March 18th, 2007


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I'm moving out on my own and into a completely new city on June 1st. I'm currently looking for an apartment and a job. I'm scared out of my mind- I've never moved to a new city before or out on my own.
What are some suggestions/tips that you have about moving to a new city/moving out?
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road trippin'

If you could choose to visit any city west of Chicago (which is most of the country), which one would it be?


What attraction would you most be interested in seeing if you drove across the USA?

(Boyfriend and I are taking a random roadtrip in the early summer, and we have two weeks to pretty much go where ever we want. The only for sure places are Fargo, his sister's house in Minnesota, and St. Louis.)

Bonus question: When's the last time you played Tetris?
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If you found out that your significant other had previously (prior toyou coming in their life) directed/produced or was the subject of an adult website, would that be a deal breaker for you?

If you found out one of your friends was doing adult web-site work, would that lower your opinion of that friend ? (from either end, being in or producing)
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So I heard a song on the radio last night, and I loved it. Of course, I barely remember a thing about it, so I come to you. It was a rock radio station, the song had a really catchy beat, sorta something you could have fun running to. (It reminded me of "1985" by Bowling for Soup, but I could just be crazy.)

The one thing I remember about it is the chorus had the word loser in it, right at the end. Something about not being a loser. I've tried Googling all the word combinations I could think of, but nothing came up. There was possibly the word 'standing' in there too. Something along the lines of, "I'm standing here, but I'm not a loser anymore". I think it was also only a three line chorus.

So if people could post links to song lyrics they think might be it, or lyrics to a chorus that sounds like that, I would be much obliged.
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So I'm being lame and kicking around names for a game character.. He'll be invisible, attack/lurk in the shadows kinda guy.. He'll be like a ninja, only, using a rifle. Like a sniper, only, uses a blade also. >.>

I was thinking.. Hidden Havoc.. or something like, Cloaked Carnage.. Something along those lines. Yeah, I'm lame and like alliteration.

What do you think? Any other idea on names? I enjoy "havoc" and "carnage" mainly, and I wouldn't mind something involving "bane".

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Help me TQC!

Does anyone have that picture of the guy with the lap top hanging from

Double points if you have it as a demotivator saying something like "Serious Man, He's fucking serious"

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My cat is my cat. He sleeps with me at night, follows me around at home, and sits on my lap when I'm playing a game or watching television. I pay for his vet bills and paid his initial adoption fee, but since I was 17 when I got him my mother signed for him instead of me, since you had to be 18 or older to adopt a cat. Is it possible to sign the cat over to my name when I (someday, finally) move out? My family also has two other cats, but he's very much a loner and I'm not sure how he would react to being separated from them. Have you ever separated animals after they've lived together for a long time? Did they have a bad reaction to the separation?

For the record, I'm probably not moving out until after college since I'm very much broke :(
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Hai guys.

Im meeting my favorite and closest online friend next week. What should we do?

Poll #948840 Eat me

When meeting someone for the first time, would you choose to eat..

@ Unos
@ Applebees
@ Longhorn
@ Olive Garden
@ A local Italian place
@ Chili's
@Smoky Bones
@ Mall food court
Off each other's stomachs
Nowhere, you would do something else.
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Pet Food Recall

I searched the community for anything about this and didn't see anything, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat question.

1. Has you pet food been recalled?
We fed my last dog one of the recalled foods.

2. If it has, does/did your pet have kidney failure?
Yes, we had to put her to sleep because of it.

crazy crazy people

If you were to make a list of the most ridiculous LiveJournal users, who would you choose? Give me your top ten or so.

My picks so far:
darkhorseman (the dude who married a horse and it got pregnant and he thought it was his?)
springs1 (the crazy person who types in caps excessively and wants everyone to know exactly what bad service at restaurants is)
raven55 (a batshit insane militant Christian who prowls around the Christian sex communities to let people know just how much they've sinned)

mexicanicepick and tigerwolf have now made the list.

More more more!

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What kind of teas do you like? What tea flavours do you have? What do you recommend?

^^ I have apple pie (Cinnamon and apple), cream (Caramel, vanilla) and a rather nice turkish apple tisane.
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1. If you're interested in some subject or topic and attempt to learn it on your own, how do you study it? Do you just read about it? Or do you also take notes, as you would in school/lecture and then quiz yourself?

2. What are some areas/subjects in which you are self-taught?

3. Are you good at math?

4. If you were to start your own company/business, what would it be?

5. What is your favorite type of salad dressing?

6. Are you part Irish?
Me--State Fair

musically speaking...

Are you really anal about tagging your music in iTunes (or other music player)?

Yeah, I've been sitting here for a while today sorting by genre, and then fixing little things in artist and album names...I could do this all day and I've spent nights doing this. I have no life.

Does it really bug you if something is grossly mislabeled?

Yeah, it makes me wonder if people know anything about music at all when they tag an R&B song as Rock or an obvious Pop song as Rock.

Ideally I'd have song, artist, album, genre, year released, and album artwork--in a perfect world.
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okay so, my brother wants to get a lightning bolt shaved into his head/hair whatever, and he said he saw it on a basketball player on washington state or kansas state (or so he thinks) does anyone know who has it?

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One of my friend's ferrets is dying. The poor guy was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy last year. He's had several seizures this morning and she knows he won't make it.

What is something I can do to make her feel better? I'm not really good at coming up with things like this on my own.

This will be the second ferret she's lost within the span of a year. The first one passed away from a poisonous spider bite.

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I've seen myspace layout sites, but I can't remember ever seeing one for a regular website.

Are there any site layout generators like Thomas' Myspace Editor, or should I just keep working on understanding html?

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When you dream that you are trying to escape from someone, who (or what group of people) is usually running after you?

And associated to that, where are you from and what is your cultural background?


For those of you who are married//engaged//seriously intending on marrying the person you are currently with:
1. Have you and your SO ever broken up?
2. For how long?
3. Would you say if made your relationship stronger, weaker, or didn't change it?
4. What's different about your relationship after the break-ups? Anything?

To anyone who has dated a person more than once:
5. How many times have you broken up?
6. Would you say it made your relationship stronger, weaker, or didn't change it?
7. What's different about your relationship after the break-ups? Anything?
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Do you use a mood theme in your LJ? If so, what mood theme? Do you use one of LJ's or one you or someone else made? I have a black cats mood theme that someone in a community made and I modified (with the creator's permission) it a bit here and there.
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Calling all Anime Lovers.......!

The wife (pageless) wrote a short story that reminded me to look up an all time favorite anime. Its name you ask?'s Robot Carnival(Japanese name: Robotto Kanibaru)!. Here's a description:

Eventual DVDs have been out of print over here for years(or pieces of the movie were shown and released). Just wondering if anyone has...or can locate the full version of Robot Carnival? ^_^

(I've already looked on amazon which only had soundtracks, ebay which only has cels, and some local anime stores)
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What are your favorite things to do online when you need to be cheered up?

I have to go visit my dying aunt in a little while and am trying to go into it in a positive mood, but I'm really scared.

Edit: Thanks for everything, guys. I was going to post comments individually but I figured everyone would see this too. I really appreciate everyone's suggestions, I looked at all of them!

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I was watching Ellen a few days ago, and there was this band on the show that I really liked.. but for the life of me I can't remember the name. I went on the Ellen site but didn't find anything, but I remember the band name having some similarity to the word August. Anyone know who I'm talking about?
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Who else has seen The Chumscrubber?

What did you think?

Fave parts?

ETA: What's a relatively fast way to re-size a lot of pictures at once? I'm trying to make my digicam pics smaller to save space but I wanted to know if there was a more efficient way that opening them all in Photoshop and resizing.
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stupid router stuff

Edit I think i've got it, nvm.
By now I am probably getting on everyone's last nerves. I am trying to set up my live streaming cam, but each time, I get this:

Step 4. ERROR: cannot connect to .
Probably your program is running behind of a firewall
or you do not have HTTP broadcasting method selected.
If you are running a home network please make sure
your firewall or router is configured to forward TCP/IP traffic
from port 8083 to your local PC with Activewebcam software installed.
For more information please check "Technical FAQ" in your Active WebCam Help
or in your web profile F.A.Q. section on

I have a D-Link router and cannot for the life of me figure out what settings to change on it so that my IP is accessable to view my webcam.

Can anyone help?
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Oh Denny....

What is your specialty dessert?  What do you make best or what does someone else make that you eat best?

While driving home today, on a well traveled road I noticed some plants that looked like they were ripped from a person's front yard.  It is winter so this is not possible.  Along with these plants was a pair of sneakers.  What do you think happened?

ETA: deleted back stories and the question that couldn't be asked without a 2 sentence explaination.  Sorry kids!
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I'm trying to sell some stuff on ebay and I just got done making the whole page so now I'm on the last step where it's asking me if I want to make my item "stand out" by bolding the font, outlining it, etc, but every time I hit the continue button at the bottom of the page, nothing happens- the button just grays out so I can't hit it again. So obviously, my thing isn't going through and I've refreshed the page a couple times to see if that would do anything, but it hasn't so I don't know what I should do at this point. Close the window and start over? I don't know. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Burnt Out

Ok, TQC, I need some suggestions.

I'm not a huge online person. I visit Livejournal, Myspace, Yahoo Mail, Ebay, and some sites for school and that is pretty much it.

I've got this nifty new computer and I have no clue what I should do with it. Any nifty website recommendations?

Can someone recommend some new communities for me to join? These are a few that grace my friends page:
thequestionclub obviously, customers_suck, bad_service, stupidpetowners, parenting101, and a few Animal Crossing and Chinchilla communties.

burning words

post-teenage acne :/

what do you wash your face with? are you happy with it?

i'm 22 and never had much acne at all as a teenager, and just in the last year, acne has sprung up on my face. >:| i've gone to the doctor's, changed birth control pills, tried different creams but nothing is working. i use Bioré (sp?) face wipes daily before putting on my make-up and to take it off.

i use MAC make-up, i get most of the vitamins i need, and drink lots of water. i'm completely stumped and would love some advice. thank you!
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1.) Did you watch After School Specials when you were a kid? It seems odd that kids that were born in the last decade don't get to grow up with the ham-fisted moral lessons that these programs provided.

2.) Speaking of ham-fisted moral lessons, what was your favorite 'very special episode'?
kiv dancin.
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kitty troubles!


okay, i have two cats, banky and pauline. banky is a boy about two years old and has long hair. pauline is about a year old with short hair and obviously a girl. they've both always had their up to date shots and they're both fixed. they're in great health. they've always gotten along very famously, cleaning each other, cuddling, playing, etc (see them in the icon? FRIENDS!).

well today, we gave banky a bath to try to help a bit with his spring shedding. afterwards, all of a sudden pauline is hissing, growling and occasionally swatting at banky! he's not reacting agressively at all, just kind of walking away from her and not growling back at her at all.

we thought it was the smell, so we washed her in the same shampoo, but that didn't help.

we thought it might be because he's still a little wet. but no, that wasn't it.

we tried separating them for a bit, and that didn't help either.

we've called and left a message for the vet, and i've been looking on the internet but not finding much.....

tqc, WHAT IS WRONG?! how can i make pauline not as mad at banky? why is she mad?

what in the sweet world of kittydom is going on?!
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1. What is your favorite meal the your mom or someone in your family makes?

2. What should I download? (songs, programs, games anything - name it specifically)

3. What was the last thing you looked up on wiki?

4. What kind of cellphone do you have? (pictures of links are a plus)

5. What company do you use?

6. What did you dream about last night or what was your most recent dream that you can remember?

7. Anyone 21 or older, what did you do for you 21st birthday besides get drunk?

8. Is it obvious I'm bored?
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1. I'm wanting to make sure I understand this right. On, it's free to have a profile and "look around" until you want to send emails to people, yes? Or do you have to pay regardless? I'm not really wanting to date, I'm just wanting to look around for fun and OKCupid has given me the same search results for the past few months.

2. If you belong to a religion, are you a convert? If you are a convert, why did you convert to the religion you did (in other words, why were your previous beliefs no longer what you believed in)?

3. What am I forgetting to do before I go back to work tomorrow?

4. What time do you get up for work? (I get up at 5.15 and get to work an hour early so I can leave when we're allowed to leave.)

5. Why is it when I buy gallon jugs of drinking water, they taste different? For example, I've been buying Ozarka lately. I bought a gallon of Spring Water and then a week later a gallon of Drinking Water, but they taste completely different (the Drinking Water tastes more metalic) even though they're both Ozarka. What is going on?

6. Earlier today I bought a big bottle of Excedrin. When I got it home and opened the box, I realized the expiration date says April 2007. I didn't open the bottle itself (still has the seal). Can I take it back and get an exchange? If I can't, will it hurt to take it even if it's after April 2007? Normally I wouldn't take expired medicine, but this was a $6 bottle with 100 tablets.

7. If you drink wine, what is your favorite kind? Do you prefer red, white, blush, etc.? (I like white wine, but I'm new to wine. I like La Yunta. Tastes melony.)

Personality tests?

1. Do you know your enneagram number? Do you think it corresponds with your personality?
Yes, seven. It does a little, More so than the other numbers.

2. What is your astrological sign ? Do you think it corresponds with your personality?
Virgo, and not really.

3. I'm sure some of you know, whether you will admit it or not. What is your Hogwarts house ? Do you think it corresponds with your personality?
Gryffindor, and yes.

4. Do you think personality tests/things designed to classify you as a "type" are always BS?
I don't really like the concept, but they're sure a fun way to pass the time.
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do you think modern fascist/neofascist groups in the US/france/austria/italy follow the fascist doctrines of mussolini/hitler?

do you think these modern groups are successful?  why?

what do you think in general of these groups?
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What's my fuck count?

I've been wondering this for a while, so I thought I'd ask for opinions here...

There are these two people I was with...and I'm not sure whether these two should go on my "People I've Had Sex With" list, or remain on my "People I've Fooled Around With" list.

Collapse )

So, given that the only other people I've had sex with are two females (neither of which can be disputed), what's my fuck count?
Me--State Fair

if it doesn't exist, maybe it should.

Is there a community to answer questions posed by pop and rock songs?

You know, to answer the really burning questions like "What Is Love?", "What About Love?", "Is She Really Going Out With Him?", "Can I Borrow A Feeling?", and "Does California REALLY Know How To Party?" etc.

ETA: I did it! song_questions So go join and start asking!
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Do you like giving oral sex?

don't know

Do you like receiving oral sex?

don't know

Which do you prefer more?

don't know

4)Whether giving or receiving, what do you hate the most about oral sex? (Like something a particular partner did or just in general)
5)What have you eaten today?


Are you named after someone? Or something? A song, a character from a book, etc.?

I'm named after my dad's old high school crush (whom he's not married to), cute huh?
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What's one thing you don't like about yourself that nobody else really notices?

For me, it's definitely my moles. =/ I have a lot of them on my upper body from being an idiot in the sun as a little kid. But considering the fact that I never notice moles on any other person, and nobody has ever stared at any of mine, they must not be that big of a deal..

(I am lucky enough to not have any giant ones that stick quite a bit out of my skin though.)

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I'm almost done working on the website I may have mentioned in an earlier post (can't remember if I did or not).

One of the last details is the navigation buttons, which I decided I wanted to make myself. When i put them on the site I realized how large they seemed, though.

Collapse )

The picture behind the cut is a 75% version of the image I see on my 1152x884 screen resolution. Are the buttons too big?

What should I link to from the main page besides my DeviantArt account, the comic's LJ,  and character bios?

edited for clarity

deodorant collages

1. What's the stupidest thing you've ever done for money?
2. Was it worth it? How much did you get paid?

I signed up to participate in a product 'focus group' for women's deodorant. When I signed up it was supposed to just be a two hour round table, and I thought "what the hell, I can talk about deodorant for two hours for money!" But then they decided to send us samples of the deodorants and we have to create COLLAGES about our "experiences" with the deodorants!
I really just want to be a smart-ass about it, and make a collage that's like, all black with this image of Reagan from the current issue of Time, but I am being paid for this so I guess I need to take it seriously. My boyfriend has offered to pay me if I use images from 9/11.

3. If you had to make 3 collages about deodorant and your daily experiences with it, what would you put? Please be as ridiculous as possible, because this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
regina [lupinskitty]

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If you have a significant other, do you have friends that are just yours? (Meaning mostly people who know your SO and like them, but are more acquaintances of his/hers, and not really people he/she hangs out with)

Do you spend time with those friends without your SO?

If you don't live with your SO, how much time generally do you spend together each day?

If you live with your SO, do you ever feel the need for alone time?
minnie and zeus

skirt shopping

I can check the stores around here easily enough, but I'd like to do some online shopping.  I'm looking for skirts under $50, preferably around knee-length (as in, no minis).  I'm your typical juniors/misses sizes, and want something I can wear to work and/or for everyday in the summer.  Anyone have good suggestions for me to shop for 20-something y.o. type clothes, or young women's inexpensive stores that have websites (in the event I don't have that store near me)? 

Couple of questions

The important question;
I'm on ADSL & for the last month or so my internet connection has been cutting out at least 4 or 5 times a day. When it started it would reconnect almost automatically, now the majority of the time I have to switch off my modem (which is external & is left on 24/7) & turn it back on for the internet to start working again.

So, what the fuck is going on?

The less important question;
I was told by a music teacher years ago that we hear our own voice differently then everyone around us hears it, something to do with it reverberating within our heads or something. After watching myself on video last night I realised how horrendous I sound.

Is our 'true' voice (what everyone else hears) what we hear when we talk or what we hear when our voice is played back to us, such as on video? I have no idea how to even begin googling this one.
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1. Have you ever purposefully changed parts or all of your handwriting? (Such as consciously decided to write certain letters different ways until they became habit).

2. Would you or have you ever had sex with someone who was married to someone other than you?

3. Will you please describe to me your most favorite pair of shoes that you own or have ever owned?

4. What are you currently wanting?

5. When you see eachother but aren't likely to end up naked or partially undressed, does your SO ever look and see what underwear you are wearing?

(no subject)

1. How often do you feel alone? (just being by yourself)
2. How often do you feel lonely? (sad or put out)
3. Do you do anything about it and if yes what, or do you prefer being without others.

Not often, I have my family around or classmates
All the time, alone or with tons of people around me
Sometimes I really just want to be alone, other times I try to contact others but it doesn't really work out that well =/
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Whip it!

1- Will you whip it right, whip it baby, whip it all night?

2- Crack that whip?

3- Whips: kinky, scary, or over rated?

4- Care for some Cool Whip? Upon what will you take your Whip?
for 65redroses :)

Buffy Sing-A-Long

Anyone here gone to the Buffy Sing-A-Longs? What was it like? I liked the show, but wasn't a die-hard fan, but my sister loved it, and I'm thinking about surprising her with tickets. Also, do they keep the subtitles on for the whole show, or just the songs? I'm hearing impaired, but would like to be able to follow it.