March 25th, 2007

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I gave up soda and now I have trouble falling asleep. Is this some sort of bizarre caffeine-withdrawal side effect? I had a coke today, and I'm tired now.

If you've ever given up coke and you were a very big coke drinker, what did you replace coke with in your diet?

My throat is sore. What horrible malady am I coming down with?

Our local commercials have recently featured a fuzzy "snow" screen with someone saying "beware the 26" over and over again for 30 seconds. There is this website and that is all the information I have. What do you think the 26 is and why are we afraid?

Random fashion advice

So, I need to update my clothes for this spring/summer.  I'll admit, I have very little fashion sense.

I'm about a size 15-16 with a wider "middle" section.  (area around my belly button. I don't have a "flap over" or anything, haha.  I just wider set there, runs in the family.)  I also have a horribly wide ribcage for no reason, and am larger chested.  (38D bra).  I'm 5'8, and don't really like to show off too much leg skin.  But, I also do not like looking like a teacher, if you know what I mean.

So, TQC.  What SHOULD I buy? What styles would look good on me?

pleaze to be not telling me to lose weight or "go home, fatty" or the like, lol.  I'm happy with my size atm, and do actually have an active lifestyle.  I'm just of a "bigger" set. danke!


1. Have you ever tried Ranchero flavor Doritos?

2. What did you think of them?

3. What city and state did you buy them in?

I tried them in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, and I liked them a lot--sort of a bitter spicy taste, like enchilada sauce or a mild mole. But apparently they don't sell them here in San Francisco yet.

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1) Does your sense of humour ever offend people? If so, can you give an example?

2) Is there a word for people who are not interested in having sex with anyone but themselves? What is it?

3) Is there a word for people who fear mushrooms? What is it?

4) Does it seem like there's an improbable amount of people on the internet who have Asperger's these days?

5) Have you seen the original Rambo movie?

6) Is there any type of person that tends to annoy you? What type?

7) When someone asks a question, do you assume that it somehow pertains to them personally?

Big eyed girls...

G'day question club!

For awhile I've been fascinated by kitschy vintage prints/paintings of super-cute, big eyed girls such as this:

Free Image Hosting at
Click thumbnail to see larger version.

I think this sort of print was big around about the 60s? Am I wrong? I'm wondering if there are any books or websites that I can visit to find out more about this sort of art? I've been doing a bit of googling but am having trouble coming up with keywords that get me anywhere. I'd really like to know more about this sort of print, were they very popular? When? Why?

Any knowledge you can to share would be much appreciated!
Christmas Jim and Pam

Call me naive, but...

I've been watching The Girl's Next Door (on E!) lately, and I do not understand them. I can't wrap my head around the premise. Do all the girls really sleep with Hef? Do they sleep with eachother? (I'm thinking they probably don't sleep with eachother, but what do I know). How do they not get jealous of eachother and break out into cat fights? Are they really in love with him? How long do they live there, how do they get there? I am just lost. This is like a parallel universe to me.

Please excuse my naivety. :D
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I have two books with quotes and I want to start putting all of them in a document. The only thing is that i want to be able to be catch duplicates before I enter them. Is there a way that I can do this in Word or some other word processing program? I'm on a mac if it makes any difference.
mona marx

oh la la!

1. do french women (like, the ones IN france) really not shave their pits? is it just the pits or is it legs and junk too?

2. do women in america with unshaven pits, or hairy legs and even fuzzed nether-regions creep you out?

3. anyone else pissed about the fact that pubes are in fact... going out of fashion? i mean, come on... my vag doesn't like being naked.

4. your personal body hair preference?
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1. If you go to and type your first name into the search box, then on the results page click "most interesting" instead of "most relevant," what picture comes up first?

2. If you do the same thing with the name of the city you're currently in, what photo do you get?

3. For those of you who are flickr members, what's the most recent photo you uploaded?

First question

Since I am in highschool, I often hear people being called "whores" and "sluts" and such. So I am wondering what you guys think:
1) What constitutes being a "whore" or a "slut"?
2) What is your opinion on casual sex?
3) Is there a double standard?
sad girl


1. Does anyone know a place to buy sketchbooks for cheap?

2. Should I eat the popcorn chicken in the fridge?

3. What's the best/your favorite facial scrub?

4. What kind of watch do you wear? PIX PLZ! Or if not, a description.

Here's my watch, yo.

It's maroon leather and TOTALLY SCHWEET.

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this is driving me more nuts than anything right now...

there is a Dolly Parton song from the 80's maybe? and it goes something like:


and thats the only part thats in my damn head!!!

someone please tell me what song it's from???
or at least how it really goes?


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Do you like squirrels? Do you feel bad when you see a dead one in the road?

How do you feel about raccoons?

Have you ever been to Mexico?

Do you get annoyed when people say LOL after EVERYTHING they type? LOL!!!

k bye

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My girlfriend and I were having a debate and we were hoping that TQC could settle it.

She heard that, in the state of North Carolina, if 2 people check into a hotel as a married couple, then under the law they are thus married. I'm calling BS on this.

Any ideas?

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I know I posted earlier, but it's long gone to make an edit:

I'm trying to change the feel of my journal and I'd like to put an image along the top bar that currently displays nothing except my journal name. Is there a way to do this? I only have a basic account and I'm using the Tranquility II template thing.

Or do you know of a community that's active and could answer this for me/help me with this?

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1) why is limewire so fucking lame sometimes?
2) where can i download anything by mindless self indulgence that wasn't on you'll rebel to anything or frankenstein girls?

3) do you paint your ceilings, or leave them white?

i despise leaving them white, and whenever i actually get to paint ceilings, they shall be a coordinating color.

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1. Ever taken prescribed decongestants for a sinus infection / cold, etc?

2. If so, did you do/think anything really odd?

3. What things?

Here's my answers.

1. Yes, many times. Currently I'm on them and, a sedative, so, that makes the effects of it worse.

2. Yep.

3. Yesterday, I honestly couldn't figure out if my head was sitting on my neck right. I had to ask my Grandpa to feel of it and make sure it was. ^^; Normally I'd realize "it's a bit swollen, and the muscles are tight" but no, instead, I just kept thinking my head wasn't sitting right. D:

The other screwed up thing, I'm currently doing, which is posting here. I'm sure I'll know later if it was a messed up idea or not. XD
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What is a program in which I can go forward or back frame by frame and also take screen caps?

Edit: I mean a video player of course. I want to do this with a .avi file.

Because last night sucked the ass of a syphilitic donkey...

Who here suffers migraines?  How bad do they get?

When did you start having them?  What brings them on, what symptoms do you have, and what's your drug of choice?  Did you ever have trouble getting a doctor to believe that you have them?  Do you have auras?

I ask because last night I was slurring my speech (after having no fun at all), couldn't feel my hands, and judging from over 20 years of the damn things it was about to start random pain spikes that would make me black out for a second or two.  My drugs of choice now are Zomig (when I can get to it in time) and Imitrex (when my head has already exploded).

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1. By your standards, when do you consider somebody fat? Not plump, not chubby. Fat.

2. What I really want to do right now is to : Shave all of my hair away and go to school like it's fine tomorrow. But I'm too much of a chicken to do it. A more important reason I'm not going to do it is because I don't have enough features to rock it. You know, the whole piercing eyes, definite/beautiful bone structure thing.

Ok, now tell me something random please!
cat tea

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1. Is there any website that shows how much money is worth in other countries? For example, you hear how employees in China make the equivelant of $2/day. I want to find out how far $2/day goes in China and other countries. I have been Googling this but seeing as I'm having problems trying to even explain what I'm looking for, I'm not coming up with much!
EDIT: Okay, let me try this again. I do NOT want a currency converter. I do not care about the exact conversion rate (e.g. 87 indian rupees equals 2usd), but I want to know more specifically how that would translate based on the cost of living. To use the U.S as an example: a salary of $30,000 in San Francisco would not be very good and you'd probably have a tough time making ends meet. But somewhere in Kentucky, that would maybe be comparable to (and this is just a random guess) $50,000 in Southern California. I want to know THAT type of information because knowing an exact conversion rate is irrelevent in this context.

2. Do you volunteer or donate? Where/what organization?

3. Do you prefer soda from a can or a bottle? Do you notice a difference in taste?

4. What do people like about cruises? I know lots of people love them but I can't imagine myself enjoying because on a ship for that long and not having a whole lot of time to explore and experience each place. I'd rather spend a week getting to know one place than a day or less seeing a few.

5. Have you experienced culture shock? Where were you?

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Would you like to read part of my paper? Any feed back would be great. It's about half way done..I'm just waiting on the library to open so I can write in peace.

Edit: I don't what you to do my 'homework' or anything. I just need some feedback.. does it make sense? do you have questions about anything? I'm trying to get as much feedback as I can. if you have some proof reading things, let me know...I know some people on TQC enjoy history, so I thought some people might actually enjoy reading it.
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I've been hanging out with people who have really excellent old music but before I had the chance to upload it onto my computer they had to go back to Canada, which sucked, so my question is what is the best music ever? I love oldies but I never know what to look for so any suggestions are welcome. Also, I'm looking for good indie/alternative kinds of music, any suggestions? TIA - Lisa
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I'm using the DeadAim plug-in for AIM, and I want to turn on the option that lets you send messages while remaining Away, but it's grayed out. Anybody have an idea why this is and how to fix it?

And for those of you that are left out by this question:

What is your favorite quote of all time?
Currently, mine is a tie between "Just when the butterfly thought the world was over, it turned into a butterfly" and "Nobody ever looks behind the bedroom door unless they've been hiding there themselves."

What is the most odd song lyric you've ever heard?
I was once in the car with my dad, who has always had a varied taste in music, and the lyrics to one of the songs on the CD we were listening to went "I AM THE CATFISH MAN!!!!!!"

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For those of you that get pissy when people pray for you, WHY? Why does it bother you that someone might be praying for your soul?

edited to add new qquestion: What else should I be doing, rather than arguing for the sake of arguing on the internet?

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For the past week, everytime I go to I get forwarded to it's Spanish site

Does anyone know how I can fix this? I've been through the settings & help menu & can't find anything about it.

Estrogen bowl

I've noticed in the comments to posts in this community asking for pictures the majority of repsonses come from females.

(1)TQC members do you feel there's a heavy female user population in this community?
(2)A. Do you feel males or females generally use sites like this more than another?
B. If yes, which?
(3)If yes, what would you attribute this to?

*(4) What is your gender?

- thoughts?

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hi guys. i was wondering, have any of you worked a petco, petsmart, or any other big pet chain store? if you have, do the rats/hamsters/ferrets/bunnies/guinea pigs and all the other little rodents get a chance to be out of their cages and have some human interaction, ever?
Give a dog a home

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Inspired by a question in ask_me_anything:

Apparently, Hugh Hefner and his ladies have unprotected sex orgies every Wednesday and Friday. Obviously they all live with him, etc. I'm sure you are all familiar with it.

The question is, if it WASN'T Hugh Hefner living in a situation like this, what do you think society's opinion of it would be?

What do you put on your hot dogs/not-dogs?

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Have you ever gone to a strip club?

What was the place like?

Did you enjoy yourself?

What area was the club in?

I told my boyfriend I'd like to go to a strip club to celebrate my 21st birthday (in a couple of years still), and he said we should go together and buy each other dances and all that. It sounded like fun to me, but when I mentioned it to a friend she was shocked that I would let a stripper dance for my boyfriend. So now I'm wondering, if your SO (if you don't have one, just pretend for a sec) went to a strip club, would you be angry with them? Would you go with them? Would you buy them a dance?


I don't really know very much about cars, so I have two questions.

1)I just bought a used car and the inspection isn't out yet, but when I registered it in my name, they gave me a 10 day temporary one. Can I just use the old one or do I have to go get it re-inspected?

2)The battery is dead in my car (long story) so my friend is going to come over and jump it. Would she start her car before or after we put all of the clips on the batteries? How long should I let it charge before I start my car? (Its an 88 Caddy)


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Since I can't figure out why the stupid poll thingie wont work (submit button stays gray), I will just ask:

Which would piss you off more:
a) having someone tell you that they will pray for you in a condescending tone?
b) having someone tell you that you aren't even worth praying for?

They're recasting the Star Wars Trilogy!!

. . . but not really.

Say, you were going to remake the original trilogy, with actors from today. You want people that are talented.

Yes, you can get a new screenwriter for Jedi, because the dialogue. . it really could be better.

Who would you cast as the main leads?

If you have links with pictures to go with your choices, post them.


Luke Skywalker: Josh Holloway
Leia Organa: Reese Witherspoon
Han Solo: Hugh Jackman
Threepio: Roger Rees
Obi Wan Kenobi: Bernard Hill
Tarkin: Ralph Fiennes (sex addiction and all!)
Palpatine: Malcolm McDowell
Jabba: James Gandolfini
Mon Mothma: Jessica Lange
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Hey... I'm sorry for the computer/ myspace style question, but the question is actually for someone else who is worried about their child.

Anyone know anything about Bebo? And if you do, is there any way to see who has being looking at your Bebo page? As in, other Bebo users who may not actually be one of your friends.


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1) So, there's this guy I hate. Should I do mean things to him (pour chocolate milk on his head, humiliate him when I can, trip him as he walks by, etc) or just ignore him?

2) One of my friends only eats three days a week and seems to make off handed comments about it but then tells people 'nevermind' or 'it's nothing'. Should I just assume this is attention seeking behavior and ignore it?

3) What is Facebook and why does Bruce Willis' daughter have pictures of herself with condoms in her mouth on it?

4) Who is Anna Nicole's baby daddy?

5) Have you any words of motivation for me? What are they?
The Dude Abides

Housesitting ?'s

1) Have you ever house sat or watched someone's pets while they went out on vacation?
1a) What's the longest period of time you've house sat for?

2) If you were originally scheduled to house sit for someone for a week, but they ended up getting snowed in, stranded, or somehow otherwise delayed indefinitely what would you do?

3) What's your least favorite type of house pet?
Hurry up and look back

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1) what do you think of fraternities and sororities?

2) why do you think that?

3) do you ever feel jealous of any people who belong to them? or would you secretly want to be in one?

My answer

1) I think frats are very lame unless they are somewhat academic. I only know one cool frat boy and he just joined this year. I only know one sorority girl who is nice, the rest are whack

2) because I am surrounded by frat and sorority girls and they annoy me

3) honestly sometimes I do because a lot of the sorority girls make it seem like they are having a lot of fun and are really close with their sisters, but my jealousy goes away after spending more than five minutes with them and learning about their stupid house rules, dues, and meetings.

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Whats the worst technology induced heart attack you've ever had?

Mines a toss up between 'Holy shit my laptop isn't working and i've got an hour before a year 12 HSC exam' and in the 'My ipod is broken?!!!?! I just got it last week' scare.

Dear TQC,

I've been really curious about Absinthe for a while now, and now that I've found out that it's possible to buy it online and have it shipped to the US, I'm seriously considering it. But first, I have a few questions for those of you who have had it before...

1. What brand of Absinthe was it?
2. What did it taste like? How about compared to what it was "supposed" to taste like?
3. Did you enjoy it?
4. Overall, what was the experience like? Did you hallucinate?
5. Where did you get it?

6. For those of you who ordered it online to be shipped to the US, what site did you order it from?
7. Did you need to prove your age in any way, or was the credit card information enough?

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In the UK is it possible to get a bank account that you can't touch 'til a certain age? I'm sixteen currently and want to save around £3500. I'd like to be able to get the money out towards the end of 2009... is this possible? Details please.

"Friends" & contact lenses

Two separate questions:

1) In "Friends", Season 7 Episode 8 (The One Where Chandler Hates Dogs) Phoebe brings home that shaggy dog Clunkers to Monica's and Chandler's. What kind of dog is Clunkers?

2) Contact lenses: For the 2 week contact lenses, is it 2 weeks since you opened the new lenses or 2 weeks that you actually wear them? Because I opened a new pair 2 weeks ago but barely wore them because I was at home or used my glasses, so does the "2 weeks" rule get extended? Or should I still throw them out to be safe?
Puddle Graphic

Roman Gothic CD? lol

1. It's Sunday!

That means it's the series finale of Rome on HBO this evening.

Boo. :( Gonna miss it.

Even so, who do you think is going to die during the course of this evenings show do you think?

2. Have any of you ever burned a newer cd into your computer,and then tried to burn it again? For instance the new broadway cast recording of Sweeney Todd that I have refuses to burn onto my computer since it died and had to be reformatted and al that. This is one of many cd's that the original recording will NOT burn onto my computer. Anyone have any ideas on what to do besides limewire the music I want?

3. Anyone have American Gothic on DVD. Is your disc two, last two episodes on each side completely screwed? Thaaaanks. ;)
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- Ever done it?
- If so, got any photos?
- What was it like?

Now on a personal note
- Is there a site I could look at that'd give me some places to explore near me? I've searched on Google but all of the sites I seem to be able to come up with are for the US and I live in England. Anyone?
- I'm afraid of the dark (yes, I'm 21 and afraid of the dark. It sucks). But I still really want to walk around an abandoned building and take photos. I'll probably take my boyfriend with me because he's significantly braver than I am. But I'm just curious, for those of you who have done this kind of thing - are you afraid of the dark? Any experiences would be awesome. I'm really scared but I find this stuff utterly fascinating too, so I'm willing to brave it.
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What is something you've seen you wish you could erase from your brain?

Name examples other than tubgirl or goatse please, we all wish we could forget those...

My answer: I wish I hadn't seen Cat Soup. It was the most disturbing and pointless thing I've ever watched. Happy Tree Friends is a close second.

(no subject)

1. If you were creating a Green/Renewable Energy company, what would you call it?

2. What are some good environmentally friendly household products you've come across? (Names & links if you can)

3. Do you try to be environmentally friendly in your household? If so, what do you do?

Beauty Poll Part 2

Well according to my small research on my previous Poll 1 the kind of media picture is made up of does make a major difference in how people percieve beauty.

Now what I am doing is taking those same two girls (Girl A & B) but with the same picture media kind (i.e. they are both in the same medium as oppossed to the first one where Girl A was in webcam pic form while B is in regular digital camera form) and asking the same questions.

(NOTE: Girl A & B in the previous post#1 is actually Left=Girl B and Right =Girl A in the original research; they are reversed in this picture...meaning A is on the Right and B is on the left)
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EDIT 2:  Thank you for TQC members for POLL 2.  I only needed 10 people and I got my answers.  Very much appreciated. :)
birdgirl atty

Um, what?

I got a letter from my new boss the other day confirming my acceptance my new job. He signed the letter "very truly yours."

Is that weird? Do people sign professional letters like that, or am I right in thinking that that's kinda strange?

What would you think in this situation?

You subtly (or not so subtly) ask a guy out by email on thursday, but he still hasn't replied. 
Granted, he is busy with work, but still...

Do you think it's because he:

A) Is not interested in you, and is thus ignoring you.
B) Is actually too busy with work to reply.
C) Has not decided, or is hesitant about  the decision.
D) Is a procrastinator
E) Hates email

(no subject)

1. After shaving her head and removing her fingernails, my 21 year old cousin tried to kill herself by slitting her wrists so I was thinking of sending her a "Thinking of You" card - it says "You're due for a little sunshine" and has a picture of a sun on it. Do you think sending this is a good idea? Or is this something that shouldn't be addressed that way?

2. Where can I find a snazzy, feminine messenger bag that's slightly larger than 14 inches wide?

3. What are your favorite road trip songs? I like everything. Not too much country or gangsta rap though.

4. What's the best way to get the music stored on my PC onto my new Mac?
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College questions

1.) There are a lot of people who got around 4.0 GPAs that decided to go to a state university instead of top colleges. I'm sure they could have made it, but I'm wondering why people choose not to go to top schools when they could have easily made it (besides financial issues)?

2.) Someone told me that it's more difficult to get a good grade in an Ivy league school because it's so competitive. What about someone who was lazy in high school and went to a community college and recieved a 4.0 at the community you think they could take it at an Ivy league school? They didn't pay that much attention in high school, so they could have missed out on some general knowledge, like grammar stuff.

(no subject)

Has anyone ever been skiing/boarding/blading before?

Which do you prefer?

How accomplished are you?

Ever heard of/been to the Snowbombing weekend in Austra, Mayrhofen?

Which music festivals have you been to? Did you go for the general atmosphere or to see a specific band?

Skiing lots of times, snowblading lots, never boarding, i want to try.
Blading is really fun, you go fast...
Pretty good. I haven't needed lessons for years.
No, i'm going this year though, I don't have a clue what to expect.
Leeds Carling Weekend last year, I went to see Muse & The Kooks. I bought my ticket this year not knowing who were playing, turns out the line up is awesome though.

(no subject)

1. Are you from the wrong side of the tracks?

2. How would you say your social class growing up has affected the way you live your life today and the opportunities you have had?

3. Who is your current crush/romantic interest? Why are you crushing?

4. Is there an age where you should stop developing crushes?

5. What literary or film characters have you been compared to?

asking people out

why do women not ask men out very often?

i've talked to most of my female friends about it. one in particular sticks out as having said that she has thought about it, but always gets too afraid and chickens out. do women not realize that it is horribly scary for guys to put ourselves on the line, put ourselves out there to ask them out? it is one of the most terrifying things in daily life, gender doesn't matter!

i just do not get the one-way street that this tends to take. honestly, it's quite annoying. a word of advice to the ladies-guys like it when you take the initiative! ask HIM out, don't play games and try to "get" him to ask you out! every guy i've ever talked to about the subject has said he wished women would ask him out, not just the other way around.

(no subject)

Two questions to go with the earlier post about what did your parents do that you vow not to do.

1. What 's one thing your parents did right that you want to make sure you do with your kids?
2. My parents had a couple rules that just drove me crazy and when I complained, my mom would say, "Well, when you grow up, you don't have to have that rule in your house."  Did/do you have any of these?

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(no subject)

I'm bored. Point me in the way of some of your favourite funny youtube videos.
Stand up routines & tv show clips are always a plus.

& seeing as that isn't actually a question, do you like pie? If so, what kind of pie?

Oh, & because I love picture posts. Take a picture of something random.
Bruins - shadow

(no subject)

1. I have a bunch of bras that dont fit me anymore (thanks child-bearing)
What should I do with them?
Is it weird/gross to donate them to Salvation Army?

2. Do you take naps?

3. Did you have a good weekend? Do anything special?


2. Not usually. :( I used though. I love naps.
3. Yeah it was pretty good. I saw my friends Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, which is like a record (I never see them bc they are away at college and when they are home they just want to go to bars and such, and being a single mommy I don't really have the luxury of going to bars..) And today it was my grandfathers 85th birthday party. It was pretty good except my kid was So Cranky I had to drive around the parking lot until he fell asleep and then sit in the car with him for an hour while he slept because it was too loud in the party...
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Does anyone know how some people disable links for their interests on their info pages? I see some people doing this and I'm curious about it because they list very common things, yet they're not linked. How do you do this?

(no subject)

Anybody know any good, non-obvious sites to take a FREE, full-length practice general GRE? (Non-obvious meaning not powerprep softwear, ETS, princetonreview, or kaplan as I have already gone thru those).

Thanks very much!

(no subject)

So, Question Clubbers, have any of you converted to a different religion? How did the process go? Why'd you do it? How'd your family react? Further elaboration would be super.

I'm from a Christian family, looking to convert to Judaism. I don't know how the process will go, aside from the learning under a rabbi part and the mikvah and all that jazz. I want religion back in my life, and Christ doesn't do it for me. Judaism just fits. My family won't be too happy when I tell them...They'll think I'm doing it for my boyfriend, which isn't true at all. He did open my eyes to Judaism, being the first Jew that I ever became good friends with, but I'm doing this for me.

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So, TQC, if you were having computer troubles, and your computer just happened to be supplied by your school (still have to pay for it, but whatever, right?)... you would take it to tech services, correct? And if it was behaving properly, you wouldn't bother, RIGHT?

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Lego question...

Anyone remember the name of that computer program that had like a camera so you could make your own stop-motion lego movies? I had a teacher in High School that was obsessed with Lego's and his fiance had gotten him one for his birthday or Christmas or something and now for reasons that shall remain unknown I may have a need for that program/camera if it's not too much money. So yea anyone remember the name or where I can get it? Oh and yes I looked on Amazon but there's a LOT of stuff so I'm wondering if anyone can help speed up my search.

2 Questions

1) I have an assignment to find a poem for my English class by an established author. Since this is a college course, my teacher wants us to find a controversial poem, none of that "Tupac bullshit" (his words). Can anyone point me in the direction of any?

2) If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
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Do you know of anywhere that i could get free sewing patterns preferably for a simple shirt and perhaps a skirt? (they don't have to match)

I'm wanting to learn to sew, so i want something easy. I've been looking all over the net but cant find the right type of thing or I'd have to order the book or whatever and all the patterns at material shops are all those lacy things.

Do you sew? Can I see some of your creations?

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Aside from the obvious (Red bull), what is your favorite thing to mix Jagermeister with?

I enjoy Jager and Cherry Coke. I also enjoy This drink.

Oh, also, have you ever heard the Jagermeister song? (I wanna thank you, thank you, thank you Jagermeister!) They used to play it on Radio 104 (R.I.P.) when I was younger, but since I was naive at that time I thought it was some type of beer and didn't know how to spell it. LOL. I should find that shit on Limewire and download it.

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If someone has a family history of bleeding during pregnancy (almost like getting their period, but still being pregnant) , what else could they use as an indicator for whether or not they're pregnant?

Is sherbet good for you or just not as bad for you?

Did you watch the world's ugliest dog competition on animal planet? Did you think that most of the dogs were ugly, or did you find them adorable?

Is there an age limit for playing video games? What do you think it is?
i say, old bean

silly drunk question

heklimkthx (10:33:18 PM): if you are like 100 yrs old, and buy a house for 500k when it is worth 250k with a loan, then put in your will to give it to your kid
heklimkthx (10:33:24 PM): is your kid totally fucked
heklimkthx (10:33:32 PM): or can he say no i dont want that shit?

UHHHH. heeeelp. i'm too stupid to answer this atm.
south park

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I know I just asked a question like half an hour ago...

But say you're making a strict diet for yourself.  However you can allow yourselves 2 exceptions to all the rules.  What would they be?

EDIT: I remember a long time ago someone told me about this one diet where for 13 days, you follow the strict rules very carefully, you eat exactly as the diet says, exercise, but on the 14th day, you can eat anything you want, and as much as you want.  Anyone else think that's a little weird?


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Why is it difficult to understand that not EVERYTHING is on the internet?
Sure there is a ton of great info, but there is also a lot of wrong and omitted info.

Does researching something online, for a mere 15 minutes, that you've had no prior experience with or knowledge of automatically make you an expert?
I love it when people try to argue with me and tell me I'm wrong when I've been dealing with
something for 5 years as opposed to the few minutes they've spent "researching" it. It makes
for a good laugh.
Dwight Howard

Hey drug experts!

I just threw back a couple Vicodin (which were prescribed to me, don't worry), and all of a sudden I can't feel my hands and feet. I've been taking them for over two months now, and I've never lost feeling like this before. They've felt like they were asleep before, but never no feeling at all.

Is that normal at all?

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Do you/would you send your children to Private school?
What are your views on private education?

No, I wouldn't. The state school system only fails because the middle/upper class send their children privately. People expected me to go privately but my parents knew i'd do just fine anywhere because of the values they've installed in me.
It seems unfair that the richest of society get the best education, carrying on the cycle. If everyone went to state school things would work so much better.