March 24th, 2007

HP love

A bunch of questions for you all!

A question for guys who shave their legs and girls who don't:
How do you feel about displaying your legs in public? Do you tend to cover them up, or do you just put it out there for the world?

One for the shy people:
Does it ever piss you off when people say "you just have to be confident!" like it's a given ability?

One for everyone:
Are gay people born gay?
Also, what makes straight people straight?

One for the vegetarians/vegans:
Has anyone ever tried to make you feel guilty/inferior because of your decision?
How do you react to people eating meat? How do you feel about it?

Does anyone here not believe in the theory of evolution?
Any transgender individuals in the house?
peanutty friends

Abandoned Animals

In my town, it's illegal to abandon your dog, but not your cat.

There are even "rescues" that will come neutered a stray and release it back in the area it was caught. I have a neighbor who feeds the strays, but I take in the pregnant females and spend hours and hours on end trying to find a shelter to take her.

I'm tired of this cycle.

I want to start a petition and serve it to our Mayor. I want it to become illegal for people to dump their cats. The next town over, you'd be charged with animal neglect but here, it's fine.

I've begged the dog officer to take a cat and his response was "No way. Maybe a kitten but no way a pregnant cat!"

I think if people were charged and fined, they'd be less likely to abandon their cat.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I don't mind doing the work myself and making copies for friends to take around as well. I just don't know WHERE to start.


EDIT: I am aware that not all offenders would be found or prosecuted. I am aware this law would not prevent all abandonment of cats. However, when my neighbors move away with their cat begging at my door to be fed and let inside, I can say that they have likely abandoned this cat.

We do have laws that you have to license your cats and dogs here. I know a lot of owners don't collar their cats and cats lose their collars all the time. I'm aware this proposed law would not fix the entire abandoned-cat problem.

I do not wish to be talked OUT of starting my petition because you are of the opinion that it would be a useless law. I only want to know HOW I can go about starting a petition so that I can ask my mayor to make this a law.
Kitten//unusual innocence

Suggest a song.

Can someone suggest a song or some song lyrics for me? I'm making little id thingies for some characters of mine and I've got everyone down but the little girl. She's five, sweet, fairly girly... standard little girl stuff. I cannot for the life of me think of anything though!

If you could suggest a song or even better a couple lines of song lyrics I'd be ever so greatful.
mornington crescent
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(no subject)

1. Are you an expatriate?
2. (if so) Where are you from and where do you live now?
3. (if not) Would you ever expatriate?
4. Where would you move to?

My answers:
1. Not yet
3. Yes. I'm not certain yet that I really want to, but it keeps looking better and better.
4. I'm studying in Ireland next year (hopefully...where the hell is my letter from Trinity?) and if I could move there, I'd love that.

(no subject)

1. Do you worry about things that haven't happened but could eventually happen?

2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

3. Have you ever been arrested? If so, what for?

4. Why am I so damn horny most of the time?

5. What time is it right now?

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(no subject)

Has anyone ever been cheap and just used Dawn or something similar for bubble bath?

I use it a lot. Especially if we have an insane amount of liquid soap (My girlfriend buys things in's crazy)

Strongest OTC Painkillers?

What are the strongest painkillers you can get OTC (over the counter)? I'm not asking because I'm a druggie, I'm asking because I've just started a physically demanding job, and I hurt. I'm sore all over, and I need something to help me work if I'm still sore on Monday.

(no subject)

Can you be friends with someone if you don't trust them?

Have you ever become friends again with someone after they did something completely shitty towards you and your friendship fell apart? Or do you just always move on and never look back?

(no subject)

What kind of free stuff have you received for your birthday(Not in you would normally have to pay for it..and not free booze on your 21st lol)

Yesterday I got a free Sammich at subway because I told them it was my birthday when they asked if I had plans for the weekend.

(no subject)

OK TQC ..I am disappointed with my TQC experience. The questions are weak and the answers are worse.

Who do I complain to so I can get my wasted time back??

Can I sue the mods?

Can I sue the question makers??

Whats the deal with TQC?

(no subject)

HI! I have 13 free downloads on for a free trial - what should I download?

Here is what I usually listen to: 2gether, Alkaline Trio, Allister, Beach Boys, Beatles, Ben Folds (Five), Billy Joel, Blink 182, Brand New, Bright Eyes, Catch 22, Eminem, Goldfinger, Hanson, hellogoodbye, Metric, Nada Surf, Offspring, Relient K, Rilo Kiley, Saves the Day, Vanessa Carlton

but any and all suggestions are welcome! I'm always interested in new music.

Also - what are your top 5 favorite bands (or things to listen to) and what do you like about them?

(no subject)

1) How can you tell if a strapless bra is a good one?

2) Is wearing a short dress to a prom generally considered 'slutty'? (I'm not going to get into whether that's a stupid view or not, I'm just wondering.)

3) Boots to prom. Sort of different but tolerable or just ugly? (Keep in mind that I'm going for a kind of pseudo punk look.)

4) Did you go to your prom? If so, was it enjoyable? (And what did you wear?)
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(no subject)

In an average month, how many cell phone minutes do you use?

Do you consider your usage to be low, average or high?

Anyone else working some over-time this morning?

(no subject)

So TQC, what did you dream about last night? (Or most recently, if you can't remember last night's dream.)

I dreamt I was attempting to get Richard E. Grant into bed. I don't think he was very keen. :)

(no subject)

1)What do tattoo artists practice on?
2)Is there such a thing as a tattoo school or is it an apprentice sort of thing?
3)Do they change needles when they change colors?
4)How do they make the colors lighter like to do shading?
knight's heart

Quick Time video conversions

So I got a new digital camera for my birthday and it takes videos. It saves them in Quick Time Movie format (.mov) I think, and end up atoubt 20mb+

I used Quick Time to convert one to .avi to make it smaller, and while it worked, I also lost a huge amount of video quality. Does anyone know what format I could save it into so that it would be smaller, but wouldn't lose much (or any) video quality?
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(no subject)

My brother is on a camping trip and forgot his cell phone at the house, and his ex-girlfriend (I posted about her a while ago) keeps calling nonstop. Should I pick up the phone or just let it keep going to voicemail? She's left about eight messages so far.
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Is there something you would like to tell the internet?

What was the last thing you had for breakfast? (I had homemade banana pancakes this morning. YUM.)

Do you find some kind of strange pleasure out of popping a juicy pimple?


I have a bottle of vodka here.  I also have orange juice, and a screwdriver is the only thing I know how to make with vodka. My normal poison of choice is rum. 

What else can I make at home with this vodka that doesn't require any "out there" ingredients?  I am one of those who prefer sweet and fruity drinks that people love to despise.

Help me, TQC, I am going shopping later and need drink ingredients.

(no subject)

I have a pretty nasty cold that includes chest congestion and a slight fever. Do you think working out (walking a couple of miles) would help me or make me feel worse?
Do you work out while sick?

(no subject)

hi guys. i got a mass email from some lady at our university endorsing the Ruckus Music program. has anyone heard anything about it? it sounds too good to be true. apparently no spyware or possible viruses? this is the email we got:

Dear students:

EMU would like to announce our collaboration with the online music
service Ruckus which is made available through the Merit Network.

This collaboration gives every student free & legal music downloads from
the Ruckus library of 2.5+ million songs.

Create your account:
Simply go to, click on “Join Ruckus” and enter your EMU
email address. The registration process will only take a few minutes.

Make sure you:
• Download the new and improved Ruckus Player
• Check out behind-the-scenes on the Ruckus Blog –
• Invite your Friends to use Ruckus –
• Share Ruckus on Facebook –

Here’s just some of what you’ll get from Ruckus:
• Free unlimited download access to a Library of 2.5+ Million Songs.
• Downloading albums in less than a minute.
• New music every week, Ruckus programmed playlists and album reviews.
• Exclusive artist and music label spotlights, interviews and photos.
• The ability to create and share your own playlists with friends.
• Internet street cred’.

And don’t worry -- Ruckus certifies that all downloads are 100 percent
legal, virus-free and spy ware-free.

So what are you waiting for? Start downloading today!

i'd like to try it but i'm worried! any feedback would be excellent.
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alcohol, woo!

1. Do you tend to drink til you're sick, or stop as soon as you feel the buzz?

2. How's your tolerance?

3. What kind of drunk are ya?

4. and just while we're on the subject, what's your poison? =)

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(no subject)

So my boyfriend called me up at 3 am, tripping on acid with his friend, stranded in the middle of a shady city, 30 minutes away. I had to go pick them up but ended up lost for about a half hour along the way. When I finally got to them I got "You stupid fucking bitch, how don't you know where we were?" from his friend, before he even got into the car. My boyfriend kept going from being mad to wanting hugs to laughing his ass off for no reason. I had to drop them off at my boyfriend's house at 4:20 am. I've also had a horrible stomach flu for days.

1- Would you be angry? On a scale of 1-10?
2- Any ideas to help me feel better?
Tom shaming you

(no subject)

So TQCers, what kind of music do you listen to?
Favorite band(s)?
Favorite artist?
Recommend one band/artist you think others would enjoy.
Any guilty pleasures? I'll still occassionally pop in my old Nsync album and sing unhumanly loud.
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(no subject)

can anyone recommend a good survey community on lj?  Any interest searches I've done have given me either innactive communities or communities that have one or two regular posters left with next to no updates.

What's your favorite subway sub?

Favorite liquor store booze?

Favorite drink downtown?  Now this may be a stupid questions, but does everyone call it downtown?  We do here because the vast majority of clubs and bars are literally downtown, but I'd imagine there must be places where thier main clubs aren't actually in the downtown area.

What are foods you have to put salt on?

Favorite style of tattoos?

Favorite reality show?

Mystery Shopping Hobbies

I've been doing mystery shopping for a few years now with a company that lately doesn't have many available jobs... I just came across some jobs for where I live with another company so I decided to apply... One of the things they ask on the application is to identify any hobbies/interests I have that may help in performing mystery shops... I can't think of anything to put at all... What kind of hobbies or interests would work for a question like?? Any ideas?
cat tea

(no subject)

1. Do you have an official job title? What is it? Does it accurately describe what you do?

2. What magazines do you read?

3. Do you like brown rice or white rice better?

4. Do you think you look "polished" or well put-together on a pretty regular basis?

5. How much time do you spend getting ready each day?

6. Aside from how much time you spend on a normal day, what other things do you do during the week to make yourself look better (paiting your nails, getting pedicures, waxing your eyebrows, etc.)?

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aw | blink

(no subject)

Any computer geeks here bored and want to take a look at this ad for me?

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Is this a good deal? Anything I should be wary about? What questions should I ask about it?

Or should I just forget about it?
me championship

(no subject)

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So... Would you pay the amount below for the following common clothing repairs, or if no how much do you think is a reasonable price?
a) Sew on button - chocolate easter egg or similar
b) Fix torm layered skirt - $1
c) Hem trousers - $8
d) Shorten skirt - $6
e) Replace zip in dress - $15

(no subject)

Honestly, do you go over the speed limit at all?

Is your SO a backseat driver? Does it make you want to kiiiill them sometimes?

is there anyone you refuse to let drive and why?

I pulled down the visor on my car and the cover for the mirror fell off. I tried putting it back on, but the part that attaches it to the visor completely fell apart. What the hell happened?

Mitty box

(no subject)

So, I took a video of my son on my digital camera and accidentally took it sideways. I forgot you can't really rotate the video like you can the regular picture. Or can you??? Is there a program or something which I can use to rotate the video, or am I stuck with a sideways video?
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1. Were you aware that 8 in 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size?
2. Are you currently wearing the wrong bra size? (Provided you know the correct one.)
3. Have you ever been fitted for a bra?
4. Do you feel like your size DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE?
5. Where is the best place to look for bras? (VS sucks, sorry.)


1. Have you ever been bra shopping with a female? Tell me what it was like.

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lead me


I'm in the market for a credit card. Junior in college, rockin' part time job, I just don't want to order stuff online with my debit card anymore (which I know isn't very smart) and to buy concert tickets and things like that. I plan on paying it off every month.

I applied for a Discover student card sometime last year and never heard back from them, so I guess they didn't like what I put in. I didn't put down anything about my work -- would that have something to do with it? Would it be worthwhile to try applying again?

I picked up something on a flyer at school for a Citi card and I'm looking into that now. Feedback, anybody?

Anywhere else I should look?

(no subject)

1. Why do a lot of people on LJ have this buring desire to be eclectic and weird and crazy?

2. Do you think you're eclectic and weird and crazy? If so, why?

3. Are most of your favorite musicians ones that have gotten or still get radio play? Examples, if you'd like.

4. Do your favorite movies do well in the box office and win Oscars? Again, examples.

5. Is it easy for you to find politicians whose views you mostly agree with?
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(no subject)

So, there is this guy I work with...

He'll be super friendly with me one day...hugging me, joking around with me, etc. and for a few days or weeks afterwards, he'll either completely ignore me or just glance at me, smile a little, and then ignore me after that. And then the process starts all over again. Am I looking too much into this situation or is this something that guys do a lot? What's the deal?
This is so ridiculous.

Boyfriend Pants?

In the Gap commercial for the boyfriend Khakis, set to "Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better," is the Female Dancer Claire Danes?

Because it's a spitting image if she's not, and it's been bugging me forever.

(no subject)

Should I... cut my hair boy short and dye it some outrageous reddish purplish color? I've had it a burgundy before but Ive had historically super long hair... It's naturally very curly as well, if that matters, but I'd be willing to straighten/wax it.

Basically, who thinks I could pull off short hair? (See cut)

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a puzzle

what is the next number in this sequence?

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

i gave you a hint with the number of places for the next number in the sequence. now, before you all whip out your calculators, listen, and listen good: THERE ARE NO MATHEMATICS INVOLVED IN SOLVING THIS ONE. no addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, or any other type of calculation you can think of.

if you've seen it before and therefore can figure out the answer, good for you :P. if you actually manage to figure it out, i respect your intelligence. tell me the solution you found for this one!

edit: i commented on someone who got the correct solution, if you got that one as well, you are correct. logically, if you got something else, you are wrong. lol.

what's that called again?

Help me out, TQC! I'm trying to figure out what this certain word game is called. You basically put up visuals and have people guess the phrase it spells out. For example:

is "read between the lines"

six feet

is "six feet under ground"

is "just between you and me"

What are these word games called? ETA: Answered! It's rebus. (Thankies, lierre!)

Where can I find examples of these online?

ETA: New random question: Do you have any sort of quirk for when you're studying? Like, do you need to be someplace, does it have to be quiet, do you need to be alone, etc etc? Or are you the kind of person who can pretty much study wherever and however is most convenient at a particular time?

Thanks! :P
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(no subject)

Do you like tie-dye? If so, what color schemes do you prefer? Do you have a favourite pattern (spiral, chaos, circles, etc)?

What's the most you'd be willing to pay if it was a well-made T-shirt, in your size and favoured colours/pattern, and you knew the colours wouldn't run in the wash?

(I make them as part of my living, and I'm wondering if I'm asking too much or if I'm doing unpopular patterns/colours.)

(no subject)

When someone turns in an application, do companies usually check their references, or is it just for show?

If they WERE calling my references, do you think the last boss I had (who I didn't get along with at all) could be saying I'm not good person to hire? He kinda seems like the kind of person who would do that, and I'm wondering if that's why I haven't gotten a call back from any of these places.

Would I somehow get in trouble for leaving the last place I worked off of my reference list? It was off the books, so there's no record of me working there except for if I tell them.

(no subject)

Beauty is of course a subjective matter- but I want to find out how people tally up beauty when you put it with a woman's face.

1.) Who is Hotter?

2.) Who is more "beautiful/prettier"?  Girl A  or Girl B?  (you have to comapre them with each other, not a celebrity-  based on your judgment/ rating scale whatever- does not matter)

3.)  Why did you choose this?

EDIT:  Thanks for helping me outTQC members w/ my research. I have to take the pictures out beacuse they are my friends - and I really only needed 10 people to critique the photos. I got more than enough whichis bonus points btw. :D YAY!

Say What?

Okay, I've wondered about this for years, and it's time to solve the mystery.

Most Americans can probably sing this song by heart:

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
Police naw give you no break
Soldier mon naw give you no break
Not even your idren naw give you no breaks...

Does anybody have any clue WTF who (or what) an "idren" is? And don't guess, dammit!

[Edit: Okay, looks like it means "Children of Jah". Urban Dictionary ftw. Wish I'da thought to check there. Actually just typing 'idren' by itself in Google would've worked, but I was too smart for that, um... heh.]

(no subject)

Would you recommend 300 to someone who isn't a complete sucker for special effects?

Do you respect authority?

Do you respect your elders?

What was something new you learned today?
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(no subject)





Personal experiences?

I can't take any hormones of any kind due to a medical condition. Condoms are getting expensive and ParaGard just happens to be available to me for free anyways. I did some searches and all I found were claims of cramping and bleeding.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

Can someone explain to me what conceptual photography is? And narrative photography? I did my searches in Google but I'm still not quite sure what they are exactly.
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(no subject)

1. What are some good ways to vent fury frustration? I generally hit things, but that isn't feasible at the moment (late at night, will wake everyone up).

2. What are you listening to at the moment?
Akon; Konvicted

3. What do you do when you're sitting at your computer desk bored?
Hack at it with my pocket knife

4. Do you subscribe to any blogs on MySpace? If so, who's?
Yep, Matt Hardy, Greg Helms, Steve-O, Raven, Dane Cook & John Pinette

(no subject)

1)How do you feel about tentacle rape? Is it a fantasy of yours?
2)Who's the smartest person you know?
3)What invention of the future are you looking forward to? Which one should have been invented a long freakin' time ago?
Materia Girl

(no subject)

All right, TQC (edit: ACK TYPOS)! 'Cause it's been a while (unless I totally missed something), what is the Best Picture EVAR from your hometown/somewhere you work or school or otherwise often travel to?

This picture is from the drive between home and college, for me:

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Edit: I just caught the photoshopped nature of this photo (I didn't take it). HOWEVER! It really does exist! It says "I represent injured people." I pass it at least once a month :)
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sleepy leila

personal washer and dryers

I don't have a washer or a dryer and it is a huge strain on my mother
for me to borrow hers every few days. i hardly make it over there but
once a week anyway because I'm home 24/7 with my daughter Leila and my mom is too busy.

So does anyone here use a personal washer(and maybe dryer?)? i found these links:\

price does matter because well, money is tight but i could save up for a few months, or hopefully ill get some kind of tax refund..
anyway, i just need to make sure that it works well and could save me
money, and make it so i dont have to rely on going to my moms.

Should i get a dryer too? if i hang things to dry(indoors, im
near portland oregon and it rains constantly so not a lot of sun)
would they get too crunchy?

any tips or info or comments would be awesome!

ps. i am mostly going to use this for cloth diapers.

(no subject)

What are some 'token' characters (in any type of media) that bother you? Not specific names, but the stereotype they are. Is there a specific reason why it bothers you? Explain?
The token 'dumb blond'. I'm blond, it's my natural hair color. I ask a lot of questions, but that's because I'm curious, not because I'm stupid. Dammit, I've heard all those stupid blond jokes, and I still can't believe that a person who is that stupid can really survive and not drown in the shower! Rawr!


1. What do you think of bestiality porn? Does it bother you? Why or why not?
I don't get off on it, but it doesn't disturb me - if the animal doesn't seem too upset about it, why should I be?

2. Does TQC's snarkiness offend you? If it does, why?
No - I love it. That's probably my favorite part of this community.

3. What's the first thing that runs through your mind when someone announces that it's their first post or that they're new here?
I kind of lose a little respect for them. Why would they announce it unless they want it to be noticed? And why would they want it to be noticed?
Duchess lady

yay memories!

1. Do you remember Disney singalong videos? Did you like them?

2. Did you watch Xena:Warrior Princess when it was on? What about Hercules:Legendary Journeys?

3. In your opinion, which of the two aforementioned was the greater series?

4. Who's your most embarrassing  celebrity crush of ALL time? (Pix are welcome)

5. Which is scarier, the remake or the original of House on the Haunted Hill?
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