March 26th, 2007


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OMG, help. I'm trying to think of a comedy skit I saw so I can look it up on Youtube. Not much success so far. It's either SNL or Mad TV, and it's about a couple who's gone into debt. There are two people selling some sort of credit-revival program and there sales pitch is teaching you how to buy absolutely nothing. Any direction?

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Is there anything you find amusing right now?

I left one of my dresser drawers open and my cat climbed in and fell asleep on his back with his legs and tail all splayed out, and he's snoring pretty damn loud. But he's cute, so it's okay :)

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1) do you watch Gene Simons: Family Jewels??
2) do you ever think about life?? do you think about the future, how one day you will be old in your bed dreaming about what you once were.. the things you did, how young and beautiful you were...the people who you knew that are no longer alive, parents, loved ones....friends... i dont know, iv just realised how fast time flies and well it made me feel deeply sad. i dont want to lose anything or anyone.
3) are you happy with what has happened in your life so far?

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my dog has what look like a ton of ingrown hairs on her elbows.  each elbow has a patch of just exposed skin, thats swollen, and when squeezed sometimes a bunch of hairs shoot out like a zit, other times just black pus.  she has had these for about two years.  when the vet checked them out he said it was nothing to worry about.  well... tonight i gently squeezed one of them, and she yelped very loudly.  after that she wouldn't let me get anywhere near her elbows to take a better look.  i didnt squeeze hard enough to hurt her.  has anyone ever noticed this in their dog?  should i take her to the vet?  maybe she needs antibiotics?  i tried google, but couldn't figure out the right way to search for this.. suggestions?

i'm sort of worried about my pup!

angry asian

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1. What is your opinion on college students and professors dating? *edit* To clarify, both parties are indeed unattached (my opinion would be different otherwise), and the student doesn't necessarily have to be taking a course by the professor.

I don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as it's not affecting their academic/professional relationship. Like, as long as the student doesn't get treated better or something. I've never really known anyone in this situation though.

2. Suppose that the date of your death is predetermined, and you can't do anything to change it. Now, if you could have as many wishes come true as you want, but for every wish, one year is taken off of your life span, would you still make any wishes? Mind you, you can't make wishes about your age or knowing when you die. Also, there's always the potential that your death could be in only a few years.

I think I would simply because I firmly believe that my death isn't for many, many years and I probably won't have an early death through an accident.

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1. If you were to have nicotine, valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy, alcohol, and cocaine all in one night, what do you imagine the results would be?

2. In that list of substances, how many have you tried?

3. If it's 6am and you haven't gone to sleep yet and someone tells you 'good morning' do you answer with 'good morning' or 'good night' or do you just ignore them?


1] Why do all the Role-Playing Games on LiveJournal use that itty-bitty, trendy, you-must-suffer-to-read-this, text?

2] Why do some LJ-ers still use blue-on-red or some other shitty, Omigod-I-just-found-the-internets-innit-purty, color scheme?

3] Is there hope for them?


For all those with anxiety disorders:

1.How did you get diagnosed?

2.Did your family believe something was wrong with you?

3.What types of symptoms did you have prior to being diagnosed?

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I just won a snowboard autographed by Eragon star Ed Speelers, which makes me pose this question:

a) What is the coolest thing you ever won in a contest?

b) What do you think would or should be offered as a potential prize to win in a contest?
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Do you think John Edwards should quit his Presidential campaign in order to spend time with his wife while she battles cancer, and his young children?

Where does the internet exist? Meaning, all this information, floating around... where is it?

Are you uncomfortable around people with disabilities? What sort of disabilities make you the most uncomfortable?

I'm super bored today, so let's do this: What do you look like? Pics please!
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1. I burnt the roof of my mouth off with sour skittles. How can I fix it?

2. Can you find your house on Google earth? Wanna show me?
Wanna give me your full details & credit card number?

3. What is the closest blue thing to you right now?

4. Do you carry condoms around with you? How many?

5. I haven't posted for a while, was I abducted & replaced by aliens?

Get your fash-on.

1. Do you think Stacy London's new show, Shut Up! It's Stacy London will be any good? Do you think it will get cancelled quickly?

2. Are big sunglasses out of style yet? What about pointed-toe shoes?

3. Do you, or does anyone you know, actually paint their nails a color? What about crazy manicures like this?

4. Do you show your midriff? If your midriff isn't your best asset, if you had an excellent midriff, would you show it off? This of course, isn't walking around with your belly hanging out, I mean in regards to tummy peeking out between the shirt and pants gap.

5. Wedge shoes: Yay or nay?

6. Do you use lipliner?

Some random, unrelated questions

Women, does it piss you off when someone assumes you can't do something as well as a man can?

Men, does it piss you off when a woman can do something better than you can?

Which is better, mediocre sex every day of the week, or great sex once every two weeks?

I have a difficult time winding down at night. I'll lay there and try to go to sleep, but I can't get settled. My mind will wander for at least an hour before I finally fall asleep. I'll go over things again and again and wonder what I'd do differently, or I'll think of something I need to do and then I'll go over that several times. Does this happen to anyone else? How can I get my mind to basically turn itself off so I can get some sleep?

Are those inexpensive notebook bags just as good as the more expensive ones? I basically only need it for 1 day a week right now, possibly 4 days a week this fall. They look the same, but if I can save some money I'd like to.


How do you fix ("recalibrate") a compass? The regular little magnetic needle kinds -- not the fancy digital shenanigans.

I have one in my car that is stuck on northwest.

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i have a coach signature satchel bag (sort of like this one but a bit older) that i absolutely adore. problem is, as i was unzipping the bag, the zipper got caught on part of a pad wrapper and now it's stuck and no amount of pulling or tugging will dislodge it. what's the best way to go about getting this stupid little scrap of the wrapper out of the zipper while keeping my bag intact? i know coach can do repairs on their products and everything but if there's an easy way to do this, i'd love to know!

EDIT: lol as soon as i posted this, i fixed it! but feel free to post answers anyway haha.
Daria reading.

books, books, books

Are there any other websites besides, eBay, or Amazon that offer a good price on books, new or in good used condition? Bonus points if they have a good stock of books in French.
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Ramona Flowers!


According to a professor, I need a survey reference for a paper I'm writing. Therefore, I come to you with a small plea: Do my homework for me, please? Actually, in all honesty, it's just a few questions about graffiti.

1. Age?
2. Location?
3. What do you do for a living?
4. Do you typically like art?
5. Do you think that there is a difference between "graffiti" and "street art"?
6. Do you think it should be punishable by law? If so, how severely?
7. Would the permanence of the material used (chalk vs. spray paint) make a difference in whether or not it should be punishable by law?
8. Is there any problem with graffiti where you live, do you mind it, and do you think it makes a difference where you live (suburbs/urban/rural area)?
9. Do you think that there is a valid point or artistic credibility behind tagging? (An example can be seen in the second link for street art in the 5th question, left hand side, green spray paint. Also in the link under graffiti, for more in depth tagging.)
10. Do you think that putting graffiti or street art in a museum for display would ruin its purpose?

11. Any final thoughts or things you want to clear up? I do realize that sometimes, poll/survey questions can be a bit misleading, especially when the person writing up the questions already has an opinion.
Animanics - Business
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What defines morals.. are they universally created, or culturally created? For example, bestiality is wrong in general view.. but not polygamy.

So what do you all think? The question is vague, but it's not like anyone can have a wrong answer.
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Bringing sexy back.

1- Would you wear these or these in public on any given day, or only for funky dress-up time, or... not at all? Something else?

2- The most you've spent on something to make yourself sexy? (Clothes, haircut, umm, plastic surgery :P anything!)

3- Cheapest thing you're wearing right now? (If you're naked, uhh... I guess you win. o_O)

4- Boldest fashion moment you've accomplished?

5- How much do you judge someone on what they're wearing?

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If your child were in fourth grade, and the teacher found out that she/he were talking about seeing two girls in fifth grade doing 'bisexual things', would you want to know about it? What about if your child were daring other boys and girls to kiss each other? What if your child were the one being dared?

I'm a TA in a fourth grade classroom, and these are all things that had been going on. The teacher scolds the kids, but to the best of my knowledge, hasn't informed the parents. If it were me I'd want to know, but I just wanted to get some perspective before I brought it up to the teacher.

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Do you have a PDA? Or something like it? I just bought a Sidekick 3 (for only $90, yessss) brand new from a kiosk, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  If you have a sidekick, do you love it? If you don't, what would you reccomend? I still have 10 days to change my mind and return it 'fee free'.  I know I want something I can IM, text, and email from.  I would love something with a great web browser too.  

When is your birthday?

What kind of pets do you have?
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do you like your best friend's SO? OR have you ever NOT liked a friend's SO?

if you said no, how do you handle it? like do you not hang out with them because he/she is going to be around.. try to put on a happy face and deal with it?

it's lunchtime around here.. my treat, what are you in the mood for?

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Can you get banned from Nintendo wifi? I got Mario kart DS the other day and had some ideas for the custom emblems you can use.

my quick Google search didn't turn up much.
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Is it true your IP address changes with every port you plug your computer into?

I always thought each computer had it's own IP address but recently someone told me different.

Thanks in advance.
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Why does my Greasemonkey LJ comment unfolder script work everywhere except stupid_free?

Is there some kind of anti-greasemonkey field set up over that comm or something? Was greasemonkey featured there and now it hates it so refuses to work? I NEED ANSWERS, PEOPLE!
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Big Love

A couple non related

What are some of your pet peeves?

Is there something that most people don't know about you/wouldn't assume about you?

Most valuable thing you own, in terms of sentiment?

Say there is a God, it's a fact.  And being stellar TQC members, we all get a spot in Heaven:
  What do you think He would to say to you when you got there?

Song lyric that describes how you feel right now?

If you could, without any recourse, eliminate one group of people from society, who would it be?

Coconut Lime Verbana, orgasm in the form of antibacterial yummyness.  y/n?

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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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This is a really stupid question...yeah.

But is it okay to bring your dog to the deli? Cause I know you can't bring them in any food places. a deli okay since most of the stuff are packaged?

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mirror image

This just came up in another community I watch, and I'm interested in your answers!

When you look in the mirror, do you have an entirely different view of yourself than you do if you see a picture of yourself? I know it happens to me.. I hate myself in pictures, but in the mirror I see myself pretty much as flawless!

Why does this happen?


Poll #954179 vrooooooom

Which vehicle seems cooler/better/more Suzer-esque?

The Honda Pilot
The Nissan Murano

As you may know, I quit my job and I am taking time off to clean, pack and do fun florida things (like go to Key West, eating grouper and shelling on Sanibel Island) before i move and find a job. Also, my mom is flying down to help me do the cleaning. How jealous are you?

oh please, jealous of moving a bunch of crap across the country? no way
um, your MOM is coming down, so not jealous.
oh PUH-lease, florida is for rednecks and republicans.
I would do anything to not have to go to work, including eat grouper, entertain your mom or get seasick on a three hour tour to Key West.
Why can't I be you, Suzer?
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love flower

What would you do?

Back story ... I was attempting to set up an appointment with a new therapist. The new therapist has a very thick accent to the point where every sentence she spoke was followed by a "I'm sorry. I didn't understand what you said." on my end. Her grasp of the English language was also very tentative as I had to pause often to try and think of a new word because she did not understand the meaning of a word I had used. Considering this is a therapist and being able to communicate with each other is vital, I didn't think this was going to work out and finally just thanked her for her time and hung up without an appointment. When I told a friend what had happened, she informed me that I was a racist if I didn't make an appointment with a woman I could neither understand nor could she understand me.

So my question to you TCQ, is ... should I make an appointment with this woman and give it a try? Or find someone else? If it was you, what would you do? Am I racist for being hesitant to even see how it goes with this therapist?
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1. Does your family have any superstitions?

2. If so, what are they?

1. Yes

2. No peacock feathers in the house, and no chocolate cake on birthdays. Both supposedly bring bad luck.

Has anyone you know actually gotten a job offer after posting their resume at
I sure as hell have never heard of such a thing happening.

On a random note, I'm not fond of Mondays.
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If someone lends you something (say, a book) indefinitely, and they call you a week later, before you have finished using it, and ask for it back in order to lend it to someone else, is that wrong/do you have a right to get upset?

Do you have to pee right now?

You're in public and need to go to the bathroom BADLY. You only have two stalls to choose from. One has shit smeared on the walls of stall, but the toilet is sparkling clean. The other one is perfectly clean, with the exception of having pee all over the seat.

Which stall do you use?

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1. What's worse, sex after eating a big meal or sex when you're really hungry?

2. For Yankee fans: do you dislike the Mets?
For Mets fans: do you dislike the Yankees?
For Red Sox fans: are you retarded? Just kidding!

3. For sports fans: Have you ever tried explaining your love of sports to someone who's not interested in watching sports? Did you finish by sputtering and saying "I guess you'll never understand"? If not, how did you explain it?
For non-sports watchers: Do you understand sports fandom?

4. Do you care about the Anna Nicole thing?

5. Do you prefer your chocolate chip cookies to taste a little salty?

6. Have you ever taken naked photos of yourself, or had someone else photograph you naked? What would your reaction be if they somehow ended up on the internet?

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Doesn't driving anger you sometimes???

What are your 3 biggest pet peeves when it comes to shitty drivers?


1. People who slam on their brakes randomly for no reason.

2. People who seem incapable of staying in their fucking lane.

3. People who feel the need to drive directly behind you... with their BRIGHTS ON.

I'm assuming that the majority of you will say slow drivers.  But the truth is, a lot of the time you can go around slow drivers.  However, if someone in front front of you is constantly breaking and switching from lane to lane, there's not much that you can do.  Nor is there anything you can do about the idiot behind you using their high beams.

I want to add this one as a sidenote.  It didn't make my top 3, but it's still worth mentioning:
People who park their asses in the passing lane and go exactly the speed limit or slower.  If you are on a highway and the people to the right of you are going faster than you are... YOU'RE IN THE WRONG FUCKING LANE, IDIOT.  MOVE OVER.  YOU'RE HOLDING UP TRAFFIC AND LIKELY TO CAUSE AN ACCIDENT. 
Note: in defensive driving class, the instructors actually tell you that it's more dangerous to go slower than the flow of traffic than to go faster.  Think about that for a moment.
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Beast mode!

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1. When was the last time you were sunburned?

2. My mom told me this weekend (after listening to an argument in a public restroom) that the best thing about having adult children is that she never has to argue with us about whether or not we have to pee. If you have adult (or near-adult) children, what do you think is the best thing about it?

3. Do you like to play mini-golf or do you think it's dorky?

4. How often do you change the keychain that you use (the decorative thingy, not the ring part)?

5. Do you drink tap water?


Why did this green apple try to pretend it was a yellow delish?

What's you favorite type of apple?

What your favorite apple desert?

What was the last time you ate an apple?
Me - Valhalla

Au Pair

Just a few questions dearies.

Has anyone ever worked as an Au Pair? How was your experience and where did you work?

I'm a bit confused on the live-in live-out options. I generally assume a family takes care of your accommodation's while you work for them but with the live-out option are they paying for your rent and what not? Or is that your responsibility? I'm finding conflicting facts here.
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So, as soon as possible I plan on getting a nice camera. Right now I have a cheapo Nikon , but last summer at the beach I was so paranoid about it. What do you do with a camera at the beach when you aren't using it? I'd be afraid to step away from my towel. I was thinking that I could just get my picture taking out of the way right away and then lock the camera safe in the trunk of my car, but I'd really rather be able to take pics the entire time if anyone has a better suggestion.

For people who wear glasses, how on earth do you swim without them? Contacts and goggles creep me out and are out of the question. I'm pretty flippin blind and have to keep my eyes on a couple babies (and my camera back there on the beach towel, lol) so I need to be able to see. I always just keep my glasses on and look like an idiot. I don't dive or anything, so I don't think it matters all that much.

High school transcript

If you're going to a community college for your freshman and sophmore years of college and then transfer to a university, do you have to show your high school transcript or can you just show your community college transcript? What if you're applying to top schools?

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This mainly applies to girls:

Did you go through a "horse phase" when you were younger? How old were you and did you outgrow it?

I never went through one and thought all of my friends were weird for becoming obsessed with horses and wanting to be jockeys. None of them own a horse now or have a job as a jockey.

Computer related question

Anyone know of a free, downloadable software package similar to microsoft office ? I.e. with word, spreadsheets etc. I downloaded one last year but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called. YES I HAVE TRIED GOOGLE. I'm in work so I can't sit searching the internet all day anyway.
Any help much appreciated

- Over

The Movie "The Descent"

I just finished seeing the movie "The Descent" lat night and I have a question for anyone who saw the movie.

My Question Is:

At the end of the movie did one of the girls actually survive?  In the movie, it seemed as though she had gotten out of the cave and escaped in her SUV.  Then she "saw" one of the other girls that had previously died in the passenger seat. Then, she is back in the cave again on the cave floor.  Do we have to wait for "The Ascent II -The Puss Heads Revenge"  to find out for sure? 
Mitty box

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1) What's your favorite kind of pie?

2) I'm starting up WoW again. What kind of character should I make?

3) Why is it that with 250 channels, there's still nothing on?

4) Everyone keeps telling me to read this Jodi Picoult book called My Sister's Keeper or something. What's it about?
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Has America gotten so lazy that we need prepackaged hot dogs in a bun to heat up?

Whats the deal with that?

Why can't people just nuke a hot dog for the same amount of time then stick it in a bun?

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So.  I'm going backpacking this weekend.

How does a girl piss in the woods without pissing on herself? I have been camping for YEARS and have never mastered this.  it's also too late to buy one of those urine-catching bottles D:

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When did "fishes" become an acceptable plural of "fish"? I, and all of my friends, were always taught that the plural of "fish" was just "fish".

But now, it's all over my textbook (vertebrate anatomy textbook) and my professor says it at least 10 times per class period.

This has turned my world upside down.
What gives?

Kinda gross.

So, I have this HUGE zit that goes from the corner of my eye to the indenty part of my nose.  And it's HUGE, like the width of my thumb, and as long as from my knuckle to my fingertip.  It's really hard and a supervolcanoe kind of a thing.  It hurts a lot and I think it's giving me a headache.

Question: what the crap do I do to make this a) stop hurting and b)gothehellaway!?
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When someone says they will be here "around 5:30" What is an appropriate time to wait before continuing on with your plans for the evening?
I hate people that are late, and dont call. So effing annoying.

What are some of your pet peeves?

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i have a canon powershot A540. the low battery warning popped up the other day, so i put fresh ones in, but everytime i turn it on, it still says change batteries and then turns off. i've changed them three times with regular, full batteries. what could be the problem??
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Say you're looking for a new apartment with a roommate, someone you'd have a separate room from (so not a boyfriend/girlfriend).

Would you dislike the apartment if there was a *huge* difference in the sizes of the two bedrooms?

For reference, one bedroom is large enough to fit a queen sized bed and at least 4 dressers, plus has a huge walk-in closet running the length of the shorter wall (about 9 feet long). The other bedroom has enough room to fit a queen sized bed and that's about it, and it's closet is less than 2 feet square.

If you took an apartment like this, how would you decide who gets the nice bedroom and who gets the smaller one? Would the person in the larger bedroom have to pay a larger share of the rent?

(no subject)

Has anyone here ever been sued by a credit card company (in the US)?

I'm wondering what happens if you don't turn in the written reply that they request.  My b/f has not paid his credit cards in like 2-3 years and one of them is suing him now.  He makes next to nothing and is still in college.  Can anyone share some insight with me on what happens or what has happened to them?


(no subject)

1. Have you ever studied a foreign language? Which one?
2. What method did you use (ie, high school class, taught yourself, paid for classes, CD-rom...etc)
3. How long did you (or plan to) study this language?
4a. How would you rate your listening comprehension&speaking proficiency in said language?
4b. How would you rate your proficiency writing or reading in the language?

Mostly directed towards those who have begun to study another language later in life, not those who were taught a 2nd language by their parents concurrently with their native language slash directly after.

(no subject)

1. Is there any way to reset the voice mail password for Verizon Prepay phones without having to actually call customer service?

2. What kind of cell phone, provider, and plan do you use (if any at all)?

3. What was the last thing you ate?
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(no subject)

1) Do you agree with your state's law on statutory rape?
2) If not, what would you change about that law, if you were in charge?

3) If you were in charge, what law (any kind, your choice) would you make/enforce?

My answers:

1)  Not at all.  In Florida the age of consent it 16, yet can have sex with someone up to 23 years old, I don't think that's right at all.
2)  Age of consent is 16, but can't have sex with someone older than 19.

hello lion-o

(no subject)

Inspired by the post about Peeps...

What is your favorite seasonal candy?

For Easter it's got to be Brach’s “Chicks & Rabbits” which are essentially multi colored circus peanuts.. but for some reason I like these and don't like circus peanuts.

For Christmas, it's those peppermint nougats that resemble star brite peppermints on the outer edge with little green trees in the middle.
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(no subject)

Who would win the million dollars on Lost? Who would be the first voted off the island?

Who would win the million dollars on Gilligan's Island? Who would be the first voted off that island?


Has anyone had major depression going from mild to less mild over the span of a couple years? Even when it calms down it's still there and brings you back down when something bad happens.
And if you have, is there anybody who recovered from it?
And what tips do you have?


This is going to sound really, really, really stupid, but....

Do sushi restaurants generally serve only sushi or are there some items that don't contain raw fish?

I've never been to one before and that's where my friends want to eat tomorrow night. I'm ok with everything EXCEPT the raw fish. I can handle the rice and veggies, but raw meat is out of the question. I'm the type of person who eats her steak and burgers well done and her bacon burnt.
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ok so. some guy who goes to the same university as me found my myspace, and made the assumption that my myspace name was the same as my email (which it own fault..) anyhow and added me. Prior to this i had never spoken to him or so much as looked his way purposely. He had a class in the same room before mine and i guess noticed me. Anyhow so he added me..and it was odd. so i talked to him a couple times but they were pretty vague conversations. Now he saw me one day at school since then but didnt come up to me... but i figure he will eventually since he kept asking me to "hang out".

oh also. im fairly positive he looking for some sort of relationship(sexual or not..) and im not at all into it(even as far as friendship goes)

so the the question is
when he comes up to me at the university how do i kindly convey the message that id prefer if he didnt come talk to me at all?

yes. i know this makes me sound really awful. but i dont care.
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So I'm thinking of getting a tattoo...

I went with a friend to watch her get a tattoo today in celebration of her 18th birthday. The artist, Curtis, knows me by face and asked when I was going to get one of my own. He said if I decided to, he'd love to do it because my skin is so pale and soft.

So I've got a great tattoo artist wanting to, I've seen him create a tattoo (and his technique is both gentle and clean/sterile beyond my biggest expectations). So is there anything else I should ask/look for/do before going through with it?

(no subject)

1. A question about Shakespeare : When a character starts talking in pauses, it describes his current emotional state. What is the technical term for this talking-in-pauses Shakespeare thing?

2. Is there anything you want to tell me?

(no subject)

Anyone here ever had a breast reduction? How old were you when you got it? What size were you before and after?

Were you happy with the results? What was the best and worst things about the entire process? If you have kids, did it affect breastfeeding at all?

Did you pay for it yourself, or did medicare cover it (I'm in Canada)?

Overall, would you do it over again if you had to?

I'm seriously considering getting it done, going down to a full D-DD from a G. I'm only 18 though, and considering waiting to get it done after I have kids and the girls all inflated. If I get on the medicare waiting list now and get approved, it'll take me about 3-5 years before I can get it done.

Morality question

There are 3 patients in a hospital who are waiting for organ donations. Without new organs, they will all die within the next 5 days. A backpacking drifter goes into the hospital, and the doctor who examines him finds that this man is a perfect match for all 3 of the dying patients. The organs that the patients need are vital to one's survival, so the backpacker would not be able to just donate and walk away. The backpacker has no family/friends, so he would not be missed if he is sacraficed in order to save 3 other people.

If you were the doctor, would you tell the backpacker that he can be a hero for 3 strangers? Would you just let the backpacker go, knowing that those 3 people will die soon?
What would you do?
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(no subject)

1. What is the largest amount of money you have ever spent in a convenience store?
Probably no more than $15.

2. I plan on making vegetarian marshmallows tomorrow. I need to buy agar agar. Could I get this at a regular grocery store? What would it be near? I'm assuming it would be in the baking aisle, but that isn't very specific.

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Okay .. I know this is a really annoying question, but I know it was posted here before and the LJ seek isn't helping at all ..

Does anyone know where to find that essay about koalas? With the hilariously bad grammar and swearing?

I want to show my friend, but I can't find it anywhere .. thanks!

Got it, thanks! I'm an idiot.
hello lion-o

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Most of us have said "I'll never use this in the real world" while learning something at some point in our lives... usually in school but at other times as well.

Is there anything you said this to that you DID end up using?

I use the left/right/stop hand signals while at work, because every now and then I have to drive a GEM vehicle on a 30MPH street with a decent amount of traffic. I use my "I'm making a left lane change" hand signal when I have to get over to make a left at a light. I never thought I'd ever, ever, ever use them.. the only reason I know what they are is because they're on the DMV driving test.

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What's the last thing you copied and pasted?
Me: Advocating for Divestment from Sudan:

What's the last website you visited?

What's the text of the last text message you sent?
Me: Mtg takin 4evr. Need kisses whn home.

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Do you tend to make snap judgements based on someone's user icon?

If so, what are some that you've made that you found were completely wrong?

What does mine make you think about me?
grey's anatomy - dance

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For my TV Studio production class, I'm doing a show called "I Love One Hit Wonders" kind of like the shows on VH1 ("I Love the 80s", "I Love the 90s", etc.) So now I'm trying to determine what songs to use in the show.

So, TQC, if you were doing a show about One Hit Wonders from the 90s, what songs would you consider a must have?
south park

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I loved SNL in the 90's (even though many people say it was even better before then, but that's before my time...)

What were your favorite 90s SNL skits?

My favorites:

-Chris Kattan when he was Mango.
-and Chris Kattan's "The, How Do You Say? Ah, Yes, SHOW."
-When Will Ferrel was in Blue Oyster Cult and Christopher Walken all "I GOTTA have more Cowbell baby!" 
-Chris Farley's sketches (especially the Zagat Survey and the Chris Farley show)
-Whenever Will Ferrel and Ana Gasteyer played the family always fighting over dinner
-Will Ferrel imitating James Lipton or Harry Carey
-Superstar sketches...

haha.. the list goes on.

Morbid Feelings

I don't know if anyone's posted this yet but

What would the end of the world be like?
What would the last person on Earth be thinking?
Do you think that there would be attempts to start life some where else in the universe? If yes, would the attempts be successful? 
Once there is no more life on Earth, would life be starting all over again on some other planet therefore making Earth a just another object of the past?
Most importantly, is God going to save us?

I think the last question is my favorite. I want to know what other people think about religion's role in the death of the Earth and the human race. Personally, I don't think God will have anything to do with this but that's just me.
Reno, boom, Advent Children

Let the Games Begin

So, because I am playing on Neopets instead of homework and have now come to TQC to procrastinate...

1. Do you play Neopets? Go-pets? Any other online virtua-pet games?
2. Do you play MMORPGs? Or other games online?
3. What are these other games called/what type of game are they? (Not general casino/card/variety game sites)
4. Do you procrastinate a lot?
5. Do you play any type of games at all? Consoles or computer?

EDIT: Forgot my answers
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