March 31st, 2007

funky chicken

Lots of tattoo questions...

Do you have a tattoo? What is it of? Do you have any pictures you can share?

How did you decide on its placement? (Or their respective placements, whichever the case may be?)

Do tattoos around the hip/stomach area stretch in odd ways during pregnancy? If so, do they go back to normal, or is it always a bit warped?

Any regrets?
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Boys, why do you holler rude comments and obscenities after people? Does this ever work for you? Really, I'd like to know, what's the success rate? How many of those girls that you degrade turn around and fuck you? Do cat-calls ever actually get you laid? If not, has it ever occured to you to attempt a different approach? Have you ever gotten some sort of positive response? Do the glares, cold shoulders, middle fingers, curses, and, God, I hope slaps, that you get in response peak your enjoyment? Please, enlighten me.

What's more awkward: Walking down the street with your mom and getting cat-called at, or your mom walking down the street with you and getting cat-called at?
Lady Washington

No showers, so how do I keep clean and fresh?

I have a couple related hygiene questions.

I work on a boat, sailing off the east coast, and take groups of kids out for 7-10 day trips. (Yay non-profits!)I don't get paid much, but luckily room and board is included, so I do okay financially.

However, on these trips we have no showers or way of bathing. I have a small sink I can use, but limited water.

My hair is about shoulder length, and tends to be oily, but I also get a bad case of dandruff when I do ot wash it often.

Any tips on keeping my scalp dandruff-free, as well as keeping myself clean and such? And the cheaper and simpler, the better.

Diagnose me TQCers!

1. Why have all these random cysts been popping up on my scalp? I have a fairly large one near my hair line, which has been there for years, but suddenly I have these painful ones- and they are not zits.

Non-serious answers are more than welcome!

2. I'm pissy and hormonal tonight, should I watch either Chocolat or Closer?
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I did my FAFSA last year and my EFC (expected family income) was $0. I do it tonight, and my EFC is now $6,888. WTF?! I had a slightly higher paying job, but come on. I'm not that much richer.

1. Is this some evil Republican scheme, TQC?
2. Does this mean I'll have to get loans for all of my college now?

Also, yay! I got accepted to college today! I'm starting freshman year at the age of 23.

3. Did any of you folks start college a little later?
4. Did you smoke all the younger kids and piss them off?
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(no subject)

There's a night club I really love going to. I lost my partner I went with every week and haven't been to the club in 8 week now. I can't convince any of my current friends to go with me. I just want one night a week to listen to some kick-ass music and dance.

Should I just suck up my insecurities and go alone? Would it be any fun by myself not knowing anyone there?


The screen. It moves. It melts. Why?

I'm confused by people who are nasty to others for no reason. Are you?

Who else had a boring, lonely Friday night, complete with watching MST3k and The Office alone in your room? I'm about to pull out my teeth just to amuse myself for a short period of time. It's times like these that make me mad at my boyfriend for being in the Air force. : (

I need to be entertained. Anyone want to entertain me? I took Ambien a couple of minutes ago so I might be a bit loopy.
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(no subject)

I know I posted just a few hours ago, but this is of great importance (::cough::).

Do grocery stores in New York City commonly check IDs on purchases of wine and beer? Convenience stores almost never do and bars frequently either don't card or are lenient with fakes.

Disclaimer: This question is purely for entertainment purposes and implies no illegal activity (past, present or future) on the part of the asker. Really.
not mine, mat

okay this may sound like a dumb question

I was wondering, my fellow TQCers, if you could help me out

i'm looking for somethings i can do at home to build up my upper body in particular and lose my mini gut.
trouble is i get bored really easy. I have access to a gym, both in my condo and outside. Lifting makes me bored, but i used to do it. same to treadmill running. Any ideas?

also, Any recommendations on a good Kickboxing DVD? more than one is best, again ADD bored easy.

on an unrelated note. Has anyone found a good way to reset one's sleep cycle?
I've gotten into this sticky patch where no matter how much/ little sleep i get i tend to stay up till 2, and/ or sleep unit 11. Even if i manage to wake up earlier i can't get to sleep. I've tried Mellatonin(sp) and i take a sleep aid every night, no matter when i take it, i'm up late it seems.

on a related note, any one have good tricks for getting up in the morning?
i have this nasty habit of hitting the snooze button.
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(no subject)

I know that ants are attracted to sugary things but how the fuck do a shitload of them just suddenly appear in my house? I mean wtf. Does some pregnant ant bitch just show up and hatch her offspring into my house? I HATE ANTS. Thank God I have bug spray.

(no subject)

1. Are you a night person or a day person?
2. Do you shower before you go to bed or after you wake up?
3. When you wake up, do you brush your teeth before eating/drinking something?

(no subject)

What is the weirdest thing that you've ever done/said to wake someone up?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I've done many strange things to my girlfriend to wake her up.  A couple of times, I just ran into the room and shouted "THE BATHTUB IS ON FIRE!"       Sleeping people are fun to mess

(no subject)

1. Ever made a promise you knew you couldn't keep?

2. Do you really think that if they wanted women to be taken seriously as golfers that they would have started the segment by shopping for an outfit? *EDIT FOR GREAT JUSTICE* I ask because yesterday on Good Morning Whateverthehellitwas, there was a segment about women getting out of the kitchen and going golfing, and that's seriously how it went down when the female anchor was at the country club. I was just like, Wow, score one for female empowerment.

3. How does polar bears know what apples is?

(no subject)

Why is it whenever I sit down to eat breakfast, lunch or supper on a nice workfree saturday, the phone rings? Is this common for anyone else here?

Which do you prefer, hot or cold drinks?

(no subject)

Can someone tell me why a healthy, relatively normal gay man would have a dream nightmare about chick sex?

(Edit: by chick sex, I mean two women. I wasn't participating. That might have scarred me for life.)

(no subject)

a. what do you do when you feel empty and lost?

b. to those who lost a substantial amount of weight: how do you stay disciplined? i was disciplined for about a month and am going a little haywire now...

c. tell me something you want the anonymous internet to know please.
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1- So what's the deal with your username?
2- What kind of state of the room you're in now?
3- Best ways of un-procrastinating yourself from doing something?
4- Should I force myself to go get groceries, or work on cleaning first, granted I actually get off my ass and do either at all today? :P

1- Rykani is one of my first roleplay characters. I use the name everywhere. ;)
2- Cluttered! Not really messy, everything is in boxes... I have to sort them. :(
3- No idea. Bleh.
4- Even less of an idea. What's less than 'none' anyway?

ETA: Cuz I know you all care: I cleaned the desk off, got groceries, and will clean the rest of this room up when I stop sneezing from my trek outside. :*

(no subject)

What's your favorite *interesting* (aka not the damn news, history channel, or a site you regularly attend because you have to) website?
-- I want to see a new website that I've probably never seen before. Check out (fart section is particularly funny, always tease my dad with it)

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Text - best is yet to come

(no subject)

What is the best way you have found to get sunscreen on your back when there is no one else around?

I've tried those continuous spray sunscreens, but they are greasy and make me break out. I can reach all of my back, but it's highly uncomfortable and takes a while to cover it all, so I'm looking for another way.

(no subject)

Why does my sister's cat shit in the sink at every opportunity? Seriously now, that's just disgusting and I hate cleaning up after him!

Can animals have mental disabilities?

What's your favorite soda? Which is your least favorite?
I like Sprite best, but I hate Mountain Dew.

What kind of mouse do you have?
Just the regular one that came with this computer, it works well so I don't feel like getting a new one.
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(no subject)

I love gardening and yardwork and all kinds of other being outside types of things. But I'm more afraid of bees than I am of heights, dying, and public speaking combined, and while I try not to let that hold me back, I'm generally constantly on guard when bees are around.

So my question: does anyone know of successful ways to repel bees? Do insect repellent sprays seem to work against bees as well? Are citronella candles effective? I'd like to come up with some kind of personal repellent, like a spray or something, and I would like to come up with something to keep them out of my yard. Any info that anyone has on bee keep-awaying would be appreciated.

(no subject)

1) Why do you think people claim it's okay to use racial slurs because one of their good friends is [whatever race here]?

2) If I offered you 10,000 dollars to run through Wal*Mart naked, would you?

3) I asked a friend why she thought so many people questioned my sexuality (a lot of people think I'm gay). She told me I 'look like a lesbian' and 'fit the stereotype' (which is news to me because I thought I knew what the lesbian stereotype was and I don't fit into that). If someone said this to you would you feel offended? (If you're gay then make it 'look like a straight person' or if you're bi then some other orientation you don't identify with)

4) Are you angry about anything right now? If so, what?

5) What's the last dream you had that you remember?

(no subject)

So I really don't have any friends besides my boyfriend. And he's getting really sick of me being around him all the time. He has just the opposite problem- he has dozens of friends he could hang out with. So spending all his time with me isn't his ideal. I just get lonely very quickly. I'm extremely shy and don't know how to start a conversation with anyone besides him. If someone else starts one with me, I get nervous and unintentionally kill the conversation because of that.

I didn't used to be this bad. Just a bunch of bad people in high school caused me to become a complete introvert. I'm in a college right now where I know NO ONE at all. I don't know how to get to know anyone- my classes are generally very quiet, and everyone piles out the second it ends.

This is really pulling me apart, and hurting my relationship with my boyfriend. Does anyone have any advice? Anyone here been in my shoes and have some hopeful story to share? :-\
The Dude Abides

Three ?'s

1) If it's 60ºF (about 15ºC) and cloudy outside do you wear a t-shirt and shorts out or something warmer?

2) Have you ever kicked someone in the face?

3) What's something you don't think you'll ever understand?

(no subject)

I'm 23 and I've never had a drink of alcohol in my life. Who else here is 18+ and has never tasted alcohol? What are your reasons?

I don't really have any reasons. I've had plenty of opportunities to drink, I just always choose not to.
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(no subject)

What are you pleasantly surprised about today?

I procrastinated a lot about ordering the replacement battery for my Powerbook until today (part of the Apple recall) only to find out that the battery I have is outside of the model range that likes to catch fire.
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Fashion... turn to the left!

How do you keep mascara from rubbing off into the crease right below your eye? If you wear mascara, do you even have this problem?

Wedge heel shoes with ribbon ties are pretty popular right now. How on earth am I supposed to keep the ribbons from slipping down my legs when I walk?

Birthday Plans.

What would you do?

Friend A's birthday is falling on a perfect Friday in April. Friend A is doing a lot for you right now and is caught up planning a party for you. You get close friends and her parents together to do a surprise birthday dinner at a nice restaurant on the night of her birthday - she is easy to surprise. All are able to attend except Friend B.

Friend B works a lot and is also helping Friend A plan the previously mentioned party for you. Upon calling to ask if she can schedule this Friday late in April, Friend B explains that she really only makes good money at work on Friday nights, is it possible to do it on Saturday?

You've already put in calls/emails to everyone requesting that Friday night and it is exactly the night of her birthday, so it's quite perfect - not to mention birthday girl has off on Saturday and works on Sunday. You have not touched base with anyone yet except friend B who wants to chnage  the surprise to fit her work schedule a bit better.

What do you think? Change it? Keep it? What variables help you make up your mind?
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boredom busters and such

ok questions pertaining to being stuck in bed:

1. can anyone suggest like, interactive websites (not porn lol) that i could waste my time on? examples i can think of... neopets, that thing that is like the sims (i have no idea what it's called) things of that nature? (if i had more examples... i wouldn't need suggestions :-D) but do you kinda get what i'm getting at? like, you build something or make something and waste your time... hopefully you guys understand. sorry about the vauge-ness.

2. i'm looking for a new book series to get into (i have found, that i can only get into books that are series, because then i feel like i'm accomplishing something, it's a little weird) but i was just wondering if you could suggest some? i like comedy and fantasy... i have limited tastes really. my two fave book series are angus, thongs and full-frontal snogging and harry potter (i know, i'm like 12).

now questions about yooou!

3. do you like when professors go off on tangents during lectures?
i love it especially when it has nothing to do with what they were talking about

4. what is your favorite type of cookie?
- i have yet to meet a cookie i didn't like

5. ever read the "little house on the prairie" books? if so, did at any time you want to STAB YOURSELF IN THE FACE while reading them?
- i read them in 2nd-3rd grade, and i opened one the other day, and i had written on the sides of the pages i was so terribly bored by reading them.

6. any other females here get a subscription to playboy?
- by any other, that means, yes i do... it's possibly the best magazine out there. at least i think

7. (inspired by this video: if you were to lose any limb, which one would it be, how do you think you would get by? (and by the off chance, that you ARE missing a limb or two, how do you get by?)
- i have no idea. i'm horribly clumsy with all my limbs, i can't imagine without some, or one. i want to see what you guys think :-D
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food and stuff

1) Are you on a diet of any sort? Or just "lifestyle change/healthy eating"?

2) Are you trying to lose weight? If not, do you want to lose weight?

3) If you are - how is that going so far?

4) Because this is always interesting to me - do you have, or have you ever had, an eating disorder of any kind?

5) What's a typical day like for you, when it comes to food?

*Edited to fix the numbers. It's been a long day at home with the babe.
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I'm making burgers. How would you like yours cooked and what do you want on it? Will beef be fine or do you need something special, like a veggie patty or ground turkey?

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Nintendo DS

Hey everyone!

My husband's birthday is coming up in two months. I'm sick of him stealing my DS, so I am going to buy him one of his own.

Which color should I get him? Silver or Pink?

I don't want to get him a black one because that's what I have.

I know he can take a joke, so that's why I was leaning towards pink, but I don't know. I figured I'd let you guys decide.


Here's a list of advance and DS games I have, what other game should I get him?

Animal Crossing, Cooking Mama, Final Fantasy 1-6, The Sims 2, The: The Urbz, The Sims: Bustin Out, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Bomberman, Tetris Worlds, Super Mario Advance, Lunar Legend, Yoshi Island, Super Mario 3, Dr. Mario/Puzzle League, Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime, Children of Mana, Lost Magic, and Lunar: Dragon Song.

I'm indecisive, so the most recommended game wins.

(no subject)

For the past few days, I've been having this issue where any time I've got tabs loading in firefox, and I pull google talk to the top window (or sometimes if i get spammed with messages), firefox will flip out and go 'not responding.'
And I've tried this with other programs- skype, trillian, itunes, a skype-voicerecorder dealy... it really appears to just be google talk. I updated firefox, same deal, I've restarted my computer since it started happening...

Anyone having something similar happening? Or know what's causing it?


1)What are the 5 albums you list to most?

2)What were the last 5 albums you purchased/downloaded?

1) Forgiven, Not Forgotten (The Corrs)
Mind, Body & Soul (Joss Stone)
Once More With Feeling (Placebo)
Grace (Jeff Buckley)
Jagged Little Pill (Alanis Morissette)

2) Introducing Joss Stone (Joss Stone)
Studio 1 (All Saints)
Beautiful Awakening (Stacie Orrico)
The Dutchess (Fergie)
Thornography (Cradle of Filth)
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Is this true?

A friend of mine recently admitted to having been bulimic in the past. I was talking about this to mututal friend and she told me she had already known for a long time. She says she knew because the girl's throat sags a bit and that people who are bulimic get saggy throats because their throat muscles get used to being in the position of throwing up.

Is this total bullshit? It sounds like it is to me. By that logic people who frown a lot would get stuck with a permanent frown on their face.
Sam outside

(no subject)

1.Ever have stuff stolen from your wallet? What was stolen?
-I left my wallet at the movies last night and I went to get it today and only my cash and condom was taken. You know, not my social security card, credit card or debit card. 

2. When you eat fresh strawberries do you dip them in sugar? 
-Yeah, unless they're already sweet enough :D

3. What does your house smell like?
-Right now, banana bread...mmmm.

4. Whats the last random thing to happen?
-My dad just handed me a twenty. I asked what it was for and he said, "I dunno." lol cool.

(no subject)

A friend of yours is away at college and is coming home for vacation. They say that they met someone online and have been having a relationship with that person for several months, and that they are going to be meeting that person for the first time when they come home. You go to meet up with your friend and their SO at a restaurant and find out when you get there that the mystery internet person is really your own SO. What happens next?
Non-serious, of course.

If someone were to tell you that you smell like the ET ride, would you be offended or find it endearing?

Ryan Seacrest - Eep


If you have a Subway (sandwich shop) where you live, do they serve pizza?  If so, have you tried it?

I'm in Birmingham, Alabama, and I know of at least three Subways that serve pizza.  I haven't tried it, though.  I go to Subway for sandwiches!!
all you need is

because of the last question posted

lets say you find a wallet on the ground containing cash,  a social security card, credit cards, and driver's license. which would you do?

1) take the money, leave the rest where you found it
2) drop the wallet in the mailbox and trust that the post office will send it to the person
3) look at the address and if its close take the wallet back to the person untouched
4) steal the persons identity
5) leave it alone

do you think that it would be wrong to choose choice 1 because its wrong, or because you wouldnt want someone to do the same to you? if you got your wallet back but the cash was gone, how pissed would you be?


Does anyone have any information about this symbol? has a little info about it though not much. Thanks in advance, everyone!
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Have you ever been on any kind of public assistance, benefits (including unemployment), welfare?

Did you feel in any way ashamed for it? Did other people try to make you feel bad for it? Do you think it's something people should feel bad about, or does your culture generally think people should feel bad about it? Where are you from?

My answer: I've been on three kinds at different points in my life - job seeker's allowance, income support for disability, and housing benefit. Don't feel remotely bad about it in any way. I think it's more socially acceptable in my culture (UK) to be on benefits than it is in the US, perhaps because councils have a responsibility here to make sure people are housed so getting low-rent council housing is perfectly normal, and many people could never afford to pay private rental rates. People do give people shit about being on some kinds of benefits, though, particularly people with mental health problems. Hasn't been a problem for me but I have a friend who is constantly getting shit about not having a job, because she has a good degree, when she has severe PTSD.



1. what makes tomato sauce change the color of my tupperware?!?!?!

1 a. how do I get the stain out?

2. do you ever look at/inspect your poop before you flush it?
2a. what type of toilet paper do you use?

my mother is crazy need help!!!

My sister and I are roommates living in the same city as my parents. We've only lived together, out of the house, for about 6 weeks.

My mother (who is usually a little crazy)is extremely insulted that we haven't invited her and my dad over to have dinner or watch a movie (on our 13 inch TV). She's been to the apartment to help us move in and when we rented's only a mile from their place. Our parents still live in the large house that we grew up in, and we usually have dinner there once a week (and do our laundry).

Our apartment is a small 2 bedroom with an L-shaped common area with a couch and chair, small table with 2 chairs, and a desk.

I guess that my question is how have others dealt with living in the same city as their parents? What were the expectations for reciprocal hospitality? Should my mother be insulted? or is this part of her general craziness?

Thanks! (grrrr)
box o' sloth

(no subject)

1)Have you ever been friends with someone and then got sick of being around them all of a sudden?
2)What sort of venues do you usually go to to see live music?
3)Besides the airport closest to you what other airport have you been in most often?


So we all know that movies and TV have started to take the place of reading in today's young children (or most of them, anyway). It seems that kids nowadays would much rather watch their favorite TV show than curl up on the couch with a good book or make up stories with their friends.

What do you think we, as a people, can do to encourage creativity?
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If you take an over the counter sleeping aid- what do you take? Do you think it is habit forming and does it work well? How often do you take it? Can you sleep the nights you don't take it?
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Apparently, there is some kind of drama going on over in ask_me_anything, including 3 posts that apparently unknownj didn't like for some reason or another, that led to the suspension of longhairedbum as a mod, and the banning of several members.

I have NO IDEA what posts the dude is referring to, and I was banned??

Anyone know what those posts were about?

(Non-serious) Why was I banned?

Credit Card Amendments

I received paperwork on a billing amendment for my credit card but I have no idea what it means. I have the option of rejecting the amendment so I want to be sure to do so if that is the correct course of action.

This is the part I don't understand:

If the total of the Periodic Rate Finance Charges for all balance categories is less that $1.50, then a minimum FINANCE CHARGE of $1.50 will be assessed on the account in lieu of any Periodic Rate Finance Charge.

As far I know my account didn't have a Periodic Rate Finance Charge previously, so what does this all mean??

(no subject)

I'm looking to change broadband providers. Currently, I'm using wanadoo/orange and I've had enough of their customer services never returning my emails.

Do you have any recommendations or horror stories?

I'm in England, if anyone wants to help, but feel free to just complain about any companies you hate.


When you shower, do you wash your body or hair first?

(no subject)

1. My manager covered one of the sinks at work and included a note on it saying "Don't use this sink for nothing." Should I do as the sign says and use that sink for something and if so, for what (be creative. I need the amusement)?

2. Should I watch Wordplay or The Aristocrats tonight?


What should I name my fish?

He's a crowntail betta

Except, unlike that one he's dark blue with red fins, and the very tips of his fins are dark green.

He's a beautiful fish and I don't know what to name him.

Invisible Children

Can I ask a question asking you if you would like to go to and vote for Invisible Children?  

Would you like to go to and vote for Invisible Children!?  (I already did!)  Voting ends tonight.

And so this isn't too advertisement-y, how do you feel about Invisible Children?
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(no subject)

Did anyone see The Last Mimzy?

What did you think?

I loved it!! Even though parts of the storyline were shaky (that green blob toy?) and it was slow in the beginning I loved it.


1. Is there a way to naturally increase your libido?

2. What have you found decreases your libido?
When I sleep for a really long time, my sex drive tends to crash. It also fell drastically when I took birth control pills.

What kind of outlet/power supply is this?

We just moved into a new house and may or may not be able to get central air this year. If we can't, we have an air conditioner. But (there's always a but!), said air conditioner has a plug that fits this type of outlet:

Collapse )

What type of outlet is that? Power supply? Cost/ease of modifying a regular outlet to that kind of outlet?

EDIT/// better pictures here:


(no subject)

1. How are you?

2. What is your favorite brand of eyeliner?

3. Do you prefer liquid eyeliner?

4. Who is your favorite band?

5. What is your favorite song?

6. Why is it that everyone seems so fake these days?
happy nemo

Two language and one relationship ?

How do you pronounce Amish? A as in arm or a as in ale?

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Does love include utter and complete commitment for you? As in... would you move 500 miles for your SO, just so they can take a job they want or study at their no. 1 choice of college?

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ETA: What does a pack of a cigarette cost where you live?
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(no subject)

We know that homemade is best but as far as canned soup goes...

Campbell's Soup



or something else?

What's your favorite variety?

What do you like to put in your soup and/or eat with your soup?

My answers:
Campbells--Cream of Mushroom--*or*Tomato Rice made with milk---
I like to dunk a crusty piece of sourdough in it. Or better yet--serve it in
a sourdough bread bowl.


Joint Checking Accounts

I have a some questions for people with joint checking accounts.

1. Who keeps the checkbook?

2. Do you each have a debit card?

3. Have you ever had your debit card taken away by the other person on the account for failure to
keep track of your transactions?

4. Have you ever taken away the other person's card for the same reason as #3?

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(no subject)

Is it unreasonable for an occasional smoker to object to having secondhand smoke forced on them?

Assume the occasional smoker is considerate and does not smoke around non-smokers, for the purposes of this question.

A question for Christians

I have a question for the Christians in this group.  I assume (rightly or wrongly) that the people reading this community are fairly well educated.

Without looking it up, how many of you (Christians) know the criteria for determining when Easter is going to be?

How many of you non-Christians know this?

I would think that Christians would know how to determine the date of their most sacred holiday, but sadly, I have yet to meet one that does.

I am an atheist, and I know how to determine when Easter is, besides looking at a calendar.  It is the only holiday that you guys have left with any ties to the natural world.

Edit to add: Whee, this is fun :) and thanks for those of you that do know, for not spilling the beans on it.

Edit to the edit:  So, does this make up for my boring drunken post last night?

(no subject)

For those of you who are webcomic readers, what is a comic that you would recommend?

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Also, how do you contain a dog once it's figured out how to climb over gates and tables? We try to keep the puppy in the kitchen, at least until she's fully house trained, but she always escapes.She's a big puppy, though, if we put up gates she can't climb over she throws herself against them and knocks them over. Any suggestions?

(no subject)

Somebody help me.

So there's this song playing while they're skating in Blades of Glory, near the end, it's a pretty popular song I'd say (not right now, but in general) and I may or may not have the word "crush" right:

"crush! ah ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" It also mentions "universe" in it.

I love that song and I want to know the name. Thanks a bunch.

Solved, it's Flash Gordon by Queen.

Minors on forums

I moderate a large forum based on a very well known television show that contains mature content. Much to my dismay, there is a nine year old on the forum. If I were the forum's admin instead of being a lowly moderator, I would ban this child because in my experience with forums, things just get ugly when minors go into forums that do contain mature content.

What are your opinions on minors (anyone under 13) on forums/communities that contain mature content?
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My aunt just got a new computer with a DVD burner. As I was messing around with it today, I realized there is no way to burn DVD movies without paying for additional software (it will burn audio and data CDs and data DVDs, but no movie DVDs). I could talk a lot about how stupid this is, but I will get to the point and ask if anyone has any recommendations for free DVD-burning software?

Also, I burned some files on a DVD, which absolutely will not be recognized by my computer. Hers is Windows, mine is a Mac. Would this have anything to do with why it won’t work? It seems like it shouldn’t matter. It has never mattered with CDs, and I know my computer plays recorded DVDs.

Do you have anyone on your friends list who drives you absolutely insane, and yet you don’t remove them?
I do, I think it is because it is like watching a train wreck. I cringe at how lame this person is and get embarrassed for them, but I can’t look away.