March 13th, 2007

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It's just gone midnight here.
The power has gone off. My laptop and little torch are the only lights to be seen within at least a block.
Whe the power comes back, should I wake everyone up to get them to reset their alarm clocks? Or just feign ignorance and let them all be late to school/work?
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Does anyone know a scientific reason why potato flesh would help heal or take the pain out of a burn?

I've got one, and I had heard that, so I tried it, and it's helped. My husband insists that it's just because the potato is cool, but it's helping more than the aloe plant did, and googling tells me it's because of the starch. What does/would the starch do?

A Mac question...

When I downloaded Firefox and Google Earth onto my laptop, these hard drive icons appeared on my desktop. I've been trying to get rid of them, but they would either be "ejected" when I move them to Trash, or reappear when I start the application.

Is there a way to hide these drives? I have a PowerBook G4 with OS-X 10.something, if that helps.

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I have always told myself that I would never ever EVER get a credit card. All my friends have one (or 2 or 3...) and have wondered why I do not, but I won't even pay attention to them...

Until now.

My laptop broke and am in need of a new one. I have applied with Dell, HP, Gateway and even Bestbuy to try to have one financed, but [probably] because I'm a 19 year old student w/ little credit, I have been denied. Now, because I dont exactly have all the cash at hand to pay for it, I'm considering getting a credit card to buy one, and never use it again.

Is this a good or bad idea?
Any advice for someone who knows very little about the way credit cards work?
What are some of the best student credit cards that has a generous credit line, and lowest interest? Is there such a thing? Am I naive to think so?

model → rad boys

Story of Mug VS. Rape?

This just popped into my head...there's some story or something about a businessman being mugged and it compares to a rape scenario. The whole thing is a conversation between a cop and the man about his mugging. Everything the cop replies with is similar to what would be told to a rape victim: "you were asking for it", etc., etc. I don't recall who it's by. Can anybody help me out with this?
bruce storytellers


When moving, has anyone ever used a POD? (portable on demand storage) THis is where they deliver a container to you, you pack it and then they come and pick it up and deliver to your new place.
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mac n cheese?

i really want to make mac n cheese for dinner
but its not coming out right.
i dont know what im doing wrong.
i pour the noodles and water and cheese packet
in the bowl.
and it tatses weird.
can anyone help me?

Crotchless Panties?

This is something that I've been wondering for a while, and I've reached no satisfactory answer on my own:

What's the point of crotchless panties?

Perhaps I should more fully explain what it is about them that perplexes me.  I am genuinely curious about this and not attempting to deride the nature of crotchless panties.  

If crotchless panties allow for easier access, isn't it easier to simply go commando?  Or is there some additional security value to having cloth covering everything but your bits?  Is it a "quickie"s thing?  If so, is it solely a quickie thing?  And is it really that much more of a turn on to see someone in crotchless panties versus say, a g-string or something?  Honestly, if there's any testimony from owners of this article of lingerie telling me why they like or prefer it, it would help because I have absolutely no experience in the matter and couldn't say for myself-- hence, input from actual people might clear this up.  I'm sorry if this question is a stupid one, but I think it's also fairly legitimate. 
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1)What's something in your fridge that probably should be thrown out?
2)Would you say you are pretty good at thinking before you speak?
3)If you've ever read a book that made you feel physically ill/nauseous, what book was it?
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if i try to go to sleep, but can't... is there a problem with that?

i went to bed at 2:00 am on sunday night and woke up at 10:30 am on monday. it is now 6:30 am on tuesday and i tried and tried to go to sleep all night long, but failied. if my body and mind dont want to go to sleep... how can i make it? and why do i need to if my body/mind is saying no?

1. how many hours do you sleep at night?
2. what do you do to help yourself fall asleep?

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Its my birthday in a week and a half. I will be 23. What should i ask my parents to get me? I can't think of anything but i will be disappointed if i dont get anything (call it being a product of a materialistic society or spoilt child syndrome lol).

Second Question:
My waterbed broke last night and now untill i get a new one I have to sleep on a fairly uncomfortable air mattress on the floor. How can i make it more comfortable??
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Mr. Misto
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Hi hi, I'm looking to set up a 10 gallon aquarium and was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas for fish that I could stick in there, where they would live in moderate peace with one another. 

The only fish that I currently have is a Betta ( who is red, for those who want to color cordinate ) and he will be going into the larger tank.  

The tank is heated and filtered, with rocks, fake plants and soon to be little tank decorations for the fishies to hide.

I was thinking a few guppies, maybe two goldfish ( Of the smaller size ) and a algae eater to go with the betta. 

Does anyone have any better fish ideas?
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have you ever thought the sound a stapler makes when you staple something sounds like "ba-dum-cha", sort of like the drum sound to a punch line of a joke? or maybe I'm just going insane after stapling so much.

how do you keep your own good mood from being brought down by others' bad moods?
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Why am I html retarded and unable to change font sizes and make text blinky in comments (I was going to use it in the comments to mike hunt douchetruck, but I fail at the internet).

What is your favorite Chinese food?

Are swastikas ever appropriate?
ballet photo

get your drink on

Whats your drink of choice(liquor wise?) shot of choice?
Do you go on late night drunken food runs?
Whats your hangover food?
Do you actually eat it when you crave it..or just eat whatevers handy?

My Answers
1) Gin and Lime! Baja Rosa..jaegger or any form of delicious girly shot.
2) we used to go get food almost everytime we went to the bar..whether it was hitting up a mcd's or finding some all night diner(where we would piss off the staff)
3) breakfast bagels. egg, bacon and cheese... so good....around christmas i craved eggnog a lot when i was hung over..
4) yea if im hung over.. ill go get it... because other food never does it for me.

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paging dr eljay, paging dr eljay..

i have viral strep throat and an upper respiratory infection (laryngitis, also viral).  now i just got over a hellacious sinus infection about a week ago.  i'm drinking tons of water and fresh fruit juice.  tylenol/acetaminophen hasn't helped much (i can't take advil/ibuprofen because of a heart syncope).  more sleep is out of the question.  i have a humidifyer in my bedroom and livingroom.  i'm sucking on cough drops with benzocaine in them like it's going out of style. 

what else can i do to find some comfort?  i'm desperate.. =[
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RavenHouse Ltd sucks and should never be allowed to run another presale!

For anyone who has ever bought presale tickets for a seated venue: did you find out where you were sitting when you bought the tickets or did you have to wait until you got the tickets? If you didn't find out when you bought them, were your seats good? In general do they include shitty seats in the presale? I've tried contacting the people running the presale with no luck.

Also, this is probably a long shot, but does anyone happen to know what time they added the NYC dates to the Bright Eyes presale? I just asked in a Bright Eyes community but I really want to know.

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The Po-pos:

In your world, the po-lice are:

A. A friendly, helpful folk that occasionally have to lay the smack down for the greater good
B. Megalomaniacal assholes who are always in your business and keeping the man down

Do you have any awesome stories involving the coppers? 

Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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I'm looking for a song that came out in the late 80's, early nineties: the only part of it I can remember is "you're the key to my heart, you're the key to my heart", but no searches have brought up anything to that effect, so I might be wrong.

However, I vividly remember the videoclip. It involves a woman who has been thrown into the ocean and is covered in thick, locked chains. She manages to escape by removing the dress (and subsequently the chains) whilst she is still in the water.

Any ideas?
Edit The part of the song 'you're the keys to my heart' was sung by a woman, however, the rest of the song was sung by a man.

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Have you ever had one or both of your ears get so plugged up due to allergies or infection that you literally couldn't hear out of it? When that ear was plugged up so bad, did it ring incessantly? I'm trying to figure out if my ear is ringing because it's plugged, because of hearing damage, or because of the infection. Any brilliant ideas other than chewing gum or swallowing\gulping to get that ear unplugged? I can't hear crap and it's bugging the hell out of me.
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Today I'm random

1. What color do you wear most?
2. What's in your AIM profile?
3. Do YOU yahoo?
4. What parts of your body do you consistantly pop?
5. Are you an overanalyzer?
6. Tell me something, anything, something funny, something boring anything.

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I'm cooking up some kidney beans right now. I soaked the beans overnight and then simmered them with water, spices, and chopped tomatoes. They've been on for the past three hours and they're still crunchy. What did I do wrong?

Vacation days...

At my place of work we accrue 1.5 vacation days a month. However, our bosses act like it is a HUGE inconvience if we do take a vacation day. Apparently we get vacation days, we just can't use them.

For example, my husband is getting ready to deploy to Iraq. He has to leave for training in a few weeks. He'll be gone for a month and return for a week or two before deploying to Iraq.

I put in my request for ONE day off (a few weeks in advance) so I can drive him to the airport/spend a bit of time with him.

My boss responded with a "*sigh* Well, this isn't a good day for this. We have a meeting." It's a meeting that I never go to and have nothing to do with.

I haven't taken a day off since our wedding in October. I only took 4 days and we didn't take a honeymoon because 4 days was a HUGE deal. I was called 2 times during my wedding "vacation time".

Last year I attended my Great Uncle's Funeral (took one day off) and they called me twice during the funeral.

Is there anything I can do (other than finding a new job) that would cause my bosses to realize that family comes first?

Does your boss act like this when you request a day off?
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So, in roughly 2 hours I'm going to get my first tattoo. I'm excited. I've been planning for a few months now, but I had to wait until my tattoo artist decided he wanted to start working again.

Is there anything you've wanted to do and haven't?
Is there anything you've wanted to do and finally got to?
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1- How are you?
2- How do you feel about someone taking pictures at an accident scene?
3- What if there was a corpse at said accident scene?
4- Do I make questions too much about me?
5- Most useless object within your vision?
6- Most useful (at the moment) object within your vision?

1- Bored, and waiting for my sister to call me so I can pick her and her friends up from the train station.
2- Okay, so long as they don't get them published before me. Raaah jealousy!
3- Same as above. I'm crazy.
4- I'm starting to think so. ;P
5- A flyer for a computer sale, since we opted to not buy any new computers right now. Bleh.
6- Cellphone, it will alert me to when it is I need to gather the troops and haul them to the hotel I'm paying for. Yippee.
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Why do I keep having to burp even if I didn't eat or drink beforehand?

Can coffee cause health problems? If so, which is?

What's the most bizzare meal you've ever had?

How ready are you for spring!?

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hey hair people!
i used the loreal paris natural match hair dye a week or two ago and didn't like the results, do you think i could use the same brand but in a slightly different shade right over that without problems?

Cell phones

Anyone use US Cellular?
I want to get a new cell. i have this one: And I've had it for over a year. But I just signed up in july for a new plan so i can't get the good deal on the phone with the 2 year plan thing. Do you know how much it'll cost me to get a new.. cooler phone? What about my options?

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What's the deal with so many people saying they are OCD about something, or think they have a touch of OCD?

Did Monk make OCD cool? Is OCD the new black?

I do expect at least one person to be offended by this, however I'm just curious why I always hear people say that now. No harm meant towards anyone who actually has OCD.
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Are you going to participate in Steak & BJ day tomorrow?


Do you know what internet disease is? If so, will you post a picture that you feel represents it?


Where does America's ego come from?


According to Wynton Marsalis, black people (in general):
can't get their stuff together. They're always in jail, always making a fool out of themselves with their music, you degrade yourself, Why is it like that?

So I started to think, if we were 400 years old, and the first 250 years, I was a slave, and all my family systems was destroyed and everything, and everyone in the nation bet on me like a stock, and they made money off of me, the next hundred years, I couldn't get an education, so it took me 350 years to even get to the point where I could LEGALLY compete.

And when you go to a therapist or something, the first thing they do is talk about your childhood. Cuz they know that in the beginning of it, there's always the very important roots. With those kind of roots, what chance do you think you have? That seems like the most effective explanation of why it is the way it is now."

What do you think of his opinion? I heard it on NPR last night on my way home from work and wondered what others would think, especially coming from black man as opposed to a white man.
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1. When did you last go to a zoo?

2. What zoo was it?

3. What was your favorite animal or exhibit at that zoo?

4. If I buy a house, will you come to my housewarming party? (You don't have to bring a gift.)

5. What is the oddest thing you've ever heard a stranger yell into a cell phone?
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For my internship i have to find out what managers think about a program they use, what needs to be changed and so on.
I wanna do mostly face to face interviews so i can walk trough the program with them.

There are 440 manager, so its impossible for me to interview all the managers. Does anybody know what a good sample size would be? Where can i find this out?

Thanks in advanced
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Regardless of what you believe, do you need to be baptized to officially be a Christian? Talking about in the eyes of the church.

I took a survey for some religious group and told them thats what I thought, but now I want to know if I was right.

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Now we all know the internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS *note sarcasm*

On the internet, what does it take for you to feel really offended or insulted?

my answer: I have come to realize that nothing really offends or insults me. I think people have the right to say what they please and I have to option to ignore it, not read it or give my opinion if I choose.
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south park

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I know there was a similar question posted here ages ago....

If you could say something to your 12-year-old self, what would it be?

My answer: 

-Put a damn shirt on.
-Those girls are bitches and they will not matter in a few years.
-You don't look that much older as you think you do.
-You know your cousins are older and cooler and going out to drinking parties with those guys in collared shirts, and Natty Ice cans in their hand? They are called DOUCHEBAGS, and no, they're not the people you want to date or become friends with.
-You're going to boarding school, forget about it.
-You're better than you think you are.
-Your stepmother has done more for you than your own mother.  Give her some damn respect.
-Stop smoking, it's bad for you.  You're a child, and you are FREAKING people out.

When it hits you, you feel no pain.

1. When your cell phone rings, do you push the button so your actual ring tone goes off while you do what you do to answer the phone or do you let your music/ring tone play on play on? (I know that the ring stops when the phone opens...I'm talking about if you don't open it within .5 seconds flat - is your first reaction to turn the ring off as to not annoy people around you?)

2. Do you blast your music in your car: at stop lights? through neighborhoods? next to older folks?

3. Do you know (without cheating) the song/artist of the lyrics in the title of this post?

United States Postal Service

Why is the USPS so slow at updating shipping information at times?

I shipped something to a friend with a tracking number, and when she checked the website, there was no shipping information. She checked for a few days, and it still wasn't updated. When she finally received the package, suddenly all the shipping information appeared.

This has also happened in other instances, where it will say The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on XX/XX/XXXX to expect your package for mailing ... etc and then that information won't be updated until the package is received. Very rarely have I seen it updated accordingly.

Does it seem pointless to offer this service if they are so slow at updating it? Or have you had a better experience/better experiences?
The Dude Abides

Random ?'s

1) When's the last time you went to a restaurant that didn't serve french fries? What restaurant was it?

2) Do you fight dirty/unsportsmanlike (physically, verbally, etc)? What's the most dishonorable thing you've done in a fight?

3) Do you plot out your pranks for April Fool's Day, or do you just try to pull something off on the fly?

4) Does "The American Dream" aka Dusty Rhodes have the coolest nickname? If not, who do you think does?

(no subject)

Do you use the internet for fun or do you think it's more serious and not just for entertainment?

I think it's for fun.

Do you think about people feelings before leaving comments? If not, why not?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I don't take anything serious on here, so it's hard for me to relate to someone who actually gets upset when someone says something mean to them.

Do you think anyone really famous will die soon? Who?

It wouldn't surprise me if Brit died, but I honestly think we're done for awhile.

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I bought a sweater today without checking the care tag, and apparently it's 100% cashmere and needs to be dry cleaned.

I am a lazy ass who doesn't like to spend time or money on taking stuff to be dry-cleaned.

Theoretically, could it be possible to hand wash it in cold water and have it come out unscathed?

Do you have any funny "oh shit, I ruined my laundry!" stories?
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I've got this training seminar tomorrow, and after raiding my entire wardrobe I've discovered I have no idea what I should wear.

Just what sort of clothing does BUSINESS CASUAL define, anyway? Can I wear a jean skirt and get away with it?

(no subject)

1.) Who are some shitty actors who've had one great role?
Y'know, like Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday & Steven Baldwin as McManus in The Usual Suspects.

2.) Are there any actors you like even though they only seem to pick really awful projects?

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what do you have?
mac or pc?
which is better and why?
if i bought a mac in america, would it be easy enough to bring it back to uk and set it up here or would it need additional plugs etc?

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Hey ladies or possibly metrosexual men,

I have greasy, acne-prone skin but I need a really good moisturizer that has at least SPF 15 and is relatively non-greasy.

Can you recommend anything?
What are you currently using and how much do you like it?
What kind of skin do you have?


When was the last time you went on a long walk?  Where did you go?  What did you do?

I took my dad's huge lug of a yellow lab for a walk down by the Mississippi!
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Ass and you shall receive

1. Is it ever ok to go ass to mouth?
2. Suppose you're at a party, and are being propositioned by the celebrity you fancy the most. It's getting heated and flirty and definitely leaning to horizontal action talk. It's hot. It's not just hot, its sultry. However, they throw it in there that they have this curious affection for going ass to mouth with the other person and unless that was in the cards, they no longer had any interest in being with you. Would you be willing to taste your own 'ass' (whatever the particular body part that was being stimulated with their mouth) just to have a shot at this sexy celebrity?

3. If you responded no to the first question and yes to the second, is it alarming to you that your principles are so easily compromised by lust and celebrity worship?
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(no subject)

1. If you eat PopTarts, what kind?  Do you usually heat them up or just go for it?
2. The remote that you use for your tv: is it the original that came with it, or a replacement?
3. What show on tv irritates you the most right now?
4. What's your wiping tool of choice when you're out of toilet paper?
ETA 4a. If that's not available, what's your next choice?
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SNSD's legs

Questions: piercings & food

1. Would you get a cartilage ear piercing (lol unless you already have one, that is)? 
I'm pretty sure cartilage ear piercings never heal, so you'd always have a hole there. (Correct me if I'm wrong!)

2. If so, are you male or female? (I'm not expecting everyone to answer this question, I can understand if you feel uncomfortable with it.)

3. Are you vegetarian, vegan, or neither?

4. Do you like soy products (i.e. tofu, soy milk)?

5. Do you ever question whether or not you should eat meat? Why or why not?

Thanks guys!

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If you were making a mix CD for a SO what song would you make sure to include?
If you were making a mix CD for your best friend, what song would you be sure to include?
What about your mom//parent?
The person you be crushin' on!?

stuff to do

how does one find new things to do? new friends? new... anything/everything.

i'd like to socialize with people that don't get wasted every weekend. intelligent people with direction and real jobs, all of that.

how do i find people like that? how do i find places or events to go to where there might be people like that?
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So, i'm looking for some swim shorts for girls.  Mostly, because I have some fun scars on my legs that I don't feel like explaining to others :P

So, have you ever worn swim shorts for a woman?  Where's a good place to buy them?  (I'm about a size 14-16 in swimwear)

(no subject)

1. What would you do if you couldn't check tqc for twenty-four hours?
2. For a week?
3. About how long would it take for you to pick up the pieces and go one with your life?
4. Where the hell is my cat hiding?
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(no subject)

1. How often do you make your bed?
2. How do you make your bed?
3. How many pillows do you have on your bed?

4. How often do you clean your room?

5. What have you done today?

6. What are having/what did you have for dinner?

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online bill pay

Online Bill Pay: Worth it, or not worth it?

I just got online bill pay with my bank. It costs $4.95 per month. This is more expensive than the cost of stamps, but slightly more convenient than walking to the mailbox, I guess.

Do you have online bill pay? Is it worth it? UR OPINIONZ PLZ

(no subject)

for those of you who watched YTV when they were younger, what was your favourite old school show?  I hate all the new ones..they suck so much compared to the ones they used to have on

My Answer: oh man there's so many ..Breaker High, Student Bodies, Bump in the Night, Aaaah! Real Monsters!, and my favourite ..Rocco's Modern Life!! I miss those so much.

(no subject)

Who loves buying things online?

Are you waiting for anything to arrive right now?

What are some good overseas websites that will ship to Australia without a ridiculous shipping cost (besides eBay)?

Is eBay evil?

1. I love it. It's fun!
2. Yes, Smith's Rosebud Minted Rose Lip Balm, Snakes on a Plane and Clerks 2 on DVD, and some BBW Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume.
3. I don't know! Everywhere I find has stupid shipping prices. I wish Thinkgeek had cheaper shipping.
4. YES! It always steals my money.

(no subject)

Do you tend to play songs associated with whatever you're studying when studying? (ie. I'm studying Russia and listening to 'In the dark of the night' from Anastasia. 'Heil myself' for World war II.)

What songs for what subjects?

Do you find it helps you recall things?

Do you feel the urge to break out into song?

Whats the correct term for a child disowning a parent, if there is one?
  • cdozo

A Soccer Mom's Dilemma

I need to get a new vehicle.  I want something that has enough space for two people to sleep comfortably lying down flat. I'm pretty sure it will be  a minivan, although I also like king cab trucks with 6 foot long beds and a camper top.  But I think I like the minivan better because it will hold more people when I'm not camping in it. I have decided against the Honda Element. I will be purchasing it new, and I'd like to keep the price under 30k.

Although I've made a poll, I'm also interested in all comments and suggestions. I'm also interested in hearing from current Sienna and Odyssey owners.

What vehicle should I get?
Poll #946031 My Next Vehicle

What should I buy for my next vehicle?

2007 Toyota Sienna
2007 Honda Odyssey

(no subject)

Last Friday I had an interview at a retail store; I was told I was hired and that someone would call me either Monday or Tuesday for whatever reason and that if nobody called, I should call them. I'm supposed to have training later on this week (it's not scheduled yet) and start this weekend.

It's now Tuesday at 5:06PM and nobody's called yet. Should I call tonight before I go to the airport to pick up my sister (around 7, the store closes at 9) or just wait and then call tomorrow morning? The manager that hired me isn't in this week so I can't call and talk to him.

When I do call, what exactly should I say, since I'm not really sure why someone is calling me in the first place? Who should I ask for, another manager or just talk to whoever answers the phone?

I'm new at this. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I called and they said he'd be in tomorrow, and that he'd call me. If not, I should call after the break because it's really busy right now. Thanks everyone!
il nostro capitano.

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Most people are familiar with the stereotypes of the more well known countries - that Americans are stupid and fat and lazy, that Italians are all members of the mafia and fantastic pizza chefs, that the French are stuck up and enjoy cheese more than your average person, that the Spanish... well, make up your own opinion on the Spanish. But I'm studying abroad in Portugal next year and the typical reaction when I tell someone is (sadly) either 'that's next to Brasil, right?' or 'are you going there to work on your Spanish?'

So, are there any stereotypes you can think of for lesser known countries?
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(no subject)

Have you ever gotten a shirt from I love some of their designs (I'm looking at shirts featuring The Office quotes. I didn't find much at the official merch website), but I've heard they're not good quality. Except my sister told me that, and she's never even gotten on. Experiances?

Also, I want to thank everyone for the Volvo advice the other day. :D
south park

(no subject)

I got a stupid question for y'all.

Does anyone remember Loveline?
Did you think it was funny?

Do you know if there is ANY way I could get like a DVD or a CD or anything with recordings of Loveline? (or the radio show they had after the TV show?) because that show cracked me up like no other.

food :]

this week we're having like a snack day at work.
it's usually done once a month, kinda to celebrate the birthdays that month.
everyone brings different kinds of food.

so got any suggestions ?

(no subject)

Does anyone have a link to those Sinful(tm) comics about the Pirates of the Carribean? When I google it, all I get is newstories about it. Or did they take it down? If so, did anyone happen to save the pictures?

(no subject)

i'm doing a paper on product placement and it got me thinking...when you think of product placement, what specific example pops into your head? (i.e. the reese's pieces in E.T.) do you think, from an ethical standpoint, product placement is okay? do you feel like you're being manipulated or do you just ignore it? has product placement ever affected you in any way?

(no subject)

Which of these would qualify a person as 'damaged goods'?

They have child/ren
They've been married before
They've just gotten out of a longterm committed relationship
Strong emotional problems, to the point of needing daily medication
They've had multiple brushes with the law and have served time
They have an STD or two or three
Personal history littered with drug/alcohol addiction
They're nice, but very religious
They're a slut

Which would you be more attracted to?

Someone with an incredibly hot, sexy body, but with a homely face and unflattering hair (a butterface)
Someone with a gorgeous face, stylish hair, but with a flabby, seriously overweight body

Which would you be more attracted to?

Someone with low average looks and no fashion sense who had a charming, likable personality and a very good sense of humor
Someone who's quite attractive and very sexy, but knows how hot they are and are full of themselves, that honestly have little interest in things that don't involve them

You're at a party and you're mingling. Which of these people would you sooner give your number to (assuming you're single, if you aren't)? Let's assume they're all around the same attractiveness

The one who was full of interesting ideas, who made you think
The one who made you laugh a lot
The one who had the most in common with you, such as loving all the tv shows you do, or shared your pet peeves, etc.
The one who was the best dressed and had the best car
The one who made you think about sex
The one who was into the same specific bands you were into
Whichever one seemed to show the most interest in me
None of them sound interesting
I don't give out my number to people I just met
Pfft. Like I'd mingle

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Quick question: is there a way I can send a txt message to a Virgin Mobil phone?

ETA: no cell, and no messangers, but I am going to install one tomorrow if I don't here from my friend. (Went on a trip on Greyhound and I want to make sure they did not dissapear into the Greyhound Transfer Ether.)
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Research Essay Précis

I have a research essay coming up in my Essay & Argument class. I need to write a précis describing the main argument(s) of my essay. I have NO IDEAS. The topic is open.

If you were writing a research essay and the topic was open, provided it has sides which can be proved and disproved (and it shouldn't be a superficial sort of topic), what would you write about?

law school roadtrip 07

I'm going on a road trip this summer so my boyfriend can visit schools. I love planning trips like this, but I'd also like input. Below is a list of the places we need to go. What do you think the best order would be to avoid tons of backtracking, and if you were going on this trip what kind of cool cities/places would you want to visit that are along the way? (i.e.,  continue south beyond NC and spend a day on the beach in FL, go to the grand canyon on the way back from LA, etc etc)? We like outdoorsy things and cities with a cool culture/scene like San Francisco, Portland, etc. We are starting out in Buffalo, NY.

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1. Have you ever bought a brand-new car? If no, would you? Why or why not?

2. Which attitude toward money is most similar to yours: a) You only live once, so might as well enjoy yourself and buy what you want OR b) saving for emergencies and the future gives you more satisfaction than material objects ?

3. Aside from groceries, how many times during the week do you buy food, snacks or drinks? How much do you spend?

4. What is something you can't understand why people spend a lot of money on?

5. What is something you have no problem spending a lot of money on that other people don't understand?

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to any and all photographically-inclined;

i am looking into buying a medium format camera. nothing fancy or anything, just something to learn and play around with.
i was skimming ebay and noticed Holgas and Hasselblads are quite popular, but sometimes get pricey, or at least more pricey than a starving artist college student can afford, yeah? so is there anything else to recommend getting, or another ((cheaper?)) place to buy?

and i would LOVE to save up my cash to get a 4x5 camera one day, but that's not even in the stars right now. but for future references, is there a good place to buy any of those?


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So basically I'm looking for a part-time job. (Nothing big, maybe in retail or something) Right now, I'm writing my resume but the problem is: I'm 15 and never had a job. I'm not kidding, not even babysitting! I've done some volunteering though so should I put that in experience? Or make a separate line for it? I'm so confused! What should I write? Also, who should I put down as my reference?

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Two (completely unrelated) questions

1) What would you do if you were trapped inside an elevator?

2) How do you take a screenshot on a laptop? I've tried pressing the same thing as when I take one on a regular computer, but it's not working. I've searched for the answer, but my Google skills are lacking tonight.

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This might be a weird question, but I kind of wanna figure this out.
My computer just shut itself down, and when it restarted I got my usual awesome screen where I type my password in. Then my desktop loaded, but the taskbar didn't load like usual. It went back to the old windows taskbar, but it stayed orange (the color I set it to using a program). My question is:
What program did I download to get my taskbar to look like
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The only thing I remember is that someone in this community (maybe??) posted a link to a torrent a while ago. I downloaded the boy and girl versions, and this is the girl one. The color I used ot use is Cinnamon, if that helps anyone remember what this is called. I tried searching through my computer files, but I can't find it.

Or if anyone knows how to find out what torrents you have previously downloaded, that'd be awesome.

Thanks, guys.
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Small Issue, or, "Some Teachers Need Lives"

The first week of school this year, I accidentally let it slip to one of my teachers that I am slightly irked by earning a 99 on papers. "Coming just short" and all of that. So now, he thinks it hilarious to give me a 99 and then watch my reaction. It was funny to all maybe the first two times.

Recently, he freely admitted that I had earned a 100 on a paper. Here's the note he left on the last page (observe bracket):

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Q: Is this just a little bit wrong?
My A: Yes, but it's too minor to do anything serious about it. I'm just wondering if I'm making a molehill out of flat ground.

Your creative solution and/or snark about this pet peeve of mine is welcome!

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Oh man you guys, I'm so not into this paper I'm writing. Help me procrastinate by answering my questions!

1. Do you have any weird tricks that you can do? Like put both legs behind your head or say the alphabet backwards really fast? Pictures of your bizarre talents are welcomed.

2. If you have pets, do they do anything that should be annoying but you find it really cute anyway? Pictures of your annoying pets are also welcomed.

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So, I'm supposed to be having the week off from school, but my teacher wants me to go back on thursday for remedial lessons that everyone's supposed to attend. And it lasts from seven thirty in the morning, all the way up to one.

Should I go? All signs point to 'no', but then I'll get yelled at when I see her next week. And if I stay home, what should I do all day?

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Doctor Who fans (I know you're out there):

Regardless of how likely it is, how would you feel about the prospect of a female Doctor, come the next regeneration? If you're in favour, would it have to be under certain conditions? How do you envisage a female Doctor?

Oh, and? Did anyone else fantasise about being the Doctor and not the assistant as a child? (Or, y'know, today? :)

My friend's away message says she is working on the invitations for our friend's wedding.

Do you find it weird that she is doing the invitations for a wedding in which she is an attendant?

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What's a non-life threatening problem that can be easily controlled through pills? Pills that would be lethal in excessive amounts in someone who didn't have the problem (though I suppose all prescription meds are lethal in excessive amounts)?

I ask because I'm writing a story where this man's wife dies, and he overdoses on her pills. But as the pills aren't really the main focus of the story I don't want to waste much time doing research on it when I could just ask you fine people.

(note: please include full medical names for pills and conditions)

Stealing's the story.

Yesterday one of my best friends (who I rarely get to see anymore) came over to spend the day with me, my husband, and my son.

She had brought some money with for when we went on a snack run. She left the money sitting in the top of her purse, clearly visible if you walked by it.

Before we went on our snack run, my pill-popping, drug addict, alcoholic brother-in-law made an appearance. He's also been friends with my buddy for the last 5 years or so. He raided the fridge, played a round of Mario Party 7, then he left.

A few minutes later we were getting ready to leave on our snack run, she notices her money is gone. She searched through her purse (which was in the kitchen next to mine) and we looked all over the house. No $30 anywhere.

I am 100% positive I saw it in her purse. I passed by it several times to get stuff out of the kitchen.

My only explanation is that my fuckstick brother-in-law took it.

So, what should I do? I've already confronted my husband (I'm not allowed to handle situations with his brother until I talk to him first) but he isn't doing anything. My friend said not to worry about it, but I'm freaking pissed. The jerk has stolen from me many times (money and pain pills) and I want it to stop!

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I'm making a mix of songs for my good friend. What are some good, friendship themed songs by artists that are similar to (or ARE) Fiona Apple, Rufus Wainwright, Sufjan Stevens, Feist? Or really, any good song about friendship will do, but I just prefer tunes that are of a more mellow nature. TIA :)
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Hey guys, it's been awhile. Anyway, here's my question.

I'm sopposed to write a paper for my business information systems class about info tech and how it's seen in business today. I've decided to focus on the digital divide. And already have 2 examples that I want to use.

1. one laptop per child initiative (education)
2. rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (infrastructure)
3. ??

I was thinking about stuff that could be relatable, and the whole Oprah's all girls school came into my head. Now, I'm not even sure if that fits, but even so, it deals with "education." Anyway, I was wondering if you guys had any imput/thoughts to this. Thanks!

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I work at a restaurant and today somebody ordered "ginger beer" it took me a moment to realize they probably meant ginger ale. So who here says ginger beer instead of ginger ale? In case this is a regional thing, where do you live/born/raised?

ETA Thanks everyone. Apparently, ginger beer and ginger ale are 2 different things. Says Wikipedia "Ginger beer is similar to ginger ale except that it has a significantly stronger ginger taste (often described as ginger ale with a "kick" to it)." Learn something new everyday. So the new question is, who else did not know this?

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What kind of romantic are you?

Basic flowers and teddy bears
Sweet romantic things whispered in your ear
You basically want to be in a romantic comedy
The funny yet endearing things he says to you

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Has your taste in music changed since 1999? If so, did you switch completely to something else or stayed in the same genre?

Yes. I used to listen to bubblegum pop and hiphop. I've switched completely to downtempo, electronica and lounge.
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It looks like they've changed the graphics around and it's on DVD instead of VHS.
But I use to play this when I was little even though it was scary as crap.

1. Did you ever play this game?
2. Did you absolutely hate the gatekeeper?
3. Did every lightning bolt struck and every sound on the tv scare the hell out of you?
4. If you haven't played this game, do you want to?

My answers:
1. Yes.
2. YES.
3. YES!
4. I kind of want to play it now even though the gatekeeper is a bastard.
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