March 28th, 2007


Pimple Problem

For those of you who get skin zits, what do you do?  Do you buy any extra products (if so, which), wait for it to clear up on its own, smear toothpaste on it, go to the dermatologist?   What?

I had this one pimple for the longest time, kept the area clean, and it was there for a week before I popped it, and obviously it got worse and now I got them running down my temple to my jawline.   It hasn't been going away so I'm looking for advice before I head off to the doctor or spend any money on this. 


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I'm going to bed earlier than I usually do, so why do I feel so much more tired than I usually do?

Do you start to feel heavy when you get really sleepy?
When my hands start feeling heavy, I know I'm usually not far from passing out :\

Death becomes you

They've revised the death penalty. There's only one type that's allowed now throughout the world. What should the universal capital punishment method be?

Lethal injection
Electric chair
Gas chamber
Dipped in honey and lowered into a cage full of starving wolverines
EXTREME caning (moreso than it normally is)
Firing squad
Walking the plank (over water that's been properly littered with chum)
Drowning (or they give you the witch test. You get to not drown...if you're a witch)
Repeat poking with a pointy stick until a ...pointy stick tip-sized hole appears
Sexual exhaustion (your choice from among 10 burly prison guards)
Old age (or no death penalty)
Forcefed grain until your stomach bursts (then they harvest your liver and serve it as premium foie gras)

You're on death row! Oh Noez! By what version of death do you leave this mortal plain?

Firing squad
Plank-walking (over shark infested water)
Electric chair
Lethal injection
Gas chamber
Stoning (not the good kind)
You're forced to run with the bulls...with your ankles shacked just 6 inches apart
Sucker punch Mike Tyson in the chin and tell him you banged his mom last night like a set of bongos
Being eaten by Cannibals
Forced to go down on Paris Hilton (you're bound to get some kind of lethal, life-threatening STD)
Jump from a plane with no chute
Buried alive!

Russian roulette. There's a revolver on the table. 6 chambers, but only one bullet. You can't tell which chamber the bullet's in. If you aim the nose of the gun at your temple and pull the trigger, you win $50,000,000 (assuming you didn't find the bullet). Do you agree to play Ruskie roulette?


Yes, that's a scary game! Let's make it a bit more agreeable. On the table are 6 revolvers. That's 36 chambers. There's one bullet in one of them. That's a 35 out of 36 chance you'll succeed, and only a 1 out of 36 chance you'll fail. Again, 50million is offered. Do you play it now?


Maybe it's the idea of guns that's scaring you. Or money isn't enticing enough. How about this. There's 20 grenades on a table. 19 are deactivated and 1 is still live. If you pull one pin out, you get...3 WISHES! Only 5% death from kaboom and a 95% chance you'll get whatever you want. Want to play explodey roulette?


Still a bit scary for some people, eh? Ok, last offer. No death at all. 10 doors. 9 lead to rooms that contain $100k. 1 room leads to a room that contains a bed, viagra and Clint Howard and yes, you have to sleep with him. Will you play Troll Sex Roulette?

Only if I can 3way with his brother

(no subject)

1 - I am absolutely crazy to make a podcast. Can anyone who knows a tenny bit about how to record things suggest some inexpensive recording stuff? I use itunes primarily. Is it possible to use itunes for this purpose?

2 - If you were going to make a podcast, what would it be about... what do you have to say to the world?

Windows CD player problem :-(

My Windows CD player (You know, Accessories->Entertainment->CD Player) plays CDs, but silently! It's not to do with the volume, which is up. I can listen to CD tracks on Media Player, but I have to select each track separately on that, rather than being able to listen to the whole CD in one go. I downloaded a freeware CD player to see if it would work, but it had the same problem - the CD appears to be playing, but no sound! I have Windows 98SE. Any idea how to remedy my problem?

Thank you!
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My work requires that employees use a standard greeting and closing during calls. To ensure quality. And because they hate us.

It's long and awkward and condescending and it sounds horribly scripted and causes customers to hang right the hell up, which wreaks havoc on my stats. And therefore my paycheck.

Should I be a smart ass and not do it (or not do it correctly) or should I STFU and GBTW? What would you do?

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maroon 5 - matt

rugby icons

I have been looking for rugby icons for a while and it is really starting to drive me crazy because I cannot find any of people actually playing. It seems like most of the 'request' communities are all fandom ones. Yes, I could make them myself but they would just be bases and that is boring. I also googled and I didn't really get anything.

SO, What are some good communities that I can request such icons?
Or what are communities that make rugby icons?

Much thanks in advance!!
Me--State Fair

airline anxiety!

My boyfriend and I are going to Spokane in June for five days. I'm quite excited, as I haven't flown since 1997, but he's not really excited about the flying thing. He gets super nervous apparently, and he's a smoker, so that doesn't help either. Is there anything that can be done to relieve that anxiety?

And does anyone know what the weather is like in late June? I looked on Wikipedia, but I'm just curious if there's any residents who have a real insight--I need to know what to pack!
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1. How often do you see your cousins? Are you close with any of them?

2. How long is too long to make someone wait for sex?

3. If you are not from USA, what sort of things would you want to do if you came here? If you are from USA, what sort of things do you think someone from Denmark would want to do besides just see family?

4. When is the last time you wrote fiction?

5. How do you feel about having non-traditional students in your classes at university? Do they fit in at your school? Where do you go?
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(no subject)

Thanks to everyone that gave me ideas for the cheap honeymoons yesterday! We've decided to go to Lake Tahoe.

Anyways, on to my question. Does anyone know where I can get a bunch of cheap thank you cards? I am going to need a lot, anywhere from 50 to 200, and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I've looked at Walmart, the grocery store, and Hallmark, but they are too expensive there. I've looked at Card & Party Factory, and they were pretty cheap, but ugly looking. And I don't want to get them online, I don't want to pay for shipping and I want to actually see them in person, to see how they really look.

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So, the doctors have decided to evict my baby and will start preceedings on Sunday (if it matters, I'll be 38weeks 1 day pregnant and I've developed a condition called Obstetric Cholestasis, which is why they're evicting her). Given that my cervix is behaving a bit like a vault door in a bank, this will probably make things a little bit more difficult.

I'm going to buy some red raspberry leaf tea today, as I've been told that can help encourage things along. Unfortunately, I'm not in the position to be having unprotected sex (or sex at all, boo), as I'm single, and the father lives in another state. I will be doing more walking and hip rolling and all the stuff they suggest to help move things along.

I'm thinking i'll start some visualisation meditation things...but the idea of trying to visualise your cervix get the equivelent of a shoulder massage is just a bit silly :)

But what I want is some other ideas, and they don't at all have to be serious :) What do you think I can do to help my cervix relax a bit and dilate to make induction work better?
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Random ?'s

1) Besides maybe Martin Luther King, Jr and Billy Dee Williams, who's somebody that only has a full fledged mustache (no other type of facial hair) that's been successful and not been creepy? I guess we can throw Tom Selleck onto the short list too.

2) Kind of on the same topic who are some people who have made the world a better place for everyone who haven't been assassinated or had anyone attempt to assassinate them?

3) Slightly related to that, do you have any e-enemies?
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Has anyone eaten a durian before? I'm thinking of picking one up from the local market, but I have absolutely no clue how to go about cutting/eating it. I've heard they smell really bad, too. Exaggeration or fact?

What about mangosteens?

For those who have eaten both, which did you find tastier?
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(no subject)

Do you recycle?

Do you think American Idol has jumped the shark?

Would you ever get rid of a pet if you were expecting a child?

Besides eating it plain, what can you do with a 5-pound box of Matzoh? SRS ANSWERZ PLZ OMG.

Reposted with corrections so as not to confuse. Sorry you guys. :( I'm tired.

Poll #955671 You sexy thing, sexy thing you!

Are you male or female


For those who are in a relationship, which of you is more interested in sex, or asks for it more? If you're single, think generally of past relationships.

They are.
I am!
It's pretty even.
I've never had sex but they are/were more physical
I've never had sex but I am/was more physical.

If you're the one who wants/initiates/asks for sex more often, how do you feel about it?

Ultimately negative, either from awkwardness, feeling needy/forceful, or because the other person isn't as interested or is satisfied enough, or other reasons.
Ultimately positive, either due to enjoying the control, not minding having to ask, or because the other person likes it that way, or other reasons.

How often are you currently having sex?

1-2 times a month/less than this
3-4 times a month
1-2 times a week
3-4 times a week
5-7 times a week/more than once a day

Now how often do you WANT it?

1-2 times a month/less than this
3-4 times a month
1-2 times a week
3-4 times a week
5-7 times a week/more than once a day


Are there any colors you dislike?

Why don't you like them?

I don't like orange - it's too bright and obnoxious and almost disgusting. Also, I don't know if this affects my dislike, but our school had a "Blue and Orange Day" in middle school and I was always on the Blue team and the Orange team always won.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any US or Canadian based websites that sell books in foriegn languages?  And not a book about learning another language...but actual novels and such in a foriegn language.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can't find anything.  I'm specifically looking for books in Italian.

Edit: Found what I was looking for, thanks for the options though.

<a href="

Stolen from vaginapagina

Several various questions for you girls
1. What is your idea of awesome sex?
2. Does your partner ever do anything normal (like watch tv) and just doing that simple act you desire them all of the sudden?
3. Favorite form of birth control?

Now for some random ones:
4. What movies should i watch tonight? (anything)
5. Do you know the 1st day you posted?

(no subject)

What do you guys think about the new compelling evidence that circumcision lowers risk of HIV by up to 60%?

My kid's getting cut, that's for damn sure.

ETA: Condoms aren't always available in small villages in Africa, where the study is being conducted. Check your classist assumptions about sexual education and condoms.

ETA2: "Studies suggest 5.7 million new cases of HIV infection and 3 million deaths over 20 years could be prevented by male circumcision in sub-Saharan Africa, the agencies said."


I'm bored and tired.  So it's question time.

You call a business, ask for the boss and are told yes he's here, hold on and your call is transferred to his line.  However, the boss is in a different office, doesn't hear his phone ringing/know the phone ringing is his and it goes to his voicemail.  Would you leave a message? Call back to the front desk and nicely explain he didn't answer?  Call back and be a bitch to the person answering the phone? Something else?

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Here's the deal:

My best friend's band [we'll call them Band A] is playing a local show in two weeks, as the opener. Band B goes on after them, and it just so happens that Band B is a favorite of my ex-boyfriend.
I don't know if the ex is aware they are playing, and I was thinking of letting him know about it, because I know he really really likes them, but I also don't want to be there if he shows up.

So, should I tell the ex his favorite band has a show coming up, and just leave immediately after Band A, or should I just not tell him and take my chances of having to make a quick exit anyway if he shows up?
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1- How alarming is it to you that the Chapters-Indigo website has a top tab just for Harry Potter? O_o

2- Do you surf the web at work/school when it's not break time? Are you at school/work now? ;P

3- If you ever jay-walk, do you at least make sure no cars are coming, or run like hell just in case? Or are you one of those idiots who walks out and expects traffic to slow down for you?

4- Why the hell did Raisin Bran put out an ad that was already used in the 80s?

5- Do you have any pictures nearby you? What are they of?

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work does not amuse

1. For those metal fans: What is your favorite black metal band? (I'm talking music so hard that it cannot even be deciphered into notes and such, just a loud torrent of rock)

2. Does anyone here suffer from psoriasis? What have you used to treat it, and does it work? Where is it on your body?

3. I have bread and beans, rice and some condiments.. can I make anything other than beans on toast?

4. Have you ever made a scene when quitting a job? What'd you do? 

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Make It Happen.

1. What do you know about the Farmer's Almanac? If anything, share with the class!
2. Is there any way to know the weather semi-accurately ahead of time? If so, how so?
3. What kind of food would you suggest having at a baby shower? And what about if you're on a budget?
4. What do you think of a shotgun wedding done with class/style/sense of humor? Do you think it's possible? (By this, I mean you have it and have the father of the bride bring a real shotgun, provided you are in a safe area, to shoot off once or twice in good fun...think Steel Magnolias. And you have a small wedding - vows and all taken seriously with just a few close family and friends and then have a bigger yet still small potluck "reception" with all the fixins of a spring BBQ and a pregnant bride!) How tacky is this really?

(no subject)

Aside from professional settings where we must write properly to convey an image of credibility, do you think grammar is important?

Why or why not?

In this age of ironically-improper cat macro grammar, do you think The Rules of Writing will eventually become the equivalent of eating french fries with a fork?
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Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. Has your house ever been on fire? Tell me about it, please.

2. What is your voicemail greeting?

3. What do you think about me based solely on my icon?

4. When sitting at a desk, how do you sit? (Both feet on the floor, legs crossed, one leg under you, etc.)

5. Have you read any Edward Rutherford books? If yes, what is your favorite one?
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(no subject)

Are you allergic to any medications? If so, which ones?

I was never aware I had any allergies to medications until just a few minutes ago when I read over a medical report I got in the mail(me and my mom are getting my past records for some veterans association survivors stuff). I took the medication Geodon a few years ago and it made me really shaky and sick and according to the report I'm allergic to it.

(no subject)

I'm throwing a surprise party for my boyfriend this Sunday night...except I have no clue where to host it! Oh wise TQCers, where in Boston, MA can I throw a good 21st bday party that will involve consumption of booze but the under 21 crowd will still be allowed in and can have fun? Nix on the nightclubs, he's not into dancing.
So&#39;s Toes

Mixed Drinks

Hi all. My friend got Blueberry Stoli (vodka) about a month ago and she just can't find something to mix it with.

And I have no suggestions for her because I've only drunk only vodka sours and would hate to come across a sour blueberry.

Any ideas?
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(no subject)

1. What is the last fruit you ate?
I just had an orange.

2. If you call this thing an "ice pop" where are you from?

3. Are you bothered by forks that only have 3 prongs?

4. I'm skipping class today because I'm an idiot and did not realize until this morning that we have a huge test today. I have to stay out of the house from 1 PM unitl 5:30 PM. Where should I go?
I know this is an irresponsible and shitty move but it would be even worse to go and fail as it's pretty much half of our grade for the class. I plan on going to the library and maybe out to lunch, but that will not take that much time.
Age 26

Fish on Fridays, Chicken on Sundays ...

I've heard that people traditionally used to eat fish on Fridays and chicken on Sundays. (And in a Shel Silverstein poem, leftovers on Monday) What about the rest of the week? Are there any traditional meals for the rest of the week? Maybe spaghetti on Tuesdays, pot roast Wednesdays? Heh.
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Isn't Wikipedia awesome?
Do you like to learn?

I started reading Wikipedia about two hours ago. I started on an article on the largest star known to man, then it went a bit like this: Largest star - The Sun - Solar System - Venus - Greek Mythology - Atlantis - Avalon - Glastonbury - Ghosts. Does anyone else do this? What's the wierdest thing you've ended up reading about? What did you start with?
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Poll #955658 Nintendo and Phys. Ed. class

Which is awesomer?

Mario Kart 64
Mario Kart Double Dash

What character do you prefer in Mario Kart 64?

Princess Peach
Donkey Kong

Which is awesomer?

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Legend of Zelda: Mask of Majora
Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

What do you normally name your character in Zelda games (the ones where you name your guy)?

Which is easier and what is your anatomical gender?

I'm a hermaphodite, you discriminating whore

Do you like dodgeball?


(no subject)

1. I stubbed my toe trying to get to the phone earlier when my boyfriend called. Don't you think he should apologize?

2. When he visits next week, should we have sex first and then lunch, or lunch first and then sex?

3. If you're partnered up, how long have you known your SO? Do you share a similar sense of humor?

4. Have any of you tried those Wolfgang Puck frozen pizzas? If so, which is your favorite?


Here are a few random piercing questions brought on by my BIL.

Parents, would you ever let your child get pierced by someone who hasn't had much formal training or isn't even licensed to do piercing?

Everyone else, would you ever get pierced by someone like that?

Parents, would you sue if your underage child came home with a piercing you didn't consent to?

Everyone, if you went to get a piercing and you didn't sign a waiver, would you sue if something went wrong?

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(no subject)

AGH. I AM SO IRRITATED. I cannot wait to move out. Despite one heart attack, a bypass, having carotid artery surgery, and an iliac arterial bypass/graft, plus her WHOLE FAMILY having a horrible history of heart disease, my mom CONTINUES TO SMOKE. I am at my wit's end with this; I have tried everything to get her to quit. Unfortunately I cannot babysit her all throughout the day because I don't get home from work til late at night. Plus she is my damn mother, not my child.. she should know to take care of herself, and gets mad when I try to look out for her. But I already lost my dad :(

It's gotten to the point where if my clothes come out of the dryer and sit in the laundry basket, they reek of cigarette smoke. The worst part? THE LAUNDRY ROOM IS EVEN IN THE BASEMENT. MY MOM DOESN'T EVEN GO DOWN TO THE BASEMENT. I have to literally wash & dry my clothes then IMMEDIATELY put them on and leave the house in order to not smell like smoke. Is there ANYTHING I can do to hide the smell of smoke besides the wash-dry-wear method? I just want to put my clothes in my drawers and not worry about anything :(
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Chapped Lips

I am so sick of chapped lips! I must put chapstick on at least every two hours or so (even has SPF). I also put vaseline on before bed time. But no matter what I seem to do, my lips are always dry, cracked (and yes, bleeding).

What's going on? How can I solve this problem?
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(no subject)

i'm giving you a check for $500 to spend RIGHT this second at any store of the interwebz... the catch is you have to buy something for someone else other than yourself, and they can't share it with you!

what do you buy? [link me to what you pick]
who is it for?
why them?
why that?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO thegreatone0381!

my pretty light

i have a lantern i got in morocco. it looks a lot like this - except the bottom is pointy like the top, so it's for hanging.

it has about a 1 inch diameter hole in the top, and is empty inside. no electrical hookups or nothin. i have it hanging from a hook in the ceiling, but i wanna put a lightbulb in it cos it has beautiful lavender glass. herein lies the problem.

i bought an extension cord with a lightbulb attachment at ikea - look at it here. but the lightbulb part is too big to fit through the hole in the top, and so is the end that plugs into the wall. i tried to pull off the lightbulb attachment, but it seems to be attached pretty premanently, as i'm assuming the wires need to be secured to it.

anyone ever had to do this? is there anything i can do? might i be able to find a cord where the lightbulb part pulls off? should i go ask home depot? i want pretty pink light :(

Creepy people

Due to the fact that I am in computer class and the person who is sitting across from me. It made me wonder about this: Can you think of a person who stands out at your school or work as being especially creepy? If so, please do tell, I have an hour left of class and I am in need of amusement.

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cupcake kitten

(no subject)

1.  What's the most popular/common grocery store where you live?
2.  Where do you live?

I was born in Virginia, where it used to be all about Food Lion.  Then we moved to Connecticut, which is mostly Stop & Shop.  So for a long, long time I thought that everywhere in the North had Stop & Shop and everywhere below the Mason-Dixon line had Food Lion.  Now I'm going to school in New York, where the big thing is Wegmann's (I don't actually know if I spelled that right), and I go to visit my bf in Texas, and their thing is Albertson's. I got curious.

(no subject)

1)For those who have a budget, do you do it monthly, weekly, or what? And do you do it on paper, a spreadsheet, the back of a McDonald's receipt? Are you really anal about it?
2)What activity/site-seeing/touristy thing would you say is essential on a trip to New York City?
3)On a scale of 1-10, please rate your stripping abilities. Have you ever done a striptease for your SO?

(no subject)

Let's say you are sitting on your front porch on your day off, doing some quiet private activity of your choice (reading, etc). You see this car slowly driving along your street. It stops and the person inside peers out at you and your house. Suddenly they roll down their window, whip out a camera, and shoot some pictures.

1. What would you think they are up to?
2. How would you react?
3. Would you prefer they stop and explain what they are doing, or drive away and leave you alone?

EDIT: by the way, this is what I do every day for my job. I have always wondered how the people feel.


The urban dictionary has a couple of different definitions for "FTW".

What does it mean to you?

2. Was Arrested Development killed too soon?

ETA: Any clips of Arrested Development you'd like to share?? (I'm bored at work.) Put them in the comments please! =)

(no subject)

When did you first "realize" you were in the adult world?

When I worked on my birthday the summer of 2006.  I've never done anything that didn't involve WOOTESSFUN, and it was a general pile of suck, lol. Go adulthood :P

(no subject)

I have to do a lesson with my 7th grade Spanish class tomorrow. The teacher told me that they are having some trouble with telling time in Spanish. I would normally just teach the class like normal, except they are very out of control a lot of the time. Does anybody remember ways that they were taught how to tell time in another language?
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(no subject)

i heard a song today that i sorta liked, but i have no idea who it is.
the voice sounded like justin timberlake, but i dont think it was him.
one of the lyrics said something like "im lost without you."
and it had the word explain in it a couple of times.
like, "i cant explain" or something.
and i think he said "i love you" a few times.
i think it was on a station that plays old and new music, so it could be either.

does anybody have any idea what im talking about??


what do you use for e-mail? if more than one, which ones? (hotmail, yahoo, aol, gmail, a school/buisness account, something else)?
why do you use that (those) service(s)?
do you use a program to access your e-mail? (in browser access, microsoft outlook, mozilla thunderbird, etc.)
why do you use that program?

(no subject)

I just ate half a can of corned beef by squeezing the can and being very careful not to cut my tongue/lips on the metal. I think I'm actually going to need a spoon to eat the rest of it.

What is the weirdest thing you've done lately?
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(no subject)

1. Does anyone know what happened to Television Without Pity? I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms! Edit I had heard that it was bought out by Bravo, but I figured it would still stay up...
2. If you are married, or have ever been married, how much did you spend on your wedding, and where did the money come from?
3. What is your philosophy on spending money, and why?

(no subject)

I'm expecting a very important phone call or email either towmorrow or friday, and it's been on my mind all day, so obviously the day dragged more than tiny tim in a race. i just can't take two more days of this.

So what I want to ask is: what are some good ways to make the time go by faster?

Funny answers are cool with me, I could use a laugh...

two in one day from me? wtf?

My mother has two dogs Well, technically, one is mine but she stays with my mom during nice weather because I live in an apartment and can't let her sit outside in the sun all day.

My mother also has a neighbor that constantly complains about said dogs, and has called the authorities about it numerous times. They gave us an understandable warning about the dogs not having their collars on, but the neighbor also keeps complaining about the barking and they have threatened to impound the dogs.

Both dogs are up-to-date on everything, registered, and altered. They are clearly not neglected, aggresive, or destructive. They are fenced in at all times, and all the house in the area have big yards [2acres] so they're not insanely close together or anything. The dogs are also only put outside for long periods of time during the daytime.
Yes, they bark at birds and squirrels and strangers, but that is what dogs do, isn't it? They do not bark incessantly, just sporadically throughout the day, but the neighbor seems to think even this is too much.

My question is, can the authorities force us to get rid of our dogs simply because they bark "too much"?

(no subject)

I have a weird video card problem.

I have a RADEON 9600 Pro video card. The drivers install fine and it shows up in Device Manager. What it doesn't do is show up in the Display Settings correctly. See screenshot:

Collapse )

Every time this happens, I reinstall Windows and it fixes it. If I don't reinstall windows but do swap in another video card (ATI or Nvidia), the problem goes away. I've got the newest video drivers from the ATI website.

Any idea how to fix this?

I planned on buying a new video card for this computer next month anyway, but I want to get the most life I can out of this one.

Boredom. Huh. What's it good for? Absolutely nothing

Leading cause of blindness

Out-of-control glaucoma with no health insurance
Sharp stick
Alien face hugger firmly wrapped around face. Check for tentacles
Eyelids sewn shut.
Tried my bestest to see the 'man in the sun' for an hour
Hysteria. You probably saw one of your parents naked
Cat sleeping on head. Check to see if it tastes like fur
Born that way
You're dead

Leading cause of toothache

Might be that right hook you took in that bar fight
Tried to suck the marrow out of life. Chipped tooth on the bone
It's cancer. Deadly face cancer. Hypochondriacs be warned
Surgically implanted honing device from last night's alien abduction is being rejected by your body.

Leading cause of it burning when you pee

You're may currently be on fire. Tell me if it smells a lot like burning hair
Someone's talking about your urethra (same way burning ears means someone's talking about you)
You're peeing on the third rail on a railroad track
God's appearing in your pubic hairs. Look down. Do you see a 'burning bush'?

Leading cause of STDs

Riding bareback on a 5-day Thai trip
Paris Hilton
Toilet seats (such as the type used in Thailand)
Greco-Roman wrestling with Ron Jeremy
Glory holes (specifically the ones found at gas stations and Father Arty's confessional)

(no subject)

My puppy ate the contents of my purse :(

We brought her over to the vet and she's perfectly fine now, but she ate my favorite bright pink eyeshadow AND my birth control. Now that I'm done being worried since she's fine, I'm just annoyed.

What's annoying you today?

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Hello, dearest Question Clubbers. I need some help from you (yes, YOU)!

1) Where could I find fairly reliable statistics on how much violence there is in American prisons every year? Where could I find statistics on how much contraband is siezed from prisoners each year?

2) How about a percentage on the crime recidivism rate in the U.S.?

3) Are there any statistics out there that suggest that rehabilitation programs might be more successful in controlling crime than incarceration?

I would appreciate any guiance you could offer. I know that Google is my friend and I did try to search on my own but I kept coming up with people's opinions or statements of statistics that didn't seem to have any factual basis.

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I've always heard that kids with less activity are more likely to get in trouble.

Do you think kids who spend all their time inside playing video games are less likely to get themselves into gangs or get in a lot of trouble than a kid without video games who has to go out and find fun(possibly leading to getting in with the wrong crowd)?

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1.  Have any of you ever stopped being attracted to someone that you otherwise love?
  I am having a hard time with this one.  I love my SO of 3 years, but I am just not attracted to him anymore.  I cringe whenever he tries to kiss me and I try to avoid having sex with him as much as possible.  I know this isn't normal, but I'm having a hard time deciding what to do.

2.  What were your great-grandparent's names? (which ever ones you  know)
       Daisy Ruth Revell, Darvin McDonald Myers,  Trellion Oswell McKenzie.  Can't remember the others right now.

2b.  Do you know any interesting facts about any of them?  

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Could anybody tell me what aftercare would be given to a woman who had just suffered a misscarriage at 10 weeks? Would the hospital do a scan & offer therapy?
& what sort of pain would she be in/how long would it last?

I have googled this but it's mostly facts and I don't know how reliable they are/if this applies to everyone. I'd appreciate some first hand knowledge of someone who knows a bit more about it.

My friend has unfortunately gone through this and won't talk about it. Obviously that's her perogative but i'd like to be informed so that if she ever does want to talk about it then i'll already know a bit about the clinical side of things.

Thanks :-)

Sex change doesn't end alimony.

Inspired by this article.

1. If a person gets a sex change operation do you think they should still get alimony from their ex?

2. If a person gets a sex change operation do you think they should still have to pay alimony to their ex?

3. "in the eyes of the law, nothing changed significantly enough" Do you consider a sex change to be a significant change?

4. Should the law be forced to recognized a sex change as a "significant change"?

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1) What is the best way to read/study Shakespeare?

2) I finally got over this boy I liked..I think! Now what do I do?

3) Tell me something that you have not told anyone before. It need not be a secret.
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Does anyone get mail from Books-a-Million?  My mom mentioned over the phone that if you were to go to a Books-a-Million store before midnight on July 20th, you could reserve the new Harry Potter book for something like 50% cheaper and you could get a reading light as a free gift.  She said she saw this on a postcard, but she threw it out.  I tried to find this online, but I couldn't find it on their website.  Does anyone happen to know if this is for all stores? 

Can you get Lindt chocolates in stores like Wal-Mart or Target?  My clarinet teacher gave me a really good Lindt chocolate bar for my birthday, and I want to get another one!!

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So I want to dye my hair but I cant decide what color to dye it.
My hair is naturally really dark but I dye it black. I really want to dye it a color thats going to stand out.
I've narrowed it down to 4 colors

lime green
hot pink
fire engine red
or some sort of blue

The only thing I'm worried about is what my shcool will say about my hair. Other then that its fine.

what color would you recommend?

edit: im not going to dye my whole head that color.
just highlights or maybe the underneath.
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I'm on a DVD rampage

what DVDs should I buy? Recommend away!

I love animation, documentaries and fantasy, but anything goes if it's good enough :)
I need to be reminded of classics that I haven't seen yet too.


i have a bunch of mirrors and i have this girl who'd like to buy them. they're 6 feet tall and 8 inches wide. they're also pretty thick and have holes at the top and bottom to hang them up.

how much should i charge her? she wants three

are there different qualities of mirrors? the ones at walmart and/or canadian tire all range in prices because they all come framed. the ones at ikea are always petty inexpensive, i assume its because they're usually thin. mine are thick and not framed. does this make a difference?

have you bought mirrors before? how much did you pay? what size were they?

do you wanna see pictures?

should i charge for delivery? [30 minute ride] bubble wrap for transport? am i pushing it?

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If you were to rate the overall attractiveness of the people you hang out with on a scale of 1-10, what would it be?
Probably about 9 o.O
I was hanging out with a whole mess of people the other day and I suddenly realized that I have a lot of very good looking friends. I usually don't pay attention to how they look, so I guess I just never noticed it before.

When you're drawing a person making some sort of expression, do you tend to make the same expression?
I notice myself doing this all the time, I find it pretty amusing, depending on what face the person is making.

Awkward Scenario

1. Let's say that you are in my situation:

You have a friend who has broke off contact from you since about a year and a half ago, over an issue. For the whole of that year you tried to explain things to her, but she ignored you completely. So about a few months back you gave up and stopped contacting her.

Recently a mutual friend has organised a gathering between you, the girl, and two other friends. He's going off to study overseas and he wants to meet up for the last time before heading off. You really want to go, but the fact that the girl will be there is bothering you. Should you not go? Go but ignore the girl (it's a small gathering, so that would be hard)? Go and make one final attempt to make things up between her and you? Bearing in mind that you tried for one year to make amends but she didn't give a damn at all.

2. Are you excited about Spiderman 3?

Quest for beads

Can anyone refer me to a website to buy those little round glass beads that commonly show up in boardgames as little markers? You can buy them in bulk at craft stores.

I need a site that will let me purchase a variety of colors, specifically ORANGE.

And what specifically are they called? Gem beads? Round beads? flat beads?

Any help is appreciated.
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Camera questions.

I own a Canon PowerShot A610 digital camera. It broke slightly not to long ago(not any big damage)and now after I got it back every time I turn it on it says "Card Locked!". And it will not let me take a picture. I looked all over the menu to look for a option to unlock the card but I haven't had any luck. What the hell do I do?!

A camera n00b

My ignorance with cameras has been solved!
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1)Is it possible for Mike Patton to be involved in bad music?
2)What new trick should I teach my dog? I think he's bored with the ones he knows already. He knows: sit, stay, lay down, turn around, roll over, shake, high five, and I have trained him to wear sunglasses. I tried to teach him to hold the treats on his nose but his nose is too little.
3)For those who said they have done a striptease, what song did you strip to? Or did you do it without music?
4)What are some of your bodily flaws that you hate?
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Ticketmaster + ticketing

Okay, so about a month and a half ago I ordered a ticket for a concert through Ticketmaster. Usually they send me an e-mail a couple of days later saying that my tickets have been printed and then I get them a few days after that. This time, though, I haven't received any e-mail confirmation nor have I received my tickets. Me being the genius that I am got the idea tonight to actually log into my Ticketmaster account and see what was up, and I see this message:

"Your tickets have been printed.
Your tickets were shipped via standard USPS mail. Items shipped in this way will arrive at least 48 hours prior to the event."

There's no way to tell when the message appeared.

It also says on the Ticketmaster website that "in almost all cases replacement tickets will not be issued for general admission seating or for tickets purchased using cash at a Retail Location."

1) My tickets are general admission, but that's the only seating available. Am I still shit out of luck here?
2) Is it likely that the ticket will still come in the mail, or should I give it a shot and call? The concert isn't until May 7.
3) Another show I want to go to goes on sale on Friday - should I try online ordering again or should I just go to the box office?
4) Is it cheaper just to go to the venue and buy a ticket? Paying $10.95 of additional charges on a $16 ticket is getting a bit tiring.
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1. What's the best vampire movie?

2. What's the best horror movie with cannibalism in it?

3. What's the best horror movie with a witch or witchcraft in it? (Besides The Craft, just cos.)

4. What's the best horror movie with a female killer? (Obviously answers may contain spoilers)

5. What's the best zombie movie?

6. What's the best horror movie you haven't mentioned yet for the other categories?

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I have a linksys router. This is my 3rd one now. The first one held out for a while, then after a year or two, it started randomly disconnecting me. A firmware upgrade temporarily fixed this, but then it started again, and I just got a new one.

The second one died under similar circumstances in a similar time frame.

Now im on my third and I think the same is happening and that I didn't just have a fluke.

Has anyone else had this problem with linksys routers?
Should I write a complaint letter?
Should I write the better business bureau if they ignore my letter?

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for one of my college classes, we need to do a big research paper using "unconventional" sources.

for those of you who stutter, would you mind answering a few questions for me? you can either comment back to me and i'll ask you here or if you'd like privacy, you can email me at

also, what is the proper usage for seen and saw? i mean like, "today i seen/saw a movie."

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1. Does anyone happen to know where to get batteries for a digital camera (HP Photosmart R707), without having to order them? I checked Staples (where I bought it), Best Buy, Radio Shack, and Camera Cameron (local place); they all either don't carry batteries for this particular camera or they'd have to order it. ;[

2. How competitive are you, if at all?
Not at all. I'd rather let other people win.

3. What is one thing you cannot sleep without, no matter how tired you are?
I can't fall asleep without the TV on. If it goes off, I wake up. I also can't sleep without some sort of illumination because I'm scared of the dark, lulz.
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1. Have you ever written something for school, it making complete sense to you and being very important to you, but then have your teacher not really understand it all and giving you an average grade? 
-I am pretty sure that's how tomorrow is going to go with the paper I just wrote. 

2. What do you do to stay awake during the day if you are really tired?
-Sometimes I'll drink an Amp or I'll try to sneak in a little nap somewhere. 

3. Where was the last place you scratched?
-my back bcuz it's been really itchy lately. 

4. Would you rather get high or drunk?
-definitely high.