April 1st, 2007

Good evening

Are there any regulations on solo travel for minors?  For example, I am 15 years old.  Could I get a plane ticket to Europe (with parental consent) and go by myself without unnecessary hassle?  Thanks.

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WHY do girls go to tanning beds until they are orange? 

Don't they realize that they'll look like they're 60 when they're 30, if they don't die of skin cancer first?

How is this the least bit attractive?
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Poll #958001 The going to hell in a handbasket poll

What would you do with a life-size chocolate Jesus?

Bite his head off like an Easter confection
Bite off his other head and make our savior a eunich on his big day (but...but..abstinance is so 'in' right now with christians)
Use Jesus to kill 18 diabetics by forcefeeding them candy body parts
Make the perfect candy union by merging Jesus with your peanut butter Buddha
Photograph Jesus doing things with your RealSex doll
Make chocolate Jesus your RealSex doll (you automatically descend to the 9th level of Hell without passing GO)
Lord it over all the Jewish kids and their carob Abraham and Moses candies
Melt him down into a Gold-wrapped chocolate calf
Using little cardboard buildings, have Jesus destroy Tokyo and battle Godzilla
Use the carpool lane
Melt him a little and remake the Shroud of Turin and sell it to the Vatican
Find a humungous graham cracker and the ginormous marshmellow and make the world's holiest s'more
Probably just eat him
Trade him on ebay for a life-size dark chocolate Virgin Mary
None of the above. It's either too blasphemous for words or I just don't like chocolate

Which confectionary deity would you be most comfortable melting on a fondue plate?

King David
L. Ron Hubbard
Jimmy Hendrix (guitar god)

Lastly, say the monkey owner in this story was your son. How would you treat him after this?

I'd forgive and forget. We can't help who or what we're attracted to
I disown him for bringing monkey-lusting shame to our good family name
I'd probably send him singing monkeygrams, and a box containing King Kong and lube and tissues. I'd have so much fun at his expense than he'd end up disowning me
Encourage him to become a furry. "Son, I know furries are creepy, but it's a little less creepy than what you're like now"
Demand to know if your son had intentions of marrying that monkey, because no child of mine will be engaging in interspecies premarital relations
I'd just kill him. Seriously
My son's in need! They took away his fuzzy boyfriend. I'll have to help him find a new simian lover, to fill those lonely, sexually confused nights
Introduce him to sheep. Buggering sheep's far less high profile than monkey-diddling. A thousand Scotsman can't be wrong

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Have you ever been so tired that you started laughing hysterically and couldn't stop?
I am laughing so hard (over something that is just plain awful) that I am crying. I am so tired and I can't sleep. Now I really won't be able to, because I can't stop laughing. It will never end.

The end is coming!!

I've been seeing those commercials for Hilary Swank's new movie about the end of the world or whatever, and it made me curious about it. In the commercial they show a river of blood and locusts, I guess those being signs of the "end".

So, after searching wikipedia for all of the signs of the end of the world (I think there are supposed to be 10), I cannot find them. I've searched under apocalypse, end of the world, you name it and I've looked. Maybe I'm just inept at wikipedia-ing, but does anyone know the proper term that would help me find what I'm looking for (i.e. "10 signs of the apocalypse")?

Answered!! Thanks so much!

Radical Edward, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

A rare old video game...

It was a game where you would build a building, tornados and storms came by and destroyed pieces of your building, and you had to try and complete your building before your opponent. It was a computer game that came on a 5.25" disk, and was about the same era as the NES. Does anyone know the title of the game?

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in the states, are malls/businesses open on good friday [april 6th]?

are the hrs the same?

edit thank you! i ask because my sister and i both have the day off, and we wanted to cross the border to go shopping =)

Title nazi!

How do you label your music? Does it annoy you when people do it a certain way?

I'm an Artist - Title girl. I don't really care how they name their files as long as the capitalization is correct. Nothing irritates me more when I get a file with "a," "the," "of," or any preposition shorter than five letters is capitalized (that isn't the first word, of course). I also hate it when they use a tilde instead of a hyphen, or only include the title and nothing else.

Yes, I am picky! :) Your thoughts on the subject?
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Blind Swordsman

There are many movies and TV shows and Japanese anime films such as Ninja Scroll that involve a blind swordsman. Certainly an incredible concept, but by now it is cliche. Just a year or two ago there was another foreign movie about one in the orient. But what is the origin of this cliche? What's the original story that inspired all these knockoffs?

So where did it come from first? Is it some Kurosawa movie? An old comic book? An ancient folktale? A true story?

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What are the most bizarre films you've seen?

-Tetsuo: The Iron Man
-Le Chien Andalou

What are your favorite documentaries?

I haven't seen many documentaries but one of my favorites is TransGeneration.

i need sleep.

If you were an 8 month old male cat, and you were meowing at 3AM in the morning, every morning, what would you want?

You have access to food, water, toys, and a sparkling clean litterbox.

Would your goal be to drive your owner insane?


But seriously, what is wrong with my cat!!! He will start meowing around 3 or 4 AM and won't shut up until I give him attention. Is that all he wants, attention??? He was just at the vet, so I doubt he's sick. Is it just his age?

He has an appointment to get fixed this month, does this make for a calmer male cat afterwards? Also, does fixing your cat make it less vicious? You all laughed at me when I asked how to get my cat to stop scratching me before, when he was a little kitten, but you would not be laughing now my friends if I showed you a picture of my emo scarred arms!


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A close friend of mine (and my family) passed away just before Christmas. Her family is now setting up a scholarship fund at her University and asking for donations. 

How much should I give? they are trying to finance an award of between 5000 and 10000. There are a lot of friends of Leslie and her parents involved so this is no an unreasonable expectation to reach.  I am just unsure how much might be expected  and how much might seem to little....I do have a decent job that affords me extras like holidays (although not enough that I would be able to afford to fly home for hte fundraising party they are having).

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D&D Question

I'm looking for a particular kind of die - a six-sided with a happy face, an angry face, and a neutral face repeated on it. D&D players will know what I mean. Except I have NO idea what it's officially called, and I can't find it anywhere online. I've searched for "happy dice" and all variations of the phrase, including checking the Wizards website and eBay, but no luck.

Where can I find a place that sells this elusive die?
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Where could I buy a mood ring (aside from the internet)?

If you temprorarily lost all five of your senses, how would you know you're still alive?

How would I calculate the probabilty of being pooped on by a bird? I got pooped on yesterday for the first time.


Okay, so every time someone posts something completely ridiculous or against the rules, at least one person posts a macro. Some of them are really great, and I'd love to visit the place where you got them so I could see some others - but I have no idea where you find them.

1. What's your favorite source for macros? (They don't have to be exclusively cats.)

Edit for the people who know that macros didn't always equal funny images of cats and stuff: I mean the funny ones, not the photography.

Looking for an old Disney short...

It's one of those old Disney shorts where Goofy was a mild-mannered citizen who wouldn't hurt a fly, but behind the wheel he was a demon and destructive driver. Dr. Ludwig Von Drake was the doctor narrating the story. I'm looking either online or on DVD if possible. Oh and I'm not positive about the title so if anyone knows the official one that could help too.
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Rabble rabble yayaya.

1- I woke up with my wrist all gashed up emo-style. This oddly enough isn't the first time. Best guess as to what the hell happened to me?
2- Ever woken up with mysterious cuts, bruises, etc?
3- Does it count as self-injuring if you're not awake? ;P
4- Waffles?
cat tea

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1. What is your favorite healthy snack?

2. What is your favorite unhealthy snack?

3. Do you have a Roth IRA?

4. Do you think there will be a terrorist attack on U.S soil worse than September 11th?

5. How often do you have days where you don't leave your house at all and don't do anything productive?

6. Do you gain or lose weight when you're stressed or depressed?

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For the past couple of days the screen on my laptop has been kind of flickery. Just now it went black. Does anybody know what just happened and what I might need to do to fix it?

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Can you use Nair on your underarms? Or is there a hair removal cream made specifically for use on underarms?

No matter what razor, shaving cream, whatever I use, there is still always some stubble, and since the hair is dark, it's noticeable. I want to have soft smooth armpits!

A Book

I'm trying to find a book that I vaguely remember. Does this ring any bells with anyone?

This is going to be really hard for me to explain. And I may have got it confused with another book and combined elements from both.
It was a book, possibly young adult but more likely designed for young teens, that I probably read in 1997 or 1998. It was set slightly in the future, and the main character was a boy who had issues, I think he might have been a bully, but I know that he had trouble making friends and expressing affection as well. It might not have been set slightly in the future, but there were elements about it that were definitely futuristic, but it could have just been fantasy/social commentary, particularly since I read it in the time when tamagotchis were popular. The boy didn't have any friends. There was a girl in it who had what I *think* was a monkey-thing. It was like a... man made organism, looked sort of like a monkey but it pretty much grew by itself. It had intelligence capabilities, and it was the latest fashion. But very expensive. She'd dressed it in frilly clothes. The boy hated it/was jealous of it and the girl. And one day in a fit of anger or jealousy, I can't remember which, he cut one of it's fingers off. There was a huge uproar about it and he refused to give the finger back. He ended up growing a new monkey-thing from the finger, and he loved it... but it was insane. He ended up running away rather than give the monkey-thing up which is what people wanted him to do once they found out about it.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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battery-powered car?

I'm supposed to build a battery-powered car for my physics class. I can use whatever motor I want and however many AA batteries I want to power it. It has to go 10 meters as quickly as possible. We are also not allowed to use materials that are commercially manufactured to do what we're using them for, except for motors, gears and bearings.

Has anybody else ever been assigned something like this? Any tips? How did it go for you?

Any good stories? :-)

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Why are YOU  bad person today?

My grandma had eye surgery friday (nothing big at all), and wants me to take her to the grocery store.  I'm sitting in my room atm bitching and moaning because I just went camping (for school) and haven't showered in three day, and three major tests I need to study for and have NO clean clothes.  Literally, i'm covered in mud right now.  And I'm thinking about just "forgetting" my grandma called Friday.
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Inspired by a previous post...

Why do people associate death/suicide with terrible things? Meaning, if a person is displeased with life in general and want a way out why is death not a legitimate alternative?  Why is it so taboo? Can a person be considered "mentally stable" if they look forward to dying?

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1. You call into a restaurant to put in a reservation, do you use your first or last name?
2. If you're at a restaurant and there is a wait for tables (you don't have a reservation) do you give your first or last name?

Reality tv

1. Do you watch reality television?
2. If so, what shows?
3. What do you enjoy about it/them?
4. What reality shows do you dislike? Why?
5. What kind of shows would you most like to see on television?
6. How would you go about protesting reality television?

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So, for Chemistry, I had to make a video (see icon for cute picture from said video). So, I need to burn this puppy to a DVD. I don't have a DVD burner on my laptop, but some kid in my class said that if you burn a movie to a CD, you can then play the movie in Quicktime. Does anyone know if this is true? HUGE bonus points if you can help me figure out how to do that! Thankkkk you so much in advance, you are a lifesaver.

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"Friending" practices. Say you are reading somebody's journal after randomly clicking a friend's friends page, and decide you'd like to be their "friend": Do you say you randomly found them or read their journal on a friend's page (and risk sounding like a stalker)?

For those in a serious relationship: Did you hit a point where you had a mini freak out over things becoming serious? Or did it just seamlessly slip into serious?
My boyfriend and I are approaching six months (a record for me!), and I'm currently spazzing a bit at that thought. That can't be good.
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How do I keep meat from sticking to the bars on my grill? I have a gas grill and I spray it down with PAM-for-grilling but the meat always leaves just little clumps behind stuck to the grill bars when I have to flip it.

Any tips?

I have another question but it is quite lengthy so I will put it as a new post.

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Maybe some of you will know this or know where I can find out... I'm trying to find the pronunciation of Dafydd ap Gwilym, a 14th century Welsh poet. Does anyone know how that might be pronounced? I know the first name sounds like 'David', but the rest has got me stumped.
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Give a dog a home

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Where did the whole "LET ME TELL YOU INTERNET" thing come from?

Who do you find more amusing: freetards, furries, or poly people?

What is your favorite macro that does NOT involve a cat?

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Do you own a Mac ibook?

Do you recommend it over Dell/HP/etc? Why? (if you have never used any of those laptops regularly than it doesn't matter).

I heard once that the new Macs can play Windows games, is this true?

Why do they make the monitors so tiny? Can you get a 15" that doesn't cost 2k+?

Will Mac OS delete files it doesn't like the way Vista does?

I need a new laptop. :(

Edit: Nevermind, the video card isn't good enough for me. But feel free to suggest a non HP/Dell/Gateway brand. :D
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from first to last

to anyone familiar with the band from first to last - where did their band name come from?
i ask this only because, while studying for my IB exams, i was reading Aeschylus'  Prometheus Bound and i just read a line that says
"ill tell you what the future hold for me
you shall know everything from first to last."

is this where they got their name or is this a coincidence?



I blowdry my hair straight every day. The second I step outside, if it's really humid or raining, it instantly goes into waves. It does this naturally. Are there any shampoos or hairsprays or something that would stop this from happening after my hair is straightened? Or is this just wishful thinking?
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Anyone ever have a job or interview at Family Video? I have an interview tomorrow and I really want the job. I heard that they give you a math test during or after the interview. If you fail it then you don't get hired and you can't apply again. I'm not sure if it's true. If it is I'm not sure if this happens at all the Family Video stores. Do you know if they do give you the math test? I'm a little nervous because I'm a little rusty on my subjects since I haven't been in school for a few years. Plus when I'm nervous I don't do too well with things.

What's your favorite commercial? Why?

Mine is the Amp'd commercial when the asian guy is rapping in the bathroom. Then someone walks in while he's rapping and he's all HI!!
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Which store near you has the best bathrooms? What is so good about them?
Wegmans! They are always clean, they have a toilet cleaner dispenser in each stall so you can clean of the seat if you want, they have 3 kinds of soap, and they have both paper towels and hand driers.

am I shallow? yes.

1. Do you find Sex and the City annoying?
2. Do you/Did you watch it?
3. Which character do you think is most irritating to watch?
4. Which character had the best clothes?

my answers:

1. Yes. Cheesy humor and annoying narration and weird clothes.
2. Yes. I'm somehow addicted despite geting pissed off every time I watch an episode.
3. I used to think Carrie, but actually Charlotte is pretty unbearable.
4. Charlotte was most consistently dressed in flattering clothes, I think.


This avatar, which I got off somewhere I don't know where anymore. The people underneath it, is that just random positions to display 'interpretive dance' or are the people actually spelling something out? Or would they be letters but the person just put random letters there (so its not spelling out something I just can't read) so that it can be 'interpretive dance' rather than a word?

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One of the supervisers at my workplace is always coming to my cubicle and writing "Come in to work" on my calendar on every Saturday. I thought it would be cool to pull some kind of April Fool's joke on him. What sort trick would you suggest?

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have any of you ever been to a speech pathologist or speech therapist? if you have and you'd like to share your experiences, that'd be excellent. what did you go there for? what kind of techniques did he/she use to correct it?

because i can't make up my own mind...

1. for my final art history class to give me a minor, I have to take either Women in Ancient Art or Art of the African Diaspora. I really want to take both, but they're offered at the same time so I can't do both. Which one would you take?

2. I'm going to Boston next week, but only have 2 days of free time. What are things that one has to OMG FOR SURE do/see when she is in the city? My mom and I are think of doing the duck tours....has anyone done them before? is it a good time?

thanks d00ds

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Why does www.ljseek.org never ever work? I'll use it to try to find something I know I saw like 3 days ago, and it won't find it. What's up with that? Does this happen with everyone else?
Red head

Losing weight

So we all know that bathing suit season is approaching. Down in Florida it's already here.
I want to lose 10-15 pounds as quickly and healthily (is that even a word?) as possible.
I’m rollerblading between 3 and 6 miles 4/5 times a week.
I eat pretty well and drink tons of water every day.
I want to do some kind of weight training and intend on getting a personal trainer (free, per my college’s wellness center) to tell me how to do some exercises.
I also wanted to take some green tea pills because I heard they were good.

Does anybody have any other suggestions on what I could do? I have no intentions of starving myself (I love my food) or doing anything stupid. I just want to go to the beach in a month and not have to worry about arching my back so that my tummy doesn’t fold. =)
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Do you a friend with a medical disorder? How did you find out? Do you ever feel awkward mentioning it or is it just a normal thing?

If you have a disease/condition, would you rather have your friends be comfortable with it and joke around, or just not mention it? How would you feel if they asked you questions about it?

Anything funny ever happen in relation to it?

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What movie?

I only saw part of this movie while waiting for a friend, so I don't know the title.

It involves this pretty blonde woman with a CD(it looks like that anyway) that four men are after, and there was this scene where they tracked her to a petrol station. I remembered that the last scene in the movie was her trying to light a cigarette as fire explodes everywhere around her - then the sprinklers came on and she gave up trying to lit the cigarette.

Anyone knows what movie I'm talking about? Thanks.

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Inspired by something I just saw on cnn.com where in Putnum County ny they are trying to pass a law that wouldn't allow a high level sex offender to live within a half mile from any place that a child lives, plays or could possibly be.

1. Do you have any sex offenders in your neighborhood?
1a. How many?

2. of so, do you watch your children even closer than you would if there were none?

3. Do you think there should be such a law telling them that they need to move if they are within this half mile area?

4. When moving to a new area, do you check first to see if there are any sex offenders living close by?

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(no subject)

1. I'm currently trying to download a whole season of a TV-show using BitComet, and it's taking forever. I've been dowloading for 3 days straight and I'm at 20% now, so I was wondering if that's normal?

2. How many towels do you use after you've showered/taken a bath?

3. What's a question you'd like to be asked more often? ETA: Or asked at all?
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This post=srz business!

I was recently accused of "being racist, like New England, or like the OC, where the only black guy on the show is from France." Now I can understand the New England jab, but why is it racist that the character is French?

Keep in mind I have never seen an episode of the OC, so maybe I'm missing some important logical step here? Can you explain this to me?
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Another 'I went partying & drama happened' question from me.

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Ok, so after the back story. I have a feeling that this will all be downplayed by asshole next time I see him.

If you were in my situation, would you want to talk/see asshole again after this?
Would you believe him if he told you that he was drunk & that he doesn't really think that of you?
Would you believe him if he told you he was just saying that to get in the girlfriends pants & didn't really think that of you?

How would you deal with this, seeing as you thought he was a good friend?
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My microwave has officially died, so I'm in need of a new one.

1. Where is the best place to buy microwaves?

2. What brand(s) make good microwaves?

3. What brand(s) should I avoid?

Any other feedback would be great! Thanx for any help!
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You're at a party. You want to get crunked, or at least have a drink or six, and there are only two types of liquor to choose from.

Do you drink Absolut or Smirnoff?

If your answer is 'neither', I don't care.
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Taking Tylenol PM every night as a sleep aid.... is this considered medication abuse?

Taking pain reliever every day for chronic pain... considered medication abuse?

(no subject)

My dad says that there are so many things that are better to spend my money on than a cell phone.  I kind of want one, but what ARE the better things I could spend my $$ on than a cell phone, TQC?

naked tattoos

Can someone explain to me the logic behind a man getting a tattoo of a naked woman on his arm? Hypotheses are fine, but I'm hoping a few people have actually known some guy who had one (or have one themselves) and can offer up some first-hand explanation.

And out of curiosity has anyone ever seen a woman with a tattoo of a naked man on her arm?
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1.  So if you had to write a 6 page college paper and what your perception is and what influences it, what are some things you might write about?

2.  What time do you go to bed?

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(no subject)

1. what drugs have you tried? list them from done the most to done the least

my answer

2. do you think age should be measured from the date of conception or birth?

i think it should be from conception, because premature babies are younger than their age. but date of conception isnt always clear, so its not that practical.

Critter Questions

1) How did you acquire your pet/s?

2) Have you changed the way you feed your pets since the pet food fiasco that's been going on? If so, what do you feed them now?

3) What kind/s of pet/s do you have?

4) Would you give up your pet for a significant other?

5) Is your pet affectionate?
Batman <3

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My mother and I have a theory that time of birth can effect whether or not you're a morning person. Both my father and I were born in the late afternoon and we are sooo not morning people. My mother and sister were born in the morning and they  are both super morning people. Up and outta bed with no problem. So TQC'ers:

What was your time of birth? Are you a morning person?
me & nana
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We bought a French press today because our coffee pot went kablooey, and it came with wonderful instructions in 31 languages (including both Spanish and English, either of which are useful in our particular household). It was missing one vital piece of information:

How much coffee are you supposed to put in the French press, assuming you're making a full pot? For reference, it's the one in this picture


(no subject)

have you ever feeled really really betrayed by a friend, even when it wasnt THAT big of a deal? something small that just hurt you a whole lot? Or heard someone talk shit about you?

everytime something like that happens..i dont feel sad. i get very mad and i feel the need to seek vicious revenge...does that make me a bad person? :) im smiling right now..so many indirect psychological ways to fuck with people.

i need sleep.
moz nip

Chin hitting?

Why is it that people will hit the underneath of their chin a couple of times with the back of their hand?

I always see it in movies, and it's usually always a guy. I'm watching "Overboard" right now and an older woman just did it but she actually used some weird stick thing to smack it with.
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on cars and selling

So my mom finally bought herself a new car (she's so excited!) and has a van that she won't be using. She said she could give it to me and that would make it my first car. If she doesn't give it to me, she would be selling it to help pay off the new car. The van has a lot of miles on it, isn't so reliable and gets poor gas mileage compared to a small car. Would it be in poor taste to sell it once she gives it to me so I could buy a smaller, more fuel efficient car?

(no subject)

I believe I accidentally clicked an F key (F1, F2, etc.) or some other key that made my URL bar and the program bar at the bottom of the screen disappear. I would Google how to fix it, but since my URL bar is gone the only place I can navigate around is LJ and I thought I would ask TQC.

Anyone know what I can hit to get my bars back?
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When I asked a question about Frank Miller, people were divided about his female characters. So now I'm curious, from any books/films/whatever that you know,

What are some examples of misogynistic characterization?

What are some examples of misandrist characterization?

Book Recommendations

One of my friends is looking to nag his library to have more books involving gay themes/characters in it somewhere. (male, female, transgender, transvestite characters, whatever!). He's looking for ones that aren't only about the gay theme, so there's some other plot there too, so that it's going to be appealing to more people so that the library is more likely to get it. It doesn't have to be purely romance or coming of age or whatever, a character in it somewhere could simply just be gay. (though, it can be more than that. But he's not looking for anything too... erotic/explicit/adult in general I suppose, because it's for a school library)
Any suggestions? Tell me what the book is about and who it's by. :)
And, have you ever suggested books to your library before? Did they get them? I have and they got 2/3rds of them. Apparently very few people suggest things and my suggestions were good.

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(no subject)

Does anyone remember a math game that took place in this hotel and you were catching an evil scientist over and over again. You would encounter this robot that patrolled the hallways and had this weird remote thing that you could shoot the robot with, but sometimes the robot would have it's stomach (which was a tv) all static-like and you would be forced to do math problems to fight the machine.