March 7th, 2007

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does anyone have or know the quote from Prozac Nation (it's in the book & the movie), it's something ridiculously desperate about being in love, like "when you're apart you know you're going to die because the pain is too much" ? something like that? i'd search for it, but i let a friend borrow the book & i can't find it anywhere online...
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So I'm in Beginning Spanish, and we're doing this Show & Tell thing. I'm bringing in a book about Audrey Hepburn. We have to say things in Spanish about it. I used a few online translators, but I'm still not sure if it's correct.

Can someone help me out por favor?

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EDIT: I decided it would just be easier to being in pictures of my best friend and boyfriend, as the thing has to be at least two minutes long. Thanks for those who helped though.

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Friend A mentions to friend B that friend C got a tattoo. Friend B goes to friend C and asks about it, and friend C says they got it done several months back. Friend B then makes a snide remark about what a conformist friend C is for breaking down and getting a tattoo, without seeing the tattoo or even asking what it is.

Do you agree? In other words, is getting a tattoo a way of conforming?

Since tattoos are so much more common now, what do you think will be the next extreme thing to be become mainstream? Suspensions? Skydiving? Finding the hay in the needle stack?

What do you think would be the coolest sport to have a professional circuit? It can be any kind of game, serious or silly or even made up.

What looks nicer: black and white or sepia?


As a relative newcomer to adulthood who worries about odd things, I ask these food questions:

1. What is your weekly food budget?
2. Who does this budget buy food for?
3. What are your typical eating habits (e.g. always home-cooked, fast food everyday, restaurant everyday, etc.?)
4. Where are you from (region, city, country, whatev.?)
5. Random: If you have a Panera Bread Co. or a Saint Louis Bread Co. in your area, and you remember right off hand, what is the price of a "You Pick Two" meal? How about for some other random item?

Here are my answers and explanations:

1. The budget varies widely, from about $20-80. I try to keep it around $30 for myself because I feel guilty if it's more, but at $30 I feel like I'm really limited. I don't know what is considered an "okay" amount to spend on food.

2. I buy food for myself and often my wife, but the $30 is my best guess for myself. Counting her meals, I spend around $45-50 most weeks.

3. Much of my food comes from work and cheap fast food. The rest I make at home out of a can or box. I only drink water, so that saves me a lot of money.

4. I'm from San Diego, CA. Food here is among the most expensive in the US. Because I'm trying to establish what is "normal," or at least baseline, I want to be able to account for regional variation as best I can.

5. I work at Panera, and, like many companies, we strategically don't put prices on the web because of regional variation. The "You Pick Two" in San Diego is $7.09. For a random item, a bowl of soup is $3.79.
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body parts, pre-sales, cheese doodles, and subcultures!

1. Which of your body parts is bothering you most right now?
My nose is really cold, and it's annoying.

2. I have a question about pre-sale concert tickets. The pre-sale for Bright Eyes starts this weekend. They are going to be at Town Hall for 7 days! As far as I know, Town Hall has seats. Would the best seats be included in the pre-sale or would they be held until the general sale? Or does it vary by band/venue/whatever? I've only bought pre-sale tickets for venues without seats so I'm unsure.

3. How much of a loser would I be if I bought tickets to see Bright Eyes all 7 days?
I'd probably be a pretty big loser.

4. Do you like cheese doodles? Do you prefer the crunchy kind or the puffed kind?
Sometimes I like them, sometimes I hate them. When I'm in a cheese doodle mood I prefer the puffed ones.

5. Does the term "subculture" offend you? If someone referred to something as a "co-culture" would know what they were talking about?
No, it offends my Intercultural Communications professor to no end though, he makes us say co-culture. I think co-culture sounds stupid.

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Ahhh how do I get rid of flu symptoms quickly? (runny nose, a bit of sore throat, a little feverish)
This would be the absolute worst time for me to get sick.
I already ate some tylonol, what else do I do before I go to bed?
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Imagine you're talking with a friend online (neither somebody you have met offline nor your best friend, just someone you occasionally chat with), and, like regular small talk, you ask what your friend is doing. The response you get is, "I'm watching porn." How do you react?

Now on the flip side. You are watching porn. A friend asks what you are doing. How do you respond? (If you think porn is nasty or whatever, you don't have to answer this one.)

I have one friend who I became awesome friends with because I admitted to him I was watching porn (he loved my openness and honesty), and I have gotten into really tense arguments with others because of it. Where do you stand?

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So I'm doing this group project for speech class about classic video games, and for our presentation, my group has decided to dress up as video game characters. I'm going as Link, and we have a Mario and a Princess Peach, but the rest of the group is having trouble thinking up characters with easily recognizable costumes that would be relatively easy and cheap to throw together in about a week. They don't have to be the most awesome costumes ever, we're talking felt and card-board level here. I've been searching around on Google, but haven't found anything very helpful; all the characters I think up have really complicated costumes. Any ideas? I need costume ideas for three girls and one guy, preferably, but they don't necessarily have to dress as their gender.


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What was the best present you received on your 18th/ 21st?
What was the worst(ever)?
What do you wish you were given(ever)?

What is the best/worst present you gave someone?

For those that are under 18:
What do you wish to receive for your 18th/21st?

edited slightly as  i'm a fool who forgot to add important info.


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What color are the sheets on your bed?

How about the blanket?

Would you prefer silky or fluffy blankets?

How many pillows do you use?

I forgot to say earlier, thanks to those who responded to my hair question. I got a layered bob and you can't really tell how badly I messed up my bangs now, woo!
yaguchi nani?!

google has failed me :(

Is there a good free program that will change AVI files into GIF files? How about WMV files into GIF files? or at least WMV to AVI?

If there arent any free ones are there any relatively inexpensive ones (under $50)?

Thanks I got my answer!
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Totally random

1. In Girl, Interrupted, what do you think is wrong with Susanna (Winona Ryder) that has to be sent to the psych ward?
2. What is the story behind Daisy (Brittany Murphy) and her obsession with chickens? According to the quote "I bet... with every inch of his manhood.," is it true that she gets raped constantly by her dad?

3. Before taking my car to a shop for yearly state inspection, would it be cheaper to purchase a few parts like oil filter, wiper blades, air filter, et cetera from the store compared to paying for those parts that need to be replaced right from the shop?
4. How can I replace windshield wiper blades on my own?
5. What are any other suggestions for getting prepared for car inspection? Ex: filling up a gas tank till it gets full.
6. For car owners, how much have you spent for your last car inspection if you recall?

7. Other than and, what are the websites we can watch movies online without having to download or purchase?
8. Should I subscribe to netflix? If you say no, what are the reasons not to?

9. Do you find this icon offensive?
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Anime Music Search......!

Anyone know where I could find a complete list(or better yet, actual files) of music from Zoids: Chaotic Century(with Van and Fiona), Zoids(dunno the subtitle, but has Bit Cloud) and Ronin Warriors? Been searching for a few weeks and I'm just about ready to give up here. ^_^;
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sorry to make another post so soon- but my previous one is pushed rather far back and I need answers to this asap.

A friend of mine is co-hosting an event.
It’s a block party, held by an art gallery. The even is directed at young children and elderly people.  There will be workshops, activities, etc all relevant to painting and drawing and so on. It’s free.

Now, she needs to come up with a name for the event (something 'arty'-her words, not mine) and an activity that both the elderly and the children can do together. She’s asked me for, of course I’m asking TQC ;)

edited- she just informed me the name needs to be in spanish.

sleejay doompolice forites plane bombs


this dude who thinks i am his internet friend keeps bugging me to do a manga with him.

1) is this some sort of dance?
2) how do i make him stop?

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1) Will you take care of your parents when they are older?

2) If you are married, will you take care of your partner's parents?

3) Do you think you have the responsibility to do so?
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1. Do you personally gain weight when you're happy?

2. I need to buy my boyfriend a teapot so he can make tea in his dorm. What should I look for?

3. What is a man?

4. What kind of shoes are your favorite kind of shoes?

1. Yes.
2. A diffuser thingy, he requested that much.
4. Right now I'm really liking these puma sneakers.
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two related and one completely unrelated questions

1) Do you think that all of this talk about plus sized models becoming socially acceptable actually transcends race, or is it only becoming acceptable for hispanic and black women to be "normal" sized? To this note, my local paper (Red Eye - it's an offshoot of the Chicago Tribune) had an article about this, and the women shown were America Ferrara, Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Hudson.

2) Can you name a caucasian woman who is average size like those three woman, and who is known as being sexy/beautiful? People keep mentioning Camryn Manheim to me, and that's so not true. (Though I personally find her to be attractive.)

3) Are you as freaked out at that Korn acoustic version of Freak on a Leash as I am? (It was my song with my first boyfriend, which is weird enough anyway.)
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this and that

1. When someone says those bands that all sound the same, which bands do you think of? In the case of whatever bands you're thinking of, is sounding the same a good thing or not?

2. Do you know anyone with the same name as someone famous? There's a Sylvia Brown in my building...hehe.

3. What's the coolest thing you've found just laying around in public? I found this guy hiding under a bush. He resides in my office now :D

4. If you were Jesus, would you have your followers get 666 tattoos?
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Someone left a Sprite (in one of those standard paper fast food cups) sitting on my wooden table a few days ago, and I just noticed it today. The Sprite leaked through the cup and there is now a gross, ultra sticky mess that will not budge.

I tried Windex and Goo Gone, but neither one works AT ALL.

How do I effectively clean up this really disgusting and annoying mess?

serious randomness

hello tqc world (;

1- would you tolerate any level of disrespect from a person that is old enough to know better? (explanation under the cut)

2- what is your most missed song from the 90s?

3- if your poop came out as nutella, would you eat it?

4- if you are really fed up/angry/irritated, how do you express it? how do you cool down?

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Where have you masturbated?

My bed
My parents bed
My friends bed
The shower
At your computer desk
At someone else's computer desk
My toilet
A public toilet
A friends toilet
At school
In a classroom, under the desk
In a store or supermarket
In the ocean
In a pool
At work
In a car
On a bus
On a train
On an airplane
Behind a building
Other (explain in the comments)
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Random stuff I thought about on my way out the door this morning.

1- When/if you put change into a piggy bank of sorts, how low of a denomination does the change have to be to put it in?

2- I hope husband doesn't see this... I plan on taking husband out on the weekend, just cuz I can. What type of restaurant should I take him to? :) I'm taking pictures! ;P

3- What is the latest you've returned a book/game/movie to a rental place or library? How bad was the fine?

4- Do you have Post It sticky notes? If yes, what colour are they? :)

5- Is there any way to change the language of the word check on Firefox? I hate being told 'colour' is spelled wrong. :( ETA: Answered here :)

6- How often do you get sick? Are you under weight, average weight, or overweight? I'm trying to prove something to someone. :P (I'm trying to prove that the less close to 'normal' weight you are, the more likely you are to get sick or generally have a bad immune system.)

Mine: Collapse )

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1.) Which breed of dog would you consider the cutest?
2.) What was the first pet you ever owned?
3.) Have you ever had to put an animal down? What were the circumstances?
4.) What's the largest animal you've ever hit with your car?

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sweet_emo's question reminded me of another question...

I'm going to DC at the end of the month.  Pretty much everywhere you go in DC (museums and such) you have to walk through those scanners and metal detectors and you're supposed to put your purse/bag/what-have-you on the conveyor belt to be scanned.

Is it better to put a digital camera on the belt or carry it through?

i predict comments about beans

Is it bad to become an incidental vegetarian? I just realized that I haven't eaten beef or fish for at least 6 months. I can count on my fingers the number of times I've eaten chicken since Christmas. I don't feel any different. I just don't have the patience to cook meat for myself and whenever I go out to eat I end up eating salad and soup, for no special reason. Am I gonna DIE?
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What can I use to get the caked on grease off of my toaster oven? I tried Easy-Off Bam, but it didn't work at all. Do you think maybe a regular oven cleaner might work?
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so what im pretty sure is a mouse died in my heater vent. i cant reach it.. and im 8 1/2 months pregnant so going underneath the house to search for a place to take the vent duct apart is a no go.

how the hell do i get rid of/cover up the smell until i can get under there or..well..nature takes its course and the smell dies off.
you all are creative. help!
i hate mice.
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Fences and resale value

We just bought a house today. Yay.

The neighbors, however, are total and absolute hicks. Their yard is awful, they have a couch in the middle of their back yard, and their house looks like it's been hit by a small tornado. Everybody else in the area keeps their stuff nice looking. So, in foresight of the fact that we don't want to stare at their very, very obvious eyesores, we'd like to put up a privacy fence.

Problem: we're on a corner lot, and it's irregular to boot. So when we do put up the fence, it will look something like this:

If you were buying a house and saw a wierd-ass fence in the back yard, would you like the fact that it IS fenced, or hate the fact that it's really, really funkily shaped?

Edit: my boyfriend swears that I'm remembering the property lines wrong, so here's his suggested MSpaint version.

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real men read

And, you know, some stuff.

1. What jobs have people in your family held? Anything unusual?

2. I was reading an interview today in which the interviewer kept using the words "alot" and "fenominal." Does that sort of this tick you off as much as it does me?

3. How much of your time today was spent doing actual work?

4. Are your political leanings similar or dissimilar to those of your immediate family?

5. Have you developed any new interests or hobbies recently?

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09, Craig and I


How bloody brilliant is Heroes anyway?
Who is hotter Nathan (yay, Profit!)or Mohinder?
And, most important what the HELL is Nicky's power anyway? We are only up to episode 5 and we can't figure it out for the life of us!
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Anyone use a block heater on thier car?

How expensive are they to install?

How much does it make your electricity bill go up?

Are there alternatives? I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building and it'd be seriously obnoxious to have a massive extension cord running from my apartment all the way down to my car...but I'm at my wits end here so I'm willing to deal with that.

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1. Where are the keys to the car I never drive?

2. Do you paint your fingernails? Get manicures? What color(s) are your favorite and which ones do you avoid?

3. Do you have a planner? Do you actually use it? Do you use something like Google calendar instead?

4. How many people's phone numbers do you have memorized? Did you have those numbers memorized before you got a cell phone (if you have one)?

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Has anyone bought/upgraded to Windows Vista?
What did you think of it?
Are there any major bugs that you know of?
Are you going to use massive big technical terms so that even if I do get an answer, I won't know what it means?

What was your favourite childhood show/shows.
Do you ever have a sudden flashback/reminder of a children's program that you watched as a kid?
Why does the show Noddy keep running through my head?
What was a major phase you went through as a kid that embarrasses you, looking back on it?

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So yesterday I noticed that the gemstone in my ring was wobbling around a bit when I touched it. Like, it was loose in the setting. Does anyone know how I can get that fixed without seeing the original jeweller (I live 2 hours away from the place)? Would it cost anything to have it done?

I'd consult google but I want to hear from actual people, you know :|
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People who read ONTD: Why do people keep using the slang "bb"? Where'd that come from and what's it mean?

ETA: Apparently, it's Chinglish for baby. Is Chinglish the same as Engrish?

For those who are home from work/school due to weather: Whatcha doin'? I actually worked a little bit from home, and now I am going to clean, and then make fish tacos.

What do you use to wash your face?
Are there any zit creams that actually work?

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Can someone please explain to me how the lottery works? I was watching the news last night and they were talking about the $400 million lottery in New York... Is it a state-by-state thing? How long does it go for, i.e. how does it become so high? Are the numbers announced at the end of the month?
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A while back, it seems like an eternity, I asked why it was that people tend to refer to God as just "God". I'm not asking that now, answers were all very satisfactory at the time...

...but I am wondering something else along similar lines.

Do you ever refer to God, or Jesus, as something other than those names? More friendly, kinda conversational. Se, I don't pray in the strictest sense. Be I at a church or just going about my day...I chat. Start with a something as insignificant as "How's your day going?" and off I go from there.

Point is, as I would when chatting with anybody, I don't always use just the generic presented name. Originally I referred to God as "The Creator", which is mildly ominous but accurate. Then, in passing, as the Big Guy. Sometimes just as Big G.

In referring to Jesus, to God, I either go with "the Kid" or simply just "J".

Anybody else do anything like this?
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Cause you are the wi-iind beneath my wings.

1 Have you ever stopped your car to move something obstructive from the road?
2 You are walking out to your car from work (or school or whatever) and you see a piece of trash on the ground. Do you pick it up?
3 Hey, is your refigerator running?
4 Would you throw a banana peel from your car window?
5 For that matter, do you litter? If no - is there anything you do litter?
6 If you don't litter and someone litters while in your car, do you open their door and push them out?
this is what my user name is from


Has anyone here (I know I'm not the only one EVA!) been for a dental extraction and the dentist has been unable to remove all of the tooth?
I went on Monday, and after 45 mins of trying, she decided to leave the remaining root, as digging further would be too traumatic! Am I going to die? Lolz, no seriously, how bad is this? Any personal or anecdotal experiences?
It's still pretty sore and I'm really worried about dry socket and infection, and bleh! I go back tomorrow, I just wondered if anyone else had been through this and how it turned out for them.
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What's your best excuse for missing a meeting?

Bonus points if it doesn't involve a relative getting sick (I already used that one). I'm thinking about using stomach flu, but I'm not sure.

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Ok then, well it seems that the communities in my interest search results are being sorted by their last update instead of alphabetical order.

Does anyone know if you can change it back?

Edit; Who's rocking the Futurama 'Sweet zombie jesus!' icon? I want to steal it.

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Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters II?

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure or Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey?

The Addams Family or Addams Family Values?

Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part II or Back to the Future Part III?

An American Tail or An American Tail: Fievel Goes West?

Batman or Batman Returns?

Gremlins or Gremlins 2: The New Batch?

The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness?

Home Alone or Home Alone 2: Lost in New York?

The Rescuers or The Rescuers Down Under?

Finding work and such.

So here I am, having graduated from a pretty good college in January, but decided that it was excusable to just putz around for a few months, take some time off and not do anything, just hang out. However, the time is soon approaching of student loan repayments and frankly living with the parents and doing nothing is really getting to me. But not in the motivating me kind of way, rather in that the longer I sit around doing nothing, the harder it becomes to do the opposite. So I need to get off my ass and find some work. 

My  questions are:
1)  whether or not you went to college, how did you go about finding a 'real-world' job? Where did you look? Did you write cover letters to each application? If you looked online, where? 

2) I was a psychology major. 
If you graduated with a psych degree, were you able to find a decent job in the field or is there no hope before graduate school?

3) My parents have suggested getting my real-estate license, just for the hell of it, even though that's not what I want as a career. Has anyone done that successfully? Do you recommend it? Is it a hard job?

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Last fall a pastry chef friend asked me to designer her logo and business cards. I agreed and said that as payment she could make my wedding cake this fall. I come to find out last week via a MySpace bulletin that she is moving halfway across the country in June. It took a week for her to respond to any of my voicemails, emails, and myspace messages to tell me she won't be making the cake afterall but she has friends that will do it for me and "give me a break" on the price. I'm having my mother make the cake instead. Now the question is...

Should I invoice this friend for the work I did for her last fall and am now not receiving payment on?


If I do invoice her, how much should I charge?

As much as any other client
Cut her a deal because she's a friend
I still say don't charge her
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

group interviews...

I'm sure I asked this question a million times...but I refuse to go find the posts. I have a group interview at a world class retailer store for young girls that sell books, dolls, clothes, accessories...etc. called American Girl Place. In my experience with group seems like they always ask the same questions. (ex: what skills I would bring to the company, if there was a time where I showed good customer service, what was it?...if I saw someone stealing something, what I would do?, why I would want to work at such and such?)

But I feel like they'd ask different questions for this job...than what I usually got asked. Someone please help me with what questions they'd possibly ask me. AHHH! I'm having a nervous breakdown. =\
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I'm procrastinating because writing essays =/= good times.

1.Why are people so quick to say certain disorders don't exist, even though they've never personally experienced one?

2.Do people still think calling people emo is funny, witty, cool,etc?

3.Should people judge others, even if they don't know them, about the "reasons" a person has for being depressed? For example, do you think it's fair to determine that your hypothetical friend can't possibly be depressed because his/her home life is decent, he/she is attractive, or because they openly talk about their feelings?

I guess the reason I ask these questions is because some ass who I take lab with commented that anorexia doesn't exist, it's just chicks who want to look like movie stars. He also commented that depressed and bipolar people can snap out of it if they really wanted to. I think all of that is bullshit. I'm bipolar so I know that the snap out of it thing does NOT work. And a person has to be really dumb to think anorexia doesn't exist. I also used to work with kids with mental illness and was hospitalized years ago, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard someone comment about some kid being emo or faking it I'd be a millionaire. Why in this day and age is there still such a stigma attached to mental illness?

(no subject)

1. Do you have any psychiatric disorders?

2. What disorder(s)?

3. Are you receiving treatment currently?

4. Were you diagnosed by a mental health professional?

5. a. Do you think you have a psychiatric disorder, but you have not been diagnosed?
b. Which disorder and what symptoms do you have that lead you to believe you suffer from it?
c. Why haven't you been diagnosed?

LD Relationships

1. What do you think of long distance relationships?

2. Is there a difference between relationships that start local and those that start long distance?

3. How long would you have to talk to someone interesting online to consider meeting them in person in the following situations.
b)up to an hour drive
c)up to a 3 hour drive
d)might as well take a plane

4. What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
[dance] pink side to side

Cheese Whiz adds... personality!

1- Is it legal to have your name changed to something that isn't a real name? Likely whenever we go get "real" married, I might get my first name changed at the same time as my last name, just to keep it simple. However, I wanna use my screen name. :X I've gone by this name for nearly a decade, and plan to write under it anyway, so what the hell.

2- What is something you do every single day, even on days you don't work/go to school, if applicable? Aside from the obvious things, like eating, breathing, sleeping... :P

3- What cha wearing? ;)

4- It's home time for me! YAY! What are you looking forward to in the next hour or so?
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Greatest Shooter of All Time? Say What?

Was over Xbox Live with a friend from the UK and we argued about what game was the greatest first person shooter. He said Counterstrike while I said N64's Goldeneye(though I nearly said Doom). In your opinion, what was the greatest FPS to you? Halo? Doom? Wolfenstein? Marathon? Let the debate begin!
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stokes detonation

Toenail Fungus

My sister went to the doctor for a sinus infection, and while she was there she asked him about her weird yellow toenail. Turns out it's fungus! She turned down the prescription medication for it because you have to take it for 10 months (or so she said) and it's expensive.

I was looking around on the internet for home remedies, and saw some stuff about Vicks VapoRub, Listerine, tea tree oil, vinegar, and a bunch of even stranger things. I'm dubious.

Have any of you successfully treated a case of nail fungus with home remedies? If so, what did you use?

ETA: She has really sensitive skin--will tea tree oil burn like fire?

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Disregarding accents, do you or any members of your family say words funny?

For example, my mum says "rho-DOH-DEN-DRON" for rhododendron, she mixes up words so she ends up with stuff like "Sly Sylvestone" instead of Sylvester Stallone. My grandfather says "fill-um" for film and "can-OH-py" for canopy.

I think it's amusing and cute :) And they make for great in-jokes.

Media codec problems

Ok, so I think this might have started when I upgraded to the latest version of Windows Media Player, but recently it has decided that it is unable to play .mpg files. I can still change the file extension to .avi and they will play quite happily, and it doesn't have any trouble playing mp3s, but it won't go near mpgs (neither will the other programs such as Winamp, etc that I use for videos)
Also, if I try importing an mp3 file into Windows Movie Maker, it won't let me. I'm thinking these two annoyances are connected.

Has anyone else had either of these problems, and did you manage to fix them? 
I've tried reinstalling Media Player and the only codec packs I can find by googling are those evil looking K-Lite packs which just make me feel way too paranoid. :x

(no subject)

Have you had Olive Gardens new steak and portobello mushroom alfredo? I'd like to make it for my boyfriend but I can't seem to find a recipe. Is it really as simple as it sounds? Is there some kind of seasoning on the steak or mushrooms? How are the mushrooms cooked; are they soft or crispy?

Thanks in advance
Got Rat


1. Have you ever been attacked by an animal?

2. What's your favourite animal?

3. Do you hate any particular type of animal?

4. Not including fish or seamonkies and shit, how many pets have you had? (write the number only)

5. How pets do you have now?

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A friend and I will be working on a manga together shortly. We have never worked together on anything of this sort. We are not completely clueless about manga, so that is not a problem.

What IS our problem?
Give a dog a home

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What is your favorite funny image/macro? SHOW ME THE LULZ.


What do dogs dream about when they are doing the sleep twitch bruffing thing?


Evanescence opinion?


Do you think that O.J. Simpson is Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy?


Are children who are sexually abused more likely to be homosexual?

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SOMEONE in TQC is going to win the $370M USD lottery and going to fly all us (cool people...NOT trolls) to somewhere in the world....WHERE should we have a TQC link up?
EDIT: WHO all needs to be there????

What should we do?

Will pageless be the first one dancing on the table and doing body shots? WHO is that dancing with her??
lead me

career fair questions

1. anybody have a link to a good website on resume tips? i need to update mine for the career fair coming up.

2. any tips for what to do *at* a career fair? i am not a very good people person at all and i have a hard time talking to people i don't know. any help in the interpersonal department at all? ...please?

3. my school sent out an email saying that the dress code for the career fair is 'work casual' and gave this as a description for the women's choices (see under the cut). i don't have anything close to what it's asking for, but based on the themes outlined here, could i get away with a nice pair of brown pants (they're dressy, i've worn them to elementary schools for observations) and a collared, 3/4-sleeve, wraparound blouse? (it ties at the side)

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I've been dating my boyfriend for 14 months now and I need a roommate for college (living on campus). I want him to be my roommate, but he says he isn't ready. I've spent prolonged periods together. Before college (10 months) we spent every weekened together, and vacations (2 weeks together) so we've spent long times together. He keeps saying that he isn't ready, and I can't figure out why. Any suggestions? Isn't a year and 2 months long enough?

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What's the worst illness you've ever had?

I've had this nasty sinus infection type virus, complete with pounding head, fever, and a nose so stuffy I couldn't taste food. Then it migrated to my chest and now my throat is sore and I can't stop this dry coughing. >:/
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Food Indulgences

What are your junk food weaknesses?

What is your favourite dish?


I love...chocolate milk, twisties, bacon & egg rolls, chunky kitkats, peanutbutter icecream, chocolate ice cream, cookies, shortbread, starbursts, diet coke, energy drinks, satay noodles, melted cheese, nachos....probably many more!

My favourite dish at the moment is Pad Thai with Chicken. I love anything with noodles or pasta really.
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[dance] pink side to side


On Jeopardy there is some broad, and when they were saying all the jobs of the people, they said her's like "blah blah name, an internet *big blank air here* ...worker!"

Come on, what word didn't the announcer guy want to say? I call "internet camwhore" :) She has hair that looks like plastic.
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My friend and I will be making a manga together shortly. How do we go about avoiding a clash in styles, especially in line art? Do you have any advice pertaining to teamwork on such things?
at seven

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1. Who's your favorite comedian? (not just stand-up, also acting, writing, cartoonist, etc are ok)

2. If the person you named was male, who's your favorite female comedian?

3. Do you think men are inherently funnier than women?

4. Can you give me any example of humor that you think is masculine? (Either the performer/writer in general or a specific quote or scene or something is fine). Why did you pick this?
4b. How about feminine? Why did you pick this example?
4c. Which do you personally find funnier, out of your two examples?

5. Do you identify as a man or a woman?
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How do I get the rest of the people living in my house to understand cleaning up is not all my job?
ETA: the question mark

(the other people who live in my house are my father, brother and boyfriend)
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Silly rabbit, trix are for kids!

I'm currently on my spring break, which for me consists of sitting around the apartment with the cats. My fiance and I will be moving closer to my school at the end of the month, which is great because I have anxiety issues and therefore will not leave this apartment by myself because OMGZ PHILLY.

Don't get me wrong, I love cities. I just hate Philadelphia because it is dirty and the people here scare the bejeezus out of me.

Aforementioned fiance often is gone 12pm-1am due to work. I am out of food and living off of Trix.

Who wants to keep me company so I don't feel like such a loser? Is this totally pathetic? Go ahead, you can say yes :P

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Do you like America's Next Top Model?
I hate to admit it, but I do.

Who is your favorite model, from any season?
Kim Stolz.

Who is your least favorite?
That blonde chick with the pixie cut who cried all the time. I don't remember her name.

Does watching this show make you feel really fat?
Uh, yeah.
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pls to be advising

1. my sister gave me this delicious smelling coffee from costa rica for xmas. unfortunately, it's in bean form and i have no coffee grinder. what's the best solution to this problem?

2. my husband and i want to move, but we can't figure out where. any thoughts on a city that's reasonably inexpensive, pretty liberal, has great weather (doesn't snow, 5 out of 7 days are sunny), doesn't have too many rednecks, and isn't too landlocked? am i asking too much to expect all of this from one place?

3. what's your favorite novelty song?

4. what do you do to stop yourself from kicking people in the head when you know they sorely deserve it? is it the threat of jail? is it jesus? fear you'll get your ass kicked?

5. do you think it's awesome that lj spellcheck accepts xmas as a word?

Fast Food Nation

1. Have you seen the movie, Fast Food Nation? Did you enjoy it? Was it really gory or graphic? I rented it through Netflix and it arrived two days ago, but I'm hesitant to watch it because really gory stuff makes me ridiculously uncomfortable. Should I watch it?

2. Have you read the book, Fast Food Nation? Did you enjoy it?
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Credit cards

After seeing this article I was startled to see people would carry so many at once. So, time for a poll that has the question in it:

Poll #942205 Credit Cards

How many Credit cards do you carry?

0- credit cards are the devil
0- no one will give me one

Edit: for sake of the poll debit cards count
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lactose intolerant


does anyone have one of those irobot roombas?

i adore freshly vacuumed floors but don't really enjoying carving out time some time to do it. plus my floors are beige so they could always use a good vacuum, and it would be great if i could run to class or whatever and come home to it. do you think it's worth it? would be okay to buy just the roomba and not a regular vacuum (my apartment sort of has a communal one downstairs i could always steal)?

should i get a roomba?
okay that's all.
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I was wondering if anyone knew where you can download (user made) extras for Zoo Tycoon 2? I tried Zoo Admin, but there's are down, and all the other ones I find are for ZT1.

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If you were buying a house would you be turned off of it if there wasn't a bathroom on the main floor, but one on the second story and in the basement?

What is most important to you in buying a house?(If you are years away from doing so, imagine what would be most important to you)

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How good are you at using chopsticks? (1=Fail; 10=Mr. Miyagi)

Mean: 6.17 Median: 7 Std. Dev 3.02

2)Have you heard of cheese heroin?
3)If you have a tattoo, what was your reason for getting one or what meaning does your tattoo have to you?

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hey i'm trying to find a video that was posted on tqc a while back, it was this guy on a stage with a guitar and he was making fun of a bunch of songs that all sounded the same and he also made fun of the theme song from friends , if I can just find out his name I'll probably be able to find the video on youtube