March 8th, 2007

Recommend something

I love to read, and although I own roughly 56 books I have yet to read (bought at a second hand thrift store for 20 cents each), I always love to get recommendations.

I'm not a big fan of fantasy or sci-fi, but if it's really good, I'll take a look.

So, any recommendations for books I should read?
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ER bills after being raped

Ok, TQC: I just saw my medical bills from when I went to the emergency room in mid-January after being raped. Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that they want to charge me $675 for my ER visit, and $344 apparently for the prescription I had to get? (I have crappy insurance through my job, and have like a $1000 deductible).

Also, here's what happened: I was raped, got home, and my roommates took me to the closest hospital we know of. I get there, talk to the nurses, yada yada, they take my blood pressure and temperature, and I pretty much just hang out and wait in a room until they can see me. When the police officer finally gets there and is asking about details of what happened, I tell him where it happened, and he informs me they can't do anything because I was actually raped in the next county over. Now this hospital is billing me $166 and some change. Do I have to pay it? Would you pay it? Will not paying it screw my credit or something?

(They sent me to the hospital in the town where I was raped, which is where the two aforementioned bills came from)

And, do you think I have grounds to sue the guy who raped me, and make HIM pay these bills?

Has anyone else heard that Tennessee is the only state where rape kits aren't free? My roommate said it was on the news, but I've not heard this. Anyone know anything about that?
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Has anyone ever been to couples counseling in which the therapist actually recommended that it would be best for the couple to part ways (outside of emotional/physical abuse and WWIII fighting, I mean)?

(no subject)

so I wanna make scallop potatos tomorrow,  but I'm thinking of peeling the potatoes tonight and cutting them up and get them ready and put it in the fridge so when i wake up tomorrow I just have to throw it in the oven but I wonder if the potatoes will go bad? does anyone know?

Everyday peens?

I know about and belong to the community that shows "everyday" vaginas in an effort to make women understand that vaginas come in all shapes and sizes and that you don't have to feel bad if you don't have a pornstar looking cooter.
My questions is... is there an LJ community or a website that has everyday penises? I've looked and all I can find is porn sites, or whatever its called, and foreskin types.
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(no subject)

Say you are driving, and you are at an intersection trying to turn left while the light is green (this is in America). While you are waiting for your turn to cross, do you pull up to the middle of the intersection, or do you wait behind the line? (Reverse this for our friends who drive on the left side of the street.)

Pulling up to the middle of the intersection is a pet peeve of mine. First of all, the line you're supposed to be stopped behind is twenty feet behind you. Secondly, what happens when the light turns red, and you're still in the middle of the street? You make an illegal turn and hold up traffic, that's what.

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Have any of you ladies been on Depo-Provera for more than five years? If so, what are your experiences with it in terms of your mood and sex drive when you first started it versus now?
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Butter or margarine?
I grew up on butter and now I totally hate the taste of margarine. It's...gross. I don't really know how to describe it.

Also, do you guys get this feeling a few weeks into a new relationship that can be described as "incredibly uneasy", but only in the respect that you're afraid they're going to get bored with you/suddenly decide they can do better elsewhere/etc.? I don't really know how to describe it eloquently...I guess you could just call it feeling funny when a relationship becomes more than just feeling each other out.
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I'm gonna quit even if it kills me.

So, since tonight is my last night as a smoker (my quit date is in the morning) I figured I would ask some morale-boosting questions.

1: Have you ever quit smoking? For how long?

2: How many tries did it take for you to really quit?

3: Did you take anything to help you quit?

4: How many packs a day did you smoke?

5: Did you use quitnet to help you out?

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We recently got more memory on our computer, but since we got it back, it doesn't recognize the cd burner. How can I fix this? Is there a way I can make the computer search for it, or do i have to download something or what?


1 What is it in coffee that makes you pee every ten minutes?
2 How do I keep myself from not going absolutely postal on the world? Am I alone in my insanity?
3 What family member do you love the most - not in a bad way, but one that just makes you feel good? And why?
4 Who is someone that you really loved and then you found out something about them that just made that whole picture fall apart?

We're having a party tonight.

How often do you throw parties?
What kind of parties?
How big?
Do the pros (knowing everyone there) outweigh the cons (omg so gross)?
What do you do differently at parties you host than parties you go to?
Do you wear shoes to your parties?

And also, on an entirely unrelated note:
My friend has been dating this guy for a month or two now and he asked her (twice) if he could be in a facebook relationship with her. (To which she, of course, kindly replied WTF NO.) So when do you think it's appropriate to be in a facebook relationship with someone? Keep in mind you will have to click CANCEL RELATIONSHIP when you break up.
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(no subject)

Do you have TiVO or a DVR thing? Is it worth it? What's it cost you?


What does cancer feel like?


What was the last thing you bought?


Do you freeze bread? Meats?


TQC, do you remember me?
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(no subject)

1. What are the oldest a) film, b) album and c) book you have in your collection? (When I say oldest, I mean the original release date, not the age of your copy.)

2. What things did you used to hate that you've recently started to like?

3. What things did you used to like that you're recently started to hate?

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Monkey Island

Electro Shock

Ok I'm not really sure what the thing is called but I want one. Last spring I had to go to the workman's comp doctor for tendinitis and while there they had me go to physical thearpy twice a week to try and make my wrists/hands better...didn't really solve anything, but that's aside the point because it made the pain go away for at least a bit. They used this one little electrode type thing, it had two of those cushion pads and they would put it along certain nerve points on my hands/wrists and then would turn the machine on and put it up to a certain intensity and it basically gave a very small little electro shock. It really really helped I remember and I'm curious what that thing is called and if it's possible to get one. I think my old roommate actually had one of those so that's why I'm thinking it might be possible to buy, but the first step is knowing it's name so um any help?

Oh and just another random question, I have some time to kill before work for once and so with morning TV being so great I would up with the option of watching the season finale of "Nashville Star" from last year. I wasn't paying full attention but I have a question about the finalists...did I hear right where they said they were brother and sister or did I just miss something? I'm just curious.

Ah hell as long as I'm hear, another just random question that popped into my head...anyone know the name of the band who's video I keep catching on MTV2 & Fuse where the DRUMMER is singing lead for most of the song? It's a rock song and I really like it, but I keep missing the title and artist.

(no subject)

Do you have any work drama going on right now?

What about baby mama drama?

Family drama going generations deep?

Perhaps a health crisis like an illness so rare that its being named after you?

Relationship drama that your friends are tired of hearing about so you need a new audience?

Pretty much anything that would make Maury Povich's delicate little head spin. Tell us all about it, because talking makes you feel better, and it makes my work day go by faster.
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(no subject)

1. If someone was wearing these shoes, what color nail polish would look best with them?
I know, they're tacky and hideous and no one should ever wear them, but I really like them.

2. I have this popcorn maker, is there anything I could make with it, other than popcorn?

3. Have you ever made salad dressing? What kind?

4. What should you be doing right now?
Writing my paper for Intercultural Communications.

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
I'm going to see Of Montreal on Friday, and maybe going snowtubing on Sunday and Monday.
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Assassination ?'s

1. How important does one have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?
2. If you had to say one or the other, do you think Tupac was assassinated or just murdered?
3. What about John Lennon?

(no subject)

1.) If you eat bagels, what do you put on them?  Butter, cream cheese, or...?

2.) Have you or anyone you know had a VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) implanted for treatment of depression?  Do you/they like it?  Is it working?
No, but I want it...I've tried therapy and so many antidepressants...I need something else.

3.) Anyone have a Mirena IUD that can give me an estimate of how much it would cost?  I don't have insurance (not that most insurances would probably cover it anyway), but I'm thinking it would be cheaper than paying for BC pills for the same length of time.

4.) Is anyone else as excited as I am that they're making Trix cereal round again?

5.) Where were you born? (City & State, or Country...)
Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, AK

6.) Am I the only one who basically assumes that people won't remember me even though I remember them?  Or assumes that people don't think of me even though I think about them?  I'm not talking about friends and family...I mean if I see someone I haven't gone to school with since 3rd grade (I'm 23) I'm always surprised when they remember me, even though I clearly remember them and think about them every once in awhile.
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(no subject)

1. If you brought in a prescription to a pharmacy for a certain brand of medication, and the pharmacist dispensed you its generic form, would you be okay with that? Or do you insist on the brand name?

2. What do you think of big nipples? Does gender matter?

3. Pads or tampons?

4. Do you buy a new article of clothing every season?

5. Favorite daytime talk show?
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I've been feeling crappy lately and decided to amuse myself to stay sane. I took my violin to work with me today, though I've still yet to learn how to even tune the damn thing. ;P People actually let me have room to breathe, and didn't look at me like I was going to steal their children, it was neat.

Anyway, my questions are related to the above!

1- Have you ever done something just to see what kind of attention you'd receive? If so, what was it and what kind of attention did you get?
2- What sort of thing makes you smile at someone in public who you don't know?
3- Are you usually so wrapped up in your own life that you ignore everyone else and just plow over strangers when you have somewhere to be? :(
4a- How would you react to someone with blue hair?
4b- How would you react to someone with an eye-seeing dog (practising or in training)?
4c- How would you react to someone strutting about nearly-naked (especially if they're not some sexy thing that should be seen as such, supposedly. ;P)?

PS, this isn't my attempt at a social experiment. I'm not tracking any variables, it's not a closed environment, blah blah blah. So before anyone gets on my case (yeah, you know who you people are! just cuz you're in university doesn't make you all knowing, by the way) don't bother. :)
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(no subject)

If your cable company offered a la carte service, would you want it? (Basically, you choose which channels you want and only pay for them.)

EDIT: For this question, we'll say that you already get your basic network channels. I don't know how they'll do it for real.

Which channels would you choose?

What's your favorite cable channel?

What's your favorite show on that channel?

What's your least favorite channel?

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(no subject)

How do you apologize to someone after you freaked out over something silly and didn't speak to them for about a day (right now, he's pretty angry with me :-( )?

ETA: I apologized and he forgave me :-) But I'm still looking into hookers and blow, just in case, as well as a copy of Myst. Thanks all for the advice.
Beast mode!

Random questions that are clearly not related to anything happening in my life right now.

1. How much do you usually tip when you go out to eat (percentage wise)?

2. Where are you from?

3. Do you change this amount when you travel? Does it depend on where you travel to?

4. When you stay at someone's house for several days, do you sleep wherever they tell you to or do you move around to different rooms each night (you're sleeping on air mattress on the floor of whatever room you're in, not in a bed)?

5. Why would someone move around each night?

6. When did you last get food poisoning? Do you know what you ate that gave it to you?

(no subject)

1. Who's the 'black sheep' in your family?

2. I'm at work.. and hungry. very hungry as I am a poor bastard with no food in my house. Any ideas on how I can score some food from my co-workers or these damn taunting vending machines? or another unrelated idea?

S/M BlueGrrl314

Squiggles galore...

I have a squiggle line in my vision right now, meaning a migraine's gonna hit in about 20 minutes or so.  Who else gets these?

Also, should I take my meds and suffer through the rest of the day, or use this as a perfect opportunity to leave work and rest at home?

EDIT - So I took my  meds, but they aren't kicking not for home I head before the vomiting arrives.  

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(no subject)

For fans of The Office (US)

1. Can you come up with one likeable trait that Roy has? I'm having a hard time understanding why some people want to see Pam and Roy together.

2. You have won a tiny Dundie, what's it for?

3. Out of the characters from the show, who would you do?

4. DVDS, five movies. What would you bring to a desert island?

5. Do you think it was rude for Ryan to say that he never wanted to get married in front of Kelly?

6. What is with Jan's nose?

eta Here's a cap. The skin just below the tip hangs down really low. It bugs me.

guess who's back?

as some of ya'll know i went to California (LA to be exact) this past week.. can you guess which lucky celebrity i bumped into while shopping at the mall?


a) she's a mother.
b) she's married to a "rocker".
c) her initials are bolded somewhere in this post.

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2. how's your day going so far?
3. what'd you have for lunch?
4. are your lips chapped?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

what do you guys think about writing a pro/con paper based on this "controversial" statement: "PR Flacks wouldn't have any influence if we weren't all so gullible"? Because I think it stinks.

What do you guys think of having to write a three page paper in 11 point font and space-and-a-half spacing? I think that stinks too(in that it's not standard and my professor's way of trying to be "creative").

Did any of you get into a sort of rut in your early twenties? mid-twenties? Is there any validity to the concept of a "quarter-life crisis"?

In the 100_Words community, what happens if you post an entry with 99 words? Does anyone even count?
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(no subject)

1. Twikies or hohos?

2. if you're used to being home alone all the time, and suddenly you're not any more, would you feel guilty if you keep doing what you'd usually do instead of paying attention to the other person?
2b what if they'd just experienced a traumatic event?

3.Where is the gnome hiding? (to clarify, the gnome is an evil little bastard, not a cute garden statue)
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Dear TQC,

I would like to see your favorite pictures of:
a) your children if you have any
b) your pets if you have any
c) your SO if you have one
d) um, something else if you have none of those things.

Would you please post pictures of them?

I'm a Quitter

(no subject)

My disc drive isn't working and I believe my computer is about to die on me. I don't have the money to buy an external hard drive and I'm looking into getting a new computer anyway so how can I back up all my pictures and documents?
ballet photo

lake life

i dont know how common this is, but it is for a lot of people in the city/area i live as we are surrounded by many large lakes..
1) do you have a cabin/summer house/place you go for the summer?
2) do you spend a lot of time there?
3) where is it?
4) what do you refer to it as? ex- the lake, the cabin etc

and also

5) have you ever been camping?

my answers in the comments

donating blood

I'm going to go donate blood in 2 weeks. The last time I went, they weren't able to find a vein big enough to successfully draw from and I don't want that to happen again. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do in order to be able to donate successfully?

(no subject)

1.  What is a plesant surprise that you recieved today?

My boyfriend left me flowers on my doorstep when I got home from school, but they're flower seeds! German Chamomile <3

2.  What are you looking forward to?

UPS tracking said my 3 Threadless shirts will be delivered today!

3.  If your life could be any tv show, which would it be?

I'd pick Scrubs or the Office.  And they are both on tonight!
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(no subject)

1a. if you could jump in and be a character in any book, which book would it be and what character?
b. if you could drag a character out of any book, which charater/book would they be
c. what would you do with them once you dragged them out of the book?

2. what is the benefit of having wireless internet?
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(no subject)

Imagine a chocolate cake achieved both sentience and mobility. What would it do? Assuming it had legal right to work in its country, where would it work? Do you think a chocolate cake would be a hard-working, dedicated employee, or a lazy bum that shirks duties and always clocks out on the exact minute its shift ends? Can you see yourself being friends with the chocolate cake? True friends, or just to get close enough to it to take a bite?

Have you seen any flocks of birds in the sky? What kind(s) of birds? What direction were they going? What would they do if they came across a sentient, mobile chocolate cake?

Also I'd like to holla out to all mah TQC homiez! All y'all keep it real, yo. Peace!


I got this tattoo on my left wrist in November, and it's starting to feel too blank to me.  I am wanting to add something to it, but my creativity is failing me.  Anyone have any suggestions as to what could be added to this to bring it out more?

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(no subject)

My school is having a fitness day, and with the choice between Swimming and /Boot camp/, i'm going to go swimming. And i'm also going to teach my friend how to swim. (I'm fully capable of supporting her body/swimming her to shore, I know CPR, and we'll be in the shallows, so i'm not worried about that)

Any common sense things I should teach her that you can think of, while I'm at it? I've got 'Float on your back if in trouble/tired' and 'Face the waves so if you're dumped you don't land face first in the sand' so far.

(no subject)

Is it condoning violence to be friends with someone who beats up other people?

If they beat up someone you care about, would you choose between the two of them? Assume for the sake of argument that the attack is malicious and unprovoked.
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two related questions and one random

1) What celebrity death would actually make you cry?
(Jim Carrey. I've been all about that man for many years.)

2) What typically non-sexy celebrity do you think is actually smoking hot?
(Philip Seymour Hoffman. I want to rub his belly.)

3) If you're writing something, do you use a pen or pencil?
(Pens unless I'm doing a crossword.)
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(no subject)

Does it bother you that children's cartoons being made nowadays have good guys getting undeserved punishment and no happy ending?

The following episodes of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends":
Where There's a Wilt, There's a Way
Everyone Knows It's Bendy
Imposter's Home For Um...Make 'Em Up Pals
Foster's Goes to Europe
I Only Have Surprise For You

Who are you again?

Have you ever had someone you had seen and known relatively well completely not recognize you because of a change in your appearance? Do you think you look like a different person? Or do you look exactly the same, to the degree that someone who hadn't seen you for 20 years would still recognize you right off the bat.

Post pictures from these stages! (or if you look exactly the same, post pictures from many years apart)

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For some reason, the differences for me really amuse me. Makes me feel like a secret agent or something!


what happened to jessica alba?

she used to be sexy and now she's just scary looking.

can you think of any other actresses (or actors) that have gone from totally smokin' to just ugly?

Starbuck me like you mean it, baby

Getting women in the mood
Men have long tried to seduce women by plying them with alcohol. A new study suggests men might have better luck if they buy them a double espresso instead. Researchers at Southwestern University found that when they gave 108 female rats a big jolt of caffeine, they became very receptive to the overtures of male rats. Scientists aren't sure why, but believe that caffeine stimulates a region of the brain involved with sexual motivation. One caveat: Since rats generally don't drink cappuccino, they'd never had caffeine before, so it's possible that the Viagra effect would not be as powerful among women who drink coffee every day. "In humans," psychologist Fay Guarraci tells, "it might enhance the sexual experience only among people who are not habitual users"

1. Surely some of you don't drink caffeinated products. Have you noticed any increased horniness when you have a coke/coffee now and then?
2. Where's the best location to test this caffeine theory out on the fairer sex?
3. As a coffee afficianado, I have to say, is there anything caffeine can't do?
I&#39;m a Quitter

(no subject)

I'm cleaning out my room at my parent's house and I have a lot of stuff that I don't know what to do with. I'd prefer to sell them since I need money right now.

What should I do with my old clarinet? Is it something worth selling or should I donate it?

Is there some place I can find out how much my old basketball/baseball cards are worth?

What about Beanie Babies?

Dental malpractice.

Has anyone ever sued a doctor or a dentist, in particular, for malpractice? 
Has it been successful? 
Was it worth it?

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I don't know if there's anyone here that knows about dentistry, or law, or both if I'm super lucky, but does it sound like there's anything I can do at this point? If I want to pursue legal action, how would I go about doing that?
What would YOU do in this situation?
Just write a horribly sarcastic thank you note to the dentist? Get a lawyer? Spread the word about her crappiness as a doctor, since all the students in the area go to her, in an attempt to spare others this crap? Anything?
Thanks for any help.

(no subject)

This past Saturday I went bowling with a couple of friends. After about an hour of bowling we went to the food area and got fries. Ten minutes later we came back to get them and I asked for a cup of cheese on the side. The girl behind the counter told me $0.85 and I thought she said "4.85$" so I gave her a 5 dollar bill. She comes back with 4.15$ and my friends and I stood there realizing her mistake. My friends were whispering to me to take it and I did think about it since it was her mistake. There was this awkward silence and I spoke up saying "Uh..excuse me? You gave me too much..." Her: "Oh but didn't you pay already?" Me: "No." *hands her back money* Her: "Oh! Oh I'm sorry, that was my mistake!" And then she gave me back my real change. 


Do you think I did the right thing?

Should I have taken it?

What would have YOU done?

*Edit* She thought I already paid for the fries already and just had to pay for the extra cheese.
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another perscription question

for those of you that dont have an aversion to wal-mart.

1.did you know that they have over 300 generic prescriptions available for $4 each?

2.Why would you pay full price (or your copay if you have insurance) for the same medicine?

3. what is your favorite drink?

(no subject)

1. Why is it common for us to eat 3 meals at certain times during the day?
2. Did you have a birthday this year?
3. How tall are you?
4. Do you wish you were taller/shorter?
5. When was the last time you laughed? What made you laugh?
6. What's your favorite religious joke?

My answers:

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computer question...sorry, but I'm desperate!!

I have a very old lap top, with windows 95 (!) on it. I have my undergrad thesis on that computer, and I need it for my graduate thesis. I'd rather not have to retype a whole 20+ pages into this new computer.. but the disks I just bought to save it to and trasfer don't work. Do I need to format the disk or something? do I have any other options? Maybe saving it to a cd disk? Time is running short and I can use any ideas!

(and no, I don't have internet on the old ass lap top)
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(no subject)

To the Aussies.

Does anyone have that Vodafone cap plan? You know where you pay $30 & get something like $150 worth of credit for a month.

If so, would you recommend it to someone who has been on Optus for 10 years & isn't a mobile phone junkie.

(no subject)

Is Michael Richards racist?
I think he does have repressed racist feelings.

Is "I Love Lucy" sexist?
I've never watched it, but from I've read about it I think it might be, what with it being made in the 50s, and Lucy being really dumb and always messing things up.
mornington crescent

(no subject)

My parents are having their 20th anniversary on the 21st. They aren't very sentimental people and they usually don't do anything for their anniversary. However, 20th seems kind of significant. Should I do something for them/get them something? If so, what?

ETA: I looked up traditional anniversary gifts and it's either china or platinum for the 20th. My mother has more dishes than she knows what to do with and I'm not buying anyone platinum anything.
cute deary


So, what is your routine for sex? Like, do you usually do a little making out first or do you give your SO a backrub and then do the deed or do you just jump right to it and get done or what?
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Bruins - shadow

(no subject)

My kid has this book with animals, and when we read it I always make the animal sound and he laughs. (Yeah its funny to a 6 month old, okay?)
What sound does a goat make?

EDIT got it, thanks!
ew, sandra lee

(no subject)

i really have no idea how to ask this so i'll do the best i can. sorry if it doesnt make sense

but you know how in some movies when a knife gets knocked out of one's hand and the other person is coming after them with a weapon? and then a blade of some sort slides into the other person's hand from the sleeve of their shirt just before they're attacked?

uhm.. what is the contraption called that keeps the blade up the sleeve until it is of some use?

(no subject)

I just recently watched the movie "Kids" and I really enjoyed it but...

I honestly didn't understand the ending. What the hell happened? Did I miss something?

And.. what other movies do you suggest to watch if I liked "Kids."


Whats a good site to watch movies online.. without tons of dead links?
rider tied

A question of manners

So it's my boyfriends mothers birthday on the 14th, I'm sending her a card and a gift.

I've always had a problem with calling parents by their first names. I just can't do it. But it would be rude not to put her name on the card.
So which one do I do? Do I use her name in the card or just have no name?
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(no subject)

I like to feed the geese down at our little lake pond thingy on campus. What can I feed them that's more nutritious and bird-healthy than oatmeal-raisin cookies?

Also: They *will* migrate back north when it gets warmer, yes? None of the geese are going to get the bright idea that since they're being fed, they should just hang out?

(no subject)

Do you do martial arts?

What type?

What do you like about it?

Does anyone else get really nauseas/vomiting after it?



Some phillipines style with lots of stick fighting. Used to do Tae-Kwon-Doe.

Learning self-defense (Real stuff, like how to break holds), and fitness.

Yes. Right now. Gah. I'm sitting here with a bottle of water, trying not to be sick. Anyone know how to fix this problem?


If youre going to have a snack, which kind do you prefer: salty or sweet?

Im much more of a salty fan than sweet. Its very rare that Id want something sugary.

What is your favourite type of potato chip?

Im borderline obsessed with Kettle Chips Cheddar Beer flavor. Theyre DELICIOUS!
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Need some review...

I'll be taking some classes come fall, one of them being Organic Chemistry.  Its been a while since I've done that sort of thing, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good/helpful learning Chemistry software?  I plan on review my notes from university and all that, but it would be helpful to have a nice tool I could interact with.  Thanks in advance!!!

cross posted to my journal
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Big Love

(no subject)

1. My friend and I walked into the bar the other night and "Folsom Prison Blues" was playing. My friend said "What the hell is this?" I glared at her and she said "Well it's garbage.". Was I wrong for shooting her, just to watch her die?

2. Do you have a place where everybody knows your name?

3. Do any bars you frequent do anything fun besides allowing you to get soused?

4. If you have AIM, what does your info say?

5. If I called you a biotech, would you laugh or stare blankly.

6. You're being interviewed for your ability to promote items, give us your best go at it.

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How often do you do dishes?

Is it unreasonable or 'inviting bugs' that leaving dishes from dinner in the sink overnight?

Our landlord came into our apartment to take pictures (we knew he was coming in, he was taking pictures to rent it), and he left us a note saying that he's never had bugs and that we're inviting them by leaving dinner dishes in the sink. I feel that's totally unreasonable. Nobody does the dishes every single night. Usually we do the dishes, it just happened that last night we didn't.
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mystery art...

Have you guys seen that icon with a blue background, and it's a milk carton that says, "I can't see my expiration date! I'm either old milk or fresh yogurt!"

I've seen several icons in this same style. Who is the artist?
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Do you recognise me question club?
What song's lyrics describe you at some moment in your life?
well uh, i've had jamelias - something about you on repeat because the lyrics go "i can talk to you for days, you make me laugh a thousand ways." cos.. thats what he did last year.
What do I tell my parental I failed my ever so important maths test?
Is the glass half-full or half-empty?
What is something you know you have to get rid of... but you just don't?
My old ticket stubs, little receipts, nonsense in my wallet. Also, all the expired medicine.
Last all nighter?
I want.. to have an allnighter right now. But... I will suffer majorly tomorrow morning. Ah well.


Two totally unrelated questions.

1. So the other day, I flat out asked the object of my affection if he feels the same way or not. What did he reply?
"I think so."
....What does that mean? How to I respond to that? He refused to elaborate, and I wasn't going to press him on it, but seriously... I'm so damn confused.

2. If no one else is home, do you still close the door when you're using the bathroom?

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Its become quite clear to me that I'm wasting too much time looking around TQC.  How do I know this?  I had a dream that involved TQC last night and it was rather bizzare.  I don't remember all the details, but it somehow involved some members here including myself, as prison guards, and we were taking bets on whether some prisoners would be able to complete some task and if they did it, we were going to let them free.  I didn't see any faces, I just remember walking around and different cops had their LJ username's up on a bunch of computers, and had their backs turned to me, and all the LJ's belonged to members here.  I was talking to some woman I didn't know, then somehow I woke up at 5 a.m., and was rather confused and disoriented and had to pace down my hallway in my dorm a few times to get my bearings.  I was sick Tuesday and haven't slept terribly well the past 3 nights, so that might explain why I had such a bizzare senseless dream.  Now to the actual questions-
1)Who here thinks I'm crazy?
2)Has anyone else here had any dreams that involved TQC in some form or another?
3)What's the craziest, most senseless dream you've ever had?  For me, outside of this dream, it was a dream where Jennifer Lopez went crazy, was wielding a huge butcher knife and was chasing me around my back yard. 
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Poll #942927 Novel of Choice

Out of the following Novels, which did you find most inteteresting?

"Native Son" by Richard Wright
"Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley
"Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte

I have to read/do a research paper on one of those novels. They all seem interesting, so I need help choosing.
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1. When you burn toast do you scrape it off and eat it or make a new piece?
2. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1000. What is it?
3. I'm having a party. What are some good (alcoholic) drinks I should buy ingredients for?
4. How cold is it where you are?
5. Have you ever drunk absinthe? How was it?

My answers:
1. I make a new piece, unless it was the last piece of bread. I'd rather have burnt toast than none.
2. I can't tell, that would defeat the purpose.
3. I'm already planning on providing ingredients for Cosmos and Mojitos. And possibly Irish Car Bombs, in honor of early St. Patrick's Day.
4. 22F! I'm bloody freezing.
5. No. My friend is bringing some he made to the party.
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Champions League is easy to find, since ESPN2 covers it, but where can I find UEFA Cup matches online for watching or downloading (and then presumably watching after downloading)?

Since I pay little attention to my own country's national team, just how good or bad is Onyewu?