March 9th, 2007

Mitty box

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My mother gave us her old dresser a few years ago when we moved out. The dresser is over 25 years old and my mother is a heavy smoker. We wiped it down and the rag was brown. It's been wiped down a number of times and the rag is still coming up brown.

Do you think this is still built up tar, or am I wiping off the wood stain on the dresser? Right now I am using Windex. Could that remove wood stain?

I'm not really concerned about damaging the dresser because it's old and ugly. I am just wondering if the brown is stain or tar. Because if it's tar... then ew.
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I'm in charge of making cupcakes for a friend's baby shower next Saturday. Because it's St Patty's day, I was told to decorate them in that theme, not a baby theme.
Please help me decide how to decorate the cupcakes!

a. chocolate cupcakes with white icing & shamrock sprinkles, and white cupcakes with green icing
b. chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing & shamrock + white sprinkles, and white cupcakes with white icing and shamrock sprinkles
c. chocolate cupcakes with green icing, and white cupcakes with chocolate icing & shamrock sprinkles
d. chocolate and white cupcakes both with green icing
e. making the white cupcakes green themselves, with white icing & shamrock sprinkles
f. some other combo, you tell me

Also - should I make cookies tonight for work tomorrow, or do those bums not deserve any tasty treats?
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Sore throat
Achy muscles
Migraine last night
Kinda runny nose
Possible fever (couldn't get warm last night, woke up sweaty as hell)

all arrived within 24 hours

Flu or cold?

I have looked at those little charts, and they say "sometimes" or "common" for every symptom.. not exactly a definitive answer. What do you guys think? I'm leaning toward flu myself.


What are your best remedies for a cold or the flu?
gasp zooey

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Well, now that has been so rudely "deleted" by AOL, where can I go for that type of music search?, which is what most people reccommend, just doesn't seem to be very good.  Are there any other things out there that would work?

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1. Why do I sleep 11 hours a day?
2. Why do I wake up constantly tired?
3. What can I do to stop feeling tired? Home remedies please.

Has this happened to you? What can I do to fix it?
Edit: I have always been tired when I wake up regardless of the hours I sleep. I tried for weeks waking up after 7hrs, 8hrs, 9hrs nothing changed this. My doctor did blood tests and nada.

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I have a pretty decent sized cut on my hip from a freak out kitty :( I cleaned it up and it isn't bleeding anymore, but i don't have any band-aids and there's no place open where I can go buy some. Would it be alright to leave the cut uncovered for the night?

Are juice boxes just for little kids?
I love juice boxes and drink pouches!

Do you do anything considered childish?
I watch cartoons and like coloring :)

When someone close to you is in a horrible mood and bitches at you all day, how do you feel?
My boyfriend was all pissy today and wouldn't stop complaining, then yelled at me when I tried to cheer him up, so I got into a bad mood because of it.

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Does anyone remember the Microsoft games that came with your computer in the 90's? There was one with these green oozing pipes that you connected, then another where you skiied and you ALWAYS got eaten by a monster at the end. And one where you were a mouse and you had to build up little blocks to protect yourself from cats. And so on.

Can these be downloaded somewhere? I miss them and I've been googling them forever!

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  • What are some good ways to memorize (and being able to reproduce) A LOT of material in one day? (dozens of pages) 
    Things like what I should eat etc. are good too! I'm going to have to organize my day pretty optimally tomorrow to be able to do this. Any advice??  
  • Do you know anyone who has a photographic memory?

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What do you think is the biggest mystery?

Who built the Great Pyramids?
Is there a Loch Ness Monster?
What are the Nazca Lines used for?
What's going on on Easter Island?
Why is Paris Hilton famous?
The Bermuda Triangle
Who actually shot JFK?
What ever became of the Ark of the Covenant?
Is there a conspiracy behind 9/11?
Is there a face on Mars?
What was really at Area 51?
What exactly was the appendix used for?
Who killed the Black Dahlia and why?

You can learn what actually happened to one missing person on this list. Whose disappearance would you most want to learn about?

Jimmy Hoffa
Amelia Earhart
D. B. Cooper
Emilio Estevez (didn't he use to be an actor?)
Really couldn't care less

Which dead celebrity is most likely to have faked his/her death?

Jim Morrison
Ken Lay (yes, I know he's not a celebrity)
L. Ron Hubbard

Lastly, how did Ed Leedskalnin move Coral Castle?

He must have had help. Uncredited friends or laborers who helped him do it. There must have been a lot of them, with sophisticated leveraging tools
He had knowledge of how the Pyramids were built. It's that knowledge that helped him move the Castle
It never moved at all. It was in Homestead all along, not Florida City. People are stupid
They obviously exaggerated the weight of the coral constructs. If one man could move them, they had to be fairly light. They obviously got the weight wrong
Don't really care

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has anybody here taught English overseas before?
can you tell me about it?
what course did you take to get certified? did you even need certification?
where did you teach?
how was the pay?

tell me everything =)

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What do you think about female types that wear shirts that say: PORN STAR IN TRAINING? or SLUT? (and my personal favorite: I'M NOT MISS RIGHT...BUT I'LL FUCK YOU UNTIL SHE SHOWS UP)
What about tight shorts that say PRINCESS across the buttocks?

Do you usually show up to work/class early or late?


Where are all my peeps tonight?????
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What's your opinion on Femcap aka cervical cap?

For females:
Have you ever used it?

How reliable is it? How effective is it against pregnancy?

What method is your contraceptive use? Have you ever gotten pregnant while remain using it?

ETA and OT: How can I burn white sage herbs?
I happen to like this type of scent a lot and would like to burn them in my house for fragrance.
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Have you ever been to a sleep doc? Besides giving him a chart of how much I've been sleeping, and a list of all my meds, is there anything else that I should bring or be prepared for?

and because that's pretty specific:

1. what did you have for breakfast

2. who's the wierdest person in your family

3. if your life were a TV show, what type would it be? (ie drama, comedy, etc)

4. did you dream last night? What about?

my answers in comments
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After going out for a long time, your significant other sits you down for a talk.
"Honey. I have multiple personality disorder."

What do you think of responding to that with "That's just more of you to love" ? Is that wrong? Sweet?
Give a dog a home

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You're being forced to attend one. Would you go to a NASCAR race or to a golf tournament?

How do you feel about boob jobs and liposuction on women who do not have saggy/small breasts? (let's say they are a medium-sized B cup, and normal height/weight proportioned.)

What was the last argument/drama you got involved in on LJ?

Are those roller-shoes popular where you are (especially with kids)? How do you feel about them? I think they are annoying as fuck.
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I am going to cry.

So, I was surfing the 'net (read: LJ) and Firefox wasn't letting me click things. I mean...I'd click refresh, and the page wouldn't. This has happened before, and the problem was solved by restarting my computer. So I did.

When I restarted it, it was normal, until I went to go to the "All Programs" part of the Start up menu. EVERYTHING is gone. Not showing up. And now, certain programs are missing, and I can't find my trash bin file. And I've ran like, five different virus/spyware programs

What the hell is going on?! And how can I fix this?
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petit prince

i'm a legal alien, i'm an american in londonnnnn

1. anybody else going to see the police in concert?

2. are you going to see any other totally awesome concerts this year? (please do not include concerts which are not truly awesome)

3. do you know who mick hucknall is?

4. how many people do you know with jewels embedded in their teeth?
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The Dude Abides

Sleep ?'s + handedness ?'s

1. Why is it that people say they slept like a baby when most babies usually have irregular sleeping habits?

2. When you were a baby did you usually sleep through the night? If applicable, does/did your baby usually sleep through the night?

3. How'd you sleep last night?


When you're watching TV, movies or looking at pictures, do you notice if people are left handed?

What hand do you write with?

for those who have cats

currently i live with two roommates, and two cats. the cats have known each other for years, and same with the cats and the humans, all friends, and all familiar with each other.

last night the femle cat (who is not declawed or fixed) jumped on me, unprovked. i got up off my bed, and started walking towards the door and she jumped on me, trying to climb up my body, scratching up my butt, as well as my thighs. she was really, really angry, and determined to hurt me. one of my roommates got her off of me, she scratched him as well, and we locked her in the bedroom to keep her away from hurting anyone else.

a couple hours later we let her out of the bedroom, she seemed fine. ten minutes later, when i was walking back into the room, she jumped on me again, wanting to fight me. i got her off of me, and we left her in the living room area for the night.

she did not hurt the other cat, nor did she even seem remotely angry at him. her agression seemed directed solely at me. i don't know why this is, i have never been unkind to her, and i have never hurt her. i don't know if this is is redirected aggression, or if she is sick.

she is currently in a catbox, in the bathroom, and we are taking her to the vet in a couple of hours.

does anyone have any stories and/or advice?
south park

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Sorry if this is a weird or annoying question ...

Say you kinda had a situation where you didnt have a car and you had to.. go to your stepmothers work, which is in an attorney general/police office, and you're getting dropped off somewhere around noon/afternoon...alll because you don't have a car and your life sucks at the moment (I'm kind of ranting, can't you tell?)...anywways... say you have to hang around a police office for a few hours, what do you do while you're there? (myspace, etc is blocked...)

I'm honestly bored to tears... This is my spring break damn it!...

Jehovah's Witness?

A sweet boy (early 20s?) just came to my door, asked me if I'm aware of the evil in this world, and proceeded to read passages from the bible. I think he was a Jehovah's Witness, but I'm not sure. Now, this is my second visit from missionaries this year, and I always try to be polite, offer them water and listen to what they have to say.

He did his thing, handed me a book discussing the bible, and asked if he could come back to discuss it with me. Um, come back? Seriously? I told him I had finals next week, hoping he'd take the hint.

"Then a Friday or a Saturday next week would work?" I said "sure" (not thinking, mind you) and said goodbye.

My fiance thinks he'll actually come back. I feel shitty for saying "sure" and possibly wasting his time, because I'm honestly not interested in anything else he has to say.

1. Do you think he'll come back, TQC?

2. How do you deal with missionaries?
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Sun glass


I'm planning on spending tomorrow reading all day... what should I make sure I have on hand at home to make this the best reading day I can?

What is the best book you've read lately and why?
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you got what I like - sit in my lap!

be it down on male or female flesh

The typical oral sex question is generally do you spit or swallow? which you'll come across anywhere in the United States, China, Mexico, parts of Canada, Mongolia, India, and a few other places...

...I'm well trevaled. Although, I've never asked this question. The one I'm going to ask, that I'm sure no one has ever asked anywhere, in the real world or elsewhere, is the following:

Do you gargle?
Do you know of anyone that does gargle?

That's all.
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1. When you are visiting someone, would you rather they suggest things to do and places to eat or does that make you feel like they are making all your decisions for you?

2. Do you feel comfortable staying in the house of someone you don't know if you are traveling with friends who do know that person? How about if the friend is not traveling with you and just arranged for you to stay there?

3. When traveling with a group, do you think everyone needs to do things together, or do you prefer to split up?

4. If you were having an argument with your SO in the middle of the night in a house with six people sleeping in it, would it occur to you that maybe this isn't the best time for a screaming match? Or would you be too focused on the fight to realize that you might be bothering people?

5. Do you prefer paper clips that come in bright colors or the plain metal ones?

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Does anyone know if there is a site that gives CHEAT codes for the Sims 2 games and Stuff Packs namely Glamour Life and Holiday '06?

Just cheat codes, I had heard there were codes to get bonus stuff from the packs, and also something to do with Santa.

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One of my three cats has gained weight and I'd like to put him on a diet. The thing is, he eats as much as our two thinner cats and is just as active, but he still managed to gain a few pounds. How do I put one cat on a diet and not the other two?

Why is my account balance in the negatives when I haven't touched it in so long, AND I just deposited money into it?

edit: My boyfriend thinks I'm paranoid because I don't use my full name online, and sometimes not even my real name. Do you think that makes me paranoid?
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gene battle

1) Who do you think would win in a fist fight: your mother or your father?

2) Which one would win on Jeopardy?

3) Whose genes do you think won?

(My dad would definitely kick my mom's ass physically, but she's smarter than him. My dad's physical genes won in every way except for in my mouth and hands -- my mom, her mom, and I have identical hands, just at three different ages.)
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Stop! DVD thief!!!

Someone just robbed your residence, and amazingly all they took was your DVD collection. Time to start over... So, you surf over to Columbia House, and decide to take them up on their "5 DVDs for $0.49 each" offer.

The quandry I present you with is this:

Choosing only from the titles that cost $0.49, which 5 movies would you initially order?

If you choose to buy a 6th for $14.99 and FREE SHIPPING, what's your sixth pick (say that three times fast ;) )?
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what's a fashion trend that you follow/have followed? ("shirt-dresses" over jeans)

did you shave today? (i shaved my legs)

Salma Hayek, srsly.. WHAT?! (in regards to the *breaking news* about her engagement/pregnancy *article)

you're walking behind someone on the street when you see a $20 bill fall out of their pocket, you pick it up.. do you keep it or call out to the person and give it to them?


Has anyone ever complained to theater staff about loud/obnoxious/distracting people sitting near you during a movie? If so....what happened? Did they come in and take care of it? Did they do it so it wasn't clear who complained? Did the annoyance stop?

I swear EVERY damn time I go to the movies...I get a chair kicker behind me. ALL DURING THE MOVIE. I usually let it go for a bit then turn around and STARE at said person. They usually stop but then start up again.

Last week I saw ZODIAC. The 12 year old behind me was constantly putting her feet allll the way up on my chair back. I finally reached behind and grabbed her foot and shook it off. That stopped it for a while till she kept doing it...and no, no parents around, looked like older brother or something with her.

Anyway. I am sure the best/safest way to deal with this is to go tell someone, but is that very effective?? Do they do anything about it? Usually I tell myself it's not worth the hassle to get up, miss part of the movie, track someone that seems like they are "in charge" down...etc.

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I cannot stand having long hair, since mine is extremely thick and seems to constantly get in my way when it gets past a certain point. So, since everyone I know also knows this, why do they constantly ask me if I'm a lesbian after I cut my hair?

Two of my cousins are lesbians. One has cut her hair short and answers to 'Nick' more than 'Nicole'. The other has long hair and loves girly clothes and makeup and all that. With these two different views, why does it seem like my family only thinks someone can be a 'real' lesbian if they're more like the first girl?

Have your parents ever thought you or your siblings were gay? What was their reasoning for it? If they just presumed you were gay, did they try to make you feel guilty about it?
My parents start asking if I'm gay every time I cut my hair, but for the longest time they thought my brother was gay because he didn't have a girlfriend. He has one now, but he hadn't been dating because he couldn't find a girl that he was really interested in and didn't want to 'make do' with someone else.


90s commercial

I am trying to find a clip of a commercial that I remember from back in the 90s. It might have been a Pepsi commercial or another drink.  It portrayed a woman dancing in a tight vinyl body suit to a techno beat.  It mentioned something about 'Generation X' - was definitely aimed at the club kid culture of the 90s.
Does anyone remember this commercial and have any more info that could be useful for finding it?

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Lets put aside religeon and faith for a moment and assume that you had a past life. What do you think you did in your past life? What do you think your craft was? your claim to fame? How do you think you died?

Garage Door Repair

I recently backed into the door of my garage. As a result, part of the door itself got bent and one of the rollers (on the side) fell out of its track. The damage wasn't that severe; everything else seems to be fine. Is there a way to fix this on my own? I'm guessing that I'll probably need to find a professional... If so, how much would it cost? Do I need to replace the entire door?

I hope that made sense. Thanks!
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Is it illegal in the state of Louisiana for your employer to terminate you and not tell you why you were terminated?

I need to know sometime in the next 15 minutes. Hitting up google right now.
Jimmy Tickles

Living in the past...

What do you think about people who hold on to things such as old e-mails, letters from people they don't talk to anymore, logs or files of conversations had on AIM or Yahoo Messenger? What if they keep them and revisit them frequently?

What do you think of people who frequently think about the "old times", or "the good old days" and yearn for those past times. What about people who might try to find people they used to have some sort of association with on MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, etc., or just randomly search the web for people because they "wonder what they are up to".

Do you think these behaviors are symptomatic of some sort or larger issue, or do you think certain types of people just like to wax sentimental. Is waxing sentimental just a cutesy way of describing what might amount to a larger problem?

Me - Valhalla

Upgrading RAM


So I'm going to upgrade my RAM which I've never done before and I want to get a 1GB DDR RAM chip. And I'm looking through eBay and found basically the same chip but am told one is high density and one is low density and I pretty much don't know the difference. So can anyone care enlighten me? Which one is compatible for my PC.

According to Crucial Scan my memory specs are:

# Maximum Memory Capacity: 2048MB
# Currently Installed Memory: 256MB
# Available Memory Slots: 1
# Number of Banks: 2
# Dual Channel Support: No
# CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
# CPU Family: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.60GHz Model 2, Stepping 4
# CPU Speed: 1593 MHz
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sherlock kermit


Is there a way to tell your ipod to play all of the episodes of an podcast one after another? (as if it was an album). I suppose I could just make a playlist of the episodes... but I'm at work, away from my itunes right now... Thanks in advance.
Good and Evil

Lamp, lamp, lamp

My friend and I have a difference of opinion on this lamp. One of us says it's tacky, the other doesn't think it's tacky at all. So what do you think?

Poll #943457 I love lamp.

Tacky or not?

Very tacky
A little tacky
Tacky, but I'd still buy it
Not tacky

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Poll #943463 Romantic Comedies

Which film would you choose to see?

Music and Lyrics
Because I Said So
I'd rather gouge my eyes out than see any of the films.

I'm taking my step-mother to a film and she is a very conservative woman who for some reason only likes romantic comedies and since I know nothing about those type of films, I'm asking you guys what to see.
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(no subject)

1. What is an injury I could cause to myself that would allow me to leave work, but not interfere with me meeting up with people for dinner?

2. What is the most number of times you have eaten out in one week?

3. If you work in an office, would you say your office is multi-cultural? How many different countries/cultures are represented?

Edit: What is the craziest thing you've done to get out of going to work?


What should I do tonight? my bestfriends' boy is stoping by at 8 or 9 so i have to be here then. And all my friends are working or busy and my sister is out of town. and I left work this morning b/c of a migraine but now i'm bored.

what should i do!?

I just came up with a slightly interesting idea... at least for now while it's light out.
I'll go drive around and take pictures of things you guys tell me to take pics of!!! and then i'll post then in reply to your comments! so what should I take pics of?!

Tori Amos Lyrics

I know there's a fair amount of Tori fans in here. She speaks in riddle/surrealist stream of consciousness through a great deal of her music. One song in particular I've always been perplexed by, since it sounds so...creepy. It's off her second album, Under the Pink. The song I just can't fathom is Bells for Her. Can you explain the meaning behind it for me? Behind the cut are the lyrics
Collapse )
kitten pounce ball

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I have an old smoke detector that's beeping every couple of minutes or so. I thought this meant that the batteries needed to be replaced, but it's still beeping even with a new battery. Does this mean that the detector needs to be replaced?

(no subject)

Have you ever tried to trick your self into doing something that you normally wouldn't, or couldn't do? A mind over matter kind of thing.

I only bring this up because I really had to pee, then I went into the the bathroom, flushed the toilet and walked out, didn't even think about it, and now I don't have to go anymore even though I never did.

yeah ... tmi, deal.
i don't want to be friends

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I've become fed up with trying to find a boyfriend from my neighborhood and high school and have decided to wait to try again until I go to college next fall. But in actuality: are college guys any better than high school ones? Are they still going to be oblivious to every move I make and then get upset when I pull away in frustration?
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movie stuffs

so im stayin in tonite being pretty lazy. I plan on watchin movies
here are my choices for the evening. what should i watch?
1) Alfie- havent seen it
2) Vanilla Sky- its been AGES since ive seen it
3) Chocolat- hello? Johnny Depp
4) Miracle- everyone loves a little hockey
or 5) Clueless- as i just heard a song from it and was totally reminded that i should watch it

and also
whats the best diet soda you've ever had?

my answers
on the movies.. i dunno at least one of them
and on the soda
pepsi jazz strawberries and creame...hmm(and we dont have it here i had to bring back a hoard of it from fargo when i was there 2 weeks ago)
this is what my user name is from


So what jokes do you yanks/non Scot's have that ONLY work in certain dialects?
For example in Glaswegian slang the following joke is most amusing;
"Is that a doughnut or a meringue?" because a Weegie would say "Am a wrang?" instead of "Am I wrong?" which is almost indistinguishable from 'meringue'.
Make sense so far?
It occurs to me that other people must have similar jokes based on colloquialisms/dialect? If so, care to share?

(no subject)

I've had to have someone come and fix my computer twice in the past two days for the same reason, eek.

Everytime I turn on my computer it goes to that black microsoft windows start up bit, with the blue bar running across the middle but wont go any furthur? WHYY? I'm scared to turn my computer off incase it doesn't turn on again.

(no subject)

1. Is it easy for you to relate to most people? What kind of people do you relate with best, if there is a kind?

2. Are the characters you like in books and movies typically people you think you could be friends with if they existed outside of fiction?

3. What's the most pretentious band you have on your iTunes?

4. What do you probably talk with other people about the most often?

I'm curious.

Can you name an anime where the lead/one of the main characters is, for lack of a better word, totally batshit insane?

So far, I have Elfen Lied, Evangelion and Rozen Maiden. But are there any more?

EDIT: I'm thinking "past psychological trauma/totally sadistic" kind of insane rather than "really random" insane.
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(no subject)

What's the most embarrassing typo, slip of the tongue, or other miscommunication you've made? For example, saying "orgasm" instead of "organism" in a large class or debate session.

My answer:
Today I got back a paper/story written for a lit class in which we were to create a circle of Hell for a "sin" (e.g. gambling, animal experimentation) of our choice à la Dante's Inferno. In mine, a sinner falls over, a rat runs up his leg and bites him in the thigh. I typo-ed "thigh" as "thing" and didn't catch it before turning it in. The irony? The "sin" was censorship, and self-censorship was specifically mentioned.

Hair question

I have a difficult hair dillemma.  I wear my hair in a bun 5 out of 7 days. I absolutely cannot get around this, as it's my job's "dress code".  Lately, actually for a while, I have noticed a none too subtle mildew smell eminating from my hair when I take it down.  I know, I know.  Gross eh?  I know you may not believe me, but I wash my hair every day/every other day or so.  I know why its doing this...I put my hair up when its still wet. There is no way around this either because of my schedule.  I have no time to blow dry. Not to mention the thought of blow drying my long, thick hair every morning drains me.  So my hair spends most of its life wrapped up in a damp, tight knot on the back of my head.  It has to be wet when it goes up because I work out in the morning and my head, well, sweats a lot.  It must be slathered with gel every day as well.  I have been getting desperate to kill the smell, so I have been spraying dabs of Lysol into the depths of my hair.  It usually gets rid of the smell for about a week. 

Does anyone have suggestions to rid me of this little problem?  Besides Lysol?

EDIT:  I do wash my hair at night.  Its dry in the AM. The thing is, I work out in the AM and my head sweats.  I have to put it up wet or else my bun looks all scraggly.  I cannot work out any other time of day. Thanks for your replies.
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So waaay back in November, I decided I needed a teeth cleaning. I called up and said "I need to make an appointment to get my teeth cleaned."

I went on the day and they poked and prodded around my mouth for a good TWO HOURS (the appointment was at 10, I had to work at 1. Sounds like good timing, right?) At this point, it was already noon. They said "Oh, we can start your cleaning now." And I said "Yeah, no, because I have to go to work. This has taken too long."

Today I got a bill in the mail. They charged my insurance over $200 to prod around in my mouth! What the fuck!? They charged me double for x-rays because THEY had to take them twice due to THEIR error. My insurance didn't cover this, so now I owe $90.

This is crap. I am not paying $90 when they didn't even clean my teeth! What can I do about this?
.the game is on!.

(no subject)

1. Is there a way to completely stop crushing on someone? (This is not a celebrity crush)

2. My cat has been sneezing alot lately. Do I need to take her to the vet? (Please elaborate as to what she might have!)

3. Is anyone else an April baby?
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Seeking answer

I have a question that may or may not be racially offensive.

WHAT is with the hair pick/comb thingies stuck in peoples' hair? Why is this considered cool, or a must-have fashion accessory? I honestly don't understand it. Can somebody explain it to me?

First I've posted here!

1) Best Flogging Molly song?

My A: Black Friday Rule, Selfish Man, What's Left of the Flag, or Devil's Dance Floor.

2) I want to be introduced to Bollywood, cause I know nothing of said filmtypes. Worth it? Where do I start?

3) What kinds of birds are normal around where you live?
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I used to have this cornbag that I would press on my forehead whenever I had a sinus headache. I'd like to buy another one, so I've been looking around and haven't been too impressed by the sites. Does anyone know a good site to buy a cornbag?

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somehow, i deleted the paint program that came with my computer, while cleaning out other files. it's not in my recyclebin and can't seem to find a good source that will let me download it for free. anyone have solutions for this very annoying problem of mine?


One of my friends sweats a lot when she's nervous. So much so that regular deodorant doesn't help. Now she's getting married in a few months and doesn't want to ruin her dress by sweating in it. What's something she could use to stop the sweating?


Alright. So this is sort of a *fantasy* question and you'll have to play pretend, maybe! But also assume it could happen to you in real life!

If you suddenly almost miraculously got to meet Golden Globe and Emmy-winning Best Actress America Ferrera, the critically acclaimed star of the top 5 hit TV show Ugly Betty, what would be the first thing you'd ask/tell her?

Have fun with your answer! Assume you are me and are spectacular! What would you say to her? Assume you randomly bumped into her 3 times in one day! Then what? If you could go back in a time warp to choose what you wore when you met her (have fun and assume you're a guy! Also assume you have every outfit imaginable!) what would you choose to wear? Pretend that the event of you asking her questions is being video taped and will be put all over the internet and try to not be embarassing so that you can look incredibly hot in the end result!

Let's get the answers going! And most of all....have fun! may be sexual if need be!
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My flatmate is convinced that she read a book about a sailor who gets marooned on an island, when night falls he lights a fire and the island wakes up because it's actually a whale. We've tried googling to try and find out what book this might be. Does anybody else remember this? Is it a strange dream my flatmate had?
girls like mystery.

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Can girls be as successful musically as boys can? Like, in a band. Does it depend on the type of music they play? I mean, hypothetically they should be equal but would you rather listen to a band with a female singer or a male singer? Can they be as successful in other fields, like sports? Is there a field girls can be more successful in than guys can? (If you say prostitution I might kick you in the face, so!)
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In no particular relation to each other...

1. What do you do to fall asleep when you're pumped high with caffeine? D:

2. What's the craziest thing you did for L-O-V-E?

3. What's the coolest thing you've found online?

4. Have you seen 300? What did you think of it?

5. Are you a talker or a listener?

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1.  If you're still in school, when is/was your Spring Break?  What are/were your plans?
2.  What spring holiday do you celebrate?  How do you celebrate it?  And can anyone explain to me what Passover is, please?  I was raised Catholic, which bored me to tears (no offense to Catholics), so I'm trying to learn more about other religions.  Not to convert or anything, I just find them interesting.

1.  My Spring Break is in a week, and I'm going to spend it in Texas, in 70-degree weather (as opposed to the negative double-digit wind-chill we've been putting up with in NY) with my bf.
2.  I'm no longer Catholic (although my parents don't believe me), so I just celebrate Spring Break.  Although I'll take the candy from Easter.  =)