March 15th, 2007

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'Tis I, once again.

Alright. I've officially had it with my college friends. They are jackasses and tonight was the final straw.

What should I do to meet new people who aren't idiots?

Bonus qualities:
- Kind of geeky
- Relatively intelligent (I'm flexible, considering that I have plenty of utterly stupid moments)
- Likes books/likes to read
- Likes old movies (bonus bonus point if they realize that there was 1953 version of War of the Worlds and triple bonus points if they think it was way better than the Tom Cruise-ified version)
- Doesn't revolve around alcohol (I like to drink too but omg there is more to college than getting trashed)
- Has a sense of humor that is more complex than a four-year-old's but is still goofy.

I've got nothing against the boy, but for as much of a loner as I've always been it would be nice to have some social interaction outside the two of us now and then, ya know? I know the internets is serious bizness and all, but really, if you remember the Trix post from last week you'll realize that this is a pressing issue :D
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A question (what else?)

Does anyone know of a site that lists foreclosed houses for free? All the ones I've seen, save one local one with very limited selection, require signing up with a credit card.

Favorite real estate search engine? I've been using but I thought there might be a better one.
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In Your Opinion.

1. What is the definitive Civil War movie/documentary? Revolutionary War? World War II?
2. How about definitive books for all three mentioned above?
3. What's a really simply snack that you really love? (I'm talking combos here, as in mine is honey on bread.)
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(no subject)

I maintain that 300 was one of the manliest movies since perhaps Crank. How would you describe 300's sheer manliness?

300 was so manly, everyone grew a full, thick beard during the movie. Mine was so thick, and so coarse that light could not escape it. It had the texture of barbed wire. Also, all my clothes turned plaid and I had the uncontrollable urge to fell giant pines and eat a live animal.

(no subject)

Has anyone here been treated for TMJ (jaw clenching/grinding)? If so, was it successful? Did you have to have surgery or were there less severe treatments that worked for you?

I have a tendency to subconcoiusly clench my jaw sometimes during the day and almost always when I sleep - its giving me really bad headaches and, of course, a very sore jaw. Ive heard that wearing a mouthgard (like they reccomend when playing sports) while you sleep can help. What are some ideas during the day that are a little more practical for daytime hours?

(no subject)

I tried Googling this, and there doesn't seem to be an active community for this show, SO...

How many different girls did Will propose to on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"?

And my boyfriend wants to know how many girls Will dated? I don't think there is a number high enough in the universe to answer that...

Pick one!

A.) Work five days a week (Monday thru Friday) and get a normal weekend off (Saturday/Sunday)?


B.) Work four days a week (including Saturday/Sunday) with three of the same weekdays off (in a row) every week?

I currently do B and don't mind it at all; someone on my Flist was saying she got a rare four day weekend this week, and it sparked my curiosity.
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things you've swallowed

What is the strangest/weirdest thing that you've ever swallowed in your entire life? (if this applies to you at all)

Once in kindergarten I swallowed a quarter. I was trying to hide it from some asshole who was trying to steal it. I had to have it surgically removed because it was blocking my wind pipe. =/
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(no subject)

have you seen death of a president? what did you think? i'm watching it right now and it's freaking me out. eta: what scenes are real footage and what scenes are being acted? got any links i could check out?

(no subject)

I think someone here mentioned that that they downloaded and played number munchers. This inspired me to go on a hunt for all my old childhood games I played on my elementary school computers back in the day. Unfortunately, all the Apple games I've found only play on PCs with an Apple emulator.

So question club, help a girl out. Is it at all possible to download and run old Apple games on a MacBook?
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(no subject)

What words do you never spell right?
I can never spell attitude and necessary right.

Assuming you're wearing both on a given occasion, which do you put on first: socks or pants?

ETA: Apparently there's been some confusion, so I'll clear it up: I mean trousers, not knickers.
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One hit wonder from somewhere in 2003-2004

I'm trying to find this song from this female duo group that came out in like 2003 or 2004 and maybe you guys could help me out? I'm about 99% positive it's from one of those two years.

I'm pretty sure there was a cameo of a more popular male singer in this song. I remember the video a little, they are at a club. If I recall correctly, they wore short skirts, had long brown hair, and at least one of them had a hat on that was tipped off to the side a bit.

I remember them having a somewhat similar appearance to Nelly Furtado, but not too much.

I cannot really remember any of the lyrics so that's why I'm having such a hard time. They were your basic 'one hit wonder'

The song was a little bit different than most because the two girls singing were telling the girls to go out and dance so the guys could watch.

It's bothering me because I can't figue it out :)

I think one of the lines is something like "Make the boys go" or "Make the guys go"

I would be extremely thankful for anyone who knows who this group is so I can put the song to rest and out of my mind.

Edit: Found
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(no subject)

I think I’ve caught some nasty bug, TQC.
Since Dr LJ is unavailable I will now ask you:

When was the last time you were sick?
What were some of the nasty side effects?

And now for something completely unrelated,

How much do you owe on your credit card/s?


alone---made by me


So I'm using a new laptop where the keyboard acts all funky.

In some programs, when I want to type a question mark, it comes out as E with accents and stuff. It's as if the keyboad is set to french language.

It's difficult to explain because when I type out stuff in some places, like in LJ entries, everything's normal.

But when I'm having a convo in Windows Live Messenger, or typing out a document in MS Word, it's no good.

Does anyone one know what's going on here and if so, how can i change it?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

::tentively waves::

Yeah.. it's me again. I bought some curlers, make up, even some (EGADS) eye shadow. OY!

Now, I have this pesky problem. I work overnights, AND have sleep apnea. So, needless to say, I have dark circles (if you watch anime' think Gaara; but not as raccoon-y.). I know that there is a way of getting rid of them at home without dropping a load of money. Does anyone know a home remedy for dark circles under eyes?

Believe you me, my brothers wedding pictures will THANK YOU for your help.

::bows before yall::


dw-- I love yall a bunch, ya know that, RIGHT?
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(no subject)

I'm going to have to move in w/ my dad and his wife part time starting next week. I'll have my own bedroom and bathroom. I've never done anything like this before. My question is thus:

What should I take with me? Should I bring a set of clothes a just leave them there, or should I have a pack that I take back and forth?

have any of you done anything like this before?

EDIT: I'm 19 if that matters
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I haven't slept in over 24 hours and I have at least another 5 hours of work until I can go home. I can't nap once I get home because I'm flying to Boston (I live in California) tonight at 10pm and want to make sure I can sleep on the plane. (I'm a wuss, I hate flying)

That said, how do you suggest I stay awake until my flight? I've already had a huge coke and I'm drinking some coffee.. but I'm having a hard time making my eyes focus and all I want to do is sleeeeeeeeeeep.
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(no subject)

Has anyone here ever had a small cyst on their cheek? Was it painful to get it treated or did it go away on its own?

I ask because I'm pretty sure I have one but my doctor appointment isn't until Monday and its hard waiting.
I am pretty sure its a cyst but the weird thing is my dog who hates having her nails clipped clocked me with her head full force in the exact same spot when I was holding her while my husband was clipping.
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(no subject)

So I have mono. And I'm curious, for those of you who've had mono:

1. How long did it last? How long did the symptoms (headaches, sore throats, etc) last, and how long did the fatigue last?
2. What did you do to make yourself feel better? How did you deal with it? (Did you stay home from work/school, cut back your hours, sleep a lot, etc.)
3. Any home remedies I can use to relieve my sore throat a bit? I just gargled with salt water and that's seemed to help a little.
4. Any foods I should avoid? I rarely get sick so I'm not sure.
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(no subject)

for all you technological-savvy people...

one. is there (I'm sure there is) a product of which it can run on batteries or charge, or you can plug in and run it from an outlet, that can store data like pictures from digital cameras? such as, a small drive where you can plug your camera into an usb on the product, or stick a memory card, and you can download the pictures onto this small drive WITHOUT using a computer or outlet. And when you want to connect it to a computer, you plug this mini-drive thing into an usb and do that. I'm looking for something small in size and weight and approx 10 gb or so. if there's a screen where you can view the pictures, that'll be a plus. it's something I'm considering to travel, and I don't want to buy lots of memory cards because I'm afriad of losing/bending them when not using them

two. what are some good portable image-reizing programs that can do batch resizing? other image editing things aren't really needed.


did you guys know that Kate Hudson has six toes on her left foot??

Do any of you have extra toes (or fingers), or webbed toes, anything like that? Bonus points for pictures!

edit: okay so i guess she really doesn't have six toes. just a fatty chunk on the side of her foot there.

oh and, i dont know any humans with extra digits, but My cat has six toes, or as some people like to say, he has thumbs. lol. its cute though.
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(no subject)

1. Which would you rather be stuck in an elevator with:

a) person with a militantly opposite view of you concerning abortion
b) militant child-free (if you are a parent) or boob-nazi (if you are child-free)
c) someone with the worst body odor you have ever smelled.

2. I recently bought a new laptop. There are two rebates that come with it, but both want original barcodes. How can I do this? Do you think they will accept copies?

3. When you do a friends cut, do you announce it, or just do it? If people comment to you and whine to be re-added, do you re-add them, ignore them, or what?

4. Do you find LJ's more mean-spirited virtual gifts (the black rose, the bleeding heart, the flaming bags of poo for example) offensive?

5. What is the name of the group that does the songs on the Quaker granola bar/bites commercials? The one where the kids are doing the pageant practice/little girl playing soccer, etc. and the Quaker Oat man statue is there?

(no subject)

Are you taking advantage of the FREE COFFEE at starbucks this morning? (one of the guys just asked if i wanted a ride over there with him.. but i already had my caffiene for the AM)
Why does crying lead to stuffed up noses?
Whats your favorite type of muffin?
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(no subject)

Since last summer I have been searching online for music. I want instrumental steel drums/caribbean/calypso music just for background music. I like it upbeat and not too mellow. 

I have been having so much trouble finding CDs that will work for me, so do any of you have some good recommendations? Artists or Compliation CD's would be great.

My music-google-fu is seriously broken.

(no subject)

Three questions

1. What is the best way to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke? I have been using Axe but I was wondering what other people recommend.

Edit: Obviously, I know that that quitting smoking would solve this problem. But I don't particularly want to. So other, more constructive, advice would be wonderous.

2. Somewhere in downtown Sacramento there is a square of pavement where someone has tagged the words "Movement Movement Movement". Does anyone know what I'm talking about or where that is?

3. If you live in the Sacramento area do you know of any other places where neat graffiti/street art can be found?
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(no subject)

1. What song has the best guitar riff ever? Or just your favorite one ever.

2. If you're laying on your bed with a laptop listening to music, do you bounce your butt up and down when a butt bouncing song comes on?

3. What do you think the story is behind the icon I used for this post?

(no subject)

My 3rd generation trusty little iPod I bought 4 years ago is starting to act up, freezing, and making little whirring noises but not playing any songs. It's held out for kind of a long time, so maybe it's time I finally replace it. My first instinct was to just buy a video iPod but those are so common, and I've been hearing some great things about other MP3 players, like the Zen, and the Zune.

What would you recommend? Stick with the iPod, or are there any other better competitors out there? (Price isn't an issue.)

(no subject)

is there a community for locating long lost friends and their families?

or an accurate place the the internet ??

I went to but the info the gave me was from 3 yrs ago or longer....

*side note*
i'm looking for James Drummond from the utica new york area, d/o/b 12/31/1969
he has a twin brother named michael.....

(no subject)

How would you respond is someone walked up to you and said, "Evolution did not occur"?
What would you say if this person was a SCIENCE graduate who asked you, "Why do we need answers to everything, why can't we believe that God did it?"

Collapse )

(no subject)

Should the next person who asks "What kind of mix CD should I..." be banned? Flamed? Have thier fingers crushed by thier computer monitor?

If an iPod question darts into your head do you immediately run to your computer and ask the TQC? Or do you wait for the impulse to subside?

Would I look better in a skirt or an evening gown?

(no subject)

What do you guys do about sleeping arrangements when your live-in SO (bf, gf, spouse, partner etc.) gets sick?

I'm trying NOT to catch the flu... but my boyfriend (who is actually not live-in but stays over once in a while) has it bad, and he's a BIG cuddler, so... Do you make him/her sleep on the couch/spare room? Or do you just keep to your side of the bed?
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How important do you think sleep compatibility is to a relationship? I had a long term relationship in which we slept horribly together in the same bed (sex was fantastic, but the sleep was sh*t), and now I am in this new relationship which so far has been inexplicably wonderful and beautiful and we sleep really well together in bed (and the sex is fantastic). I feel like things are too good to be true sometimes, but then at others I feel like I deserve it and it's possible to have a relationship like this... anyway, that's not the point. haha. Should I be taking our excellent sleep compatiblity as a good sign or does it even really matter? :)
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How do you know if your child will end up sleepwalking?

For the past few nights, we'll hear Xander whine as if he is awake, but when his dad or I go in his room, he'll be sitting straight up in bed and still be asleep. The first night he was sitting there talking. The second night he was sitting there making pinching motions with his fingers, then last night he was back to talking. He's 21 months btw.

I was a sleepwalker for years and I have no clue what causes it. I don't remember how my parents dealt with it (it was almost 15 years ago) and they are too fried to remember.

Any help is appreciated.

x-posted to parenting101
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What's YOUR major malfunction?

This set of questions be inspired by this news article. You don't have to read it if you don't wanna. :P

1- Come on, what gets a stick up YOUR ass?
2- Last time you felt the whole damn world decided to piss in your cheerios?
3- Are you able to laugh off your own problems?
4- What if said problems aren't minor? (Rape, terminal illness, inevitability of losing your home...)
5- Are you pissed off by people who can laugh at life?
6- On the flip side, do you think people who can't laugh at life need to lighten the hell up?

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(no subject)

Hi everyone,

a friend of mine has recently become obsessed with this picture:

Collapse )

as in, he has it printed out and up on his board at work, has it in his wallet, has it as his profile pic on facebook...

it's from this artist:

just wondering...i mean, i'm not really good at deciphering "art", so just wondering if anyone can kinda help me out here. what is the significance of the pic? i understand that it's about "anti-depressants", but ... uh...beyond that, i'm not really sure...

i'm asking, what does this picture mean/symbolize? and why the heck is he so obsessed with it?
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Private Eyes

Lets say a couple are living together and one of them (the woman) receives alimony from an exhusband (it sounds very old fashioned but it still happens!). The alimony would stop if it were revealed AND PROVED that she was cohabiting. How can this be proved...without hiring a detective? I mean, what exactly would a detective DO to prove it?
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Do you ever buy things at the grocery store but never end up eating them? What are they usually?
--I usually buy like soup i never touch or too much lettuce thinking i will eat salads but dont.

(no subject)

so I have this bathing suit that USED to be white with multi-coloured hearts on it.  After wearing it, and washing it last summer ..the white is sort of yellow-ish.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to get the white part ..white again? 
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(no subject)

1. What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, and over the neighbors dog? What fits on your back? Is great for a snack?

2. What songs do you always want to sing when sitting around a fire?

3. How do I word an email to my boss asking why my raise hasn't gone through payroll yet?

4. Do you carry all your keys on one key ring or have different sets (for home/work/car/whatever)?

5. What is depressing about the room you are in right now?

(no subject)

I have a white (obviously) MacBook. Next to the touchpad, and below the keyboard, there are these blue spots, probably from ink on my hands. There's also one where you can practically make out a phone number I had written on my hand, backwards. I NEED to get this stuff off, because the laptop is one my school gave to me, and I gotta turn it at the end of the year. My question is this, TQC: How the heck do I get rid of this stuff without hurting my laptop?


(no subject)

1.) Do you enjoy a good argument.
1b.) Would/have you join a debate club.

2.) Providing I don't work all summer long. What is something cool I could do that will cost less than $500, but still provide stories good enough to share with grandkids 40 years from now. I live in upstate NY if that helps.

3.) Was Tommy better as the Green ranger or the White ranger.
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Adopted Pet Name Change

For those of you who have adopted animals, did you change your pet's name once you got them home? What were the names?

My cat Crispy would have been Seth. I think that's a strange name for a cat! Oh, right. I named my cat Crispy. Never mind. You go!

(no subject)

1) I posted last night about getting a hair cut (idk if anyone remembers, but if you responded thanks so much!), and this morning I made an appointment for Saturday for a cut that is going to cost around $60. I've never had a real hair cut, so how much should I tip (and should I include it in the whole thing or is it separate)? Should I shampoo my hair that morning, the night before, or is that typically included in a $60 cut?

2) I walked outside 30 minutes ago and saw that I had a half-flat tire. So I went to the tire man, and he said his guys were out to lunch so I should come back. He did fill the tire up with air though, and while he was doing that he saw a nail stuck in the tire which is probably why it's leaking air. It was on the corner on the tire, and he said if that's it then I will need a whole new tire (as opposed to just filling the hole). Is this true? Collapse )
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Going blind?

You go to the doctor. He tells you, "I'm sorry, but you're going to go blind. I can, however, tell you the exact date and time it will happen..."

1. Do you want to know when it's going to happen, or will you take it when it comes as a surprise.

2. If you do want to know, what would you want your last vision to be?

3. Do you think it's worse to be born without sight, or have it for a while and then lose it?

This is brought on because I forgot my glasses today. I don't NEED them by any means to function, but now that I'm not wearing them, my vision is slightly fuzzy in my right eye and I've got a headache.

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Skip a month

If you could skip any month altogether, which one would it be? (also where do you live? this might have some bearing on your first answer)

I decided today that it would be March. It's so cruel--you think it's going to be spring, and you get a couple nice warm (but muddy) days and then WHAM a fucking blizzard comes. I live in Boston (and I'm counting down the days that I don't any more.)
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What qualifies as almond-shaped eyes? Someone told me I have them but I thought everyone's eyes looked almond-shaped. What's the difference between almond eyes and...whatever the other kind are called?

Pictures are welcome.

(no subject)

Name something RIGHT NOW...that would make you happy...for at least a little while...

OR- What would make you happy?
(See its in a question 'cause this place is called The QUESTION Club. )
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So... how do you feel about lying?

Are there different degrees of lying?

For example, say your mom asks you if you brushed your teeth. You say yes, but you didn't. Then you go and do it.


You have to complete community service to get into an organization. The deadline is a week away. Do you actually attempt to do the community service, or do you just say that you did it?

EDIT: Basically, in what situations is it okay?
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(no subject)

Is it common to feel cold when you are tired?
For example, after a long walk the other day, I returned to my warm, well heated house, had some lunch and immediately became sleepy and cold.
Does anyone know what causes this, is it a change in blood sugar or something? Is it avoidable? No, I don't think I have some horrible disease that I have to see a doctor about, I just wondered how common it is. My husband does not experience this.

Unrelated - do you like my new laptop (see icon)? It's the Asus VX2, it vrooms when I start it up! How excited am I? :D
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(no subject)

What's so great about the Nintendo DS?
What's so crap about the Nintendo DS?

Should I sell my Gameboy Advance (which I never use) & buy a DS?
Seeing as I never use my Gameboy, would I use the DS?

(no subject)

So, we know there was a time when Kevin Bacon was in every other movie that was ever made. . . But how many people think he's a good actor?

I thought he was good in JFK for the 3 minutes he was in it. But everyone's in that satanic movie.
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The Birdcage....

This isn't terribly important but I'm writing a paper on The Birdcage for a class. I watched it in class last night but I can't remember all of the details, but it's not important enough to bother renting it.

In the scene where Barbara is telling her parents she's getting married are there any other people in the scene besides her and her parents? Are there any windows in the room they are in and/or any way to tell whether or not they are upstairs or downstairs in the house? What sort of room are they in? I can't remember if it was a study or a living room, or a combination of the two.

Absolutely hilarious movie btw.....

Life strategy

X-posted to my personal journal. Sorry if you see it twice as a result.

It's no secret that most of the people with whom I deal regularly aren't satisfied with their lives on life's own merits. Some of them develop a long-term goal, and whenever work or life sucks they remind themselves of their goal. Others distract themselves by partaking of some vice or coping mechanism when it all gets to be too much. Still others manage to find solace in their friends or family. Some are just silently miserable, a learned helplessness reaction that though they can be distracted, nothing they do can change the inherent suckiness of it.

So, what are the things you do most frequently to get through the day? I'm not talking dealing with catastrophe, but rather when life sucks in general. If you have an overarching goal, what is it? If you indulge in a vice, or coping mechanism, what is it? Are you the silently (or vocally) miserable type? I know that you don't just do one thing, but what do you think is your default reaction?

For me, I usually bear it, but not silently. I definitely feel that I learned helplessness growing up, and I haven't found the capacity to completely overcome it. Occasionally I indulge in shopping. My default reaction used to be eat myself into a submissive stupor - as long as my belly is full I can tolerate anything, as it were - but I cut off that coping mechanism a few weeks ago, and now find myself spending more time than ever simply enduring.
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(no subject)

1. What is something disappointing you found out today?

2. What is something relieving you found out today?

3. What is something exciting you found out today?

4. What is something sad you found out today?

5. What is something you found out today that caused another strong emotion not listed here?
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(no subject)

Cuz I'm too lazy to look for it on google..

Does anyone know what gave companies the ability to mention competing brands on their commercials, and talk about how their product is better than the competitor's?

And when was this new rule effective?

Don't you remember before when you would see "other brand" on a product, but companies can show the real brand name other product. ie: now diet pepsi can show diet coke on their commercials. I know theres more examples but I just saw this commercial.

Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

I've tried googling this...but I wasn't sure how to word it out right ... so it didn't get me anywhere.

When I sign on my computer, the Windows sign in screen comes up (the one that pops up right before it takes you to your desktop)...and I have to type in my Administrator's password. How do I get rid of that screen so that the next time I turn my computer on...I won't have to sign on? I never used to have it...until one day I decided to change the settings when my sister came home from school. (She's really nosy.)

EDIT: Thanks guys so much for all your help. I just asked a friend and he said I had to just change my password and leave my new password in blank. :)
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A few serious ones.

1. Do you, an average citizen, have any ideas on how to protect ourselves from the extremists that have been after us for decades?
2. Do you know what year the first terrorist attack on American soil took place? (I'm talking about the current terrorist regimes - not in the history of the world.)
3. Anyone know why sex offender laws and sentencing is so incredibly lax? 
4. Is anyone outraged enough to want to be part of a serious revolution to do something about it?
5. Does it strike you as odd that the awareness for something as dangerous as rape/ molestation/ etc is as low as it is and acceptable that way?

knight's heart

Totally unrelated questions

- Is your opinion of someone on LJ likely to be partly formed because of the icons they use? Why?
- Can you eat a donut covered in sugar without licking your lips?
- What was the last thing you watched?
- My boyfriend is coming to visit me tomorrow. I've already cleaned and am going out later for food and drink related items. What can I not forget?
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At The Drive-In

1. How many operating Drive In Theaters do you have in your state? Where do you live?
(This website lists them if you don't know)
1 in NJ

2. Have you ever been to a drive in? If not, would you like to go?

3. When is the last time you went to a drive in? Where was it?
5-ish years ago somewhere near Lake George.

4. Do you enjoy Drive In Theaters?


why in the hell do some people, when they give you their email address (in an lj comment or something), they say whatever (at) yahoo (dot) com instead of ???

i have never understood this, and it bugs me. because then i have to delete the (at) and (dot) and replace them with @ and . ugh. what the hell people? is there a reason for this?

(no subject)

my upstairs neighbor's hearing aid has been whistling for the past hour and is making my head feeling like it's going to explode.

there are a few problems:
1. none of the people who live in that unit speak english.
2. i'm not sure anyone but the individual with the hearing aid is home.
3. i cannot use stairs.

what would be my best course of action?
should i ignore it?
should i wrap a towel around my head and drown myself in the toilet?
should i train my cat to crave blood and send him up there?

ETA: it has stopped!!!
thank you for all of your help.
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What should I do Question Clubbers?

Tomorrow my parents fly in to see me (yays all around), and land at 8:15 p.m. What do I do?

Do I: surprise them at the airport, even though it'll only be for a few minutes before they go to their hotel, and I'll see them on Saturday anyway?

Or do I: go out to a pub with my friends, because I won't be seeing much of them while my parents are here?

Furthermore, do I challenge my professors and their biased attitudes towards grading?

Or do I suck it up and say "Eh I'll still get the MSc degree anyway" and hope that my future doctorate program looks past the straight C marks?
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Permanent accounts

According to this, permanent LJ accounts will be up for sale in the next few months.

1) Do you have a permanent account?
2) If not, would you consider buying one if it's offered in the next few months? Why or why not?
3) What is the most amount of money you would spend on a permanent account?

(info on permanent accounts here)

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When do you apply for summer jobs?

The reason I ask is because my spring break starts this monday, and two people I talked to told me that they are applying for summer jobs and I told them that they are applying too early. Seriously, who is going to interview you / hire you two months in advance?


Has anyone seen the Alltel commercials that say you can get free text messaging to your My Circle numbers? It has nothing to do with a new plan they are offering, it just said now you can text all you want to your My Circle for free or something like that.

Temperature's rising!

  • What temperature do you like to keep your room at?
  • Would you rather be hot or freezing?
  • What's your best bet for keeping a room at a constant temperature (while in it, of course)? (Mine winds up being too cold or too hot and stuffy - the latter happens whether I leave on the thermostat or turn it off.)

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Does anyone know if "Not I. I have no truck with successful men." Is a reference to something? The play that I'm working on has that line in it, and we all htink it's a reference to something and would like to know so that we can do an accent if it's needed to make that reference for anyone who might get it (even htough we don't).

Sorry if that was a bit confusing, and thanks in advance.
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I've had alot of massages in my life time. But recently my muscles have been so tense/tender that it hurt to even have them touched. Well, I got a massage yesterday (felt good), but all day today my entire body feels like such dead weight. Literally, it takes so much effort just to lift my arms. I've never felt like this after a massage. Has anyone else experinced this? What's going on?
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my Google-fu is apparently on spring break as well...

I'm trying to find numbers on what tobacco farmers make. Not the companies, just the farmers. And I would also like to see comparison numbers on alcohol related deaths compared to tobacco related deaths.

This isn't for homework--can anyone help me find just some basic, raw data? My boyfriend's all pissed off that Iowa raised their tobacco tax and thinks that drinking kills as many people as tobacco does. I'm trying to prove him wrong--not to be a bitch, but to point out that the tax was raised for a reason.
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Grab bag

1. What is your diet like?
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EDIT: Obviously I appreciate the help with my existential crisis at no longer being a vegetarian since I'm pretty self-absorbed, but I'm also curious about what you guys eat. What your general diet consists of (even if it's ramen and soda).

2. Which of the following words do you know?: switchback, attenuate, incontinently, verdigris, buskin, Occidental, monomania

3. Would you ever give out your mom's phone number to someone you were romantically interested in? Let's assume you had at least one other number you had fairly regular access to.

4. Can you read when the television is on? How about music?

5. Does it look like spring yet where you are? Where are you?
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Where did/do you go to college?
I currently go to Dutchess Community College. I hate it.

What was/is your major?
I'm a Liberal Arts Humanities major because I can't decide what I want to do yet.

Assuming you got a degree/masters did it actually help you with your career/job?

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Men are pigz....we know. And I apologize right now. BUT....what is the WORST/MOST INAPPROPRIATE WAY a guy has hit on you? I mean blatant,unwanted, crude advance?

And how did you respond?

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Do you lie on resumes? Im currently working on my tutoring application for next semester and I told a littl white lie and I wonder if everybody does it.

I was a tutor my senior year in high school and I can't remember for the life of me when I started, so I just put that I started at the beginning of the school year. I also bumped up one of the dates of my old jobs to make it withing the last 5 years.
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Have you ever gotten a second opinion for a medical/dental/psychiatric diagnosis?

If so, how did you pick which opinion was right? Did you end up getting a third opinion to be the tie-breaker?

A long time ago, I saw something (maybe in a magazine?) where women had pictures of themselves taken in their underwear. They then had to pick pictures of a woman whose body size was closest to theirs. Both pictures were in the magazine to show what a distorted view women have of their own bodies. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or remember this? If so, are their links anywhere to something like this?
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My Google skills don't exist tonight. I'm looking for this... thing. You can paste text into it and it'll check for certain words and tell you whether the text was probably written by a guy or girl. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

What's been the best part of your day so far? The worst?

Did you dream anything interesting last night?

How bad is the pollen where you are right now? For some utterly confusing reason, we have a 3.3 today. And tomorrow we have a 10.6. D:
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Everyone hates tattoos.

I made a post about this subject last night, and the comments turned into a heated discussion between my grilfriend and I.

Basically what I said is that denying someone any opportunity (such as housing or a job) based on the fact that they have tattoos is as wrong as discriminating based on race/ religion, and should be just as illegal.

I doubt I'll get many that agree, which is why I'm asking; I'm having a hard time seeing the other point of view here, and I'd like to have a real conversation about it with someone who disagrees.

Edit, forgot to pose an actual question: Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

Commercial questions

1. In that new Gap commercial, with the dancing couple advertising the Boyfriend Trouser (whatever that is) that Claire Danes? Looks like her

2. If you're having an allergy attack at night, and a giant talking bee flies through your window peddling drugs (Nasonex), do you eagerly take them...or reach for a bat and try and smash the drone pusher?
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Is there something that you wish you could say to someone you've lost (either by death, or separation, etc) that you regret NOT saying when you had the chance to do so?

The night before my father died he called me on the phone to say good night as he usually did when he wasn't home. I was eleven at the time, and I was in the middle of watching something on tv that was apparently oh so important to me that I couldn't take 5 minutes to talk to my own dad. He could tell that I was in a hurry to get off the phone, so he said good night, and then his last words to be were "I love you". Being that I was distracted and stupid, I didn't say it back and just said something like "okay, good night" and hung up.

The next day I found out he had died during the night. I still regret not telling him I loved him too, and I'm now 22 years old. I know this regret of mine might sound silly to some, but it still bothers me to this day because I loved him dearly, and I never had the chance to tell him one last time.

I was going to add conversions but it was taking too long.

If you have a college/university degree, how much money do you personally make a year after taxes?

under $10,000







If you have a degree from a trade school, how much money do you personally make a year after taxes?

under $10,000







If you DO NOT have a degree from a trade school, college or university: how much money do you personally make a year after taxes?

under $10,000







edit: okay so this was supposed to be in poll form and I made it in the "create a poll" thing...why isn't this shit working >:|
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Zit question

I have very little experience with zits, so bear with me here. A horrible, monster-proportion zit is brewing in my chin. I can't pop it because it's too far below the skin. There's a small reddish circle on my chin, but when I pinch it, I can feel a huge ball of what I think (hope) is pus lurking under the surface.

The question: Is there anything I can do about it before it breaks the surface and destroys my face for the next week or so?
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1. What's the strangest thing you've been carded for?
I was carded for Sudafed that didn't have pseudophedrin in it, I've never been carded for anything that actually made sense.

2. What's the strangest thing you've ever seen someone else get carded for?
The lady in front of me in Target was carded for buying some Elmer's school glue.

Master's Thesis

I am looking for a topic for my MBA (master's in business).

It has to be something that can be measured in data, like surveyed and such.

For example, I was thinking of doing how rising gas prices are affecting the sales of green automobiles.

Does anyone have any ideas of any new pressing issues???


Book Reccomendations

So Im looking for book reccomendations.

-Books about anxiety/depression (preferrably self help or general information. I cant afford therapy or medication)
-Books put it nicely, ways to deal with an asshole father who is not around anymore.
-Books about eating issues.

Every book I find wants me to "find my inner child" "stop my negative self talk by telling the "insecure child" or the "scared child" in me to go away. blah blah blah. That corny, hokey, brady bunch bullshit isnt gonna cut it. I would like facts, practical ways to deal with it, psychological reason and affects, ect. INTELLIGENT books.

this was hard for me to post, so Book reccomendations only, please :) I appreciate it.
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Icon q's from an icon maker

1. Who made your default icon?

1a. If you know, how did you find it?
1b. If you don't know, where did you get it from?

2. What do you usually look for in user icons (fandoms, colors, animations, etcetera)?

3. Have you ever made user icons?

3a. If so, do you post them or just use them or both?
3b. If not do you think you will someday?

4. Do you like the icons I've made?
(yeah, feel free to skip 4 if you wanna)

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ear gauges

i gauged my ears yesterday froma 2 gauge to a 0 gauge.
it hurt like hell of course, like the other gauges i did.
well a day passed and they seemed fine, just a lil sore like usual.
but now they are a lil more than sore and the bottom of my lobes
are tuff and a lil hard, i took out my plugs in the shower so water can flow
throught the hole and i put the plugs back in, but i realized there was very little
blood on my finger from the plugs.
now hey are still hard and very sore.
is that normal for the bottom of my lobes to be hard?

is there something i can do to ease it or fix it, or should i just
deal with the pain and tim ewill heal it and make it better?
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Cruises... Speeding Tickets

Two questions pertinent to my life right now:

1. Have you ever been on a cruise? What was it like?
What is the best cruise line to go with?

I personally have not, but I'm planning a trip with my boyfriend, and we are looking for advice and information and stories!

2. Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket?
If so... how?

NO. Contrary to popular stereotype, the only people I know who have gotten out of tickets have all been guys (I am a girl). I got pulled over today. $180. :/ I never cry until AFTER I drive away.
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What's the sweetest thing your SO has done for/to you?
I'm in a gushy romance story mood tonight and I just can't ifnd any super good ones.
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