March 11th, 2007

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Ipod Tech Question

Does anyone know how to recover songs that might have been lost while updating files on an Ipod?

I was attempting to upload a new audiobook to my Ipod/Itunes library and deleted some of the "Smart Playlists" while doing so. When I went to play the songs that were in the library before hand, it said something to the effect of "songs cannot be played because the original source cannot be found." All of the songs still show up in the library, but I cannot find anything else about them or why they aren't working.

The Itunes website isn't very clear, can anyone help me out here?

(no subject)

Q: What is something that smells good to you, which might sound odd to other people?

A: Ziploc baggies. I think they remind me of eating packed lunches as a child.
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This is so ridiculous.


Let's saying you were being burned alive (at a stake...I'm watching Elizabeth)

Would you die first of asphyxiation of the smoke, would you go into shock, or would you be fully conscious at the flames consumed you?

Because that would suck.
Fatal Curiosity II

First post. :3

I tend to think a little too much, so I cooked up this weird little question. It boggled me for a while, so I decided to show it to the interwebs and see what they had to say about it.

Ok, I'm pretty sure that we all know that shopping at Hot Topic brings some sort of horrid shame upon a person, right? It's kind of hard to have regular access to a computer and not have heard someone going off about that.

I'm also pretty sure that it is mutually agreed that thrift stores are just fine, and possibly even cool in some circles, am I right?

So, here's the question:

What if someone bought something at a thrift store that the previous owner had bought at Hot Topic?

I'll just start us off by saying that I have no real opinion on this. As long as it fits, has a neat pattern or design on it, and I have the money to buy it upon encountering it, I'll buy clothing from pretty much anywhere that sells it.

I expect entertaining answers to this one. XD
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(no subject)

Is there a chance my brother got me sick?
Please say no, please say no... Nevermind that. He definitely did, the jerk.

I know I'm going to throw up at some point tonight. The way my stomach feels, I just know. Do you know beforehand when you're going to throw up? What do you do to prepare/feel better?

I'm afraid of throwing up with my tongue ring in and losing it/having it get really disgusting. I've had my tongue pierced for almost a year, will it close up if I take it out for the night?

(no subject)

1. What is the most bizarre book you've read or heard about?

2. Do you use a name that's different from your birthname? (shorter versions of your birthname count)

3. Do you like your body?

4. For those who mod communities:

How many communities do you mod?

5. Do you get enough sleep?

6. What's the most bizarre compliment you've received?

7. Did someone say something cruel to you recently? If so, what did they say?

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MISC - moustache

(no subject)

Is it possible to get food poisoning from plain dinner rolls that may have been slightly uncooked? It's unlikely, I know, but I've been paranoid of getting food poisoning forEVER and I have huge plans tomorrow. D:


So, I'm over medicated and very ill, but I don't get how the US can arbitrarily "decide" to move up daylight savings.

Right now, I'm in EST time zone, which WAS universally known as GMT -5. It ain't, no more. Doesn't randomly deciding to move one hour AHEAD weeks before the rest of the world screw with that in some BAD fashion?
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petit prince

how pissed would you be?

ok, so i'm pretty pissed about this, but i'm PMSing, so i can't tell if i'm overreacting. SO, how pissed would you be if the following happened to you?

friday night i went out with two friends, sam and steph. while walking home with sam, she informs me that she and steph are going out to lunch the next afternoon with their two boyfriends and asks me if i want to come. i said "are you sure? i don't want to do the 5th wheel thing, it's ok if you want to keep it the two couples." sam says "no, no, come along, it'll be fun." so i say "ok, well, call or text me tomorrow to let me know what's up." and she says "ok, we're thinking of going at around 1 or 2." (you can see where this is leading)

so, fast forward to this morning, i'm hanging out in the living room, several of my flatmates ask me if i want to do things, i decline, saying i'm going out to lunch with my friends. well, needless to say i didn't get a text from her until 2:45 which read "so sorry i didnt text you. we just ended up heading over at (sic) the restaurant without planning. i thought of u (sic) though. steph and i agreed that we love you. hope your day is going well."

my response to this is A. um, you 'love' me? don't ever patronize me like that again B. if you're rushing off to some place, you text me on the way there, you don't text me after the fact. so, i'm pretty pissed because she was really rude not to text me and my day was basically wasted till 5, until my other friends came back home.

soooo, TQC, how mad would you be in my situation?
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Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

What do you think happens after Rhett leaves Scarlett in Gone With The Wind?
Does she get him back? Does she boink the recently widowed Ashley?

My sleeping patterns have been messed up lately, and the only way I seem to fall asleep before 5 is with the help of sleeping pills, but I want to get off that habit. What would be the best way to do that? Should I just keep myself awake and hopefully fall asleep naturally Sunday night?

(no subject)

How often do you change your desktop wallpaper?

I've had the same one for ages, and today I got bored and photoshopped a new one. I doubt it'll change until about this time next year.

(no subject)

What was/is for breakfast?

How many purses do you own?

How many wallets?

Does the "Full Sail" ad on LJ make you lul?

Cheese and potato omlette, homemade biscuit. yaaaaaaaaay for being at home.
At least 15.  O_O
At least 4.
Yes. But for secret reasons.
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(no subject)

How many republicans do you know under the age of 25?

Do you think it makes sense to get a tattoo just to win a contest at a tattoo convention?

Do you know anyone over 40 who is completely obsessed with the trends popular among the high school/college population (because it is popular)?
Do you think it's pathetic/annoying?

Have you sneezed this morning?
hot rollers

(no subject)

Why does my ex still miss me since we broke up two years ago and he currently is in a committed relationship?

He admitted that he still likes me and wishes he could be with me. It has been like that since last 6 months.

Have you been in this situation before?
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boy least likely to

Utah and alcohol

Does Utah have some odd laws about alcohol?

I got into an argument with a classmate about this. I thought they had weird laws- alcohol is taxed or prohibited or not sold in certain areas. I also guessed that this was because of the Mormon influence in that state.

How are their laws different than most other states?
Hurry up and look back

(no subject)

A few science questions. Without having to google it please answer the questions down below to the best of your ability AND if you don't know the answer fully just put down what you think it might.

1) do you know the difference between nuclear fission and fusion

2) do you know what a chain reaction is?

3) do you know the difference between a nuclear weapon and a nuclear reactor?

4) Why are "Fermi's Piles" so important?

5) what happens to the old rods that are taken out of a nuclear reactor? is there any plutonium in them?

6) Why are Oppenheimer and General Groves so important?

7) how old are you?

8) What's your highest level of education?

(no subject)

I had my pupils dilated for the first time for an eye exam a couple of days ago, and ever since, my eyes have been itchy.

Tell me the truth, TQC. Are my eyes going to fall out? Because if they are, I want my money back.

pls diagnose
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Me--State Fair

think pink.

Did anyone else watch the Pink-a-thon on Boomerang last night?

Isn't the Pink Panther one of the coolest cartoons ever?

Isn't Boomerang one of the best tv channels ever?

ps--I'm using my Top Cat icon because I haven't made a Pink Panther one yet, and TC was another great Boomerang discovery.
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adoption abroad

With all the talk of children and adoption lately, I've decided to ask the community this series of questions:

1) Are any of you Americans living abroad with the military?
2) Have any of you considered adoption, especially of foster children or while living abroad?
and most importantly:
3) Have any of you successfully adopted (or looked into adopting) from the US Foster Program while living abroad?

My husband and I want to adopt, but we always planned on adopting foster children from our home state (North Carolina). Now that we've been stationed in Germany, we think it's the perfect time to start the family, but I am not really interested in international adoptions, and I've heard that there may be a lot of issues involved with any given State's regulations on allowing children to be adopted in this situation. We are consulting with a social worker, but we've been told repeatedly to do research online and ask for advice from others whenever possible, so any input related to adopting in general is appreciated and can even be sent to my private email if you'd prefer.
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hello lion-o

watching CNN

Would you continue to live in or move to an area that is really nice, has good schools, and low crime rates if you or those in the homes close to you had to evacuate every couple of years due to threats by brush fires and landslides?

(no subject)

Why is it that people shave off all of their body hair? I mean, half the girls I went to high school with got full body wax jobs and got grossed out if they found out somebody didn't shave their body bare. I can understand keeping things trim and tidy, but no hair at all? Why?

Also, manscaping: bad or good?
My boyfriend shaved his chest hair off once and it made me very sad :( He hasn't done it since, thank god, but the whole idea of a hairless body just weirds me out. Especially on guys. When I think of a man, I think of them being all manly-men, like muscles and chest hair and such. Little boys don't have bodies like that, because they're little boys. Men should be hairy, but not too hairy. Somewhere in the middle is nice.

(no subject)

Question club-- don't fail me now!

So my family is sitting here and my grandmother says she heard saw this puzzle on an afternoon talkshow the other day but never heard the answer. Google has failed me in finding an answer but I thought maybe one of you saw the show or know the answer to the puzzle.

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I meant to post these first few last week...but eh...I kind of forgot...

I am sure we all remember the Beanie Baby Craze...So for the first question....Was there ever a Beanie Baby with your birthdate?
-Yes...2 actually o_O...Clubby II and a new Monkey named Hoodwink that my aunt bought me as an early bday gift b/c it had my bday xD...bday: March 9th

And then for a completely random and stupid question because I am arguing about it with some friends of mine...For people who live in South Florida...or have been to South Beach. (or possibly any other place with clubs in general...) What is the age minimum to GET INTO the club (not to drink, obviously, that's 21) but to just get into one what is the age? I have heard it can be 18 to get in and you just can't drink unless you are 21.

(no subject)

1. has anyone bought plane tickets online before? is it safe? what website did you use? i want the cheapest flight from toronto to honolulu!

2. i want to drop out of university and go to culinary school. is this lame? how should i go about telling my 'rents?

3. where have all the good people gone? do you know what song i'm referencing?

4. when was the last time you got tested for an STD? results?!

5. if i change my userpic, will you remember my username? how often do you memorize userpics instead of usernames?

(no subject)

This didn't really work, so I'm gonna broaden my question.

I need to pick a political theme to write a satrical speech on. I have a few themes on my list, but what is some recent politcal goings-on that I can write a 5 minute speech on/that are interesting to you, personally?

Last time I asked Colbert Report fans, only because I'm looking for things he hasn't done before, but really, this question is for everyone.
I'm spending today reading my political mags and such, but I would appreciate your input.

(no subject)

So my sisters school is having their annual basket auction. You know, the type of thing where each basket has a theme, and in front are little bags where you put a ticket in to win it?

Last year my baskets theme was this:
"A Spa in your own bathroom" and I laid purple washcloths down on the bottom of the basket, I had a purple bottle of bubble bath that was disguised to look like a champagne bottle (it came that way) I had a bunch of purple soaps and massage oils in there as well, and some other purple stuff that fit with the theme. (Plus, all this stuff was from like Target and the dollar store so it cost almost nothing)

So this year I need a theme. But my mental well has run dry. So, what can I use for my theme? I need something really good and creative, not something a million other people will have.

Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

does anyone remember a song from the 90's, it was about some guy and his girlfriend getting in a car accident I think, and him like holding her while she died or something? I can remember the song, but not the exact lyrics, the title or the artist. I know it was a slow song, and for some reason I wanna say it was by five for fighting ..but I don't think thats right.

cat tea

(no subject)

1. What's your favorite cereal?

2. When is the last time you threw up? When is the last time you threw up from being sick (as opposed to drinking, bulimia, etc.)?

3. Is anyone else tired ALL the time?

4. Is your normal body temperature 98.6 F?

5. Do you ever have to work nights or weekends?

6. What's the longest you've gone without health insurance?

(no subject)

Inspired by something my government class did the other day. (It's US-centric, so if you're not in the US, maybe answer on principle, since it wouldn't directly affect you?)

Would you support/agree with/be okay with:

1. Allowing a group to post a detailed map of the Washington Mall online?
2. Allowing a group to post a detailed map of Interstate 395, which runs under the U.S. Capitol Complex, online?
3. Allowing the Vice President's address to be posted online?
4. Protecting a media source who leaked secret information about the reasons for going to war?
5. Protecting a media source who leaked secret documents describing current war plans?
6. Protecting a source who knows the location of Osama bin Laden? (The question assumes the government would NOT know the location if you protect the source.)
7. Allowing a science writer to publish an article describing how a nuclear bomb works?
8. Allowing a blogger to post instructions on how to build a dirty bomb?
9. Allowing top-level White House staff to ignore a subpoena to testify at a Congressional Investigation hearing?
10. Allowing the president to refuse to answer questions in a civil deposition?

You can give a reason if you're so inclined, but you don't have to.


I'm sure this is a touchy subject for REAL wine drinkers (ahha), but I love Boone's Farm so here's a whole group of ???s about the good, fruity stuff!

1. What's your favorite Boone's flavor??
2. How much Boone's do you have to drink to get a buzz?
3. How much do you have to drink to get drunk?
4. Do you like "real" wine?
5. Do you drink Boone's because you're cheap/poor, just for the taste, or both?
6. How much does a bottle cost near you?
7. If you don't drink Boone's Farm, why not? (I'm sure I could guess a few reasons.)

(I'll leave my answers in the comments)
Sunny Smile


I'm starting a unit on poetry with my grade 8 Language Arts class tomorrow.

I hear this all the time: "I hate poetry!"

I want to put together a simple powerpoint of photos of poets, and am trying to think of some modern poets that might help challenge my students' perceptions of who poets are. My question: who do you consider some great modern poets? (I will accept musicians as long as the lyrics they write are "poetic")

While we're on the topic, who are your favourite poets?
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(no subject)

Someone mentioned BYU a few posts back and it got me thinking about the piece in the Science Times some time back regarding American Indians and DNA. Basically, the tests said the American Indians have no Israeli/Arab/Something DNA and therefor they aren't the lost tribs of Israel which, according to this article, debunks Mormonism.

So, I asked a Mormon friend about this and he said that Satan made the test come out the way it did. Which sounds like something Sami would do on Days of Our Lives, but OK.

So, what do you think? Do you think the tests debunk Mormonism?

If you are religious, do you think religions like Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and other groups are legit religions or do you think they are something else, like cults?

Can any religion be legit or false in your eyes?

My opinon is that all religions are legit as long as people follow them. Legit not in the sense that they are the end all and be all of the truth, but only that people's belief in them make them legit in the eyes of the people that follow that religion. Does that even make sense? I can't wait until my cough clears up and I don't have to take this trippy green codeine stuff anymore and I can make sense again.
DMB wash me


so, is it really that tricky to rock a rhyme that's right on time?

is anyone else excited to see Dave Matthews in Vegas in less than 2 weeks?

have you ever been to vegas? where did you stay? (we're staying at the excalibur)

do you like to watch yourself on video? 

are you photogenic? or do you loathe every picture you're in? (i am the latter)

do you think that the travel channel is the coolest channel on television, too?

My Point?

From way back when...

Does anyone remember Mother Goose, Rock N Rhyme from back in the 90s?

For some bizarre reason, I loved that movie as a kid and so did my sister.


Is anyone else having trouble with Yahoo? I can't get Yahoo Mail to load and its really starting to piss me off.

(no subject)

1. What was the last necessary thing you bought?
A new nalgene.

2. What was the last unecessary thing you bought?
I was at a flea market today, you don't even want to know how much unecessary stuff I bought.

3. What was the last embarrassing thing you did?
I ran up to someone and started talking to them, thinking they were someone else.

4. What was your last small victory?
I changed the typewriter ribbon without making a total mess.

5. Would you consider "childbearing hips" to be an insult if it was directed at you?
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lulu guinness clutch

(no subject)

What is annoying you right now?
The Bright Eyes presale. I have officially wasted my whole weekend because of it and I still don't have tickets. I'm supposed to go out to dinner but I know as soon as I do it will start working.
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south park

(no subject)

Shisha smokers--what's your favorite brand and/or flavor?

I so happen to have Soex shisha, it's the non-tabacco/tar/nicotine stuff, but I don't like it that much...

(quote from today, from my father: "...Molassas?!... Marilyn, if you were smoking pot off of that thing I'd consider you NORMAL.")

(no subject)

A friend and I were at a diner today and our feet accidentally hit under the table. I replied with "Sorry, I'm not trying to play footsie or anything.." which led to a discussion about "Footsie." Has anybody legitimately played footsie before?

(no subject)

I bought some whole wheat flour today for some yummy looking whole wheat pancakes.

Do you have another recipe with whole wheat flour that you enjoy?  So that I can use up the rest of it later this week.
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Little Prince

(no subject)

Where can I get good key lime pie in San Antonio? Chain or local resteraunts are both fine.

Or, alternatively, does anyone know an absolutely amazing key lime pie recipe that's worth all the trouble of making it at home?

(no subject)

1) Do you believe that global warming is caused by people?

2) Are you religious?

3) If you aren't, how do you feel about religious people?

4) I'm watching Basic Instinct on network television. How much of it do you reckon has been cut out?

5) You can buy a medium bag of chips, a 44 oz. slurpee, and three snack cakes or cookies for $3.50 at the store near my high school (and many people do). A sandwich with lettuce, cheese, and ham is $2.50. Why is junk food so cheap?

6) Has someone ever been convinced that your sexual orientation was the opposite of what it actually was? Why do you think they thought that? Did it bother you?

7) If you had to choose between the following paths, which one would you choose? EDIT: And why?

A. Have three children by two different fathers or mothers.

B. Lose your right hand and arm up to your elbow.

C. Become immortal at the age of your choice.

Fun and Games

Rock, paper or scissors?

I don't like this game
I have no hands

You're playing Blackjack, and you have a 16. The dealer is showing a Queen. Do you hit or stay?

Gambling is immoral
I raise (Blackjack's like Poker, right?)
I still have no hands

The score is 23-20. You're losing. It's the 4th quarter with 2:24 left in the game. It's 4th and 10 and you're on your own 45 yard line. Seeing as you're the coach, what play do you call?

Run up the middle
Screen pass for about 5 yards, over the blitzing defense ends and linebackers, and hope the receiver gets another 5 for a first down
I punt the ball. It's too many yards to get and I'd just turn the ball over on downs anyway
Long bomb
A rope-and-ladder play, which involves 2 handoffs, which'll complete bamboozle the defense
I hit a home run!
I don't like football
I only care for show where there are other people who are also handless

While playing Cranium, you're on Star Performer, and you draw an impersonation card. The person is Uma Thurman. How do you go about impersonating her? Remember, you can't mention any names

"I'm an actress, and I played in movies where I was a vengeful samurai-trained bride, a scorned super hero, a mobster's wife that ODs, and I was involved in a high-publicized divorce in real life"
Say nothing, but make chopping and slicing sounds until the hourglass runs out
Recite a few lines she quoted, like "Bitch, you have no future" and "Don't you hate these uncomfortable silences?" until the hourglass runs out
I don't know what this game is
Hard to imitate anyone when you have no hands

You're on Jeopardy, and it's the second round, and you're neck and neck with another player. You both have around $9,000. The third place player is already out of it, accruing only around $3,000. There's only about 4 questions left on the board, when you open the Daily Double question. The subject is Shakespeare. How much do you wager?

$9,000. A true Daily Double
I would never be on this show
I have no hands to press the buzzer

(no subject)

Potato salad....super yummy?-OR-
Diabolical biological weapon?-OR-
Perversion of how potatoes were meant to be served?

Camping: w00t lets go?
WHAT ...and give up my warm bed and TV set?

Has daylight saving time kicked your butt???

WHO is my icon???????

(no subject)

This is totally random, but I'm looking to apply to grad school in the summer. My friend just told me that Wake Forest in NC is as religious as they get, second only to BYU. Is this true?
Bruins - shadow


1. Have you ever seen Cast Away?
.. Im watching it for the first time right now :)
Oh and his dead co-worker that he finds is probably the grossest thing Ive ever seen.

2. What skills do you have that would help you to survive on an island?
I would never ever survive on a deserted island. I cant think of a single skill that I have that would help me. :(
Red head

Rock Candy

So I work with kids and I would like to be able to make Rock Candy ( with them. The only problem is that we have no access to a stove to boil the water with. Now, I'm assuming I would have to keep the water hot until I was ready to use it, and that's where my problem lies. From the time I could make the syrup to the time I could use the syrup would be about four hours.
Is there any chance at all that a thermos could keep the syrup warm enough to use four hours after I had made it? Is there anything else I could use to keep it warm?

blue monster cock

(no subject)

When someone smiles at me

I smile back
I think they are psychotic and planning to kill me and eat me later
I think they are laughing at me and I've probably got something stuck in my teeth
I become very angry because I hate cheerful people like that
I don't smile and wonder what the hell is so great in their life that they are so chipper
I think they are flirting with me
I ignore them

2)Can we be friends? You don't mind if I stalk you, right?
3)Have you ever ridden on an animal other than a horse?

(no subject)

1.Have you changed your clocks yet?
No. God knows when I'll get around to that.

2. Honestly, would you eat grey-colored pomegranate/banana vegan ice cream? What if I jazzed it up with food dye so it wasn't grey anymore, and gave it a snazzy name like "bananaogranate"?
Well, clearly I would eat it, that's why I made it. I think it's good.

3. Which spelling do you prefer, grey or gray?

4. I don't like to eat polenta because in my mind it sounds too similar to "placenta". Do you have any strange associations like this?

Yer bunch of cunts!

Why do you think the word "cunt" still carries more stigma than any other swear word [ETA: excluding racial slurs]?

How do you feel when someone says the word "cunt" around you?

Is it a word you ever use? If so, in what situations would you use it?


#1. What is the most recent video game system you own?
-mine is N64.

#2. How often do you play it?
-We just hooked it back up today after like 2 years.

#3. What is your favorite coffee drink?
-Caramel Latte with skim milk.

#4. If you live with your SO, how often do you say "I Love You" to him/her?
-Probably 10-15 times. We are newlyweds but have been together for 6 years.

#5. Following up on the last question- Are you usually the one to say iloveyou first or is your SO?

#6. How often do you eat chinese food?

Homemade Ant Trap

Help. A few days ago, ants descended on my kitchen. I live in the boonies and won't be able to get to any commercial ant traps for a few days. I tried looking up DIY ant traps, but they all need things I don't have, like borax or yeast or molasses. I tried leaving tape out sticky side up, but it wasn't sticky enough to catch them. I'm going to try a water/vinegar spray next, but more ideas would be awesome. (The only thing that's worked so far is sambuca, which seems to attract and then kill them. But I'd rather not have a kitchen reeking of pricey liquorice, so...)

1) Do you know of any ant trap recipes that don't require a lot of stuff?

2) What kind of commercial ant trap should I buy when get the chance?

a quickie

What's the sexiest song about boots?

1 - Kinky boots (honor blackman)
2 - These boots were made for walking (nancy sinatra)
3 - something else

my vote - "these boots", just shades it!
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(no subject)

1) Has a the fact that someone has a certain interest ever colored the way you look at them?

2) Does thinking that people who like 'Insane Clown Posse' are usually waste of life assholes make me a waste of life asshole too?

3) Have you heard of that band?

4) What do you think of them?

(no subject)

1. what's the worst way you've ended a relationship?
2. what do you think is the best way to end a relationship?
3. are you above the spiteful getting in the last word at the end of a relationship thing, or not?

(basically my best friend, who has already broken up with her boy, is going to finish with him as a friend because he gave her an STD and he was a virgin, so she thinks he cheated on her. she's basically gonna rub that in his face and freak him out. I think this is a stupid way to end it, cause they have tons of mutual friends)
Learning to Love You More

(no subject)

Would you be offended if an atheist regularly attended your church or other religious services? Assume they have no intention of converting and are not forced to attend, but they just enjoy going to the service. If you wouldn't be offended, how would you feel?

(no subject)

so I've had a pack of boneless chicken breast in the freezer for a while, and I want to cook some but i can't eat all of them right away, and I cant really seperate them so basicly I have to unthaw the whole pack. so my question is, can I freeze the cooked ones back? and do you know how long they will be good for?

Christmas Jim and Pam

It's time to get a car.

Ok, I know nothing about cars. I drive my moms old van everywhere, and as I don't even live at home anymore, I really need my own car. So, I'm researching. For about a year I've been eyeing those old volvos. Now, I see people driving these things around, and I've never actually seen the word "volvo" on it, but people have told me that's what they are. I googled and wiki'd them, but couldn't find much info. The only good picture I found was
Collapse )
My question:

Aprox. what year is the car shown, make, and where the heck can I find one? Presumably I can just hop on over to a car dealer and they'll have one, but as I know nothing about this car (or cars in general), are they very abundant, hard to find, or what?

This is probably a stretch, but thanks for any help provided.

(no subject)

if you have a stomach ache or are sick, where do you usually like to sleep? the couch? your bed? somewhere else?

it may sound weird, but usually I tend to sleep on the bathroom floor (mind you, this is only when I have a stomache ache; otherwise, my bed is the place to be).
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Americans: Do you like the earlier daylight savings time this year? (...or is it an earlier ending of daylight savings? I have no idea when it's called what)

I like it. I get seasonal depression so if I can enjoy the feeling of having "more" sunlight a month early, yay.

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What kind of protein rich foods are there for picky eaters?

I'm a vegetarian and I don't like nuts, I'm starting to get used to beans, and I eat tofu and soy stuff whenever I can. But I don't think I'm eating healthy enough...

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1. have you ever felt so betrayed by a close friend that you couldn't stand to be near them anymore? did you completely bitch at them or did you just gradually stop associating with them? how did they respond (did they try to earn back your trust or were they angry with you)?

2. have you ever come to realize that you cant stand any of your friends or acquaintances? what did you do about it?

3. does anyone live or has anyone previously lived in san antonio, texas? is it extremely hot and humid in the summer?

Burn in hell!

Remember that damned Beanie Babies spoogefest?

How old were you?

Did you know anybody who was one of the Crazies?

My mom was a Crazy. That's right. She'd hand me the 5 dollars so I could get a 2nd Beanie Baby because it was one per customer. And we had 2 collections. The crappy but much loved play collection, and the do-not-touch-this-will-be-worth-money collection. (Edit: I was 9-ish at the time)


I still love her. I think.
Duchess lady

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1. Are you participating in read_hp?

2. What's the most effective(for dry skin) hand lotion you've ever used?

3. What toothpaste do you use?

4. How many times per day do you brush your teeth?

5. What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep? Was it because of anything in particular, or just insomnia? How long did you sleep for when you finally crashed?
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Cat - Masked Avenger


I've been moving into a new place (YAY) and haven't been able to attack this community as much as I'd like to. :(

But now that's nearing its end and my computer is up and online for good (until I move again :D )

Now for some questions!

1) Do you notice typos/spelling errors often?

2) What are your neighbors like?

3) When was the last time you moved, and how far from your previous living place is it?

4) If you have a landlord, how do you like them/ don't like them?

Now, here is a "help me please" question..

I use the GIMP program (thanks guys!) and I was wondering if there was a way to make animated icons or just do animations at all? That would be nice..

Also, what is a good program to do animations? I am leaning toward a Flash program and trying to find one less than the huge $800 price. I just wanted to see what your opinions on the subject are.

Thanks guys!
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1- do you use a condom when you have oral sex?

2- i have to give an informative speech for public speaking class... should i pick a topic that i really want to learn more about... or something that i already know a lot about?

3a- pro-stem cell research people: why are you supportive of stem cell research?; anti-stem cell research people: why are you against it?
3b- pro-gay marriage people: why are you supportive of gay marriage?; anti-gay marriage people: why are you against it?
3c- pro-alternative energy people: why are you supportive of alternative energy?; anti-alternative energy people: why are you against it?
3d- pro-war in iraq people: why are you supportive of the war in iraq?; anti-war in iraq people: why are you against it?
(please give as many reasons as possible; i'm trying to pick a topic for my persuasive speech that i have to give in april and i want to see which topic has the most supporting material)

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Have you ever skipped anything (class, work, etc) to have sex? Was it worth it?

Ladies: have you ever bruised your cervix? How could you tell if it was bruised or if it was something else?

What's the strangest thing you've ever done to get sex?

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What do you find appropriate for a funeral in March? Is it usually traditional formal black clothing, or is it okay to wear something a little less formal, as long as you don't get into bright colors?

Personal opinions/experience?
The Receptionist Classic


I'm going to be grilling up some chicken skewers and am tired of the usual teriyaki marinade. I'd get those packets from the grocery store, but I'm only grilling for one (me) and those things make so much and I end up having to toss most of it.
What are some good (and easy) marinades?

And why do my rice noodles taste slightly soapy? Every time I make them, too, they have a slight soapy aftertaste. I rinse my pots out really well, even wipe them down with a splash of vinegar (my mom used to do that with these pots when I was younger, so I just do it out of habit, I guess).

What is your favorite meal-for-1 to make? I've been making Thai noodles with peanut sauce and chicken for the last week. I think I need a change.
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lead me

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When I lost weight a few years ago, my shoe size dropped. I used to wear an 8 or 8 1/2, now I can wear a 7 comfortably.

I just tried on my 8 1/2 dance sneakers (dansneakers) and I'm absolutely swimming in them. I'm afraid to move in them.

I used to dance in high school, but now I just dance for fun. I'd love to get back into it at some point, or even just work with some of my friends who dance. It's a great workout, I lost a lot of weight when I was doing it.

Should I make an investment in some new shoes?

I'm looking at these in white. I've got the hightop dansneakers right now.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I keep getting beauty marks on my face...and it's annoying the shit outta me. My mom says I'm getting them cause I'm being exposed to the sun. But...I haven't even been going out lately...and when I do go out, it's usually at night. Help! How can I prevent them from appearing on my face even more ? ...oh and the more I count those marks, the more I get them. KILL ME.
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old nick shows

My friend and I were discussing old Nickolodean shows today and I really want to figure out what this shows is. All I remember is some girl sitting in school with her head down on her desk and she like left her body and went somewhere else. I dont really remember it that well. The only other thing I remember was the teacher trying to wake her up and she had to like come back to her body from somewhere else or something. Does anyone else know what Im talking about?