April 4th, 2007

beep bop boooop.

1. I have very bad morning breath (we're talking dragon breath- I can't stand my own morning breath and everyone refuses to talk to me until I brush at least once, sometimes twice) and my throat occasionally gets really itchy. Could it be tonsil stones? I've been trying to find the cause for years.

2. Should women have the legal right to go in public shirtless?

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1. Have you done anything exciting lately?

I packed up and moved to Utah about 3 weeks ago.

2. I remember seeing a while back something about a lake here in Utah that had a spiraly path thing going into it that you could walk on. Anyone remember anything like this?

I ask because I would really love to visit this =)

3. Any ideas for fun summer jobs?
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I have an empty dvd-rw. I recorded Heroes on tv and copied it on said empty dvd-rw. I put the dvd in my iBook to watch it and it tells me it's an empty cd.

Why does it do this? How can I make the iBook understand that it's not an empty cd but a dvd with two episodes of Heroes on it? The first time it worked all nice and everything. I put the dvd in, Dvdplayer started, everything was wonderful. Why won't it do that anymore, thequestionclub? Why?

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1. Did a teacher ever tell you not to start a sentence with the word 'because'?
2. Were you ever told to just put commas where you would take a breath while reading the sentence?

3. I might be going to a "no clothes" theme night at a bar tomorrow night... what are some interesting things I can use to cover myself? I'm a small female, and it looks like it might be rainy tomorrow night.

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Okay, so I started this drawing earlier and realized I have no clue where to put the other arm.

Collapse )

Should I wrap it around her leg like her other arm? Should she be propping herself up with it? I honestly just can't decide. :\
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1.) Would you rather live in Astoria, Queens or Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Why/why not?

2.) Did the Smashing Pumpkins' album Adore suck or not?

3.) My friend, let's call her Linda, met a couple on Craiglist for the purpose of having a threesome with them. She met the couple, had sex with them, and met a different couple the following week and had sex with them. I think she plans on continuing this. I dissaprove, but is it my place to be worried/say anything/whatever? What would you do?
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fake sororities

So, there are a couple of fake sororities at my very tiny (1,300ish) university.  One is known as Quad-Delta (that is: Delta Delta Delta Delta), and another one that's sprung up is known as Sigma Tau Pi (apparently corresponding to "Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties").  I don't know much about the first, but the second (STP) only recently was 'founded', and I've been sort of involved with getting some basic stuff started.  I really didn't want to get involved in Greek life for a number of reasons, but the idea behind this fake sorority kind of appealed to me.
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So, finally, the questions:

1.  Does your college/university have fake greek organizations?
2.  If so, what are they like?  What do you think about the people in them?
3.  If there aren't any or you don't know about them, would you be tempted to get involved in a fake sorority like the one described?
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You can choose the way you die. Which of these scenarios would you prefer to be the way you 'go out'?

You get shot in the gut while protecting some orphan children from a gang attack. You die a slow, very painful death. However, the city recognizes you as a hero. Your face is in every paper in the country as the tale of your heroism is told
You're accused of murder, and sentenced to death. A new method of capital punishment is utterly painless and you feel bliss as you die. However, you die a hated murderer and bring shame to your family
You're taking a dump in a Port-a-potty at a county faire. You push too hard and your heart erupts. You die instantly. However, your body is found with your pants around your ankles in mid-poop
You die in bed at the age of 110. Everyone you knew in life passed on years ago, and you've been forgotten by your existing relatives. You die alone in a nursing home when you lapse into a coma and they pull the plug a couple weeks later
You die in mid-coitus. Such great sex and your heart gives out during the climax. However, the person you were having sex with was not your SO. It was the best sex you ever had, but there will be repercussions to your infidelity

TQC is now the set of 300. Places, people. What role do you play?

The leader (Leonidas). I am driven, have presence and possess the focus and commitment to principle to lead 300 soldiers in a suicide mission. I am the best fighter among the best fighters in the world
One of the 300. I am loyal and brave and refuse to break in the face of extreme duress. I am one of the best warriors the world has seen. However, it's not exactly a long life
The god (Xerxes). Egomanic and used to the finer things in life, you live to have people kiss your divine ass and it irks you when you don't get your way
I am Leonidas' wife. Strong of mind and spirit, I will do anything for my husband and for my country. I am fiercely protective
I am Dilios, the surviving Spartan. I was instructed to go back and tell the tale. I was selected because I'm gifted at speaking
I am some random Spartan, who was not at the battle. Still cool, but not part of the drama or glory
I am a boy-lover from Athens

If marijuana is a gateway drug, what is the gateway activity to furryism?


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I'm writing an essay on "The Adventures of Tintin in the Congo," and I have to cite it using footnotes. The problem is the edition I'm using does not have page numbers, chapters, or headings of any sort. I am unsure of how to cite this book, and my professor is conveniently MIA. Should I number the pages myself or just not worry about it?

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1) When buying a house, what is the proper sequence of events? Is it:

a - Find house at X price
b - Obtain loan for X price (minus down payment)
c - Purchase house

Or is it:

a - Obtain loan for Y
b - Find house that costs about Y
c - Purchase house


2) If you are American or own American-manufactured electronic devices and have travelled to or live in South Korea and/or Japan, what kind of outlet adaptors did you use to charge your devices from Korean/Japanese outlets? My searching says I'm likely to run into both type C and type F plugs in Korea; which did you find more commonly in, say, hotels? And in Japan?


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can you reccomend a good book or website to teach yourself various software programs?
-I'm looking to teach myself Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop CS2. There are tons of books on amazon.com but some of the reviews seem a little questionable.
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Does your family have any long standing 'feuds'? What was it all about? One time my dad didn't talk to his sister for a few months and then everything became ok. It was over a house bought for my grandparents.
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An Ode To Coffee, by me

Have you ever had a sign that maybe, just maybe, you need to step away from LJ (and the internet in general)? What was it?
I had a dream last night in which I was flirting with my crush-of-the-week via comments on our LJs. That was pretty pathetic.

How are you feeling today?
I'm tired.   I stayed up til 12:30 compiling a list of all our classmates - Freshman through Senior years - for the reunion this year.  And let me tell you, TQC, there were a LOT of us.  Final count - 591 students.  JesusMaryandBiff.  But laughing at our horrible yearbook pictures was totally worth it.

And just for shits'n'giggles, which animal makes the most annoying sound?
I'm going with Canadian Geese.  No, male <s>Canadian</s> Canada Geese that are trying to impress the ladies by strutting around honking at the other male geese.  And they're doing a lot of that right now here.

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1.) about how many DVDs would you say you own?
2.) Do you usually buy the widescreen or full screen version? Why?
3.) Have you ever double dipped and bought more than one version of a movie?
4.) Do you usually listen to the commentary tracks? If so, which movie has your favorite commentary?
5.) Do you still own & use a VCR? How about a laserdisc player?

(no subject)

1. What do you know about the Rotary organization? Would you ever join rotary if you met the criteria?

2. Do you think a 20 year old girl needs a chaperone to drive around the Northwestern United States?

3. Where did you move from and where did you move to?

4. How has the place you are from impacted who you are?

5A. If you have younger siblings do you try to look out for them? In what ways?
5B. If you have older siblings did they look out for you? In what ways?

(no subject)

Do you think that if they made a DDR/Guitar Hero/Drummania Type Game for (favorite system here) that involved a full sized keyboard, that people would buy it, play it, and become master pianists?
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What kind of elderly person do you envision yourself as?

Why do people, especially teenagers, take videos of themselves lip-synching and badly singing other songs?

For those who do the grocery shopping in your household, if your spouse/SO were to do it, what would they bring home?

(no subject)

1)What would you say if your dear friend were considering getting a tattoo of a penis with tomatoes around it (because she loves the cock and tomatoes too, okay)?
2)Have you ever known someone personally (oh maybe even yourself) who deserved a Darwin award or an honorable mention? If not, have you ever just known OF someone who deserved either of them?
3)Do you think people who rap or beatbox just have a natural ability or that they spent a lot of their time practicing? If you spent all your time practicing doing either of those would you excel at it?
4)If you had a cover band, what would you call it and what band's songs would you cover? And would you have a kazoo player in your band?

a random assortment

1. Anyone else in Philly just a little confused by the weather and the recent fluctuation from 70 degrees to 40 and back?
2. Why does everyone in college drink vodka?
3. Favorite beer?
4. Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful? How did you respond? Did you believe them?
5. Pretend (or don't, if it's true) that you have a fuck buddy. He's nice and you know that he genuinely likes you as a person, even offering to make it somewhat more like a relationship until he leaves forever in a month. The foreplay is awful, the sex is pretty good, but you're pretty bored with him. You just had an amazing second date with someone else who'll be around next year (college situation). You're very interested. Do you break it off now with the fuck buddy or wait until things get official with the other? And relatedly...
6. Ever been dumped for someone of the opposite sex? Or dumped someone for another person of their opposite gender?

7. What's with all the beer-haters in TQC? If you hate beer, have you ever tried decent beer (like, not Bud Light)?

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So I know a ton of you have cats. I ended up getting the cat last night. She is a black persian, and has GREEN eyes, so beautiful. Since I brought her home last night, she has been hiding in her litter box. She hasn't ate, or drank anything. She won't come out. Should I leave her in there? Or take her out? Should I give her some tuna? Or is that a 'movie thing'? She let me brush her for about 2 hours last night, because she obviously has not been brushed in a long time, if ever. After 2 hours, I could have kept going, but I had to stop, my arm was killing me. She reeks like smoke, and seems very sad. When I saw her at the house she was jumping all over me, like a dog, it was cute.

Is there a cat community here on LJ?
Do persians always shed like it takes 2 hours of brushing?
What can I do to make her happier/more comfortable?

Names! ... And hats.

What are your favorite names for people? For pets?

What are some names you like, but would never actually want to see a real child saddled with for fear of them being stuffed in lockers or some other ill fate?

What's your favorite kind of hat?
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(no subject)

1. How would you complete this sentence? "I could never be in a relationship with someone who had a/an __________."

2. Which do you like more: oatmeal, grits, or cream of wheat?

3. What is something have two of, just in case one breaks/stops working?
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So fluffy I'm embarrassed to ask!

I'm trying to figure out if I have a cool complexion or a warm complexion.

Can someone who has pale, pale skin, lots of freckles and rosy cheeks still have a cool complexion if they have ash brown hair and bright blue-green eyes, or does everyone with lots of freckles automatically fall into the "warm complexion" category?
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Because LJ wants to know about my cat

My cat has a mostly white face but I noticed that her chin looked dirty so I checked it out.

It has something that looks like black dirt or blackheads all over it. It's really disgusting.

Anyone else have a cat with this problem? Anyone know what it is?

I scraped most of it off (it didn't seem to bother her) but it keeps coming back.
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I have a huge dilemma, TQC, and I need your help! Its 10:17am.  I'm at work.  I'm hungry.  I'm falling asleep. Coffee isn't helping.  I need to eat something.  So... the ultimate question....

Chocolate cake or Kashi bar?

Edit: I probably should mention that I'm SUPPOSED to be on a diet here. lol.
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Sassy - Sound of Beatings


1. Do you like macaroni and cheese?
2. If you make it homemade, what is your favorite recipe for macaroni and cheese?
3. If you make mac and cheese from a box, do you ever stir anything else in? (like peas, ham, hot dogs...)
4. What's for lunch today, since no one has asked yet ;)
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So I was cleaning up my room a little this morning and I found a check from when I worked at Kohl's. It was dated 2005 but I never cashed it and it's for a little over $100, which I could really use. I called up the place that sent out the check and they said they can't just send out checks to everyone who calls in. Is there any way that I can get this money? What do I do?
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How to get around not posting comments

Poll #960409 Broken Comments

True or False: Not being able to post a comment sucks right now.


How would you tell an e-crush that you want to have his babies? Not literally... mostly... *ahem*

Do you have Good Friday off?


*Edit* Okay, so comments are back... Don't care, still do the poll. Lunch is going to be boring today - I need entertainment.
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No matter how long I hold down the Play/Pause button, my iPod will not turn off. So, the only thing I can do is let the batteries run out for now.

1. How do I turn my stupid iPod off?!?!
What is going on with it?

2. What is your favorite meal?


3. Have you ever considered yourself pathetic in a situation?
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Let's have some fun!

About a year or so back I did a post asking who people thought was the best portrayal of the Devil on the big screen, or little one if you rent more than you goto the movies. I chose Al Pacino for his work in The Devil's Advocate & Gabriel Byrne from End of Days because it couldn't possibly get anymore accurate than that.

Just my opinion.

So, this time let's take a shot for the other team. Who do you think did the best job portraying God & Jesus on the big or little screen? While I realize (Holy Trinity and all) that most folks are big with the Jesus & God are the same entity...you gotta admit that not many actors can pull that kinda thing off. So, try and pick for each role.

My answers:
Actually haven't seen a lot of Jesus onscreen that I can clearly recall, most of it's stuff I saw as a much smaller me; vaguely recall Jesus Christ Superstar but not enough to say anything about it and I mainly just remember I didn't like it much.

As to God, that's beyond easy. For the Oh God series (saw the 1st & 3rd) I'd say George Burns is possibly the best God I've ever seen. Add to that a dash of Alannis Morrisette from Dogma and that's the best I've seen for portraying the Big Guy.

I'd like to think that the actual Truth can be gleaned from a hybridization of the two.

So, who do you like for these roles?
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me and thegreatone0381 are getting a divorce. I KNOW I KNOW us!?! how could it be?! well, i fell out of love with him and in love with thatbitchfiona [as ya'll know we're in the middle of planning our wedding].. so my question is, who gets what in the divorce settlement? there were no kids out of this union. you guys get to choose who gets what.. as well as what that what is... silly answers! (ie. who gets the weekly foot rubs? who gets the bookstore membership card? what about the personal chef for lunch?)

in other news, how's your day going so far? it is DRAGGING over here :(
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(no subject)

Let's say you're in a store like Target. In front of you in line is this really annoying family. The dad's talking on his cell phone WAY too loud, the kids are crying and trying to kick you from the seat of the car, and the mom is ignoring it all. You see the mom looking at the 'impulse buy' section and she takes a pack of gum and slips it into her pocket. Do you say anything (to her or the cashier)?

-Would your answer change if they were nice instead of annoying?

-Would your answer depend on if they looked well off and were buying nice things, or if you saw them buying necessity food items and paying in food stamps?
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(no subject)

I tried finding this answer, and I couldn't, so I'm asking here.

Can someone tell me how I can play music from Windows Media Player with my laptop closed?

When I close my laptop, the music shuts off and I don't like this.

Thank you in advance!

Figured it out!  Thank you!

(no subject)

This might seem really stupid, but I have to know:

I'm in Marie Biology and in the notes the teacher constantly uses the word "fishes" and so I pointed it out to him and he told me if was a word that meant "a bunch of different kind of fish located in one area." Me and some of my fellow class mates think that he is just full of it and doesn't want to seem like an idiot and have to go back and change all his slide shows.

So, please... is it a word or not?


Let's say that a man and a woman are dating. The man is very childfree (doesn't hate kids, but definitely doesn't want his own) and the woman is on the fence (somedays wants them, somedays doesn't). The relationship progresses and they begin sleeping together, taking the necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy. Somehow the woman winds up pregnant (condom breaks, she forgets a pill, nature hates them, whatever) She decides to keep the child, even though she knows the man is childfree and does not want his own children (as they have discussed this many times)

Do you think it's fair the man ultimately has no choice in the matter? (I mean this in the sense that while yes, he made the choice to have sex, he cannot force her to abort a child and she makes the final decision on whether or not she will continue the pregnancy)

Should he have to pay child support?

Does your opinion change if the man isn't childfree/hasn't discussed not wanting children with the woman?

-edit- this has no relation to my post last night about pregnancy. :)

(no subject)

I haven't eaten in 40 hours due to 'possible food poisoning'. I am now just starting to get my appetite back and I really really want some white rice. If I want to make 1 cup or 1.5 cups of rice how much water should I use???? Everywhere I looks there are recipes for 4-6 cups of rice!
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I'm going to be painting my room :)

Only thing is, I haven't decided on a color. I love bold, interesting color combinations, but I can't settle on any one combination. This is where you come in, TQC! My room has been pale girly pastel colors for as long as I can remember (I painted it purple in elementary school, it was pink before then) and I'm tired off my little girl colors and ruffled curtains. What colors would look awesome in my room? Should I paint a mural on one of my walls, or should I leave it? Decals? Interesting painting techniques?

Chex, popcorn, shoes.

1.  Have you ever had Chocolate Chex Mix?

-I have and it's so good!

2.  Cheese popcorn: so good or no good?

-Nooo Goood.  I like carmel though.

3a.  Ever had a pair of Birkenstocks?

-I just got a pair on Monday!  They hurt my feet a little, but my auntie said they do that at first.

3b.  If you have had some, did they hurt at first?  Were they comfortable after?

(no subject)

I'm watching the Prince of Egypt and it got me thinking...
1. Do you think Saddam loved his children? Do you think he took joy in their laughter and first steps? Do you think he gave them hugs when they got cuts and bruises?

and totally unrelated:
2. Have you ever seen black playdoh? Isn't pretty much the coolest thing ever?
3. What color is your favorite crayon? I'm always drawn to the black one, but I also love mac and cheese orange.
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So, imagine that my boyfriend's name is Amos Guido Smith III (it's not), and he hopes to one day have a son and name him Amos Guido Smith IV.  I, being the likely future wife, hate the prospect of having to give a son this name.  I wouldn't want to address him by either his first or middle name. 

My boyfriend and I have been together over 7 years, but this is one thing that just can't be discussed without my boyfriend saying it's a "deal-breaker".

I understand that he takes pride in the name and would like to pass it along, however, I feel like a child should have their own name, or at least not a name like Amos Guido.

I happen to know that my boyfriend's mother didn't like the name either, and actually only suggested this to his father as a joke, but his father took such great delight in it that she didn't have the heart to tell him no.  And so I guess I have her to thank for this situation.  My boyfriend doesn't know about this...and I'm pretty sure it would do more harm than good for me to be the one to tell him that.

What do I do?  I've considered suggesting we see a counselor to help us discuss it more civilly, but I'm not sure how far that would get us.  I've considered putting Amos Guido Smith IV on the birth certificate and then just call him something random like "Nick", but I'm afraid his father would still insist on calling him Amos and it would be weird.  I know some people who are III's go by "Trip" is there anything like that for IV's?  I don't want to call him "Quad"...

I'd like to imagine we'll just have girls and not have to worry about it, but we've already had 1 boy and for some reason my family only seems to produce males anymore, so I figure it will be an issue.

Any suggestions...other than running for the hills?  Thanks!

Controversy ahead:

Suppose a child is born somewhere. Let's say it's in North America.
When it is born, it becomes known that the newborn child has a physical and mental condition that will debilitate it to the point of never being able to live a normal life. It will never be able to contribute to society, and will always need personal care and financial support. (EDIT: By this, let's suppose they'll never have the mental capacity to hold even a menial job, or really connect with people at all, however, they'd be able to complete a bowel movement and eat without (much) assistance.)

Imagine the parents state that they would like to terminate this baby's life. Their reasoning is thus:
- If this condition was known *before* the baby was born, they would have terminated the pregnancy. However, this condition cannot be detected until after birth.
- Their child will never live a normal life, let alone a fulfilling one.
- The family does not have the resources to care for this child, but feels that a life in foster or community care will be even more traumatizing for the child.
- The health care system, welfare system, and social care system are all horribly overburdened as it is.
- It is likely that once there is no longer anyone to care for the child as it grows up, either due to lack of resources, lack of funding, or legislation that limits care, it will end up living on the streets like huge numbers people who have mental and physical disabilities do today.
- Aside from the fact that homeless life is not one they want for their child, the world already has way too many homeless people that are unwanted or forgotten by society, so their child's chances of finding help getting out of this situation are very slim.
- The world is overpopulated as it is, and adding another person who not only does not contribute, but drains the world's and society's resources is immoral.

Let's also say for the sake of fewer criteria to argue over that ALL of the child's family (immediate and extended) are in agreement with this.

How would you react to this? Would you agree with the parents?
Would your answer change if the child had been diagnosed with such a condition at 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? 3?

What if the parents, instead of stating that they "would like to" terminate their baby's life, had suffocated it instead, and this were their defense in court?
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LJ oops.

Should we stop attempting to comment with all the errors?


Also, how many blank comments do you think we can get around here? Wanna test it? ;P

For the record, none of the comments are coming through to e-mail. o_o;;

All fixed, yay!
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(no subject)

Has anyone been on a Birthright Israel trip?

I'm looking at hillel.org as my main source and I talked to Hillel at my school.  I've also been to Israel when I was 12, but I'm still eligible for the trip.  What were your experiences? Anything you think I should know?

(no subject)

How do you pronounce Oregon?




i say or-a-gone and apparently this is incorrect?
Thats how everyone else here says it too :(
Btw im from massachusetts.

ps: chicken pot pie is really good.

How do you express your intelligence?

A teacher was making up nicknames for students today in class. She referred to a student, Fred, as "secret smart" because he doesn't expose his smartness to people in class, but is smart through his work. She then told the class that she had student one time that was smart, but didn't want to let others know because that would prevent other people from asking him for help. She said that she has had students who people know are smart because they participate (answer/ask questions, etc) in class more, like Sally, and there are students like Fred who keep it to himself. 

Which of these people are you more likely to be? And which of these people would you admire/like more? Why?
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Can you use regular conditioner as leave-in? I'm assuming there's got to be some difference in the two things, but what is it really? What would be the worst that could happen if I did?

What's the worst haircut or thing you've done to your hair and why? Bonus if you've got pictures!

sorry for 2 questions

So i'm getting this tv:
And we have a DVD player/VCR but I am thinking of getting a new one. What one's have you heard are the best?
My grandpa who's buying me the tv and stuff asked if I wanted TIVO, but we don't have cable @ the apartment rightnow, So I was wondering if you'd think it's worth it?
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1- Anyone else look at the picture attached to this news story and wonder (if only for a moment) why the KKK was focused in a story about a Jesus pilgrimage?

2- Last thing to confuse you?

3- Last thing you forgot? (But remember now, or else you can't answer it, obviously!)

4- Last time you got lost?

underage drinking

If you aren't 21, can you drink from an alcoholic beverage in a restaurant if your 21 year old friend buys it for you? How about if you take a couple of sips from it? What can happen if you do?

What age can you go to bars?

Can you go to a liquor store with your friend and blatantly point out the things you want him to buy?


Is there any way to move/copy pictures that I have on my digital camera to the memory card?

I just got my Olympus FE-230 about a month ago, my first digital camera.  I took the memory card out a few days ago, and today I took some pictures, without the memory card in it.  I know I can still upload the pictures to my computer, but is there any way I can put the pictures on the memory card?  I like to take the card to Meijer and get prints that way...

I hope this isnt a dumb question, but Im not good with this kinda stuff :)  I already searched Google, and read through my cameras instruction booklet, but they didnt even mention the memory card slot.  TIA
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(no subject)

Are prenatal vitamins all the same?

My doctor prescribed Ethex Ultra Natal. Do I HAVE to take them or I can take any over the counter brand?

The reason I ask is because my insurance limits the quantity to 30 pills a month for $10 when I can buy a big bottle of over 100 pills for $10 over the counter!

If you don't know the answer, do you know of any sites or communities where I can find it?
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Coloured Contacts

I recently discovered a co-worker of mine does not, in fact, naturally have unnaturally brilliant ocean blue eyes (I'm so naive). So, what is your opinion of coloured contacts? Do you prefer natural colors, or outrageous ones? What about the ones with weird pupils (square, cat-pupils)?

I'm thinking of trying a pair as a birthday treat next month (it's only $10 extra, and I'm suggestible). I have brown hair and brown eyes, with coloring similar to Beni Arashiro. What colour do you suggest?
kitten pounce ball


I've been following an E-bay auction for a few days now, putting in bids every now and then. I always get outbid, though. There are only 3 and a half hours left in this auction and I REALLY want/need this item. I am currently outbid, but I am willing to bid a little higher. Should I wait until the last few minutes of the auction to put in another bid or should I bid now and hope for the best? I have never done this before so I'm looking for some people with E-bay experience. Thanks!
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(no subject)

This probably isn't the place to ask, but, I need help finding something to do with anesthesia.

Basically, I need to know how much your risk of dying goes up each time you go under for a surgery or operation. Most doctors I've met say 1%, but one person I know cannot seem to grasp this concept. >_<; That, and I'd like it for future reference, and my brain is too foggy to figure out other things to type in other than anesthesia and death.


So what movie(s) are you looking forward to this summer?

Spiderman 3
Shrek 3
Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End
The Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Those are the movies on my list for this summer.

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1) do your friends have any embarassing pictures of you?

2) What would you do if they posted them in another LJ community?


1) yes

2) laugh and be horrified

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Stupid question I just thought of

Childfree ladies: If you could give birth to anything of your choice, would you be more willing to get pregnant?
Everyone else: If you could give birth to anything, what would it be? Doesn't matter if you're a dude, in this crazy hypothetical question of mine, people can give birth to whatever they like, so I'm sure a guy could do it too.
Also, what have I been smoking to make me think of this question?

If I could give birth to a litter of kittens, I'd totally get pregnant.
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Unclaimed property

About a week ago, I got this notice in the mail about how I have this bank account that my dad set up, with $300 in it. I have to claim it, since for some reason or another, it ended up going to the state. I just claimed it online. BUT, my question to you fine people is whether or not you think they'll give it to me, because I have a different address than the one printed on the form. I provided my SSN and my driver's license, though, so do you think they'll give me the money in my name?
Have you ever gotten any UCP?
What was it?!
Have you ever inherited anything? What was it?
What's the coolest thing you've ever found?

ETA: It's NOT a scam. It's through the WSECU, which is my dad's credit union. My whole family was skeptical, but we called the bank, which has the same number as the one on this notice, and they confirmed. I also could have done it through mail, but chose to do it online, since I do my banking online anyways. Plus, my dad remembers setting it up in 2004 for my birthday checks. Thank you for watching my back though!

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My parents are trying to rent an RV online for their honeymoon but, both of them are computer illiterate so I'm having to do it for them. (Gotta love it =])

When an RV has a 'garage' in back (enough space to fit my dad's motorcycle), is that called something specific?

Have any of you ever rented an RV online? Which site did you use?

We're in NJ, btw.

Thanks if you guys can help at all, I'm really lost on how to go about doing this.

ipod vs. other mp3 players.

i'm looking to get an mp3 player. in particular, i was considering either a refurbished ipod or a toshiba gigabeat. the 60GB gigabeat seems to go for about the same price as a refurbished 30GB ipod. would you assume that the gigabeat is a better value? does anyone have any good/bad things to say about either mp3 player, particularly the gigabeat? do you suggest any other mp3 players similar to the gigabeat that are of better value than the ipod?
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Is college necessary for most/all professions?

I feel it's useless getting a degree when my passion lies in writing; that's a career you have to strive for as an individual, I don't think any degree will further your success.

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Hello almighty question club...

So, I'm a bored student on a college campus. I'm getting sick of routine and feeling kind of "blah." My question is, what is something different/fun/interesting I could do to change up my days? I'm looking for anything, it could even be like a fun website you know of or something spontaneous I could do.  I know this question is kind of vague, sorry about that, thanks for your help though :)

EDIT: Sorry I should have mentioned before that I only have a little under a month of school left, so it's kind of late to join a club.. I'm just looking for random ideas, thanks
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a few quick questions.

1. What is osxpui.dll ? I'd Google it, but I'm running several scans and posting this (as well as reading LJ) via Semagic, or else I'd look. And more importantly--is it vital? I keep getting a Trojan error on it. Oy.

2. Good Trojan VIRUS remover? ;-)

3. Good freeware registry fix?

4. Should I reset my computer and then defrag, or defrag, THEN reset the computer.

Oh, sometimes I think I know so much, then I run into these kinds of things.
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1. Whats your favorite thing to do with Caramel?

2. What kind of face wash/scrub do you use?

3. When people ask questions like these (that require individual answers) do you read other people's answers?

4. What happened to Voldemort's nose?

5. Do you watch The Soup?

6. When is this Sanjaya crap going to end?

7. How can I make my headache go away?! Silly answers pleeeaasseee. :)

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college recommmendation, please

I'm a junior in high school. I'm looking at colleges to apply to in the fall, since I need to give myself some time to visit as many as possible. Considering the following criteria, I'd appreciate some recommendations. There's just too many colleges out there for me to explore them all.

-I have a 4.0 GPA and am #1 in my class.
-I got a 2210 (out of 2400) on the SAT. Math was my worst section. I plan on retaking it to go for higher, especially since I got 2 perfect 800s on the reading and writing sections and just need to bring up the math.
-I am especially interested in psychology. I am also considering psychiatry and neurology. I am interested in minors in creative writing, political science, and possibly philosophy. I plan on going on to get my PhD or MD.
-I dance and play the flute, and would like to continue to do so for fun. I do both strictly for recreation, however, and am not interested in an amazing, highly competitive program. I just want to have fun.
-I have spent the past 11 years of my education regurgitating what my teachers say on a piece of paper for a good grade. I am rather sick of doing so. I want a college that emphasizes creative thinking and personal involvement. I want to think for myself.
-I do like to party. No super-serious schools for me. And, preferably, a lower-stress school as well.
-Money. I am poor. I need a school with lots of merit-based financial aid. Obviously, I can earn it.
-Chances to help the community. I currently do a lot of volunteer work and would like to continue to do so in college. I like to "make a difference" and all that.
-Good food and decent dorms, please.

Not that I'm picky or anything, right? Anyway, I'm currently considering:
Washington University in St. Louis
Indiana University (as a backup)

I am, however, very open to other suggestions. So, ideas?
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If you live in/near/have been to Detroit, what's the best restaurant to go to down in Mexicantown?

I went to the one I can't spell with the X a long time ago, but don't really remember how it was. Bonus if you give me stories of your experience!

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Is there a Cell phone company that offers free incoming calls anytime to it? along with a standard plan or a pay as you go sorta thing? I am trying to find the cheapest way to be able to call to the states and have someone from the states call me in Canada using our cells (no land line option) If anyone has any tips or ideas, Please lemme know
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I recently reread "Snow, Glass, Apples" by Neil Gaiman... a twisted and very adult take on Snow White. Do you know of any other stories of this nature? Fairy tales which have been twisted into much more sinister stories?

I once heard that the original versions of many fairy tales are already pretty evil. Is this true?
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Returning presents

For my birthday (today!), my dad went out by himself and bought me a gift, which he's never done before; usually mom my just buys something from the whole family.

Anyways, I think the effort is adorable and the present is really nice—it's just not me. He got me a jacket (in white) from lululemon, which is an athletic store that has been hugely popular for the last few years. (The pants are a phenomenon unto themselves.)

I was planning on returning this gift as soon as I received it, assuming that he'd probably never notice. (My parents are splitting up, so I'll only see him half of the time anyways.) But now everyone else has made me worried that this would be rude and he would notice.

It's about $120 CAD, and I'd much prefer to take that money and spend it on something else.

What would you do with a received expensive gift that you could return? Is it necessary to tell the gift-giver?
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How would one remove the smell of onions and/or garlic from my hands? The smell seeps in through my gloves :( I've tried scented body wash, liquid handsoap and bar soap. And hand sanitizer. It's frustrating!
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Is Easter Sunday, Easter weekend for that matter, a busy time for a movie theatre? Should I expect a larger than average crowd?

I've got several shifts this week, but I think the managers overstaffed. I'm curious whether to expect to be cut early a lot or enjoy my penitful hours for this week.
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Nevermind! Answered.

Can someone explain the relevance of Al Gore saying "I'm serial!" in the south park episode?

Al Gore uses the word "serial" in place of "serious" and "seriously" in the episode. This is in reference to his gaffe on The Oprah Winfrey Show when he was asked for his favorite cereal and his answer was "Oprah," mistaking the word "cereal" for "serial."[1]

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You live in a tiny conservative town. You're at work in the itty-bitty Subway you work at and open the local paper to pass time since you have no customers ever because you live in a town with only a couple thousand other people and find the letter under the cut printed up (not as a letter to the editor, even, but in a place where advertising space was purchased to print it where and how it is). It's the kind of thing you wouldn't put past people in the community saying, but yet you still don't want to believe it. Do you take the guy seriously/believe he's sincere?

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I don't want to believe it, especially since I hold a ministerial position in the oldest Quaker meeting in the community and know that we aren't all this crazy. D: But before I write any kind of response, I want to know if maybe this is a big, dumb joke I'm not getting (which I doubt, as I'd bet my paycheck he means it,  and I'm full of bad, unfunny jokes myself).
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I won a poster on ebay, paid for it on March 18, and finally got it today, in this HUGE tube...about twice as big as it needed to be, length wise. I took it out, and the ends were slightly...crinkled. Observe:




Pictures are huge cause I wanted detail to show, so I hope it does :P

Now, should I still give the guy good feedback? He mailed it the day after I sent the money. But the edges being bent kind of sucks. :/ He had this thing saying "if you don't purchase insurance it's not my fault if it gets damaged blah blah", and I didn't purchase insurance, but that was cause I didn't even see an option too. I've never bought anything on ebay before, so maybe the n00bness just kicked in and made me miss it, but I also noticed this:

Shipping insurance
Domestic: US $2.50 Optional
International: Not offered

I live in Canada, so is that considered international from the US? If so, am I unable to get shipping insurance?

I'm leaning towards giving neutral feedback, cause he sent it quickly, but it is somewhat damaged. I don't know if my reasoning is justified though, and I'm also scared he'll leave me bad feedback if I don't give him positive (since I have no feedback from him yet). I'm new to the whole ebay thing, so feedback plz!

Also, is there a good way to flatten out the edges?
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Technology is the ROOT CAUSE of modern environmental problems


eep, pretend I worded that as: "is technology the ROOT CAUSE of today's environmental problems?" Also, this question is copied exactly from my philosophy paper, and is open to interpretation.

I'm writing a philosophy essay on this question for my Environmental Ethics class, and while the results of this poll have absolutely nothing to do with my paper, I was just curious as to what other people think (my own family is heavily divided, though I find it interesting that I agree more with my insanely right-wing dad than I do with my somewhat liberal younger sister).

Feel free to explain your answer in the comments, but don't feel obligated. ;)

ETA: secondary question! Do you think reverting to the Amish-type way of life is the best solution to environmental problems? A girl in my Concepts of Environmentalism class firmly believed so.

My answer: While I'm sure it would be effective, I don't believe it is in any way a viable option. Humankind is way too far past that to be able to regress without massive changes in way of life and way of thinking.
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My kitty's sick.. WAHHH WAHHH..

We took him to a new vet, so being that he's new, I'm totally skeptical, so then my questions are..

Cats can get asthma? Okay, semi believable, but then.. cats can get emphysema? Wtf? Nobody smokes in this house.. how the hell would he get emphysema..
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What are some cute, short, and curly hairstyles you have seen? (Pictures if you have them please!)

What prom hairstyles have you seen or had and liked? (all lengths, and ditto on the pictures).
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Everyday Italian!

Giada De Laurentiis will be at the Barnes & Noble 5 minutes from my house tomorrow. Should I go just to see if she is as bobble-headish in real life as she is on TV?

EDIT: What if it would require going to my Intercultural Communications class late or leaving early. Would it still be worth it?

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Why would somebody not be able to see the 3-D images in 3-D movies?
I don't know, I never see the 3-D things and it's annoying.

What is your ringtone?
Ooh la la by Goldfrapp

Coloring Easter eggs is fun: yes/no?
I love it! Every year we color our Easter eggs the friday before Easter and it's always a big to-do, with all of our paint and dye and crayons (yes, crayons), we love it.

How can I get my boyfriend to spend more time with my family? We've been dating 1 1/2 years and he's only been around them a few times, he hates being outside of his comfort zone (translation: house), and my family is the complete opposite of his. Any suggestions to make him relax more?