March 20th, 2007


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Can anyone point me to a good website with ideas for designing birthday invitations?

I can't come up with any ideas. Google isn't telling me what I need so I would like personal recommendations.

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Does anyone know any good tried-and-true ways to improve your circulation? I have hypothyroidism so I know that's a factor, but I'm looking for ways I can help combat my sorry genetic history. (Pretty much everyone on my mom's side had cardiac problems resulting from a myriad of problems, including poor circulation. I'm hoping to get some preventative measures going here.)

The only thing I can think of is exercise. In googling for the answer I get a bunch of things about magazines and famed "miracle drugs."

Is exercise my only bet besides sitting in a hot room and waiting for vasodilation to set in?


This is a specific question (sorry :o)

For GIRLS who wear shoe sizes 11 or above:

a) What brands do you typically buy from? (aka, what brands do you typically find stock cute 11+ shoes)

b) Know of any stores/places online that sell shoes in these sizes?

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Do you have a parent/grandparent/sibling/other relative, living or dead, that you've never met due to death, estrangment, or something else? Do you ever wish you could meet them?

I never met my one grandfather, he died years before I was born. I also have a half-brother and sister, but they are way older than I am, and I wouldn't know them if I fell over them in the street.

I did NOT mean to eat that.

I just partially ate a grape that I didn't notice had gone bad. When I bit down, it tasted moldy and rotten, and I had to spit it out and rinse my mouth out with water to keep from gagging. I have a thing about spoiled produce . . . it really REALLY grosses me out. I have horrible childhood memory of biting into a potato that had something wrong inside, it was black or rotten or something, and feeling the same way. And don't get me started about the mango my friend cut open when we were in India . . . a full-grown BEETLE crawled out.

So, what's the worst/most vile thing you've accidentally eaten? What happened when you ate it? Is that memory burned into your mind?

date night

Does anyone have any suggestions for a restaurant im Manhattan, Midtown or LES, preferably, that would be a good location for a date? It's only our second date so I don't want anything too expensive or fancy. He's a vegetarian, also. Thanks in advance!!!

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Is there such thing as Alzheimer's (or something like it) in people who are only in their 20s?

I have a bad memory, often forgetting what I did yesterday, or even earlier in the same day. More than once I've wound up somewhere and not remembered how the hell I got there. I really should bring it up to my doctor, but whenever I'm there, uh, I forget. :/ It doesn't really scare me or anything, but it can get annoying when I do something and then forget about it, and get in trouble for things I didn't know I did. Bleh!
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I have to reinstall a bunch of backed-up music to dvd but when I try a majority of the files won't transfer and I get an error:
data error: cyclic redundancy check

I've had this problem before with completely different hardware and software and different dvds with different files. Any one have a clue what this means or how to get around it?

Random Questions

1. The Daily Show or Colbert Report? or Both?
2. E's The Soup or VH1's Best Week Ever?
3. Do you remember Pop-Up Video?
4. Best pick-up line? Corniest?
5. Dominant or Submissive in bed?
6. What LJ communities you frequent the most?
7. Guys: Do you prefer your lady to be shaved completely down there or you don't care?

1. I love them both equally.
2. The Soup. Non-stop celebrity rip-fest..I love it...
3. Yes. I used to love reading the useless facts on those videos..
4. I haven't heard any good pick up lines lately. All I've heard have been way too corny for my liking. I usually just smile and snicker on the inside.
5. Personally, I like being the dominant one. But I'll do both...switch it up a bit
6. PostSecret, thequestionclub, brutal_honesty, ljsecret

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i was reading the village today and saw an ad for meth coffee. it is described as: a supercharged volatile therapeutic coffee & yerba mate brew for freaks, metal heads, and caffeine addicts! you can buy it at has anyone heard anything about this?

How committing a crime affects you

It's a TQC emergency. I need to write an essay in the next 2 hours about how committing a crime affects your life. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE. Help me out please! I need 3-4 different things to write about under that subject. (I'm in canada if you're thinking of dragging out any law stuff :) )

EDIT: thanks for everyone who helped... i whipped out a wicked essay!

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Do you have any irrational fears?
Like thinking all the technology on the planet will suddenly stop working all at once/space aliens will suddenly show up and try to kill us all off/half the people on the planet will wake up in the wrong body.....

Do you have any foriegn currency? How did you get it? What are you planning to do with it??

Why should you be made the ruler of a small country??
hopelessly crappy day

very messed up

11:08 PM 3/19/07 · So Dubya is doing a rant, probably from awhile ago but they're doing a thing on the recent protests, about how we went into Iraq and we removed a tyrant and had him punished by his people.

First thought that pops into my head?

"You're still here!"

Not to reiterate too much but the whole going into Iraq thing continues to elude me. Before Dubya was even voted into office KevinniveK was going on about how one way or another he was going to bring us into Iraq to go after Saddam but I didn't see it. Then September 11th happened and we, righteously I'll admit, decide to go track down Osama Bin Laden and declare war on terrorism. However, we can't find the guy anywhere...

...and suddenly, in a move I maintain was a disatraction from the fact we couldn't track down Osama, we're in Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power. Sure, Al·Queda is there but that's only cuz they followed us in there. While Iraq had issues and Saddam was most certainly a bad guy...he had abso·fucking·lutely nothing to do with the September 11th nightmare!

By the way, that little bit up there, with the "abso·fucking·lutely" in it, was originally all in bold but I realize the folks in this comm are bizarrely paranoid about altered fonts so I changed it just for you.


One of the clips they showed of a pro·war protestor was having her go on how we're in Iraq because of September 11th and I just don't get that; for the reasoning above. I'm just curious though, if I may ask the lot of you, if you can think of any supporting argument for her opinion? Do people really think that Iraq had anything to do with that tragedy?

Where exactly did they get that crazy idea from?
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L. J. Smith Q's

1.  Have you ever read anything by the Authoress L. J. Smith? Have you ever even heard of her ( Work examples are: The Vampire Diaries, The Night World, Dark Visions, The Forbidden Game )

2. Do you ever think she'll release Strange Fate?

3. Do you write Fanfiction? If so, do you use

4. What's your sn if you feel like sharing it?

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The Hitcher movie?

Not a 'horror' movie as such, but still pretty creepy: 'The Hitcher'.
Does anyone know if there is a variation between the original version and the new, updated version? Or is it just the same storyline with different actors?
I saw the woman tied between two trucks scene on the trailer for the movie and wondered...
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1) Why are so many people so against medication for mental illness such as depression and anxiety?

2) Why am I having such a hard time copying text in the new LJ default view? It used to be fine, but now I can't select specific text or comments without the whole damn page highlighting. What's up with that, LJ? I am just going to switch back.

3) Are you sick of seeing posts about the goddamn pet food recall? WE KNOW ALREADY. STOP POSTING ABOUT IT.

4) What is your favorite BBQ sauce?
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Has anyone ever been in a fire or helped evacuate people from nearby a fire? Tell us about your experiences!

My work had a fire early Monday morning that completely elminated the $13 million senior condos that were almost finished. The flames came within a couple feet of the building I work in. We evacuated everyone to nearby churches. I couldn't get my car back until this morning and it does have some holes in it now. Thankfully there were just a few injuries and they were minor.


I feel like I'm in the movie 'Office Space'

Yesterday a new manager started in my department at work. Apparently, he's going to cut the size of our department and everyone needs to reinterview for their position. One of the girls I work with went to our HR department and asked them about it...and it was the first they'd heard of this happening. They told her that if we were to be let go, we'd be given severance pay...but something still feels wrong to me. Does anyone know how legal this is? Have you ever been in/heard of a situation like this?
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1. Is there a special pen I can use for getting a shirt autographed so that the signature doesn't fade away? Or should I just plan on never washing the shirt again?

2. What socks are you wearing today?

3. What do your favorite socks look like?

4. If you've been to Disney World, what is your favorite ride?

5. What do you hate the most about Spring?

You girls are sooo smart I know you'll have ideas

I'm 22(which we know), I'm about to switch from Trinessa to Levlen. What do you guys know about it? Pro's and con's? I have never taken a pill that was 3 months w/o getting my period. I was on ortho-lo before trinessa. I just started a pack of trinessa(last friday) but was sick so i haven't taken it because i want waiting for my doctor to make the decision of what i was switching to, Should I finish that pack then start on the Levlen or just start with the Levlen?

Advice? Ideas?


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My 4 year old wanted to say the alphabet backwards. We were able to do it because I have a wall poster of the alphabet on the wall for her to look at. 

Could you say the alphabet backwards? Without cheating? 

I think I could, but it would take a long time and probably have mistakes.


For those of you in school:

Are you getting screwed (exam/papers) over the next fortnight?
What level of education are you in?

And hell, for you workers:
Are you getting screwed over the next fortnight? :P

robot love

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1) I'm going to Nashville for the first time this weekend. What's fun to do that isnt really tourist-y? How far is Graceland from Nashville? (Yes, I know Graceland is the epitome of "tourist-y" but for some reason it sounds neat. :D)

2) My flight is 7 mind-melting hours. What book(s) or movie(s) I should bring along to entertain myself with?

3) What's something that you've heard or seen for the first time recently that you're now noticing everywhere?
Peter Bjorn and John's Young Folks. I am hearing it everywhere!

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i bought these amazingly comfortable slipper socks the other day. they have little grippers on the bottoms and they have little cushions in the soles of the socks. the tag says they're called "slippers with grippers." I tried googling and I couldn't find them online, but does anyone know of a site online I could order them from that google might have missed? I don't feel like trekking back to the store I bought them at because it's quite a ways away.


a few years ago, maury povich (i was going through a depression) kept having people on his show who had a rare disease that covered their skin with scabs. it was hard to look at because their skin was pulled so tight that it was scary, and it's obviously very painful. does anyone know the name of this disease?
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Do you have an eBay account? When did you create it?

Do you bid on items when you're bored?

What's the oddest item you've seen for sale on eBay?

Does it piss you off when someone outbids you? Do you bid again just so that other bidder can't get the item?

What type(s) of stuff do you buy or sell?

Anything else you want to say about eBay?

birds building

fiber rich foods

Does anyone know of good fiber rich foods that are low cal? (i.e. not whole wheat bread.)

How about any recipes with legumes in them?

Did you know you're supposed to eat 25 grams of fiber a day? I'm only getting about 10!
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dying for a cause

Would you die for your country in a war in another country?
Would you die for your country if there was a war on your country's soil?
What if it was happening in your city/state/province/county?

Is there anything else you would be willing to die for?
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I had a question concerning gravity. Over dinner the other night my roomate, her family and I started a heated discussion about the proper calling of gravity. My roomate and I are sure that gravity is supposed to be called a "theory"; along with other things in science- such as "The Theory of Evolution." None of these can be 100% proven. Am I right or wrong here? Can anyone point me in the direction of articles explaining why Newton's theory of "Universal Gravitation", is just a theory if I am correct. Thank you for your help!
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1.) My boyfriend and I are going to DC next week and I just noticed that the booking confirmation for our hotel room says "Deposit required upon check-in".  I've already paid in full, so is this just like a security deposit on an apartment that I'll get back at the end if we don't destroy the room?  And how much do they usually charge as a deposit?

2.) For those of you in the DC area, what are some restaurants you recommend?  We're trying to stay on a budget, so no $75 meals or anything, but we don't want to be eating at McDonald's either.  I'm already planning to take him to the Brickskeller, but other than that, I haven't really thought about it much.

3.) I'm disappointed that the American History Museum is boyfriend's never been there.  Why couldn't it have been the Air & Space Museum?  He's been there and it bores me after awhile.  So to make up for it, we're thinking of going to the Spy Museum, but it costs $14 for admission.  If you've been do you think it's worth it to go, even just once?

4.) Any other DC tips?  I've been a few times in the past couple of years, but I always like to get advice from locals.  (Other than "Get the F out of my city..."  which would surprise me considering people in DC seem to be remarkably friendly...compared to even my small town.  Enough flattery...:) )

Thank you!
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TQC I have an interview tomorrow to sell suits. Of course i'm wearing a suit to the interview and feel like slight dick (i'm female BTW) any interview tips? I haven't been to an interview in so long, what questions will I be asked?


Whats for lunch?

I am having a Diet Cherry Coke and A peanut butter and Strawberry Jelly Sammish On Honey Wheat Bread.  Yeah it's a sucky lunch  I might buy a bag of Chips or a Candy Bar.

What kind of chips or candy bar should I get?

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Have you ever found a kid wandering around a store looking for their parents? What did you do?
Yes, a couple years ago. I didn't want anything to happen to the kid so I told him I'd help him find his mommy and daddy and took him by the hand to bring him to customer service.

If you helped, what was the parents' reaction to you trying to find you with their kid?
The parents saw me holding their kids hand at the customer service desk and flipped out, screaming "DON'T TOUCH MY BABY!" and threatening to call the cops, even when the customer service lady was saying that I had been the one who paged you and wasn't trying to take your kid. Even after she explained it they still went to the manager of the store and tried to get security on me.

Why do you think the parents in my story reacted the way they did, even after it was explained that I was trying to help?

Dress for internship

1. I have an interview for an internship Thursday with a photography studio. Do you think a nice button down shirt and skirt with heels would be appropriate enough, or should I go fancier?

2. Does anyone have any great interview tips they'd like to share?

3. Will I get the internship, TQC?
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1. Do you have anyone close to you who is in AA, NA, OA, CoDA, etc?

2. If so, how open with you are they about their membership status and their particular problem in general?

3. If they are very candid with you, do you sometimes wish they weren't? Does it ever feel a little awkward? Or perhaps a bit emotionally tedious?

4. If they aren't prone to discussing the matter, do you wish they would talk to you about it more?

vacaton questions.

1.) In Delaware, is it offensive to wear hoods or hats in indoor public places such as target?
2.) Are you not supposed to apply scented lotion on your face? If so, why not?
3.) Do sound waves travel forever?
4.) How do you correctly turn off an ipod?
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What kind of jackets are in style for spring for us ladies?


My antiperspirant (Dove sensitive skin, unscented) magically appears to stop working around this time of day (early afternoon). Does anyone have any suggestions for something else that would last all day, is either unscented or pleasantly scented, and will not irritate my oh-so-delicate pits?


Flavored, non-carbonated water: yay or nay?


Pyramid belts: Yay or nay?

Converse sneakers: Yay or nay?

Opening Lines

For a school event I am responsible for the "Great Opening Lines" portion. Basically the opening lines to a song get read out loud and people have to guess what it is. It's for high school aged kids, but what are some songs or bands I can use?? So far I have DMB, Beatles, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Apple question - iTunes with an external?

I ordered an external hard drive for all my music and it should be arriving today. I want to be able to play all of my music in iTunes off the external drive. I've read this tutorial but the problem is, I don't have all my music on my hard drive. I have a 40 GB hard drive with about 25 GB of music. My entire music collection is around 200 GB.

Can anyone tell me how to set this up? If it matter this is the hard drive that I bought, and I'm running an iBook with iTunes 7.

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Two unrelated questions:

1) it has felt like I have a booger stuck inside my nose for days... like, a week or so. How do I get it tot go away? it feels very funny in my nose and I don't like it.

2) What do you think is a good point in time to move into an apartment with your boyfriend/girlfriend? should it be given a time frame, like a year, or should it be whenever you are ready?


Recently, our dog hasn't been eating his (dry) food unless there is something else with it, such as eggs or wet dog food. He's eaten it before, so we know it isn't the food itself.

Now, not too long ago, we used to live in a different house, where we had another dog; recently, my brother and his wife have moved in there, and have been taking care of the other dog. The dog still living with us stopped eating his food, and in order to get him to eat again, my mom started mixing it with wet canned food. The theory was that he missed the other dog.

Any suggestions on how to get him to eat the dry food by itself? And would a dog stop eating because a dog it used to live with is no longer around?
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AIM help

I have the new AIM, and I have myself on my buddy list. When I set my away message, it doesnt show up next to my name that I'm away...that little away symbol doesn't come up next to my name. And when someone IMs me it comes up as an "auto-response"
How do I change it so I get the away message status back?

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1. There is a child on a large playground, age 2 or 3ish. She is alone on the playground - her gaurdians seem to be in a pavilion a couple hundred yards away - they can see her at times, if she is on the right side of the equipment. There is a lot of equipment on this playground. You are with a child (your own or babysitting) and the little boy/girl is in your vicinity and asks you to hold her up so she can pretend to go across the monkey bars or push her on the kiddie swing set or help her climb a little set of stairs - normal playground activity. What do you do?

2. Is there a war against Islam in any way/shape or form today?


1. Do you consider yourself a religous person? What religion?
2. Were you ever forced to go (or not to go) to religious services?
a. How has that effected your attendance now?
3. How often do you read your religious writings?
4. If your religion is non-denominational, In which sect of your religion do you belong? 
5. What is something your religion says is wrong but you think is right? Or vice versa?

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1. What, if any, stereotype have you found through experience to be generally true?
2. You get five bucks to spend at a gas station minimart. What do you buy?
3. Did you like highschool?
4. What is your sexual orientation?
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1. When you die, do you want to be buried, cremated, buried at sea, something else?

2. If you want to be cremated, do you want to be scattered, or kept in an urn? 

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Fear and Loathing

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What is something you strongly believe in?

What is your favorite book that you would recommend?

Do you remember a time in your childhood where you've almost been kidnapped? I do!
I was in elementry(first or second grade) and I was at the grocery store with my mother. I wondered off alone and some guy kept on following me which ever aisle I went in. My mother was near the exit of the store so I decided to mess with him by going over to my mom. Sure enough he followed me and ran into my mom's cart. Now that I think back I feel bad not telling anybody about it because he probably went off and hurt another kid..

tell me if these questions have been asked before

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How do you react to people who think they're hilarious/awesome/the-best-thing-since-sliced-bread and really aren't?
A girl I'm friends with thinks it's funny to refer to absolutely everyone with horrible slurs. She also thinks it's awesome to start fights with random strangers who haven't done anything to her. If you were to ask her why, she just says "I"m fuckin punk rock!" like that's the end of the argument. I just ignore her for the most part, but when she starts picking fights with people I point out how much of an asshole she's being, and people usually get on my side.

I've been really stressed out lately, especially this past week. So why is it that my boyfriend, knowing just about everything that's going on, still thinks he can whine about the fact that I can't hang out?
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My husband rear ended a car earlier today. The only damage to the other car was a scratched bumper. No dent or anything. They decided to not go through the insurance and she is going to send him the bill for getting the bumper buffed and repainted.

Does anyone have any idea how much this will cost?

I'm hoping less than 200$. I can't imagine that buffing and painting such a small spot would cost more than that.

(Our car has a dented hood and a scratched bumper, but nothing else wrong. I'm not worried about it and it's one of the reasons we got a cheap car for our first car.)
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Why do people need a senior prom, a junior prom, and now a gay prom? WTF is wrong with senior or junior prom?

Is this PC gone wrong?

edited to add: I never realized that they couldn't bring same-sex dates to the dances. It's been awhile since I was in high school or paid attention to anything dealing with high school and policies.

New question: do you have a picture of yourself in your prom attire? PLease post

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My boy's birthday is coming up and I want his gift to be a surprise.
I basically want him to think that I didnt get him what he wants and is expecting {$400 oakleys, that I think are ridiculous} so Im gonna get him something else small but then I want to surprise him with the sunglasses.

Any ideas on how to go about the surprise? where to put them, when, etc? No plans are set yet this is very first any ideas are appreciated. thanks

(no subject)

1. i have a fever and i'm really achey and weak but the acheiness/weakness might be because i've been very physically active for the past few days... i have no other symptoms of anything... what do you think is going on? 

(no subject)

How much do you tip at places where the waiter does not write down your order or bring you food? Say all they do is get you drinks (for example a buffet or teppan grill type place).

(no subject)

I have a friend whose birthday is fast approaching, and I have no idea what to get her! She's a writer, she likes shounen ai, shota, chocolate, baking, and Roy Mustang. She doesn't want smelly things, and she doesn't like zombies, squirrels, or people named Andy. She already has several plushies and pins and stuff.

I'd like to keep it under $20.

Any ideas?


Are you able to pick from electricity/gas providers where you live? If you do, what state do you live in?

Last night on the news they had a story about a man who filed a lawsuit against either Ameren and the state of Illinois, or just Ameren. We can't choose between electric companies, so he's alleging that it is a monopoly.

They recently raised electricity rates after a 7 year freeze. Since January, bills have not only doubled or tripled, but even quadrupled. Ameren is claiming that they will either have to lay off 400 workers or keep rates as they are in order to turn a profit. BS. Before the rate freeze expired, they did a story on the profits that the company was making. They had no problems during the freeze, why so many now?

It is just very frustrating. When you have a budget for what used to be a $100 electric bill and it jumps to over $300, there is a huge problem. Not everyone can pull the extra money out of their ass.

the hills.

okay so I was watching the Hills last night. 
Im in Canada so i think we are about 2 episodes behinde the US. 
after the show it said "a Laguna person from Lauren's past is joining the hills"
can anyone spoil it for me?? who is it?? who is this person?!

(no subject)

Remember my cheap make-up, skin fiasco a few days back?

Well the show ended on Sunday, but my cheeks are still like alligator skin. Are there any moisturizers, creams etc. that will work succesfully on my face without making me break out but still solve the problem?

and also,

Target or Walmart?
Tops or Wegmans?

p.s. besides emilythemanic 's post, there have been three posts in a row with kittys somewhere in the icon. i just thought I'd bring that up...
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lactose intolerant

curtains & checks

1. i'm looking for some cheap, easy, preferably cute curtains for my windows... where would you recommend looking?
(besides ikea & especially online)

2. is there anyway to deposit checks into a bank other than your own? my bank doesn't have a branch anywhere remotely near where i am, and i have quite a few checks that i'd like to be able to use.


I'm bored

I know I posted earlier, but meh. There's about 18 between that one and this one and I'm bored.

I listed a Nintendo USB wifi adapter on Ebay this past weekend. It sold with Buy it Now within 2 days. Unfortunately, it was the first time I'd sold anything in months, so I accidentally left out my terms of sale.

Usually I don't sale to anyone with less than 5 positive feedbacks and I require payment in 3-5 days. The person who bought it is a newbie with 0 feedback. I've sent them a two messages, 1 with the invoice and the second was just a hey, if you have any questions type message. How long should I wait before reminding them to pay?

Do you ever accidentally post in your own journal when you mean to post in a community? I find myself doing that a lot lately.

Are you particular about the scent of your body wash, perfume/cologne, shampoo, etc.?
I usually buy anything vanilla related. The only product I use that isn't vanilla scented is my Aussie shampoo and conditioner.

How often do you replace your poof/loofah if you use one?
My husband got mad because I threw out his old one and made him get a new one. His was so old and used it was starting to unravel.

If you're in college, how many weeks do you have left before summer break?
I've got 8. I only go two days a week, so after today I have 17 days left. Yay!

My BIL is going to attempt to go back to school next fall and get an Associates degree in Art. I checked out the course list and there is no way in hell he can handle it. Just as I was expecting, my MIL asked me to help him out. (He's 28 and hasn't been to school in 10 years). How do I politely tell her there's no way in hell? I've got my own school work and a kid to take care of.

(no subject)

1) When I finished drinking my tea, I found this gross, white and grayish, brain looking thing that was about the size of my pinky finger tip in the bottom of my cup. I made the tea myself so nobody put it in there and I looked inside the cup before I used it so I know it wasn't in there previously. What do you think that thing I found was? How did it get in there?

2) Have you ever found anything gross in your food? What was it?

3) What's the last movie you watched?

4) If you could re-cast any film with other actors, which film would it be and who would you re-cast with whom?

5) If you could play any movie (or television) character in history, which character would you play? (It doesn't matter if you don't look the part at all, pretend.)

6) Is there anything you feel like complaining about right now? What?

7) If someone asked you a question (though obviously not with malice) like "Why don't you spend any time on your appearance?" or "Why do you dress so plainly?" would you be offended?

8) Have you ever said something, felt like it was a dumb thing to say later (or even just a few minutes after you said it), and then replayed the moment in your head while cringing? When was the last time this happened?


1. Why does Ryan Seacrest look so short on TV if he's 5'9?
2. If you currently have a significant other, is he or she your "type"?
3. Do/did you have braces? What kind? For how long?
4. Who is the most annoying person in your life right now? Why?
5. Who is more irritating, Mr. Hankie or Towelie?

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Men and Women Who Like Women:

Have you ever been to a stripclub? Are there any lesbians or female bisexuals here that enjoy going to stripclubs (or do you know any who do?)?

If you have been to one:
What was your first experience like? Based on that experience, did you go again or decide against it?

If you go regularly, what are your reasons for going?

If you haven't:

What are some reasons that people go to these clubs, if they go to them regularly (more interested in reasons that you get from people who go rather than reasons you can think up)? If they are single, if they are not single, whatever.

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1) I can't study for this midterm I have tomorrow! I have no attention span. Nor do I care about these 80+ identifications I must memorize. WHAT NEXT:
a) keep refreshing all fav. LJ communities as a welcome distraction
b) stare at paper and attempt to memorize, only then succumbing to desire to browse fav LJ communities
c) accept failure and watch TV or eat or something.
d) ??????????

2) Have you ever gone to a restaurant and put something in your meal and pretended you found it in there to get some free food? I SWEAR PEOPLE DO THAT TO ME. There's no way some of the stuff people have found could have actually snuck in there in the kitchen.

3) Is there snow on the ground where you live? Do you enjoy this?

4) Have you ever Built a Bear??? (I don't care how old you are I swear it's ageless).
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1)My cast iron pot smells like the chicken I made in it last time. Is there any way to get the smell out?
2)What are some odd things you've eaten that weren't intended for ingestion?
3)Have you ever hit an animal with a vehicle? What kind of animal?

Who is right, me or my friend?

I witnessed a freshman, Frank, being punched in the balls by a sophmore, Steve, on the bus yesterday and Frank cried. Then I poured water on Steve because he didn't even feel bad about what he did. Everyone laughed. I thought that Steve stole cookies from Frank. Because Steve punched Frank in the balls and he stole Frank's cookies (at least I thought this), I told the principal about the incident.

I told a friend that I respect very much about this and he said, "Dude, I know Frank. He tries to act so cool and he picks on other people, not the other way around." Then when I told him that I told the principal about the balls-punching incident, he was like, "Dude, you don't do that. You don't rat someone out, especially when you were involved. It's against the code. And Ben told me that Frank stole Steve's cookies, not the other way around. That was why he punched Frank." and shook his head at me.

I've been in contact with the principal about Frank being bullied by people on the bus for a while and I never mentioned names until this incident.

I think my friend thought it wasn't a big deal. I feel like an untrustworthy person and a tattletale.
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Why must all good things come to an end?

Why must an end be tragic?

Why must money rule the world?

Why doesn't this community have any respect or poetic inclination whatsoever?


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OK, if I don't want to potty train my child, will they just learn on their own, eventually?

(I would not do this, I was just wondering. My cat jumps on the toilet after I go and I wonder if she is trying to do what I do, I wondered if kids would eventually pick it up on their own. I think about weird things sometimes.)

What is the opposit of sex?

Are you dissapointed when a movie has a great title, but the movie sucks ass?


1. Have you seen all of the Terminator movies? Which one is your favorite?
2. Do you like Sarah Conners better in the first movie, or T-2: Judgment Day?
3. Do you like Arnold's character better in the first movie, or the second?
4. Am I alone in thinking that the first two Terminator movies are really depressing?
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Cell phone goodies!

What's your favorite "cell phone goodies" website? (Ringtones, wallpapers, themese, games, whatever.)

What's your favorite cell phone accessory website? (Charms, skins, plates, etc.)

What sort of cell phone feature can you absolutely NOT live without?

I think a thank you is in order.

The Internet is an interesting place.

And, as honestly emo as all of that was, it seems to have brought you all quite a bit of amusement. In fact, I was laughing at most of the things you said anyways.

I'm not posting to further my own torture or anything. I'm just stepping out of this with a tiny, two-inch long dignity.

If I ever feel like posting again, I'll be sure to keep what you've said in mind. Sometimes, you just have to have a sense of humour, I guess.

Why'd the chicken cross the road?
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Zach Braff

Sleep ?'s

-Have you ever not wanted to sleep for some unexplainable reason?
-Have you ever had feelings of almost fright of going to sleep?
-Is this unusual or something that should be checked out?

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How much(%) do you think you end up paying after you pay ALL your taxes. Meal tax, income tax, sales tax, excise tax, gas tax, etc, etc.? It's bad enough they take it off the top before you even get it, then they take more. How much do you think you pay? 35%? 40%?

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I just got glasses, and I'm having a hell of a time getting adjusted to them. Can someone please tell me what the fucking secret is to keeping them streak- and smudge-free? I can't even begin to tell you what a goddamn debacle this shit is. I've tried cleaning the lenses in virgin's blood and so forth, but nothing seems to work. Am I missing something fundamental?

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Was Happy Feet good?  Is it worth seeing a free version by myself at 9pm Thursday night?

What's your ctrl+v?

 That is, socio-economic, religious, racial, and educational variables could have influenced the results of this study. In future studies, then, a broader range of participants in both number and outside influences would be advantageous.

edit: O_o @ the formating

fear of rejecting

What happens on myspace or facebook when you deny or reject someone? Do they recieve a notice letting them know they were rejected or does... nothing happen. I have some people in acceptance limbo- and I just don't want them. I'm sorry, but I'm not a friends whore and I actually like reading what people write- if I'm actually interested in those people.

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1. Why does turning a light switch on/off cause such a loud sound in movies/TV?

2. Stuffed toys are for _________.
I would've thought "cuddling" was an appropriate choice for the blank, but it seems other people think differently. What would you put?
sad girl

Chicken and Taxes

1. Have you done your taxes?
2. How much are you getting back?
3. What's your favorite place to eat fried chicken at?
4. What's your favorite piece of fried chicken (leg, breast, etc.)

1. Yes.
2. A measly $180. Stupid marriage penalty.
3. KFC is really the only place around here. I yearn for the ghetto chicken shacks in the South.
4. The leg, of course. Food with a handle!


i owe money on a traffic ticket. is there anyway that my tax refund check can be held because of this?

*i live in california btw

has anyone seen or heard of ace energy drinks? they feature pin-ups on the can.  how are they? bonus points if you have seen them for sale in or around the bay area.

Gods thumbs

Follow-up on follow-up on a resume?

I sent in a resume, application and cover letter for an internship a little over a month ago. I called the program director to follow up on the application and she told me that she had received it but that she was busy with another project that was pulling her in other directions, but that I had a 99% chance of being accepted to the internship and that she would get back to me in "two weeks if not sooner."

I have a really good resume for the internship, and although I am determined not to get my hopes up, I figured that it meant I had a really good chance of being accepted. Except...It's been three and a half weeks now and she hasn't gotten back to me yet. If I'm going to do the internship I need to know soon so I can start planning my school and work schedule around it.

I'm afraid since she told me she's busy with other projects calling her again or emailing her would be like pestering her, but I'm afraid that if I mail a note to the same effect it will get lost.

Should I call her? Email her? Mail her a note to follow up on this? Should I wait another week, send it out now, or should I have already done this a week ago?

I want to get into this internship so badly but I'm afraid of blowing my chance, or that I may ave already blown my chance.

HP love

The content under the cut may be disturbing to some.

I had a dream last night that kind of creeped (is that spelled right?) me out.

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This seems familiar to me. Like I saw it in a movie or something. My first thought was an episode of Nip/Tuck I saw where the girl wasn't properly anaesthetised, but the hand seems pretty significant, too. I may just be making that part up, but has anyone seen anything similar? I can't for the life of me remember, but I'm sure I've seen it...

Another question (totally unrelated):
Do you like Numbers? Why or why not? What's the most annoying thing about this show, in your opinion?


My coffee never seems to be strong enough no matter how high my coffee grounds to water ratio is. Why is this? I had the same problem with my previous machine that's why I bought a new one. Am I just buying poor quality machines or is there something else I should be doing differently?

Also, on a related note, which over-the-counter caffeine pill or diet product has the most caffeine in it?

EDIT: Any coffee machine recommendations that make really strong coffee?
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My boyfriend has an ex that told him once that if he cheats at video games then he probably also cheats in relationships.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most, how stupid was/is she?

Also, do you cheat at video games? If so, to what extent?

I like to cheat at games where it doesn't matter. Who cares if I have unlimited Katamari time... because it is freaking awesome. I like having unlimited ammo/guns too.. especially in games like grand theft auto. I'd be surprised if I ever made it all the way through GTA the normal way.. doing missions and such. I have more fun playing games like "turn all the pedestrians to homicidal and see how far down the street I can get"

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for my english class we are writing satires but i have no idea what i want to satire. i was thinking about doing something school related or like trying to get into college, but i feel like a lot of people will pick the same things. does anyone have any ideas on what to write a good satire about?

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in relationships where you and your SO have broken up on good terms, have you been able to maintain a friendship? tell me all about them!

i'm assuming that if you broke up on bad terms, you wouldn't be friends. any exceptions to that rule?

do you think that sometimes, people only like or dislike things because it's popular? for example, the fear of spiders, bees, snakes, clowns or the intense love of zombies, pirates, ninjas, etc. sometimes, i think people only like things like that because everyone else does. this seems a lot different than the "suzie likes to play hopscotch at recess, so i will too" kind of following the crowd. i don't know, i just reminded myself of this recently.

tomorrow is the first day of spring. what are your plans?

do you sleep with your socks on or off?