Flown Before

Alright, so I'm behind with the times and I bought some plane tickets at the airport last week rather than online.
I got our itinerary/proof of purchase.

When do I choose seats? How do I choose seats?

And, what is your best tip for a first time flyer? (Someone told me to print off the maps of the terminals)
*betty draper reading

don't do the crime if your brother's doing time

If the police are investigating a rape (for example), and they enter the DNA evidence in to the national DNA database, and DON'T get an exact match, but they DO get a very close match, indicating that the rapist is a close blood relative of someone already in the database, should the FBI have to release the name of the felon whose DNA returned an almost-match to the police, so they can investigate his/her family members?
think about it

dressing up 3 bean salad

I have 2 cans of 3 bean salad. What can I add to it to dress it up a bit? I'm bringing it into work tomorrow for a sort of potluck-ish lunch/dinner thing. Unfortunately, I don't have any time (or much money) to come up with anything else.

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-What is the best/easiest way to learn/memorize your times tables?

-Agree or Disagree: to do something you *think* you love, its worth going through something you hate?
(Backstory: I would love to be a reporter, but you have to major in journalism, right? And that requires crazy amounts of english and writing classes, no? Well I hate to write. I've heard I'm good at it(I don't think so though), I just HATE to do it... should I not bother with it then? I'm torn...)

-What is the purpose of changing the "tt" in http to "xx" in music communities like wedontsendit? (Maybe they do it in others too... I just haven't seen it)

Answered! Thanks!
-My aunt and uncle are out of town till sunday and my cousin wants to throw a party. The neighbors are aware of the situation. They maybe keeping an eye out for her. Could they catch on? Will she get caught? How can she avoid getting caught? If I get super wasted and sleepover will my mom show up at 8am to check up on us?

*silly answers pleaseeeee*

Any of you have any *I-threw-a-crazy-party-while-the-'rents-were-out-and-lived-to-tell-about-it* stories to share?

Hmmmk I'm done. Entertain me with your answers... its a slow day here at work...

Edit on the Journalism question:
I don't wanna work for a newspaper or magazine. My goal would be to become a news broadcaster. As in, the kind that report on tv...
I've heard you can also major in mass communication. Is that true? Is it the same?
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(no subject)

Has anyone here ever failed a course they needed for their major? How did you cope and was it ok in the end?

I am not doing well in my bio course, and I'm afraid I will have to take it over again. It is hard to not feel like a failure, and though I still don't know what I want to do with my bio degree in the end, it feels like that's all slipping away.
Fear and Loathing

(no subject)

If a rabid mother opossum had babies, would the offspring have rabies too?

How likely is it for a baby opossum, or any opossum for that matter, to have rabies?

I ask this because suddenly a lot of BABY opossums have found their way into my house! This is bad.. My cats have had their rabies shots, but one of my cats just came back from surgery and I don't want him to get mixed up with a opossum. Even if it is just a baby.. Another crawled into my bathroom this morning and went to sleep in a bucket. This is the forth one! We do not know if it is rabid or not. It does not appear to act aggressive or strange. It's still in there. We haven't called Animal Control yet.

But damn, these babies are CUTE! I took pictures of this one. I'm almost tempted to keep one as a pet! But of course that would be very dangerous.. Though I heard of people that have done that.

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  • cdaae

How offensive is my icon?

Making fun of a country's Head of State or elected political leader is highly offensive and appalling. Agree or disagree?

Since to me the answer to that one is pretty obvious, does anyone have any really good anti-Blair icons to share?

Do you ever get angry about people making fun of a public figure? Who?
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(no subject)

1. can you trust the results of a pregnancy test that you bought at The Dollar Tree for $1?

2. if you have ever been pregnant.. what made you first think you might be pregant [other than late period]?

::edit:: i have been smelling smells really strongly lately. is that a sign?

3. if you drink alcohol during the first weeks of pregnancy, before you find out you are pregnant, how does this affect the fetus?

car stuff

Is there any reason to wash your engine?
Like, if you're already outside on a lovely Saturday in your driveway, with the hose, getting all sudsy, washing your car, would it help your engine work any better (or perhaps prevent any future gunk-related problems) to just pop the hood and give the engine a nice, moderate spray of water?


Why can't I find a new DS anywhere??!?!?!!

I went looking today and NO ONE had any. I went to a Wal-Mart, a Gamestop, and Best Buy and none of them had any in stock!

Tomorrow I'm going to try another Wal-Mart, Target, Electronics Boutique, and Toys R Us. Hopefully I can get one.
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(no subject)

1. I want to be more friendly towards the environment. I was thinking that I could carry a canvas bag with me whenever I went out, rather than getting multiple plastic bags at every store. Would store security start following me around if I did that? What if I put my items in the bag, rather than carrying the bag and a basket-thingy?

2. I just bought a Nintendo DS Lite today. Why did I wait to long to bring this joy into my life?

3. For those of you with a Nintendo DS Lite, do you have a case for it? Do you like it? Do you have a case for your games?

4. Do your parents still (or did they ever) get you gifts for Easter? What will you be getting this year?

hooker trannies!

okay so check it out...im visiting miami for a few days, and i'm looking thru their local free weekly paper thing. i get to the back and see all these ads for escorts and hookers and whatnot...i see alot of them that are pictures of what appears to be a really good looking woman..and then it mentions "10 inches". okay so i guess trannies are popular down here. but my QUESTION IS...and ive always been curious about this...what type of people are interested in chicks with dicks..for a lack of a better term..lol. now i dont know if these trannies are men that have transformed themselves into women, or if they are women who have had functional penises attached..but either way..i dont get it..i mean, i can't imagine a straight guy or a straight woman would want to hook up with one of these...however, i cant imagine a gay man or woman would either!!!! i am so confused!! lol...anyone have any idea about this? i am seriously curious.
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I need the internets to decide what I'm going to do with the next couple of hours (before I go to bed).

I was going to watch Spooks, in order to stop myself getting sucked into The Sims (which I've spent way too much time on lately), but I realized I'd recently seen the last 3 episodes I have left.

I've been meaning to rewatch season 3 of 24, and that's the right kind of mood, but the trouble with 24 is that it's just like The Sims in being so addictive you find yourself watching six episodes in a row. OTOH when I Sim too long I have dreams about the fuckers, and I'd rather have dreams about Keifer Sutherland.

I don't have the mental energy to read and my wrists are too sore for more LJing.

Decision in next 5 minutes, plz.

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Because the Wikipedia articles are too hardcore for me this evening:

1. Could somebody explain to me, in simple terms, what the difference is between the US Senate and the House of Representatives? I did know once, but it's been a long time since GCSE world politics :) Any comparisons you can make to our Parliament would be very helpful, to give me some context. OK, so I've got that there's a ratio difference, but do they basically perform the same duties? Do they both wield the same kind of authority? Answered; thanks guys!

2. Does the President regularly have sessions with the Senate or the House of Representatives in which he answers questions and fields criticism, like our Prime Minister's Questions? If so, are these sessions made available to the public via TV or internet broadcast?

Any other facts, thoughts or opinions that spring to mind on the subject would also be gratefully received. :)

Many thanks!

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I need help with some crazy song... Does anyone remember a song (came out in the late 90's) about wearing sunblock? It was some guy, talking about "Always wear sunblock".. he wasn't singing.. he was just talking..... It's driving me nuts!!!
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What are some places to go and things to do that I should include in my trip down to Miami this weekend?

I used to live there but haven't visited in years. If you've ever gone back and visited your hometown after an extended period, what things changed, and what stayed the same?

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I ordered food about two hours ago. I called them after an hour and forty minutes and they told me that the number they called was apparently the wrong number and are remaking my meal and delivering it for free.

Should I still give them a tip for driving out even though it's free? I feel bad if I don't.

ETA: Thanks, ya'll. I probably would have anyways, I just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't get in trouble, because last time I ordered food online, I left a tip in the place where they suggested it online and apparently I wasn't supposed to. So I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to do something stupid by giving the driver a tip or something when I shouldn't have.

That makes me sound really dumb. I'm not dumb, I swear. :P

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so my mother is in new york and she bought a pair of jeans for me at H&M. however, when i asked her what size they were, she says that it doesn't say clearly and that the only thing written on it is 'hips: 27'
i'm usually a 1 (a zero in some brands) and i have no clue if the jeans will fit me or not? if by hips they mean the place where you measure, mine is 31.


2 - what size are you in shirts, pants, etc.?
3 - what's your favorite clothing store?
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:( Whyyyy!

1- Why are guys' clothes so much cheaper than clothes for chicks?
2- Why do people seem to speed up even MORE at almost-red-lights when someone is waiting to cross in a second?
3- Why can't I remember the original question I wanted to ask here?

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My fishy just died.
What kind should I get? I'm looking for low maintenance.

What do you think of this car?
I have about $3000 to spend on a car. I LOVE this one, but know next to nothing about it and I'm assuming the parts would be hard to come by since it's old and unheard of.

Live In Love bracelet

1. Tonight I got this bracelet for free from Lucky Brand Jeans; how the hell do I put it on?

2. Have you/anyone you've ever known been on Oprah? What were you/they on for? Friends of friends and people you went to high school with count.

3. How can I get all the pineapple from my panzerotti out short of ripping the thing open? (I didn't know it was Hawaiian until I bit into it; it was free)

ETA: 4. Do you call this a panzerotti or calzone? Where are you from?


Web Browswer?

I'm looking for a new browswer, since Firefox crashes frequently on a mac, and I hate IE.

Anyone know of a good browser? Any suggestions?

The following are musts:
Support Gmail chat
good security
Mac supported

The following are wants:
ad blocking
good scripts

If anyone has a suggestion, please tell :D

Thanks everyone
Smug Seifer

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What are some "gentlemanly" or "chivalrous" actions/habits that you can think of? For example, standing up when a lady enters a room, letting the lady take the first bite of food at dinner, opening doors, etc.

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1) how many song titles in your music player of choice start with a symbol?
1b) what's your favorite one?
2) how many start with a number?
2b) what's your favorite one?
3) do any start with an x? how many?
4) do any start with a z? how many?
5) what's the shortest song?
5b)how long is it?
6) the longest?
6b) and how long is it?

my answers:
1) 12
1b) "97" by alkaline trio
2) 49
2b) "2 hookers and an eightball" by mindless self indulgence
3) yes, 3.
4) yes, also 3.
5) "no song II" by youth brigade.
5b) 00:03.
6) "black friday rule [live]" by flogging molly.
6b) 11:59.

Bruins - shadow

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How many times can you pierce/re-pierce the same place in your ear?

I need my lobe re-pierced (first hole). Its been pierced twice already. Can I still get it re-done? I promise Ill keep it in this time :P

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How common is it for people to regularly, seriously contemplate suicide but never attempt it? What about to never self-harm or indulge in reckless behaviour?

I was discussing this with someone but neither of us had statistics or personal anecdotes on the topic.

Edited for clarification. My bad.