March 14th, 2007

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1. Those that have seen Pan's Labyrinth... how would you rate it?
1 = bad 10 = awesome.

2. Did you ever get in trouble at school?
What did you do and what was the punishment?

3. If you found out right this second that you were having a kid, would you want a boy or girl,
and what would you name him/her?

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I'm having this lame "mock trial" thing in class tomorrow. My job is to write the closing argument for the prosecution.

How do closing arguments usually begin? Is "Ladies and gentlemen of the jury" only used for opening statements??
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1)Most pathetic thing you've ever done due to/because of/over a crush?
2)Would your life be a little worse if there were no such thing as peanut butter?
3)Do you have any long term plans/goals for yourself? What is something you want to have accomplished in say, the next five years?
4)What was the last mystery you solved?

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When a male f*cks up, why is it commonplace/expected/accepted for females to kick them in the balls? 
Or at least threaten to?
Why is it considered funny?
Don't females have any idea how much damage can be done?

And why do I laugh at it happening to someone else?

Fell Frosch.

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What do you do when you're unmotivated and bored to make yourself feel more...motivated and unbored?

I have an assignment for photography: portraits of people at work. But I can't use pictures of teachers and can't take pictures of federal employees. My parents are both federal employees, so I can't take any pictures of them, and I honestly don't know anybody whose job isn't just slouching over a register at some mom-and-pop store. Should I just go take pictures of strangers? This just seems so rude to me, plus I'm very shy and don't like talking to strangers at all. It's a once a week class and I still have a couple of days until my next class, what would you suggest?

In my drawing class we're having nude models. NUDE. MODELS. I know I should be thinking of it from an artistic point of view, and I'm really trying to. I think it's great that we can have such a great study of the human body. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I'll be in a small room with a naked person that I don't know at all. I'm getting so frustrated with myself for being so freaked out about it. Why am I freaking out over this so much?

Looking for a viable second income opportuntity...

I live in Vancouver BC and I've recently made plans to move to a new place. It looks like my expenses are going to increase dramatically over the next few months. Beyond just keeping my head above the water, I'm also saving up to go back to school. I currently work full-time as a Client Care (Customer Service) Rep at a company that I love, but I have little control over my hours as they're dictated for the most part by bidding and senority. Right now, for instance, I work 12-8 shifts throughout the week which doesn't leave much time for a typical part time job.

What I'm hoping for are some ideas on how to generate a second income in a way that could be worked around my schedule. Do you have any suggestions?

Do you have any experience with known companies that offer sales opportunities that can be accomplished on your own time (like Avon, any type of kitchenware, etc)?
Did you enjoy it?
Were there any start up fees involved?
Do you have any other recommendations?

Thanks for your time!

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Alright. So ive been exercising lately. Tredmill stuff. Before I get tired of running I have to quit and walk again because these terrible cramps in my abdomen arise and take hold! They would instill fear into the most brave of men! Why is this happening? How can I stop it? They do go away rather quickly, but a dull pain is left that lasts for 5 minutues or so then if I try running again they come back full force in 30 seconds.
I dont eat for 2+ hours before I run, and I drink lots of water 1hr before, and a little during. Ideas?
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When did music get so.. nasty? Rock and roll has always been about sex, yes, but I was watching MTV videos the other day, and eww to most of the songs. Granted, it was mostly rap, but it's just so graphic and obvious! Do you think it's a natural progression? Has it reached its limit?
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to credit or not to credit

1. When it comes to Live journal icons, how do you feel when it comes to giving credit to the person that made them? (stupid, pointless, always a must, etc)

2. Do you regularly "steal" icons that strike your interest without bothering to give credit?

3. Have you ever been yelled at for NOT giving credit?

4. If you MAKE icons, do you get pissed off when people take them without giving you credit?

5. Do you think people get too worked up over giving/receiving credit for icons?
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Alright so my friend was looking for some off-color yaoi/slash type picture. Does anyone find or can make a Hitler x Martin Luther King Jr. picture? (or pictures)

I’m curious to see that couple Rule 34’d anyway.

Do you take being called a bitch a good thing or a bad thing? Personally I think of it as a compliment!

teeth question

My wisdom teeth are coming in!:-(
I hate the dentist so much but I know that they are going to be pulled.
also I have 2 jobs so missing work might be a big deal.

Generally how long does it take to recover from from getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
Is it really as bad as everyone makes it sound?
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My insults/come backs are kinda stale. Can you help me with some new zingers? Ones with SNAP?
Like: did your parents have any children that LIVED??
but better than: STFU...n00b!!!

(no subject)

it's for school, but just stay with me.

for a paper about how advertisements portray different genders, races, and classes i'm using this ad. i printed it from the internet and i need to know what types of magazines it ran in before it was pulled.

if you've seen this ad in a magazine, which magazine was it?
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Answer some or all

1) Have you ever heard the term "douchetruck"? Have you seen a graphic for it? My friend used to have one of a truck with the Massengil logo on it, and people in front of it cheering. I wish I could find it.

2) Are there any shows you plan on watching on TV tonight?

3) Do you rip tags out of your shirts, or cut them?

4) Do you consider rap to be music?

5) "Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it." Agree or disagree?

6) What are your favorite road trip songs?

7) Have you heard of this site? Does anyone use it? Is it better or worse than Blingo?

8) A girl gets pregnant after telling her BF that she couldn't at that point in time. She does it because she wants him to have a reason to marry her. Is this considered "trapping him"?

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Why can't I sleep at night? I wake up around 6 AM to get ready for class, and when it's about 10-11 PM I usually start feeling tired, but when I go to bed I just lay there for hours and can't fall asleep. For weeks I've been getting maybe 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I've tried taking sleep medication before, but I tend to develop dependencies on medication like that and want to avoid medication. What are some other ways to get me to fall asleep at night?
edit: I forgot to add that I've stopped having caffeine, except for maybe a soda around lunchtime every so often, because of my stomach problems.

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so my remote broke...and I am really just way too lazy right now to get up and change the channel. Which means I'm watching an infomercial disguised as a news program. About the book "More Natural Cures Revealed"'s really stupid. It seems so phoney to me.

My mom asked me for this book for her last birthday.

Has anyone read it (or the first one)? Does anyone believe it? Have you tried any of the "remedies"?

Am I just really cynical?
(I do believe natural remedies can do great things...but he just seems really over the top and fake, I don't trust him at all)
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inspired by this.

1) what magazine would you most likely be on the cover of? (you can make one up)
2) what would the article be titled?
3) what would it be about?
4) what picture would you use on the cover? (you can provide a picture or describe what it would look like)

(no subject)

so i've been looking to move to either south carolina (greenville area) or north carolina (charlotte area). the same jobs pay more in charlotte than they do in the greenville area (like a $20,000 difference), but the house prices are the same (and damn nice). how are people affording these houses? are there a lot of people sitting on old money in south carolina?

how do you find out the cost of living in different areas?

how long did it take your pet (more so a dog or a cat) to learn it's name?

(no subject)

Do you think the virtual gifts are mean? The black rose, the ripped out heart, the flaming Poo (RIP WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER).

HAve you ever sent one anonymously in a mean-spirited manner? Would you?
Would you get all butt-hurt if you received one of them by an anonymous person?
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Cats n Carpets

One of my two cats has gotten into the habit of clawing up the carpet. It's caused the carpet in our apartment to be pulled up from the floor in two places, and has pretty much shredded the carpet on the corner of the stairs into nothingness.

We've tried spraying the cat with water every time we saw her doing it, or yelling at her to make her stop, but that just taught her to not doing when we're around.

Is there any way we can prevent her from doing this? My boyfriend is really upset because he's worried this will cost a lot of money to repair when we're ready to move out (with good reason obviously). He's suggested getting them declawed, which for obvious reasons I don't want to do, but I don't know any other way to get them to stop.

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As today is Pi Day, which I will make everyone in my office aware of by providing Pies in the lunch room, what are some other uber-geeky/nerdy holidays you can think of?

I am aware of Talk Like a Pirate Day and I think there's one to dress like a ninja too.

(no subject)

1. So what's today's schedule, 12am-11:59pm?

2. Favorite Magazine?

3. Favorite café?

4. Describe the conversation of your life. edit: Oops. In response to the many comments of confusion, lol. Describe the conversation of your life means describe the most life defining, important, amazing, incredible conversation you've ever had with someone. Like the TIME of your life would be the best time you ever had, this would be the best conversation you ever had. :)
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If you use Gmail...

1. How much of your storage are you currently using?

2. In general, do you delete your LJ comments or archive them?

3. How many filters do you have set up?


4. What are some good books to download from

5. Do you know where I can get an mp3 of Tony the Tiger yelling "They're grrrreat!"?

what would you do?

say you had a small hole (like the size of a quarter) in the wall of your basement and water was coming through it and flooding your basement. you're getting quotes from contractors to get this fixed but, in the meantime, the forecast says rain and more rain. how would you plug the hole to prevent your basement from flooding?

Digital Camera for Under a $100?

Goin'a Puerto Rico!

I want a better camera for my trip. One that won't consume batteries so fast, and will leave me SOL when I most want spectacular pics. And one that I can aford. (less than a hundred since I need a new suit.)

Any recommendations?

For shits and giggles:

1. what are your plans for St. Paddy's/Patty's Day? And which it?
2. When did you first experience an awareness of boys or girls as an opposite sex?
3. What is the best revenge?
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I'm going to Chengdu, China in April. It's a school music trip, we're performing at the Save the Giant Panda International Youth Music Festival.

Any tips from people who've been there? Even just to China in general.

Things I should pack?

Any medications that are good for an upset stomach, seeing as how I'm not used to Chinese food? preferably available in Australia, but whatever, if you know one, let's have it. =D

It was a loooooooong commute into work today

1. F/M/K: Billy Graham, Ted Haggert, James Dobson
2. What do you normally like to order at your favorite Chinese restaurant?
3. Would you date a porn star?  What about an ex-porn star?
4. If you were a porn star, do you think it would be weird for your father and mother to take an active role in managing your career?
5. You are walking down a dark, deserted alley.  The air is thick with fog and the alley cats are shrieking for attention.  All of a sudden, a ninja-style street fight breaks out!  WTF?  It's Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Ganesh, Joseph Smith, and Kali!  And they are all intent on kicking everyone else's ass!  No weapons are allowed, however.  WHO WINS THE DEATH MATCH?
6. Do you wear lipstick regularly?  Guys, do you wear chapstick regularly?
7. Who is your favorite poet? 


(no subject)

I am $150 short of starting my own business and my boyfriend, who is moving 1,300 miles to live with me in a few months, wants to give it to me so that I'll be making more money when he gets here and has to look for a job. I feel funny about it because I hate borrowing money and have always tried to do things on my own... but it will help us to have some backup dough when he gets here and isn't working yet, you know? What should I do?

Accept his offer. There's pride and then there's logic.
Say no and get it some other way (girl power!).
Something else (in comments).

Thanks for your opinions :)
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'Puter Related

I have Windows XP Home on a POS Dell computer I bought years ago..

What is View Manager and why is it always trying to access the internet? I have AVG's free firewall, so I always deny it because I don't know what it is trying to do.
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Today is National Ask A Question Day, and Organize Your Home Office Day.

So, do you have a home office? If so, will you be organizing it today?
Not really, I have room that just has my computer and desk but it's not a home office. I will be cleaning it though.

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So TQC, since I am poor and can't afford a co-pay I have a question:

Last night I was walking around and moved my head funny. After that I felt like I was drunk and started having trouble walking straight and it felt like the world was spinning.

What do you think it is? Should I call my doctor or wait until it goes away?

Which sounds best:

A. A fruit smoothie

B. Some sort of hot vegan soup

C. Cigarettes and a Redbull

I'm not that hungry, but I want something to keep me going for the rest of the day. Other (slightly more healthy) suggestions welcome.

EDIT: Ok, guys thanks! I had a banana smoothie and a cigarette.

(no subject)

1. If you have one, what is your opinion on Texas and/or Texans?
2. Have you ever lived (or are you currently living) there? If so, where?
3. If not, have you visited the state? What towns/cities did you visit?
4. What city/state are you from?


1. If you sign your LJ posts and comments, why?

2. If you don't, do you find this annoying? Do you want to vent about it?
I don't see the point. Isn't it a little redundant? We already know who you are from your screenname.

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(no subject)

A good friend's graduating from college next month and I would really like to make her a paper lei. Has anyone here made one before? Any tips? Which flowers or flowers would work best? If not flowers, then what?

Any tips for preserving it/hardening the paper after they've been folded?

xposted to origami_club
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Avoidance ?'s

1. Are there any movies you've seen recently that were bad enough that you recommend your friends NOT to waste their time/money on watching? What are they?

2. Have you ever had a part of your house or a friend's/relative's house that you were scared to go in?

3. What's something that you've needed to do for a while, but have been putting it off for whatever reason?

First Question

I've been wanting to know this for quite a while. Why do the people who design handicap bathroom stalls seem to invariably put the toilet paper dispensers BELOW the handrails?

(It seems to me that if you need the handrails for balance in the stall you're not going to be able to keep your balance while bending so far over to get your toilet paper.)

edit: To clarify that should have been "to get into" the stall.
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(no subject)

1. Do you feel odd ordering alcholic drinks (besides beer and wine) before a certain time of day/evening?

2. What do you do when you're bored but nothing you could do sounds intriguing? I'm really bored, I have work I could do and maybe a few places I could go, but I'm just so blah.
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(no subject)

Is it a good idea to go to the hairdressers if you're feeling REALLY nervous about it?
I have an appointment at a salon in an hour and a half, and i feel so nervous about it I feel like throwing up.
I'm getting a cut, colour and highlights, and whatever else i get for my $130.
I'm scared it will turn out horribly, the colour will be weird and I'll have no money left to fix it (I'll have $20 left afterwards).
I'm getting it all done because I'm trying to get a job, and I look pretty horrendous right now.

Should I bite the bullet and go, and possibly throw up on the stylist? 
Or chicken out and live with my regrowth?
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The Receptionist Classic

Parking Lot Frustrations

Do you consider a minivan to be a compact car?
Would you park a minivan in a compact parking spot (one of the ones that is a lot shorter than regular spaces - usually because of a planter box or something in a parking lot)?

Have you ever come out of a store/whatever only to find that some jackhole has parked so close to your car that you can't get in?

ETA: Anyone else getting frustrated with the Spring Break hooplah? Quit rubbing it in already!
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trains, slow cookers, and online purchases.

1. When was the last time you were on a train? Where were you going?
Very late last Friday night. I was going from Penn Station NY to Metropark NJ.

2. Do you have a crock pot/slow cooker? If so, what is the last thing you made in it? Was it any good?
Yes! I have a some sort of vegetable stew/soup cooking in there now. I have no hope of it being tasty.

3. What is the last thing you purchased online? Have you received it yet?
Bright Eyes tickets. No.
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(no subject)

Have you ever had to go to court for anything NON CRIMINAL (such as a civil suit, divorce, child custody).
What were you to the case (plaintiff, defendant, witness, observer standing by a good friend).

(no subject)

Edit: I know you call it many names, but what term do you use the most/most often?

What do you call cannabis?

Mary Jane
Mari-juana (as pronounced by Mr. Mackey)
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LJ stuff

1- Do you make your own icons? If not, where do you get them from?
2- How about layout? Once again, if you don't, where do you get them from, or do you just use LJ default ones?
3- How many comments have you posted/received in however long you've been using your LJ? (Use this link and replace your username with mine, to see the answer, if you don't know how to check :P)
4- Which LJ style do you use to browse the site?
5- How many ACTIVE LJs do you have? What are they used for?
6- Can I stalk your LJ? ;) ETA : If you say yes, I'm adding you! ;P

1- Sometimes. Usually I get them from all the icon comms that I am joined in on strawberry.
2- Just LJ default layouts. I used to make my own, but I got lazy and forget the coding junk now anyway.
3- Posted: 8,920 - Received: 5,634 (And I've only been using this LJ for just over a year. YIKES!)
4- XColibur.
5- Two. This one and strawberry... This one is for communities and occasionally writing crap to remind myself and such, and the other one is... mostly dead, aside from the icon comms. I need to pay for it again to make all my posts private so I can use it for something else. :P

Strange questions

1. Somewhat inspired by Prison Break.
For whatever reason, you're going to prison for 25 years. You have a friend who's a tattooist. He feels bad about all of this, so he's willing to ink you for free before you go in. Any message, symbol or whatever that you want to have on you when you enter the pen. It could be something useful or something with personal meaning or something that will give you inspiration. Do you take him up on his offer, and if so, what do you have tattooed?

2. Somewhat inspired by Beerfest
You're with your SO, and it's going alright, like it is now (pretend if this isn't the case). One day, you find out that before you guys started going out, that he/she had a one night stand with your best friend. It was just for one night, and it was just for sex. Does this change how you feel about either one of them?
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(no subject)

inspired by the new cameron diaz/kate winslet movie "the holiday" ..background information on the movie, they're tired of their lives so they embark on a 2 week 'home/life exchange' with eachother.

i'd like a change in my life, my job is a good paying job and has plenty of perks to it, my love life is good (so that's a part you won't be embarking on, lol) i have a new car, i have $ in my bank account, i have a best friend who is always willing to go out and chill, i still live at home but i have privacy.. my mom won't be all up in the mix or anything, i do have a little brother, he's not a pest, he just likes to hang out whenever you let him... overall, it's a good life.. but! i like to travel and this would be a great opportunity to be a part of.

for two weeks, would you want to trade lives with me? (if not me, who/whom?) what are some +/-'s about your life that i should know about before i accept the offer?

eta: the love/relationship part of our lives wouldn't be messed with if you're in a relationship like i am, just to make that clear :) but everything else is fair game.

Ackkkkk HUNGRY

I need some HALP here. :( I'm trying to lose weight before I graduate.  My resolution is simple eat less/move more.  So my workplace resolution was to stop munching on the chocolate my boss has EVERYWHERE.  But it's almost 2pm and all I've had today is a bagel w/ cream cheese, a coffee, a salad and a diet soda.  I'm SO hungry and it's RIGHT THERE.  SO TQC...

Can you give me some ideas for food?  I need low-cal/fat snacks that taste good and are easy to have on hand.  Something a college student can handle.  I was thinking 100 calorie packs would work, just grab one in the morning.  But I want options.  So... How do you beat the snack monster, TQC?
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(no subject)

This was asked by girlyunderwear  in her journal, and I figured that it's a good question to ask TQC:

Poll #946255 What is more hurting

What hurts more?

To be left for someone else
To be left for no reason at all.
I think that it would be more painful to be left for the latter. If he prefers the company of someone else to me, it would hurt, but not as much as the knowledge that he prefers to be alone than to remain with me.
that's what she said!


Have you ever been to a clothing-optional locale (beach, spa, resort, hot springs) and opted to take it all off? Was it scary, liberating, intimidating, amusing, no big deal? Would you do it again, or was it one-time-only for you?

The reason I ask - there is a clothing-optional hot springs in Sierraville, CA  with both private and communal hot tubs. I'm intrigued by the idea.

(no subject)

Hi there. Quick question:

I use Roboform to store passwords and form information, it wants me to pay for it, which is cool but before I do that, I wanted to know if anyone uses anything better? (or cheaper, Roboform is 29.99)
Flamboyant Pinatas

No Means No

When someone makes unwelcome advances on you and you want to put them off, what do you do? Are you polite? Are you rude? Do you lie? Do you tell the truth? Does it change things for you if the person is attractive? Hideous? What are some reasons why you would put someone off if they did make such advances?

Ladies: What's the longest period of time (since you started shaving) that you've gone without shaving?

What do you do when someone wants to talk to you and you don't feel like talking (i.e. on public transit or in a really slow elevator)? What's the most polite way you've tried or thought of? The rudest?
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(no subject)

If you were to introduce a Star Wars virgin to the movies, would you:
  • Start that person off at A New Hope, have him/her watch through the original trilogy and then have them watch the prequels, or
  • Start that person off at The Phantom Meanace and have him/her watch through the six movies in 'episode order'?

(no subject)

Poll #946635 What do I see?

Wicked and Avenue Q are both coming to my town in a month or two, which should I see?

Avenue Q

p.s. I haven't seen either of these shows before. I just have the original cast recordings.
and in reference to my post about a month ago, I'm going to see Chicago in New York City, thats why these are options now when they come to my town.
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(no subject)

It's Spring break and I went to bed at 6:30 this morning.
Why'd I wake up at 11:00???
Also why can't I stop crying?
Grrr! ><
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New Camus

(no subject)

1. You're downtown in a not-so-nice area because you have to attend a class there. Thirty minutes in, you realize with certainty that you left your car unlocked (with your wallet not very cleverly hidden in your glovebox). There are 45 minutes of class left, all lecture. Your car is a 15-minute walk away. Do you stay in class and hope for the best, or go lock it? If you go lock it, do you return to class (bear in mind the whole journey would take 30 minutes)?

2. What's the most out-of-place object on your desk right now?

3. Is there a trick to wearing these the over-sized hair rubber band things so that they don't just slide backward? The ones that aren't thicker than a normal plain hair band, but they're just bigger to go over your whole head and you can wear your hair down with them. Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? I can't find a picture to save my life, so just tell me to fuck off if this one makes no sense.?

4. Do you prefer to write in blue, black, or red pen? Assume just for writing in general.
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(no subject)

When you're in a store and they play one of your favorite songs or bands even, do you get excited?
Yes! Old Navy had been playing Architecture In Helsinki lately and Kohl's played Feist the other day!
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(no subject)

Anyone have an idea why I suddenly came over all hungry and started shaking? It almost feels like my thigh muscles are going numb or something. It's really weird. I have been eating today, and I'm in good health - I'm not diabetic or anorexic or anything.

Any ideas?

(no subject)

When I get tired and bored (like today) I start thinking about...boobies...titties...breasts....HELP ME STOP!! (.)(.) What can you do to break my train of tits....THOUGHT??? Help meeez....


Does anyone know any good web based messengers you can access MSN from?

It has to be kinda non-obvious/popular so I was thinking a google search wouldn't do me that much good. Although I have had a look.

My work blocks all the obvious/popular ones ya see. And god forbid I should actually do some work.

(no subject)

Have you ever been to Brighton, England? Can you tell me what it's like?

What don't you have an opinion on?

You have a friend with dreadlocked hair. They have mentioned there is "food and probably some vomit" in it. You are also in a class of 17 year olds, for whom English is their first language, and they have all voluntarily chosen to study it - and they spent 15 minutes debating whether "a lot" is one or two words. You have one bucket of water: do you use it on the friend or the class? Other creative suggestions welcome.

(no subject)

When was the last time you got what was supposed to be a compliment, but weren't sure how to take it? What was said?

Two weeks ago some guy told me "I don't really like fat girls, but you're really hot." I wasn't sure if I should thank him or not, haha.
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My Point?


For those of you with a Nintendo DS:

Do you use the screen protector things?
How often do you change them out?
What do you use to keep your DS clean?

Does anyone know where I can get inexpensive PS1 games anymore? I hate the fact that Gamestop and EB got rid of them. I need to find copies of Final Fantasy 8 and 9 and Lunar: Eternal Blue, but I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for them.

How long can a notebook computer last with a broken screen? My sister's got dropped and the hinge on the left side is broken. She has it electrical taped in place, and it still works. Its just more of an inconvenience. She bought a new computer 2 days ago, so she's giving me her old one for free. Is that even fixable? Or will it just cost an arm and a leg?

Wise Books

[x-posted to book_worm]

Hey folks, I've a bit of an odd question.

Can anyone recommend books of folk wisdom? I'm looking for books with proverbs, aphorisms, maxims, quotes, etc. I'm not so much interested in religious-oriented books at the moment, just books of practical or philosophical nuggets of wisdom that make you think. I'm not even really sure exactly what I'm looking for... just something profound, I guess.

(no subject)

Best Batman film?

Batman Returns
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin
Batman Begins

2)Do you believe people have souls?
3)What's the coolest thing about where you currently live?
4)Which of your best friends do you see least often? Why is that?
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Reading time.

1- Lone personal Q: Should I read some book about some couple having to go to 17 marriages in 6 months (I forget the title... Wedding Season, I think) or the second Harry Potter book first? (I couldn't find the first one, dammit... Oh well, I saw the movie, like, whenever it was in theatres ;P)

2- When's the last time you were read to?

3- When's the last time you read to someone else? (And I don't mean "omgah listen to what some idiot said in TQC today" ;P)

4- Have you ever read scripts of movies/tv shows? Which ones, if so? (If you're in drama or on tv or something and HAVE to read scripts... I just mean this for fun. ;P)

5- Do you have any books within your vision? If so, what are they?

6- Do you read random signs when out driving/walking/whatever?

1- I dunnooooo. :( I could try and read them at the same time, but then my brain will hurt.
2- Too long. ;_;
3- Sometimes I'll read things out of the newspaper for husband. But for a true book-reading, then probably 7-8 years ago. :(
4- I used to read the original Twilight Zone scripts. I wish I could find them again.
5- Yeeeep. The DaVinci Code (which I never read...), some Halo Graphic Novel (tis husband's, not mine!) and Stephen King's "Cell", which I think the movie Pulse was based off of. Seriously.
6- Yes. I was taught to read by my grandparents telling me to do that when I was little. :) Now it's habit.
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This question is for those of you who have had acupuncture done for any reason, be it therapeutic, medical, et cetera.

How painful is acupuncture, and how uncomfortable is it? Have any of you done it despite a fear of needles? Would you recommend it for anyone with such a fear? Would you recommend it in general? What have your experiences with it been like? Any and all details are appreciated.

I ask because I'm considering participating in a research study that would involve acupuncture.

Thank you!
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Oh, Pennsylvania weather.

Why does the weather hate me? It was so gorgeous today. I mean, I'm glad that it will cool off enough to not affect skiing this weekend, but I was really excited that it was finally spring-like.

Has your weather been playing games with you too?
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So TQC, what do you guys do when you're completely and utterly unmotivated something that really needs to be done?

For those of you in high school/college: have you guys got exams coming up or have you already taken them? How do you think you did?

What are you craving right now?
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Is there any way I can determine how much postage I'll need to send something overseas?

I'll be mailing a couple letters tomorrow to Australia and Japan. When I send letters to England, I use two 39 cent stamps and I've had no problems. Basically, I am wondering if distance had anything to do with postage costs or if it is just based on the weight of whatever is being sent. I'm not too keen on overpaying to send letters to my penpals and I really don't want to get them sent back to my house.

I live in Minnesota in the U.S if that matters.

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I really, really want to get a haircut, but I don't know where to go because I never get haircuts. So, I have been researching hair salons in my area a bit and I have come to the conclusion that I can either go with a mediocre salon that will probably run me around $40-50 or go with a really good salon that will probably run me around $100.

What to do?!? I think I would just like to cut my hair a few inches to get rid of the split ends, and I am also considering getting bangs. What do you think? Collapse )

Being "Legal" / stuff to do in Chicago

Where do you live?
How old do you have to be to get into bars?
How old do you have to be to drink?

Orlando, FL, USA
Usually 18

Specifically, if anyone is in CHICAGO I'd like to know what the rules are... I am 20 and my boyfriend is 23. We kinda wanted to check out the bars...

Oh, and since I'm already posting...

Are there any must-see things to do in Chicago? We will be there for almost a week, so we need ideas... especially since bar-hopping has been ruled out, haha.

cat scan :(

I have a brain cat scan appointment tomorrow. For over a month now I've been having constant headaches and have been feeling nauseous.

Have you ever had a cat scan before?
How about a brain cat scan?
Why did you have to get one done?
Should I be as nervous as I am?

(no subject)

Two weeks ago I went to a family dinner at boyfriend's mother's house. She made me a delicious omelette (I'm a vegetarian and the majority of the food was all meat), despite my sincere statement that I would be fine just nibbling on the veggies.

Boyfriend's birthday is in a few weeks and the family is having a dinner for him. I feel bad that they were so accommodating of my needs, so I'm thinking, would it be best if I brought over a vegetarian dish that everyone could par take in? Furthermore, should I ask the mother before hand? Or just show up and say "Oh I whipped this together, it's quite a popular dish in New York!"?
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(no subject)

I just found out that my roomate has went and told my ex a bunch of shit that she shouldn't have. The thing is that I am actually SHOCKED by her behavior because she never came off as the catty type. I didn't even know that my ex and her were on speaking terms, but she's in love with his best friend and I know that she was hanging out wit them. So I think she was just being dumb and trying to fit in with their clique by talking shit. She is extremely passive aggressive and would not tell me if she had a problem with me if her life dependent on it. We're also not really close or friends with each other, just civil. She does not know that I know, so should I

A) Confront her?

B) Tell her to move out because my name is on the lease but her name is not

C) Forget about it, an ex is an ex for a reason and my lease is up in 5 mon.

EDIT: I already kind of confronted her and let her know that I knew something weird was going on and I asked her what I've done that was fucked up to her and she was basically like "oh I am sorry, I just got caught up in stuff they were saying" etc. etc.
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About 6 years ago, during a road trip to Maine (with the fam), I heard a song with the strangest lyrics ever. The end of the last verse and the chorus went as follows:

So I went to the door and I laughed a little more
Hubba Hubba Hubba I'm a happy boy.

Does anyone have any idea what this song is called or who it is by? Or has anyone else ever heard it before. I know that the song also talks about the kid getting hit by a car and its really up-beat. And no, I'm not crazy.
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What the deal with these electric 3-5 blade manual razors? Do they vibrate or something? Does anyone use them, do they actually do something extra or is it BS to sell more razors?

... you will soon guess i am new...
so heres my question...can you send private messages back and forth between two people? Can you send instant messages?
so i'm've all been there...mabey not as...well...blond...but still

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Your in a relationship.
Which is worse:
Boyfriend/Girlfriend cheating on you with one of thier friends at a party (they're both drunk) Making out is all they do.
You tell your Boyfriend/Girlfriend what had happened the next day


Boyfriend/Girlfriend cheating on you with an ex of yours (ended on bad terms) He/She is sober and they're sending some raunchy pics and text back and forth. Do a little more then "making out"
You don't tell your Boyfriend/Girlfriend. End up finding out by friends.

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Ok I've had a link to this crazy pattern in my crochet links for ages but still... I cannot figure out what on earth this is for. It's just... odd.

It's from

Other than maybe being the hat to match Bjork's dress or possibly a wedding cake topper (although I would seriously hesitate to get frosting on something I spent 3 pages worth of crocheting time on) i just can't think of any real use for it. It's just bizzare, complex, and useless as far as I can tell. Any ideas?
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Imma question virgin

Do you have any weird eating habits?

I do. I eat my M&Ms one color at a time and in order: brown, yellow, orange, green, red, blue. I also have some Jolly Rancher jelly beans on my desk and I can't seem to mix the colors. I have to eat one color/flavor at a time.
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Greatest of All Time......Car-style

I know I asked before about the greatest FPS game of all time...Now it's time for the cars! Doing this because I felt this category was more wide open that any other genre I could think of.

This will be split into two sections: racing and car combat.

Sooooooooooooooooooo! A) Which is the greatest racing game of all time? and B) Which is the greatest car combat game of all time?

For me it was(tenatively):

A) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit(or NFS: Most Wanted, Gran Turismo)
B) Twisted Metal 2(or Road Blaster, Burnout 3)
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(no subject)

1)What would be your ultimate sandwich?
2)Would you be interested in going to a sort of garage sale for old science equipment?
3)Do you like for people to mess with your hair or does it bother you? If you shave your head does it bother you if people rub your head?
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help me with my future plz

I have one year to go before I have my degree in print Journalism. I love what I am doing, but have an urge to go to school and obtain a law or sociology degree after this. Other than writing, a passion of mine is human rights and I'd like to get into it without totally wasting my journalism degree.

My question is, what would be the best thing to major in to get this? Law, sociology, something else?

Has anyone worked in human rights? What kinds of jobs are there? I'd like to still write if I could and I don't exactly want to be a lawyer.

Is it hopeless?
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Any physicists out there?

When a closed circuit loop is rotated within uniform magnetic field, should you apply a torque equation to it? Or could you use Faraday and Lenz's laws (like if you're simply passing the circuit through the field)?

Weird question to ask, I know. :)

(no subject)

1. What kind(s) of animals would you not have as a pet? (Animals traditionally kept as pets, not like bears or something) Why?

2. At B&N there is a series of books "Timeline History of..." Italy, England, whatever. They don't make one for Canada. Where can a find a thorough but readable book of Canadian history?

3. Have you ever met an author and/or been to a book signing? What was it like?

4. How bad do ferrets really smell? I think they're neat to see and might adopt one in the distant future.

Collapse )

Uncommon cross gender names.

Everybody knows the names that can be either male or female, i.e. Terry or Chris.
And there are the less common names that are commonly one gender but occasionally cross over, like Tracy.

What are some of the less common names you have heard cross over from gender to gender?
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pets, plants, hula hoops, and handbags.

1. If you have more than one pet of the same variety, can you tell which one is eating or drinking just by the noise they make?
I have 2 cats and I can tell which one is drinking by the noise they make, but I can't tell which is eating by the sound.

2. Do you name your plants?
Some of them. My favorite is named Herman.

3. If you're a fatty, can you hula hoop successfully? Any tips for me?
I bought a hula hoop today and I'm really bad, and my dad told me if I lost 50lbs I'd be better at it. While I'm sure there's some truth to that, I know being fat is not the only reason I'm bad at it.

4. When you see someone carrying an expensive handbag do you make an assumptions about them? If so what are they?
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What MP3 system do you use to download?
Free or pay?
If pay, is it monthly, per song, or both?

Do any of you have the Sandisk Sansa e250? What programs will download the ratings I gave the songs? I sync it with Media Player 10 and it doesn't seem to download my ratings. I give the songs I want to delete 1 star, but Media player says everything has the default of 3, I guess.
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(no subject)

1.) Have you ever been in a helicopter?
1a.) If so, for what reason?
1b.) If not, would you ride in one willingly?

2.) What do you think about people who take ADD/ADHD medication as an adult?

3.) Do you have your social security number memorized?