March 21st, 2007

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Hi ho, hi ho.

1- Done anything noteworthy lately?
2- Have you ever seen trees that are labeled, in the outdoors, not in like, an arboretum?
3- Aside from your computer, what's in front of you?
4- Who else is awake in your abode?
5- Will you admit to something dorky you do regularly? What is it? Don't be afraid. ;P

1- I read through the whole second Harry Potter book in a day, today. :> I'm so proud. Only 200+ pages, but WHATEVER. :P
2- Yes. It tripped me out hardcore. I took pictures.
3- Camera, Harry Potter book, bowl that had perogies in it, empty Sprite bottle that I wish could refill itself. :(
4- No one. Even my cat is asleep and not harassing me for once.
5- Lately I've been all over some Harry Potter roleplays. D: If I wasn't already a big dork, I'd be ashamed possibly.

New York Question

Hi, does anyone here live in New York or better yet, the Bronx? I am going there for an immersion trip next week, during my spring break, and I was just wondering what the weather's gonna be like...people say that it's snowing, but checking the forecast, it just says it's really cold (I'm from California, and we've been having near 80 degree weather over here.) What clothes are New Yorkers wearing these days? (I don't mean style, but level of warmth.)

How dangerous IS the Bronx, exactly? Would it be safe to bring my iPod or my new expensive camera to take pictures, or should I just stick with disposable ones?

What shoes would one wear on snowy ground? Would converse or sneakers be okay?

If this is annoying, feel free to direct me to a more relevant group.

Thank you!!
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poodle man image?

a while back, someone posted a cartoon picture as a comment on a post made here. it was an image of a man dressed as a poodle getting licked in an inappropriate place by an actual poodle. does anyone have the image? or know where i can find it?

(no subject)

It's about six hours before my poli sci midterm and I haven't cracked the textbooks yet. I do show up for lectures, though. Most of the time.

On a scale of one to fucked, where am I?

(no subject)

Something is wrong with the backgrounds on my internet explorer (I use Maxthon). On some sites (such as my livejournal, as well as certain communities), the background just doesn't show up. It is white. If I right click and go to encoding and change it, it usually works, but it's sort of a hassle to do every time just for the page to look correct. I tried uninstalling and re-installing Maxthon but it didn't help. I tried googling but couldn't find an answer.

Please help?

EDIT: I found a temporary solution by downloading the Beta version of Maxthon 2.0. However, I would still like to find a way to fix this problem if there is one.


(no subject)

is there any way to turn off the red squiggly lines in ms word? i'm running word 2002, if it matters. i'm trying to write a story right now and jesus christ, those lines are really distracting, especially the green squiggly lines that like to critique my grammar. yeah uhh, after it told me to replace "i am" with "me am", i sort of don't trust it anymore.



Have you ever studied so much you thought your brian brain couldn't hold ANOTHER BIT of information?

Have you ever wondered how storage potential (in a computer)your brain can hold??

How big is your hard drive?? mine is 7 inches...but I'm not boasting

(no subject)

Have you ever canceled a flight reservation less than a week in advance?

I don't care about the charges but I'm wondering, if they won't give me a refund, if I just don't show up will I get charged for it.

(no subject)

i have a headache and i rarely take medication for anything but i want to take motrin now but it doesnt say how many tablets to take... do i take 1 or 2?

ALSO... will it be bad if i take motrin and then 6 hours later take tylenol? (i'm at college living off my first aid kit and i only have 2 motrin tablets and 4 tylenol tablets)

Not about Puerto Rico

My uncle was born with a rare, but extreme deformity. He died from the condition when he was 2 or 3 years old. My mother says the doctor called it hydrocephalopodia, but she wasn't much older when it happened and I've never found anything under the term.

She remembers his condition as having a large, distended, water-filled head, where the skull could not fuse for the amount of water pushing through the unfused hole. His head was so heavy, his neck never developed and he never learned to crawl or move around. He couldn't move his head. Which was good because his brain was exposed without a hard candy shell and one swift blow could kill him. The doctors said that the lack of development would do so and according to Mom it did.

Does anyone know what this is actually called? have you ever seen or experienced this? I'd like to google it with the right name?

(no subject)

If, during your old age, you could opt for a brain and spine transplant to be placed into a young, fresh body, would you choose to be transplanted into someone of the same sex? The same race? Taller, shorter?

I would personally opt to be a female in my next life, perhaps Albanian or Bulgarian.


1. Does just 'h' mean something in LJ land that you know about?
2. A stranger faints in a Pier One candle isle right beside you and needs mouth-to-mouth. Pretend you know how to do this, do you help the stranger? And what if it were a friend or relative?
3. Girls - do you do your hair daily? Guys- do you wear hats daily? If not, what do you do with your hair?
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cooking and pets!

1. I'm making crockpot lasagna today. What are the chances I'll fuck it up?
I can almost guarantee it's going to come out awful. I have never cooked anything tasty, especially in the crockpot.

2. When was the last time you cooked something that came out really awful?
I tried to make vegetable stew in the crockpot last week and it was so awful my dad wouldn't even eat it. He's usually able to force down a bowlful of whatever I cook to make me feel better about it.

3. How many of your pets are in the same room as you right now?
2! My dog won't come in here because he's afraid of the floor.
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. So I've decided (because I'm in charge of these things) that polar bear macros are the next big thing. So how would you caption Collapse )

2. What is your favorite allergy medicine?

3. Do you hate Dunkin Donuts's coffee?

4. What is the weather like for you today?
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What is your favorite type of bagel?

What kind of soda do you drink most often?

What are you going to school for / what do you want to be?
Big Love

How old were you?

18 years old at the time of the 9-11 attack on America
16 years old on the first day of Y2K
14 years old when Princess Diana was killed in a car crash
11 years old at the time of Oklahoma City bombing
10 years old when O. J. Simpson was charged with murder
9 years old at the time of the 93 bombing of the World Trade Center
7 years old when Operation Desert Storm began
6 years old during the fall of the Berlin Wall
2 years old when the space shuttle Challenger exploded
not yet 1 year old when Apple introduced the Macintosh

How Old were you?

Movies and TV

The news did a story on where my dad works last night and it got me thinking...

Have there been any movies/tv shows that either take place or mention where you live? Or a town nearby?

I'm not talking about the obviously well-known cities, but the more obscure places.

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Mitty box

(no subject)

1) Do you like a little coffee with your cream and sugar?
2) Do you ever think of elaborate questions to ask TQC before you go to bed? Do you usually forget by morning?
3) What's your favorite flavor of donut?
4) Dunkin' Donuts (or "Drunken Dognuts" according to my mother) or Krispy Kreme?
5) Does your geographical location sway your donut answer? (i.e. Hajiomatic is from the south and prefers Krispy Kreme. I am from the north and prefer Dunkin' Donuts.)
6) If you are a girl, can you french braid your own hair?
7) Have you ever had corned beef? Did you like it?

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Organ Donation

1. Do you know anyone who was an organ donor who died? (not died from donating organs, but died in some other way and chose to donate thier organs after death)
b) what was that experience like for the families? Did it cause more or less problems for the family when grieving?

2. Have you had any experiences with organ donation? Please share your stories.
(for example: my friend died a year ago, she was an organ donor, and almost immediatly after she died, doctors began calling her parents to confirm she was an organ donor so they could take her organs, which was even more upsetting at the time)

(just for those who are curious, I am doing a presentation on organ donation, and I need more personal experiences to use, either postive or negative)

(no subject)

How do you file your federal and state return with just your most recent paystub?

I live in Illinois and I file online. And I really don't want to go through the IRS to get a copy of my W-2 that I never recieved because my previous employer is a douche (long story) if I can get it all over with using just a check stub. :\


1. Has anyone here used Priceline? I am planning a trip to London and named my own price - $100. With taxes and all, it comes out to about $350, which is still seemingly too good to be true. Should I book it?

2. Where is your favorite city to visit?

pregnant lady smoking

A pregnant girl was recently hired at my job. She's only been there for a week and I say hi to her and ask how she is each time I see her, but she's not the friendliest person. Two days ago, when I was leaving for the day, I passed her sitting outside on her break. "You don't like the break room?" I asked. She laughed slightly and said no. As I stepped around her, I noticed she had a lit cigarette in her hand.

This girl is probably in her young 20s and she is visibly pregnant. I was told that her due date is in May. Should I say something to her the next time I catch her smoking? It just bothers me so much when pregnant women smoke. If I should say something, how can I say it nicely in a way that won't offend her?


Anyone know of any good sites online that sell body jewelery (eyebrow rings, specifically)? I'm kind of looking for something different color wise; most the sites I find seem to have normal, boring colors.

(no subject)'s decided to make me a freelancer after 8 months. My confusion is I'm not sure how much I should be charging them. Does anyone know what a typical article rate is?

It's online writing not mag writing if that makes a difference. And I'm Australian lol.

Wedding gifts.

So my best friend is getting married on March 31st. Her and the future hubby already own their home and have lived together for like 3 years now, so they have house stuff. I have no idea what to get as a wedding gift. I have no idea at all.

I'm the type to do something ghetto like get them a wal-mart gift card, but I don't want to do that.

What should I get them?

(no subject)

Does anyone have the game miami nights on their cell phone?  It's sort of like the sims.  I'm addicted to it and need some help!

I'm at the stage where I'm supposed to get into VIP at the manor, and it's telling me to speak to Charles.  WHERE is Charles?

Me with the serious questions...

The terrorists we are fighting over in Iraq have now decided that they are going to start sending in kids for the suicide bombings. Obviously, they do this because American soldiers have a hard time hurting women and children and they know it - so they are going to try and get right to the heart of the soldier boys. 

Do you think that if we sent our kids over there, the terrorists militia's would hesitate, even in the slightest, to blow our kids to pieces?

(no subject)

1) Do you clean your belly button regularly? What about your ears?
2) What do you dread doing today?
3) Have you ever read any religious works (Bible, Koran, etc) just to be read/as a work of literature?
4) Hypothetical situation: You go to a university that costs approx. $35,000 a year (tuition + room&board). You ask a female classmate what she plans to do with her major and she says, "Oh, actually nothing. I just want to be a stay at home mom when I grow up. I plan to have my first kid right after graduating." What do you think?

(no subject)

So... why is limewire so terrible? I was reading through the comments of a previous post, and all the negative stuff about limewire are making me kind of nervous because I just downloaded it last night.

(no subject)

1. when was the last time you changed your default userpic?
2. how often do you change your default userpic?
3. do you post more often with your default pic, or one of your other ones?

(no subject)

1.) are there internet cliques?

1b.) in your communities, are there posters/commenters (sp?) that everyone rolls their eyes at and tries to ignore?

2.) if someone has nothing worthwhile to contribute to a comm, should they just gtfo?

edit: i'm referring not so much to trolls or holier than thou types, but more losers; people that can't find an irl friend if one were nailed to their forehead, then come to the internet only to discover they can't find an eljay friend if one were nailed to their forehead.

like, we're talking the guy/girl even the av or chess clubs wouldn't hang out with.

(no subject)

1.) What makes you decide that a question is so challenging, or intresting, ect ... that it needs to be posted in TQC?

2.) Do you have to go to the bathroom right now?
2b) How come you haven't yet?

3.) How can I REALLY be sure that my reflection in the mirror isn't just another version of me in another universe that is always doing the same thing as me backwards?

(no subject)

1. if you're on medication to alleviate depression, what made you get the prescription? did you feel like you were a danger to yourself? did friends and family members urge you to see someone? did you decide on your own?

2. if you had a full week with nothing to do, would you feel psyched or bored or what?

3. anything good happened to you lately?

4. if you needed a nice quality zip-up hoodie, where would you go (online or irl)?

(no subject)

If you've ever smoked before (even if you don't do it regularly):

1. What was the first brand of cigarette that you smoked?
2. If someone gave it to you, who was it? Or did you buy your own pack?
3. What made you decide to smoke?
4. What is your opinion of menthol cigarettes?

[edit] also, I apologize for the additional smoking question...I didn't even know that there was another one made so recently, I had been thinking about this for a while and just decided to post.

(no subject)

1)What's the last thing you did that you wished you hadn't done?
2)For those who are employed, what do you do when you're bored at work and can't browse the interwebs?
3)What do you feel is the best (old or new) video game console and what's so awesome about it?
4)Do you like gory cartoons? I love cartoon gore.

(no subject)

When I was about 5 or 6, I used to have these dream-like states where I would "wake up" and be sitting up in bed already. Before I could grasp full consciousness, I would have this rush of feelings... this rush of blackness that to this day I cannot explain. It was more than monsters and boogeymen. I felt like I was a soul floating away, with the whole universe in front of me, drifting away from everything solid and material I had ever known. There was no such thing as blankets and beds, teddy bears and such -- it was all just blackness. I felt like I hadn't been born yet. I couldn't even take comfort in thinking of my mother to protect me, because, like my soul, hers was lost in the blackness too. 

Please don't discount this as some troll question, I'm being serious. Does anybody else have anything similar that relates to this?

ETA: I wasn't on any meds as a child. I later developed hypothyroidism as a teen, if that is of any significance. And to the person who asked if they were night terrors, they were scary enough to feel like them. I did cry from them but never did the screamy thing or anything.
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I'm 21 today!

I'm going to Applebee's tonight - what drink would you recommend?
I'm thinking some kind of margarita, something fruity. I'll try whatever, though.

(I know, Applebees doesn't exactly = hard partying, but with a 10.5 month old baby...whatcha gonna do)
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(no subject)

In your opinion, what is the difference between naked and nude?
Would you even say there is a difference? Does each word have a connotation to you?
We were talking about this today in Creative Writing, and I thought I'd see what TQC thought.
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overpriced fat in a container time! :)

For those of you who actually eat fast food, what do you love to order when you go to...

Chicken Nuggets, or my new addiction.. the CrackWrap (SnackWrap). Also I LOVE the fruit and yogurt parfaits

Burger King?
Chicken Sandwich

Carl's Jr / Hardee's?
just a cheeseburger

anything off their dollar menu

Taco Bell?
Nachos with beef

Del Taco?
their soft chicken tacos

don't like to eat there often, but usually just a chicken strip meal

either a regular roast beef sandwich, or one of their market fresh sandwiches

(sorry if I missed east coast stuff... I don't know what the standard fast food joints are over there)

And... what is your ALL TIME favorite fast food restaurant.
I have to go with In'n'Out... hands down.
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Packing materials?

Does anyone know if you can buy those plastic bands that go around larger heavier packages? They are like a huge flat plastic strap/zip tie. I have a big package to send and its in its original packaging, minus those.


Today's question for you all: what childhood books were your favorite, and why?

I loved:

[edit: sorry I got too curious. my reasons why:
I love you forever: b/c it was abook that my mom gave me, and we used to read it together everynight
Snow CHild: Had a great meaning behind it and was really sweet, i loved the pictures in our old copy
Teddybeddybear: just a good book about teddy's and I named my teddy after him!]

(no subject)

I closed my account at my old bank, I wasn't very happy with it, and I'm looking for a new one. I'd like to go with Commerce, since it seems like a good bank, but I'm open to other suggestions. I'm in the New York/Long Island area, but would like a bank that's national because I have family all over and visit them pretty often.

If you use Commerce Bank, are you happy with it? I'm doing some reading on it but would like personal experiences, also.

Any other suggestions for a convenient national bank?

(no subject)

there's a frog stuck in my sink. how do i get it out? it's stuck in the overflow hole. i have no idea how it got there but it appears and reappears. it's not dead and i'm not poking it with a stick. i tried filling up the sink to the overflow point and it went down. the next day it popped back up. it's creepy. i don't know how it's still alive

Starsky and Hutch

Where could I get Starsky & Hutch episodes? I don't know anything about torrents and I don't have any filesharing programs. And I don't want to buy the DVDs since they're too expensive and I don't even have a proper DVD player.

Does anyone have any? What would be good communities to ask, most of where I've asked have failed me?
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(no subject)

Do you think it's fair for a transgendered individual to play sports (that are not coed) in their new gender? I read about Renée Richards in a magazine last week, which got me wondering.

/wry look.
But anyway, now I want to get a sex change and play in the NHL.

Game Show

I'm in the need of a little help to remember the name of a British game show (it's for school). There is one host, of course, and four panelists, one of which is always there, his name is Alan. Notable questions I remember are "What rhymes with purple?" The host sometimes asks bizarre questions, and the object of the game show, is the hilarity that ensues as much as it is learning new facts. Anybody?
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(no subject)

1. I'm going for my first job interview on Friday and, predictably, I'm pretty nervous. It's at a small photo processing/copying/printing place, so it's casual, and luckily I only have to "beat" two other people for the job. But obviously I still don't really know what I'm doing. Do you have any basic tips for a job interview virgin?

2. Alternatively: funny job interview-related stories?
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For veteran ONTD-ers

Anyone have the Rich Cronin email bookmarked?
I know someone had it screen-capped & I neeeeed it to show my sister.

And for those who have no idea what Im talking about...
Whats your favorite thing to shop for on Ebay?

I have recently become obsessed with cloth diapers and babylegs.

(no subject)

Why do fellow students become so distressed over me not saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school? One called me "British," another "terrorist." Is it so uncommon to refrain from saying the pledge that children feel the need to criticize another person over the matter?

(no subject)

Yeah, I'm avoiding work again.

Anyway, who is your favourite cheesy action star out of:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. Sylvester Stallone
3. Bruce Willis
4. Jean Claude Van Damme
5. Dolph Lundgren


Now that these guys are all old, who's going to be the next action superstar?


Sylvester! I've adored him since I was teeny. The cheese is just too delicious hehe.
I don't know...every prospect seems to fizzle.

(no subject)

What's your favorite movie that's a remake?

This might be controversial, lol, but I loved "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" just because the Depp/Burton team is wonderful.

What's your least favorite remake?

Mine has to be 1998's "Psycho." I could rant about this for a long time, but redoing this almost-perfect movie was pointless.
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(no subject)

What has been the most hilarious experience of your life thus far?

What situation, looking back at it, is now really funny, but didn't seem quite so funny back when it happened?

Any parts of your life seem right out of a movie? what genre? SPILL.

(no subject)

If you google something in all caps, like "VOTE OR DIE" as opposed to "Vote or Die", (which happened to be what I was googling) you get different results, but the results aren't just the phrase in caps v. without caps. What is the difference in results, ie what do all caps do?

(no subject)

I need a few ideas for an essay I have to write for a contest. (My original idea fell through.) It is about values. My teacher suggested moral values or something like that.  I know about some of mine but I don't know how the hell to write a five paragraph essay about them.So tell me, what are your moral values?
Grey Goose

Couture Yourself

What words and/or gestures are completely acceptable in your culture but not quite in another.

For example.  There is an NPC sim named Randy, they had to come out with a patch for UK users that changed his name to something less humorous. 

I also remember someone posting about how people in the UK find "Fanny Packs" to be hilarious.  for them it's vulgar slang, for American's it's an outdated fashion trend.  

Anyone know anymore?  I've heard the thumbs up is not good some places.
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Do you live near a Rita's?

If so, did you go and get a free Italian ice today? If not, do you plan on it?
I haven't and I don't plan on it. It's too cold out.

What is your favorite thing to get at Rita's?
I really like the Mint Chocolate Chip one.

Fatal Natal

Tomorrow's my birthday. It will be a special day, as it's my year in the Chinese zodiac (pig) and the first day of my sign in the occidental zodiac (aries). This would seem to mean that it's special in some way. Thousands of years of superstition can't be wrong.

Give me an interesting thing to do for my birthday that won't require a great deal of effort, timely reservations or preparation. I'm officially an old man with weed-tinted glasses (of cynicism) who's probably not going to be painting the town red

I'm open to other, less vivid colors to paint with

(no subject)

Here's the story:   A man has this power to make all the evil people in the world shrink.  He thinks they deserve to shrink because they are, quite plainly, evil.  Anyways, by making everyone shrink, he shrinks too.

WHAT is the moral of the story?  The story is called "Four O'Clock" by Price Day.

Thanks! Question answered.

remember me (;

so, it was i who long time ago asked if anyone had driven from texas to california... now i'm picking up a friend and tada, we decided to fly (gas prices = major yuck!) the thing is, we have a pet dog on the way back!!! so, for input for people w/ personal experiences

-have you traveled on an airline, domestic flight, with your pet dog/cat and they had to stay in the cargo?
-how worried were you that your pet would die? did your pet live?
-there are about 20,000 deaths per year for pets on airlines; now that you know this, are you worried?

for non-fliers

i had some really yummy ceviche from a mexican sea food shop.

-do you like ceviche?
-do you like octopus? is there a sea food, that is typically consumed (in any culture), that you wouldn't consume at all?
-churros or flan?

Collapse )

thank you!
The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

Have you ever had athlete's foot?

What's the last movie you watched that you had never seen the preview for?

Do you ever (burn or) go out and buy DVDs even though you've never seen them beforehand?

(no subject)

Weirdest dream you've ever had?
Last night I had a dream that my bedroom (the room I was currently sleeping in) was haunted and I was watching all the ghosts and that from the bed I was currently in. Then I felt this huge pressure on top of me (in my dream I'm guessing, but its confusing me) and I couldn't breathe, tried to scream but couldn't and then the pressure lifted and I woke up (?) in the exact position I was in my dream and gasping for air. It creeped me out so much because there was no difference between me being awake and being asleep.

(no subject)

Do you consider there to be difference between feminism and gender equality? Does the word 'feminism' carry connotations of female supremacy or mysandry (hatred of men)? Would you personally identify as a feminist, a gender equalitist, both, or neither?

I'm not looking for the dictionary definitions of the terms, I'm just curious as to whether you personally perceive a difference between the two terms, no matter how slight.

(no subject)

1)Name someone hotter than Salma Hayek.
2)What does starfruit taste like?
3)Say you broke your nose in a round of fisticuffs and when it healed it made a bump on the bridge. And say you magically get the opportunity for a FREE nose job. Would you get your broken nose bump removed?
No love no glory

Genocide study?

I need some help. I have a paper to write for my Intro to Genocide course, but I haven't picked the topic yet. I took a similar course in High School and remember watching a video that attempted to explain how people can participate in genocides (i.e., not fight back). I don't remember much (this was about 3 years ago), but I think the participants were asked to raise the voltage and electricute someone. They weren't actually doing it, but they still heard the "screams", and I think at one point they actually seen the person behind a glass wall. Even so, they continued to raise the voltage. I may not have all the details right, but does anyone know anything about this or a similar experiment? I'd like to write my paper on that, but since I have NO IDEA what it's called, who did it, etc, I can't do any research. Anyone know anything about this?

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Oh noes, I have questions.

1- Why do homely/fat/ugly guys on tv seem to always get paired with hot chicks (like, married!)?
2- On the flip side, how come if a homely/fat/ugly girl gets paired up with a hot guy, it's so he can laugh at her with his friends later?
3- Am I putting too much thought into this sort of thing?

(no subject)

do any of you know anyone who is on disability (receives checks from the government) solely due to mental issues (bipolar, etc)?? meaning nothing whatsoever is wrong with the person physically. i have recently (a couple of months ago) made a friend who is in this situation, and it kind of surprised me. i'd never heard of this type of thing before. i was just wondering how common it was. also this person isn't batshit crazy or anything, he lives on his own(well with a couple of roommates), pays his bills on time, supports himself (on the gov't checks) etc.

(no subject)

1. Do you think the boy I like will surprise me soon? Sometimes he talks to me, lately he doesn't. It makes me a little sad.

2. What is the best way to increase one's general knowledge? (I'm attempting to read the papers everyday, start reading TIME, NEWSWEEK and trying to read up general things from sites like

3. Have you ever posted to postsecret? ( If yes, tell me more!

4. What are things today that you are thankful for?

5. Do you have days when you eat too much? What do you do? Hahahahaha :D

(no subject)

Someone at my work told me that there is a law (I'm in California, but idk if that even matters) that forbids male and female siblings (possibly of a certain age or age gap) from sleeping in the same room together.

What? Is this true? I tried googling because I call bullshit, but I didn't find anything. What do you think?
Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

What tv show am I thinking of?

In the first season this girl was the main character. She had these dreams where she saw people who needed help. She worked for the FBI but she wasn't FBI. She was paid to sleep and dream.
Suddenly in season 2 they'd changed the theme song, changed the whole cast except for this girl, didn't bother with dreams anymore and they'd made her an FBI agent.
I don't remember them showing much more than a few episodes of season 2 so I'm guessing it was cancelled.

Edit: Answered. It's Missing

A Thank You present ?

I borrowed a book from a guy who is very important for me. This book costs a lot and he gave it to me, I didnt even need to beg him. He is sooo generous.
Anyway, I want to thank it for him when I'll give it back to him in July but I havent a clue how. I thought about a bottle of good wine, but I would need more ideas. Anyone, pls help me!

What would you give in return if you'd be in my place?

Thank you for your answers.
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I have a 0.0 GPA in college right now. Is it hard to petition it?

I signed up for college credit Spanish 103 last year in high school and in the middle, I dropped out and my teacher said it wouldn't count if you did not get 2.5 or above. I even asked that teacher this year if it ever got through to the college, and she said it doesn't count. 

I called the college today and found out it did get through and in order to get it removed, I must petition that my teacher misunderstood it/gave me the wrong info. Is it hard to petition?
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since we're on poetic inclination mode...

So I ran into a former professor's blog yesterday. Scratch that. I didn't so much run into it as the link was in LARGE BLUE FONT in his email signature, so it was kinda obnoxiously begging to be read, which is why I've been reading it on and off since. Some of the questions here are inspired by the blog-reading, the rest follow my train of thought. :|

1. What do you think you'd find in your professors' blogs? (Assuming they'd keep them, of course.)

2. Do you ever wonder if there should be an age limit placed on emo-ness?

3. Do you think you deserve everything you've got right now?

4. Do you think you deserve more?

5. Do you believe in karma? (Boy do you believe in karma)

6. How many of you started singing that last line? :|

7. If you've seen Music and Lyrics, do you think Cora should be an actual pop star?


Fail, TQC! D:
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las vegas.

Have you ever stayed at the Aladdin in Las Vegas?

Have you heard that it's bad luck? Do you believe that certain places are bad luck?

What's your favorite thing to do in Las Vegas?

Have you seen Zumanity?
  • iekika

A chef I am not.

I'm having a friend over this weekend and I'd really like to provide my guest with a nice meal, but cooking is not exactly my thing. What's an easy, tasty, and (preferably) cheap suggestion for me to attempt to prepare for dinner?

(no subject)

So someone who usually has a very high sex drive suddenly has little or no sex drive. Is this cause for concern, or does this happen to everyone?

Does your family have heirlooms? What are they?
My family used to have a tea set from generations ago, it was beatiful and hardly ever used. My mother's cousin stole it from my grandparents and sold it for meth money, though, so now my family has no heirlooms :(
rainbow tortoise

(no subject)

Poll #950944 snoopy

If you found out someone's gmail/myspace/etc passwords, would you snoop? (ie. without their permission/them knowing)

for sure!
only if you knew you wouldn't get caught
no way
just once or twice
only to see if they were writing about you to others
Typing Monkey

(no subject)

1) What kind of school(s) did you attend as a child and/or teenager?

2) Was/is your school corrupt in any way, shape, or form? Care to share stories?

3) If a Student A pees in Student B's Mt. Dew - and Student B, being clueless, drinks it, what should happen to Student A? I should probably mention that Student A has a history of harassing Student B, who happens to be one of the few African American students in the entire school (K-12).

Collapse )

(no subject)

1. When you were younger, did you always want to be with your parents, and hang out with them?

If yes....
2. Did you get to a point where you didn't want to spend time with them?
3. At what age were you when that happened?
4. Why do you think that happened for you?
lol fags

Full-time student and work.

How many hours a week would you recommend a full-time college student should work? Assume financial need is not a big factor.

If you're a full-time student, how many hours a week do you work? Do you do anything else besides go to class and work?

edit: I'm working 20 hrs a week and my job is relevant to my major, but I'm having trouble maintaining my GPA. I'm curious to see how other people balance work and their classes.

(no subject)

What are you going to do right with your kids that your parents did wrong with you?
What ideas are you going to crack down on with your kids that you wish your parents had enforced in you?

I'm going to make sure, absolutely sure, that I never put down their father in front of them. I also won't accept disrespect from anyone. And I never want them to make mountains out of mole hills. I overreact way too much and I want my kids to know the difference between a real big problem and something that's fixable.

(no subject)

There was this book in the library in my elementary school, and it was semi first aid and the rest was like about "bad people in your house" haha, i think it was what to do when you're home alone or something of the sort, I took it out A LOT. I remember it told you what to do if there was a fire, a broken bone, a nose bleed, or what to do if you shit your pants. does anyone know what books this is?

it was a kids book, illustrations, large text, I think it was a pretty thick book too, I'm not sure
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Medical malpractice?

Google and the interweb have not been helpful, so maybe you intelligent monkeys can give me a hand.

I need to find if there are there any documents out there, legal or otherwise, stating that in a general practice medical examination, no female patient can be examined by a male doctor for any procedure that involves nudity and touching, without the presence of a female nurse.

Specifically (if possible) for the State and/or City of New York.

I had an experience recently that may call for filing a complaint, and I want to be sure that what I'm complaining about is legitimate as per the law in my state.

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(no subject)

tomorrow i'm both dyeing and cutting my hair. which should i do first?

ETA: wow, thanks for the response, guys. it's going to end up being a cut-and-dye for me, if only because i won't be able to dye it before the only time i can have it cut.

(no subject)

I'm really sorry to lump you with a technical question, guys, but for those of you who are Windows Movie Maker users:

I'm trying to make a vid at the moment, but the music is out of sync with the video - if I play it from the beginning, it's fine, but if I stop and edit a bit in the middle and then play it from, say 0.16, the music will be a few seconds behind. Is there any way to remedy this? It's driving me up the wall, because obviously I don't want to have to play the video from the beginning every single time I check my edits.

Any help would be gratefully received!