March 16th, 2007

Odd question

What would you think if your mother started referring to herself as a nickname version of one of your siblings names?

That might be a little confusing...

My mom's name is Alisa Anne. She refers to herself as Nikki. Nicole is my youngest sister's middle name.

WTF? Is my mom just nuts? Feel free to say anything. I can't stand the woman.
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(no subject)

What age do you want to marry/wished you would have married?
Atleast 30 years old, I want to travel and experience life and truly live and understand myself as a person

Do you ever realize how fast life passes by? What do you do when you realize this?
I realize it, put my life in super mode and indulge in too many activities/people/experiences a day them I eventually sink back into my old routine.

Why is 'Scrubs' so good?
I don't know, but I'm addicted.

If you have sex before marriage, do you believe you'll be condemned to hell or can that be forgiven?
I'm confused about religion, no comment.

Do you fully understand and believe in your religion?
Idk, every religion in general confuses me and my beliefs are questionable
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(no subject)

I'll be 19 in three months-ish and today was the first time I've ever tasted Ben & Jerry's ice cream (one scoop Phish Food, one scoop Chocolate Therapy). Is this pathetic/sad/normal/otherwordhere?
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(no subject)

1. Does anyone else have their St. Patrick's Day icons at the ready? Show me yours!

2. How many people here are ready to celebrate March 17th riotously and joyously despite not being in the least bit Irish (like me)?

3. How will you be celebrating?

4. How many people have posted these exact same questions before without me realising it?

And finally -

4. If you have tasted Guinness, without comparing it to other beers how would you describe its taste?
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Dear TQC,

1 Will you please sign this petition to help save Veronica Mars?

2 What will you do if my favorite show of all time (Veronica Mars) is cancelled?
I will go bashing headlights, Logan style.

3 Where do television shows go to die?

00: buddah


how does one go about getting a cd-crack? my games have been laging a bit when keeping up with my poor cd drive and i want to see if there is a difference using no cd at all.

♥ gina
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(no subject)

1. There seems to be this theory that girls who are raised without a father (or father figure) in their life, will often times end up becoming quite sexually promiscious with boys when she hits puberty. So what about girls who are raised without a mother or mother figure in their life?

2. Do you think it's a good or bad thing that the word paedophilia carries such a strong negative connotation?

3. If a kid is raised by parents who are never romantic or intimate with each other (no hugs, don't sleep in the same bed) and then molested (not by a family member, some outside person), how do you think their sexuality would be affected?

(no subject)

stupid ABC won't let me watch grey's and torrent is way too confusing to understand.

where else can i watch tonights episode of greys?

something like youtube where i don't have to download anything too crazy to watch just that one episode.

and don't you dare yell at my missy for asking this question! yes its annoying! yes its been asked! and yes i've googled!

and yes i've applied for culinary shcool =) [for those of you who remembered.]

(no subject)

1) i'm pretty sure i'm anemic. i quit eating meat two and a half months ago, and i haven't done much to continue getting iron. are any of you anemic, and if so, how do you deal with it?

2) are flintstones vitamins as good for adults as they are for kids?
2a) are the new gummy vitamins as good as they look?



Last night was opening night for my schools show and when I got home and was taking my makeup off, my cheeks started to burn like to the point where I was wincing.

I washed my makeup off, figured w/e and went to bed. I woke up this morning and am still in school right now and my face is still burning a little bit, not just my cheeks though. However, my cheeks are very rough right now and are almost like sandpaper when I touch them.

What the hell does this mean!?
What can I do to help the burning/roughness?!


(no subject)

BECAUSE last night I asked some TERRIBLE ways a guy has hit on you...can you tell me some nice ways a guy has hit on you? (And share some more terrible experiences if you didn't get to last night)

Men are still pigs...right?? OINK.

EDIT: Well it seems there are no good ways to hit on a how do all theses hook-up stories start? It must be the alcohol....right?


(no subject)

if this has been asked recently tell me and I'll delete, I looked back a few pages but saw nothing so...

1. What is your opinion of grown men who sleep with teddy bears?
2. are you male or female?
3. do you sleep with a teddy bear

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(no subject)

1. Did your parents divorce when you were a child?
2. How did it affect you at the time?
3. Did you wish they had stayed together?
4. Do you think parents should ever stay together for the kids?

Male "Cycle"

As I drove in to work today thinking about what attempt I should take to try to raise my energy and mood level, I thought of a question I wanted to ask the community regarding the existence of a male "cycle" . I think if I ever chose to track my mood swings they would follow some kind of pattern, (maybe every 30-60 days).  Women have their menstrual cycle during which I am told they experience highs and lows due to hormonal changes, or, whatever.  I am not trying to get all medical here in terms of the question or, the answers.  My question is do you feel there is such a thing as a male cycle or, could it just be undiagnosed bipolar depression?

My answer is yes I think there is a cycle.  Even if the moon is the cause.

Happy Friday!!

1. For those of you who will take the time to read, what do you think of the speech found in this article? (Note the edit at the bottom of post that actually just includes the speech.)
2. If you saw the movie, do you think Iran is justified in taking offense to the portrayal of Persians in the movie 300?
3. Are you wearing green today or are you waiting til tomorrow?

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dead zone johnny & sarah

(no subject)

Why is it cruel to kill and animal but not plants? They are alive too just living thier little lives basking in the sun. Isn't killing a living thing cruel no matter what? Plants have defense mechanisms so obviously they have some sort of desire to live...Besides, you could argue an animal could fight back and resist more than a plant. Thoughts?

Do you think it is better to eat halal or kosher meat that has been prayed over and killed in a specific way to ensure it is as painless as possible than regular old meat?
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COLOURS! (or colors :P)

1- What Crayola colour is your favourite? Whether by name or actual colour. :) Retired or currently in use. ;P
2- What colour is mostly within viewing range for you?
3- If applicable (naked on the internet, haha!), what colour are the majority of the clothes you're wearing now?
4- Do you feel that gay people have "stolen" the symbol of the rainbow and ruined it for people who just like rainbows and aren't gay? (based on a discussion I had with someone a while ago)

1- Purple Heart. :)
2- White. So many papers...
3- Blue. :P
4- No. I just wonder if anyone else feels the same way as the person I was discussing such things with. He seemed really upset that if you go out with a rainbow pin on a bag or something, you're pegged for being gay automatically. O_o;

Bicycle Shopping

I'm interested in getting a bike and I was just wondering if anyone here could offer some advice. I'm a total newb to this... So I definitely don't want to spend a lot of money... And I think I'd probably just be using it on the trails in the park and such. Are specific brands better than others? And are the $100 or less bikes even worth buying, or do they tend to have a lot of issues?

(no subject)

1.) Can anyone tell me a word that starts with "V" that means something along the lines of "Killer" "Death" or "Removal"?
My mom's doing this training called "SRV" (Social Role Valorization), every year that they've done it (the past 2 years) someone in my family has died (first my grandfather, then my sister).  So I'm trying to come up with new words for the acronym and so far I have "Systematic Relative _______"  Any ideas?

UPDATE:Thanks to the people who came up with good "V" words!  I've decided that I'm going to go with "Systematic Relative Vaporization" as well as "Sarah's Relatives Vanish".

2.) Does it annoy you when you reply to someone's post and they respond using a different icon than the original?
I can see where it might be confusing, but not necessarily annoying.  I've seen people gripe about it in a different community because someone forgot to switch to the one they had originally used, so it showed up with their default icon.
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(no subject)

Have you ever dated anyone with the same name as your sibling, parent or anyone else really close to you?

Was it weird? Was it a factor in you breaking up? Any interesting stories?

My siblings & I have rather uncommon names, so I haven't dated anyone with the same name, or been friends/acquaintances with anyone of the same name. I wonder what happens to people with siblings named "John" or "Amy" or such similar things.

(no subject)

So, TQC, I need your opinion!

Yesterday I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat. I was supposed to work last night but I called out. The manager I spoke with was not too happy because they are already shorthanded this week because the restaurant employs mainly college students and everyone is on spring break this week.

I am scheduled to work tonight and tomorrow night. I'm not dying today but I don't feel that great either; if I had a job where I was just sitting around I'd probably go in but I serve at Olive Garden and keeping my shift would mean a lot of running around for 6 hours.  Then I have a fun 45 minute drive to go with it.

So I was going to call out again tonight. I was kind of hoping a different manager would be on, but the same one is on from yesterday (she is fairly scary).  TQC, should I feel guilty about calling out of work tonight? Or do you think it's reasonable for me not to go in?

PS. I also have a doctor's note for the whole weekend.

EDIT: I just called out and I actually spoke with a different manager. I did not know this because I hadn't actually spoken aloud yet today but my voice apparently does not work very well; I don't have very much of one and I had to repeat myself about 3 or 4 times for him to understand. I mentioned about working tomorrow and he was like "I'll give you off tonight but we'll see about tomorrow." :( managers are teh meen.
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(no subject)

1. Have you heard of Tiny Ninja Theater?

2. Have you ever seen a show of theirs?

3. Does the thought of tiny ninjas scare you?

4. How will you ever see them coming? They're ninjas and they're tiny!

5. What are you doing to prepare for the inevitable takeover by the tiny ninjas?
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roommate question

I have a friend who is looking for a roomate.  He occasionally partakes of a little wacky weed, and he was wondering, "What is the best way to approach a potential roomate on this subject, and/or what is the best wording to use in an ad?"

And before you decide to click on reply and to give me your two cents on the subject of doing vs. not doing drugs, DON'T.

Thanks in advance for all HELPFUL advice.
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hope this poll works

Ladies, what's your favorite bra? What kind, and where do you get it? I need some new, way better ones.

and just curious about this one

Guys, if one day you woke up with a girlie muff how would you shave?

I wouldn't
Trim around the edges
Make a creative design
other (...oh yeah?)

2. Is there anything petty thing your spouse does that just drives you nuts, or vice versa?
if we're on the phone and he asks me what I'm doing; I could tell him I'm plucking the hair from my arms and he'd say, "oh, fun." drives me nuts! haha

2. What are your favorite commercials?

The Peter Piper Pizza one where the mom, dad and son are sitting down and the dad puts up little green army guys and a tiny plastic tank to gaurd his plate of pizza while gets up to go somewhere. makes me laugh every time!

(no subject)

Have you heard anything completely crazy lately?

Yesterday, in a debate on Mugabe, a man said Mugabe didn't need to bother with Human Rights, because they were invented by white people.

kevyn aucoin

i remember coming across one of kevyn's books and finding this incredibly inspiring quote. i only wish i remembered it. can anyone think of the quote i could be thinking of?

File-Sharing Software

Is there anything out there right now that's compatible with Vista Home Premium? I've tried my usual (LimeWire) and I've tried Morpheus (which is the one I really want) and neither will work. With LimeWire, I got an error that told me I needed to download the latest version of Java and when I went to do that and install it, I got another error that said "Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid." What does that mean??? With Morpheus, the window for the download comes up but says something about not being able to fetch the content length and it doesn't do anything else.

I seriously need some help here... There are so many songs I want to get onto my iPod and can't because I can't find a really good program. I can't even get friggin iTunes on my computer yet. I effin' miss XP now.

(no subject)

hi : ) i am new here : )

i just thought of a question. do you ever you ever use YOUTUBE ?

if so what channels do you watch ? or maybe you have your own channel : )

i just discovered youtube and i love to watch videoblogs of people talking about their lives. my current favorite is lemonette, a 51 year old lady from georgia with alot of great wisdom and stories.

(no subject)

1. When you fantasize about your partner, do you picture them as is or do you give them a makeover (flatter belly, different height, change in lingerie preference, blah blah blah)?

2. When you day dream about something that includes you, do you picture yourself as is or do you give yourself a makeover (thinner, taller, bigger/smaller boobs, more hair, blah blah blah)?

3. Can a person actually go crazy from listening to someone knocking a piece of hard candy against their teeth? I'm looking for actual cases as I'd like to know if I'll be the first.

4. Should I watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? or Stranger Than Fiction first?

(no subject)

Who would win?

Tony the tiger, coasting on a snarky sugar fix
Captain Crunch, drunk on rum and painkillers (to fight the scurvy), wielding a massive cutlass
Snap, Crackle and Pop, harnessing all the power of their rice crispies into one large explosive
The Lucky Charms leprachaun, throwing Irish throwing stars in the shape of pink hearts, blue diamonds, etc.
Fred and Barney, armed with giant clubs and stone bowling balls
Sugar Bear, who's developed a taste for human blood
Count Chocula, ancient vampire
Mikey from Life cereal, armed with a wiffle bat
Toucan Sam, with his beak sharped to serrated-edge deadliness
The Trix rabbit, loaded up on the kind of fix he was always aching for (heroin), brandishing a bowie knife and demanding money for his next fix
Dig-em frog, who's secretly a prince, commanding a small army of battle frogs, who are really soldiers (fairy curses are a bitch)
The Quaker Oats puritan, high on The Lord and packing heat with his blunderbuss
The diabetic fits that will consume anyone who eats all their cereals at once

They're all armed with simple swords. Who would be the last one standing?

3 spartans
Achilles from Troy
Obi Wan Kenobi from Episode 3
Darth Maul from Episode 1
Ying xiong from Hero (Jet Li)
Xena, Warrior Princess
William Wallace from Braveheart
Will Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean
Conan the Barbarian
Madmartigan from Willow
Zatoichi, blind samourai
Maximus from Gladiator
Westley/Dread Pirate Scott from Princess Bride
Someone with a gun

Best Sci-Fi movie?

Star Wars I
Star Wars II
Star Wars III
Star Wars IV
Star Wars V
Star Wars VI
Star Trek: First Contact
Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan
Alien 2
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Sci fi sucks

(no subject)

What are some of your traits that friends seem to adopt?
I've noticed that the majority of my close female friends all begin to laugh like me after awhile

What are some embarrassing things your parents had done to you as a child?
We went to Austria for vacation when I was 12, and during dinner these two boys came around in lederhosen (edited to correct spelling) playing instruments and singing. They couldn't have been more than 14, and my parents kept ushering them towards me. So we have all these pictures of these two guys singing and me with my face in my hands.

(no subject)

Okay, I'm sick, and therefore was not thinking clearly... but I made pasta (bowtie), but I undercooked it. I didn't even think to taste it before I put the sauce (EVOO, garlic, pepper, parmesan) on it... so once I discovered it was still a little too hard to really eat, I put it back in the fridge.

Will it sort of soften up a little just by chilling out for a while? Do I need to add a little water when I reheat it? Is it even salvageable?
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(no subject)

Oprah says that 70% of people who get a sudden windfall of money squander it.

If you won millions of dollars, what would you do with it?

Do you think winning the lottery would solve all of your problems?

What's the largest amount of money you've ever gotten (lottery, raffle, prize, inheritance)?

Do you hope you'll win the lottery one day?
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Odd Sort of Birth Control Question


I'm just looking for some logical answers.

Do you believe that birth control causes chemical abortions?

Combo pills suppress ovulation, but also make it impossible for a fertilized egg to implant itself on the uterine lining. If you are in the group that believes life starts at conception, wouldn't this be an abortion?

Airline miles

do any of you know if with airline miles that you earn, if they are transferable to other people??? If so, I have 6,012 miles with Continental that I dont need. Anyone wanna trade me those for the same amount from American Airlines?

Social Security Employment Income Formula

Can anyone tell me what the social security formula for employment income is? How do they calculate it? I know that legally blind people can earn up to $1500 a month, but do they multiply times 4 weeks or 5 weeks? The reason I ask is that in some months you could end up with more than 4 paychecks if you are paid weekly. I think they multiply weekly income times 4.5 but I am not sure. Does it make a difference if you are paid bi-weekly?


When you're saying a foreign name or word in an english sentence, do you say it with an American (or whatever nationality you are) accent or with the accent of the language it's from?

For example, saying karaoke as care-ee-oh-kee or kah-rah-oh-keh (Japanese way) or Barcelona as bar-sell-oh-nah or barr-thayll-oh-nah.

I work in the travel business and although I don't support American (rather, United-Statesian) ignorance, I think it sounds really silly to say foreign words with a really thick accent. This woman that sits across from me will start out saying it the "American" way, but by the end of every call, she will slip into this completely ridiculous accent where she is saying everything so strongly that she actually mispronounces it even for how they would say it in whatever language. Usually, I will say words with either the accepted "American" pronounciation or if there isn't one, I'll say a softened version of the accented pronounciation so that travel agents can still understand me.

(no subject)

I've been using Windows Media Player to update my already ridiculously well organized music to the point I've spent hours adding album icons and year recorded information for thousands of songs.  I truly wish I could stop -I even dreamed about doing it last night which made me angry about wasting dream time on such nonsense. So, am I the only one, or are some of you just as uptight about your ID3 tags?

Also, how many times have you been to the emergency room?  As the one needing the care.

Childhood innocence?


I'm studying towards my Masters in Fine Arts at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia this year. I have some ideas about the art I'm going to make but I need to back it up with some theory. My questions are sort of vague but any help would be greatly appreciated…

I'm kind of looking at the idea of childhood innocence. I'm looking at the childlike as being an uninhibited state and I'm trying to deal with sexuality with a demented sort of humour and an aesthetic inspired by brightly coloured toys and cartoons from my childhood.

I'm trying to question the way we demonize sexuality and the way we try to make children these tame, tidy little things. I guess I want to sort of propose my idea of a good childhood, that is one which is uninhibited, curious, wonderfully messy and brave. I suppose it's part of my own personal mission to never entirely kill that little monster inside me with the civilised and adult. So I guess my art will be about the childlike, free and non-conformist.

Er, I suppose. I'm not really sure. For our project this year, we're supposed to be doing reading and research alongside our art practice. Could anyone point me to any artists, writers, psychologists or whatever who might deal with the sort of ideas I'm interested in? Anything you can throw my way would be much appreciated, I've even been watching a bit of PeeWee's playhouse and My Little Ponies for inspiration!

(no subject)

What words or phrases do you use too frequently for your own liking?
[I say "like" and "legit" far too much, but I can't seem to stop.]

Do you like snow?
[We have a nice nor'easter up here in Massachusetts, and everyone but me seems to hate it]
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(no subject)

Have you ever dated someone who was the exact same height as you (on a good day)? Did you find it weird or awkward?

I personally do, if only physically. . .it's kind of hard to hug someone who is the same height. Shorter or taller! I don't really care from a societal perspective standpoint, though.

(no subject)

1. What was the last time you felt really uncomfortable/awkward?
Today at work. My ex-fiance came in, and I'd not talked to him (or really seen him for that matter) in about 2 and a half years after ending on really bad terms. Being the only one there, I had to wait on him. =/

2. What was the last thing you 'geeked out' over so-to-speak (something you found exciting that others may just raise an eyebrow at)?
Last night on Anderson Cooper 360, Rep. Rahm Emanuel's comments concerning Stephen Colbert and his "Better Know A District" series were discussed. And any time Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert are discussed on one another's shows, really.

3. When you were young, were you punished for swearing? If you're an adult and/or no longer living with your parents, do they still repremand you for swearing?
My mom saw an IM my 14-year-old sister sent that contained the phrase "fucking bitch" and flipped out. I'm 20-years-old, and the other day Mom had a cow when I said "fuck" (any other swearing from me doesn't bother her). The concept of "bad words" is kind of amusing to me.

4. What do you do when you're having a bad day in order to make yourself feel better?
I take a long shower, watch a movie and sit around in my pajamas usually. Today was exceptionally shittastic, though, so I wolfed down a pint of Ben and Jerry's and I'm going to spend the rest of the evening in front of the television.

5. What is/are your favorite cult film classic(s)?
A Christmas Story, Half Baked, Office Space, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Shaun Of The Dead
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(no subject)

EDIT: inspired by the: have you heard of YOU TUBE? post. Next: have you heard of Google???

Does any one have an iPod?? i do...i think they're neat

What do you have on it right now? i have my entire Slim Whitman collection

What do you do when it breaks??

Oh...mine is green...what color is yours??

cat tea

(no subject)

What's your monthly or yearly car insurance payment? Does that include collision?

Does your job ever let you out early due to inclement weather?

Are you competitive? With everything or only certain things?

If you are an hourly employee and punch out for your break, would you ever do your job for a few minutes while on break? Let's say you're a customer service rep for example ... you punched out for lunch, the phone is ringing and there aren't enough people to answer it. If you don't get it, you'll lose a call. Would you get it?

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(no subject)

What's a good way to get your voice back?

I've partially lost my voice for the past 2.5 days. It's frustrating because no one can understand me on the phone or anything, which makes me repeat myself 5 times, which makes it worse. My boyfriend compared my voice to that of Marge Simpson (only difference is you can actually understand what she's saying).

I've tried drinking a lot of hot tea bu it hasn't helped much and I don't know what else to do. I've consulted the allmighty Google but it hasn't been much help :/ any tried and true methods out there?
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(no subject)

Due to a disagreement with our landlord, and them trying to rent the place out, we've told them that nobody is allowed to show our apartment to prospective renters while we're not home.

We need spy/MacGyver ways to make sure that people aren't getting into our apartment while we're home. My husband has already suggested putting some scotch tape across the bottom of the front door to tell - if it's moved when we get home, then we know that someone was in. We are going to be calling the police if we find that anyone was in our place, so I need something that will hold some water if at all possible.

There are two doors to our apartment, we use the back door to come in/out of, but the apartment rental people always use the front door, so it can be something we can that we can set up before we leave in the morning.

Anyone have any ideas?
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(no subject)

ok... i was in china last week and every morning i'd switch b/t cnn and china's mtv for curiousity's (sp) sake.. anyway.. just wondering how i'd search for a particular music video that i saw.. it was half in chinese and english.. and the singer guy was singing on a rooftop, but then he starts tapdancing in the rain.. it was odd. . but after getting home.. i'm really curious and actually i kinda liked the song and would love to show it to my husband... any suggestions on how to find it? i dabbled w/google-fu ad youtube.. thanks!
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(no subject)

1.) Does anyone know of any good french music blogs/sites?
i don't. i recently started listening to french music (gerald genty and m, pretty much) and it's really cool and it's helping me with the langauge.

2.) What's the most interesting project/paper you've ever been assigned? The best paper/assignment you think you've ever done/written?

3.) And if you know what I'm talking about, are you a MUN-er or a Science Olympiad type of person? /dorkness


4.) If you watch Rome, who's your favorite character and why?
lead me


I think I might be getting sick. I've been aching all over since this morning. My knees, legs, thighs, hips, arms, shoulders, armpits... and I'm just drained of energy. I didn't do anything yesterday to cause this -- I just walked around campus, went to work, and came home. I'm kind of losing my appetite too. But I don't have any sinus/respiratory crap going on like I usually do when I'm getting sick. Does this sound like the flu to you guys? (leave the snarky "go to the doctor" comments at the door, plz, my health insurance is shitty at the moment)

If it isn't the flu, could it be from working out on Wednesday? I did the elliptical, but I didn't think I pushed myself that hard. Would it help if I worked out again tomorrow, or would I be better off just going and sitting in the hot tub for a while, or what? I don't know what to think about all of this.
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(no subject)

My friend, who lives in PA, just started at McDonalds and got her first paycheck. It goes like this:

Amount: 157.87

Deductions -- Amount
FICA-SS: 9.79
FICA-MED: 2.29
Federal WH: 5.59
State WH: 4.85
SUI: 0.14

Total Deductions: 76.24

Pay: 81.52

Now, we both understand all of those. Except one, and she's really upset about it. What the hell does "C" mean, and why did it take fifty-two bucks off her paycheck? Anyone?
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girl reading by ourescape


Is there any way to write an email then set it to be sent later in the day, instead of sending it immediately? I could use either Yahoo or Gmail.

I seem to recall hearing that you could delay sending an email, but I don't see an option aywhere.

EDIT: I don't want to just save it as a draft. I want to be able to click send, then not have it reach the person until an hour+ later.
epic fight - pwnd
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Good evening everyone, and welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway?

1.Which is funnier: UK Whose Line hosted by Clive Anderson or US Whose Line hosted by Drew Carey?

2.Who is the funniest WL cast member?

3.Who is the least funniest WL cast member?

4.Who was your favorite "celebrity guest" (Richard Simmons, Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams, etc)?

5. What is your favorite game?

1. I always flip-flop on this one. I can never decide.

2. It's a 3-way tie between Ryan, Colin, and Greg.

3. Remember that Debbie woman, the one with the baseball uniform on (UK edition)? Eech.

4. Robin Williams.

5. Scenes From a Hat.


Im going out and I normally order a vodka and coke. I want to try some other things that arent horrible tasting. I dont like sugary drinks either. I do like fruit drinks though. Screw drivers are fine. I seem to like vodka alot.
So, tell me some drinks I should order, and how to make them if theyre not popular ones please.


(no subject)

What would you do if you were seeing a guy for a while and things were going REALLY great but you find out a few dates in that he ejaculates into a jar(s) and saves it to measure how much he has in a whole year?

Wireless Routers

Can some one help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

My husband spoiled me today and bought me my new notebook computer and a wireless router. I'm trying to get everything set up with the router, but I can't get the desktop to recognize it.

Its a Wireless-G 2.4 GHz Linksys broadband router

I hooked the modem into the router, then I hooked the computer to the router. Nothing.
The power light, the port where I have the desktop hooked to, and the internet light are all flashing.

What did I do wrong?

(no subject)

1. What was the most painful medical test you've had?

2. Have you ever been caught doing something embarrassing by your parents?

3. Did you have a happy childhood?

4. You wake up. You turn around and you're surprised to see me lying next to you in bed. What are the first words out of your mouth?

5. I remember watching an internet video of what appeared to be a bedroom and whenever you looked at the door a ghost-like figure quickly floated towards the camera. I was sent this video in an e-mail a few years back by a friend and I remember the description in the e-mail saying that the ghost was that of a teenage girl who committed suicide in her room. I truly believe the ghost was fake. It was a bit obvious considering that the ghost only appeared when you looked at the bedroom door. The video was a bit scary. I remember jumping in my seat when I saw it. Has anyone else seen this video?

6. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

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My mother just sent me an email with details about what she and my father want done when they die. Neither of them are sick or anything.. she just said that they were talking about it, and she wanted to let me know before she forgot! :) Have your parents ever discussed this sort of thing with you?
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hiii, does anyone remember this game where there were little rubber pigs? Thats all i remember, because one time I stole one of the little piggies from my aunt, and when i was in the car I heard it oink. LOL but I cant remember the game.

beautiful things?

I'm not sure which age children need to progress to in order to "understand" medias, but I have a question.

What are some beautifully illustrated books/art and amazing music to introduce to a child? My niece is only 1 month old right now but I thought I'd start influencing her with healthy, pretty things as soon as possible.

Thanks everyone.
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how long does it take for myspace to unfreeze adds?

it's been seven days since they were frozen, and four days since I  emailed them. I'm starting to get angry.

(if there's a myspace help comm, don't go apeshit on me, direct me to it instead. please)
burning words

good video editor?

what's a good/comprehensible video editing program i could download? preferably for free? i'm new to the whole online video deal and i'm finding Windows MovieMaker to be really crappy.


*EDIT: if you make videos and post them online (anywhere) can you give me some tips you've learned along the way?