March 12th, 2007

I'm a Quitter

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1. Are you excited for March Madness!?

2. Who do you want to win the NCAA tournament?

3. Who do you think will win?

4. Do you have a mac or pc?

5. if you have a mac, would you ever switch to a PC (why/why not)?

6. If you have a pc, would you ever switch to a mac (why/why not)?
krazie kermit


still not sure what to do with myself upon graduation, but i know i LOVE traveling, and organizing events when i get the chance.....

any websites/companies dedicated to helping people find their niche?
or if anyone knows of a specific job for either?

thanks a lot...
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If you could tell your parents anything, what would you tell them?

I'd tell my dad that our time together still means a lot to me, and that I remember all the long walks we used to take and conversations we used to have.
I'd tell me mom that some of the stuff she did after my parents got divorced really messed with me, and that I wish she'd acted more like a mom, but that I love her anyway.
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Has anyone here ever worked at CVS? Did you like it? Was it easy? What did you get paid? Anything else I should know?

I'm becoming bored with being a stay at home mom, so I though I'd get a little part time job at night so I can earn a little bit of money and help pay off some of our debt and be around people who can talk in sentences and not throw blocks at my face. Heh. We just moved and there is a CVS within walking distance from our new place, so I applied there.
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Brace yourself for the 


I feel like a true idiot asking this question.... but... A person with AIDS can have sex with another person who  has AIDS, right? Or is that discouraged?

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If you were ever a cashier did you find it hard at first?

Was social anxiety ever an issue?

I used to work at a pita place and would get very nervous and stressed whenever a new customer would come up to place an order. I could never find the buttons right away and do the math quick or engage in conversation because I was so focused on not screwing up. I was eventually fired.

Just wondering if this was ever an issue for anybody else and if you were able to overcome it?

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Is it true that fuzzy handcuffs get really gross? A friend of mine was saying that she would never get a pair because of it and now I'm curious. Do regular handcuffs chafe if they're used during sex, and that's why now there's fuzzy ones? Or was it so they could match the décor? I must know, why?!

edit: My boyfriend insists that my parents must have smoked weed back in the day and everytime I deny it, he just tells me I'll finally see it someday. Well, this past Halloween my mom needed big boots to go with her costume, so her and my dad went to a store by my boyfriend's house. Thing is, the place is a head shop/tattoo and piercing parlor/porn shop and yes I'm there quite often. My parents mentioned, when I asked them where they found the boots, that they were also at the store pretty damn often. And that's when i realized my boyfriend was right :\

Have you ever been proven horribly wrong like this? How? Tell us a story?


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we I want to go away this summer on vacation.

Where would you suggest?

Here are the limitations though ....
1. nowhere outside of the north america region
2. must have variety
3. should not cost more then 1500.00 for 5 days

Niagra Falls was nice, but got boring fast (we where on the american side)

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How many calories does an apple have? If you're on a diet, could you eat an apple whenever you wanted to? Would you have to substitute, say three apples = one meal, or is it good enough that you could have one as a snack if you wanted? How many apples a day is too many?

Is Tritter from House Md. the same as the guy who was the pilot in Stephen King's The Langoliers? you know the third question that I forgot?
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footsteps on the path

Whatever your spiritual/religious belief system is, when the time comes that you pass from this Existance and go into the Next, how do you think you'll feel when you discover whatever it is you think you know as the Truth turns out not to be?
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Im looking for helpful/accurate resources (websites/books etc) on Buddhism and all that it entails.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)
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I'm leaving fro Delaware in about 15 minutes. My dad suggested we go, and I think it's only because he likes taking the Cape May - Lewes Ferry. I have no idea what we will be doing when we get there, and I doubt he does either. In general what would you recommend we do there?

For Breakfast.

1. What is your main news source? Do you believe what you read? Do you believe it if only from a certain source or person?

2. Name something you look down on people for.

3. Do you think that being picky and not trying new foods insults the intellect?

4. Is shaking babies really that bad? 

5. How badass was 300?
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Did you see Zodiac? What was your opinion?
(I thought it was entirely too long and cannot believe that someone didn't think it needed more editing.)

When it is surprisingly nice outside, what do you do, if anything?

When a coworker calls off work, do you ever have to do their job? (Someone called off today and I have to do his stuff. :( I hate that, because I have a lot of my own work to get done.)

Your apartment is burning down. It is full of smoke and fire. You get to the first floor, when you hear a woman screaming for help. Do you try to find her, or just try to get out safely?
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1) Where are you from?
2) What do you think of NY (meaning the NYC metro area). If you've never been, what do you think it's like?
3) What do you think of people from NY? (nyc-metro area)

I'm biased ... because I call it home ... so I won't even answer. lol
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1. What is your favorite flavor of Combos?

2. When you eat Combos, do you try to suck the filling out of the middle?

3. Have you seen Monty Python's Spamalot?

4. If yes, was the guy who played Lancelot incredibly hot? Did you cheer when they tore his clothes off?

5. Should I have a third cup of coffee or stumble on with just the two? This time change is kicking my ass.

Edit: A co-worker just came into my office and told me that he is in the middle of rearranging my files and argued with me for twenty minutes about why his way is so much better than mine, even though his makes no sense. Should I email my boss about it like a whiney baby or continue to argue with him, even though he won't listen because I'm just a little girl?

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Hello fellow April babies! What date is your birthday? Does anyone here share mine (27th)?

What famous people share your birthday? What events in history happened on your birthday? (Not limited to April babies. :))

Carrying on the theme of soul-searching questions

Coming home one day from work/school, you enter your abode, close the door behind you, and are confronted with a man in an expensive suit. "(insert name here), I represent the Devil, and he's been watching you, and he's aware of all the struggles and needs in your life. My boss is prepared to offer you 5 wishes. No limits other than it must pertain to your life specifically in some way, so none of this world peace nonsense. My boss swears in this 5KE0-2 form that he will do nothing to capsize your wish, unlike the movies' portrayal of such activity. The form dictates that if he acts to subvert your happiness through the wishing, then he forfeits his investment. For, you see, the payment for these 5 wishes is your soul."

He reaches into his obsidian briefcase, to pull out another form and a fountain pen filled with a reddish liquid

"This is your standard boilerplate soul-transferring contract, and as is the custom in my land, it is to be signed in blood. Upon completion of the contract, you will be given this"

He produces a gold ring with 5 rubies

"Simply make a wish while holding this ring. Each ruby contains one wish"

He senses you balking, and he then tries to close the deal

"If you're concerned about the eternity in 'my land', then I will give you this. An EI95-89 form. Fill it out and leave it under your pillow at any point, and it allows you to submit another 2 souls in payment for your contract, instead of your initial offering of your soul."

The form has 2 blank lines at the top, labelled PROXY. He puts the ring down in front of you, beside the contract and pen. The ring glimmers like you've never seen.

What do you do?
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For students...

Who else is currently writing a master's or Ph.D thesis/dissertation? What is it about?

I'm doing a master's degree in English, and my subject is "Literary genres at work in Bram Stoker's Dracula". I'll try to defend it in June.
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Bruins - shadow


1 Do you think its rude to give out a birthday list?
2 Are you more likely to get someone something off of their birthday list or would you look for something else and hope they like it?
3 Do you include gift receipts?
4 Would you be insulted if they didn't like their gift?


Can you take your glasses to any vision place to get an exam and get their lenses replaced? Does it matter if they're "designer" lenses? Over the years I have purchased 3 pairs of glasses from a rather classy/pricey glasses store but I don't want to go there again because they're too expensive. I want to make sure my treasured glasses can be serviced, if you will, and I don't know how this works.
i say, old bean

odd weekend.

just curious.
say you walk into walmart or something and you head off to the bathroom.
as you're washing your hands, you see someone in the handicap stall,on the floor, pants at their knees and pills surrounding them. there's no wheelchair, and the person is barely moving.

1. what's your first thought?

moving on passed the first thought, a lady next to your stall walks out, and she puts back on her work vest, glances in the general area of the handicap stall, but does nothing and walks out.

2. what are your thoughts now?

and finally, you go to tell a store owner your thoughts on this person in the handicap stall, and they go to check, but come back out laughing and tell you the person is 'okay' you believe thia?
4.interested in returning to this store?

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As I am sitting here enjoying my bulgogi and fried rice from the Korean snack bar...I'm prompted to ask...what is YOUR favorite foreign food?

Have you tried a foreign dish you detested?

What is your favorite cuisine (Mexican, Thai, German, etc...)?
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1. Anyone here enjoy the stories of P.G. Wodehouse?

2. Has anyone here watched "Jeeves and Wooster?"

3. If you have also read the stories, which did you prefer (books or tv version)?

I ask because I've loved the Jeeves stories for quite some time, however just was told about the tv version they did about 13 years ago and decided to watch it. I think the characters are fantastic (particularily Bertie and Jeeves, perfectly cast), however I just can't enjoy it. The jumble of the stories makes my mind confused! :(

Wisdom Teeth Question

So, I got my wisdom teeth yanked out on friday.  They STILL hurt, except it's not my teeth and gums that hurt, it's my JAW and cheeks.  My left side is starting to make my ear hurt and my right side looks like a chipmunk because one very specific point swelled up and is kinda in a knot on the otherside of my cheek.  I can barely open my mouth to brush my teeth and the vicodin is really just not strong enough.

Any ideas?  Suggestions, Help?

Online secret society

Suppose there is an online secret community where you can post encrypted messages
that is readable only to those in a community or a access list.

1.Would you be interested in using it?
2.If so, how much money would you pay per month?

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1. Providing you have a dishwasher, do you load it as you dirty your dishes, or do you place all the dishes in the sink and then put them in the dishwasher when you feel you have enough for a load? If you load as you go, do you place them all willy-nilly or do you fill back to front?

2. You've switched schools half-way through your post-secondary career. Originally, you came from a tiny school that has utter trust in their students. In fact, you know the school didn't use any outside plagerism-tracking resources. Recently, you've switched to a large university that takes a lot of security measures to halt plagerism. In one of your current classes, you have to write an essay on a topic you've written on before in your small school. Your original essay, which fulfills the current assignment, had received a good mark, but wasn't all that hard to do. Fully knowing that you won't get caught, do you make minor alterations to the assignment and rehand it in?

3. Are you currently trying to kick any habits?

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1. What happens to a person that's on probation (for drugs) if they're arrested (for drugs)?
2. Would it be rude of me to suggest that a friend get her uterus removed? She knows absolutely nothing about her own body, and fills my text mail box with messages such as "is it too early to test I just started the first week of pills?", "I'm on my sugar pill week, and I'm bleeding, but it's brown is that okay?", and "I shoved a dildo up there and now I'm bleeding, could I be pregnant?"
3. What did you eat for breakfast?
4. What's the last thing you did that you regret? Not even a serious regret, just thought you made the wrong decision or could have done something better.
5. When you think about your childhood, what's the first thing that comes to mind?
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If a tree falls on a mime in the forest, does it make a sound?

What is the meaning of life My So-Called Life?

Do animals have souls? Where does the essence of an animal go when they die?
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Do you buy/pay any attention to the celebrity gossip media (LJ communities, US, People, Star, etc)? What celebrity news stories make you want to pick up a copy/read the article (if any). What celebrity news stories to you think you'll throw up if you see ONE MORE STORY? What celebrities, if any, do you admire? What celebrities, if any, totally disgust you?

As for me, its my secret shame *blush* I generally tend to buy People. My excuse is it keeps my mind off of the boredom of exercising (elliptial trainer).

a random few..

a) what's for lunch?
b) who was the last person you saw cry?
c) okay, i have a wedding to go to and i have no idea what to get 'em! i was thinking a monogrammed towel set, what would you want to receive as a wedding present? or what was your favorite wedding present if you're already married?
d) if you're in a relationship right now that doesn't involve you being engaged/married yet, if your SO was to ask you to marry them.. TODAY! what would you say? if you answered no, why not?
Big Love

Ms. Manners

Inspired by the Birthdays thread:

Do you know basic etiquette?

Do you think, in general, people no longer have manners or tact when it comes to social situations?

What are your biggest etiquette-breaking pet peeves that make you cringe whenever you hear about it?

Who in their right mind thinks it is ok to register their children for birthday gifts??

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PS, I know I'm the etiquette nazi with a bad attitude that curses like a sailor.  No one is perfect! :o)
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What's a weird coincidence you've had with your boyfriend/girlfriend/ex?

(i.e. Having the same bedroom colour, him having your name tattooed on his arm because of an ex like the woman that posted a few days ago, etc.)

That hobbit house...

1. A while ago, I made a post about a house built into nature (as opposed to around it), and I've been looking for that website again. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be working for me... I don't know if it's because of the connection, or if the site has been shut down.

I wanted to do this for a project, but I need that site! Does it work for anyone else? Or is there an alternate site?

.:ETA:. Thanks, everyone. If you could let me know what system you have, that'd be great! (It seems to time out for my XP, FireFox and Explorer.)

2. Speaking of that project... I have to do a persuasive speech. If that one topic doesn't work out, I have another option (pro-choice, woo, what a topic!), but in hopes of getting more ideas: If you had to present a persuasive speech about anything, what would you talk about?

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1 (Following up to this nipple question...)

A few years back I noticed that for a lot of caucasian types, their nipple and lip colours were quite similar (lighter pink nipples, lighter pink lips, etc). I haven't tested this theory out too much with people of different racial backgrounds, but we're a nice diverse group.

Do your lip and nipple colours seem to match? What's your racial/ethinic heritage?

2 As I was updating my interests, I forgot to include a comma, so one of them became "Hugh Laurie ice cream". What flavour do you think Hugh would be?

3 when you're out drinking (at a party, or a club, etc), do you keep an eye on your drinks?
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Wtf-f-f-f is with David Hasselhoff being called "The Hoff"?

My Google skills are t3h sux0rz today, because I haven't been able to find anything on why he gets called that.

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Rent question!

My roommates and I signed a lease from mid June of last year til mid June of this year. We paid pro-rate(?) rent for the half of June. I'm the only one moving out and thus my landlord told me I am supposed to collect my security deposit from my roommates, which shouldn't be a problem. Will I still have to pay for the entire month of June even though my lease ends in mid-June, and if I must pay the full rent can I say that I have the right to stay there until the end of June? I'm not sure how this all works out.

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Do you believe that veterans should receive better benefits than civilians?  For example, should a veteran receive a lower interest rate on his mortgage simply because he is a vet?  Or, as another example, do vets deserve better healthcare than what your average civilian receives?  Should a veteran get Veteran's Day off when other people in the office have to work?
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1. has anyone here felt the sheer ecstasy that is trying to network a vista with a non-vista machine?

1a. roughly what size is the head-shaped hole in your wall that followed said attempt?

2. i put all my vacation pictures on my roommate's (vista-riffic) laptop, which were thusly deleted off the camera. i'm home now, and the networking of his computer with mine has become a hassle (i.e. took longer than 5 minutes.) any slack-asses out there have any ideas for me? or am i seriously going to waste an hour making this work. totally not going to burn a c.d. with maybe 200 photos on it.


1. For the British - What's the list which you can input your telephone number in so that random companies can't phone you up? I know there is one but I can't remember it at all. Getting a ton of calls from random people is starting to get really annoying. - Answered - Thanks bopeepsheep

2. Are you a list like the one above?
3. Do you get these kind of calls? Whether it be selling you something or advising you on stuff?
4. What are the most common ones you receive?

5. An observation I've noticed is that a lot (not all) of Scottish people don't really say they're from the UK but that they are specifically from Scotland whereas the English/Welsh/Irish people don't mind. What has the Scottish got against being lumbered with the rest of the UK? :(
6. Did you know that Northern Ireland isn't part of Great Britain? I never knew that until I was looking at my passport where it says "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" and when I told my dad he just looked at me as if I should of known that.. which I should of :(
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"the list"

You might remember the episode of Friends where Ross made a top 10 list for famous women he'd like to get in bed with. My real life friends do that too. I am attempting the same, except it's supposed to be a joke so I want the -worst- possible or weirdest women on the list. They have to be at least somewhat famous. They can be cartoons, side characters from movies or tv, real people, etc. For example, two characters I came up with were Gozer from Ghostbusters (does anyone have a full body view picture of her? I need one. The only ones I found on the net were of just her face) and the 4 boobed girl from Total Recall. Silly things like that are what I'm looking for.

So if you had to make such a list, who would you put on it?

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I apologize if this is an extremely stupid question with a hella obvious answer.

If someone gets a cartilage piercing, can he/she later get the other piercing that would make it an industrial, or do both holes for an industrial piercing have to be done at one time for placement purposes?

Sorry that's worded weird. Thanks.
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1. What's the most brag-worthy thing your pet can do?

If you chastise my parrot for chewing on you/nipping, he stops immediately and says "Sorry."

2. If you're not a pet owner, how annoying is it when people like me talk about the stupid things our pets do?
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Random ?'s

1) What kind of pillows do you like? (soft, firm, medium, feather, tempur-pedic, etc)

2) What's something that you've looked for on Wikipedia but were not able to find?

3) Did you ever used to watch My Brother & Me on Nickelodeon? Did you know that Alphie from the show is a gangster rapper now?

4) What's a television channel that you used to think was great, but now is pretty terrible to you for whatever reason?

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My cousin's cat died over the weekend - she was away. She already buried him, but she was curious as to what happened, and I've been researching but haven't come up with anything great.

The cat hadn't touched its food. He wasn't even two years old. His gums, tongue, and nose were black. He has a history of obesity and a slightly distended belly. His face and paws were covered in saliva.

I was thinking something related to the liver, but do you have any ideas, O Gods of TQC?

(no subject)

1. After seeing Dr. Strangelove and the entire Pink Panther series, I have become enamored with Peter Sellers. If you're a fan, what films of his or books about him do you recommend? Which is your favorite Panther film?

2. Isn't DayQuil supposed to make you feel more alert? Then why do I feel so delightfully stoned? What over-the-counter meds do you usually buy when you have a cold? Stuff to keep you up or stuff to keep you down?

3. Can I see your dirty pillows?

Where to eat in Vegas?

Hey all! My lovely boyfriend is taking me to Vegas at the end of May. We are pretty sure we know where we're staying (he'll be down there next week for work and is scoping some places out), and we already have which shows we want to see planned (Celine Dion - DON'T LAUGH! I'm a huge fan and have already seen the show once, BlueMan, and Zumanity) but my question is this:

Where should we EAT in Vegas? 

Give me your favorites and ideas! Spendy, budget-friendly, any cuisine, any meal, best dessert, killer buffet, cool shit in the bathroom, strong drinks...anything! Tell me what you love to dine on in Vegas, and where you love to do it!

I'll now return to my mind-numbing desk job and continue to count down the days until vacation.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever quit smoking? What worked best for you?

2. The minimum wage in my state (FL) just went up. I was under the impression that it went up to $7.15 but the DOL website says effective Jan. 1st 07 it is $6.67. I only make $11/hr at my job and I'm due for a raise. Since the minimum wage in my state just went up, should I be taking that into consideration when asking for a raise? My boss is the kind that wants all kinds of evidence to support a claim. As it is, I feel $11 is pretty crappy :/

3. What is the worst thing you have ever told a boss or a higher-up without getting fired?

4. How frustrated would you be if your partner were not aggressive? (Doesn't make the move, doesn't take the lead in the bedroom etc.) Would you say anything about it?

dictionary website is not functioning properly today. Do you have a favorite site for looking up definitions that is NOT Yes, I know I can Google it, but I want opinions from actual people.
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(no subject)

1. In LJ drama, which pisses you off more; the perpetrator or the escalator? Was that proper use of a semi-colon?
2. When reading TQC, do you scroll through the entries on the journal front or do you use the back and forth arrows on each entry? Do you know what I'm talking about?
3. What question have you been MEANING to ask, but ALWAYS forget whenever you go to "Post To Journal"?
4. Where do you do your best thinking?
5. Where do you have your best conversations?
6. When you shower are you more likely to take foreeeeeeeeeverrrrrr or to be lickety-split?!
7. What are your favorite books for middle readers? (Think ages 7-12 or so).
8. Which grade of school has been your favorite so far?
9. If you could say just ONE thing to the WHOLE world, what would it be? How come?
10. What's your favorite abbreviation?

1. Probably the escalator.
2. Back and forward arrow son each individual. And yes, I know what I'm talking about!
3. Just about all of these, and I'm sure I'm missing one that I've been thinking about FOREVERRRR or something.
4. The shower.
5. Anywhere that I can have the conversation while being comfortable and perhaps doing something with my hands. I'm not creative and I don't like to draw or anything. But, one of the best conversations I've ever had was had while I was latch-hooking, and I think it was due to the fact that I was busy with my hands.
6. Take forever! I'm never, ever lickety-split.
7. The Junie B. Jones series by Barbara Park!!
8. I really liked sophomore year. You get to enjoy the fun of high school without the pressure of college looming RIGHT there, and without being a stinky freshman.
10. OBVS or PROBS.
this is what my user name is from


Isn't it the sign of some genetic disorder when you have a flat or no bridge on your nose? If you are Caucasian, that is.
What about if it is coupled with round eyes?

Is it totally non PC to wonder about peoples mentality based on their features?
Does that actually make it immoral? What is morality anyway? Am I real? (lolololol)

(no subject)

Have any of you ever gone through DBT - Dialectical Behaviour Therapy before?

I've done a little bit if it before, but starting soon, I am going to be doing more of it with my therapist.

How did you guys find it to be?
cat mask

(no subject)

I'm having some trouble with downloading the older versions of AIM (AOL Instant Messenger), 5.9, or 5.3.
The download goes through, and all, and then a window pops up, and asks me 'Would you like to set AIM as your default instant messenging browser blah blah blah', and the damn thing freezes. Every time. I've tried to download the program from,, and from , and have the same problem, so I think it's a problem with m

What can I do? I hate AIM 6 with a burning fiery passion.


(no subject)

what was that site where you could email other people saying that if you type in three of your crushes, it'll calculate your compatability (or something) but when they enter the names it actually sends the names to the person that sent them that email in the first place

did that make sense? probably not. ex. you get an email telling you to enter your three crushes but when you press enter, it says "your three crushes have just been sent to (me)"

on another note, do you write out notes with coloured pen? or do you just highlight after...or do you use no colour at all?


Why does anonymity lead people to think it's okay to say things to a total stranger on the internet that they would never say to a total stranger's face?

(I'm NOT referring to anything that's happened to me, or anything that's happened in this community btw.)
sweet dee mothafucker

(no subject)

I once found a site with tons of vintage eyeglasses. I lost the address. Can anyone point me in the direction of a site with tons and tons of options of real vintage eyeglasses? You could buy them right on the site and they were pretty cheap. I am looking mainly for 50s-60s glasses. I am googling but someone might link me to the one I really want.


Quick questions for those of you who manage to have a sex life while living in the same house as your parents (or for those of you who remember what that was like):

1. How do you manage it?
2. And how often?

Edited to add:

3. Have you ever had sex outside?
4. Where?
5. Was it enjoyable?

(no subject)

I have a flight for a 5-day trip with my best friend at a pre-sunrise hour next tuesday. I'm planning to pack monday night at 10pm. She's packing right now. Clearly we are near the extremes in this area.

When would you pack?

Do you pack light or heavy?

Are you a good packer or do you always forget something important?

I was thinking about making these questions in the format "Last time you went somewhere did you..". Which version do you prefer?

(no subject)

Which would you rather sleep with?

Robin Williams, 2 days after he was shaved head-to-toe, so he has full-body stubble
A space alien. This one's both male and female
Mike Tyson
Rosie O'Donnel after 3 helpings of beans and cabbage
A Real Sex doll in the likeness of your third grade teacher
Dennis Hopper's character from Blue Velvet
A midget
Double amputee (legs)
A furry
Clone of yourself
All 4 Golden Girls (orgy, baby!)

Pick one special gift for yourself

You piss the finest beer or mead you've ever tasted (your call). Delicious, potent and smooth
$1,000,000!!! In pennies. The banks won't take them unless they're rolled up
Johnny Depp or Scarlett Johansson bumps their head in front of your abode and completely forgets who they are. They knock on your door in confusion. From that point, you can tell them whatever you want them to believe
The ability to see through denim
A free 100-day trip across the world. Expenses are all paid for and you get travel money and can bring one extra person. However, it's all paid for by Donald Trump, and he'll be travelling with you the whole trip
Instant gnosis of the meaning of life.
50lbs of fat mysteriously taken off your body, with no ill effects
You suddenly require one less hour of sleep a night. This means you can go to bed an hour later, or you're not as tired in the morning than you normally are
Photographic memory
The ability to communicate with freshwater fish

How about a hug?

Ok. C'mere
No. Ick
How about more than just a hug? wink-wink
I don't hug
I hug everybody and everything and you're next!
I think I'm allergic to you
I could use a hug myself
Is this a bad time to mention that I think I may have leprosy?

Kind of underwear you have on right now

Bikini cut
Boy cut
Granny panties
Laundry bag with 2 holes poked into it for legs
Crotchless panties
Crotchless boxers
Edible undies
The most important thing is that there's a message or picture on the front

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So, TQC, anything piss you off lately?

I just got a phone call about my pre-order for God of War 2. I went ahead and did a pre-order back in February to make sure my husband got a copy for his Valentine's Day present. I wasn't sure I'd have the money this month. Anyway, the call said it won't be in until tomorrow evening. I called EB Games to verify and the guy told me he had to go pick up the shipment tomorrow afternoon/evening between 4 and 6 and he wasn't sure he'd make it back from Paducah by the time the store closes.

So now I'm all grr and the husband is upset because he was looking forward to playing it all day tomorrow after we picked it up.


Does anyone here have IBS? How often do you experience an "episode"? Do you take any meds to help? What are they? Any tricks to help prevent your symptoms?
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1. Quick!  Which should I order: spicy buffalo wings or mild chipotle BBQ wings?  ETA: I'm going with the spicy buffalo!  What would you have ordered?

2. Less important, and I know this has been asked before, but: what will you do when LiveJournal finally crashes and dies for good?  What will you do with all that free time?

3. And finally: what's your favorite type of pie? 

Possibly stupid...

So, I was thinking the other day, and this is what emerged from it:

I've heard (somewhere, I can't recall where exactly, which isn't very helpful I know) that part of the reason women have a lower alcohol tolerance than men is because women's bodies tend to have a higher body fat percentage. Apparently this fat means that we cannot process alcohol as quickly, or something similar.

So. The amount of muscle I have fluctuates, depending on if I've been exercising, or if I've been working a lot (my after school/weekend job involves a lot of lifting and carrying reasonable weights). Could these fluctuations be affecting my alcohol tolerance? I know that other things, like what I'm drinking, what I've eaten, and how long it's been since I last drank will affect my tolerance as well, but I'm curious now.

Note: No, I don't plan to take up weight training so I can drink more or anything like that, I'm just wondering.
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Do you have dandruff?

Is it bad?
Very. I even have it in my eyebrows. It's terrible and really embarrassing.

What do you do about it? Have any remedies that have worked really well?
I have tried every different kind of shampoo, including a Rx one and none of them have helped very much. I just want my head to stop being yucky =[
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I hear that if you move to Colorado that you have to have something special done to your vehicle. What is it? And what happens if you don't do it? Does the car blow up or something? What is the time frame to do it? How much does it cost?

Does the same also apply to states such as Utah?

Edit to add: What's the name of the Yoga that is done in a 100 degree room or whatever? Have you tried it? Do you like it? If you dance, does Yoga help you at all?

(no subject)

Hello, everyone. I feel a bit sad that my first post in here is under such awful circumstances, but ...

Two kids from my graduating class were killed in an auto accident yesterday (Sunday) morning. Everyone's taking it very hard, as it's the first loss our class has had (we graduated in May). I'm a big fan of music and believe it can help ease the passing of any situation. Since learning what happened yesterday evening, I've been working to put together a list of songs for a cd I'd like to offer to my fellow classmates in memory of the boys.

I have a list of songs already picked out ("Let It Be" which was our class song, "What Hurts the Most" by Rascall Flatts, "If We Hold On Together" by Diana Ross, & "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas), but google has been a bit stubborn in yielding good results.

What songs do you recommend to help with the death of a friend?

Thanks so much, everyone.

XP Service Pack 2 & Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - to update or not to update?

I have a computer with XP Home (100% legit copy FWIW) which is still using Service Pack 1. I heard some horror stories - including some first hand - about people's computer flipping out on them in really bad ways when they got XP Service Pack 2. It has been out for nearly 2 years so they should have worked out all the bugs...but it is still Microsoft.

The computer has never had any problems that I can recall with networking, virus infection, malware, or similiar issues. I don't use Outlook but I do IM (via Trillian). I browse with IE6. I have Norton Anti-Virus & Internet Security and also use AdAware and Spybot. I worry that the MSRT could cause more problems than it helps and might be less effective to boot.

Should I get Service Pack 2?

Should I get the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool?
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What do you think is the lowest you could weigh before people started questioning if you had an eating disorder?
How tall are you?
What is the most you can weigh and feel happy?
What is the most you've ever weighed?
merlin ♡ w.e

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Apparently there's a tv series titled Twilight to start airing some time this year but I have been unable to find any information on it. The only information I have been able to find is this at and we all know how reliable that site is.

Anyone happen to know anything about this potential new show or where I could find info on it?

student government

i'm running for president for my school and i just found out that we are having video elections this year.

Basically, we are supposed to make our own video/speech, it can be up to 3 minutes and then it will be shown in all the classes before spring break.

I have a lot of time to work on it, so it's not really a big rush. When i thought that it was just going to be a speech i wrote out this really good one that tied in a quote from grey's anatomy about taking chances and how you shouldn't sit back and just wait for things you have to be active and go for them. I really liked it but i can't do that now =/.

I have a few ideas on how to be funny (i.e pretending that i think the video is off and saying something, then half way through "remembering" that it's on) I really want it to be good and i obviously want to win

any suggestions? ideas? input?

thanks in advance
seems like i'm still waiting for the sun


Have you ever gotten anything off of Craigslist?

Any good deals, musings, or horror stories? Do share.

(I'm in the process of getting my first apartment, and furniture shopping on Craigslist seems promising for my broke college student self)
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Has anyone here ever been homeless? (Or have any relatives that are/were homeless)
Where did you live?
Did you go to a shelter?
Can you describe what your life was like?
Anything else you can add..

I was reading waiterrant today, I'm trying to read all the archives, and he talks about the homeless man outside his store and thinking about being homeless.

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1) Is there something you crave that you can't have, no matter what? As in, there is no POSSIBLE way to have it until a certain point of time in the future? (Besides long-distance boyfriends/girlfriends)
2) Is the reason why you want it so bad is because you know you will be able to have it in the future? If not, why do you want it?
3) What is the best memory involving your answer to the previous question #1?
4) What is the first thing you're going to do when you can have it?
5) Any pictures regarding your answer to question #1?

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I know it is truly lame to post homework help, but this is driving me nuts. All I need is a persuasive speech topic that relates to a class of 20 university students and one prof, and that isn't over done. Some examples have been why you should not eat organic food, why you should learn a foreign language and why you should not drink diet coke...

So, what topics do you like to defend?

Beans beans the musical fruit

Do you pass a lot of gas?
*sheepishly* yes

Do you find there's a particular time of day when you are most gassy?
For me it's during late evening/night, unfortunate for my boyfriend because that's when we are together most...

How long were you on LJ before you made "friends"?
I didn't make the majority of my LJ friends until about 3 years in to my LJ usage.

If you had mono before, has it ever reared it's ugly sleepy head again?
I had it years ago, but lately I've been constantly exhausted, and my tonsils swollen... Maybe I should see a doctor.

(no subject)

Hello Monday,

I know this isn't really allowed, but I can't find the answer to this in LJ Support, so this is my last resort. How do I find random users? Is there a painfully obvious 'RANDOM USER' button that I am missing?


Swimsuits for the really BIG ladies

Yes, I am a plus size chick, and I need a swimsuit for my trip to Puerto Rico.

Where are some places to find cheap suits for a girl my size?

(I'm already looking at Lane, Ave, and JCPenney...) Any other places come to mind?

Second Q: When you my username what immediately springs to mind?
Little Prince

(no subject)

What's your favorite mixed drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)? Recipes, please!
Miss Piggy - Sprite, grenadine and cream, proportioned to your tastes.

What're some of your favorite snacks?
Sourdough toast with butter spread, molletas, roast beef slices, strawberry wafers.

Does a chef have to provide his/her own recipes when working for, say, a restaurant in a chain hotel, like the Hilton or Westin?

What are some of your favorite "fuck-you-I'm-so-cool-I-don't-care-what-anyone-says" songs?
"Konichiwa Bitches" by Robyn, "Cruel" by Tori Amos, "Video" by India Arie and "I Love Myself Today" by Bif Naked come to mind.

(no subject)

!. Do you like kids?

2. Were you good about sharing your toys as a child?

3. Are you good about sharing your toys now?

4. When you fill up the gas tank, do you fill it up all the way or just part of the way?

5. What's your favorite onomatopoeia? (mine is POW!)

eta: I just realized my '1' is an exclamation point. I think I'm going to keep it that way, though. I kinda like it.

(no subject)

i got an lg fusic a few days ago.  when i hook up my phone to my laptop with the usb cord, my laptop recognizes it, but it still doesn't work.  =[   anyone know what the heck is going on?  the booklet that came with it and google are of no use as far as i can tell.  there are no sprint stores around either.  

Kent lyrics

I was listening to this song that I love, Sverige by Kent, and I realized that I have no idea what the lyrics mean. So... anyone speak Swedish and want to give me a translation (as general or specific as suits you)? I got the lyrics from google, so if they're totally off or something tell me and I can look again.

ETA: I do know that it's a patriotic song, but no details.

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(no subject)

I'm using Microsoft Word right now, trying to create a numbered list. Suddenly this damn program is inserting a weird formatting arrow right after the number. So it looks like this

1) -> blah blah

I thought I was in the Format view but I'm not. What the hell is going on? How do I get rid of this arrow issue? It does it every time I insert a number and press spacebar.

I have also tried going to the "Bullets and Numbering" option, but trying those didn't work.

Help :( I am teh incompetent :/

ETA: When I say Format view I mean I am not in the "Show formatting marks" mode. And if it helps, the arrow also appears whenever I press tab to indent.

ETA 2: RESOLVED</b.! Apparently I had the "tab characters" box checked for some reason in the Options. Thanks :)
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(no subject)

Does anyone else here stutter? Has anything you've tried to help actually worked? Do you live your life just as you would if you didn't stutter, or do you avoid certain things (public speaking, teaching, talking on the phone, etc)?

(no subject)

When you have a customer-service job, is it normal to be scheduled for inconvenient shifts (e.g. closing late one night and opening early the next) every week? Would you talk to the scheduler if it consistently happened to you and interfered with other aspects of your life?

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Also, thanks to everyone who answered my ant-trap question! I finally got in touch with my landlord, and the situation is under control.

Edit: What are your feelings about paying for music vs. downloading it?
death from above!

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Has anyone ever offended you even though they were trying to be nice?  Did you realize at that moment that they didn't mean it?  What did you do?

I started a new job a couple of weeks back (this on top of 2 other jobs and a 15-credit-hour college schedule).  I didn't get to sleep until 11-ish the first two nights, and I have to get up at 5:00 for this new job.  So on the third day, I decided to go to bed early (around 6:30) because I was just too exhausted.  I called up my boyfriend, who was with his mom, and when he said goodnight to me, I heard his mom go, "She's going to bed already?"  "Yes, Mom, she has to get up at 5."  "Well, so do I, but I'm not going to bed that early."  I was really upset--I had a lot of stuff going on in my life at the time, and was working 3 jobs, etc, etc, and here she was acting (so I thought) like a lazy bum.  I just got kinda huffy and said goodbye.  When I talked to him about it later, he said that she had just been worried that I was sick.  So yeah, I felt like scum.