March 19th, 2007

Mitty box

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1) Do you own slippers?
2) Do you use them?
3) What do they look like?
4) Have you ever seen The Holiday?
5) What did you think of it?
6) What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
7) Did you have a good weekend?

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I'm not posting too often, you're crazy.

Inspired by the second half of this post.

Do you tend to sugarcoat everything you say, just to make sure you don't tread on anyone's toes? Do you feel this makes you a better person? How shiny is YOUR halo?

Me: NO. >:P I don't go out of my way TO offend people, but I'm not going to change how I've been talking for 24 years just to shut up some people who decided that 'lame' is a non-PC word outta thin air, or saying my husband is 'black' is derogatory, among other dippy ideas.

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if you have a part time job...

1) where do you work? (if you don't want to say the name, just give me the type, like grocery store or whatever)
2) what position?
3) how much do you make an hour?
4) how long have you been there?
5) have you gotten raises?

i'm asking because i just got hired at home depot, and it starts at $8. in three months i'll get a raise of $.50, and i'm pretty sure that NONE of my friends make that much. i wanna figure out if my friends just don't get paid much, or if home depot really does just pay well.

ps. i really heart this community, cause i can do informal surveys and it's awesome. :D


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1. Can you pick things up with your toes? Pinch people? Write?

2. If you're one of those awful people who are mean on the internet, are you meaner when you're happy or sad?

3. I need a way to dampen my alarm clock's brightness while still allowing me to see the time. Tissue paper made the numbers too fuzzy to read and electrical tape is too thick. Suggestions?

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Hey guys,

I need to download a program called RoboHelp in order to do a homework assignment for my Technical Writing class. I've never used it before, so I just downloaded a trial 30-day version from
Everything downloaded fine, but now that I'm trying to install the program, it asks for a "User Name," "Company Name," and "Product Key." Where the heck do I find that information?

The Adobe Live Chat isn't available on weekends, so I'm SOL until tomorrow afternoon. I've emailed their support, but as they're closed on weekends the soonest I could get a response by is tomorrow, if they aren't busy. I'm really hoping someone here can help me out, as this is due on Wednesday.

Edit: I found this on the Support Page:

You will only be prompted to enter a product key/serial number for a trial version if the trial has previously been installed on that computer and the trial period has expired. In this case you will not be able to install another copy of this trial onto the same computer to try the software again.

That's completely insane, because I just bought this laptop two months ago from Future Shop, so there's no way RoboHelp has been installed on this computer before!


- Liv.
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Do you think it's acceptable to call off a search and rescue for a five year old child?

We have a search and rescue going on at work right now, the boy has been missing since 2pm yesterday (so, twelve hours now). He's somewhere in the woods, his two companions (and dog) were found earlier. They're talking about calling off SAR until daylight. Personally, I think they should keep looking until they find him.. I don't mind when my tax dollars are being spent for something like this. Possible legal aspects aside, is it okay to say "hey, we'll start looking again later?"

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How much would you estimate it would cost me to drive round trip from Columbia City IN to Utica NY ? (gas/tolls/whatever)

i'm driving a chevy cavilier ('02) and I know it's about a 10 hour/800 mile trip each way.
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so my friends are assholes....

So a kid gets drunk and I think he's with a group of friends.

I go out with a couple other friends.

I come back, and some of my friends come to the car and yell at me, because apparently that drunk kid was my responsibility, and that "I left him alone when he was drunk and we were gonna call the police blah blah blah..." 

IS HE EVEN MY RESPONSIBILITY? LIke I said, he left before I did, with a group of friends, and I am not friends with him at all.

(damn it, I thought I left the 6th grade...)

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Do you have any ridiculous stories from last night?

Well, seeing as it's 4 in the morning, "last night" is supposed to mean St. Patrick's day. And in the same direction of the first question:

Do you have a friend who is unerring of his/her intent to get you into bed when he/she is inebriated, but acts no differently towards you when sober?

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Does it annoy you when people give detailed stories to answer their own questions?

Or when the OP makes fun of herself so you don't have to?


A Silly Poll

What would you rather prefer?

Would you rather

get straight Bs for every exam you sat for.
get distinctions for one or two; but dismal grades for the others
ETA: Argh. Because I can't edit the poll again, let's say it's not distinctions - it's perfect scores, to make it more worthwhile.
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One last question....

Looks or personality? Both? 

edit: Would you date someone who was disabled (whether they're in a wheelchair, or deaf, or whatever)

one more edit: Would you date a girl/guy who was overweight? Unattractive to media's standards?


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Do you ask questions here to learn about something you don't know much about, to hear other people's opinions on a topic, or just for amusement?

I ask for all three.

If you were to google your first name in images, what is the first thing to pop up?

A picture of Amy Fisher.

edit: Forgot this one at first. Do you know of any chain stores that carry somewhat inexpensive bras in larger sizes? I can't afford to spend $50 on a bra, but the ones I have are starting to wear out and I really need some new ones.
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Once a cheater, always a cheater?

If you did something horrible to someone (like cheating on them), would you/have you done it again, after feeling like shit about it and apologizing profusely and knowing that it was totally wrong of you (though that is just one example)?

I ate a whole lot of shitty food this weekend (but it was worth it). Do you know any good way to "detox" my body and cleanse my system, without, like, laxatives or lemonade and cayenne pepper or something?

Do you think homeless people are homeless by choice?
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Here's a subjective question

Why do people on livejournal find it necessary to use theories base solely on ideology as facts to debate their stance? You can either agree or disagree with the an idea or principle.. I don't believe there's room to make is anything more than an opinion.



For a project I'm working on, I want to cut out simple, flat objects which I will paint, mount on sticks and use as puppets. They will have the same structure as shadow puppets, except I won't be using them to make shadows.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest some sort of lightweight but durable material that I could easily make them from? As mentioned above, I need to be able to cut them out and paint on them.

Thanks a lot! This club is awesome!

Edit: Sorry, I should have mentioned that I actually already thought of cardboard and was hoping for some other suggestions of something that might possibly be a little stronger? :)

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How much earlier do you wake up before you have to leave for work/school/whatever?

Have you ever done Yoga? Is it easy to learn on your own or is a class necessary?
If you've been in a class, how is the gender representation?

Have you ever worked with that air-dry clay stuff? I'm a little curious/confused how hard it is to work with if it's going to harden on me in the middle of working.

What's wrong with the world when a group of 13yr old girls in central Illinois decide to mug and violently assault a 72yr old woman?
master of poke-fu

Here's the keys, I'm going fishing

10:58 AM 3/18/07 · One of my favorite shows of all time has been Inside the Actor's Studio. As I love to be asked questions it's probably not surprising that I really enjoy viewing a good interview. At the end of the show there's this much more succinct round of questions that everyone interviewed is asked. Personally, I love all of them, they're brilliant questions, but it's the very last one I wanna focus on here...

...and of course, have you answer:
  • If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say to you when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

If you haven't seen the show but would like to, it comes on multiple times a week so check your local listings. I catch it Sunday mornings at 10am on Bravo.
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I just came back from Spring Break and forgot to put my alarm clock forward an hour. I missed my first class today because of it. What stupid thing have you done today?

Mr. Misto
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Hurray, questions

1. Do you read the online journals/Message boards of any authors?

2.  What was the last vacation that you took? 

3.  What was the worst senario that happened to you, and you ended up losing your job because of it?

4.  Do you use Library Thing, or similar website to keep a catalog of your books? Is there a site like that for movies?

5.   What book are you reading right now? If you aren't reading one, what was the last book that you finished?

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If you just came home from the vet with a cat that has tapeworms, would you lock them out of the house so you can wash the bedding or would you let the cat inside the house? It is an indoor/outdoor cat and just received a shot for the worms, along with a rabies shot and distemper shot. 
What if there was a chance of rain today?

Keep in mind I have a 7 month old that crawls all over and puts anything she finds in her mouth.

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Poll #949695 Fart ettiquete

You have to fart and you're with a group of people, either from your work or class. What do you do?

Let er rip. Apologize or laugh about it
Hold it in until I'm convinced it's a silent but deadly. Release it
Manage to move away from the group, and then release it
Hold it in indefinitely
Fart but talk louder or make some noise to cover up the sound
Excuse myself to the bathroom and then unleash hell
None of the above
I don't fart. Eww

CAmera, Part Deux

If you recall my last Puerto Rico post, I was considering a camera.

I bought one this weekend for $150, more than I wanted to spend, but I figured, it'll last longer and 25% is a decent sale...

I got a Nikon Coolpix L6.

Do any of you have this camera? What is your expoerience? So far, I'm a bit underwhelmed. All my photos yesterday were blurry in regular lighting, even when I used the special setup for best shutter speed. Any tricks that might help?

Anything I should know about renting from Avis? Best deal out there and it looks like I can rent in puerto rico. Yay!

Do you try to live by any motto or creed? What is it and why do you believe in it, or choose it, over others?

(no subject)

Why do oranges and grapefruits look the same, have the same kind of inside structure, but taste so different? Oranges being much sweeter.

Why has no one genetically engineered oranges to be as big as grapefruits?
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Water & Image Storage & Digital Cameras

(1) Is it safe to drink bottled water that's been sitting in your (hot) car trunk for months?

(2) What website do you use for image storage?  *Particularly for those utilitarian images with like webpage backgrounds and icons.  I use flickr for my personal family pictures & such and I was using photobucket for the others, but I hate the ads and that site makes my website crash often.

(3) I'm sure this gets asked often - your recommendations for a slim digital camera that's less than $400?
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jack's crotch savvy?

Captain Jack

Who's tuning in to Dancing With The Stars tonight just to catch a glimpse of the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End?

I'm still debating...
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What songs are you really REALLY liking, right this instant?
(I desperately need suggestions of some new music)

For me:
Paolo Nutini- Jenny Don't Be Hasty
Cold War Kids- Hang Me Up To Dry
Rooney- I'm Shakin'

Edit: what do you think of Avril Lavignes new song Girlfriend?
I wish it would get out of my damn head.

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For those of you who have attended college...

Did you live on campus or commute?
Or perhaps both? (lived on campus for a period of time and for another period of time commuted)

I'm a sophomore now and I've lived on campus for the past 2 years but I'm considering moving back home for my last 2. I don't really go out and party or anything because I'm either working or doing schoolwork (or sleeping a lot) and my student loans are piling up nicely, so living at home for 2 years will save me close to $10,000. I live about 45 minutes away from school so it isn't THAT bad of a drive, just kind of sucks during rush hour. Anyone have any experiences to share?

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Does anyone know what the general penalty is for a hit and run?

My sister and her friend were driving along last night when this asshole comes barreling up behind them, switches lanes to pass, and when s/he went to get back over, s/he wasn't paying attention and side swiped my sister's car. She's got a small Cavalier and whoever it was had a big Ford F150. The person started to slow down when she pulled over, but then they sped off. They managed to get the plate number and called the cops.

A cop came out and took their statements and filed the report. He's supposed to call her today to let her know if they found the person yet.
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(no subject)

Stephen King's It was on TV yesterday. Does Pennywise the Dancing Clown scare you?

If not, what movie characters really HAVE scared you?

When is the whole Anna Nicole thing going to die? (no pun intended)
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(no subject)

I'm having an argument with a friend about this...are there drug sniffing dogs at all airports in the US?

**edit - I should say are there drug sniffing dogs at airports? i know they don't have them at *every* airport. how many do you think have them?

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The natural follow-up to this post :)

What do you really love that most people, in your experience, really hate or at least have a very low opinion of?

My list: the Doctor Who Movie, high waistlines, Bono, rainy or cold weather, paranormal investigation TV shows, some slashy fanfic, and Yoko Ono (to a certain degree :). For some reason it's much harder to think of things for this list than the other one!

(no subject)

I'm moving from New York to Baltimore, MD in the beginning of April. I'm unsure of the exact date but it should be within the first two weeks of April. Right now, I'm currently looking for a place to live but more importantly a place to work. I'm a little confused as to how I should go about this job hunt. I'm not looking for a career, per se, as the job I would be going after would probably be waitressing, bartending, retail or some type of office work. Should I contact employers immediately and explain my situation or should I wait until closer to my move date? I'm unable to go to Maryland prior to my move date so I'm unable to set up an interview earlier. 

Does anybody live in Baltimore City, MD? What's your opinion on the area? Any advice for a newcomer?
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You're the designated driver. You had one drink. In the entrance of the club you went to there is a coin operated breathalyser test. It comes out to 0.09. Do you (you specifically) drive?

(no subject)

How would you take it if someone you were friends with repeatedly told you "you'd make a great little brother/sister"?

I personally find it fairly aggravating as it implies that I'm not being considered an equal.
self-portrait icon

Social Antisocial Behavior?

1a. Have you ever noticed that a lot of popularly termed "Anti-Social" activities require you to be social in at least a slight sense?

1b. Are you a participant any Social Anti-Social activities? Examples: LARP, SCA, Gaming (D&D, tabletop, card, &c), et al.?

(EDIT: I'm specifically referencing the narrowmindedness that is aimed at activities like that, and perhaps I have a bias there because I live in Butthump, Tennessee where activities of this nature get you a good, old-fashioned, "Y'all need to quit that there silly crap and get out and make some real friends *starts picking a banjo and spittin' chaw* Now git!")

2. What activities or behaviors do you have that you would definitely consider anti-social?

(no subject)

For those of you with ADD, what do you do to manage the stress that comes with feeling overwhelmed by things you need to do that you're having problems getting done?

I should not have taken 19 credits this semester. I'm behind in some things, and everything is just piling up, but everything needs to be done either this week or next. I just don't know how to deal with it all.
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I have just received tons of tea and I am not a big tea drinker. I usually only drink it when I am sick so I am no mood to make it taste really good. But now I am willing to try them all! How should I make my tea? What should I add? Honey? Milk? Sugar? How much? That sort of thing. Thank you.

Progress or Digress?

Running the financial end of business, I have to bite my tongue everytime I use a cashier at any retail store.  I am sure, among other things like accuracy and reporting, it was the purpose of computerized registers to provide faster service for customers. In reality however, instead of providing a faster check out service for customers, it appears it is the cashiers who have picked up more time for personal conversations, longer discussions with friends who are customers also and time to "decipher" the amount of change due and how it relates to the coins or, paper in their drawer.

I don't think being a slave driver is the answer to getting better service and, I use the self service registers that are open in any store so as not to deal with this dilema.

My question is does anyone have any other solutions to the problem? (Assuming you see the problem).

Sports bra for ladies with big boobs!

I am a girl. I want to start jogging. But I have a pretty big chest (C or D cup) that makes running uncomfortable. I've bought/tried two different sports bras, but neither do the trick. So far, the only thing that works is using two or three bras at a time... which is pretty uncomfortable.

Any tips on shops to check, brands to try?

veggie burgers

so, last week i got a veggie burger from the cafe at my work. i've never had one before, so i was weary. to my surprise it was really good, so i bought some from the store for this week's lunch. but the ones i got weren't quite the same. i got the gardenburger brand original veggie burger, and it's mostly rice and very little veggies (the one i had last week had huge bits of corn and black beans, and tasted like a big falafel ball).

anyway, can anyone suggest a brand/kind that's really good?


I want to exercise, but I don't want to lose my boobs. I love my boob size, and I've been that size for awhile, even through weight gain, but I'm afraid my cup size'll go down if i start exercising enough to lose weight everywhere else.
And I mean.. I'm not that upset with how I look..

Should I?
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Random, sort of.

1- Tell me why?
2- What is your 'have to run-day'?
3- Which of the following Odd Holidays are you celebrating today? (19th, for you time travelling people who aren't in the EST time zone ;P)
Act Happy Day
National Chocolate Caramel Day
Operation Iraqi Freedom Day
Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day
Well-Elderly Day

4- Tomorrow is Proposal Day! What shall you propose to someone?

(no subject)

My neighbour's child has Autism. I constantly hear him repeating things over and over again.

Lately, I've been thinking it would be brilliant to pay the child to play with my birds and repeat specific things over and over again to teach them new words. I'd pay him about $5 an hour and for a 6 year old, I'm sure this would be great.

However, it is probably considered rude to be taking advantage of a child's disorder like that.

What do you think? Should I offer the idea to the parents? Is it too rude? What's a good way to bring it up?

Bad idea, I get it. It really just was a silly idea that I had only began to consider seriously recently. I didn't mean to be offensive, honest. I'll just let the neighbour teach my bird whistles from next door like he's already doing. :)

I'm Praying For You: Offensive?

Do you find it offensive when someone says they will pray for you? I was reading an interesting discussion on a message board. Many of the posters were saying yes, they find it very offensive when someone says they will pray for them, without their permission. What is your view on this? Do you only find it offensive if a person says they are praying for you because they feel you are “lost” (i.e. pray that you find Jesus, or I suppose anything else along those lines)? Is it ok if someone says they are praying for your health and happiness? Or is it offensive no matter what? A lot of people on the boards I was reading seemed to feel it was offensive regardless! I’m interested in your opinion if you are deeply religious, atheist, or anywhere in between!

(no subject)

Just wondering about something similar I saw on Ricki Lake..i'm having a sick day.

Anna & Ben are married, they have a daughter Chloe.
Anna's sister Delia has an affair with Ben and has a daughter Evie.
I suppose Chloe and Evie are half sisters, but also cousins? Is there a name for this type of relationship? How much DNA do they share?

Identical twins Amelia and Ava marry Identical twins Bobby & Billy
and concieve and give birth on exactly the same day to sons.
I'm guessing these boys would look like they were twins too? Are they still just cousins? How much DNA would they share?

I'm confusing myself, I hope this all makes sense.

(no subject)

What is an interesting/useful branch of Mathematics for a fourteen year-old* to do a four-page project on?


(*in class of fifteen/sixteen year-olds in top class of biggest school in country with ogre for teacher)

(no subject)

1. I have a short 30 second long DVD that I want to upload to YouTube, though obviously it is in several different files. How can I convert a DVD into a .avi file or similar which I can upload to YouTube?

2. What's your favourite website?

3. What have you had to eat so far today?
petit prince


1. why is it ok for girl scouts to create artificial scarcity, but not debeers?

2. who should star in the film blood tagalong?

3. how's march madness going for you?

4. in your opinion, which university has the most pretentious students?
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gimme dem shrooms

i'm hungry and would eat many things

so, older people:

how does your high school experience compare to your college one?
what's it like not have an immature, insecure brain anymore?

and for those that have or had a part-time job while in college, how difficult is managing that?

edit: aaaaaaaaahhahha. i got all the answers i expected to get. well, it's just comforting to have reassurance.

(no subject)

So sometime last year I sent a letter to the School Board. It was in regards to noticing more and more pregnant girls in the school, and the fact that we had a blood drive and a big portion of the blood drawn during it had to be disposed of because so many people had STDs and didn't know. In the letter I said how the sex education program at the school was meager at best (fifteen minutes of learning how sex will kill you in 9th grade and we were never introduced to condoms) and that it was probably because of this that there were so many more teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases in the school.

The letter I got in response was very short and to the point: they didn't want to update the sex education program, it was going to stay the way it was.

I've decided to try again this year, after an even younger group of girls got pregnant and one girl has run away after finding out that she was pregnant, plus the younger group has also started getting STDs and STIs. I wanted to try a petition to get the school to upgrade their program, but it seems like such a touchy subject that lots of people want to ignore.

Would it be a bad idea for me to start a petition on this? What else can I do to try and change the program?

Will I ever stop posting about sex?
No, probably not. If you don't like it, sorry, but you can just scroll right past it the way I go right past questions I don't feel like reading.

south park

(no subject)

Now I know a lot of people might go "OMG smoking GROSS!!".......

But.  At my school (and at a lot of other schools), we have the smoking stations.  But like a lot of schools they are trying to get rid of smoking in college campuses PERIOD.  They have reasons, like cigarette butts all over campus, secondhand smoke, etc.

But when people walk through a cloud of smoke, it's really no different than walking through a parking lot with cars (air pollution-wise)...

And not only that, college kids are usually 18-20something, and they could enforce things like fines for littering, etc?

But, whether you smoke or not, do you think it's fair to COMPLETELY get rid of cigarette smoking on a college campus? Or do you think they should enforce areas, fines, etc?

   Another thing that I've noticed.  There are a few people I've met in college, that not only can you tell they are huge stoners and smoked themself stupid... but they've also done everything, like acid, shrooms, meth, cocaine, everything.  They're like a walking, talking, version of, yet when you pull out a cigarette, they're grossed out.  Anyone else think that's a little strange? Seriously, why are people like that?

(no subject)

I had my wisdom teeth pulled out a week and a half ago and when I went to my check up on Friday, the doctor gave me a plastic syringe with a curved end so I could flush out any food that got stuck in the holes from the surgery. I left that syringe at home and I'm in my dorm at school and think I have some food stuck in there. Do they sell the syringes at the local pharmacy? Any other methods to make sure I don't get anything stuck in there? Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

I bought a dresser at a garage sale aver a year ago. I've never really had any reason to use the bottom drawer, so I never did. I opened it today and there was a piece of purple lanjure(I must be way off the spelling here, womans sleepwear) in there.

What should I do with it :-D

Wolfie! . . . WOLFIE!!

If you've seen the movie Amadeus, and know Mozart's music, you may be able to help me.

In the scene when Salieri hear's Mozart's music for the first time, and he's saying, "The first part, simple - almost comic. Just a pulse. And then. . high above it. An oboe. Hanging there, unwavering. . . " And they're playing the music along with his monologue.

What song is that? I love it, and I want to listen to it all the time.

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

In the history of the whole wide world ever, which relationships between real people do you find to be some of the most interesting? It can be any kind of relationship - romantic, family, friends, whatever.

Now the same question, but this time it's make believe. Which fictional relationships do you find the most fascinating?

Is there any reason you picked the ones you did, or is it just a case of 'I dunno, I just like it'?

(no subject)

Does anyone have a really random internet connection? Whats the wildest number difference you've had?

I just jumped from 1kbs on my download to 117kbs, and now i'm on 20kbs.

When were you considered an adult by your family?

If you were a latchkey kid, do you think you're more independant now then you would've being if you weren't a latchkey kid?

Whats the nicest thing someone's said to you today?

Duct tape, latex, and a whole lotta flour.

What is the best way to affix a twelve inch latex balloon (which just happens to be completely covered in duct tape) filled with at least six pounds of flour to one's abdomen?

I happen to have just such a balloon, and I need to temporarily attach it to myself (15 minutes, max.) as part of a costume for an acting class. I've tried plastic wrap, which does work, but it becomes dreadfully uncomfortable and humid rather quickly. You got any better ideas?
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(no subject)

My hubby and I just moved into a new house.  In the move we put a vinyl shower curtain (that we really like) in a box.  It is now a wrinkled mess!  Is there anyway to get wrinkles out of vinyl shower curtains?  Thank you in advance!

x-posted everywhere

PS  Why do people use the cross posting thing?
south park

(no subject)

Hate to ask another question...

But say someone asks you "Do I look fat in these jeans?"  (Whether they look fat or not..)

1) What would be your serious, actual real life answer? (Besides yes or no)
2) Non-serious, brutally honest/mean/cruel answer? (Besides yes or no)


Left overs

I've been attempting to eat in more and eat left overs. I'm contemplating eating some left over hamburger helper. I think I made it on Wednesday or Thursday. It's the hamburger mac and cheese kind.

What do you think the cut off date for eating the hamburger helper is? How many days?

How many days for chicken?


Are the guy and girl on the esurance commercials ever going to get together?

Am I the only one that cares?

They need to hook up, srsly. There is so much sexual tension between them.

Edit: Did you know that Erin Esurance has a blog? She has one entry per month. What do you think of that? Silly? Cute?

(no subject)

1. So, today is apparently the start of the 5th (I was right the first time!) that the US has been at war... thoughts?

2. Do you eat a lot of junk food?
2.5. What's something you know you shouldn't eat, but eat all the time anyway?

3. What's your favorite book(or books)?

4. Funniest typo you've seen lately?

5. What's your favorite picture (of anything)?

4. In my school's program for the musical Chicago, the first page in big, bold, black letters says "CHIGAGO THE MUSICAL"! How this happened I don't know, but it makes me love my drama program so much more.

(no subject)

Do you like sherbet?
Yes I love it :P

Do you know all the flavors of sherbet, or do you just associate the color of it with the taste?
I mostly associate the colors with the taste of it. Like I'll say "Yay, purple flavor!" instead of....I dunno what flavor it actually is.

What do you think is the most delicious kind of sherbet?
Orange, or green. Yum.
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skiing with glasses.

if you ski and wear glasses, what do you do about goggles?
my (standard) goggles can't fit normally over my glasses, i have to stretch them out a bit to pull 'em over, and also my glasses usually fog up really quickly. and i don't wear contacts.

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1)Show me something cheerful?
2)What song best conveys your mood right now?
3)What was the last horror movie you saw?
Edit: 4)I saw this last night but I think it was deleted and I didn't get to see the answers. Why are people such assholes?
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1. If you could have any cellphone you want, without considering money or compatible companies, what phone would you have?

2. If someone gave you a million dollars right now what would be the first thing you'd buy?

3. What TV shows can you watch over and over and not get sick of?

4. What was the last concert you went to?

5. What's the best concert you've been to?

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when you aren't hungry but are craving something in particular or just feel like eating, what do you do? Do you resist the craving, replace it with something else, or give in? I've been telling myself I don't need pizza in addition to my dinner and dessert for the last 2 hours and its starting to hurt.

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Muffins or cupcakes?
Muffins, of course.

What is your favorite type of muffin?
Poppyseed. But seriously folks, I need a lot of suggestions. I am making a giant muffin basket for my friend and I am blanking on flavor ideas.

Is my magical pan that makes only muffin tops the best thing since sliced bread?
Yes. Who likes the stubs, anyway?

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In the Proclaimer's song I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) is the line:

a) And if I haver yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you


b) And if I hither yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's hithering to you


All the lyrics sites say a, but I've been listening to it over and over (don't ask), and I swear it's b.
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dream car

you can have any car in the world free of cost. but just one.(you can still actually purchase other cars as well) which car do you chose?
secondly, would you actually drive it?

my answers
1) original 1967 ford mustang shelby gt with white racing stripes and buttery soft cream leather interior... oh baby.
2) yes i would drive it...but very very sparingly
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Single White Asshole seeks...

Because I'm lame and bored, I've been reading the personals on CraigsList (hey, sometimes they're funny). And I stumbled across this one that just... Well, you read it.

Collapse )

Now, would you seriously reply to this guy looking for a date?
Or are you more inclined to rip him a new one?

And while we're at it, do you agree with him? (I do on #9.)
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Iron Chef Thread.

1.) Have you ever had nutella?
1b.) Whats you're favorite thing to make with nutella?

2.) What is something good I can make with red curry paste and any other ingredients?

3.) What would you do for a klondike bar?
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anyone know anything about cars!?

this may be a question no one can answer...but i'm hoping someone out there works on cars or something...haha

Someone broke the mirror off my car this weekend-
and i have to get it replaced..
What's a normal/reasonable price to replace a passenger side mirror on a 2004 grand am?
the black plastic part is broken off- not just the mirror..its hanging by the remote cord (well its currently duct taped. ): )
I just want to make sure I won't be getting ripped off....


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Because when i study something boring, like history, my head just wonders to somewhere else. family, relationships, blah blah. i try to concentrate but i jsut can't. and sometimes i end up going on to the internet or go grab some junk food. so what is your tip?

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What is the dumbest/cheesiest/most wtf insult someone has ever said to you? 
"I hate your stupid face, you stupid idiot jerk!" - some guy in bumper to bumper traffic last week, haha

What is the dumbest/cheesiest/most wtf insult you've ever said to someone else?
"Trachman? Running man? You wanna" - I always get teased about my last name being the name of a fish, so I was really reaching for material, there.

My birthday is coming up in a couple of months, so my friends and family keep asking me what I want to do for it. I honestly don't want to do anything for it, I don't really care. If your birthday is coming up (if it's not, pretend it is), are you going to celebrate it? How? How should I celebrate my birthday?

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I love to have juice in the morning, but it unfortunately makes me feel nauseated for at least a couple of hours after having it (I've tried orange, cranberry, and grapefruit).

Do you drink juice in the morning?
What kind?
Does it make your stomach upset?
If so, have you cut it with sparkling water or tried a low acid juice? Did it help?
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1)What are some songs where you really like the beginning but hate the rest? Or you like the verses but find the refrain really annoying?
2)How would someone be able to tell if you were mad at them?
3)Who's your favorite female comic book villain? Favorite male comic book villain?