April 2nd, 2007


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There's this guy that works at the local Dunkin Donuts every Monday and Tuesday night. He's really funny, and he gives my friends and me discounts/free coffee. We like going to talk to him. (And get coffee, of course.)

Here's the problem. Last time I went there by myself and he was working (I go every Tuesday night, usually alone), he spent about 10 minutes trying to convince me to stay there until they closed. He actually asked me, "What would it take for you to stay after hours?" I was really creeped out. I mean, it's not like he's old, but I'm in college, and he's probably in his late thirties. To top it all off, I've ever really thought of myself as being that attractive, so to have this "old" guy hitting on me was definitely unexpected. Also, when I'm with me friends he's completely different--you'd never think that he'd do something like that. So here's my question, TQC:

Do I keep going in and getting the discounts, and just put up with the creepiness? Is that "using" him?
Should I just go through the drive-through?
Or am I just being paranoid?

Please help...this has really been bothering me for a while.

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Ugh, long story here, but I'll shorten it.  I'm on Craigslist.  I see an adorable pomeranian.  I want her.  I tell the lady, all is well and she tells me I can make 'payments' on the dog, I give her $200, she gives me the puppy, YAY, ALL IS WELL!  I didn't sign anything.  I take puppy to the vet, (within 3  days of getting her), Mr. Vet goes, "Oh this dog is showing signs of abuse".  Said puppy has MAJOR behavorial issues, so I look for some assistance with her on CL.  Now, the woman freaks the fuck out.  I don't mention her name, anything, just the situation.  She wants puppy back.  I tell her hell no.  She accuses me of being 'evil' and tells me to 'shove my evil money up my ass, she don't want it.'.  Stupidly, I did not save this conversation.  Flash forward to about 3 days ago, I am getting INSANE im's from about 15 people telling me to give the dog back, etc etc.  This nutbag of a woman, is telling people that I run a pet sitting service, and that I am refusing to give the dog back, and she is taking me to court.  Awesome.  Oh wait no, what the fuck? This woman also 'had cancer' and used this as her sob story. I offered to give her the dog back, and she doesn't want to take her, she is nuts.  She also does not know my name, or the exact town where I live, but does know my phone number.  Sadly, I have no conversations of her admitting anything, and I hope that she DID save our convos, becuase I've never said anything that'd get me in trouble.  So onto the questions:

1. TQC, am I fucked here? Aparently there are a bunch of people going with her to court.
2. Can emails and IM conversations hold up in court? I would think not since they can be changed so easily...
3. Would you be scared of this woman? I am, thank god she doesn't know where I live!
4. I have to change my main email due to the harassment from all these random people, insulting me, my daughter, everything.  She called me a 'fat pig' ON craigslist, haha.  What things would you change if you had to do this?
5. What the fuck should I do here???

Thank you SO MUCH to anyone who is reading this, I'm kinda getting upset.  This is not my personality whatsoever, and I have a perfectly clean record, etc. etc.  I also live in a 2 br apartment, which makes a pet sitting service impossible, so I'm sure she'll be beat there. 

Thanks guys.

ETA, Go to google.  Type in Britsnbrat@aol.com   those are the 'postings' that she is putting up everywhere.

Australians ahoy!

I'm going to Australia tomorrow, can anyone provide me with:

- What the weather and temperature has been like recently, and what the forecast is for the next week in:

- Adelaide
- Sydney
- Cairns

Thank you so much!!
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What are movies simliar to that of Requiem for a Dream? Either plot related or movie technique related... if that makes any sense. Or movies that you would recommend someone what who enjoyed Requiem?
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I was reading some Peter/Susan (Narnia) fics and in one of the reviews for a fic someone said something about incest being illegal "back in the day" or something. To which in my head I thought "Incest is still illegal, babe." But then I thought maybe this person is from somewhere where it is legal... but couldn't think or find mention of any such place. So. Here's the question:

Does anyone know of any country where incest is legal - I mean blood relatives allowed to procreate and/or get married? In this case, I'm talking about siblings (but feel free to mention cousins and aunts and such too).
Also, is it legal to marry your stepsibling? What if your parent had adopted them? Even if there is no blood, is it illegal?

Thanks guys!

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1. Do you ever feel inferior to people shorter/smaller than you?
2. Do you ever feel intimidated by people taller/bigger than you?

I was at a bar last night, and I met a friend of a friend who is shorter than I am. I'm 4'11" and she was only about 4'9".  It was good to be able to talk to someone without having to look up; I didn't really feel inferior per-se.
I get intimidated by tall people all the time. I don't like going to crowded places because I fear getting elbowed in the head... it's not fun.
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1. Do you know that the most famous anatomy book is called Gray's Anatomy and thats part of the reason the name of the tv show is Grey's Anatomy?

2. When I go to the bar I usually get whiskey sours, but I want to start trying new things. What other mixed drinks, preferably with whiskey, should I try?

BA v. MBA?

In about a year I'll be graduating with a BA in Marketing... while job browsing, it has come to my attention that if I go on to get an MBA (Masters degree in business), I'll almost double my occupational worth (no, really?). So of course,  I'm seriously considering doing this. However, I'll be $70K+ in debt when I graduate just from a simple 4 year degree, and my GPA is about 3.4.

So, what I'm asking is: for those of you that have gone on to acheive an MBA, was it worth it? How hard was it, and what were some of the things you had to do to get it? With only a 3.4, do I even stand a chance? Any general information of advice would be great.

Thank you all.

Atheist community

I want to find an LJ community for atheism, but when I do an interest search for "atheism", I get hundreds of results. I can't find any big or serious ones.

What is a good Atheist community you recommend?

okra, veggies, juice & booze, and summer semester

1. If you like okra, how do you cook/prepare it?

2. What is your favorite vegetable?

3. What is your favorite (juice) + (alcohol) drink?

4. Are you enrolled/enrolling in summer semester? What classes are you taking?

My answers:
1. I had okra for the first time in an Indian restaurant last week and I thought it was really good. I bought a bag of frozen okra and cooked it as I would broccoli or carrots. After I drained it, there were weird stringy things oozing from the okra. A friend of mine mentioned this happened sometimes, so I'm wondering if there's a way to cook okra to prevent the oozy strings.
2. asparagus
3. I don't have one.
4. Yes, if FAFSA comes through. I'll be taking an English class and possibly a math class.
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I'm the editor of my school newspaper and feel that one of the writers didn't actually write most of the article she turned in--the article is extremely elaborate and uses words most 8th graders have yet to hear of, and the supposed writer is a student who talks about My Space whenever she gets the chance.* I highly doubt that she wrote this article not only for the previously mentioned reason, but because of the language she uses outside of this piece of writing.

With that being said, how would I go about checking the reliability of this article? I've Googled to no such luck.

*Note--there is nothing wrong with using My Space; however, this is one student who likely spends the majority of her free time using the website, which causes me to speculate the fact that she actually had a hand in writing this.
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What is the median income per household for your city? (You can find it on Wikipedia). How much does your household make?
$41,450 median, we make $90,000 total.

How many people live in your city?
2,350, but that was in 2000. I'd say it's maybe 3500 by now, though.

Ladies: do your boobs pass the pencil test?
No. :( Darn you 36Ds!
EDIT: The boob test is when you put a pencil in the crease below your boob and see if it stays there or falls.

Are your parents any good with the internets?
My dad completely does not understand ANYTHING that has to do with computers. Then again, he's 71 years old, so I can forgive him that.

Do you know anyone who has been on a reality/makeover/whatever TV show? 

Why is there so much violence in inner cities? 
Not sure! That's why I want to hear your opinions.

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Has anyone here been to a wyndham resort?

I have a free vacation to a wyndham resort in either the dominican republic, 2 beaches in mexico(playacar I think) or freeport bahamas. All obviously ocean resorts and I love the beach so that works out for me. With that being said, which would you go to and why?

Has anyone been to the above places?
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Used to do a little but a little wouldn't do

When referring to heroin in casual, everyday conversation what term(s) do you use?

brown sugar
black tar

2)Do you have improper posture? Do you ever get sore from sitting/standing incorrectly?

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why do guys continually button and unbutton their suit jackets when speaking?
i see them do this all the time whether they're directly in front of somebody, or speaking on a stage, or getting up from a chair.

anyone here from charlotte north carolina or visit there frequently? how do you like it?
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Books ...

Basically, my daughter's been going through some serious health issues lately, and ended up missing so much school that she wouldn't be able to graduate this year. I pulled her and will be homeschooling her so she can get caught up and graduate to the next grade level and go to a new school next school year. The problem, we discovered, is that her formerly fabulous school, has really sucked bad this year. She's pretty far behind on all of her subjects compared to the school she'll be going to. I can easily get her caught up on all of her subjects, but I need ideas on literature. She's in 9th grade, but reads at a more advanced level. She loves books along the lines of Whale Talk and Their Eyes Were Watching God.

So, my question to you is ... what were some of your favorite books when you were anywhere from 14 to say 18? If you're in that age group, what are some of the books you enjoy now? What books really touched you and made you think? The books do not have to be school appropriate as I do not have to follow the same curriculum the public schools have to follow. Any books that were just fun to read or that you read more than once? The theme doesn't really matter as long as you enjoyed the book. I'm pretty much looking for ideas so any and all subjects are welcomed. Well, except for porn lol.
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possibly the most ridiculous religious question ever

10:14 AM 3/11/07 · When you think about it, there's kind of a disturbing similarity. I refer to the circumstances upon which Jesus' mother got (how to put this delicately?) knocked up. She's lying there in bed one night when she finds herself very aware of a presence, enveloped in an all encompassing bright light, and after an indeterminable amount of time she wakes to find she'd been left with a (if you will) implant.

This resulted in a very healthy child with a number of unusual abilities who we all know and love. Well, all of us know and some of us love...those rather tight in their masculinity just like him bunches and give him proper respect.

However, let us take the circumstances of the impregnation that brought Jesus about.

Is it just me or does this seem remotely similar to any number of alien abduction scenarios?

Then there's all the mythos/conspiracy theories regarding a human/alien hybrid.

So, would you say this is the most ridiculous religious notion you've ever heard?
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1. What are the skeletons in your family's closet?

2. What is your next vacation you have planned? If you don't have one, what is a vacation you would like to take?

3. What is the key to your happiness?

4. How much money did you spend on your first car? Did you buy it yourself? How old were you? What kind of car was it?

5. How much caffeine do you consume in a day?

6. What do you feel the criteria should be for being allowed to take diet pills?
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1. I just realized that my appointment to get my tattoo (on my shoulder) is only a week and a half before I go on a backpacking trip. Do you think this will be a problem, or will it be healed enough?

2. Baseball fans: Would you rather go to the opening day game or the closing day game?

3. When was the last time you took the day off of work for something other than being sick? What did you do?

4. What is your favorite type of toaster waffles? (Edit: Flavor, not brand.)

5. If you had to, would you rather shoot your mother or your child?

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What are some ways to wear straight long hair (longer than waist length) while running out and about to keep it from going everywhere and in the way? In a ponytail it'll still find ways to tangle because there's just so much of it, and I can't seem to get braids to hold without hairs trying to escape. Makes me look unkempt.

Looking up hair styles online doesn't seem to be helping, because I don't want anything elaborate or involving styling products they're trying to sell me. Sad face.
EDIT: Also please post instructions on how to, if possible? I fail at hair.


1. Have you ever dined-and-dashed at a restaurant?

2. Say you're with a group of friends at an expensive restaurant, and they all decide to dine-n-dash once they see the bill's more than they thought it would be. Do you go along with them? What do you do?

3. Hypothetical. For $300, would you be willing to dine-n-dash during a late afternoon meal at a diner (when it isn't too crowded) after having raised a notably large bill, and THEN...go back the following day at the same time, wearing the same clothes, demand to sit at the same table and order the same food? Odds are, the same wait person will be working. You'll get paid $500 ($200 more) if you go a third day in a row at the same time in the same clothes.

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Inspired by letterstomybaby's post.

1. Were you allowed/required to read The Color Purple in high school?
2. Did you attend private or public school?
3. If you attended a private religious school, was abortion covered in your biology book?
4. For anyone, do you think abortion should be included in a high school biology text?
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Do you think your government asks a lot, even possibly TOO MUCH, of you?

For Americans: Do you think the highest form of patriotism is to join the military? If not, what do you think the highest form of patriotism is?

What is a good way to wake myself up without taking a pill or consuming caffeine?

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It is my Spring Break, and my boss is Jewish, so therefore today I have no class and no work! I would really like to go the beach, but I think it is a little too cloudy today, so I won't be doing that. Guys, what should I do? I am alone in my endeavors today, but I have a car, and I live in Los Angeles. Should I visit the park and the fake lake? A museum maybe, even though I've been to all of them? What would you do?
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Oh noes, advice!

1- For anyone who lives in/near the Buffalo, NY area, do you know of any low rate hotels that will take people in at 1 in the morning? O_o I'm probably gonna call around anyway, but doesn't hurt to get recommendations. Closer to the airport, the better!

2- I haven't been on a plane in a long time, so... What would you give someone who has just gotten off an airplane, to stave off the crappy feeling you get when ya get off the plane?

3- I know you should be at the gate way way way before takeoff if you're on the plane, but... How early will they let people loiter around the gate in any given area to pick someone up? :/

4- Uhh, how are you today?

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Monday Questions.

1. What should me favorite cake flavor be? With what kind of icing? (meaning, what's yours;)
2. How do my two kitties instictively know not to jump off our 3rd story balcony?
3. If you had a balcony, would you let your two indoor kitties enjoy the great ourdoors with you, on it?
4. If there was a big dumb barking lab that lived across the courtyard in one of the apartments, would you tell it to shut it's trap from time to time?

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What songs include your name in the title or lyrics? Do you like the songs?

for me, I have Taylor by Jack Johnson, and Taylor the Latte Boy, Kristin Chenoweth (even if I am a girl.) Usually I hate Jack Johnson, but I don't mind this song, except for the bad rhymes like "Such a tough enchilada, filled up with nada". I do love Kristin Chenoweth, and Taylor the Latte Boy.

Do people constantly sing the songs with your name in them when you're around?

If I ever work at Starbucks, I'm sure one of my friends will come in at 8:11 and ask for a double latte and begin to sing.


1. What kind of flat iron do you use? I've been looking at a Chi iron but wondered if that was the best kind.
2. What do they put on your hair in salons that makes it so shiny and silky? My hair never looks the same as it does when a stylist does it.
3. And what do they use that keeps the humidity from ruining your do?

I am completely uninformed when it comes to hair but I really like my new haircut and I am determined to make it look good.

Egg emergency!

I was making hardboiled eggs and accidentally dropped one in the saucepan. Now the egg white is leaking out and looks kinda gross. What should I do? Will it still be as tasty in free floating form? Help!

Edit: Now there's white meringue-like foam everywhere! My egg eggploded! *sadface* What to doooooooooooooooo?

Edit again: I tried to clean it up and now there's egg in my hair. I have very long hair but still! *even sadder face* Perhaps I should give up on cooking for the day.
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Just out of curiosity- does it bother anyone else when you see someone who has a bunch of icons, but hasn't given any of them keywords and therefore can't post with them?

It usually makes me think the person is kind of clueless and it really irritates me, even though I probably shouldn't think so much into it. :D
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Appetite ?'s

1) If you're hungry and start chewing on a piece of gum, does it curb your appetite or make you even more hungry?

2) When you don't have any food readily available and you're hungry, what do you do to put your hunger back in check?

3) Are you hungry right now?

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Myspace users: Have you been friend requested by multiple users who all have the same picture of a white male in a green T-shirt smoking a cigarette? I've gotten like 5 of them. I tried "block user" in one of the profiles, hence how I know it's different ones.

Also, speaking of "block user", I have this one girl blocked. How then is she able to comment on a video I posted??? I mean all it says is "cool video" or something harmless like that, but the fact that she was able to write ANYTHING when she is BLOCKED kinda annoys me.

I had another question that wasn't related to Myspace and now I don't know what it was... sorry :\
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dying eggs

I would like to dye some eggs today but I only have brown eggs (they were the only cage free kind they had). I'll be using one of those standard easter egg dying kits, do you think it would work at all with brown eggs?
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im applying for a waitressing job tomorrow
i am 18, very outgoing,  and have retail and summer camp experience
1) what are the chances i will get hired?
2)  do restaurants hire underage waitresses and then get someone else to serve the alcohol or do i have no chance of working somewhere liscenced ?(im in canada so im only 6 months away from being legal)


Hey guys,
I'd realy appreciate if you could fill out this short poll for me! 

If you shop at Victoria's Secret OR La Senza:

* Please name the store you shop at. 
1) What is your age?
2) On average, how much money do you spend per trip?
3) What is your income range?  
4) What is your education and current occupation?
5) Why do you shop there?
    a) convenience
    b) price
    c) quality products
    d) selection
    e) other  - please specify
6) How long have you been a customer there?
7) What is your favourite product?

Thank you so much!  
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Gitmo detainees

I heard that several Gitmo detainees, after five years of imprisonment, were released with no charges.

5 years is a long time.
Do you feel that the US government should compensate any detainees released without charges pressed, and if so, what and how much?
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(no subject)

What are some really sweet, feel-good, peaceful movies and/or songs that you know of?
and maybe poems?

p.s. i should probably also add innocent (and of course Amélie is a given )

(no subject)

1. What's the appeal/purpose of popped collars?

2. BFF wants to know: What's a good Mac equivalent program to MS paint?

3. What's your opinion of VampireFreaks.com?
All I've ever heard about it is less than flattering. Recently my little sister has become obsessed with the site. Call me a worrier/old fart, but I can't help but have a funny gut feeling about it.

gettin my travel on

so what's it like in eugene, oregon? is it a nice place to live?
what are some fun things to do/see or places to go?

or if it sucks where else should i go?
possible options:
flagstaff, arizona
carbondale, illinois
wilmington, north carolina
or new paltz, new york

what is good/bad about these places?
mostly tell me about eugene and/or new paltz though

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i lifted up my stovetop and underneath is all this fuzzy, white stuff. i'm afraid to touch it.

what's in my stove? is it mold? i don't want to breathe it if it's something weird...

x-posted to hip_domestics so i can get a quick answer hopefully..
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Name your favorite disease!

Alright, so there’s this extra credit project for my Sociology of Health & Health Care class - no, I’m not asking anyone to do it for me. For it, we pick a disease/illness and research it, writing about how social factors affect that disease, we were given the example of depression in the poor.

If you were doing this project, what disease would you choose? I seem to be overwhelmed by the possibilities so I was wondering what others thought would be interesting.


A kimono(sp) is from Japan, right? what do they call the dress that women wear in China? THINK Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when Willy sings 'Anything Goes!' what do you call that sytle of dress?

Okay don't ask me why I know the Whole Indy reference! I must be an Indy geek. thanks!

Chinese shrimp dishes

I'm not eating meat for Lent, but I am eating seafood. I'm ordering Chinese tonight. Since I usually get the General Tso's chicken, I'm not sure what to order. I'm thinking shrimp, but I don't know which shrimp dish to get. Ideas? Here are my choices:
Shrimp w/Lobster Sauce
Shrimp w/Chinese Vegetables
Shrimp w/Black Bean Sauce
Shrimp w/Broccoli
Shrimp w/Cashew Nuts
Shrimp w/Garlic Sauce
Curry Shrimp w/Onion
Hunan Shrimp
Szechuan Shrimp
Kung Pao Shrimp
Shrimp w/Salt & Pepper

The menu has no further descriptions. I'm leaning toward Kung Pao. Opinions?

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TQC, what product do you have that you really love and would reccomend?

Oh, and everytime I type TQC, I definitely hit TWC, which is The Weather Channel. That is not what I need, keyboard. What typos do you make often?

(no subject)

Who has heard of guro?

Opinions on it?

I think it's sick, and the only reason I found out, was by asking my friend Jeremey what one of the sicker websites out there is.

Edit: What's your opinon of people who are sexually aroused by this?


1. When people go to jail (not prision), do they get asked about what medications they may need to take?  Even if they're only there for the one night?

2. Do the handicap get special jail/prision cells?

3. If you have kids, did your babies ever get pimples?
          3a. Did you pop them!?
          3b. If you don't have kids, have you ever popped a random baby's pimples?

4. What's the one brand of juice box that is white with like... british looking rabits and things on it?

5. Do you remember those hershey's chocolate milk juiceboxes?

I am a terrorist!

What do you think would happen if someone went to the airport wearing a shirt that said "I'm a terrorist!" on it?

Do you think they would be treated differently depending on their ethnicity?

If you worked at an airport and saw someone with that shirt would you laugh or be like "What the crap?  So uncool."?

Personally I would think it was kind of funny, but I'm guessing that some airport security people would give them a hard time and search their stuff just to be jerks and teach them a lesson. 

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I went to Mancinos to pick up dinner for me and my mom tonight and paid with my debit card. I noticed on the receipt it had a place to add a tip.

1. Is it customary to tip people who just took your order and didn't deliver it or bring it to a table for you?

2.I didn't tip because it didn't click with me that the receipt said that until I had signed it and handed it back.
You think they spit in my food?

I never would have thought to tip someone who just took my order. If I had paid cash I certainly wouldn't have known they expected tips for carry out orders.
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(no subject)

1. You know the phrase "Snips and snails and puppy dog tails" ?
What the heck is the "snips" supposed to be referring to?
I have no idea.

2. Do you like milk?
What kind of milk do you drink?
I love milk. Skim.

3. Whens the last time you were really sick?
Yesterday :(

Not learning in high school

Do you think someone who never paid attention in high school, but has a thirst for knowledge has a chance to relearn everything you're suppose to learn in high school in college? Especially history and English. I'm so interested in history now, but it doesn't help that I started to become interested in it my senior year. I didn't retain any of the information I learned in any of my history classes because I attended class merely for credit. Now, I have intrinsic motivation and hope to learn a lot about history, but I'm not going to major it in.

Not just history, but everything. I've come to realize how enlightening and enriching knowledge is. And I regret not cherishing my free education in high school.
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for the great literary minds of TQC

We have to write a term paper for my The Bible as Literature and Philosophy class. We can pretty much do anything, like write a traditional term paper, write a play, a story, whatevs as long as it has to do with the Bible SOMEHOW (they are being quite lenient actually).  Another example: one could write a paper about how different religions or cultures view Hell. I've decided to take a couple books (mostly the ones dealing Adam & Eve eating from the forbidden tree) from Milton's Paradise Lost and kind of modernize them into prose-style writing, and reverse the roles of Adam and Eve to make Adam the one who eats the fruit and is riddled with stereotypes (since Eve is kind of portrayed as this sexual being who's dumb as hell). 
EDIT: I forgot. I'm also writing it from Satan's/the serpent's perspective. Oops.

1. Is this a stupid idea?
2. If you had to write my paper in general, what would you write about?
3. I'm using quotes from Paradise Lost as sort of transition points in my story.  I'm really bad with citing things; does anyone know how to properly quote them (since it's a poem... that's broken up into books... which are then broken up into lines... I get confused :X)
4. Do you think women get a bad rep in the Bible (mostly Old Testament)/Paradise Lost?

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I bought a green canvas tote bag that I was planning to draw on with those markers that you use to write on shirts. The bag I bought says "No pre-washing is necessary to decorate" then it gives me a list of directions of how to wash the bag if needed.  The marker I'm using says to apply it on prewashed fabric. 

So my question is, do I have to wash the bag before I draw on it? Does it matter? What happens if I don't wash the bag?

The marker I'm using is "DecoFabric" and the canvas tote bag is (I think) "Totally You"

Thanks in advance
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(no subject)

Are meta-posts ever funny?

What style of personal checks should I buy?

Are you watching anything on TV right now?

What is the funniest icon you have seen lately? Bonus points for pics.

Should men wear pink? If you see a man wearing pink, do you question his sexuality?

(no subject)

Do you guys know where I can get a list of the top colleges in America based on ACADEMICS only? I have this list, but it also calculate in the alumini giving rate in.

Thanks in advance.
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religions and politicians

ok, here's a slightly contentious poll (inspired by mitt romney!). i've made the results viewable to none*, so i hope you'll vote honestly. (i will not be looking at who voted what, to keep it on a level playing field). for those of you who'd like to share answers, please feel free to share away in the comments!

Collapse )
*i don't know if people will think it violates the spirit of TQC to keep the results closed. i don't mean to censor anyone, so if you'd like to share, please comment about it, i just didn't want anyone to not vote because they felt uncomfortable
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OK, True or False Time. 

1) Oogloplogs and Dijiks are the same thing.
2) Oogloplogs and Dijiks are not the same thing.

One of these is true, one of these is false.  You know that much.  But you have no idea wtf is an oogloplog or a Djik.  Do you:

A) Play it safe: answer them both true or both false, knowing you'll get 50% right either way.
B) Go all or nothing: answer one true, one false, either get 100% or 0% correct.

I always go with A, but when I was little I would go B to the extreme, I would make 1 initial guess and let that 1 guess influence all my other answers.  It was bad.
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I'm reading a war story, and I keep wondering...what is "the shit?" exactly? (It's Tim O'Brien's "Speaking of Courage" if it helps). I also heard it on the movie "Rushmore".

I tried Googling it, but I get references for feces, or the term, "the shit" (these pancakes are the shit). But what exactly does it mean to "be in the shit"?
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Quick cash

So,  Stevie Nicks and Björk are coming to a place near me, and these are like, my two favorite women in the world, I gotta get quick cash for tickets, what's a way to make quick cash, without getting a full-time job? Anyone have any ideas, and prostitution is pretty much out of the question, unless I get really desperate.

Also, what's your favorite plant or flower? :D
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(no subject)

Alright - so a long time ago I stumbled upon a site where this guy photoshops -creepily- realistic rotting flesh on fingers. I just remember it was like.. finga skin or something?

Anybody know what I am talking about?

mouthfulofrain has an icon of it. If that means anything.

Sorry for the annoying personal question, but I'm desperate.

Okay .. so I went out with a boy for a year and a few months and we broke up on bad terms about 7 months ago .. We don't really talk much, but lately he's been hinting at wanting to be friends again .. I'm still not really over him, but his birthday's coming up and I want to make him a card .. I need some opinions on what I wrote on the inside :

Happy birthday! I hope your day is great and all that. I don't think I'm mature enough to want to be your friend. There's just too much to forget about. But! it is your birthday and I didn't want to be a jerk and ignore it. Have fun being 18. It's my favorite number and it's a good age to be. People will take you way more seriously and stuff. I'm running out of room so I'll end with another HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

- Sarah

Do you think that's light and airy enough? Should I even be sending him a card?

He was my first important boyfriend and first heart break .. I don't know how I should handle it. Any other advice?

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My knee really hurts and is keeping me from sleeping.

Do I take a vicodin knowing that I'll be groggy all day tomorrow?

Or, do I just leave it alone more and hope to fall asleep?  (I'm out of any other painkiller except  tylenol, which does nothing really, and advil-PM)

The Amish

I'm working on a project about the Amish and I came across some interesting data, but couldn't find any explanations ... That's why I have some questions:

- When do the Amish men when straw hats and when the black ones?
- Why do they oppose buttons and belts?
- Why do the Old Order oppose the curtains and carpets?
- Is there a difference between shunning and excommunication?

If anyone happens to know the answers to these, I'd be really grateful! :)

Fat chance, but it might be worth a shot...

Does anyone know when the 1st Brigade from The 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, NY plans on deploying again?
Yahoo News released something today that literally made me sick, I'm not going to worry any more about it though unless someone else confirms that its indeed true.

I've X-posted in several Military Community's... no responses as of yet. I've also Googled, nothing found.


This is from an Australian skit show, parodying Australian censorship laws and how there are lots worse things that could be said that aren't on the censorship list (that apparently can't be said before a certain time of night)

Does it offend you? Does the original word being on tv offend you? Is your country very into censorship? Australia isn't so much, nothing like America or the UK.
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an assortment!

1. Has an airline ever lost your luggage?
Only once. They lost my mom's wheelchair many times though.

2. How often do you consume Bacos?
Approximately once a year when I eat a deviled egg.

3. Do you like deviled eggs?
Kind of.

4. Do you have a Polyvore account?