March 6th, 2007

Drink Me

as I cannot sleep:

1. why are you awake?
2. do you like manga/anime?
3. would you do it with a priest? (or religious figure of some kind)
4. what's your favorite animal?
5. do you ever continue chain letters?
6. back b4 e-mail, wouldn't chain letters be a waste of postage money?
7. when did you stop sleeping w/ a stuffed animal or other 'comfy'?
8. what do AM and PM stand for? [ignore, I'm sleep deprived]
9. Monty Python or Black Adder (Blackadder)?
10. what's a childhood habbit you haven't been able to break?
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(no subject)

If you were going to be stuck on an island with five other members of TQC, who would you pick?

Edit: Feel free to include why, if you like. Like, who would you bring along to eat when the food ran out? Who would you bring so they could build a raft and help you escape? Who would you bring for mad jungle sex0rz?

(no subject)

My brother wanted me to find a link to a page or some website that had the "love is" that was used on a lot of livejournal sites a little while back. The ones that I remember was "love is" and had something to deal with homosexuality, invader zim, or anything really. It contained a series of different pictures to deal with the theme that the person had. I just need a link or something to one of those things, and I appreciate any help.
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(no subject)

1. Not like it's anywhere near warm enough to need one yet, but I'm thinking ahead to swimsuit shopping this year, and I'm having trouble finding any one-pieces that aren't for middle-aged or plus-sized people, and I'm neither. I'm a size 10-12 20-year-old and I'm not comfortable in a bikini, but I've been wearing tankinis for the past couple years and this year I was hoping to find a cute, maybe kind of retro-inspired one-piece.

So does anyone have any suggestions for where I can shop for cute one-pieces? If you have any specific style suggestions for a way a one-piece wouldn't look lame, that's cool too.

2. What does your swimsuit look like? If you have more than one, just describe your favorite.
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(no subject)

What would you do for a klondike bar?

How many licks does i take to get to a tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop?


Will you marry me? :P
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(no subject)

I try as much as possible to help, to listen, to be a good friend to the friends I truly care about. But most of the time, it comes back as a slap in the face because they always find better alternatives. I feel like, I'm not meant to be close to anyone else. They would always have better conversations with another friend, have louder and funnier jokes with them, than they would ever have with me.

I feel hurt.

Do you feel like this too?
Do you think that some people aren't meant to be close to anyone?


Do you ever feel like you deserve a grade but somehow, you failed to get it?
Would you try harder?


Do you ever compete with your friends? (esp if you're in a competitive environment - school, work, games(?) )

(no subject)

So, Chamomile Tea... Can you reccomend a good brand (and) website to buy them from?

I've tried two, not crazy about them, I can tolerate it though.

Do you like my new icon? Its the first time I've upgrade my icon in 3 years. I think I like it...Maybe too girlie

(no subject)

What things did you used to do/think, and now you wonder why you used to be so dumb?

I used to think that old films and TV shows were black & white because real life was black & white when they were made.

I used to collect pogs. What the hell was the point of that? They're just colourful pieces of cardboard!

I used to believe in God.
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(no subject)

1. What is the most annoying thing about having house guests? (Assume they are people you like in general, not those other sort of guests.)

2. If you subscribe to the "If it's yellow, let it mellow" philosophy of toilet flushing, do you extend this policy to other people's houses? Why or why not?

3. Should I go out with this waiter guy when/if he calls me? I don't usually date people I don't know, but since that is working out so very well for me, I'm considering it.

What kind of flower is this?

I'm trying to help my mom's friend figure out what kind of flower is in these pictures...My mom thought it was part of the orchid family, but I don't think so. She even took the pictures to a florist shop and they don't know what kind of flower it is! Help!
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Thank you for your help!
that's what she said!

how to turn down an invitation

Is there a polite, socially acceptable way to turn down an invitation that is issued face-to-face? What about if that invitation is open-ended (i.e. "we should get together for dinner sometime!") but you want to turn it down because you're not interested in spending time with that person?  Or should the fallback answer always be a vague but polite "thanks, but I'm really busy these days" or something similar to that? Assuming this is a person you see regularly each day - like a co-worker - so you don't want to appear rude or snarky, and remembering that you'll be interacting with them in person throughout the course of the day, workweek, and forseeable future.

Any suggestions?

(no subject)

I want to get my body in better shape, but I hate exercising. I really want to start going swimming at the gym in order to do this, because that is something I really enjoy, and it would help me get healthier.

The problem is that I've been having very little luck finding a swimsuit. I know I've discussed this before, but I'm a 32DDD, so finding a good one-piece suit that can keep my girls contained has proven harder than I thought.

So, can anyone offer some advice on where to find a sporty one piece swimsuit with ample support for a lady with a large bust?

(no subject)

For those of you who have seen the Princess Bride:

Did Count Rugen have six fingers on his right or left hand?

Google and Wikipedia are failing me.

This was for an argument with a co-worker. Thanks guys, I won.
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(no subject)

1) What is your most impressive ability of multitasking?

2) If there's no one around, do you wash your hands after peeing?

3) If you could beat the shit out of one celebrity besides the obvious ones (Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, etc.) who would it be?

4) Have you ever gambled on the internet? Have you won anything?

5) Best foreign film?

6) Spelling preferences: Grey or gray? Blond or blonde?

7) If you eat shrimp, what is your favorite dish that incorporates it?
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eBay Suckage, what to do?

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Assumed facts: After buying the game, It came almost a month late, the buyer lied about when he shipped it, his eBay detail was misleading, it appears he is not fluent in english, and he received the same complaints from other buyers in between the time I was waiting for my game.

However, he is offering to give some money back.. but didn't communicate how this would work. And no explaination for the other things I told him.

Question: should I bother with the partial refund and rethink this seller, or should I forget it and warn other eBay buyers of the irresponsibility and incompetence of this particular seller?

They have managed to do a lot of business.. but it lacks any professional dedication to fix any past errors,like not tracking the items, and unable to property communicate with the buyers.

If you believe they put a man on the moon...

1 What is the ratio of your being annoyed with someone to you actually telling them about it?
2 What is the best thing in your life gotten from your LJ life (community or personal)?
3 What is the worst thing in your life gotten from your LJ life (community or personal)?
4 Does it affect you in any way when a good LJ friend never responds to your comments and rarely posts any on your journal?
5 How did you discover LJ? 
6 Do you talk about LJ to people in your life that don't have one?
7 What is the driving force behind how you pick your icons?
8 Is life magic for you at all?

(no subject)

has anyone ever tried the Jones Soda Thanksgiving flavours? I saw them on tv just now. There's Turkey and Gravy flavour, Broccoli Casserole flavour, and Pumpkin Pie flavour. If you have tried them, are they any good?

Mawwaige is what bwings us together today

For those who of you believe that pre-marital sex is wrong - what happens *post* marriage? After you're divorced, or widowed? Does the ban on pre-marital sex extend to all extra-marital sex? Does the answer change if it's a religious belief?

Is the belief that pre-marital sex is wrong connected to a belief that sex should only be for purposes of procreation, or is it just that you should only be having sex with someone to whom you are committed in a life-long way?

Basically, what I'm asking is, if you save yourself for marriage, and then your marriage ends for whatever reason, do you have to start saving yourself again until the next marriage?

I'm especially curious to hear from people who *did* save themselves for marriage and had their marriage end. What happened afterward? Did you have sex outside of marriage? If so, did you still believe in the ideal that pre-marital sex is bad? How did you reconcile that?

*Edited to Add* This is just about the post-marital question. I understand that people have very different views on sex before marriage, and I think each and every one of them is delightful and valid, and while I'm happy for you and whatever you've chosen, that's not what I'm wondering.
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(no subject)

I went grocery shopping last night about 10 p.m. This morning about 8 a.m., I realized I'd left a gallon of 1% milk, a 4 pack of Dannon's all natural strawberry yogurt, a bag of baby carrots and a 16 oz. container of sour cream on the kitchen counter. Just as a FYI, I keep the temp in my house at 68°F, the counter is right above a heating vent and nothing looks or smells bad.

Would you keep any of the stuff or throw it out? What are the deciding factors you used to make that decision?
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(no subject)

A scary hypothetical situation...

Lets say you are giving birth (if you are a guy just imagine you are a woman for these purposes) and your only options for some reason are:

A.) Take absolutely no pain killers whatsoever but have the baby born healthy


B.) Take pain killers with a very very high (like 95%) chance the baby will be born with either mental defficiences or it will die.

There is no in between, gray area option. Which do you choose?

EDIT(sorry): What if it was a C-Section?
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What image does the name Joan give to you?
I'm just starting my English paper about my name. One of the questions to think about while we write it is "What image do you think your name gives to others?" I always assume people just think people named Joan are old women.
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(no subject)

i use fotki for my digital photo storage and backup, but it does not allow uploading of digital videos - i can only link to them.

anybody know of a good site where i can backup a few digital videos?

i have to wipe out my hard drive due to a spyware program that will NOT go away and i want to back them up.
Give a dog a home

zomg two questions in one morning

For those of you with adopted shelter or rescue pets that you did not buy from a breeder, do you know their backstory?

My dog Deuce's owners were moving, and they just let him loose and didn't care what happened to him. A neighbor girl took him in for the night but couldn't handle him, so she took him to the shelter. He was there about 2 months because no one wanted a black dog that was out of the cute puppy stage, and was half pit and hyper.

My other dog, Bella, was a year old, and picked up as a stray on the streets of Harrisburg. She had come in the day I was at the shelter, and was so skinny and had an upper respiratory infection.

EDIT: You guys are so awesome. This is really making me happy. :)
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Contemporary Performance Recommendations?

I know this attracts strong opinions, so before anyone reads the first line & makes a comment telling me that I shouldn't get people to do my homework for me - that's not what I'm asking. I'm just looking at ideas for avenues of study. I'll do the work - I'm just after helpful suggestions for a starting point.

For my Contemporary Performance class I have to put together a research portfolio on a chosen contemporary performance practitioner or group, focusing on how their work questions conventional theatre. Problem is this isn't a subject that interests me (I'm only doing this class because it's a required module) so I don't know of many contemporary performers. The ones we've studied in class have mostly been pretentious & boring. Obviously, fun assignment subjects are a luxury, but it would be nice, & I'm more likely to do well on it if I am genuinely interested in what I'm researching.

The definition of 'contemporary' we've been given is "living or recently deceased", & there have to be a variety of sources (including non-internet ones).

FWIW I find groups who play with light & perspective (like Hotel Pro Forma, who I might end up choosing, but I'm still looking around for alternatives) interesting, & have a fascination with Japanese culture, but I'm interested in anyone's personal opinions on interesting individuals & groups.
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this is what my user name is from


So how hard do you think someone would have to shake their own head to give themselves whiplash? Do you even think such a thing is even possible?
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(no subject)

my finger nails and cuticles look like shit -

1. what bad habits do you have? (i.e., biting your nails, biting your lip, tapping your pen, etc...)
2. favourite classic rock song?
3. a movie you are obsessed with?
4. last long phone conversation you had was when, how long and w/whom?
5. favourite cologne/perfume/body spray you like to wear?
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(no subject)

does anyone know how to send a small amount of "hazardous" material (hazardous because it is considered to be's apoxy resin) to a foreign country? so far i've been told i can't ship it normal methods..

i thought i'd give it a shot.
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Geekin' it up.

1- Have you ever ordered anything from this website? Or ever even heard of it? I love phone straps, they're usually SO expensive, yet this site has them very cheap... o_o I'm hesitant to order if they're not legit. :(

2- Do you use cellphone accessories? Like phone straps, phone covers, new skins, etc.

3- Are you a loud and proud otaku? If you dunno what that is, you're likely not. This is not a bad thing. ;P
3b- If you DO identify yourself as otaku, do you realize all the negative connotations that are attached to that word?

4- Do you read or write fanfiction? What kind, if so? :)

5- If I decide to cosplay for an anime con this year, would you guys like pictures to laugh at me later? ;P

1- No. :( I just found it today. o_O
2- Duuuuuuuh, yes.
3- No, which seems to surprise people. I only have watched maybe half a dozen anime, and only about 3 in full. XD I just like the art styles.
4- Used to, to both. Mostly Sailor Moon.
5- Hell, I'd laugh at me too. :) Dressing up for a couple days with fellow crazy people is great.
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Which anime should I re-watch?

Here's what I have:

- Elfen Lied
- Dokuro-chan
- Excel Saga
- Witch Hunter Robin
- Last Exile
- Haibane Renmei
- Serial Experiments Lain
- Evangelion/End of Evangelion
- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- Full Metal Panic FUMOFFU
- Trigun
- Hellsing
- Nadesico
- Tenchi Muyo
- Read or Die

Or I could just watch Black Books again. DICTATE MY VIEWING CHOICES, INTERNET!
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(no subject)

I just got a new job as an admin at a big software company. The woman before me went on maternity leave and then decided not to come back. I just found out that she named her son Jaden, which is funny, because our supervisor's young grandson is named Jaden. Isn't that one of Britney Spears' sons' names? A girl I knew very well in high school had a son about five years ago and named him Jaden, and back then I thought it was such an unusual name. Now I'm beginning to think otherwise.

How many Jadens (and various spellings of) are in your life?
What are their ages?
Are their parents wacked? Hippies? Trendsetters? Trendfollowers?
How do you personally feel about that name?
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(no subject)

Do you think the United States has as rich a culture as places in the rest of the world? Or do you think that because the United States is still such a young country (particularily because it's population increased dramatically within the past 150 years) it still has quite a ways to go? I 'd argue that the US obviously has a HUGELY rich musical culture, but does it have the potential to have as rich a food culture or arts culture as France and Italy (to name two obvious ones for example)? Do these things develop out of a long history? Or can they exist from the beginning?

(no subject)

Blood, Sweat and Tears sings: "I can swear there ain't no heaven, but I pray there ain't no hell"

Do you think there is a heaven?  A hell?  If so, what merits you a spot in either locale?

Also, who do you think has their rights trampled on more often: religious people (any sect) or atheists?

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(no subject)

In Finding Nemo, is that fish with the light on it that Dory and Marlin find a real fish or something they made up?

(I'm just curious as I've been watching this movie at least 2 times a day for the past week at the behest of my son, lol)

EDIT: Answered! It's an Angler Fish!

Bonus Question: Who's your favorite character in Finding Nemo?

I love Jacques, the little cleaner shrimp thing. He's so funny. Or Bloat.
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Scooter Libby

1) Have you been following the Scooter Libby trial?
2) If so, what do you think the verdict will be when it is announced at 12pm EST?
3) Do you think it is silly that a grown man is still called Scooter?

1) Yes, every day.
2) I will lose what little faith I have in our judicial system if he is found not guilty.
3) Yes!
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(no subject)

If you're in a relationship (or ever have been in one)
1. How long have you been in it?
2. Do you ever get bored? Are there periods of boredom, or are you just bored in general, or did you leave a relationship because of the boredom?
3. What do you do to keep the relationship from being boring? (I'm not talking just sexually but all around).

(no subject)

Is there a website that lets you take screenshots without having to install anything on the hard drive?

I know this is a long shot, and I already tried googling.

Edit: Never mind, I had forgotten about the Print Screen key, that's all I needed.
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Riddle me this

When do people typically throw housewarming parties?

We're about to close on our first home, and I have no idea what the timeframe is. A month after being moved in? A week? What's in good taste?
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(no subject)

Would you concider yourself to be rich?

A happy medium..

When you meet someone who is wealthy or able to afford more luxuries than you, do you feel some tinge of contempt towards them?


If you said yes... why do you feel this way?


Have any of you ever used (or known anyone who has taken) Clenbuterol for weight loss? (It has been all over the news lately, it is actually a horse asthma medicine)

If so, did it work and how did it affect you?

I want to try it, but I'm a little sensitive to amphetimines and don't want to die or flip out.

sushi questions

i feel like a jackass for not knowing the answer to these questions, but...

1. does wasabi really kill parasites in the fish and help prevent food poisoning?

2. where can i find an online visual guide to the various types of sushi?

3. what is the kind of sushi where the fish is mostly white/pale pink with a dark red/pink part on the end? what kind of fish is that?

EDIT: the fish i'm wondering about is in this picture. second row down, second type from the right.

Carpenter Ants

Yes, I am posting twice.  Hey, if bellasmommy can do it, so can I.

I have carpenter ants in my apartment.  To be more specific, they are in the kitchen.  I HATE bugs and I want them GONE.  I understand that the most direct route to killing carpenter ants is to locate their nest and kill them there, but the nest is in the wall (I think) between the cabinets and the wall, so it isn't accessible at all.  Also, I am not a big fan of pesticide sprays.  I did buy ant traps, but they aren't working (which, as I understand, is not suprising for carpenter ants).  From your personal experience, do you know of any other ways to get rid of carpenter ants?  Killing them one by one is not working, obviously, because there are more ants being born all the time.

Here are some ideas I have:
     * I read that aspartame will kill them--like make an aspartame and water trap? 
     * Sealing the crack between the counter (and the cabinets beneath it) with some sort of towel or something. Or taping over it?  
     * Spraying bleach or something down the crack

Tom shaming you

(no subject)

Secenario: One of your good friends is in jail for a very, very long time.
The only way you can contact them is through letters. What do you write to them?
Do you smother them in optimism to keep their head up?
Do you keep it real?
Do you avoid the negative situation completely and instead babble about other meaningless matters?
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(no subject)

Do you pop/crack your knuckles, back, etc.? If so, why? When did you start? Do you secretly enjoy that it unnerves some people?

If not, does it bother you when other people around you do it?
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(no subject)

For my Intercultural Communications class we are doing group presentations on a co-culture of our choice. My group picked transgender (that's worded badly). There are 4 of us in the group, including one older man who doesn't seem to like the rest of us at all and probably will stick to himself. Anyway, we are looking for fun more hands-on ways to research this and can't come up with any good ideas. Do you have an ideas?
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kiss and tell

1::What is the name of your best and worst kisser?

2::What was your best birthday ever??

3::who do you wish you can meet? (dead or alive or cartoon)

4::You can only pick one disease/illness/learning disability/any type of health problem to get rid of and be vanished forever, what would it be?

5::When you take a shower/bath do you like to just get it over with or take your time and relax?

My Answers
1::my best is named danny. my worst is named adam
2::my 19th, we had a HUGE party for me and my best friend. 16 cops came to raid my party haha
3::I would love to meet Angelina Jolie, Marcus Phoenix :-P, and Johnny Depp
4::I would most definitely pick obesity
5::I like to think its my time to relax

(no subject)

1.) My boyfriend and I are total political opposites. We've been dating for a little over 7 years now, and for the most part, we just avoid the topic of politics. It seems to work, but I'm worried about whether or not it will always work.

Has anyone else been in a situation like this and is it doable in the long run? When we do have the rare discussion, we're not at each other's throats or anything, we are able to have a civil discussion stating our opinions and we don't try to change each other. In a way I think it could be good for any future kids we might have...make them more well-rounded and allow them to see things from both sides and form their own opinions, as I know a lot of people who are (politically), whatever their parents are.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

2.) Also, I'm nearly 24 and don't have my license because I've always had really bad panic attacks when I would try to drive, and sometimes even when riding. I want to have kids, but for whatever reason, I'm telling myself that I have to get my license before I have kids. Not like a law or anything, more like an ultimatum, if you will. I placed my son for adoption about 4 years ago, and part of the reason that I chose to do so was that I didn't have my license and I was afraid something would happen and I wouldn't be able to get him to the hospital or wherever fast enough. Is this rational? Assuming I live in a city with easily-accessibly public transportation, is there any real reason why I would *have* to get my license? Any experiences?

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1. apples:
(a) red or green?
(b) crunchy or mushy?

2. have you ever tried durians? if you have, do you like it?

3. fruits in general: do you prefer hard fruits (e.g. apples) or soft fruits (e.g. mangoes)?

4. fruit juice
(a) freshly squeezed or pre-packed?
(b) favourite combinations? (e.g. apple-carrot juice)


I need an analogy that means that someone is working to fix something that has so much damage, the attempt is futitle.

Sort of like "pissing on a forest fire", but more eloquent.

Any ideas?

crepe maker?

do any of you have a crepe maker? the kind where you dip the cooking surface into the batter and then turn it upright to cook? since getting back from paris, i'm absolutely craving crepes like theres no tomorrow, its ridiculous. the store bought ones are overpriced and crappy and i want to make my own, but i dont know if these crepe makers are a gimmick or not.

(no subject)

Are there any certain web sites where you can get cute little graphics and random things for your myspace profiles?...Nothing really corny though! Let me know of any good ones that you all use. Thaaaanks ♥

(no subject)

You're playing Grand Theft Auto 3. You've just lost control of your car trying to outrun the cops & rolled into the water. You bailed out at the right time & are now stuck standing on top of your floating car.

What do you do?
The Dude Abides

Gas ?s

Do you think that $2.38/gal for regular unleaded gasoline is immorally cheap and the reason that people waste so much?

Do you think that price should be close to double like most of the developed world?

How much does gas cost where you live? ETA: inspired by this.

(no subject)

What would you do if, you had a girl/boyfriend that was really sweet online (eg.saying I love you a lot, etc) but didn't say anything to you in real life?
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(no subject)

i'm driving to las vegas in 30 minutes. from minneapolis, we'll be driving through iowa, nebraska, colorado, utah, and then finally nevada itself.

so my question is

where's the best place to buy smokes on the way? i know indiana is cheap, but obvously not in my path. they're about $4.08 at their cheapest here. anyone live in any of those states?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Music / AIM

1) Are there any bands similar to hellogoodbye or Motion City Soundtrack? What genre(s) are these bands in so maybe I can find some bands that way?

2) How do you have your buddy organized on AIM? What are the titles you use?

(no subject)

Sorry, these aren't related at all.

1. Do you consider cybersex cheating or adultery, or does it only "count" if you physically engage in sex? (My ex did this and said it wasn't cheating because it's wasn't real, but I think that's a bunch of bullshit, hence why he's my ex.)

2. What are some things you can do to bring down a fever besides taking ibuprofen? I've had mine since Sunday night and the doctor I saw told me to take 600mg of ibuprofen every 5-6 hours, which hasn't helped.

3. Has anyone ever upgraded their cell phone online? I have Cingular and I'm eligible to get a new phone, but for some reason I can't bring myself to go through with it. My dad just renewed our plan in November, so I'm not sure how it will work since I'm supposed to renew my plan also. I don't think it will affect anything, but I just wanted to make sure.

4. Can you have your tonsils taken out if you want to, or does a doctor have to make that decision for you? If they are removed, do you still get sore throats?
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(no subject)

Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty back together again.

I think they were just doing it half-assed. What method do you think might have brought Humpty Dumpty back?

Duct tape
The Way-back Machine
Government money. He'd be the $1,000,000 Egg
Nothing can bring him back. What's done is done and we'll have to live in this Dumpty-free age, hard as it may be. Now...who wants an omelet?

(no subject)

1. Why does today suck?
I don't know, I was hoping you could tell me. Today = worst birthday ever.

2.What can I do to make myself less miserable?
plz help

3. Do you like peanut butter cookies?

4. Do you like cheese? What's your favorite kind?
Yes. I like them all. I guess mozzarella is my favorite.

corned beef

So Im pretty new to cooking.

Im cooking my boyfriend corned beef and cabbage. I have let it cook for three hours like my mom told me. The top does flake off easily with a fork, but when I cut into it, it seemed like the meat in the center didnt.

Im a but nervous cooking meat for this very reason: im not 100% comfortable knowing when its done. I assume the center should flake off easily with a fork as well, am I correct? Is it normal for it to need to cook for more than three hours? A lot of the water is almost gone.

Am I being paranoid and its done? or am I right that it isnt since the meat in the center is "fork tender"?

I am buying a meat thermometor tomorrow which would solve ebverything, but for tonight, any and all input is appreciated.

thanks guys :)
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(no subject)

Okay, so I just want some opinions here.

Every year at my cabin there's a lip sync contest and I'm trying to think of a good song to do for it. Last year we did "What Is This Feeling" from Wicked (the musical), it was awesome and we won first place. So this year I want to do another song from a musical and I thought the internets would be the best place to ask.

Qualities I'd like the song to have:

-Fun, with a bit of plot/seriousness in it. Or, plot/seriousness with a bit of fun. =P (As long as we're not explaining the entire plot to the audience...)
-Has to accommodate two or more people. Two people is the smallest we can go with. We have a ton of people we can loop into it, so large numbers aren't a problem.
-Preferably something towards my age group, which would be 20's ish. Buuuut, almost anything can get pulled off, so go crazy.
-Something that doesn't exceed five minutes, but preferably more towards three or four, unless it's fucking awesome.
-Something with a good pace to it, not really fast, but really slow either.

So, anyone have any ideas?

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1. What would you think if someone told you they didn't want to lose weight because they didn't want to look attractive?

2. Out of books, movies, television shows, and music, which is most important to you?

3. Do you spend more time reading, watching tv, watching movies, or listening to music?

4. The one you picked as the most important - on a scale of 1 to 10, how knowledgable would you say you are about said topic?
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Decorating a room

Say you were going to decorate a space to be a library/reading room...what would you include?

The space in question is in an unfinished basement, a little space by the underside of the stairs. Not a whole lot of room, but enough to relax in. ^_^ I did not find anything on google/wikipedia that really gave me any ideas, so I thought this would be my third stop.
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It's Tuesday night and I'm bored.

I have two cats. One snores, the other drools and wags his tail when he's happy.

If you have pets, do they do anything weird/humorous?

Edit: Random, but are lemons bad for cats? I thought they weren't supposed to like lemon, but the drooly cat was all about stealing my lemon creme cake the other day and the other tried unsuccessfully to open the container.
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How many children?

How many children should a couple/person have?

How many brothers and sister do you have, if any, and how would you rate your experience with having them?
If you were an only, do you wish you'd had siblings?
If you had siblings, do you wish you'd been an only?

Bonus questions:
Is it socially irresponsible to have more than one?
Is it socially irresponsible to *only* have one?
Is it cruel to only have one?

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Let's say you were on death row, and you were going to be executed today. When they give you your last meal, if you could eat anything in the world, no matter how expensive/rare/whatever it is, what would you eat?

Personally, I'd eat fried human just to say I did.

While were on topic, how would you want to die on death row? Personally I'd choose death by firing squad.
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The Birth House

Has anyone here read The Birth House by Ami McKay?

I just finished it today and JUST got done attending a reading and book signing by her. I'm so happy!

She is a local author here, but her book has been released internationally so I am wondering if anyone else has read it out there?

The American grading system & GPAs

From what I understand about the American education system, you get your A-F grade for each class you take, and those grades are translated into an overall GPA, which gives a numerical average of your results across all your classes. First, is this actually right? The Wikipedia article on this reads like a textbook on speed. :)

Secondly, if this is the case, do colleges/universities and employees look solely, or even mainly, at your GPA when assessing your potential?

If this is the case, how do you feel about that system? It seems horribly unfair to me. I'm not an all-rounder - like most people, I have my strengths and weaknesses, but because in this country our grades aren't compiled into an average, universities and employers get to see where I excell, rather than gaining an impression of mediocrity which a GPA would give me. And the idea of a GPA brings me out in a cold sweat. :)

Your thoughts?


Memorizing the capitals of all the countries in all the world stinks.

Did you have to do this mind-numbing torture in school? Are you? How'd you do it? How're you coping?

Argentina = Buenos Aires
Azerbaijan = Baku
Philippines = Manila
North Korea = Pyongyang
South Korea = Seoul



1) If you are an atheist, nihilist, or agnostic, are you pro choice?

2) Do you think it is bizarre to "stalk" someone you barely know by reading their lj or myspace consistently?

3) Do you think kissing (as in making out) is something meaningful, or not a very big deal? Is it on some way the same level of importance in a relationship as sex, or is it just as simple as shaking hands?

4) How did you get over your first love?

5) Do restrain yourself to only associate or date certain stereotypes of people? If yes is this out of sheer simplicity/laziness or is it more of a case where everyone else just sucks in your opinion?

6) What is the biggest number of people you have been dating or "talking to" within the time span of one week?

7) Do you respect people who use proper grammar and a complex vocabulary, or do you find them to be too pretentious?

8) What is a good goodbye song for a graduating class to sing at a ceremony?

9) Did you get into the college of your choice?

10) How was your day?
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So, this is going to sound kind of weird, but if anyone is from the Bay Area and familiar with the Cinequest film festival that's currently going on and has watched "American Losers," could you tell me what happens after we get a shot of him sitting in the ethics class and he's talking about how stupid his teacher is?

I watched it up to there and then had to leave, which is the worse thing that can happen during a movie ever - leaving before the ending, but I really had to go.

So, in conclusion: if you do not want spoilers for the movie "American Losers", don't read the comments.

Also...for Cinequest viewers: what movies have you seen, and have the best recommendations for? Because of my hectic schedule, I'm really only going to be able to watch movies this weekend, and I want them to be good ones. So far I've watched: You Are Here, Shorts #3, The Pacific and Eddy, Full Grown Men, and The Trouble with Romance.
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I'm flying Friday (Southwest Airlines). And I'm new at this.

1. I was told that you could request an earlier flight if the flight isn't crowded. For example, if I was flying from Denver to Dallas at a scheduled flight at 9 on Tuesday, if things aren't busy, I could request flying to Dallas on a 7:00 fight instead of the 9:00. Is this true?

2. The site didn't specify iPods or Thumb Drives specifically, but is it safe to take them in my purse? Will they be ruined while being scanned and checked at security? What about a disposable camera?

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For those who've been contestants on game shows.

1. What game show were you on?
2. Did you win anything?

For those who haven't been on a game show:

3. What game show would you like to be a contestant on?

My answer:

3. Lingo or The Price is Right

The Backstroke of the West!

Have you ever watched a favorite movie/tv-show in a language other than your primary tongue?

If the answer is yes, did you know (meaning "were you fluent in") the language you were watching it in?

If the answer is still yes, did you find interesting variations into character, when the dialogue is translated?

This picture intrigued me, and inspired the question:

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Is it possible to request information on the room you were born in from a hospital? Ive been wanting to visit the room/er where I was born in for personal reasons yet I dont know if thats possible, or if they still have that information (this happened twenty years ago). Any help is appreciated <3
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1.) So, who bought a lotto ticket? Mega Millions is up to $370 million!

2.) Would you buy a Hybrid car? Why or why not?

1.) I bought five!
2.) My dad just got a Prius and I am SO excited.

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What's at the end of Satan's rainbow?

(I'm definitely counting on my fellow Aussies to get that reference!)

Would you think it was hot to have your lover say "kiss me where it smells funny"?


Are you the walrus?


What store would you like to have a 20 minute shopping spree in? You can keep whatever you can put into a trolley (shopping cart), and you can use as many as you need.
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SO I'm thinking about getting the nike + ipod nano thingie for tracking my running. The only thing is, I really dont' need new running shoes, and I don't want to spend the money on the little tracking-compatible thing. Is there any way i can just... make do without buying new shoes until I need new ones if I have the thing? Like, can I build a little pouch for it under my shoe insert thingie or something?

Cooperate with Girls

If I were to pull a 180 by being more cooperative with girls, by treating them like a princess because it is what they want, would it win me the girl to hang out with?

Note: I don't like having to treat girls like a princess because they tend to take advantage of me. How? They treat me more as a slave/tool than as a human being. I know it isn't fair to me, but at this rate it's better than being alone and single for a long time.
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I am tired as fuck. I am a vegetarian/vegan (still transitioning). I had a pretty good diet for awhile but it's just gone to shit because there is never anything to eat in this house. I get 8-9 hours of sleep and all day I am really tired. I come home and the urge to nap is strong. I will sleep for 5-6 hours! I can barely keep awake and I know I should not be napping that long. I am going to try to work in some exercising because I know that boosts enegry it just feels a little difficult right now.

So, I am going to rework everything so I can get back on track. I am just wondering what can I eat that is going to make me less tired? Maybe there are some vitamins I can take as well? Just some tips or really good websites would be nice. I'll see a doctor if all of this doesn't work but I can't right now. Thank youu.

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I........missed a lot of my parenting class last week and I basically missed the whole note on Stages of Development in children, from birth to 15 years. My question is, does anyone know what the stages of development are, with a description etc. Or have a website where such a useful thing might be found? I tried google already but it's not helping me much.

EDIT: someone found a link for me, finally.
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If you had three wishes, to do with whatever you want without consequences, what would you use it on?

How short should I cut my hair? And what style? I'm thinking about getting it cut, but I have no clue what to do with it!
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My boyfriend is in Marine boot camp at Parris Island right now. I know he is busy and everything, but I haven't heard from him in a while. I got three letters within the first three weeks, but now it's been a month since I got anything.

1. Have you ever had a SO in any branch of the armed services?
2. Did you hear from them while they were in boot camp? If so, how often? How long were the letters?
3. What did you tell them?

I am so nervous that I am going to say something that pisses him off and not be able to explain myself that I try to censor myself. It's getting pretty rediculous.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions, it would be appreciated!!