March 29th, 2007

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Ever hear of the band Zeromancer?
If yes, what's your opinion of them?

So your boyfriend sends you a message one morning, after having a major mental breakdown, telling you he isn't in love with you anymore. He later takes back that statement and says he is still in love with you and wants to marry you one day. What's your reaction?

The other day I made  A LOT of fudge, which is now idly sitting in my fridge. I'm not going to eat all of it, and neither is my family. What should I do with it?
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Internet Connection?

Once a day, every day, around like midnight through 4am my internet goes out. I'm disconnected from everything, yahoo, aim, online video games, etc for just half a second. What's causing this and how can I fix it?

I know it's not my internet connection cause I have two computers and the other one doesn't get disconnected. I'm hooked up through a router and have cable internet, and Windows XP.

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1) What is one thing you have in common with all or most of your friends?

2) Is it normal to have no desire to have lots of friends? I have a couple I've known my whole life and I'm content with that, but my boyfriend thinks it's a problem.

My brother went back to his girlfriend :(
I hate hate hate her (never said anything to her face about it, though, I didn't want to upset my brother) and tonight she straight up called me a bitch and a dyke while on the phone with my brother (he was on the phone with her in my room and I could hear her perfectly) and yelled at him for twenty minutes about who even knows what.

3) How does someone as laid back and friendly as my brother be in a relationship with someone as high strung and moody as her? I honestly don't see how they even get along sometimes, let alone date.

4) Why would someone go back into a relationship that's just extremely dramatic and hurtful?

5) Would it be a bad idea for me to buy 1 or 2 pregnancy tests to keep around just in case? I hated having to wait for the store to be open to go buy a test when I was freaking out (negative btw, thank god) and if I ever think I might be again I'd want to know right away, but I don't know what my boyfriend would think about this (or any family member who might happen to find them).
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I'm sooooooo tired

So, why the hell are you awake?

Casino Royale: good Bond, bad Bond, indifferent? What'd you think of the opening's lack of naked women?

What do you want to shamelessly brag about?

Are your delicate internet sensibilites offended when someone uses a NSFW icon in somewhere that isn't meant to be SFW?

What if, new friend, what if your stomach had a party and every shiv was invited?

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Have you ever had chicken pox?
If so, do you have any scars from the pox?

I have a scar near my eyebrow that bothers me sometimes. I notice it everytime I look at mirror up close, and I feel like other people can see it, but it's small enough not to notice.
My ex had a few scars on his body.  When I asked him what they were from, he thought it would be funny to tell me his dad burned him with a cigarette when he was an infant. I was not impressed by his stupid joke.

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I broke up with my long term boyfriend on New Years eve. I met someone else a month and a half later, trouble is he is Australian and is now back there [grrr i'm in England]. We can't be together until july, and even then it's only for a month.
I am so sick of sleeping by myself, it's lonely :-(

Is anyone else sick of being single?
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Imaginary Friend Mental Problems

Being awake

I went to bed at 5:30 AM yesterday, and didn't get up till 4:45 PM. Then I went to bed at 3:30 AM, and found myself up at 6:30! (after a largely restless few hours)

WHY THE HELL AM I AWAKE NOW? (any type of answers welcome - but "because you touch yourself at night" is NOT a good one! :P)

Bleh... I'm going back to bed.

No, I did not have caffeine in any form before going to bed.
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Sanjaya!!! RANDOMNESS!!!

I hope this hasn't been asked recently, because I'm really curious.

1) Why does everyone hate that Sanjaya dude? I just watched a few of his performances and they really weren't that bad. He's kind of generic, but he's on pitch. His version of You Really Got Me was all growly and with personality! But...I mean...American Idol...generic...makes sense, right?

Also, bonus questions:
2) Has Kevin Smith become a self-referential piece of shit? (Yes, after Chasing Amy, it's been all downhill.)
3) What kind of digital camera do you have and how long ago did you buy it? (Canon Powershot S3 IS and last weekend.)
4) Green tea pocky: yes or no? (Yes please, though I've only found it in Chinatown.)
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1. when was the last time you took a break from watching tv, and what was the reason?
2. what happens to you when you get completely and totally stressed out?
3. what is your definition of a nervous breakdown?
4. when you feel like shit, what is the one phrase that people say to you, that makes you want to smack them in the face w/a chair? (i.e., "you'll be ok" or "this too, shall pass", etc...)
5. what're a few things you like to do when you are alone?
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I clench my teeth at night, but don't grind them. Is this still bad for your teeth? When i wake up in the morning I can feel it in my jaw under my teeth. It doesn't seem like a bite plate would help seeing as how its just pressure and not grinding. Its been going on for about a week and a half now and it has to stop, what should I do?

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After reading a question a few posts down...

When you're talking about bugs or other kinds of crawley things, do you get a feeling like something is crawling on you?
Yes, especially a couple of years ago, when my house was practically taken over my fuckin ants and if something brushed against my skin I'd freak out and think they were trying to eat me alive.

What was your reactions after learning about creatures like mites?
I wanted to burn my clothes for a few minutes, I was so disgusted. Then I just wanted to stay in the shower forever.

And now an unrelated question...

If your SO asked for a nude picture, would you give it to them?
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A Ramen Noodle Diet

Here's a bizarre query for you.

What would happen to a person if they went on a Ramen Noodle diet? Let's imagine they ate standard, sodium laced American-style instant ramen five days a week for lunch. Two packs, 800 calories. They either did not have breakfast or dinner, or if they did, it was 1000 calories max and something small like a hot dog or a bowl of soup.

Would they presumably need to add some supplements to make sure their internals didn't explode? Fiber supplements, multivitamins, etc.

(Yes, I am somewhat doing this until my finances stablilize, simply because it's easy to do at work.)

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1. What is your favorite place to do online shopping for clothes? (bonus points if they sell cool sweatshirts)

2. Do you shop online for things that you could go to the store and buy?

3. What is the age difference between you and your partner? Your best friend?

4. Did you sneak out of your house a lot as a teenager?
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What do you think is potentially the most boring job ever?
For me, it's a toss-up between the Battery store people, the Inkjet store people, and the Fireplace store people.

Borders, Barnes & Noble, or something else?
Borders,, or

Blingo or Winzy?

Have any of you Winzy users won ANYTHING besides points on there?

For Harry Potter fans: Are you going to get pissed when I make an icon of spoilers my default icon when the new book comes out? 

Oh, oh, one more. When is it okay to not have your dog on a leash?
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Another Ticketmaster Question

For non-general admission shows, do you typically specify where (what section, etc.) you want or do you let Ticketmaster choose by selecting "Best Available?"

I know what section I want but I also don't want to waste time selecting it, having it search, only to tell me there is nothing there, and then have to go back and say "best available" which I should have just done in the first place.

On the other hand I don't know that I trust them to select for me and that their "Best Available" really is...

Edit: Back in the day...'lo ten+ years ago, I would die before thinking of doing anything but G.A. and waiting in line outside and rushing the stage. Been there, done that. These days, I want to sit. I want to get up and go to the bathroom. I want to drink. So hence, the seat.

Update: I got tickets. Not the best but I have a feeling they are reserving the better ones for later. And as paranoid and stressed as I am, it's better for me to at least have pretty decent tickets than to hold out and wait and try to get better ones. So yay! (This was, BTW, an Internet presale with password. So who knows what will be available for the general sale. Could go either way.)
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1.) If you sleep next to somebody on a regular basis, who usually falls asleep first, you or them?
2.) Do you snore or do any other exciting things in your sleep?
3.) Whats the longest you've gone without sleep?

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So, in elementary school, we did this program called Type To Learn. It was super fun and it's part of the reason I'm such a good typist. I'd really like to play on it again. Does anyone know where I could find it? I tried Googling, but all I got was programs you had to pay for which stinks, and stupid reviews of it.

How did YOU learn to type?
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Random as usual.

1- Are you reading any books currently, apart from school-related ones? Which, if so?
2- What are you waiting for to happen in the month of April?
3- Anything you're NOT looking forward to in April?
4- Is there anyone near you right now?
5- What would you like more at the moment: a hug, $5, or a couple of chocolate bars?

1- Yeah, the fourth Harry Potter book. Oolala.
2- My bestest friend in the whole wide world is coming to a visit for a week. :>
3- Easter. With the family of hooligans. Great. :(
4- No, and I'm kind of wondering why.
5- Chocolate! I've got a headache, but am not allowed to take any sort of headache meds with my prescription supposedly. :( So sugar would help immensely.

are you a movie junky?

1. do you?
a. watch movie only once
b. watch movie more than once {which movies do you do this with?}
c. watch movie and the special futures
d. watch movie, special futures and movie with commentaries and whatever else the DVD offers

2. what's interests you more?:
a. final product - the movie
b. how it was all put together - the process of making a movie

3. What did you do lastnight? ( I watched Iron Jawed Angels and Quinceanera )
4. What'd you have for dinner? (we went to a authentic mexican restuants and it was uber cheap and uber good!)

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1. Serious question: If Stephen King were to suddenly decide to write children's books--normal, happy-ending children's books, no horror--should he use a pen name? (Regardless of whether it is general public knowledge that this is a penname of his for this purpose.)

2. Non-serious question: What should his penname for that purpose be?

MS Excel question

I'll try to make this short &sweet whe using Excel, what do you have to do so that a number starting with 0 is shown corrctly in a cell?  I'm using the program to make a datatbase for client account info, but every time I have an account number like this "089573" Excel drops the "0" in front and just shows "89573".

Is there any way that I can get it to display "0" as a first digit?

 Answered- Thanks!  And I apologize for the dropped letters (stupid wireless keyboard!) and my boneheadedness in not getting some peoples' suggestions.  I'm a lil' slow today....

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1.  Two people are in a relationship.  One of them doesn't care that much for sex and is fine without. The other is horny all the time and always wants it. Strangely compatible or doomed to failure?
2. What's a trait that you could never deal with your SO having? (can be answered whether you have one or not)
3. If you have a SO, what is the thing you butt heads most on/disagree with most? C'mon, there's something!
4. If you shave (anything), do you use shaving cream or soap? Or some other unmentioned substance?
5. Strangest thing that has happened to you in the past week?

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why aren't there parachutes on passenger airplanes? is there a real reason?

does anyone else have recurring plane crash dreams? are you on the plane, or watching it from afar?

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While driving somewhere you accidently hit a bike rider. He is injured, not horribly but injured none the less. He is not angry with you, he realizes it was an accident. To be nice, you go with him to the hospital. They give him a pretty serious pain killer, and he starts to talk. Turns out he works for a production company and he knows things about a very popular secret/mythology based show or book (think LOST, Harry Potter etc.) and he tells you the ending of this show or book. When he realizes what he's done, he begs you not to say anything, he could lose his job.

So, do you say anything?

Odd "What If", I know. My SO is into Harry Potter and is making me stay off the Internet when the last book comes out so we both can avoid another SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE incident. Honestly though, I could keep it a secret if it were LOST since no one I know IRL is into the show, but Harry Potter would be hard to keep secret.

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Why'd you join the question club?

If you could describe Cambodia's current economic status in 3 words or less, what would it be?

Would it bother you if I asked all my questions with inverted question marks from now on¿

Will you write a creative short story about my birth¿

buying potted flowers

quick! if I was going to buy a simple, easily taken care of flowering plant for my boyfriend (so it doesn't have to be necessarily *flowers*, he has a cactus right now)--what should I look for at, say, a grocery store?
or at target? (do they carry potted flowers?)...hmm.

thanks in advanced! :)
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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1 - I posted an item on eBay and someone won it ... on March 15th. Since I don't accept paypal...I usually give the people a week for them to send the money order. I've contacted the eBayer if she sent out the money cause I never got on March 22nd, she said she'll go get the money order. It is now March 30th, and I haven't received the money in the mail, yet. Should I give her more time or report an unpaid item?

(She lives in still in the states. She's also recieved over 400 positive I don't want to ruin anything.)

Has anyone ever reported an unpaid item on ebay? What happens to them ?

2 - What's the cutest thing that's near you? (Pictures optional.)

Mine: Free Image Hosting at It's the April picture on my calendar.

3 - What's the weather like where you are right now? (57 degrees...windy.)

4 - Last thing you bought?
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1. Are you excited about the baseball season starting next week?

2. Do you have plans to see any games?

3. What are your plans for this weekend?

4. What color do you wear most often?

5. What color do you never wear? Why?

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I'm using a public computer right now. The one I have at home won't start. Every time I try, I get an error screen saying it was unable to start up. I'm pretty sure it's a virus. How can I fix this?
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Gamer Questions

I bought a Nintendo DS yesterday. I'm excited, it's been pretty fun so far.

1. What are the best games for Nintendo DS?
a. Action?
b. Sim?
c. Weird?
d. RPG?
e. Other?

2. Which is better, Brain Age or Big Brain Academy?

3. The DS can also play Game Boy Advance games, so what games would you recommend?
a. Action?
b. Sim?
c. Weird?
d. RPG?
e. Other?
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(no subject)

1. How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
I think I was 12.

2. How long did you have that phone?
About a year and a half.

3. How many have you had since then?
I'm on my 4th or 5th phone now.
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Is it possible that the scar on Harry Potter's forehead is a horcrux, and Harry will effectively have to kill himself to wipe out Voldemort?

Or would Harry and Voldemort both dying contradict the prophecy?
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(no subject)

tell me about a person that has touched your life (whether in a good or bad way) which led you to become the person that you are today?

what are (3) things you hope/hoped (if you're already a parent) to instill in your children once you become a parent?

what's something you wish they would've told your parents (about being parents) when YOU were born?

Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Inspired by this post:

Do you think they should make a Six Degrees of Wikipedia game?

What topic should be the 'Kevin Bacon' of Wikipedia? Personally, I say porn. Somehow a lot of my searches ended up at the porn page, even if I started out with a completely innocent keyword.

(no subject)

This is wack and weird. but... My sister and i are both looking for just plain normal black zip up hoodies that aren't expensive. and we can't find them anywhere! Where would you get them?
Hows your day going?
What was your last SO's name?
Do you (unconsiously) date people who's name begin with a common letter?
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(no subject)

1. What is your favorite candy/sweet?
2. What is your favorite chocolate bar? (if that wasn't your answer to #1)
3. What country do you live in?

I'm an American who has recently fallen in love with Malteasers and Dairy Milk bars. Damn you imported candies for being so expensive!
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Marshmallow woes

This morning I made some vegan marshmallows. I followed the recipe exactly and they still came out disgusting. They are like super sweet, sticky, and dense like chunks of jello. They are inedible.

They look like this.

What should I do with them?

The search for truth in the condiment aisle

Peanut butter: an athiest's nightmare. Interesting. I didn't know that lightning was instrumental in the 'buttering' process, or that peanuts were non-living things. The things you learn from the interwebz!

1. If peanut butter supposedly disproves evolution, what scientific truth does a Twinkie prove or disprove? Only 'legitimate' scientific comments welcome (so kidding)

2. If the whole theory of evolution can be rendered null and void by the Jiffy Company, does this mean that eating a PBJ has just as much moral benefit as going to church? After all, you're supporting the enemy of athiesm, apparently

3. Does a jar of sugar-free peanut butter have an additional scientific lesson to offer on top of discrediting Darwinists? What is this lesson?

4. Should Peanut Butter Jelly Time be the new hymn-like mantra uttered by the creationists?

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Do you have a CiCis pizza in your area?


Boston Market?



Dave and Busters?

We don't have any of these near us, yet they're constantly advertised on tv.  Well, we're getting a few sonics, but still.

Work Poll

Here is a poll for those of you who work/have jobs:

What sort of job do you have?

A job that requires you sit at a desk for the majority of your day.
Something other than the above.
Both a desk job and something else.

In a typical work day, about how much of your time is spent actually working (not messing around on the internet, chatting with coworkers, etc)?

None (0%)
1% - 15%
16% - 30%
31% - 49%
51% - 65%
66% - 80%
81% - 99%

(no subject)

Say you have someone on your friends list who frequently posts complaints about the lack of comments on his/her journal. They have even threatened to start cutting people who are not commenting enough to their liking.

How would you respond?

A. I would beat them to the cut.
B. I would not give a shit and just cut them if they cut me.
C. I would leave them a comment that they are being ridiculous (or something along those lines).
D. I would feel a bit sorry for them and attempt to leave more comments.
E. I would make it my life's sole purpose to respond to every single "my cat farted" post this person makes.
F. I would do something else. (please explain)
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Website charges

I'm an experienced web designer, but I've only started to take clients recently. I have no idea what to start charging, and what price range is normal for what I'm doing. Should I charge a flat rate, or what? What's the usual price for custom websites?
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Squirrel/Bird Food

Hey all.....

I've been googling, but I can't find exactly what I want.

In our yard, we have 2 squirrel feeders, wild bird feeders, and hummingbird feeders. I've been buying the seed for the bird feeders and we make our own hummingbird food.

The thing is, I want to start making the blocks of squirrel food myself. Buying the pre-made blocks is getting kind of expensive. (Between the birds and 2 squirrels, we go through 2 a week).

I know they use corn, various seeds, and peanuts in the blocks, but what do they use to keep it all together? I can purchase a bag of squirrel food for the same price of 1 feeder block and I can use that to make 2-3 blocks.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Assist an Admin...

SO I am on the job hunt safari!

Right now I need some quick information that will help me in my interviews. While I do know what I'm doing and have good Admin experiences, it would be nice to take a gander at elements of the AA job I'm interested in that I haven't done yet. Like expense reports, or a variety of meeting minutes. (No, not looking for your confidential information!) Yes, so that I can say I am familiar with what's needed and can hit the ground running at a new firm.

There are tons of Admins out here right now. What are some good resources online for me to check out? Books that would help me are cool too.

In other news I leave for Puerto Rico in a weekEND and I got blisters from my new birks. Any solutions? Want pics?

Riding the bus with whoever...

Inspired by this post:

You get on the bus. There are only four seats available. Your options are:

A.) An overweight man who is taking up 3/4's of the seat. If you ended up sitting there, 90% of your body would end up in the aisle, meaning you'd have to get pushed against whenever someone had to get off, and the edge of the seat would be cutting into your thigh.

B.) A cute little child who smells like death warmed over. I'm talking rotten eggs, vomit, and piss all rolled into one.

C.) A shaky old woman, who not only looks like the host from "Tales from the Crypt" but is constantly sneezing, hacking, wheezing, and coughing into a tissue that is well past its prime

D.) An empty seat with what may or may not be a large peice of shit on it.

What seat are you sitting in?

NOTE: Standing is not an option.

What to do....?

I've been working at my first job after getting my degree for about a year now and have come to realize I don't enjoy it much and it doesn't pay well. I've been trying to think of other things I've wanted to do or been interested in and looking into changing my career. So, with that here come some questions.

For people with jobs...
1. What do you do for a job?
2. How long have you been doing it?
3. Did you intend to do this or fall into it?
4. Do you enjoy what you're doing? Y or N, why?

For everyone...
5. What is your dream job? Better yet, what would you do if you weren't afraid?


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I call this one:

"shut up you aren't pregnant just because you had sex two days ago and now your boobs hurt get off lj plz" ! I want to tally up the answers at the end and see how the two numbers compare.


1. How many times have you thought you were pregnant? Even if it's a tiny stupid little kinda sorta maybe my period was three days late so I took a test. Even if it just sort of crossed your mind at all at all at all and you didn't actually take a test or anything. (best estimate)

2. Out of those, how many times were you actually pregnant?

My answers: 1. Probably a dozen. 2. Once.

[EDIT] So for everyone saying "Zero/Once/Etc.. that I know of" what do you mean? As in, you don't want to exclude times where you may have had a fertilized egg and it was miscarried within the first month? Or is someone giving you abortions in your sleep :(
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(no subject)

This question goes out to anyone living 'on their own' (no longer at home with parents) or adults still living with parents who pay for their own car, cell, insurance, etc. Have your parents ever given or loaned you money to get you over a tight spot financially? My sis ended up in a tight spot financially a few years back and my mom refused to help her. My grandmother ended up giving her a couple thousand dollars. I just wondered if other had this experience with parents refusing to give adult children money.

(no subject)

Have you ever experienced times when you feel like something has been stolen/taken away from you? What do you do?

How do you cope with anger? I am so angry right now over nothing at all I think.

funny signs

What are some funny English translations you have seen in non-English-speaking countries?

For example, in Kyoto, Japan, I saw a sign next to a staircase that said, "This area is entranse 2nd floor. Don't shit down!!"

In Prague on a restaurant menu I saw "mad pipple" was one option for a pizza topping. (We figured out from the other languages it meant eggplant.)

(no subject)

If you google your full name, either legal and/or the nickname you use, are any of the results on the first page actually about you?

I thought for sure my journal would be up there, but it's not.


1. Can a cop make a gay man/woman walk a straight line?
2. What's your favorite homestyle-turned-healthy recipe?
a) What about mock recipes? (eg: a 'cheesecake' made with cottage cheese and jam)
3.  Wanna fight about it?

This is a BIG stretch, but...

...does anyone here have the book I, Carmelita Tropicana, about the Cuban performance artist?

If so, would you mind posting one of the monologues from that book? My friend wants to perform it in our PRIDE's "Transvestite Debutante Ball" tomorrow and the post office screwed him over by returning the book before he could pick it up. We can't find any monologues via Google, either.


(no subject)

Okay, I think it's been established that a lot of people in this club owns (or at least has read) the Guide to Getting it On.

My new question is, what are some good sexuality books that you have read?

Mine have been "Sex for One" by Betty Dodson, and "The Surrender" by Toni Bentley

Conversely, what are some of the worst books on sexuality that you've read?

Right now, the one that comes to mind is "Talk Dirty to me" (I forget the author... but it reads like a French Existentialist coming from a soft-core porno)
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Money money money.

Of you and your SO (assuming you have one), who is more financially responsible? Do you split responsibilities, keep them separate, or does one of you more or less take over everything?

The boy and I are moving into our new apartment this weekend and have decided that I'll be handling money, down to a level at which he'll get a weekly cash allowance from me. I think it's funny that he's not bothered by the idea at all, since it used to be that my sister had to ask her husband for grocery money while he had a weekly allowance for video games D: I still boggle at that.

It's been working well for the last year or so, but it was difficult to keep up with his stuff because we had mail going to three different places and were living an hour apart during the week. Any advice for streamlining things, since there's bound to be something I won't think of?
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(no subject)

I have a cat question too!

Does anyone know why my kitty likes to lick Tupperware? Does anyone have a cat that also does this?

ETA: I'm talking clean, out of the dishwasher Tupperware. He licks the ones stored in the cupboard.

(no subject)

have you ever bought anything refurbished?

what was it? were you satisfied?

i want to buy this

good idea? bad? it'll only be used [at the most] about two hours a day [to and from school] so i don't feel the need to go off and buy something really fancy dandy. but then i don't know much about mp3 players so i don't know if it's a wise decision to buy one refurbished.

so should i buy refurbished or brand new?

and the whole warranty it necessary? it comes with a limited warrant for one year.

(no subject)

I'm watching the local news right now and they are broadcasting live from my college campus. I find it strange that I'm watching on TV some lady who's actually quite near me right now. Also I get to watch some part of campus without leaving my room!

1- Have you ever been on the news??? Local? National?
2- Why?

also, some questions everyone can answer!

3- what should you be doing right now?
4- are you craving any food right now? What? will you eat it?
5- what are you wearing?

also one more.

6- the toilet water in my dorm is brown!!!!  Because they are doing something to the pipes or something. Does this mean when I try to shower tonight the water will be brown :(

Okay Dr. Question Club

For the past three months I have had a sore throat that comes and goes. Right now it is here. An ache, that hurts when I swallow.

I have allergies, but they have never given me a sore throat.

Can anyone help diagnose me?

The Original King of Pop

Hi everybody.  I'm trying extremely hard to find a song called What Does It Matter by Henry Burr, but I can't seem to find it on or anywhere else on the internet.  I'd be happy to buy a CD if it's got this song on it.  Do you have any idea where it might be?
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1. I've never had cats that liked any food other than their cat food and the occasional tuna, so I don't know what kind of human food is good/bad for cats.  But...

My two kittens LOVE bananas, as is evidenced by their teeth marks on banana peels we find on the floor.  They also love raw potatoes.  So my question is, are bananas/potatoes bad for cats or can I let them have one to play with/gnaw on?

2. Am I the only person who can only spell bananas by rapping it like Gwen Stefani?
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What's your favorite flavor of gatorade? I never used to drink it because of the slimy texture but now I'm really digging the melon.

Also, there was this laid-back sounding song on the rock station radio today -- the man singing was either completely chilled and happy-go-lucky or completely sarcastic, didn't hear enough of the song to tell. Can you help me figure out what song that was? From my terrible memory, some of the snatches of lyrics go: " boss walks by", "I don't get mad when I pay the bills" "I tell you I've got love". Sounded like he was just singing about things that don't get him down. [I've tried looking up these phrases and can't find it. Hopefully the description will just jog your memory]

And does anyone here speak french-canadian?

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How do you do factorial on the TI-83 Calculator? I thought there was a (!) button for it? Sorry, this is probably the most annoying question ever asked.... nevermind, figured it out.
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Does anybody know how to fix this?

I moved about 5000 images (I attempted to screencap something) to the trashcan and now I can't open it anymore. Everytime I try Finder freezes and I need to Force Quit.
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so im watching Winning London
i.e. a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie
Have you seen any/all of the marykate and ashley movies
do you find them to be rather entertaining in a guilty pleasure kind of way?

my answers

yea ive seen em all. i was living at the cabin in the fall with one of my friends last year and there isnt much to do during that season so we went and bought em all for super cheap on one of our trips into a nearby town.

yes. i love them in a dorky ill watch em when im feeling ill kinda way
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Can anyone recommend some movies to download and/or rent from NetFlix?

I'm currently downloading Pan's Labyrinth, The Hills Have Eyes 2 and Hannibal Rising. I'm a huge horror movie fan, so anything along those lines would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

Embarassing Situations

You are in mid coitus and you discover that your deodorant has faded and you have a stink about you that is unpleasant. What do you do? How do you politely separate yourself and reapply the deodorant or do you bother?
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Resume GPA

Quick resume question:

Is there a rule about putting your GPA on a resume? I recall reading somewhere that you do not list it if it's below 3.0 or something like that. Has anyone heard of such a rule? And what is the GPA limit if such a rule exists?


whats the fastest time you can beat solitaire on the computer for three draw?
I did it in 56 seconds while I was at work the other day, i got a picture to prove it too!

also, if your a hockey fan, who do you think will win the cup?


I'm having a problem with my computer.

About a month and a half ago, I did a total system restore on my computer. It's an HP media center pc m260n.

It had been working fine until 2 days ago. Now it won't recognize disks in either the cd rom drive or the cd/dvd rw drive.

does anyone know how I can fix this? tahnsk.

Little bumps on lips

Hi all,
A couple of days ago I started getting an itchy spot on my lips, so I put Neosporin lip treatment on the area. Now, the whole area is red and itchy, and there's these tiny little bumps all over my lips that keep oozing pus! What the hell is it? An allergic reaction to Neosporin? What can I apply or NOT apply on it to help?

Mmm instant spicy lentil soup

1. Is there anything that has you quite excited at the moment? Whether it's for the present, past, or future?

a. If so, what is it?
My masters course is over! I have a month off to write some papers, then at the end of April I begin fieldwork, and write a dissertation drawing from my experiences. Huzzah! No more class for at least two years!

2. Should I cut my hair to right below my shoulders? I'm always at a loss of what to do with it, so some outside opinion would be nice.
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a. If you got a haircut recently, do you like it? Post a picture if you want!

3. If you sit in the seat of someone else when they move for a minute, to talk to a friend, do you relinquish the stolen seat if they return and stand behind you huffing about?

4. Inspired by an episode of Scrubs, if you could have one part of an animal attached to your body, what would it be?
I'd have wings like my Severe Macaw.
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Okay! I'm a horrible bartender and have a lot of people over drinking.

I know there's a website where you input what liquor you have and it will give you what drinks you can make. Anyone know what it is?

Also, whats your favorite:
a) Fruity drink?
b) Sweet drink? (sometimes same as A, but necessarily)
c) Dry drink?
d) Shot?

Also, recipes for those would be AWESOME! :D

Thanks TQC!
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Prime Minister!

I was watching TV with my dad and they mentioned the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom's address. I did not know what his address was until I heard this. However my dad claims that it is common knowledge.

Would you say this is common knowledge?
I hope not.

If you don't know the address, where do you live?
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What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
America's Next Top Model

What is your guilty pleasure movie?
I love 80s movies.. my two guilty pleasures are Valley Girl or My Best Friend Is A Vampire

What is your guilty pleasure singer/band/music group?
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Some unrelated things.

A) I really want to work at a porn store this summer, preferably something small and independently-owned [question within a question:are there porn store corporations anyway?]. Part-time. I think it would be fascinating. I am male and like meeting interesting people, but only for a short time. Good idea? Bad idea? Who's done this before? Any specific suggestions for places in Minneapolis? Will it numb me to anything and everything sexy?

B) Who else really wishes you were in a financial position to buy expensive tickets this past week and travel to New York or Chicago or Colorado or California or wherever for just a few days for the sole purpose of pilgrimaging to see Bjork in concert? Share your sob story, or just commiserate with me.

C) Wild Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Coke? I mean, yeah, I like raspberry ginger-ale more than both of those combined, but if you had to choose between the two--which?

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So I'm trying to burn CDs from my Windows Media Player. It gets about 3/4 of the way through, then it says it cannot burn the disc, tells me I should either choose a slower recording speed, or use a different CD. My speed setting is at the slowest, and I have a brand that's always worked before for me! What could be wrong?
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I have a really great roommate. When it's just the two of us, we get along really well (most of the time, of course). She's really insecure though. So whenever we get around people she wants to impress (which is basically anyone) and especially anyone I know better than her, she starts insulting me and yelling at me. I've had this problem before, and it just drives me crazy. What can I do about it?
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Ok, TQC, I need some advice. In June I will be heading to A-Kon in Dallas. This is a place to spend money. Lots of money. Last year I spent just under $360 in 3 days. Therefore, I need to save up. My brilliant idea was to take whatever I can spare from each paycheck (at least $20) and put it somewhere safe (i.e. not my wallet). However, I live in a dorm room. And it's not like I think my roomie's going to steal it, but I'd rather not just leave it lying around, and there aren't that many incredible hiding spots around (if I were at home, for example, I'd put it in this decorative tin next to my bed, but I don't have anything like that here). Any suggestions?

(Thanks in advance)


we've been infested with ants, teeny, tiny ants.
they're all over the place.
they are (most readily) coming in through the door (there is very crappy weather stripping, and we can't replace it).
we don't have food sitting out, but we do have a cat whose food sits on the floor and they seem to be attracted to it.
i don't want to use sprays, powders, etc. because of our cat and because my health is shaky, so my question to you, dear TQC, is this:
how the hell do i get rid of them, reduce their numbers, keep them out, anything to stop my home from becoming a gigantic ant farm beyond wiping them up every five minutes?!

do any of you have any idea?

ETA: okay, so far tomorrow, i'm picking up cornmeal, chalk, ant traps, lemons, cinnamon, and a torch (just in case).
if this stuff doesn't deter the little bastards, i'm going to head to the store again for boxes, packing tape, and apartment listings.
thanks, guys!

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1. Which fruits do you refrigerate and which do you just leave on the counter?

2. How tall do you wish you were? How tall are you actually?

3. Do you wear any jewelry all the time, even in the shower and to bed? What type is it?

4. What's your favorite topic of conversation?