March 17th, 2007

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Right after hurricane Katrina there was this website going around with maps or pictures showing major cities as if they were flooded. Does anyone know where I could track this site down?
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HP love

Help me justify my eating habits here.

Pizzas are ordered. Large, thin crust. You have an entire one to yourself.
Assuming everyone has enough without you having to share, how much do you eat?

The reason I ask:
I was doing an online assignment earlier, and it marked me wrong for one of my equations because I'd written it in a different form. It pissed me off, but I went on.
Later, my sister's fiancé came over, and he brought two pizzas. I'm a vegetarian, and they're both meat-eaters, so I naturally got the vegetarian pizza...
He's a skinny bloke, and she's had an operation to reduce her effective stomach size, so I knew they'd be fine sharing one pizza.
I later got their opinion on the question I'd done. I read them the answer they'd given, and the answer I'd put in.
"Well, yeah, I'm pretty sure did you eat that entire pizza by yourself?"
The thing is, I'm still kind of hungry...
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hypothetically, let's say that you got mud spots all over the back of your brand new white terry cloth capris.  so you soaked them in your nasty township water for 24 hours so they don't stain (you couldn't throw them in the wash in the time being).  you then realize they are yellowing.  you spray them with spray-n-wash, let them sit for 20 mintues, and then wash them in cold water with bleach and detergent.  when the wash is done, you take them out.  much to your dismay, they are even more  yellow.  what do you do?  what kind of laundry cleaning agent would you try to make your lovely pants white again?  thanks, hypothetically, of course..

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I'm putting together a care package for a friend of mine who just had knee surgery. She lives multiple states away and therefore nothing can be too big or too heavy.

If you had just had knee surgery and were cooped up for 6 weeks, what would you want to occupy your time?

I really can't stand giving people "stuff" and would rather it be things she will be able to use and do. I'm assuming she already has all the latest gossip magazines and the likes already. What are some original idea of stuff I could send her that wouldn't be too expensive?

I'm thinking some puzzles and maybe one of those plug and play video games so far.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Anyone ever hear of a Chocolate Orange? It's just that, a delicious, creamy, amazing chocolate orange that you whack against a hard surface and eat slice by slice.

Now here's my predicament.... I have been craving one for weeks. I went into Walgreens today, which is where I've always bought them. They said they only carried them during Christmas. I remember buying them anytime of the year, though!

Anyone know where else I could find them, preferably at a pretty well-known chain in the United States. I'm from the Chicagoland area, if that helps.

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Spiced Anal Masage

I climbed Mt. Stupid.

In relation to a previous post, do you feel sorry for people who do ridiculous dangerous things, and die, or get seriously injured? Like, climb Mt. Everest? Or that guy in the Grizzly Man documentary always hanging out with bears, got eaten by bears.
Emily Gets Personal!

Bed Quirks

If you sleep with someone on a regular basis (as in, you know, sleeping in the same bed), what is one of your sleeping partner's quirks?

The person who I've slept in the same bed with for the last 7 years doesn't like the blankets tucked between the mattress and box spring at the bottom because it makes him feel like he's being constrained. Also, I have to move my long hair under my neck when he snuggles me from behind because it touches his face in an apparently unpleasant way.
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Dye job issues

For the love of God, HOW DO I FIX A BAD COLORING JOB?

My hair stylist who's usually really good gave me an awful dye job today. She color corrected my hair from black to light auburn (my natural color) a couple months ago, and I wanted to tone down some of the faded highlights today and go a more brownish red. She dyed my hair dark, mouse brown. I drive back to get her to fix it, and she puts purplish dark red highlights on top of the dark brown, then left for a dinner date. I have ROCK BAND MEMBER HAIR now. What should I do? Go back again?

Oh, and I'm pretty much broke after spending $75 on her coloring job.

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1. If you wear rings, do you take them off when you wash your hands?

2. At work, we can't smoke on company property. Smokers have to walk past the edge of the parking lot or get into their cars and drive around the block to smoke. If your workplace has rules like that, do people actually follow them?

3. Due to the rules above, every smoke break is at least 10 minutes. So smokers spent about an hour a day outside, not working. Since I'm not a smoker, do you think it would be permissable to leave to go out for ice cream instead (about 10-15 min roundtrip)?
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These may seem random, but they do all relate (at least in my mind they do!).

1. What time do you start work in the morning? What time do you wake up on the days that you work?

2. Do you like doughnuts? What is your favorite kind?

3. Are you easily offended by conversations people around you are having? What do you find offensive? Is it sexually explicit conversations, the hint of such conversations, conversations about bodily functions and thing like that, or something else?

4. Should I get a pedicure today?

5. Should I get a manicure on my short nails that break easily, or should I get a gel or acrylic overlay done on them?

6. Acrylic/gel nails - always trashy, or can they be ok if they are kept a reasonable length?
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Because of a recent post about video games and a comment about Commander Keen, I went for a search into my favorite childhood computer games.

My Moms friend use to give me these CDs she would get for free by some company that I can't remember, but each CD had a whole bunch of different games you could play, and each CD version was a different color.
I know wikipedia says Apogee Software published them, but I'm still having a hard time finding them and I think there is another name involved.

These are my favorite: (and yes commander keen)

But as far as questions go:
Do you remember playing any of these games, or other "Apogee" games?
Do you know what CDs I'm talking about?
And if you do, where can I find them? or atleast a game emulator Mac so I can find the roms.
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How would you deal with it if someone close to you, like a favorite family member or best closest friend did something that was considered, in your circle of society, to be taboo? Something like married their cousin or married outside the relegion or (if its still considered taboo anywhere by anybody) an interracial marriage. Would you cease to associate with them or would you accept what they did because they're who they are? Would you be ashamed of them? I don't know if I'm wording this well but I hope everyone gets my drift. I guess I'm asking if someone you loved/liked a real lot did something socially taboo in a permanent way (such as marriage), what would your reaction be?

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If I had a time machine and let you go back to any decade you want, which would you go to and why?

Is there a particular year, if so, which one?
what lifestyle would you have?
your career?

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When's the last time you flew somewhere?
Where to where?
What airline?
Was your flight delayed? By how much?
Did you check your bags? Did they get lost?
Why does March suck so much?


Is your airport important enough to be on the site?
Do you find it amusing that there are NO major airports in the entire non-coastal northwest?
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Just random crap.

1- If you were the question on Jeopardy ("Who is _______?") what would the answer be? The heading of the category you're under?
2- What are you looking forward to in the month of... May? (If you are a student and getting let out of school then, don't fricking say that. ORIGINALITY wins!)
3- Gotta catch 'em all?
4- SO, how far do you have to go before you consider yourself doing something sexual with someone else?
5- Do you like your coffee like you like your men/women?
6- What noise is attacking your precious eardrums at this moment?

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I bought a graham cracker pie crust. I have cool whip, and lots of other baking staples but not much in the means of fresh fruit except for a few apples, oranges and a can of mandarin oranges.

My boyfriend dislikes chocolate...

whats a simple pie recipe you could share using the graham cracker crust and one with no chocolate?

thank you :)

Missing the ex

My exes birthday is this coming up week. Her and I have been on and off for about ten years. Right now we're definately off. Haven't talked in four months. I really miss her and want to send her a card or call her. Say happy birthday, hope all is well. Brevity more than likely dominating.

I'm thinking a card because it would be easier on us both.

Good idea bad idea? Suggestions for what to write if I do send her a card?
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1) i tried google imaging this, but was unsuccessful. i've been seeing a bug in the house, and i cant figure out what it is. it's about the shape of a ladybug, but slightly smaller. it's bown and white striped and almost looks scaley. as far as i can tell, it doesnt have wings, but i'm not sure. i've been seeing a lot of them. anyone know what this is? i live in southern california, by the way.

2) does anyone else get really depressed during march madness? even if i'm not rooting for the other team, i get so sad when they lose because i know the players are just absolutely heartbroken. college basketball is such an emotional rollercoaster. ;D

What Kind of Car?

I am starting in Real Estate school on the 27th of this month.
I have decided that when I sell my first house, I would like to buy a newer car.
Tell me wise TQC-ers....What sort of car should I get? My requirements are that it be American made, four doors, good gas milage and preferably a manual as I really don't like driving automatics.

Hit me with your suggestions.
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I went to a carnival yesterday, and shot a lot of video of me and my friends on rides, petting llamas, eating carnie food, and generally enjoying ourselves.

I would like to make a music video with the footage I got, but I can't think of any good carnival themed songs besides that song that Templeton and the Goose sing in Charlotte's Web ("A fair is a veritable shmorgasboard-orgasboard-orgasboard..."). Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Seems people don't have any trouble writing bad books if paid to do so, so I would like to know:

What would you NOT do, for love or money?

I realise there are a lot of answers but exclude killing (yourself or others) and any form of sex. Kidnapping as well.

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I'm trying to find a website that had a bunch of macros on it, I think it was called or something similar, but that's not what turning up when I go to the site. Does anyone have a link to the site?

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Ok so I got my first brazilian wax (i took it all of, for the record... no landing strip for me!) a few hours ago.

It's not really swollen much anymore BUT I can still feel a few pricklies of hair!  This really pisses me off because I went to probably the most well known salon in my area and spent a small fortune hoping that the lady would do good work.  Is it normal to not have 100% of the hair removed?

And she told me to wait twenty four hours to have sex... but I don't want to.  So I'm wondering if this is just because of the pain factor, or because of any possible irritation that can occur.

THanks and Happy St Pat's Day!

On that topic everyone else seems into right now

When you lost your virginity, were you happy about it?
Are you still with that person?
If you're married now, do you ever feel bad that your spouse wasn't your first?
What emotion came first after you had sex for the first time?
What about when you broke up with the person you did it with?
Would you say sex complicated your relationship with that person?
How long were you with the person you lost it to?
If you're still with that person, do you intend to spend the rest of your life with them?


I live in Australia and i want to buy a dvd off but wont it come in the wrong region? Is there some way i can still watch the dvd??
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Have you ever had a crush on someone who was overweight?


Did you act on your crush?


How overweight was this person (subjective, I know)?


What was the reason for your crush on this person?

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Me--State Fair

sleep debate

Last night I had a terrible bout of insomnia. I don't even think I slept two hours. I'm finally getting tired again, but it's obviously way too early to go to bed for the day. Should I take a nap, or try to tough it out and go to bed tonight?
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What do you really, really dislike that everyone else seems to love?

ETA my list: coffee, dry white wine, reality TV, just about all music made in the last 10 years, Desperate Housewives, tans, Lost, Sasha Baron Cohen (you know, Ali G & Borat), tattoos, commercial holidays like Valentine's Day, very hot weather, musicals, beer, hip hop, ice skating and LORD OF THE FUCKING RINGS. I'm such a misery guts. :)
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1. What's your favorite way to eat vegetables (raw, steamed, etc...)?

2. Who in your family holds the record for the most marriages (and how many times have they been married)?

3. Do you prefer Cadbury Mini Eggs or Cadbury Creme Eggs?

4. I have to blow my nose at least once a day but compared to everyone else, this seems excessive. How frequently do you blow your nose?

5. What is the worst dental problem you've ever had?
Bert and Ernie Two Daddies

Nothing's Changed

This is about to drive me crazy. I've been googling like mad and can't find it:

What play has a line that goes something like "Not much has changed in this town. Then again, nothing ever does." It's spoken by a female character and I think she may have had a southern accent? I have my suspicions, which is why I'm trying to figure it out but I wont say as it may lead some responses. Anyone know?


Why is the saliva of mosquitos and other biting insects irritating to humans?

Wouldn't it make more sense [in evolutionary terms] if they could sneak up on their victims, attack, draw blood and withdraw, leaving no sign they'd ever been there? ninja-mossies?
you're done talking


What, specifically, do you think makes people suicidal?

(Don't say "unhappiness", say what makes them unhappy)

What prevents a person from committing suicide? (excluding drugs)

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You're redecorating your relatively large bedroom, 3 walls are cream and you want a colour on the third where the bed head is going to be.

What colour do you paint it?

I will choose from the colours given & let you know in the very near future!!

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This is the first time I've ever posted slightly intoxicated in a TQC post. On that note, Happy St. Patrick's Day (which I think is totally lame but oh well).

I got CPR trained today by the American Heart Association (while sober of course). So I want to know -- have you ever had to use CPR or perform an emergency procedure on anyone?

You don't have to answer everything

1. Would you buy the entire first season of HOUSE? For 50 dollars(that's about US 24 dollars) in my currency. And keep it? I cannot decide!!

2. Have you read The Time Traveler's Wife? How did you find it? I just bought it, read around 37 pages of it, and am loving it. (I also bought Train Man! It burnt quite a big hole in my pocket but so far, so good. Uh, I guess I was just showing off, haha!)

3. Recommend me some books! I have a little money to buy some books now :D

4. How do you stop missing someone whom you know would never ever, in this lifetime or the next(or the next, for that matter) miss you back?

5. Give me some advice! Any kind of advice.

6. Tell me something long. Something nice. Something romantic. Something nasty. Something mean. Anything :)

Computer Troubles Solved

In regards to this post last night about my wireless setup not working:

It works now. The damn router was defective. I got a different one (for free!) and it works fine. It is a Linksys too, just an older model. Eh.

So...I need a question now.. hmm...

Any tips for a new Vista user? I haven't messed with it too much since I've been trying to get my wireless going. I know I'm going to need patches or whatever to get some of my games to work. Do I get those from the game sites or the Vista site?

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my friend  wants an 11 inch dildo for his birthday , seeing as I don't trust any old dildo shop...

where do you guys buy your giant dildos online?

is 11 inches massive to you or am I just weak willed in my fear of giant cock?
lulu guinness clutch

Toilet paper, bananas, Djarum, and Target!

1. Every time I need to use toilet paper I take the top layer off and throw it out because I worry about what kind of germs and things could be on there. Do you throw out the top layer? Is this common or is my dad right about me being crazy?

2. If you eat bananas, do you eat the ends?
I think I asked this a long time ago but I don't really remember. I break off the ends and throw them away.

3. How do you pronounce Djarum? Where do you live?
I know this has been asked in here, but where you live was never included. I just say it without the d, and I live in central NJ.

4. What did you buy the last time you went to Target?
Reading glasses from the $1 section to keep in my car in case I get pulled over and I don't have my regular glasses, a hula hoop, dark chocolate, and key lime cookies for my dad.
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How do you access poetry effectively and accurately?
How do you write about poetry in a way that doesn't make you seem repetitive, boring, and unmeaningful?
Does practice make perfect in this case?


Teach me something.

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ok i have a new "i am a computer nub" question for today.

i just posted my first ever post to an artwork community, and my picture didnt show up. there is a little question mark.

the way i posted my picture was to make it with photoshop, then upload it onto geocities. it worked fine and i can still see my picture on geocities.

a page came up saying "you have exeeded the data transfer amount" ... but all i did was upload a quite small picture !!

what am i doing wrong please ?

also is there any way to delete my post from the art community ?
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Do any of you watch the HBO series Def Poetry? What do you think of it?

Who are your favorite slam poets/ poets featured on the show? Or maybe just specific poems you like.

Have any of you participated in a poetry slam?

How many of you here are poets? (Share one of your own if you like.)

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What's a good make-up stand to go to? (Like Estee Lauder or Shiseido or whatever you suggest. I hear good things about MAC but they seem a little too intense color-wise to me) I've got yellow complexion (Asian) and if you want a picture to help(my old roommate did my makeup here, very minimal and I like it! but I don't know how to do it myself or what sorts of things she used), here it is!

Any tips on blushes, foundation, gloss/lipstick color I should use, I'd love it. :D
little big town - trying to find a place


I am very seriously thinking about getting a tattoo in memory of my mother who died 6 1/2 years ago. I like the idea of an angel. I also like the idea of somehow incorporating something to symbolize my three brothers and I (if I did an angel, maybe four little stars near her or something). I'd probably also put her name and the dates she lived. But, I'm finding it hard to find something I think it really appropriate (I did find one pretty angel, but it looked more like a fairy than an angel)

Anyone know any websites where I can find ideas for memorial tattoos?
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Do you get along with your SO's family?

Do you find family functions to be awkward or relaxed?

I'd like to get along better with my boyfriend's family, but they're so loud and rude and in-your-face about everything, and I'm a very quiet, reserved, private kind of person. Our personalities clash horribly, to the point where his cousin yelled at me during dinner tonight when I said 'pass the corned beef please' because she thought I was trying to prove a point somehow. Do you have any suggestions for getting along with them better? This is only his extended family, I get along very well with his immediate family.
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What is the best revenge you've ever gotten?

I ask because my husband's sgt major has suddenly decided not to sign off on his leave papers one week before we were scheduled to go home.  Tickets have been bought, plans have been made, and the a** decides for a B.S. reason not to sign off.  I now want to think of a way to get my revenge, a stupid and childish way.  It'll make me feel better.

P.S.  I am a chicken and it is doubtful I will actually do anything but whine, but thinking about this has made me feel better, so don't tell me how stupid revenge is, 'kay?