March 30th, 2007

Loveless - Ritsuka (Broken)

Car troubles

I'm concerned. My car's dashboard started blinking tonight. I was driving home, there was some light rain and I was a bit sleepy from working all day. What is it? Is it something serious? I'm taking it tomorrow morning to the shop either way.
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query for 3-D artists

I have recently cast a plaster copy of an item. What is an inexpensive, non-toxic, effective way to waterproof it?

I currently have Stevenson acrylic modelling paste on hand (acrylic and marble dust). Will that work? I'm planning to use the paste to smooth out small imperfections.

EDIT: for those who aren't familiar with what I mean by "waterproofing" an item, I mean to seal it with a coat of some substance that will dry to a finish that seals the item to water. Plastic wrap need not apply.


okay, i know i've been asking way too many questions today, but i didn't break any rules and i swear this will be my last batch of questions...i hope ;)

this will be my first time traveling without my parents so i just have a few questions. we will be going to honolulu right after exams. (may 1st-may 7th) -- i asked about buying tickets online a while back


1. we figure, the more stops we have the cheaper the tickets are so...we found a few with two stops and we're totally okay with that. my question is. how much time should we have between stops?

2. what do i do with my luggage? i know this question is so lame and i feel foolish for asking it but the last time i was on a plane my parents took care of everything. do i have to pay extra to have my luggage checked? how big can the carry on be? (i know if we booked wtih an agent i could ask these questions but since we're not, i'm a little paranoid and don't want to run into any surprises at the airport) what do i do with my luggage when we transfer planes? do i have to check it in again or will it be automatically done for me? anything i should know about luggage?

3. where can i go to find information on what i can and can not bring on the airplane/ into the country with me. we're from ontario, canada and will be driving to buffalo airport to catch our plane. we all have passports..anything else?

i'm so excited and nervous about this trip cause everyone says i'll have a fantastic time in hawaii but traveling by plane in the states can be horrible.

any suggestions? recommendations on anything else i should do/bring/be aware of?

any suggestions on what i should do/bring/beware of while in honolulu?

i will definitely do more research once my exams finish up but i'm way too excited/anxious so i just want to get some things off my back and i swear i'll get to studying...soon ;)

yes, i asked a travel community and its already been 10 minutes and no responses. i'm really not use to that since you guys never keep me waiting longer than 4 minutes for an answer. =)

okay, thats it! i swear. thank you ♥
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(no subject)

Have you ever wanted to ask something vaguely personal or about a friend in this community and didn't because you thought someone would recognize you?

Whats the most embarassing thing that's happened to you?

(no subject)

What's the worst school field trip you've ever been on?

In 6th grade, my teachers decided it would be fun and educational to visit our city's wastewater treatment plant. Yes, we went to the Poop Plant. . .for a field trip. Then they took us to Pizza Hut for lunch. No one ate a thing.
Big Love

(no subject)

What's your claim to fame?  I'm not sure how to pluralize that sentence but please tell me more than one if you want!

What's was the last piece of bad news someone gave you?

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(no subject)

I'm getting sick of the same food day after day. I'm very hesitant with trying new things, but I really need variety. (I can't live on pasta and brownies alone, no matter how good they taste.) So, what are your suggestions for easy to make meals that are affordable? I'm on a very tight budget. I'm looking for things that are at least semi-healthy, simple to make (which means not loads of ingredients and time), and last well in the fridge for leftovers (and don't taste like shit the day after). Oh, fresh food that keeps for a while is a plus, as I'm not able to get to the store whenever I want to.
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(no subject)

Do you think veterans of TQC get more leeway than n00bs?

When someone posts a link to a locked entry, do you join the community, or just make them post the text/a screencap, or do you not even bother?

Tribal tattoos: yay or gay?

Any big plans this weekend?

Do you think t-shirts that advertise a person's stance on abortion are in bad taste? What about t-shirts that say something like "Labia Tango" or "Cuntmuffin"?


My name is Cait, im 20, and ill be moving to colorado from Washington state in about 4 months. ya im a little bit crazy, i only have a part time job, and i dont have my license yet, but i do plan on driving my 1992 Jetta GL cross country.

one of my biggest concerns is moving from a house in which i have live in the same room for 20 years. im not int he least bit organized, and i need to be. everytime i try to get a bag full of good will stuff to donate, i just kind of cave. everything belongs to something else in my room.

HOW DO I GET RID OF CRAP I DONT USE? im about to set a sheet outside and bring everything out there with a save and keep pile.. O-o
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Cleaning time! YAY... :(

1- When cleaning out your whole house/apartment, do you start with the messiest or cleanest room first? Why?

2- Rearranging your whole abode on a whim: y/n?

3- Best way to clean tile floors?

4- Other cleaning sort of things you would prescribe to a couple of losers who have no friends that ever come over, so they don't worry too much about how sexy the house looks? :P

(no subject)

1. What is your relationship like with your mother?

2. When was the last time you had a deep conversation with her?

3. When was the last time you had a fight?

4. For those who live at home: have you ever stayed in a hotel room or just stayed away from home for a period of time because you couldn't cope with being there? Where did you go? For how long? Were things better when you came back?
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(no subject)

1. I want to get a tattoo of a shooting star, but want something different than a five-point star with lines behind it. Got any suggestions?

2. How often do you balance your checkbook?

3. Do you have an IP tracker on your LiveJournal? If you do, do you have regular visitors who aren't on your friends list? Does that freak you out?

4. What book can you just not finish, no matter how many times you try to read it?

5. If you heard someone say, "I'm immune to cancer, I've already had it," would you assume they were joking or stupid?
Mr. Misto
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Who's who's and whatzits

1. Who do you like better?

a. Peter Pan or Captain Hook?
b. Captain Sparrow or Will Turner
c. Legolas or The Dread Pirate Roberts?

2. If a sudden war were to happen in your office between your coworkers, what sort of physical protection do you have, and what kind of projectiles to throw at other people?

3. If you could live in any book, which book would you live in ( and you could be a mainish character too, because it's all about you ) ?

1. a. Captain Hook
b. Captain Sparrow
c. Dread Pirate Roberts

2. Cubicle.. so air raids spell doooooooooooom. But I have plenty of bins and staplers and pens to toss.

3. Too many books can't answer *hyperventilates*

The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

1) Did you know that gullible has two acceptable spellings?
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2) How often do you drink coffee?

3) Do you have any friends in your circle with the same first name? How do you distinguish one from the other when they're out together? (Ex calling one Rob and the other Robert for example)

Sugar Daddy (no not Puff Daddy or, P Diddy)

Over the course of my professional career, I have had the pleasure of having some attractive female assistants that, in at least a few cases, have been much younger than me.  When you have the authority  to further an employees career and they are the opposite sex, there often is an undertow of "special treatment in exchange for sexual favors" In a couple of cases, I have found myself trying to help or, reward my assistants.  In at least one of these cases, I have been referred to as a Sugar Daddy.  I have heard there is even a web site call Sugar Daddy.  My questions are;

1. Have you ever had a Sugar Daddy?
2. Do you wish you had a Sugar Daddy?
3.  Is there ALWAYS a sexual component to this kind of relationship?
4.  Does it present a "negative" or, "positive" image to you? 

Don't light a match!

What foods give you the WORST gas?

Indian food tastes SO good, but after I eat it, nobody would want to be around me. ;) I even horrified my cat. He was sitting on my lap. All of a sudden he had this look of disgust, his ears flattened and he ran off my lap. Broccoli has that effect on me too. Kim chee also gets me going and oh boy, I can't even stand myself after eating that.
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(no subject)

So my bestfriend got her cell stolen yesterday. She has sprint. She got it stolen while at school (she's a teacher) So she calls me while i'm at choir. (which is at the same time every week, and i never answer calls then) I don't answer because it's a phone number i dont recongize. so I ignore the call. She IM's my sister to ask why i'm not answering the phone. after choir I call her back and she explians what happened. ok. so she changed from being on her dad's plan to her own (about damn time).
My question: am I wrong in that even though she turned off her phone on her dad's plan and she'd have to pay $200 for canceling her plan, it would have just made as much sense to turn it off on the stolen phone and buy a new phone and put the same number and plan on the phone?

If i'm making no sense i'm sorry. this whole thing pissed me off lastnight when I was told, no idea why i got mad about it but she lacks street smarts


College Financial Aid offices

Does anyone else have a problem with the Financial Aid office at their college/university sticking to the dates they post as "important financial aid dates"?


According to my school's web site, financial aid refund checks were supposed to be mailed this week. I haven't gotten it yet, so I decided to call them and find out if they had been mailed yet. Nope. They got pushed back until NEXT week.

Is it really that difficult to put it on the site so people know about it?

I'm not in dire need for the money, but hell, some people are. It just seems rather inconsiderate.

So...hmm....I'll keep with the college theme I suppose.

How many weeks do you have left in the semester?
What are your plans for the summer?
Are you at a 4 year university or a 2 year community college?
Why do I have to take CPR for a degree in office supervision and management?

ETA: I'm watching The Price is Right...since when is a 26 inch tv considered a big screen tv?
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Family Traditions

My father died a year ago today and I'm feeling pretty sad, but also a little nostalgic, thinking about the stuff he and I used to do when I was little. Little family traditions he and I had together. Which got me to thinking about other families and what traditions they might have.

1) Do you have any family traditions?
2) Did you continue to follow them when you were older? Or introduce those same traditions to your kids? Or will you continue them when you have kids?
3) If not, will you create some for your kids when you have them?
3a) Or did you create some when you had kids?
4) If you had any, did you hate them? Like them? Why?
5) If you didn't have any, did you want any?

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Mitty box

(no subject)

Have you ever reported a company to the Better Business Bureau?
Which company?
What did they do?
Did they have a satisfactory record with the BBB or an unsatisfactory record?

I just reported a company for cashing my post dated check. It caused my bank account to bounce. Fuckers. I called them, and they gave me the run around for an hour. So I reported their asses. They've had 24 complaints in the last 36 months. I also almost reported Alltel a few years ago, but after 2 weeks of wrangling with them, managed to get my money back. They posted my payment 3 times and made my account bounce then too. Argh. I am not having a good day.

EDIT: Unrelated, but is there a way to send a fax over the internet without a fax machine? I'm thinking there may be...
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(no subject)

1. How do you pronounce:
a) Foyer
b) Pontiac
c) Decor

2. Have you ever wanted to be a porn star/stripper? Would you ever be a porn star/stripper? 
b) Who's classier, a porn star, or a stripper?

3. Would you ever be on a reality TV show? Anything from Fear Factor to the Real World. Would it make a difference on what kind of show it was?

4. Do you like mashed potatoes? Do you have any mashed potato recipes?

5. My job has decided to dress us in uniforms instead our of usual dress code. Do you have to wear a uniform to work?

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(no subject)

you know how sometimes you're eating and get something stuck in-between your teeth, right.. a) does anyone ever tell you?

b) do you think it's rude when people see another person.. say they're friends and are eating lunch and one of 'em has a small speck of something on their teeth, yet the friend seeing this doesn't say ANYTHING!?

c) are you the type of person to tell someone that they have something in their teeth?

with that said.. d) what's for lunch?!
tick tock

lots o' questions

1. Where does earwax come from? Why does it exist? Is it there because God decided that each orifice should leak something, even if it's not useful?

2. How much do you tip a hairstylist?
b. She's charging me $70 for highlights plus $35 for a cut (bangs and a trim). Does that seem fair? It's my first time going to her.

3. What are some chain stores (retail, clothes) whose dress code allows facial piercings? I have a lip ring, and I'd rather not take it out just yet. I know that eventually I'll have to sacrifice it, but right now I'm 19 and I want a casual job that'll let me keep it. I applied to Hot Topic already, lol. I'm also going to apply to small bookstores and cafes, maybe music stores. Any other ideas?
Please don't just lecture me about the damn piercing. That won't be helpful, and I know all of you live to be helpful.

4. What's your favorite breed of dog? How about cat? Horse?
I like weiner dogs, german shepherds and black labs. Other than that, I usually think mutts are cuter and more interesting than purebreds. Cats- Siamese and those sleek blue-grey cats. Horses- I have a special place in my heart for Quarter Horses, because I used to do cutting and barrel racing, but if I could ride a Dutch Warmblood I'd be in heaven. They are gorgeous. I also like Arabians, but who doesn't? They're cute.

5. Do you write in paper journals along with your online journal? What thoughts go in where?
The super private stuff goes in my paper journals.

6. My dad told me that me and my roommates might not get our security deposit back if our carpet looks bad. I think we can make it look great if we hired a steam cleaner to come in. About how much do those cost? Do they charge by square foot?

Thanks, folks.

(no subject)

1)If you could get a robot for your home and you had a choice between getting Rosie or Bender, which would choose?
2)If you weren't doing the work you do now, what do you think you might be doing instead?
3)Did you have a special baby blanket when you were little? Is it still around like, with all your old baby things, or did it get thrown out/given away/sold in a garage sale?

What's in a name?

Does anyone else feel like me when I say that I believe it is possible to know something about someone you never met based on their first name?  Let me try to explain more clearly.  Every Kathy or, Cathy I have ever known has been laid back, honest, very normal etc.  Every Joe or, joseph that I have known has been outgoing, honest, likeable and easy to get along with.  Most Davids that I know are aggressive, seem superior, etc.  Stans that I know are pretty obnoxious, never stop talking and are hard workers to make up for their lack of smarts. Stephanies are very sweet, pleasant, average surface types. Get the idea?  Anyone see a pattern like this in people they know? 
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Noonhour blah blah blahs.

1- What time is hammer time?
2- Last mess you made?
3- Do you cut your nails, bite them, or rip them off? Or do you just let them grow to get into the Guinness Book of World Records? :P
4- If you were dreadfully ill off of new medication, but the label said something like "your doctor has prescribed this to you knowing the possible side-effects, and thinks the benefits will outweigh the side-effects" would you feel better about suffering, or want to throttle someone?
5- Cookies?

(no subject)


I'm going to the store to grab some things for backpacking.  I already have all my gear and most of my food.  I have two packets of ready-to-eat chicken for lunches/dinner. 
So, should I buy some bagels+summer sausage+ cheese (already have little servings of PB) for one of my lunches?
Or should I pack some corn torillas and just make some chicken/ranch wraps? 
(I'll be having instant granola/milk/blueberries for lunch and making "mexican pizzas" with my tentmates for dinner.)
I don't care about things "going werid" by not being in the fridge :P
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(no subject)

The setup: You're in the shower, soaked to the bone. You reach over to grab your shampoo and realize its gone! You look around your shower stall and realize you have nothing to wash yourself with. You turn off the water and grab a towel. Upon searching the  cupboards you find 3 things
1) Apple scented Dog shampoo
2) Wet dog scented human shampoo
3) $1.50

Do you choose from your 2 shampoos or do you drive to the store and get a 1.50 shampoo and return to finish your shower?

I would be lazy enough to use the dog shampoo. Once my shower was done I would go to the store and get some shampoo.

ETA: What's your favorite scented shampoo? My mom just got lilac or lavendar scented and I love it.
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

Okay, I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada, which I'm fairly certain is in the Pacific Time Zone right?

What time would 15:00 Eastern Time be, for Vancouver?



1) have you ever been on TV?
2) what were you doing?
3) what was it for?

My anwsers (because i feel like anwsering. =P):
1) yes
2) playing a wigi (spelling) board. and iv been on Speakers Corner.
3) some tv show. I felt like expressing my opinion to everyone.
Supernatural - Winchester

Song suggestions?

-What are some songs about ghosts/supernatural entities/psychic powers? Especially something along the lines of "I see dead people".

-What are some songs about cooking and/or working in a restaurant, especially about a person who does this?

Know any like this?
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1. Is there anything you believe you are, but because of the way it is popularly viewed these days, you find yourself not wanting to be (publicly) identified with it or its label?

2. Which is worse; eating eye or nose boogs?

3. What, if anything, is something that really gets to you deeply - that if you think about it long enough you will really start to become emotionally bothered/effected?

(no subject)

What is a sexual fantasy that you sometimes feel guilty about? (I'm talking a little more extreme than just imagining someone else other than the person you're with)

Mine have consisted of tying a girl down, stuffing her face with a sock and doing whatever I want.

(no subject)

I'm going on vacation holiday tomorrow for about two weeks...

Who's gonna miss me???

Who's gonna take up my torch of snark?

Will you keep the drama alive??

Should I wear boxers or briefs on the way home???



Give a dog a home

(no subject)

How many drinks do you have before you deem yourself unfit to drive?

How many drinks is your limit before you get pukey?

What drinks seem to give you the worst hangovers?

EDIT: What is the point of being married to one person if you are polyamorous?

(no subject)

A chipmunk has somehow managed to get into my building's brick-and-cement shelterless courtyard. I think, at this point, it's still afraid of humans, it's just hungry. it was willing to come within a foot and a half of my seated self for chunks of apple.

question one: How did it get in there? The courtyard is surrounded on three sides by 5 stories of brick, and on the 4th side is 2 stories of glass entryway/skywalk type thing with a 2-story brick building between it (where it's brick it has a sloped metal roof). As I was approaching it, it ran by several gutter-pipes, but not *up* them, so I don't think that's how it got there.

question two: Let's say I'm a total softy and I feel bad for it because it's about to rain. I know it's likely entirely not interested, but if i wanted to offer it a little shelter, what would it be most likely to take advantage of? plastic cup, open cardboard box, folds of cloth?

question three: is there any way to home-make a humane chipmunk trap, to catch it and release it on the lawn instead? I don't really want to go buy a trap for one chipmunk.
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(no subject)

1. Were you in band in high school?
2. Marching/Orchestra/Jazz/Concert band?
3. What instrument?
4. When did you start playing?
5. Did you continue in marching/orchestra/jazz band when you got to college?
6. How did ya'll usually place when it came to competitions? (city, state, nationals?)

I played the flute, from 6th-11th grade, i only participated in marching band, i dropped out of band my senior year to focus on everything else, it really did take up ALL of my time.. with practices, and performances, etc.

Life lessons

1) What was your most humbling experience?

2) What have you learned about human nature since you graduated from high school? Be sure to add your graduating year.

3) Have you ever had this experience where much needed help came from a most unlikely source?

4) Are you a grudge holder?

5) Did you go to your high school reunion? If so, what was your experience?

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(no subject)

100 bottles of beer on the wall
100 bottles of beer
You take one down you pass it around
99 bottles of beer on the wall

99 bottles of beer on the wall
99 bottles of beer
You take one down, you pass it around
98 bottles of beer on the wall

What can be learned from this song?

You really shouldn't build a house out of beer because people will no doubt take your house apart
The singer of the song is a teetotaller and takes some weird glee in passing out his beer at the party. He either doesn't have many friends and is trying to win them over, or the beer's been poisoned (maybe now you'll keep the noise down)
It was probably made by a sociopath. The creator knew full well that such simple lyrics and annoyingly catchy melody would plague road trips all over the world
It's a song about poor party planning. They get to '10 bottles of beer on the wall' and no one makes an emergency trip to the liquor store to restock
Anyone that can and will count down to 1 bottle of beer can no longer be considered a friend, having forced you to listen to this song for an hour

(no subject)

1) I heard that as a breed in general, brown labradors are more high strung than black or yellow labradors. Is this true?

2) Is it ironic to see a taxi with the words NO TAILGATING in big bold letters on the rear tailgating another car? I saw this the other day and couldn't decide whether or not is what ironic. What would be a good example of irony?

3) How do you like your popcorn?
Either with lots of salt and butter or flavored with caramel.

4) If you have a playlist on your computer, what are the first three songs on it?
Bad Touch - The Bloodhound Gang
Dance With me - The Sounds
Smack My Bitch Up - Prodigy
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Swollen Taste Bud

Ugh, I woke up with a swollen taste bud on my tongue and it hurts like a mutha... I remember being told to gargle with salted water to help get rid of it. Has anyone got another home remedy they care to share?



1. Why do you tip
- or -
1. Why do you not tip

Not how much, not when, not where, but why.

2. If tipping were not expected and/or if waiters/resses were paid like normal workers, would you still tip
The Dude Abides

More random ?'s

1) In honor of Blades of Glory that new Will Ferrell and Jonathan Heder movie, what's your favorite tandem of any kind? (ex. peanut butter & jelly, Mike & Scottie, ham & burger, etc)

2) What's the best movie you've seen that came out after 1999?

3) How long does it take something to become a classic?
south park

Morbid questions YAY!

1.  Slow, painless, but dreadful death, or quick, painful death?  (ex.  being in a hospital knowing you will die in a week, as opposed to being shot in the head)

2.  Would you rather be burned to death (a slow and painful death), or be beaten to death with a metal softball bat with nails sticking out of it (also a slow and painful death)?
pretty sax icon

First time, take it slow and keep doing that on my ear...

1. Do y'all remember a short-form claymation cartoon called "Penny", about a girl with blonde pigtails and eyes made from - ta da! - pennies? What show was it featured on?

2. I work at a day care, and I found out that the babies like it when I sing to them. I'm just tired of singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"...

Do you have any suggestions that the kids (infants, less than a year old) may like that won't tax my sanity?

(no subject)

I am a loser. I know this, thank you :)

Since we aren't supposed to ask LJ questions in here, can someone direct me to a community where I can ask for help?  The FAQs don't answer my problem.

And so it isn't a total loss: How do I get Greasemonkey to unfold all? 

Oh, one more: How many times a week do you actually cook a real meal?

SoOoOoOo many shiny, smelly, new books....*has a mind-gasm*

A new Borders just opened up in the town right next to mine, so to celebrate my mom is treating me to a book towmorrow. ^_^

I'm really in the mood for a good, inspirational, emotional memoir. (dosen't HAVE to be a memoir, but it would be a plus)
What sounds like a good book for me?

*These are the types of books I mean that I've already read:
"It's always something" by Gilda Radner
"Girl, Interrupted" by Susana Kaysen
"Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

I have to write a rant for my english class. Would it be really risky to rant about how much I hate class discussions when the paper is for a class that is primarily based on class discussions?

It's your thang.

1. Do you have any things that are just the things of your childhood? Show & Tell. (My answer might help the question make more sense. My apologies, I have pregnant brain.) Pictures if you have them!

2. Are you the one to tell jokes, the first one to get jokes or the last one to get them? Are you happy this way or would you like to change?

3. What does catnip do for cats?

4. Is there any other kind of sloppy joe than Manwich? Do you call sloppy joes sloppy joes? Have you ever heard them called anything else?

5. Is there any band that you can say you like every single one of their songs?

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lulu guinness clutch

finders keepers!

1. While I was walking my dog today, I found two tickets to see Quiet Riot. The show is on April 7 and at a place about 40 minutes from here. I do not like Quiet Riot at all and have no interest in seeing them. What should I do with the tickets?

2. What is the last thing you found?

(no subject)

What would be a good subject for a photograph that has to display motion?
I was going to take pictures of people running or my animals playing, but I'm drawing a bit of a blank at the moment for what else I could do.

If you like Doritos, what is your favorite flavor?

What do you do in your spare time?
I play video games or read.
mornington crescent
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(no subject)

1. If you could relive a year of your life exactly the way it happened the first time around, which year would it be?
2. If you could relive a year, knowing what you do now, and do things differently, which would it be?

I'm gonna have to do school years.
1. My senior year of high school.
2. My freshman year of college.

(no subject)

I just downloaded and installed Firefox.

So, tell me, what are its good features? How do I use them?

By good features, I mean something other than the macro of cat-around-boobs-firefox-logo, even if the boob associations may have been the only reason I downloaded it.

ETA: Help me out, how do I make Greasemonkey's "unfold comments" script work?

(no subject)

Is there something from your childhood you still love/do/have?

I still have my baby blanket, I love Disney movies, and I, uh, still read Baby-Sitters Club books. Just 'cause they're hilarious now. Yeah, I'm 21.
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I want Candy! Bubblegum and Taffy...

In honor of all the sweet tooths...(or teeth)...around the world:

1. What is your favorite candy of all time?
2. What is the nastiest candy to ever touch your tongue?
3. What candy do you eat as a substitute for lunch? (Which fills you up the most?)
4. What candy do you eat as a substitute for toothpaste? (You know you do it.)
AND 5. What candy do you eat as a subsitute for your vegetables? (Ie. The healthy candy you use to rationalize your unhealthy eating habits?)

Questions about Questions!

1. What questions have you had the most fun answering?
2. Does it confuse you when people don't number their questions?
3. How many questions have you asked? Just take a stab if you don't know.
4. When you look at questions, do you automatically form judgements of the people posting them?
5. Do you generally read other peoples' answers before you answer? After? Never?
6. Are you more likely to ask a question or answer one?
7. What was the last question you asked?
8. The first? If you remember.
9. Do you like to fill out polls?
10. In your opinion, who asks the best questions?
11. When you post questions, do you usually answer them yourself?

My answers in the comments! :)

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So I am tipsy going on drunk, and I haven't eaten anything yet since lunch.  But I am also tired.

Should I just skip dinner, finish my vodka and juice, and go to bed, or have a bowl of cereal?

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What html would I use if I wanted to allow someone to click on a link and have a yahoo instant messenger box pop up, addressed to me? (yeah, I know they'd have to have yIM first, dur, heh.)

I appreciate the help like crazy. Thanks.

nail polish


what removes nail polish other than nail polish remove(r)? i just ran out and still have nail polish left of one hand.


EDIT: Those triangle buffers work good too!

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Why are Michael Jacksons kids white?

If they were really his kids wouldn't they have darker skin? He's actually a pretty dark dude so you think they'd look at least a little tanned? I know that some biracial kids of African American decent can be born with very light skin but come on, all of them?

Am I the only one that finds this all a little suss?

Edit: What's the stupidest thing you've done while playing video or computer games?
Earlier today while I was playing Deus Ex; IW, I whistled at the TV to get a guys attention... who was a bad guy in the game. Yes, I am fucking retarded.
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in ur blank, brains, grunny

Puzzle Quest help.

I'm playing Puzzle Quest and I keep getting stuck on this one puzzle... I asked on Gamefaqs already but either they don't know or they're all ignoring me.

Collapse )

Rules: Pieces move one space in any non-diagonal direction, as long as they can complete a row/column of three. The glowing skulls on the bottom row explode when matched and take out the squares immediately around them, including diagonally. All pieces must be removed to win.
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The Dude Abides

(no subject)

1) Do you have a blog?

2) Have you ever heard of Project 365?

3) What would you do if a picture you took ended up on a blog written in a language you didn't understand?
3a) Can you read German? If so, and you feel like it, could you translate this for me please?

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How can I get the courage to contact an old friend? I've asked before about whether or not it would be a good idea to talk to him at all (his girlfriend hates me with a passion, but won't tell anyone why), but every time I go to do it I chicken out.

Why does my dad freak out if my mom goes out with her friends, but he goes out with his all the time?

Did you ever go out with somebody your family/friends hated? Did they tell you while you were dating, or after? Did it change how you thought of the person?