March 10th, 2007


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1. I'm doing an internship at a magazine and today I noticed the hand (right) that uses the mouse at my desk gets pretty sweaty. Besides wiping my hand and trying to subtly wipe the mouse with my then dried off hand, what can I do? My desk is in a really open area so it'd have to be subtle. I know it's not the temperature that's causing it because it's freezing out and although the office isn't cold, it's not hot either.

2. I'm starting a job at a retail store next week; any tips? Things I should know/expect? It sells shoes as well if that matters.

3. How do you know what doors to exit from on the subway in your city (if they alternate)? Is it just something you learn over time or is there some sort of secret way to know that I'm missing?

4. What do you do while on the subway? Do you read, just sit there, play eye tag with the other passengers, etc?

Thanks :)
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Hey TQC:

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to ask a ladyfriend of mine if she would be interested in having "bennefits." (I am a guy, for what it's worth)

audrey-kawasaki girl w cat

movies and pictures

1.  Anyone know anything about this site WEGOT shows? As in have you used it?  Any problems with spyware and that type of junk? 
    I just found it using Stumbled Upon and it's got ton of stuff I've been wanting (The Man Who Fell to Earth being what I'm wetting my pants to see!!!)  to see but I am not looking to fry my lap top.

2.  I have tons! of pictures on my computer and I'm worried about something happening to it and thus loosing all of my precious memories.  But...trying to copy all of them to disk is time consuming and you just can't fit that many pics on a CD.  Can I compress photos?  Would that work and would it allow me to get more on a disk?

Thank you Thank you!
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What would it take for you to give up sex, for the rest of your life?  

This includes:
oral, anal, other people's hands, every type sexual activity with another person.  No sextoys--only your own hands.

and try not to answer that with "nothing"


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WOW...I just made some Vanilla Biscotti flavored coffee...its just aout my favorite now...What are some other types of coffee varieties I should try??
(EDIT: Pretentious Starbucks junkies need not apply)

kippers or herring??

Holland or Belgium??

work or unemployment benefits??
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clothing plus a few randoms

1) Where can I find good women's jeans that do not have flare legs, are not stretch material, and are not super lowrise?

I'm just looking for something for someone with booty but also a flabby waist. Thanks.

2) What's your favorite bank?

3) What's your favorite kind of condom?

4) What's your favorite flavor of fruit snack?
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Where can I find that "flounce" post imitation? (The "Dear Livejournal Community, I'm member #p320209 and blah blah") FOUND IT!! Here's what I'm talking about:

Collapse )

What are your plans for today?

Should I have cinnamon rolls or eggs, turkey bacon, and an English muffin for breakfast? I had two 100-calorie English muffins with jelly. Mmmm, carbs.

Adding another question just for fun:
Zodiac, was it any good?

Have you ever wanted to have TOTAL HOT SEX with an online buddy, despite having two kids and a significant other that you are SEWWWW committed to?


What is the strangest thing anyone has done to get you to take them back after a break-up?

I once had an ex go and get my name tattooed on himself after I broke up with him (he'd never had a tattoo before).

He thought it would make me take him back. It just showed me how crazy he was.
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weight loss

I need to lose some weight, but I'm practically bedbound about 4/5 of the time. That means that I can't to do the "exercise" part of eat less and exercise. Does anybody have any ideas? I'm bedbound w/ chronic head pain and it hurts to move
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Ok, question time. Whee.

1. I know that you can buy fancy wireless headphones for the tv, but they cost like 70 bucks. Would there be any way to hook up plain headphones and maybe those headphone extender cables to the tv so I could switch between headphones and speakers without having to crawl behind the tv to rehook things every time?

2. Is it possible to hook up a Playstation 2 to the computer so that the game and controller are hooked to the PS2, but the image shows on the monitor and the sound runs through the computer?

3. Can you think of some other option where I could play my games and listen to the sound without disturbing anyone else? (Basically, I'm nocturnal and I'd like to be able to play some of those cool survival horror games without the screaming and shooting waking up the rest of the household.)

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Okay, I heard this song on someone's Myspace (cue groaning) yesterday, and it was upbeat and repeatedly said "Show me your tits," alongside other lyrics that weren't as catchy. It was a Myspace-supported song, so it was on the website at one time.

When I went back to the page a few hours later, to find out who it was so I could download it, the song was gone. I Googled extensively, but couldn't find anything relevant. I'm not "friends" with the person, so I didn't/couldn't ask them for the name and artist (not to mention I probably couldn't find them again if I tried).

Does anyone know the song that I'm talking about? I do hold cheesy songs close to my heart, and would like to know what the song is.

P.S. I'll cross-post this to a song-specific community later if no one can help me out.
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Hello, I'm 16 years old

Aren't Hickeys the trashiest thing in the world?

Please tell me why I got my first "hickey" at the age of 23??
I've always always thought they were the trashiest thing ever...still do. So how did this happen to me??
I feel like a 16 year old whore!

Any tried and true remedies other than time?
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About a week ago we were discussing the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass in my English class.  My teacher was leading the seminar and was asking questions to keep us going.  One questions she asked (and she admitted that it was an unfair question, but asked it anyway) was "Would you rather be a slave or a slaver holder?"

Most of the people in my class said that they would rather be a slave because they would at least be able to live witha clean conscience and all that, but 4th period mostly chose slave holder because, even though no one really wants to be either, being a slave is way worse than being a slave holder (for all the obvious reasons).

So TQC, would you rather be a slave or a slave holder?  And why?

Edit:  I''m talking slavery in the southern US, way back to before the Civil War.
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If you've ever lost a significant amount of weight did you notice a difference in the way strangers treated you? Did you find it kind of disappointing?
I've still only lost 50 lbs, but lately I've noticed strangers treating me differently. Way more people open doors for me, and it feels like people who work in stores are nicer to me. Of course the people in Sephora are still assholes, but I think they're that way to most everyone. It kind of disappoints me actually.

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Have you ever absolutely hated someone a close friend or family member was dating? Why did you hate them? Did you do anything about it?

I feel horrible for hating my brother's girlfriend, but she just treats him like crap and is always so dramatic about everything. She called him and said she was going to kill herself, so he ran across town to stop her and she just shrugged and said she wasn't really, then got mad because he should have been able to tell she was joking. She's extremely jealous, to the point where she screams at him if she sees him talking to other girls, and she's just so manipulative and I hate that she taking advantage of my baby brother like that. I honestly don't know what to do, but every day he spends with her he gets more and more depressed because of the way she treats him.
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Computer Question (sorry)

I apologize for the computer question; I know they can get annoying. I'm pretty savvy with figuring out how to do things on my computer, I'm relatively clueless when it comes to hardware and the like.

Recently my computer has become very, very slow. Whereas previously the computer would make "thinking noises" when I did something like click a link or open a program, now it's "thinking" almost constantly. Sometimes if I click a link, it'll take about ten seconds before it arrives to its destination. It's really frustrating.

How can I fix it? I've defraged it and run a spyware and virus check recently, and it hasn't helped. Is it that I have too much stuff on my computer? Would buying an external harddrive to hold stuff like music and movies help solve the problem?
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Does an industrialized nation that steps in to solve the problems of a thrid world country help or harm the country more? (like Britian going into India, or the US going into Iraq)

What do you think?

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is there anything that you own, and use for something other than what it is specified to do?

I don't take aspirin for anything, but I like to crush it up and make a face mask with it.

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I'm an American, and sometimes when I watch British TV it takes me a while to realize when a character has an American accent. It's like my brain recognizes the accent as familiar, but assumes that "familiar" must mean "like all the other ones on the show" and thus doesn't realize that it's different.

Does this happen to anyone else?
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Silence of the Lambs overanalysis

For those who saw the 1991 Academy Award winning film Silence of the Lambs, here's some questions:

1) Remember that scene at the end where Clarice Starling is stalking Jame Gumb in the basement, and she discovers poor Catherine Martin in the well, and she's telling her everything is going to be fine, and then Catherine Martin says "Get me out of here you fucking bitch" and then continues to curse when Starling goes off to find Jame Gumb. Is it just me, or was that really rude. I mean, I know your nude in a well in the basement of a serial killer and all, but please. Do not bite the hand that feeds you, or in this case, drags your ass out of the well.

2) How *DUMB* was it of her to even help the guy out in the first place. What idiot gets into some stranger's van AT NIGHT to help him move a couch.

3) Did you notice at the end when they are leading her out of the house, she had "Precious" in her arms. Wonder if she kept the dog after all was said and done.
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who would you marry?

if you had a choice of marrying a guy that you were passionately and lustfully in love with, but you knew that the two of you combined would only make around $80,000 a year


a guy that's a good guy, a close friend, but someone that you're not in fully in love with right now, BUT the two of you together would make between $300,000 - $350,000 a year

2nd part of the question:

do you think that you can be "in like" with someone and fall in love with them after you marry?

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I live in MA and over winter break my purse got stolen so my permit got stolen along with it.

On the 28th I'm gonna be going to an 18+ show, but I don't have an ID anymore.

My question: Is there any way possible to get an new ID without having to get a new permit? I don't want to have to pay to take the test since I might fail it. What other kind of IDs are there that I can just get without having to take a test?

Answered, thanks!!
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Do you think it's bad to not have access to a full-length mirror?

I was at a hotel a couple weekends ago and in the mirror, I could see my ENTIRE naked body and suddenly I realized I hadn't looked in a full-length mirror for over a year, since living in this apartment (with a couple traumatic exceptions that involved dressing rooms at clothing stores).

I can't decide if this is a good thing (I can't overanalyze my body, my clothes, my appearence and I can't obsess) or a bad thing (I don't know my ass looks fat in these jeans and can't count on my husband to tell me the truth, maybe I'll gain a lot of weight and not be able to properly tell, not be able to tell how clothes fit on me, etc.).

So my questions are--

1) Could you handle being without a full-length mirror?
2) Do you think it's good or bad to not have one?
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Can't get it out of my head

This morning my father had a seizure while I was in the shower. When I came out, I found him on the floor, nose bloodied and trying to get himself into a chair. I ran over and asked him what had happened and he looked up at me with the most scared and confused look on his face and said, "I don't know." I then asked him if he knew who I was and he again said, "I don't know."

This was the single scariest moment of my life. I thought he had a stroke and he was never going to remember who I was. Seeing the look of utter confusion in my father's eyes when I asked him if he knew who I was is something that will haunt me for the rest of my life. He couldn't recognize his own daughter. I'm pretty sure I will have nightmares about this.

Do you have a memory that haunts you to this day? What is it?

P.S. My father is fine now. I called 911 and by the time the ambulance arrived he was remembering things. He just got home from the hospital and he's doing well. He has a nasty headache but he's going to be ok.
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I wanted to take a quick moment to recognize everyone who took the time to answer my DVD question.

You all fail.

None of you actually answered the damn question... I ask for DVD picks, and you want to e-peen about the size of your DVD collection, or random esoteric DVDs you own, and how devestated you would be if they got stolen. With the exception of fourcorners who provided some great advice on getting good deals from Columbia House. I was looking for help picking out movies, and you utterly failed to provide any.

This of course, brought the following question to mind...

Have you ever posted a question to TQC which got several replies, none of which answered the question? What did you ask?

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1. why are there all these wierd people who keep trying to add me on MySpace?

2. what does a mirror show if facing another mirror w/ nothing between them? Funny answers plz

3. if not me, who? if not now, when?

and one more inspired by creamicannoli's answer

4. do people in hell have eyelids?
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Vacation & Sweat

1. Are there any all-inclusive resorts that are cheaper than a cruise? So far, I've found things upwards of $4000.00 which makes me sad.

2. What are some non-aluminum anti-perspirants/deodorants that actually work?
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Subway commercial

There is a Subway commercial on my TV for the new Roma Chicken Ciabatta sandwich ... it begins with a man and a woman walking down the sidewalk, and pausing in front of a store window.  They banter back and forth about how good this thing looks, and how 'it's hot" like it's a vibrator or lingerie or something.  They give each other this dorky look and say "let's get it!" or something like that -- and then they show you that they're looking at a poster at Subway for this sandwich.

Am I the only one who cringes at just HOW LAME this commercial is?
Does anyone want to go try this sandwich solely based on this commercial?
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Heated debate in my house today:

You have a set of salt and pepper shakers. The shakers are identical, except that one has three holes and one has five. The holes are the same size. Which one do you use for salt?
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1. What’s your favorite way to kill off your Sims?
I like to play a twisted version of “The Bachelorette” – make a woman and about ten men all vying for her attention. At the end of each day, the one she likes the least goes for a swim, and when he tries to get out he finds that, to his dismay, there is no longer a ladder...

2. Let's say your friend has just finished a bag of Cheetos, and their fingers are covered in the cheese. There's nowhere to wash their hands, but they do have a napkin.
They can either:
a) Wipe their fingers off on a napkin, but still have a little dry cheesy residue remaining or
b) Lick their fingers, then wipe off the saliva on a napkin.
Which is less gross?
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Do you think people ask questions here just to show off?

Sort of like that kid in school who asked you what you got on your latest test. "How did you do on that test? I got 110!"

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I'm planning on making petit fours in about a week or so... they're going to be white cake cubes soaked in a little syrup, and then some filling on the top, and then covered in white coconut chocolate. Yuummmm.
What flavor filling would go best with this? I'm thinking really dark chocolate... Or no filling at all?
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Is anyone else watching the intervention mini-marathon on A&E?

What are your feelings about this show?

I get really frustrated for the families going through this shit. My father is an alcoholic, but it never got as bad as these people in the show. It makes me realize how lucky I am and makes me hope to never have to go through this with someone I love. I also get kinda angry when the person the intervention is for doesn't get the help they need.. and happy when they work through it.
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What's a PC RPG of your choice? What would you recommend? I've been playing Neverwinter Nights constantly for the past three years and this summer I'm looking to branch out, but NWN2 is too dang buggy.

EDIT: I should probably specify more, eh? I like story plots though I like killing shit more, prefer fantasy to guns, and don't care one way or the other about MMO capabilities.

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OK, I'm in the process of buying DSL and I have to decide if I want a wireless or standard modem. The only computer in the house is a laptop, so I'm leaning towards wireless. But if I do, where do I put the wireless modem and how does it connect to my laptop

yes, I know it's a technical question, but I'm stumped
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1. how would you decribe yourself?

2. What would be a good name for a series of comics like this?

3. what is your favourite AIDS joke?

4. any other innappropriate jokes?

5. what webcomics do you like?
Sam outside

random searches.

Have you ever come across a stranger's journal, read their userinfo then immediately wanted to argue with them about something they wrote? 

If you have, what was it about? And did you actually say anything to them?

How did that end up?

I just found tubadude1280's page and during his userinfo he states that he doesn't like Republicans and then almost immediately after says that he doesn't like people who discriminate. Isn't he contradicting himself?  lol i found it funny.
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do you ever feel guilty for certain privileges that you have?

for example do you ever find yourself being overly nicer to cashier or worker that you know must have a hard time making ends meet? and do you ever find yourself being a bigger dick to someone you know is rich?

I don't let people in Mercedes Benz or beamers cut me off. I also don't let them get in front of me if they are waiting to get in some line or something. In fact i get a tiny kick by cutting them off. I don't know why. But when someone looks rich I assume that they are used to getting their ass kissed and getting their way so I like being annoying to them so I don't really like going out of my way to be nice to them, but when i see someone who might look a little down and out I find myself attempting to please them a bit more or at least trying to be a little nicer and more attentive.

Now, I recognize that a lot of this is based on my own token stereotypes and possibly classiest and racist undertones, but it's still something that I do and am obviously aware of.

am I the only one that does this stuff?


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So, there was a version of "The Secret Garden" in which a girl with somewhat scraggly blonde hair played Mary. She sang a song to Colin, and I cannot figure out what year it was made in so that I can find it and perhaps buy it, as I prefer it over the 1993 version. Would anyone here happen to know which version I am talking about, and also, where I can find the lyrics to the song she sings to Colin?
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when texting, are you a T9 word texter? or an ABC kind of person?

(I am trying to be a T9 word master but it's tough to figure out - 4 out of every 5 tries i give up and go back to ABC mode)

do you like manwich?

are you excited for spring? 

do you fall asleep fairly quickly or lay there motionless thinking until you finally fall asleep?

are you picky about the way you keep your car? for example, i live in buffalo so when the exterior of my car is crusted with salt and the inside full of wet carpet (from the snow) and it drives me insane.

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When is the last time you slept head-to-toe (you sleep pointing in opposite directions) while sharing a bed with someone?
How was the experience?

I last did the head-to-toe sleeping about 2 years ago, and it was awful.  I passed out the wrong way in the bed, and a friend passed out with his feet in my face.  There was a bar along the wall that just stuck into my back all night long.  And I don't think my then-boyfriend liked the fact that I slept in bed with a guy who kind of liked me.

I shall go... find myself. Yeah.

1. Have you ever/will you ever take a year/semester off from college?

2. Do you think taking a year off affects your chances at getting into graduate school? Assume you have the choice of working for a year and taking a break, or having a near-breakdown and destroying your GPA with the possibility of having to retake prerequisite courses.
epic fight - pwnd
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Hey, TQC! I finally have time to go rent movies - suggest some for me?

I'm going to get the movies tomorrow. Here are my picks:
Strangers with Candy
Stranger Than Fiction
Man of the Year
Little Miss Sunshine
The Illusionist
Peter's Friends

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For those of you who want kids, why do you want them?

For those of you who don't want kids, why do you not want them?

edit (forgot to put this in): I turned in an application at H&M and got a message asking for a number I could be reached at for an interview. I left my cell number since I didn't want to miss the call, but they haven't called me back in a couple of days. Should I call back, or should I give them another day?

nana smoking


Have you ever had someone give you something that is a little odd, but because they know you, they still get it for you?

-My mom went to PetsMart today and she picked me up three dog collars because she knows I love to wear them. ^-^
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If someone had nightmares about zombies all the time (when I have nightmares, they are always about zombies and nothing else), what would you think it meant?

What if someone has nightmares that one of their Exs commits suicide, and they have this dream less often than the zombie one?

*Edited for clarity.

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I have a small problem. My friend asked me to make her a formal dress for a dance, which I did. She wore it to the dance, loved it, etc. BUT, I still haven't been paid for the dress yet (I know she intends to pay, it was part of the arrangement). I plan on asking her for the money soon because I'm quite broke and the materials were a bit of an investment for me. My question is, do you think I should charge her JUST for the cost of the materials? Or should I factor in some sort of labor charge, considering a substantial portion of it had to be sewn by hand? If you think I should be paid for labor, how much should I ask for? The fabric cost about $60 on its own, if that is a factor at all.


What religion do you follow?

How did you come to settle on that particular religion?

What aspects do you like most about your religion?

What aspects do you like least about your religion?

How has your family influenced your religious beliefs?

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When you switch from using drawers from your clothes, to using the hangers/closet combo, what do you put in all the extra drawers if your under garments fit in one drawer?
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I have a growing collection of hair combs, some of them are bought because I think they're pretty, others because they have a personal or historic significance for me.  Most of them are vintage, but occasionally I will wear one just to show it off.  My most recent acquisition is a comb made in Germany in the 1930's that has several brass swastikas across the header.  I had not planned to wear it, but when showing it to a friend we got into a debate about whether it would even be appropriate to own such an item.

Do you think it's appropriate to have this comb in my collection, or is it disrespectful?  Would you ever wear it in public?  Why or why not?

(no subject)

1. Where do the suspended LJ users go after LJ?

2. The last few times people asked "Who do you hate in TQC?" names were not named. What happened to TQC liking drama? Or am I just misremembering?

3. I think a mayonnaise sandwich would make for a yummy lunch on school days. The weather outside is 30 degrees Celsius during the day and my lunch would be transported in and out of air conditioning all morning and no, I will not put ice bricks in my lunch box. Am I likely to die from eating the mayonnaise sandwich*?

4. Have you heard any of No Doubt's music prior to Tragic Kingdom? Good or bad? I'm about to give it a try.

*Serious answers are not compulsory. I can make a mayonnaise sandwich at lunchtime anyway.

(no subject)

Anyone know where I can find this necklace?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm also poking around for necklaces made the same way, only it's usually one word. Not the gold, girly ones that were in style, they're like...big, bold, maybe some kind of plastic? Usually bright colours, or black. I wish I could find the picture I had.

edit: Like the necklaces at Tatty Devine; I guess they're acrylic metal alloys... It doesn't really matter what it's made out of though, but it looks the same. There are some name/word necklaces there, but they're all swirly and such. I'm just looking for the bold-faced font ones.

(no subject)

The other night I was at a friend's house party and he offered me a beer. When I said no he didn't mind, but someone else kept asking why I didn't want to drink and just wouldn't let it go, even after I said I was the designated driver (he insisted that just one drink wouldn't hurt).
Why does it seem like I constantly have to defend myself if I decline alcohol? I just don't like it, thankyouverymuch.

Would you rather be rich and famous, or rich and anonymous? Why?

Can you name a song that has the word 'however' in it?

(no subject)

Do cashiers ever editorialize on your purchases? Does it bother you? Any examples?

Today a lady at the gas station noted the irony of my purchase: a big ol' box of chocolate cupcakes and diet Dr Pepper. I found it amusing, albeit unprofessional, even for a gas station. Generally, I don't think cashiers should comment on customers' purchases.

(no subject)

here's an interesting question..

for those of you who did a significant amount of illegal drugs (i'm mainly interested in things like acid, ecstacy, meth) in your youth(im talking like in your developmental years, like your teens), BUT DON'T ANYMORE......what drugs did you do? do you think they had any positve long term effects? any negative? do you regret it?

please no rude comments in this thread.

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So there was an episode of Grey's Anatomy that seemingly everyone thought was the saddest thing ever. I think it had something to do with the prom? Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew what the name of that episode was?
once upon a time

online shows

1. Are there any websites that have an archive of TV episodes that are usually placed online? For example I want to watch all of season three of Grey's Anatomy but only has 4 episodes up, is there any websites online that might have the rest of the episodes up to view online?

2. Any good shows I can watch online?

3. What/who annoyed you last?
- My roommate/co-worker who I asked to input some information during his shift so we weren't back up before leaving for our "weekend" and leaving it for someone else to do but he only did half. I was so mad because I spent all of my 12 hour shift last night/this morning [6pm - 6am] playing catch up and running just about 900 license plates in the system and still did my main job, I barely managed to eat "lunch" and I only went to the bathroom once because it was just that busy. I just can't comprehend how someone couldn't manage do such a simple task as to input 40 citations into the system, especially since not much happened!


When I was a kid, Target had all sorts of posters and things about AIDS awareness because of Ryan White. At the time, AIDS made me think of death and death was the scariest thing I could think of. Because of this, I associated Target with death and hated going there. I can remember sitting in the car more than once because I refused to go in.

What weird things do you remember from your childhood?

(no subject)

I;m going clubbing tonight and I'm trying to find some fun hairdos online but my googling did not work very well

anyone know any good webistes that have alot of different hairstyles i'm looking for long straight hair ones and it doesn't matter if they are up or down do's



I know it's just anonymous confessions, but this post from made me really disgusted (some explicit content by the way) . Am I the only one or does these stuff happen all the time?

Do you think it's a fake confession?

(no subject)

1) Have any of you guys participated in Science Olympiad? If so, did you like it? I did my first regionals today, and I had a blast. You can read my personal journal if you're curious.
2) Have you ever had to teach yourself an absurd ammount of new material for some reason in a short ammount of time? This has happened to me twice in the relatively same period of time. I taught myself an entire book on trigonometry in three days, and today I had to teach myself an entire chapter out of the physics book with completely new concepts and shit in a little under 2 hours. It was hard, but I managed both times.
3) Does anybody other than me actually enjoy Fermi questions?

(no subject)

say im a 17 year old (who will be 18 in aug) who needs a job, but i want to work with animals, do you think a vet clinic would hire me for something, dirty work or some sort? or maybe a pet shop? i told my mom i wanted to volunteer a the mspca, but she said she wasnt going to drive me there. but yeah i need a job. haha

(no subject)

Has anyone here had any experience with Toni & Guy's basic academy in Dallas? (or if not Dallas, any of the other basic academies)

How was it?

Was it worth the 14,000 to you?

Was it easy to get a job afterwards?
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Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day?

HOW DO YOU DO IT? Do you drink anything else? I can't ever manage to hit 8. I'm up to 5 so far today, and my water bottle is technically 3 "glasses" and it's full, but I feel like I'm forcing myself to drink it right now.

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Does anyone take medication for migranes? I've had them for about 3 years now, and it's getting harder to control them with OTC migrane meds and a coke. anything work well for you? anything I should ask about at the campus health clinic?

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when you see a homeless person, do you give them money? do you give them food? do you buy them food? give them a blanket? how do you respond?

for those of you who watch the l word, do you listen to the planet podcast?
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What's your favorite and least favorite beer?

1) I don't like most beer, but I can usually tolerate it...

2) Natty Ice.  It's what I like to call Douchebag Beer, or beer with a shot of piss. It should be ILLEGAL.

Laundry Room Etiquette

Last night I was doing laundry in my dorm, and since its a smaller dorm building, the laundry room isn't terribly big(7 washers, 7 dryers, 4 of these dryers are so small they are about worthless for a normal size load), and I was waiting for some stuff to get done in a dryer.  A person came up asking if the stuff sitting in one of the dryers, completely done, was mine(It wasn't), because every other dryer was occupied(even the little crappy ones, although some of those had stopped by then),and I told him he should go ahead and move it, it had been sitting there for a while.  Then we got to talking about how much it irritated us that people don't clear their stuff out right when its done.  I told the guy that I usually give the person 10 minutes to claim their stuff, after that I'm moving it, and he was like "Screw that.  If its done, its going out."  So I thought I'd see what you all think-
1)How long do you think is a reasonable amount of time to wait for someone to come claim their laundry from a stopped washer or dryer before you take their stuff out and put your stuff in?
2)Have you ever had anyone get pissed off at you for moving their stuff because they took forever to come back and take it out?
3)Do you think it is rude when people don't come get their laundry out of a washer/dryer on time?

Ummm..Bikini area shaving...

Hey - I got a question - SURPRISE!!

So, how does one shave their bikini area (frequently) with out getting razor burn/other uglies. How would one maintain a close shave by shaving every day AND avoid irritation. Would it be better just to wax? And what about when the hair grows back in and you are waiting for it to get long enough to wax again?? How irritating...
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1)I was spurred to this question by a guy on the train, but I've been wondering this for ages now really. And I just HAVE to know, why do some black guys walk around with the pick sticking in their hair? Were they in the middle of grooming and something came up and they forgot about it?Whatever. And also I apologize for the repetitiousness of this question.
2)What hair products do you like to use? You can do some product placement if you want but you will not be paid for it.
3)Has foreign child adoption become a celebrity fad yet?

for all you colbert report fans

What is one 'The Word' theme you have always wanted to see, but it hasn't been done yet?

I have to write a five minute 'ghost writing' speech and I chose Colbert as my voice. I am planning on doing "The Word" as my speech, but the list I came up with is quite lacking.