March 23rd, 2007

Hurry up and look back

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How often do you take a shower?

do you wash your hair every time you take a shower?

what's the longest you've gone without taking a shower? why didn't you shower for such a long time?

ever use baby powder in your hair? `
sad girl


1.Does anyone shop at

I put two things in my shopping cart and for payment options, they had two buttons. One had Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover icons and the other button just said "Other." I chose the first button thinking I could pay with my Visa. Wrong! It put me in as PayPal. I don't have a PayPal account and I never will (because PayPal is evil and corrupt and I don't trust them) and this effing site didn't even tell me that this was the end-all page. So now it says I have to pay these sellers by PayPal.

2. What should I do, TQC? I emailed both of the sellers explaining that I was mislead by the site and can't pay with PayPal and asked if we could work something else out.

3. Why in god's name would a site not allow you to go back and change details or at least tell you when you're finalizing the order?

4. Are there any other good places online to find eclectic jewelry?

(no subject)

1. When was the last time you pampered yourself? What did you do?
2. Do you prefer showers to have doors or curtains?

Today I dyed my hair and painted my fingernails.
I like doors but have curtains.
so i'm back to the velvet underground

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Where can I upload audio and get a Flash link to embed into LJ entries? I saw someone do this once on a messageboard, but now I can't find the place I saw it at, and I don't remember the name of the site. I'm trying to do an audio blog, and the code that usually works to embed sound into a webpage won't work on LJ.

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In season 5 of Family Guy, in the episode titled "Chick Cancer," did Alan Alda do the voice of Victor, the young child actor? I tried looking it up on, but the character wasn't even listed, and under Alan Alda's profile, it didn't say anything about Family Guy. It really sounded like him though.

Also, has anyone ever seen the short, independant video titled "Needle Anus?" It is absolutely rediculous, and so stupid you can't help but laugh. If you haven't seen it, you really should.
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You know how everyone always fantasizes about true love and finding that special someone, yadda yadda yadda etc.
Do you ever have the feeling you're most likely going to end up alone?
Are you okay with that?
I really think I am, and in a strange way, that's reassuring.
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Random questions inspired by insomnia

1. What is your favorite kind of Chex Mix?
I really like the Turtle kind, the caramel Chex are amazing!

2. If you eat hommus, what is your favorite flavor? What do you eat it with?
I like the Vegetable hommus, and I eat it with Whole Wheat-Wheat Thins

3. Who is your favorite MythBuster? Any favorite episodes?
I love Adam and Carrie. My favorite episode was the one from Shark Week

4. What do you usually do when you can't go to sleep at night?
I usually go on AIM and try to find someone else to talk to, or watch late night tv re-runs of old shows.

Are you bored?

Are you bored?
What are you doing to help not be bored?
Do you want to talk to me on AIM so we can be bored together? (my SN is gotrawk)
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John Currin

Think for me TQC!

1. You discuss your relationship with a good friend (something I do with very few people, I like my privacy), good friend tells you how she was discussing what you told her with her boyfriend. Would this make you uncomfortable?

It certainly made me uncomfortable, especially since I've told her before "The less people involved in my business, the better."

Do I tell her that really bothered me? Or, do I just keep my mouth shut with her? I'm thinking the latter, but that leads me to the next question.

2. Do you find that there seems to be competition amidst friends and their relationships? Aforementioned friend always gives this vibe that she's trying to claim her relationship as superior. Having never had to deal with people acting like this, I'm wondering if I should just get over my feelings of annoyance and continue smiling and nodding as she preaches the awesomeness of her boyfriend, or express my annoyance?

3. Should I try espresso for the first time tomorrow in lieu of my usual two tall cups of coffee?
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Illness and Work

So, your wife has just had two days off from work sick. You have missed a day of work last week. You have the more specialized career, but you know most employers will not let you have a third day off without a doctor's slip.

But now your child is sick, and one of you must call in to stay home and watch him.

Who should stay home?
krazie kermit
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font too big


for some reason, ALL the font on my computer turned big. I think it happened when I changed my desktop picture.
my AIM fot windows are bigger, my internet explorer websites have bigger font...
how do i change this??

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(no subject)

1. what oscar winning film (from 1928 to the present) have you NOT seen?
2. of the ones you have seen, which are your favourites?
3. how many do you own?
4. in your opinion, what movie should NOT have won an oscar?
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(no subject)

1. Do you believe in that "one and only"? You only fall in love once, there is that one person that was put on this earth just for you? Think about it, out of several billion people how could you possibly get so lucky to find that one "special" person?

2. What do you do when there isn't anyone watching?

3. Does the gas indicator in your car remind you of a gallon of milk? Maybe I shouldn't skip breakfast?

4. What is the best remedy for severely chapped lips? My lips have been breaking and chapping for the last three months and every time they start to "grow" back in I can't help but bite the excess skin off.

5. Everyone is guilty of at some point trash-talking about another. Do you ever wonder what they say about you?


ok... Say your not spooning exactly but the guy is laying on his back and your laying up against his side on your side with one of  your  arms across his chest, what do you do with your arm that is sort of under you? Where do you put it so it's not uncomfortable?
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I found a good one

Exactly what's the purpose of being a boyfriend or girlfriend? Some can say it's a stepping stone towards marriage.. or a make believe marriage. Other can say it's dedication and love towards a person. I kind of say it's access to sex.

So what do you think? What's the philosoophy behind this x-friend thing?
Give a dog a home

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Do you watch any talk shows?
Not really. I'm a cooking show girl.

What is your current obsession?
Lush cosmetics. OMG lush.

For the straight/mostly straight girls: Do you wear anything with rainbows on it?
I'm mostly straight, and I like to wear rainbow things. I think they are pretty. I also support gay rights, so it's kind of an homage to that as well.

Do you think that dogs that attack/kill other animals/dogs should be euthanized? If not, what should be done, if anything?
I think that they should be visited by a behaviorist, the owners should be fined, and if it happens again, the dog should be removed from the home. I only think dogs should be euthanized that attack humans with no warning or for no reason (such as sickness, being startled) should be euthanized.

Have you ever seen the testicles that people hang on the back of their trucks? Some places want to ban them. What do you think?
I think they are funny, but kind of redneckish. I wouldn't ever sport them.

What kind of food do you feed your pets?
My dogs are on Nutro Light to get them slimmed down for summer, and my cats are on Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Cat formula. It makes the litter box so much less stinky!

the more you know

(no subject)

1)Think about all of the big arguments you've had with your family/close friends/significant others. Out of all of them, which would you say was/were over something stupid or at least started over something stupid? And what started it/them?
2)What's something you have in your residence that I probably wouldn't?
3)If you get someone's voicemail, do you hang up or leave a message?
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This and that.

1- What would you do with 12 grand worth of Victoria's Secret gear?
2- If you watch the credits of movies, have you ever seen one of those SPCA (or whatever) sort of warnings say that an animal WAS harmed during the making of a movie?
3- If you ever go to bulk stores, what is something you always buy?
4- I'm going to the mall today for body wash and conditioner from Lush, as well as some junk from the bulk store, aaaaaaand maybe some new shoes. What am I forgetting?
5- How are you? :)

1- Decorate my neighbourhood. ;) Or give them to underprivileged hookers.
2- Yes, but I can't remember which movie for the life of me. :(
3- Granola!
4- I have no idea, I know I'm missing something. :(
5- Confused, as usual. ;P

modern bombs don't tick

1.) Would you consider vibrators to be a type of dildo.. or are vibrators & dildos two completely separate things?
2.) What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
3.) Last night I was stuck waiting around in the subway station where The Warriors had that big fight in the men's room with The Punks. Have you recently been to any landmarks that were made famous in a movie?

(no subject)

1) What is the dumbest reason you have given/received for a break up?

2) What's your pet's name and what is it?

3) Why is your best friend your best friend?

4) How do you gain someone's trust back?

5) What's your cell phone look like?

6) How do you win back someone's heart?

7) What's your favorite sad song?
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if you've graduated from high school, i know we've all done it (the thinking of this, not that we've all graduated from high school) 'in such and such years i'm going to be graduating college and making the big bucks.. married to the love of my life.........' *ZONG* can you say that you're doing what you thought (then) that you'd be doing now? (gosh, redundant!)

where is a place that you hear people ~*~rave~*~ about [in regards to what it specializes in whether it be food, clothes, books] that you haven't been to? Chipotle! we don't have one here.. is it like a place that specializes in burritos or?

what's something that you feel as though you're the only one that can't do?

what's a book that you've heard everyone and their momma read and rave about, yet.. you just can't seem to get the hype? The Life Of Pi. (what does it REALLY consist of?! like, summarize it and make me see why there is such a big hype around it)

what's for lunch? Chick-fil-a.
doctor who: doctor/rose handholding tard

(no subject)

1. My "service engine soon" light is on and has been for a few weeks. Nothing seems to be wrong with my car aside from it being old, and I can't afford to get it checked so I am just hoping it doesn't blow up. Any ideas what is wrong?

2. Does anyone have the "My Pokemons, Let Me Show You Them" cat macro? I thought I had saved it but alas, I did not.

3. What do you order at Chipotle?
Me: chicken burrito, black beans, the green salsa that I don't know the proper name for, cheese, sour cream, lettuce.

(no subject)

1. How much do you hate Gwen Stefani's entourage of "Harajuku Girls"?

2. I have an informal class presentation on Tuesday morning. After the lecturing part, I have to ask two related questions to the class. A girl in the back always comments on how stupid and obvious everyone's questions are. I am the last presenter of the semester, and her presentation a few weeks back was shit. If she says anything, should I stand my ground? Everyone else she attacked just started blushing and/or got flustered. I'm ready to take her on.

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Do you find the "regular" fountain soft drink sizes to be huge? Why are american drink sizes so big?

The little quick-stop at my school used to sell 12oz sized cups, which were perfectly sized for me!  And, only 59 cents.  This 20 oz things are friggin' huge D:

lol, soda wank

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For Buffy fans:

1. About how many times would you say you've watched, "The Body"?

2. Which episode from the show do you like the least? Why? Did it have any redeeming value?

3. In your opinion, which is the funniest episode of the series?

4. Excluding, "The Body" and "The Gift," which episode would you say is the saddest?

5. If not Angel, which character would you have liked to have had a spin off show? Do you think it would have been more successful (not that Angel wasn't. Five years isn't bad for a spin off!)?

6. How closely does Joss like to keep to a script? Is he okay with improvisation?
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Scenario 1: You've found someone you've really grown fancy for. You start to date. Before the relationship gets too intimate your partner reveals they have herpes. Would you stay with them if your feelings were that deep? How would the sex part work out?

Scenario 2: You find out you have herpes. Do you continue to date normally with no sex? Do you give up and assume no one will want to spend their life with you and chance getting herpes too?

Yeah, I've seen too many of those herpes commercials and I'm just really curious -_-.

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everytime i make those premade garlic bread loafs, the bottom always burns.  i've tried wrapping them in tin foil.  i tried putting the oven rack high.  i make sure the oven temperature is right.  i don't leave them in the oven too long.  

what am i doing wrong?  

what's the secret to not burning them?

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Poll #952479 Yick!

Were the people who designed the taste of Red Bull (energy drink, for those of you who don't have it where you live):

Horrible sadistic people who enjoy watching the looks on people's faces when they try to drink it.
Evil masterminds who somehow made it just okay enough to drink but not enough to like.
What are you talking about? Red Bull is delicious!
Ticky Box
Other (comment)

Also, should I go see 300 or TMNT?
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How do I wash this?

Hello there.. I have this black and white striped shirt. It's 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The stripes aren't thick, about a centimeter (as seen in userpic). Would it be okay throw it in with the whites and bleach it, or should I wash it with the colors?
SS Klondike

Unusual question.

There's something I'm pretty sure I've heard/seen in a TV commercial for an American financial company of some sort (Merill Lynch or Prudential - something like that). It's a little audio sting at the end of the ad, and it's just a little sound clip that sounds like it could be, say, two pieces of ceramics (like two coffee mugs or something) hitting one another.

I know it sounds odd, but I know I've heard this in an ad before. Anyone know which company I'm talking about? Or - even better - a place where these ads can be viewed or heard online?
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(no subject)

1. What sort of shoes are you wearing?

2. Are you wearing a belt? What does it look like?

3. Do you own a set of matching luggage?

4. When did you last see your mommy?

5. Americans: Who is your Congressional Representative? Do you like them? Should I pick him/her to be mine too?

EDIT: I'm getting on an airplane now and flying away to Florida. Will you leave me lots of comments to read later? Get in to fights if you must. :)

I don't get it! Please help!

I have this friend and he smells.  He.really.stinks.  He doesn't shower ever day, and he barely showers once a week.  He wears the same pants and the same sweatshirt every single day, and those are cleaned even less than he is.  Everyone in our group of friends agrees that he smells terrible!  I tried saying he should shower more, and he was like "I SHOWER LIKE EVERY OTHER DAY."  (He wouldn't talk to me for two weeks).  I know he was lying because the caked on grease in his hair gives him away.  A couple of other people in our little group have tried to tell him the same thing, but he says that he thinks he showers enough.  It's not like he doesn't have a house or access to a shower or anything, so it really is puzzling!

1) Why won't he shower?!
2) Have you ever had a smelly friend?
3) How do we get him to bathe more than once a week?!
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Mitty box

(no subject)

If you heard what you thought to be gunshots, would you call the police?

Does your geographical location influence your answer?

Have you ever called the police or 911 about something you weren't directly involved in?

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High school.

Your little brother wants to go to prom with his girlfriend. Problem is they're both freshmen so they want you and your SO to buy them tickets so all of you can go. You're a senior and you've never been to prom or anything else.

1. How would you feel about them going? 
2. Would you feel like the night was "less special" if they were there?
3. If they came, would they have fun even when most of the people in their grade aren't there?

4. Did/does your school have a senior skip day? Did you skip?
5. Where did/do you eat lunch?
6a. Did you win a senior superlative? (Biggest Flirt, most likely to succeed, etc) Which? 
b. If you didn't, which should you have won (or will you win if you're not there yet)?

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Do these suck?

1. For the married ladies who took their husband's name, how long did it take you to get used to the new signature?

2. What is one non-electronic accessory that you always feel naked without? What is an accessory that you rarely if ever think about?

3. How do you feel about deserts?

4. (This is something I think about a lot, ever since an ex boyfriend killed himself, leaving behind a mother with whom he had had a remarkable relationship. But I may phrase it weird or not explain myself, so just ask if it's confusing).

Do you believe that we should stay alive for our loved ones? If so, do you believe that this type of thinking can actually lead to a happier life? Or do you think that other people's love should keep you alive? Is that the same thing?

5. When you see a certain cliche proven wrong(like... cats and dogs curling up together even though they should hate each other, or a sweet little old grandma wearing biker clothes) do you get weirdly nostalgic for like... the classic cliche, even though a dog and cat loving each other, and a biker grandma, are awesome? Feel free to think of other "cliches."

Conversely, when you see a cliche or proverb acted out, like a dog chasing a mailman or for lack of a better idea, someone literally crying because they spilled milk, etc, do you get a thrill for seeing something like that?
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Pikt-cha post. :)

What do you look like right now? (So no pictures from your school dance 5 years ago!) If you can't take a picture on the spot, give a detailed explanation.

Me: Still a fat old lady with short curly brown hair, glasses, and an ever confused look. Wearing a brown shirt with... shiny stuff at the collar, and blue dress pants. And the worst looking shoes you ever did see.

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the home-cooked meal

my boyfriend says my mom is one of a very few who worked full-time and still managed to cook a homemade meal every night when i was growing up. is he right?

growing up...
1. did your parents work full-time?
2. how often did you have a home-cooked meal for dinner?
3. how often did you eat out?
4. did your whole family eat together?
5. did you eat in front of the tv?

any other thoughts?

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cubs hat

(no subject)

1. Do you have any bad landlord stories? I need to hear them.
2. Has your landlord ever kept your security deposit or part of it? Why?
3. Have you ever used your security deposit as your last month's rent and not paid the rent? Why?

(no subject)

I live in South Florida. It's 86 degrees out(30 celcius, 303.15 kelvin), and it's been in the 80s for much of this month. I'm downstairs wondering why the hell it's so hot inside, and I find that my mother has left the heat on. You know, to combat the freezing 86 degree temperatures.

Does anyone have any insight as to what the hell this woman is thinking?
Me--State Fair


So I installed LJ Thread Unfolder and Greasemonkey, and it doesn't seem to be working. I'm running Firefox and I can't see why it isn't working. I unchecked and rechecked it, just to troubleshoot, and still nothing.

Is there a better way to unfold massive amounts of comments?
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(no subject)

A friend of mine on MSN has somehow changed the language of my hotmail to something other than english. I asked a bunch of other friends if any of their hotmails were another language, but I seem to be the only one. This person has confessed to me they somehow changed it but won't reveal how to change it back.

Do any of you have the slightest idea whats going on? And how I can do the same to him, or something similar? Thanks. :)

PS. A little idea of what this language is...

Lähetetyt viestit
Hallitse kansioita

(this is the text on the side of the page.. Inbox, Junk Mail, Drafts, etc)

(no subject)

Where can I find nutritional information for Hooters?

Hootersonline said they can't give any because of the changing menu.
When I went to the restaurant they didn't have any sort of information.
There's no tab for nutrition at

(no subject)

1. For the smokers out there, what's your idea of the perfect cigarette? As in when and where and what brand.

2. When you're pooping and you have one of those half-way poops that you could either squeeze out or sort of...suck back in, which do you usually do?

3. What was the last album you listened to without any other distractions around, like you just laid back and listened from start to finish?

(no subject)

1.Do you think your boss or teacher owns a LJ? And a member of TCQ?
2.Have you/would you lurked through their LJ?
3.Have you ever come across an active LJ of someone you knew from real life?
4.If you have, was it from someone unexpected? Did you tell them about it?

Edit.I forgot my answers.
1. No. But I know one teacher who blogs on her friendster. Hah.
2. N/A
3. Yes.
4. Yes and No. One was a family friend and that was odd because I added her on my LJ without knowing it was her and for some reason we recognised each other's posts and we were both like, "Oy is you!". The other one, I was randomly going through people's LJ from the school directory and saw a pic of my coursemate... Haven't told her. Don't think I want to.

Dear Cat People

What does it means when a cat divebombs your foot with the back of her head, rubs her ears all over your foot, then rolls around on her back purring like a fool, then slapping  your leg twice, and finally running away?

(said cat is not in heat.  said cat is at the house I clean)

alone on a Friday night ....

1. what's the name of your favorite porn?
*bonus if it's something I can download off the internet*

2. what kind of porn do you like?
2a, what kind turns you off?

3. if given the opportunity, would you make your own porn?
3a. have you done this already?
Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

I'm trying to burn a cd in iTunes. The empty cd has 700mb space. The mix I'm trying to burn on it is 109,6mb. My maths skills tell me that's plenty of space.
So why does iTunes tell me that's too much to fit on a cd? And how can I make it all fit?
bjork 2
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Bartleby Bumble, Esquire.

Do you like to read? Did you read as a child? Did your parent(s) read to you?

If you like to read, do you prefer a light-hearted, entertaining book or one that sucks you in and whips you through the storyline before spitting you out so hard that you're left sitting and wondering what the hell just happened?

Is there one book in particular that had a major impact on your life?

Sort of an ipod related question. Sry.

So my ipod is screwing up, and I plan on going to the store to see if they'll replace it for me, or fix it, at least. But in case they refuse (and they may, because I know from past experiance that many of the people who work there are royal jerkoffs), should I just get another ipod, or another brand of mp3 player? Any specific brand?

Edit: Problem solved! I'm still interested in knowing which brands of mp3 player you guys think are better than apple though. :>
Big Love

He's gonna kick my ask

After watching THIS fifty eleven times at work today I realized that I think little kids swearing is the funniest thing in the world. I also think people falling is hilarious.

Is there anything that you think is funny that you "shouldn't?"

What would you do if a monster was in your house?

Do you remember the first time you cursed in front of an adult? Did you get a "look" or were you just so adorable that they laughed?

What do you do at work all day?
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(no subject)

While at the doctor's office today, I was bored and began looking through the magazine rack. 90% of it was parenting magazines- the other 10% was Teen Vouge. I began flipping through it, because it had an article on drunk driving, and that sounded somewhat interesting. Out of the ~200 pages, ~180 of them were ads.

1- What is the appeal of such magazines?
2- Does it annoy you to read them?
3- Would you ever subscribe to such a magazine?

1- ?
2- It did annoy me. I had to flip through 190 pages before I found the article I was looking for.
3- Unless I wanted to major in fashion... no.

random questions

1. if you had a hermaphrodite for a child would you make it a boy, girl , or leave it as it is?

2. what is the question to which the answer is 42?

3. what if the hokey-pokey really is what it's all about?
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Everyone has labels that we're called. Me, I'm a geek, bookworm, nerd, eclectic, writer, ditz, soulmate, cancer-patient supporter, love midget, and musician. What are yours? Do you like them? Why or why not? (loves hers.)

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Dish Soap...

This question came to me during my Human Growth and Development class...

1. Why does dish soap (the kind you use with a sponge and sink) have a scent?

2. What kind of dish soap do you use? What brand?

3. What scent do you use?

My answers:

2. Palmolive

3. fresh green apple scent
Dwight Howard


Okay, so we've been taught pretty much our whole lives that figthing is wrong, and it's never okay to fight, right? You've always gotten the whole "Use your words" speech, or whatever.

But do you think there are cases where it's okay? Physical fights, I mean, not just arguments.
  • bizwac

(no subject)

When using acronyms, do you treat them as if they are the word it stands for, or as a word in itself. ok, so this isn't very clear. i'll give an example.

if you were going to call livejournal 'LJ', would you write "a LJ" (because you're thinking of it as the word/s livejournal) or "an LJ" (because you're thinking of it as the letters EL JAY).

i would say an LJ because if i was to say it out loud i would say 'el jay' and so it should have 'an' before a vowel sound.
and it'd be the same kind of thing if it's like STI, FLG or whatever.