April 3rd, 2007


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I think I have a food addiction. When I actually exhibit self-control and not eat everything I set my eyes on that looks tasty, I get depressed. This is really starting to piss me off. What should I do?

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1-How much is the normal starting salary($/hour) for a teenager in the US?

2-Can you make a comfortable living with your salary?

3-Do you like cookies?

4-Can you cook?

5-Know any good recipes for cookies?

6-What's your favorite kind of cookie?

7-How about ice cream?

8-How old were you when you  first had any kind of sexual encounter?
Edit: I mean...like...oral or actual intercourse or being touchy-feely.

9-How young is too young?

10-How old were you when you had your first kiss?

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1. Have any of you guys ever got fitted for a bra? Where did you go? Was it completely embarrassing? What did they actually do? (I don't think I'm wearing the right size bra and I'm nervous about going to get fitted)

2. It seems like a lot of you know about tattoos .. I'm going to get my tattoo in June and I normally use a self tanner so I'm not completely white, but I was wondering .. would that affect the tattoo at all? Should I stop using it a few weeks beforehand so I'm not getting tattooed over the tanner? Does it even matter??


Has anyone here ever sold their car privately?

Did you draw up a contract?

What should be in the contract?

(I need to know how to sell my seven-year-old car and keep myself safe in the process.)
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1. If you had twenty four hours to live, and in those twenty four hours, you could have all the money you needed to do whatever you want, what would you do, where would you go? (Note, you can't use the money to make your life longer. No magic surgery or anything like that.) And 24 hours from the moment you realize your impending death, BAM, you fall over and it's over. How would you spend that time? Would you use the money at all?

2. What is your favorite Martin Scorsese movie?
For my money, Gangs of New York. For me, it doesn't get any better than Bill the Butcher.

3. Any vegetarians in the audience tonight? If so, what's your favorite food? A big salad with onions. Smelly, maybe. But healthy. And ofcourse, angel-hair spaghetti.

4. Do you have more trouble getting to sleep at night, or waking up in the morning? Both, it seems. Because I take long naps in the evening and can't sleep in at night.
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The Receptionist Classic

Thanks for the memories

My cousin unexpectedly died two months ago. We were really close and called each other 'brother' and 'sister.' To say that his death hit me hard is a huge understatement. He was in the military, loving every moment of it, when he died. (FTR he died of freakish natural causes and it was not related to him being in the Army.)
Yesterday I got a postcard from my best friend in the mail. On the front... Arlington Cemetery. (She knew about his death, even called me on the day of his memorial.)

Insensitive or her just being a dumb-blonde again?
And do I bother saying anything to her about it? (Sad thing is, she's so self centered, if I did say anything, she'd probably take it as a personal attack and get pissy.)

My co-worker is being a total dip-shit today. Can I just throw office supplies at her until she goes away?
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reusable shopping bags

IKEA has recently started to charge five cents per plastic bag, but they sell HUGE reusable blue bags for, like, 59 cents each or something like that. So I bought one. And I like it. But it's HUGE. (See a picture of one here.)

So it got me thinking about reusable grocery bags. I would love to have my own reusable grocery bags (you know, the small, standard grocery-bag-size kind) to take with me to the store instead of using plastic or paper bags. So I started looking around on the internet.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anyone selling canvas grocery bags for less than $6 each, and I'm sorry, but that's just way too much. I'm not going to spend like $60+ buying reusable grocery bags when I can just use the free ones and then save and reuse them for other things. Yeah, I'm a tightwad.

Does anybody know where you can buy reusable grocery bags for no more than like $1 or $2 each? Anyone know where you can get them for free?

How is it that IKEA can sell HUGE bags for 59 cents each? Do you think it would be OK to use the huge IKEA bag as a grocery bag? (My only fear is that it's so huge and wide, groceries might fall out. Anybody out there have any experience with this?)
I took my pills what's your excuse

Azureus you go squish now

Azureus is being a shit and I don't know how to fix it so I need some ideas.

So I have 2 torrents trying to download but they wont. The download ticker isn't going at all and the ETA (4d 6hrs or whatever) thing has a little infinite symbol in it.

I Googled my little heart out and I downloaded the recommended patches, latest version of Azureus with all the bells and whistles, as well as the latest version of Java. Still gettin' nada.

I even tried to scrap the torrents and their content incase the torrent was fucked but nothin. NOTHIN!!

Beast mode!

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1. Would you rather be an all-star (and most beloved) player on the worst team, or be an average (and fairly unknown) player on the best?

2. How's this week shaping up for you? Good? Bad? Haven't a clue yet?
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I have mysterious scratches on me. I am pretty sure the one on my arm is from my dog, but how did I get one in my mid-upper back? I don't have long nails, nor does my husband (ew).

Which do you find grosser: someone with longish nails that have dirt under them, or nails that are bitten to the quick to the point where they are sore and sometimes bleeding?

I liked the first two Saw movies. How does Saw III compare?

When you feel down, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

What is the most recent picture of your pet(s) that you have taken? I would love to see it.

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credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

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Can you guys suggest some good books to me?

I love reading but I have the problem of judging a book by its cover.

I like James Patterson and Lisa Gardner but i've read almost everything they've written. I also like Nicolas Sparks and Nora Roberts but i've read almost everything they've written also. I also like "chick lit"

Instead of buying I want to go to the library so I wouldn't know where to look using my current judge a book By its cover method unless I randomly yank books off the shelf.

I'm open to all kinds of suggestions, not just the above mentioned genres.
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So starting the day after Easter im starting the Sacred Heart Medical Diet for 7 or so days to kickstart myself back into healthy eating mode, so..
have you done this diet/cleanse before?
Did you have results?
On a scale of 1-10 how difficult was it for you personally?
can you exercise while you are on it?

thanks much

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Someone knocks on your door one day, and tells you dropped your sexy the day before. It's in this box. You apparently didn't realize it you'd even misplaced it. He asks if there's a reward for bringing sexy back

1) What reward do you think is appropriate?
2) What can you do to make sure you don't misplace sexy again? Like, a sexy holster or something
3) He's kind of a filthy hobo man and he's got a smug look on his face. If he helped himself to your sexy, should his reward reflect this unwanted sexy abuse, or are you just happy to get it back?
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Cooking school

1) Has anyone here gone to culinary school? What was your experience like, both during and after you finished the program?

2) I am contemplating doing a complete 180 on my degree and going to culinary school. There are several institutes near me in the LA area, but most seem to offer Associates rather than Bachelor degrees. Is this the norm? What kind of position can I expect to get with an Associates?

3) I'd dearly love to go to the CIA (the campus in the Napa Valley area) but moving up there just isn't feasible right now. I know the CIA is the pinnacle, but what makes it so distinguished?
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0- Do you actually read subject lines?

1- Do you judge books by their covers? Literal or otherwise.
2- Worst advice you've given out recently?
3- Waiting for anything in the near future? If so, what is it?
4- Something that has surprised you in a good way lately?
5- Do you read all of the comments made before you in posts here?

1- Sometimes. I've gotten into a couple of authors this way. And been icked out by a couple. You win some, you lose some.
2- To dig a handmade swimming pool. I'm dumb.
3- I WAS waiting for a hotel confirmation, but got it sent to me just as I was typing out this question. Hahaha.
4- Said hotel confirmation said there's a whirlpool ensuite. NICE.
5- Most of the time, unless there's a couple of pages worth.

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1. Are any of your pets terrified of storm? What do they do during one? How do you handle them?

My dog, Tasha, has always been terrified of them, and whenever there is one, she cries, paces back and forth, and nudges at me every 2 minutes. She absolutely will not leave me alone, no matter what I'm doing, and if I ignore her, she cries and howls. I've had many sleepless nights during storms because of this, and I don't know what to do to make her feel better.

No, it's a genuinely good reason to tax!

1 Do you eat grits?
1b. If so, with what in them?

2. How hard did you laugh when you find out that Belgium just passed a law that bar-b-q'ing in your backyard will now be taxed to help fight global warming. Oh, or do you buy that move towards humanitarian outreach. ;) (Please take this with humour, not outrage.)

Chain Letters

1. Have you ever participated in a chain letter?
2. Did the thing that was supposed to happen, happen?
My MIL evidently participated in a chain letter involving grandmothers sending books to grandchildren. Instead of her name and address, she put my daughter's name on the list and her age and then sent age appropriate books to all the kids on her list. The fact that she sent my 2YO daughter's information to complete strangers kind of freaks me out. I wish she'd asked me about it.
3. Have you heard of this particular chain letter?
According to Wiki, chain letters going through the US Postal Service are illegal if they involve money or anything of value. Asking for money is illegal but asking for business cards or recipes is not.
4. Would books be considered to be something of value?

Just curious.

Outer Space

I wrote this post just now

Outing a straight person

If you were at a coming-out party and the host outed Bruno, would you believe he was gay? Even if he denied it up and down, would you dismiss it as the closet talking?

Can you 'in' a gay person, so that everybody starts thinking he was gay all along and just playing gay for whatever reason?
Mitty box

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1) Do you think I'd make a lot of money if I made a baby tranquilizer dart gun? How about a baby muzzle?
2) Would you use it on your heathen child?
3) Does anyone want a 2 year old?
4) How do you get the coffee your two year old spilled out of the white carpet?
5) Why the hell am I considering have another monster child?

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So it's official - I'm going to Japan in August!! And now, the questions:

1.) I'm going during Bon week. Am I crazy?
2.) I'm going alone. Am I crazy?
3.) Has anyone ever attended Daimonji or Awa-Odori and if so, what do you have to say about it?
4.) How many nights should I stay in Tokyo? I was thinking 4. I'll be in the country for 2 weeks.
5.) How many nights should I stay in Kyoto? I was thinking 2 or 3.
6.) Have you been to Shikoku? What can you tell me about it?
7.) Have you ever biked from Shikoku to Hiroshima on the famous bike path over the bridges/islands? Was it as awesome as it sounds or were you disappointed?
8.) Can you reccommend any vegan/vegetarian restaurants?
9.) I'm transgendered (female to male). I pass most of the time when I'm travelling, so I'm not worried about that, but I know bathrooms are different in Japan. Will this be a problem or do they still have private stalls?
10.) Do you have any suggestions of things to see anywhere near Tokyo, Kyoto, or Shikoku? I'm open to anything, but my favorite activities are museums, stuff that's off the beaten path, gay bars, and bargain shopping.

Thanks! More questions to come later, I'm sure.

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What kind of deodorant do you use?

Does it work well or does it suck?

What is the best you've ever used?

What is the worst you've ever used?

Are you a woman or a man and do you feel you sweat more or less than average for your sex?

Have you ever tried one of those wacky alternative methods of sweat/smell reduction (like botox shots or crystal sticks or something)? Did they work for you?
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Update on my text messaging project

In the spirit of the community, I best ask a question first so... Have you ever broken a bone? If so, which bone was it, and how did you break it? I've been lucky enough (knock on wood) to have never broken a bone :)


Twice before I have posted about my text messaging project in this community (here is the most recent) and it has generated lots of interest. Thanks to all of you who have been typing up your messages and sending them to me via this post

Anyway, I have some exciting news - the school FINALLY paid for me to have my own cell account. Thus, any of you who have unlimited text messaging plans (or want to use the free text messaging sites on the internet, or who want to send as many as they can without going over their limit, you can just send the text messages over to this phone number and voila!

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Thank you so much for all your help!

Balls and Hoes

Two Questions?

1. This is sorta crude, but I'm seriously curious. Is it normal for two male cats to lick eachother's private areas? I have had cats my entire life and haven't ever seen it.

2. I'm having a Pimp and Hoes theme for my birthday coming up this month. What should the birthday girl wear to set her apart?!
orion's belt.

I <3 Suze Orman!

1. Do you have good or bad credit?
2. Do you know your FICO score?
3. What is it?
4. If you have good credit, how did you get there?
4. If you have bad credit, how has it affected you?

My FICO score is up to 740. Awesome! :)

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If you have a S.O. (or have had), do you:

1. Use their toothbrush if you didn't have one?
2. Poop while they are also in the bathroom?
3. Wear their underwear if all of yours was dirty?

Which is better:
4. Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise
5. Catsup or Mustard
6. Chocolate or Vanilla 
7. Pudding or Jello
8. Ranch dressing or Italian dressing



Do you ever drink gin?
If you do, do you have a preferred brand and do you have a preferred gin drink?
If you drink cocktails, what is your favorite (gin based or other)?

I think gin is nasty but maybe I'm just drinking the wrong stuff.

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1. Who do I call to report squirrel on squirrel rape?

2. What are you dreading?

3. What was the last embarassing thing you did?

4. Are real fried raviolli the tits or what?

1. I dunno, but I just saw one squirrel effin' slap another one, then mount her like a friggin' cowboy.  Crazy animals.
2. Going to the dorm's office.
3. Locked myself out of the dorm room.  Again.  I did the exact same thing at the exact same time yesterday. See, this is why pain pills are bad, folk.

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"Across the generations we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government, because no one is fit to be a master and no one deserves to be a slave."

1. Who said the above quote? If you don't know - take a guess. I know you KNOW the person who said it. And no cheating!

2. Questions about mothering:

a. How soon did you go back to work after having a child? Was it difficult for you?

b. Who watched your child/children when you did return to work?

c. If you are not a mother - how soon did your mother go back to work when you were a child?

Hairy Harry

So I've got a couple month's worth of beard goin' on here from a beard contest (which I won, thank you). I'm gettin' sick of it, and it's getting warm out so I'm probably gonna shave it off soon.. but in the process I'd like to do something interesting with it for a while. I'm thinking Hulk Hogan 'stache or some wicked chops, but I'm open to any other suggestions.

What should I do with my facial hair?
epic fight - pwnd
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TQC! Help me out! Why does my laptop (HP, Windows) recognize that there's a DVD in my drive, but it only plays the audio, not the video? This is happening with both Windows Media Player and that HP multimedia player thingy (if you have an HP, it's the buttons at the very top, with a DVD button and the volume buttons). Help?
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1)What kind of licenses/certifications/credentials do you have?
2)What's the funniest new show on television? (new being like in the last year or two)
3)What debts are you currently paying on and how soon do expect you'll pay them off?
4)Do you have anything hanging on your walls that's not photos of family or friends? If so, what?
5)Have you ever had a health scare/concern but it turned out to be nothing?
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If you were making a video montage highlight reel thing about a sports team, what song might you use for the soundtrack? Something either inspirational and go-get-'em-ish (think "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi) or reminiscent (think "Glory Days") or team/brotherness-ish (think...um, I dunno). Lots and lots of ideas would be good!!


What's the stupidest thing you wore when you were a teenager?

For me it was making sure my really cheap nasty mall thong was hanging out the top of my pants. Bonus points if it tied together on the sides and the ties hung out over my pants.
DOOMed - doom doom doom doom doom doom

not sure why I just thought of this

I was working in a theater when it came out and I loved Thelma & Louise. That said, dunno about the ending. I liked it but I think they may've made the harsher choice. I mean, seriously, what hurts more?

Getting shot by several dozen federal agents...?

- or -

Jumping a car deep into the Grand Canyon...?
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The Dude Abides

Name ?s

1) If one of your friend's legally changed his/her name to "The Game" would you take him/her seriously?

2) Do you think it's weird that Sidney Poitier named his daughter Sydney? Do you know of any men that share the same or very similar names with their daughters?

3) Who do you think has the coolest nickname in showbiz? Who do you think has the worst?
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For those of you who have a Nintendo DS Lite - what do you think of it?

I'm thinking about getting one, but nobody I know in real life has one. What games do you like, or what games do you hate?

Lo-calorie Snacks

Why do I hate veggies? I can't remember the last time I ate a vegetable.

Is there anything I can do to make veggies more appealing?

I'm trying to move to lower calories snacks.

Does anyone in here like those Quaker Rice Snacks?
If you, what's your favorite kind?

Can anyone else in this group eat pizza every day of the week and not get sick of it?
Beast mode!

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1. What is the stupidest financial decision you've ever made?

2. What is the stupidest decision in general you've ever made?

3. What would you like to be in the history books for?

4. Which is cuter: baby polar bears or baby panda bears?

5. On a scale of 1-10, how wrong would it be to smack a co-worker in the back of the head with my shoe?
Good and Evil

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1) OMG UGUYZ! According to my bulk mail, I just won the UK national lottery! Have you ever been tricked into any kind of phishing or other hoax via email? (Also, I can improve my apparently lacking penile size. This would be unfortunate, as I am female. You cannot fool me, spammers!)

2) I'm kinda way too excited about the new episode of Deadliest Catch tonight. Anyone else with me on this? If not, what kind of geeky/lame/not traditionally exciting shows have you gotten all riled up about?

3) Is anyone really surprised that Keith Richards snorted his father's cremains?

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How can I convince my fiancee to let me get a cat?? This woman is going to just 'let her go' if someone doesn't adopt her by TONIGHT. Aparently we don't need a cat. I think we do, it's tugging on my heart strings, I REALLY want her. Helppp!

How do I convince my fiancee to let me have a cat?
(Silly, serious, and sexual answers appreciated)

If you REALLY didn't want something, what could someone do to convince you?

ETA: He said yes, and is happy about it, surprisingly. Keep debating though, it's interesting.

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1. If someone said 'he who must not be named', who would you think they meant?

2. Do you know anyone with a band tattoo? Do you mock them for it?

3. Is there ever an acceptable reason to get a band tattoo?

4. Do you think there is any modern band that has a fan base that could be comparible to deadheads?

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"The Shoes" as seen on Oprah

This is a question for my mom...

My mom is looking for shoes that were on Oprah. Apparently they were on Oprah a while back and Oprah called them "the shoes". They are sandal-like and have removable straps that come in all sorts of colours. I suck at Google and came up with nothing.

Does anyone know what brand these shoes are and their website? My mother would be super pleased.



Have any of you ever had dreams of someone in a wedding dress?

if so, did anything unsual happen to that person after you experienced the dream?
Were you going through anything that you think might have triggered that dream?
weenie, Spongebob

Baby Shower gift sizes

I'm going to my first ever baby shower at the end of April. I would really like to get these cute shoes as part of the gift, but I'm not sure what size to get.

Do I get the smaller size so the baby can wear them immediately, or a larger size so he will get slightly more use out of them?
Mitty box

(no subject)

1) Do you believe in past lives?
2) Do you believe in hypnosis?
3) Have you ever been, or watched someone be, hypnotized? (watching Sylvia Brown on Montel doesn't count.)
4) Would you ever want to be hypnotized?

5) Should I be totally jealous that my husband got to play the Wii at work today?

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Correspondence School.
What do you think of it?
Is it possible to find a respected correspondence school? My initial impression is that they may not be entirely respected potential employers. I'm interested in studying nutrition, but I'm planning on getting married in the next year or so, and my future husband is going to be in a career that may or may not involve moving frequently. Thus, I do not want to be tied down to a traditional university. I took a break from school for a few years and am interested in going back now.
What can you tell me, tqc?
The Receptionist Classic

Invites on the Cheap!

Where are some cheap places to get invitations? Think wedding invitations, only for a high school reunion.

We're looking at sending about... 300-350 invitations out.

ETA: United States, California, San Francisco Bay Area. If that helps.

Video games

What's your favorite online game to play?
I like Cake Mania. I was browsing the new releases on Bestbuy.com and I saw that they released
it for the DS! I'm so going to buy it tomorrow.

Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales. Is anyone else going to buy this?
I don't know if it will be any good, but I'm going to get it just because I collect Final
Fantasy games.

They dropped the price of the PSP, so I don't know if I should get my husband that for his birthday.

PSP vs. DS Which is better?
The DS has an advantage. He can play all my games.
  • ejw829

So I have...

...Motorola Razr phone (through Cingular, now the new AT&T!) and like to snap random pics from time to time.

What is your favorite site to send cell phone pics to for storage?

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I watch 3 reality shows. These 3. The Amazing Race is discovered on GSN, Apprentice I've always watched, and ANTM I just got hooked into watching a couple seasons ago. That being said, who's your pick to go all the way?

Who you want to win on The Amazing Race?

Charla and Mirna
Dustin and Candice
Eric and Danielle
Oswald and Danny
Uchenna and Joyce

Who do you want to win on the Apprentice?


Who do you want to win on America's Next Top Model?


(no subject)

When you go to a restaurant, is it bad etiquette/faux pas to order the same thing as someone else at your table?

Do you generally avoid doing so anyway, just so that no one has the same thing?

If the server took someone else's order first, and you noticed they were getting the same thing as you, would you change your order?

Is there any country in the world where this is bad etiquette?
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Drama drama llama.

1- What are you SO sensitive about that you'll fight about it for an hour even if no one's listening?
2- Is there anything you're actually sensitive about that you're capable of having a mature discussion about?
3- Come on, how many drama communities are you in?
4- What has inspired me to ponder these things, do you think?

(no subject)

I need to write a short story but I have no inspiration.

Could you be so kind as to type out a sentence or two that I could build a story off of? (I'm not asking you to write a paragraph for me, just maybe one or two sentences like "she opened a drawer")


Do you get tonstil stones?

How do you remove them?

Do they make your breath smell?

1. I get one or two every couple of months and they annoy me so much.
2. I brush my teeth longer while focusing especially on the back of my throat and by accident, I usually gag them up.
3. I don't know, no one has said anything to me about it.
Sodomy Non Sapiens

#$%*@# Excel!

O great wise TQC, I am in a dilemma.  I just wrote the mother of all if/then statements in Excel.  The problem is, it has eight functions.  If I didn't have two wildly different variables, I could cut it down to four, but as it is, I need three sub-variables for each of the main ones to reach two end results.

Can someone (please, for the love of God) tell me, can two of the sub-variables be combined within one function to get me under the seven-function cap?  For example:

(Main variable (IF A or B, do one thing), (if C, do another)).

Right now, it has to read (main variable (if A, do this), (if B, do that), and (if C, shove it up your spreadsheet ass)).

In my dream world, I can add an "OR" function to the example of what I want.  I just can't figure out how.  Anyone know if / how this can be done?  I'll be your best friend if you tell me.

Edit: Also, dammit, how do I tell it to do something in the case of B, when B translates to "if this column formatted for a date is blank, do it." Right now I have it set as "If the formatted cell equals 0, do it," and that function is completely ignored. How do I specify "if it's blank?"

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I know these questions are quite pathetic but I really need answers, TQ very much people!

1. Do you think that if a person is large but confident, she can be deemed beautiful?

(#1 does not relate to #2, I am not confident, and sometimes I have a tendency to slouch, as if to hide my non-existant chest.)

2. (girls can answer this too but it's directed especially at the guys!)
Guys, do you look at girls who are not good looking? I might be overly sensitive or just very pathetic, but I realise that some guys would look at me when I walk past, and I can't tell they're looking because I'm ugly, or because I have some food on my cheek, or something like that. I am overweight, not good looking, no hot bod, hot butt, nice hair. In fact, I'm a plain jane. But guys look at me too. Maybe they're looking at me in the 'oh my so ugly' kind of way? Big sigh.

Social Work

Is anyone here a social worker ? (I am particularly interested in Northern Ireland or the U.K.)Or know a social worker ?

+ Did you go to university ?
+ How much are you paid P.A. ?
+ Do you enjoy your job ?
+ Do you feel it is extremely stressful ?
+ Do you feel it is worth it for the amount you are paid?
+ Would you recommend it as a career path ?
+ Why did you choose social work?
+ Did you do A-Levels in either Sociology or Psycology and did you find them useful ?

Thanks !
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(no subject)

What is annoying you right now?

There is this girl at my school, very nice, but she just COMES IN to my apartment without notice (it's dorm apartments, she knocks on the door and the roommates answer...).  She usually comes in on Wednesdays, a few hours before we have a class at 6:30.  

Just a few minutes ago, she knocks.  I'm very busy: I have to do lots of writing for a research paper (which she should be doing TOO, damn it!) AND studying for a test tomorrow (which she should also be doing too), and I'm figuring out where I'm going to live next semester (since I'm getting kicked off because of the DAMN INCOMING FRESHMEN getting priority), and I'm figuring out some birthright stuff for the summer.  And damn it, she knocks on the door, asking me if I wanted to go clubbing with her.  As much as I'd like to go clubbing, I have books on the desk and papers (and I'm on LJ, which is very very important :P), I can't go clubbing.  Because it is a Tuesday night, I have work to do, and I need to figure lots of stuff out.  Seriously.  CALL ME FIRST!!  I should have never given this girl my apartment number.
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So, I got my first tattoo today. Everything went smoothly. After a few hours I started to feel really tired and then I took a nap. When I woke up I felt really awful. Very warm (although I don't know my temp), and my stomach is bothering me.

Could this be something from getting the tattoo or is it just a coincidence?
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i'm on my spring break but going nowhere, and i've wasted four days complaining about it.

tqc, what do you do to alleviate severe boredom?

also: there is a british teen dramadey called Skins and it's amazing; it centers all around the lives of a group of friends in bristol and they party, drug, and inner turmoil themselves to pieces. i watched the last episode of the first season and the second season hasn't been made yet. what is your favorite show from overseas? (or at least, not exactly in your country/homeland).
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1. When people get angry for no (apparent) reason and somewhat frequently, could that be an indication of mental disorder? Any personal stories? (I've looked it up on google, but I'm looking for more insight). Anyone know anyone who used to get angry a lot and then was diagnosed with a mental disorder?

2. And, by the way, what do you guys think about mental disorders? I'm wondering if anyone here thinks they're a load of crap.
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what is this ailment?

Okay, one of my favorite profs was saying she has this affliction, but I didn't catch the name, so maybe one of you guys can help me figure it out.

There's three fleshy sort of tubes around her nasal cavity that have enlarged and are preventing her from breathing well. They are mostly spongy, but have some cartilage. She's going to have to have surgery to fix it. But I don't know what's wrong or what the surgery would be. And I'm not sure how to Google it...?

Any clue as to what this is?
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I saw an episode of "Family Guy" where Brian's gf spouted out that she no longer gets periods because she threw up all the time in high school.

Can constant vomiting affect menstruation? I know stress affects menstruation and some girls in athletics have been known to have irregular periods, but I wonder if throwing up can alter cycles as well.

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How often do you clean your house? I mean a full, top to bottom everything goes kind of cleaning.

How often do you clean your room?

Just because I've been wondering, who here is from Long island? What area?

If you play solitaire on the computer, do you play with a one card draw or a three card draw? Which way do you think is easier?

Regular soda, or diet?
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Dress up, or... not!

What should I do with two feather boas? One is black, one is purple, and they're both VERY FRIGGING ITCHY. We wore them out for Halloween a couple of years ago, and I just dug them back up again, while clearing out some boxes that I never unpacked when we moved. Interesting/dorky comments accepted, naturally. ;P

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(For current and former students at UC Santa Cruz)

I am a Senior in high school and next year I will be attending UCSC. I had a tour of the campus today and learned about the college system. After having heard the "official" descriptions of the various colleges and having seen them, I still cannot decide which one I want to attend.

I think that I am debating between Merill, Cowell, and possibly Porter but I really have no idea what's right for me.

My question is this: What's the "word on the street" about the various colleges, especially those I named. Which ones have the most intensive party scene? Which have the least? What's your general impression of them? What are the unofficial reputations of the colleges, particularly Merill, Cowell, and Porter?

If it helps, I am a female, lesbian, into reading, writing, and social activism. I listen to a ton of music and will probably major in either History or Anthropology. I smoke weed but don't drink much and I generally tend to be pretty quiet and laid back, however I do like to party and would like at least some access to a social scene. I like peace and tranquility but I also have no problem with loud noise and some crazyness.

Apart from that, is there any other random information I should know about the school that they couldn't/wouldn't/didn't tell me on my tour? Do you like it? Is there anything you think I should know?

Thank you!
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In college, people generally write a lot of papers in APA Format, or whatever format their professor tells them.

So why do teachers teach students MLA Format in preparation for college? I've yet to write a college paper in MLA format.


Are there any places where I can search scholarly journals, besides Jstor or Google Scholar? 

Meeting new people

Sorry, I know I already posted, but I was wondering, how do you guys meet new people. I heard once that by just talking to a stranger every day, you get used to meeting new people, but honestly, what do you say to such a person? I have no reason to talk to them, other than the fact that I like meeting new people...And saying "hi, I was just wondering, who are you? Since I like meeting new people..." sounds a bit cheesy...

=) But it is an interesting question though =)


1. How do you meet/greet new people?
2. Who are you?

some not so serious questions/random

1. So I live in a 12x12 cell (aka dorm room) with someone else who is now quite ill (i.e. throwing up all over the place and has fever).  She apparently caught this fun little bug from her boyfriend, whom she was around all weekend. Am I doomed to infection????!

2. What do you do at 10pm at night when your roommate has turned off the light ungodly early because of aforementioned illness and the only light you have is the glow of your computer screen? (assuming you won't be going to sleep for at least a couple more hours--all types of answers wanted :P)

3. What was the last irritating/inconvenient thing that happened to you?

4.  If there was one thing you could change about your place of employment/school, what would it be? Could be a person, policy, location, etc you get the point.
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in Regina Spektor's song Apres Moi from Begin to Hope, the last section sounds as if it's sung in Russian. Anyone know what it means? I'm wondering if it's just the other lyrics, translated, or if it's different lyrics...

thanks, y'all.

It's a poem by Boris Pasternak. chiyo_no_saru gets a cookie. Thanks!
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What does it mean when your boss winks at you? Sometimes when he's talking to me he winks a quick one. Every now and then, he talks about the great work I do at my job. And he talks to me in a normal tone of voice, like a boss to his worker kind of voice. There are no weird overtones or anything... So what the heck is the wink for? LOL.
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Hey TQC,

The community rules have been updated. Things are mostly the same, but the wording has been done so the rules are less TL;DR and more accurately reflect the spirit of the community.

The major new addition is that deleting/screening comments left by other users is now verboten. If you truly have an issue with a comment left by another user, let the mods know, and we'll deal with it. Deleting/screening other people's comments is rude, stifles discussion (which is a major part of what makes this community fun), and only causes drama.

Any comments? Questions? Suggestions? Spelling errors? Adoration? Wailing and gnashing of teeth over the iron curtain that has fallen over thequestionclub? Please feel free to leave it here, or over in tqc_mods (if you don't want anyone else to see your comments).

"liking" a band

When it comes to saying you "like" a band or are a fan of a band, do you have any criteria you use? Or in other words, where do you draw the line between "I like some songs by this band" and "I like this band"?

Some stuff is clear cut. If you own pretty much all the CDs (or mp3s, as the case may be) for a band its pretty clear cut you're a fan. Or if you've intentionally seen then a bunch of times in concert. But I'm not a big concert go-er so that's not much of a criteria. And there are only a few bands that I own more than 2 CDs by them. Some bands are particularly odd for me, like Jimmy Buffett or U2 or Foo Fighters. I like a bunch of their songs but don't like a single one of their CDs. In the case of the Foo Fighters in particular, I like all their songs I've ever heard on the radio but I've listened to all their CDs and dislike everything else they've ever done.

And is there anyone who doesn't think that this is a ridicously overanalyzed and nitpicky meaningless question on my part? I geniunely want to know the answer but I also feel somehow foolish for needing some kind of guideline for defining my level of fandom/like of something.
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TV Show Love

Does anyone other than me love a tv show or movie or book that most people associate with children? Why do you love it? Do people tease you for it, or do you just not say that you love it to anyone?

One of my favourite shows ever is Maid Marian and Her Merry Men.

 Have you heard of it?

I first saw it when I was 13 and I got totally hooked on it and I totally love it now, even though i'm 21. Every time I watch it, I notice new things about it. The cast is fantastic (actors from Blackadder and Red Dwarf) the writing is clever, the jokes are at all sorts of different levels, there's political commentary, social commentary, parody, puns, sexual innuendo, cultural/pop references. I love the Robin Hood legend in general, and this makes it just hilarious, and the characters are lovely. Marian is a lot like me. I love the twist on the legend- that history is largely chauvinistic, and Marian was the leader of the gang and was forgotten over history. I love how much of a yuppie/metrosexual Robin is and how sweet he is. I love how the Baddies aren't evil, they've just got a different opinion/worldview. I love the random references to things, and the historical anachronisms. I love the messages behind things. I love the songs- it's a musical. The songs are funny and catchy. I love how it's truly suitable for all ages in my opinion. Four year olds can watch it, and adults can watch it and laugh without feeling like it's totally dumbed down. I love how the style is similar to some sort of mix between Red Dwarf, Blackadder, pantomime, and a musical. And I love that after all these years it can still make me laugh.

What about you?

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Is anyone going to the open casting call in Boston for America's Next Top Model?

I really wish I could, but I'm only 5'5.75'' I want to share in your experience if you're lucky enough to meet the criteria.
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Hard Drives

My motherboard manual says that my IDE interface is UltraDMA 133.
I'm looking for a new HD right now, and trying to figure out what will work with my mobo. What's the diff between UltraATA and UltraDMA? What will work with what? My mobo is ASUS A7V333.

Also, I've pretty much always used WD drives. I used an IBM drive once and it died within a few months... How are other brands? Seagate? this one: http://www.pricewatch.com/public/SpecSheet.aspx?q=S3088817 ?

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Can anyone think of any characters from literature, mythology, or film who hide behind facades, or try to be something they aren't, and end up getting in trouble because if it?

I'm drawing a blank, although I know there must be tons.

(no subject)

Does anyone have the link to this website about mixtapes?  From what I remember, you can post a topic for a mixtape, and then people would submit their chosen compilations for that topic.

What do you think about making a mixtape for somebody this week?  Do it with me.

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I just had an argument with someone and am wondering what other people think:

Let's say a woman is raped and does not report it. She then finds out that she is pregnant, a result of the rape. She decides to raise the child.
Do you think that the man should have paternal rights to the child, because she chose not to report the rape?

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Paid Surveys

Has anyone signed up with treasuretrooper.com? Its a paid survey/offer site thing. I think I got the link from somebody in this comm.

Any other non-con paid survey/offer sites that you know of?

Do these things really work??