March 22nd, 2007

sad girl

Vacations and Other Things

1. Where's a fun, relatively cheap place to vacation that I could reach by driving/bus/train? Nothing over 5 hours away, and I live in South Central PA.

2. What's the best vacation you took?

3. What's your favorite Pepperidge Farm cookies?

4. What's a good bodywash that won't dry me out?

1. You tell me! NYC was one of our considerations, however.
2. Probably the first time I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE. I want to say Vegas for my wedding, but I was actually sick with mono there! ;_;
3. Double Chocolate Milanos. I ate a whole bag yesterday and I want more.
4. I use Aveeno Daily Radiance right now, but my skin still feels dry and itchy.

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What are you reading?
I just started The Red Tent by Anita Diamant for the second time, I love this book.

What genre(s) do you read most?
Science fiction, fantasy, and romance.

I have a gift card for Barnes & Noble, what book would you recommend?
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(no subject)

Say you have a close friend of the preferred gender who is generally nervous, unaffectionate and notoriously averse to physical contact, yet during a movie, said friend randomly rests his/her head on your shoulder. How do you react to/feel about this?
Beth a roni Present

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Bones Question:

For those who watch the TV show Bones and saw episode 216 (with the boneless bride), what is the song that is playing towards the end that includes the lyrics "you make me want to live for you"?  I have looked everywhere for it and can't find it! Thanks!!!
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Well I'm flying home for R&R in a few weeks. I land on a Monday. But my parents have rented a beach house on Sat. My family will be at the beach when I land. A neighbor will meet me at the airport and I'll drive to the beach (2-3 hours)the next day.

How would you feel that your spouse sent someone else to pick you up??

I bought her a nice gold cross....should I still give it to her or return it?
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(no subject)

Has anyone here ever heard of someone dying or getting sick from drinking too much bottled water?

I know you can get sick/die from having too much water, but a lady here at work just told me that there is a chemical added to extend the shelf life of bottled water and sine I drink 4-5 bottles a day i'm going to eventually become sick from this...Anyone else know about this?

Does anyone here live around the tampa/redington/clearwater fl area? what is the job market like?

(no subject)

1. What is the one food you've found to be supremely filling in a small amount? (Other than meat)

2. Excer-size question: I've been walking, running, swimming - to burn off a couple pounds, and my legs are huge. Now, working out has only made them BIGGER. Wtf, and how can I remedy this?

3. I work on a computer all day with a headset doing directory assistance. What can I do to amuse myself while I work (other than reading, puzzlebooks [like crosswords] or drawing? also, not music because I have to talk/listen to the phone, but my hands are free)  Edited to add: The computer is logged into a database, so I can't access anything on it.

Give a dog a home

(no subject)

1) Are organic products better than non-organics?

2) Do you think it is the parents' fault when they have an obese child (who does not have any disease or disorder that contributes to the obesity)?

3) What do you think of parents who throw birthday parties every single year for each of their three children, two of which have birthdays within a month of each other? The children are 7, 5, and 2.

4) What was the last thing you ordered online?
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One week from today I'm flying to Florida for a huge professional conference. Somehow I've made it 23 years into my life never having been on a plane. I'm terrified.

Tips/reassurances to help me get through this? I'm more afraid of the plane crashing than anything else.
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screw u

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A work-friend of mine invited me to join her tonight at a local club.  We get along great, but we've never spent any time together outside of work.  I've heard a few stories in the 6 months that we've worked together about her getting in fights with other girls, being ejected from bars, and being generally rowdy.  I think it would be a fun night out (provided that I don't end up arrested or anything!) but I'm a little nervous about what could happen.  

Do I let that stop me from going?

Would YOU go?

Sexual Abuse

1. Have you ever been sexually abused? If so, what details are you willing to share? Who, how long?

2. Did you get therapy for it? When did you start it?

3. How did sexual abuse affect your life and relationships? How did you deal with these problems?

4. Do you have problems trusting? How do you approach these issues?

5. Any books, therapeutic approach you would recommend to help deal with the issues that stem from sexual abuse?

6. Does this post make you want to look at Cute Overload now?

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Why do people go get tattoos/piercings and then freak out and cry as though the person doing it is forcing them to get something done? Some people I know (I know the most brilliant group, don't I) went to go get piercings together and a few of them were crying hysterically. The piercer asked if they changed their mind and they said no, then flipped out when the piercer got close to them again. They got it done (after a couple of hours of the same damn thing) and now they tell the story like they were held down by huge bikers and had a needle haphazardly stabbed into their face. I hardly ever hear a piercing/tattoo story where nobody cries, and it just seems so weird that someone would get something like this done if it seems like they didn't actually want it.

If you have tattoos/piercings, did you cry or change your mind at the last minute while you were getting it done? Why?

Do piercings really have deep meanings? I read someone in another community saying how they got their nipples pierced because it meant something very special to them and all that jazz. It just seems odd to me to give piercings some kind of deep meaning like that.

Okay, so the little rhyme goes like this: "I before E except after C or when sounding like A as in neighbor or weigh." So why does I go after E in weird?

(no subject)

I have a test at a hospital tomorrow for 3 HOURS!!!!  Nothing too intensive, so any ideas what I can do or bring along to keep myself entertained? (apparently I can't move too much or fall asleep).

Thanks in advance!

BTW, I just joined this community and it's great!  I'm a most curious individual so it seems like a perfect place for me :)

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Why does Fergie insist on spelling everything?

What's the best way to get a cat who has been the only pet in a household for almost three years become acclimated to a house with 2 dogs and 2 other cats?
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(no subject)

For those of you that have children and have their kids in day care/a nanny/ babysitters etc.. do you think there should be a national childcare system in place? Why or why not?

now for some completly unrelated questions!
2) has anyone ever gone to fashion college? I want to take a fashion merchandising program..but am wondering if its worth it, and where did you take it?
3) what are you wearing today?

My Answers are in the notes
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(no subject)

1. I ordered something online two weeks ago, received it a week ago, and yet still haven't been charged for it. Should I email the company and ask what's up, or just pretend like I won a contest and got my boots for free?

2. Have any big plans for the weekend?

3. When you're flying, how long before the flight do you try to arrive at the airport?

4. When you have no one who can drive you to the airport do you prefer to drive yourself there and leave your car in the lot while you're gone or hire a taxi/shuttle to get there?

5. How many siblings do you have?

Burning DVDs

I need help!!

I want to copy some dvds onto my computer and then burn them, but I can't figure it out.

I have Windows Vista and it came with Windows DVD maker.

How do I copy and burn dvds? I've looked through it, but I can't figure it out.


Where were THREE things YOU learned from chapter one?
(Edit bonus:  If someone was whispering, but looking RIGHT at you, and there was no one else around, would you assume that said person was talking to you? Also, if you have to talk out loud in order to write a paper wouldn't you do that in private?)
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Another Clothing Question

Question club, tell me will brown shoes work with this suit?

Pierre Cardin Three-Button, Non-Vented Blue Multi-Stripe Suit

Shirt and Tie Combo is


My brown shoes are a little more dressy than my black ones, but I can't match colors if it meant saving the earth from a army of evil cyborgs so... I need HELP! As a note, they are close to these Bostonian Tahoe Brown Cap-Toe Dress Shoe

Oh and side note, how much of your sock should be showing when you are sitting down? Very little? None at all?

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1. Do you spend more time with your co-workers or with your friends?
2. Are you friends with any of your co-workers?
3. How long have you been working full-time?
4. How often to you take leave/vacation?


i have 4 more invitations..anyone still want one?? (give me your email address if you do)

also, for those of you who've already signed up, have any of you gotten past level 4??
[i have not]

what game do you like the best?
[i like the gold rush game, i do the best at that one]

The two ladies

I see two ladies at work a lot. They work in another department. We'll call them Jersey and Eastern Carolina.

Jersey is very nice. She gives us (in this department) mini presents from time to time. She's very polite. I was having a bad hair day yesterday and I wore a hat (which is unusual). Jersey asked why I was wearing a hat and when I told her, she gave me advice and offered to give me some extra hair care supplies she has at home.

Eastern Carolina is not nice. She makes fun of people in non-joking, mean ways. I've never heard her say anything nice. She noticed my hat yesterday and made a rude comment about it. Last month she said my lunch looked really gross and she couldn't understand why someone would eat something like that (it was Thai food). When my co-worker showed Eastern Carolina some pictures of her niece, the only comment she made was "Why is your niece's hair not combed?"

I want to give a present to Jersey. What should I give her? A gift certificate to a lunch place? Should I pay for her lunch one day? Should I give her a nice card?

Should I leave whenever Eastern Carolina comes in? Should I just find something to do? I don't think I can bring myself to "call her out" on anything, even though she is far from attractive.
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South Carolina: Myrtle Beach, Conway area

I am going to be graduating from a college in PA this May. I am originally from CT/NY. I REALLY want to move down to SC and to the Myrtle Beach/Conway area specifically.

1) I have been looking for apartments online and have found several. One which would work for me is 95% students but that makes it cheaper (I am thinking 400 a month). Everything else is at least 700-800 for a 1bdrm apartment (Still cheap to me comparing to CT). I was talking to my friend who says it's way high for the area. I'd ask him but he works 7 days a week and does not have the time to help me hunt for apartments. Do any of you know of places where I can rent for cheaper then 700-800? My plan now is to move into the student one and in a few months move into my own...but if I can move into my own now that would be great to. All I need is 1 bdrm so it could be a house if that is even possible. Any ideas? Help? Tips?

2) Jobs. I have already created accounts with and and have started to apply to the ones I can. However alot of them want me to apply in person and well...I cant until I move down there. I have given my resume to 3 temp agencies and am looking at the Horry Independent. Is there anything else I could/can/should do? I have a double major in History and Mass Communications. I have had several media related internships (tv, radio) and have had plenty of office experience. As of right now there are two TV stations there but both aren't hiring right least not with jobs I can do. Any tips?

Any and all advice is appreciated.


My friends and I sometimes will cook dinner for a big group of us, and it's my turn next. There are typically around 10 people that show up. In the past we've made super easy things like tacos, burritos, spaghetti, bbq, and lasagna. I'm a little stuck as to what I should make this time.

So my question is, what's your favorite thing to cook for large groups of people? What do you suggest I make?

(no subject)

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

2. Where do you live now? Do you like it there?

3. What is you job? Do you like it?

4. Where did/do you go to school? Did/do you like it?

5. What one place would you choose to spend a million dollars at?

6. What language would you learn if you had the time? Do you speak more than one language? If so, which languages?

7. Where is the farthest you've been from home?

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(no subject)

DID YOU KNOW...that North Carolina (139,000 sq KM) is 3x bigger than the nation of the Netherlands (41,000 sq KM) and has less than HALF the population (8M vs 17M)???

What other nation is MORE DENSELY populated than the Netherlands??

What is a Dutch treat?
I miss you

(no subject)

Uhm, does anybody know how to change hotmail back from the craptastic "Windows Live Mail Beta" to the original hotmail layout? ^_^;; (I really hate change, and...I hate the new layout and everything. x_x I don't know if it is even possible to change it back.) I logged in to check my e-mail the other day and it was like "hey, we decided to try out this new beta without any warning or caring if you want to or not, LAWL ENJOY THE CHANGE SUCKAAA" and it took me a good 5 minutes to figure out where the logout button was. >_>;;

Public Schools and Sex Ed.

Do you think that same-sex orientation should be discussed in sexual education classes being taught to middle and high schoolers?

If so, what do exactly should they be taught?  

If students are taught the actual mechanics (the penis goes into the vagina, etc.)  of heterosexual sex, should they also be taught the mechanics of homosexual sex?  

In general, would you want your child to attend a sexual education class (regardless of the homosexuality issue)?

Link of the report on Good Morning America:


The next thing the government should outlaw IS!

1. Do you eat mostly all natural foods or foods that are not increadibly processed?
2. How often do you eat fast food, microwaved food, canned or boxed food - basically foods that you don't have to cook?
3. What do you eat most of; veggies, meats, fruits, carbs (breads, potatoes, etc)?
4. Are you aware of the effects these foods have on your body?
5. What food, if put before you, can you not get enough of?

6. If truth became an object, what would it be?
Truck Tipping
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(no subject)

This post about a conservative woman at Georgia Tech who received death threats and was discriminated against at that school got my brain working.

Is it acceptable to take away the rights of someone whose goal is to take away the rights of other people?

(edited for grammar error that was driving me nuts)
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1. What magazines are you subscribed to?
2. How is your hair today? 
3. Do you make lists? What kind?
4. I need to have 4 creative pieces for my english class tomorrow based on Emily Dickinson. I've already written a poem mimicking her style and I've done a painting inspired by one of her poems...what else could I do?! 

My answers:
1.'s a christian college thing that isn't very interesting =/ 
2. Down and always.
3. Yes. For everything, grocery lists, to do lists, what i need to pack lists...etc. 
4. I dunno...hopefully you will be of help :)

In between classes..

What's your favorite cereal?

- Normally, I eat apple cinnamon cheerios, special K or frosted mini wheats. If I'm feeling like a splurge I'll eat chocolate lucky charms. :]

Lets say you had recently gotten married and also just took your first real post-graduate school/business school/law school job. How long do you think it is appropriate to wait to have children? Should you work with them for a number of years before you try and take maternity leave? Do you have an ethical obligation, or could it be something written into your employment contract?

- I'm curious because I'm getting married pretty soon after I graduate law school and while I don't know if I'd be prepared monetarily to have children at that point I'm curious to see what's appropriate to do in that sort of situation.

What's your favorite brand of coffee?
-- I've been drinking Price CHopper's fancy brand (Central Market, ooh how artsy) breakfast blend and it's really good for the money. I like almost anything as long as it's fresh.

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Inspired by this post

Do you think people on government assistance should be required to undergo random drug tests in order to receive their benefits?

I do. My husband has to pass a drug test to get his job and is subject to random drug testing. These days most decent jobs in my area do require applicants to pass a drug test. Hell, even the gas station down the street requires it.

Also, if you are struggling enough to the point where you can't take care of yourself with out government help, you shouldn't be buying drugs! To me, that is the government buying it for them.

(no subject)

Are any of you 21 or older, but without a driver's license?

If so, what are the disadvantages? [besides not driving]

What kind of ID do you have?

Do people ever give you a hard time when you hand them an ID other than a driver's license? What happened?

(no subject)

1. Other than your default, which icon do you tend to use more than the others? Show me please!

2. Have any of you worked at a hospital or any large medical facility? I'm considering a job at one. I'm curious to hear some pros/cons and descriptions of what the environment is generally like.

3. For fans of The Office (US), there isn't an episode tonight. How do you feel about that? I'm really disappointed because I thought the marathon was tonight :/

4. I have a ranch snack wrap from McDonald's that I bought yesterday afternoon, but didn't feel like having (it was out about an hour and a half before I put it in the refrigerator). To eat or not to eat?
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(no subject)

Inspired by an episode of fear factor that is on right now.

Girls.. would you quit the game and give your opponents an automatic $25,000 because the challenge is to shave your head?

I think that for that much money, I would shave my head. This woman on the episode is pretty shallow, imo. She works in a hair salon, so not only can she probably get a decent price on a wig, but she can get away with it as a "look" and will know how to make it look great once it starts growing back. Why enter a game when you're going to let something so trivial send you home? It's just hair.

eta: If I paid attention when I watched crappy TV shows, I would have realized that she didn't have to leave, but it brought another set of opponents back and all 3 pairs had to participate in the end challenge. I still wouldn't just hand money over to the other team in lieu of shaving my head, though. LOL

(no subject)

My grandmother just sent me this. It's an article about the "myth" that is global warming.

What are your thoughts on global warming? Is it really happening, or is it just propaganda from environmentalists?
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Jail v. Army

So do you think the practice of Judges going "either go to Jail for X amount of years or sign up for the military" is a good one? (it was done over WW2 at least)

Do you think it would help the military get/keep men (women?) and would prevent a draft?

also...our prisons are very over crowded.

Do you think giving prisoners of lesser offenses the option of cutting their time by going into the army/navy/nat. guard/marines/etc would be a good idea?
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Old Klingon Proverb ?'s

1) If you went to restaurant that you consider to be upscale and Revenge was an item on the menu, what do you think the description would be?

2) What do you think it would taste like?

3) What section of the menu do you think it'd be on? (Dessert, appetizer, seafood, etc)

4) Would you order it?

5) Finally, do you really think it'd be best served cold?

(no subject)

Because I watch too many Roseanne reruns...

Say you have a child or children and you have another baby, should they help you with the baby? Why or why not? Why is it their responsibility if you think they should?

No. I think it's very wrong. Adults make the decision to have another child, the children should not pay for that decison.
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name songs

1) Do you know of a song with your name in it? If so, what's your name and what's the song?

2) What's your favorite song with anyone's name in it?

3) How do you feel about spiders? Do you kill them when you see them?

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Church of Baseball

(no subject)

On Tuesday I was mocked by someone who honestly believes that Jesus tells them about government conspiracy theories.

What the most pathetic thing to happen to you this week?
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tarot, baby!

1. Do you any of you do tarot readings?
2. What deck(s) do you have?
3. Do you have certain cards that pertain to certain people?
4. What cards signify yourself?
5. Have you ever gotten eerily accurate readings?

If you don't do tarot,
6. What do you think about people who do?
7. What do you think about tarot cards in general?

1. Yes (does the username give it away?)
2. I have the Golden Dawn deck, which I love! I'm in the market for another though.
3. Yeah, the Page of Cups is usually my husband, the King of Cups is his dad, and the Queen of Swords is always my mom, lol.
4. Page of Wands, The High Priestess, and Ten of Swords if it's telling me about my past.
5. Yes, just recently I did a reading for my mother-in-law, and it was spot on. I also did an accurate one for my brother-in-law, but then he got scared and said that he was going to hell.

North and South Carolina Trip

I'm going to North Carolina tomorrow for 9 days. I just need some help deciding on a few things:

1) How much money should I bring (not counting hotel & airfare)? I'm staying at a friend's house for most of the trip, but we'll probably be eating out a lot.

2) A co-worker is driving me to the airport, which is about two hours away. I want to give her money for gas, how much would be a good amount to give?

3) We're planning on spending a few days in Myrtle Beach too. I've never been. Is there anything I must see/do while I'm there?
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DS Games / What to eat during illness.

1. For you DS users: What is your favorite game?

I've only had my DS since December, and I've already been disappointed by Brain Age (got bored with it after unlocking all the puzzles), The Sims (stupid, stupid game), and Trace Memory (way too easy). I'm currently amusing myself with the second Phoenix Wright game, but I have a feeling I'll be through with it pretty soon. I'm wondering what I should play next.

2. What do you eat when you're not feeling well?
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(no subject)

So it's time for me to start thinking about topics for some final papers I have to write. (I know! Already!!) I turn to you, TQC, for help.

1. I have to come up with a horror movie or movies to write about for my horror film seminar. Any suggestions of a horror movie that you think is particularly ripe for critical dissection? Any ideas like pairs of films I could compare?

2. I'm in another class about Whiteness in America, we've basically studied the historical and cultural construction of white identity. Some of the stuff we've studied in the class has been Uncle Tom's Cabin, Sandra Bernhard's Without YOU I'm Nothing, clips from the TV show "Black/White," and Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" video. Since I'm a film major I was considering analyzing a film, films, or TV series for this one too-- any suggestions? Or other suggestions for topics in general?


3. The latest ANTM photo shoot featured the models, in lingerie or sexy dresses, playing the victims of violent murders. The shoot's 'storyline' had them all offed by other models, and not, say, the victims of domestic violence, but a lot of people are still upset that it seems to glamorize and sexualize violence against women. What do you think?

4. If you could own a prop or set decoration from any movie or TV show, what would it be? Bear in mind that you only get the prop, not the actual thing-- e.g. if you get Darth Maul's lightsaber it's not going to actually glow, make that awesome noise, and cut shit up.

5. What's your answer if you're able to get the prop but it IS functional just like it is in the movie or TV universe?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever been to Italy?
2. What was your favorite place you went?
3. Was there something that you expected to be great, but really wasn't?
4. Anything that I have to be sure to do while I'm there?
5. Any other comments or suggestions?

ETA: K, I'm definitely not going to Pisa.

(no subject)

I would rather be around someone who

is very funny but self-deprecating to the point that it just starts to get on your nerves.
is very funny but arrogant to the point of being an ass.

I consider myself an


(no subject)

Have yo ever read a book that made you feel like vomiting?

It's called Possessing he Secret of Joy. While it may be one of the most passionate books I have ever read, it also would have to be the most stomach-turning.

What's the strangest thing you've found while cleaning your room?

A dead lizard. It wasn't a pet or anything. Just some random lizard that wandered into my room and shuffled off this mortal coil. I was thirteen.
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(no subject)

1. How do people get employed when they tell big fibs on their resume? Don't employers ever check out referees or a person's criminal background and isn't there some way they can check out an applicant's academic record?

2. There was a rock song on the radio the other day. I believe it was in the Australian-only show but I couldn't swear to it. Google has failed me so the song is either very new or very obscure. Lyrics: "(Call meeee) Call me on the li-ine, call me any time." No relation to the Blondie song. I know this is a long shot, but I'm really keen to find it!

3. Was James Reyne of Australian Crawl considered hot by fangirls back in the 80s? I'm only 20, I wasn't around then.


Where SHOULD I go this weekend?  i need to get out of madison. and going to des moines stems possiblities of broken hearts.
I'm in Madison, Wi.

What would you do?   Where would you go? Plan my adventure!
regina [lupinskitty]

(no subject)

Did anyone else watch the two free episodes of The Tudors on Showtime's website?

What did you think?

Are you as excited about the show as I am?

My thoughts on yaoi: There are a LOT of inaccuracies, but I'm still totally excited and I need to get Showtime and watch this. I love anything with Jeremy Northam in it and anything with Thomas More, so him playing More = double the awesome. :)
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(no subject)

You know how on AIM in someone's profile, or in an away message, the person types a code where your screenname pops up?
How do you do that?
Also, can you do that with other things, like with the time?

Edit: Also.  Even if you don't have any mental illnesses, etc., would you still consider yourself mentally stable?
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1 - This might be a long shot...but I heard a song on AOL radio a few minutes ago...and the lyrics went something like "...cocaine...heroin....boring" etc etc...and then something like ".....caviar...boring" was a woman singing it...and the name of the group had 2 words and started with an S..i think. Ugh...the song ended before I could look to see what it was. I NEED TO KNOW WHO IT WASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Anyone?

2 - Anything pissing you off right now?

3 - Did you ever ask your parents for a pony?

4. What's your hometown?

5. Where are you going this summer? Any vacations planned?

6. Favorite celebrity baby?
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Why do women play such stupid head games? Is it because men won't commit?

Why won't men commit? Is it because women play stupid head games?

Did you ever want to bash in the skulls of any of your significant other's exes? I know I sure do.

ETA: I wasn't trying to sterotype, I'm just pissed off because my stupid boyfriend's ex-wife pretty much sucked all the life and joy out of their marriage, so he doesn't want to get married again, and it's really starting to piss me off. I'd consider playing head games, but that's just as stupid. Rawr. I hate exes. HATE THEM.

ETA 2: I discussed it fairly rationally and logically with him and he basically said because he'd been married before is why he doesn't want to get married again. I'm not being all like whiny, "OMG marry meeeeeeeeeee!" about it. I just said I wanted to get married and I wanted it to be him and only him and he claims he never wants to get married again because of the BS he went through before.

THAT's the kind of games I'm talking about, that married women play and then their future divorced husband's new girlfriends have to deal with.
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(no subject)

I am going through training to be a tutor for autistic children.
It is something I have always wanted to do and I am very excited!

What are your experiences with people who are diagnosed with autism?

Boyfriend advice

Alright, my boyfriend just broke up with me for reasons that aren't true. He said that I called his mother a bitch, when I never did such a thing. He said that I confided in his bestfriend for advice, which I did do, but what's the problem with that? He said that he couldn't trust me anymore because I was denying calling his mom a bitch.

Thing is, his roommate/bestfriend, told him and his parents that I called her a bitch, so that's where the problem came in.

Anyways, we quickly got over the being mad at eachother hump, and now we're friends. But I don't want to let go and honestly can't. I haven't been eating or sleeping or anything, just thinking these things over. Does anyone have advice to win an ex, who is very much a momma's boy, back?

(For the full story, go to my journal, it's the latest entrie)

*EDIT* I know I shouldn't want to date him again, but it's what I feel and I want to know how I could go about that. I know he's a prick, but there's something that I can't let go of, and we were so comfortable around eachother, I think we were perfect, and so does everyone else who knows us. I just want to win his heart back. Is that possible? And if so, how?

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Millie, an elderly 74 year old woman with a cane, is in your fourth year gerontology class. She is a particularly difficult student.

She'll cut you off mid-sentence and give you a glare if she doesn't like what you're saying. You know she believes the old saying, "Children should be seen and not heard," and this, apparently, still stands true for university students in their early twenties.

Millie doesn't do the specified course reading, and when offering her opinion on a matter, ignores course concepts and related material. She speaks only from experience and "common sense." In addition to being a rather rude student, she repeated shows up late. No one, not even the professor, objects to some of Millie's outrageous opinions.

Should you, and the rest of the students, feel obligated to treat Millie with an automatic amount of elders' respect, even though in the class, you're all supposed to be equal? Should you ever debate with Millie on a concept?

(no subject)

okay i have been having a hard time trying to find these find these songs.
so i was wondering if someone could PLEASE give me a link to them( if they are on websites like sendspace, megaupload,zshare, or any other file sharing website)?

1. "tear you apart" by she wants revenge

2. "heaven" by lamb

(no subject)

I just got done with an annoying test, am cranky and PMSy.

I have to be back in class in 22 minutes.

Do I walk the three minutes to the union and buy things to eat/drink?

Or do I stay on LJ and pout like a four year old?

(no subject)

If you went to your doctor for a routine checkup or minor injury/illness, and he/she had a medical student helping and observing for the day as part of the regular medical school curriculum, would you let the medical student observe?

(I ask because I'm the medical student. Just curious.)

ETA: You guys rock :)
lactose intolerant

(no subject)

a lot of shops ask that you drop off a resume when they're hiring. so i was wondering, when i drop off a resume (less professional/corporate) for a part-time job, do i have to include EVERY job i've ever worked? (cashiering at sixteen, two months bartending)?
i've worked a few jobs, and i wouldn't be omitting any of them because of negative feedback. i've never gotten fired. just some of the jobs i just took on for extra cash/a few hours a week/etcetera and don't really reflect my experience. but would omitting things be considered lying?

that's all.

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Inspired by queenie's post about books:

What books do you hate that everyone else loves? Why don't you like them?
I didn't like The Red Tent, The Good Earth, or Fahrenheit 451. People get all pissy when I say I don't like Ray Bradbury, and accuse me of being too stupid to understand it, but I just really don't like Bradbury. The Red Tent and The Good Earth simply bored me.

What books do you love that everyone else hates?
The only one I can think of is Jane Eyre. Yes, most people don't hate it but most people in my class do. Apparently hating books we read in school is the new black, and you're really uncool if you even read the books at all.

(no subject)

when shopping in an online store, how important is it to you that the store offers paypal?

would you be more likely to shop in an online store that offers paypal as well as visa/mc, discover, amex and e-checks instead of just visa/mc?

(no subject)

1. You're at some social event and there are quadruplets of the gender you're attracted to. They all look the same and have a personality you enjoy. One of them has very similar taste in music as you, another has similar taste in movies, one in TV shows, and one in books. Which one are you most likely to give your number to?

2. How do you listen to music? And not like, what you play it on, but do you sit down and just listen to a CD on your boombox, or do you always do things while listening to music?

3. How is Ozzfest going to pull off being free this year? Are you even vaguely interested in going?

Music Theory Help!!

Can someone help me identify a scale?  I'm having to identify different minor scales for an assignment, and I'm stuck on one (I'm thinking there's a mistake in the book).

Collapse )

I'm stuck on 5b.  I'm supposed to identify it as being a natural, harmonic, or melodic minor scale.  I can see that the tonic is "a."  It is not a natural minor scale, since there are accidentals in it, it is not a melodic minor scale since it's the same up and down.  I don't think it's a harmonic minor scale, because there's more than one accidental.

Am I missing something?  Thanks!!
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Flaming Sikozu

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I'm supposed to be organizing a health themed quiz for work for this Wednesday, but I can't really come up with any decent questions.
What are some witty but clean health questions I could ask?
What are some witty but incredibly dirty questions I won't ask?


Have you ever told a friend you trusted a secret that could hurt another person only to have that friend suddenly have some kind of moral conflict and decide to take it upon themselves to tell the other person what you've done or what you were going to do?

How did you deal with that situation?

Have you ever had a "friend" have you by the balls with something you've told them in secret then spent the remainder of your friendship walking on eggshells to make sure your secret never came out in revenge?

How did you deal with that situation?

(no subject)

I saw the respect questions further down, and thought I'd ask something along the same lines.

Is trust something you start out with?

Or something you lose?

And, how do you build trust back up with a person? How do you make them able to trust you again?

(no subject)

I'm burning myself a cd of my favorite american idol contestants doing my favorite performances from any season, including this season. Any suggestions?
(Edit: Oh my gosh people. Frickin technicalities!!) What are some of your favorite performances?


(no subject)

1. for the ladies...
imagine you're  w/ a guy and it's reached the point in the relationship that you want to get physical. He takes off his pants and is wearing a hot pink man-thong....what to you do?!

2. You are heading into the register aisle at the grocery store and you had a full cart and someone with only a few items gets in line behind you, do you let them cut in front of you?
b. Would it annoy you if they then decided to chat it up with the cashier, knowing you have a cart full of food and likely have freezer stuff?

3.  Which accent do you find sexy? Any reason why?
The Dude Abides

Smallville ?'s

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For those that have seen the at least one episode of the show:

Is Smallville more like the "new school" Buffy the Vampire Slayer or is it more like Dawson's Creek with kryptonite?

I guess it'd probably help if you'd seen either BTVS or Dawson's Creek too, but whatever.

(no subject)

I'm lookg to purchase an external harddrive for cheap, so I'm looking on ebay! Does anybody ave any experience shopping for these? I want one that is about 250gb, to completly back up my computer and then still have room for files.

That is the best deal I found on ebay. Does anybody know if that kind is any good? If not can anybody point me in the right direction?

Script Idea

I'm applying to a film school, and one of the requirements is for us to write an outline for a movie we'd like to create during our final year of study. Would writing an outline for a documentary about racism be too controversial/inappropriate? Basically, my idea is to follow an individual, or group of individuals who feel "neglected" by their race because they're biracial/mixed. Or I would focus on the obsession for different races/ethnicities to alter their appearance to be accepted as a conventional beauty (eg. the popularity of eyelid surgery in places like Japan).

I have other ideas, but none of them seem possible to make when I'm in school, mainly due to budget costs. Everything else I think of is too cliche and has been done 1000 times. I'm not a writer! I can't really think of anything that seems do-able. Any suggestions for a plot which can be made into a student film? Thank you.

(no subject)

would you rather get to do whatever you want and live a shorter life or be kept in a room that you can't leave but live longer? Why?

edited: I took out the plastic part, and changed it to a room you can't leave. :P

Let's get kinky

I have some back-to-back photoshoots coming up this weekend. They will be mostly beach-laden. 2 will be on the exact same day and I'll need to be up wayyyyy early to get to LA so I don't want it feel either is taking away from the other.

What would you suggest I do to kink it up? I'll already be packing lots of speedos. But I want more, although I know it won't quite be high fashion. =)
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Quinn Twin

Washing Seat Belts

Hiya. I'm currently restoring an old 71 Karmann Ghia and as to be expected, it is a slow and expensive process. A lot of the parts I've been lucky enough to get from a nearby junkyard that's VW specific. Two of those parts are seat belts that actually came out of another Ghia - they're different than modern seat belts in the latching mechanism but still three point harnesses.

Anyways, the ones I got, while came with approval for safety from the man who runs the parts yard (and restores/repairs VW's himself) are a little ... crunchy from sitting in a car for a few years. He assured me that they would be fine and even made sure to test them for me. My concern is the groddy factor. I want to clean them somehow before installing them in my car.

However, I vaguely remember reading that you're not supposed to wash wash seat belts, only spot clean. I'd like to use them to keep the car authentic since new/reproduction ones aren't available, but I don't want to fly out the windshield, either. As it is, the 10 or so miles I'm driving it to and from work five days a week are spent living on the edge! The car can be fitted with modern seatbelts, which I will do if there's no other safe option, but I wanted to ask:

Can you safely, thoroughly wash seat belts or will it result in immediate and horrendous death? Thanks!

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Do you feel like a weight is on your shoulders?

What is causing it?

I felt like I had one because I waited till the last minute to cancel a flight. But TQC encouraged me this morning with their stories about canceling a flight and it made me feel better about talking to some guy in India and being on hold for twenty minutes listening to Pachabel's Cannon. At least thats OVER AND DONE WITH!! I feel much better now.

Ok Im done story telling :)
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how can I tell my friend she has B.O. without hurting her feelings?

If you had a nice, smart, pretty, accomplished friend who also had a new case of strong body odor, and you suspected it might be causing her unexplained rejections, what would you do?  I am stumped.  If she were a little more resilient emotionally, it would be easier, but she's having a lot of problems lately, she's extremely stressed, and I'm sure she would get very hurt or angry and upset about this.  I don't want to upset her.  I don't want to lose her as a friend.  But I also don't want her to suffer unnecessary losses and rejections because of this.  

It basically smells like "rotten," stale cigarette smoke plus very hormonal sweat.   There is a litterbox smell, but she does not have a cat.

She smokes, and she drinks more these days than she used to.   The thing is, she's very clean personally.  I know she bathes daily.  She may be sick somehow. She doesn't currently have health insurance, and going to see a doctor is a sore subject.  I'm not in a position to pay for a doctor visit, myself.   She's put on considerable weight in recent months, and this may be a factor.  Basically I think she's eating junk food, drinking quite a lot, smoking, and stressing out, and maybe she has something hormonal going on.   She used to smell fine, but now she doesn't.   I was thinking it was her clothes, but her clothes are clean. It is something in her perspiration, I'm now sure.

She's been rejected recently for jobs she is qualified for, and we couldn't figure out why.  This is making her depression get worse. She's been rejected by guys who seemed to like her looks and personality, and this has hurt and confused her.  Now I'm sure that it's the odor causing this.  Guys just disappear on her or make up bogus excuses.  Employers won't say anything, of course.  They just tell her they filled the position.   I feel like I'm failing her by not telling her.  I would want to know, myself.  If I tell her, we can think of some solutions.  But I'm afraid if I tell her, she will get extremely hurt and depressed, and then blow up and lash out at me.   I need to help her.   Others must be noticing it, but nobody will say anything.  It's going to be up to me.  And I don't know how I can bring this up without hurting her feelings.

So what would you do?
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Dork - This is what I do at school

Make up

So I've come to the conclusion that I would like to start wearing makeup again. I'm tired of looking at my pores and red cheeks. The last time I wore makeup, I was 12. I wore covergirl and it made me break out. Then again, I could have just been breaking out because I was 12 and that's what 12 year olds do.

Anyway, I hate the feeling of pressed powder on my face, so I know I want to go with some sort of loose powder. I have oily skin that likes to think it's dry and becomes peely every so often if I overwash it. I am prone to blackheads now, but not really whiteheads and I'd like to keep it that way.

What, oh wise question club, are your suggestions for make up brands for me to try? And within that brand, what kind of product do you suggest I try?

Or, if you have no ideas, what kind of make up do you use and how do you like it? What kinds have you tried and how did you like those?

(no subject)

1. Seeing as I'm a women, why aren't I offended by songs stating 'bitches ain't shit but ho's & tricks?'

2. Why do I still read the wrestling news even though I haven't watched a full show in 3 or 4 years?

3. Why am I eating pixie sticks before bedtime?

4. Why do I love sports movies so much even though I never watch or play any sport?

5. Why am I asking these types of questions?


  • What are some great sites to visit in the heart of Paris?
  • How would you describe the French culture?
  • What would you like to see of Paris?
  • What parts of Paris are less known to tourists and the public?

I'm composing a script that may be selected to be filmed in Paris this summer, and wanted to really expose the French culture and different parts of Paris. However, I've never visited France and need to conduct extensive research. Any comments and answers you may provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
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lulu guinness clutch


1. I have a Psych paper due tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM. I have not started yet. I've narrowed down the pre-approved topics to these:

1. Karen Horney in general
2. Compare and Contrast Carl Rogers and Abraham Moslow
3. What causes stress in your life, complete with 10 terms from the book, and the strategies you use to cope with it, or plan to use.

If you had to write a paper on one those, which would it be?

2. In general does community college have much lower standards than high school? It really seems that way. I got an A on my last paper and it definitely would have been c or d in high school.

(no subject)

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Edit: The song isn't an upbeat song, it's kind of a soft song but it's not slow and emotional because it does have a little speed to it and I'm thinking it could have be acoustical (but once again I'm not 100% sure) The song I'm pretty sure was at the end of the episode and it had George in it and perhaps beside someone in a hospital bed? I'm been downloading all the songs from the end of each episode in Season 2. The best thing I can do if nobody can find it is start watching my Grey's DVDS and if that fails I can watch my O.C Dvds because it's on one of the shows for sure.

x-posted to whatwasthatone

Thanks in advance
[dance] pink side to side

Owwie. :(

1- Right now, are you sick or healthy?
2- Sickest you've been?
3- Last time you sneezed, from illness, allergy, or just dust flying up your nose?
4- Ever sneezed so hard you wound up with a black eye (or two)?

1- Sick as a dog, likely from getting close to Niagara Falls (within maybe 10 feet of the water, haha), while it's cold. Argh.
2- Pneumonia, when I was really little. Like, grade 2 or so. Or when I was about 10-11 years old, and was so sick that I was delusional and thought I was in labour. O_o
3- 10 seconds ago. Ow.
4- YES. :( My left eye is slowly but surely turning dark. It's nasty.