March 4th, 2007


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i feel so stupid.
today i got a new phone..a verizon lj vx 9800. i've never had a phone like this & can't figure out which way to hold it when someone calls. which end do i speak into? D:
Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA


I was thinking about my dreams, and how I tend to not remember them. The exceptions are dreams I have after dawn- I seem to often remember those.

It's odd, because when I have post-dawn dreams, I'm not all the way alseep. I know I'm in bed and not waking up (often because I don't have to) and the dreams just sort of unspool. They are not lucid in the sense that I'm in any sort of control, but I know that I'm dreaming. Does anyone else have that experience? Dreaming without being all the way asleep?

What's the oddest dream you've had?

This morning, I had a dream that was set in the Jericho universe. There was an ocean near the town, so a bunch of the townies decided to go see what was out there. Nevermind that Jericho is in KANSAS and there is no ocean within a thousand miles of the place. But Jericho tends to play fast and loose with geography (and logic), so really, it made as much sense as anything else in that show.

kama sutra

1. are you familiar with the Kama Sutra?
2. do you own a copy of the Kama Sutra?
3. have you used any "tips, tricks, or positions" from the Kama Sutra in your love regimen?
4. have you found anything you liked? anything you really liked?
5. has the Kama Sutra brought any changes to your bedroom routine?
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at seven

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So, inspired by the "why is incest wrong" question --

Let's say you meet someone, there's chemistry, you just click, this could be love, things are getting serious, then damn, you find out you and the object of your affections are related. What's the closest your familial connection could be for you to consider going with it? E.g. cousins, fifth cousins, his great-great-great-etc-great-grandfather in 1580 is your great-great-great-etc-whatever-uncle... How close can you get?

A recent episode of 30 Rock had them freaking out and breaking things off when they found out they were third cousins or something. Personally, I thought they were seriously overreacting... Though put in the same situation, who knows, maybe I'd be squicked too.

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Do you remember the good old days when you actually wanted to be a year older?

What are some good birthday-related songs?
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What are some of the ways to "spark a connection" with a person? I really like this guy, he is one of my classes, and we (along with some other people) will be meeting in a couple of days to work on a project..

I'm sure there are some sneaky (or not so sneaky) ways of getting his attention.
Please share any tips, experiences and expertise that you have on this very important matter! ;-)

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i'm bored at nearly 3AM. does anyone have any fun and interesting surveys to do? you know..the ones that people post in their livejournals and it's just a bunch of useless questions. well, i want those, but ones with more unique questions..not the same old: "have you eaten an entire box of oreos in the last month?" kind.

it would be greatly appreciated. help me out and i'll send you a postcard.

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Do you play any games online? What games?
City of Heroes and Monster Hunter

Have you ever joined a community just to keep up with inevitable drama for your own entertainment? Have you ever kept a person friended just because their journal was entertaining?

edit: Have you ever gotten completely frustrated with something that you can't figure out, only to find that the answer was extremely simple/right in front of you the whole time?
Just now, I couldn't get CoH to upload and I was trying everything, but I just needed to readjust my firewall settings. Duh.
Bug-eyed Earl


Is there anyway to do work on one computer(a) on a network, while sitting at another computer(b) on the network, while someone is still working on it(a)? I have to use my fiancee's computer to load stuff on our mp3 player, but she doesn't like to let me use it cuz she's always on it.
  • cieran

Passing Question about Video Games!

I'm not sure what made me look up Jack Thompson(maybe it was looking on gamespot about the arrival of GTA 4), but something clicked: With all of the "activists" against video games or super strict video game censorship around(Joe Lieberman and company) making headlines here and did Jack Thompson become so famous? I've looked him up over Google and wikipedia and still can't figure how HE stands out so much. =/
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if your SO says: "I love you...but if we never had sex again I wouldn't miss it" what do you think she means????

Where should I get a job? EDIT-O-MATIC where should I apply online? (much gooder..)

I've got a few days off in April...I land in Amsterdam...where should I go? What should I do?

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What's your favourite board/card/dice game?

What's one of the weirdest ones that you've played?  yahtzee delux poker!

What's the weirdest one you've seen ever? lol zombies!!!

Want to recomend me some cool not-so-known board games?
It's one thing that the boyfriend and I can actually see eye to eye on, from some reason :P  and I want to look at buying some for when I live in AUS. So, dimelo!


Photo frustration!!

Why can't I upload photos to any website anymore???  I keep getting that damn "The connection has been reset" screen. I have tried for 2 days now to upload to Photobucket, and tried flickr this morning, but no dice.

I AM READY TO THROW THE COMPUTER OUT THE WINDOW!!  I have no other problems accessing any websites...

Edit: Yes, I am a computer moron. But somehow I got it done, finally.
another eyecon

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Why are my pictures opening in Gimp with so much extra noise? It's only pictures I took yesterday, and it's all of them. They open like this straightaway, so it's not an issue of my having saved them with too high a compression rate. (Edit: It's not just Gimp. The noise is there if I open the file in Firefox or Paint, too.)

Collapse )

On the left, obviously, is the file open in Gimp, and the right is the original viewed in windows explorer. Help! Make it stop! I took hot pictures last night, and I need to share!
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So my boyfriend is pretty dependent on weed and alcohol, and he has surgery on Wednesday. He'll be under anesthesia for about six hours. He's not supposed to drink or do drugs for a week (or more) beforehand, but he's completely disregarding that and is doing them until Tuesday night.

Anyone know how much that increases the risk of something going wrong?
Cute Bear

Kitten Problems

I have two kittens and they are not getting along.

Kitten 1 is about 7 months and been living with us for a month. We got the other one last week, Kitten 2, she's about 7 weeks old.

The problem is, Kitten 1 absolutely hates Kitten 2. She hiss and growl at Kitten 2 and even the scent of the Kitten 2 (she used to hissed at my hand if I just touched the 2nd kitten). The Kitten 1 got better in the sense that she tolerates the smell but not the actual kitten. However, we thought she was going to attack Kitten 2 earlier today when the Kitten 2 ran into Kitten 1's room.

Kitten 2 doesn't seem to understand yet that Kitten 1 hates her and she just sort of wants to watch Kitten 1.

My question is, is there any hope for them to get along? Do we need to find a new home for one of them? Or can they eventually get along? What should we do to make them start being friends? The whole reason why we got a new kitten was so our first kitten can have a playmate.

If there's a better place to ask this, please let me know. Thanks.

Chocolate poll!

Poll #939719 Chocolate!

What's your favorite brand?

Other (Comments)

What kind?



More chocolate
Heath bar
Nothing at all

What are some things you like dipped in chocolate?

Orange slices
Nothing at all
Evil Grin

I don't get it

There's a special on papparazzi on CNN right now and they're working their way around to Angelina Jolie when this question hit me.

Jennifer Anniston was with Brad Pitt up until Angelina ganked him and since then she's dated Vince Vaughn....who she eventually broke up with. So, why is Jennifer still known as Brad's ex? Shouldn't she be Vince's ex?
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Drink Me

chocolate's taste

inspired by this chocolate post.
OK, back story. I'm violently allergic to chocolate and haven't had any in 9 years. As a result, I no longer remember what it tastes like.

Q: How would you describe the taste of chocolate to one who has never had it?


Q: what are you allergic to? (food or chemical)

A: chocolate, MSG, annise, tyramine, soy, ripe bannanas, tomatoes, most cheeses, triptans, morphine,  tylenol, aspirn, & ibuprofen,

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1. Where do you work? Is it a temp job or are you planning on working there for 10ish + years?

2. How often do you do laundry? What kind of detergent do you use?

3. How often do you poo? ;p

4. What pets do you have?

5. What are you naming your first girl and boy?

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1.) What kind of summer job can a 15 year old get?

2.) Do you do well at the default game on most computers: "Minesweeper"?

EDIT: 3.) Who are some famous folk that have lived around your area?

- - - - - - - - - - -

2.) Hell no. It makes no sense to me.

3.) Lucille Ball, Jesse L. Martin, Ani DeFranco, and Arehta Franklin have all lived around my area. (Buffalo, NY)
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First of all I'm sorry for my bad English, I'm from Europe.

Owwwkay I have an obsession with taking sentences from poems, movies , uh just everywhere but then pulling it out of his context and personalise it and give it another meaning and more meanings , changing it hmff just what I want it to mean.
What am I doing here? can't explain it in a normal language ... I know I just do it because I can't find my own words to explain feelings and just ghaa I found it hard to create my own sentences :ss
like when I read 'pillow problems' ( love Lewis Carrol ) it's actually abouth mathematics but I use it in my diary to express that I can't sleep and so on. Stuff like that.

Does anyone know if there's a name for what I do, or explain it in a better way ??
Are there other people here doing this?

I found this :
"Humpty Dumpty claims to be the master of meaning:'When I use a word,' humpty Dumpty [says] in a rather scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less'(238). He has command over language, taming personified verbs and adjectives (238), as well as taming anyone foolish enough to interrupt him( 242)." *
*Rebecca Speer

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Cleaning questions ... mainly because I don't want to clean right now.

1. How often do you clean your home/apartment?
2. Do your roommates/family members help clean or contribute to the mess?
2a. Do they have any messy habits that annoy you? [such as leaving shoes in the middle of the floor, etc]
3. Do you enjoy the cleaning process or do you just enjoy a clean home/room afterwards?
4. How long does it stay clean for?
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cat tea


1. How much is your heritage/nationality/ethnicity part of your life? I'm especially interested in hearing about people who live in a country other than the one where you were born.

2. Collapse )

3. Do you try to Keep up with the Joneses? Do you think it is something people consciously do?

4. Do commercials and marketing affect you? I am completely unaffected my commercials but everytime my husband sees a "cool" commercial, he wants to get the product. And sadly, this is even more true with infomercials!

5. Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial?

6. How old were you when you first got your credit card? Were you responsible with it?

7. How old were you when you first started paying ALL of your bills without ANY help from your parents?

8. How old were you when you started paying at least one bill on a regular basis?

9. Did you get an allowance when you were younger? How much was it and was it based on work you did around the house or did you just get it regardless?
[dance] pink side to side

Of children and movies and such.

1- Why do little kids in movies always seem to be the most brattiest at the very worst time for them to be alive? "Honey, be quiet, the aliens are coming..." "WAHHHHHHH MOMMY, MY SHOEEEE!" *death*

2- If you were in the above situation (let us pretend that happens in real life), would you throw your kid to the aliens and run for it? (CFers, I know some of you would throw all children to the hordes, be nice, and pretend like it's your little sister or something ;P)

3- Were you a whiny brat when you were a kid? Would you have fed your 4-year-old self to the aliens?

4- If you were the aliens, what would you eat alongside the dish of whiny bratty child?

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I have a huge problem with flies in my house. Aside from the obvious answers of "clean" (which we are doing, but I want the flies gone ASAP) and "use fly strip/spray/etc", what can I do about this? I have literally no money, so is there anything I can do using household stuff?
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What's the longest you've been in the hospital?
1 night in the ER 4 days in another ward
this past week

What were you in there for?
Uhhh no comment ^^;; esp after that emo night on here

What's a fast way to get rid of chapped lips?

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uh oh

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Insatiable desires to act are best left at that--yes or no?

Show media Loading...

(yeah, I know it cuts off, but I spent all day trying to get the file size small enough, and now I've got a paper to write....)

2) How long can I leave mouse traps without the mouse taking to the trap before getting worried?

3) I'm going to see La Boheme on Monday (tomorrow). My options for clothing are: Dark pants, jeans, track bottoms. 3/4 sleeves shirt with ribbon that ties in back, sleeveless red sequeened tank, 3/4 length sleeves tan shirt with boatneck. Green, frilly, crumply spaghetti strapped top. The red top here (second from right). Which should I wear?
barney beer


If you eat macaroni and cheese, do you add anything to it? If so, what?

What're you having for dinner tonight? What do you want to have for dinner tonight?
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Emily in a Dark & Foreign city

Consistent loves

What are a few things you've consistently loved since you were a kid and *still* love today? Activities, ideas, things, food, whatever, that have stood the test of time, even though you've had other likes or hobbies that have come and gone?

Mine: Cats, traveling, being in love, Campbell's tomato soup, swimming.
vintage skull

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There is a show on Cartoon Network, with a little yellow round guy and I'm trying to find out who he is. No, it's not Pikachu. I just saw him briefly this morning. I think he's Japanese He's Chinese and he's cute with a really round head, but I don't know what show it was or what his name is. Can anyone help? Oh and I'd check but for some reason it does not like firefox and keeps crashing :/

mystery stories!

There seems to be a few TV shows out there that are puzzle-based:

House - Medical
Numb3rs - Mathematics
CSI - Science (??)

What others are out there? Specifically, are there any whose stories revolve around literature and/or fairytales?
Me--State Fair


What's the legal term for getting a ticket for following too closely to someone? As in close enough to rear-end them.

I got rear-ended today, by a barely 17 year old girl. She got a ticket, thank goodness, and I'm just wondering if it will affect her license, since Iowa has graduated licensing for kids. And fer cryin' out loud, I was TURNING IN MY DRIVEWAY when she hit me. Stupid bitch.

ETA: Yes, she's fucked to try and get the permanent license. See the link below.
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Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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A friend of mine told me it takes four months to get to know a person (relationship-wise). My mom said it takes a full year. Obviously, you can never know a person completely, and you keep learning about them the longer you know them, but these two people were talking more in terms of knowing whether the relationship was going to last a while or not.

How long do you think it takes to get to know a person you're dating? (and by this I mean, again, know that this is a relationship that will last a while if things continue as they have been). (also I understand it varies per person, just give me your initial reaction, please).

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Do you ever get toe cramps?

I was walking through the grocery store this afternoon and all of a sudden I felt shooting pain in my foot and two of my toes wouldn't move. It caught me off guard and hurt so much that I shouted, "Ow! Motherfucker!".

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Do you have a certain song or artist you just can't listen to because it makes you sad? What is it?
My friend passed away yesterday and today 'American Pie' came on the radio and I cried so hard the whole time. I hope it was just a random thing, I really like the song and hope I can listen to it in the future without balling in a parking lot haha.
? Gon

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What's a good place to find pretty cheap storage/shelving products? I need something that's not too expensive but that still looks nice enough to be out where it can be seen. I've been to Home Depot, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond and they didn't really have anything suitable. The Container Store and Ikea have some good stuff, but they're both pretty pricey. Suggestions?

ETA: The only reason Ikea is pricey is that there's not one that near me and I don't want to pay shipping for large items like shelves and things.
kurt halsey heart

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1. Do you use a bar of soap or a body wash?
I used to use body wash, but this time around I bought bar soap.

2. Why did bath and body works discontinue pear blossom?

3. Do you prefer a white sauce or a red sauce on your pasta?

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What is your best friend like? How did they become your friend? And then how did they become your best friend?

Mine is kind of crazy and creepy and he stalks girls that he likes and goes off the deep end when it doesn't work out. But also he is great, sometimes he comes to my house when he's drunk to give me cake. Together we like to drink lots and dance (like ravers!) to Sinatra. He wants to be a composer and/or a conductor. A lot of times we read eachothers thoughts about the stuff that happens when we are together and then we laugh as much/more than that monty python scene where the guy writes the funniest joke ever then dies laughing. Other times he makes me laugh just by laughing himself (even if its at nothing). He is overall pretty great.
We became friends when our social studies class went to the zoo in year 8 and he helped me avoid puddles and run away from our class group to look at the tigers. We became best friends last year at a party when we went upstairs to play pool and had some amazing conversations.

If you don't have a best friend why not? and does not having one make you sad?
cat tea

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1. Does anyone watch Intervention? I just saw a preview for it and this dude I work with talks about it ALL the time. Should I add this show to my list of TV shows I watch (which currently only includes 24)?

2. I am on birth control. I ate grapefruit on the same day I had sex. Grapefruit affects the absorption of some drugs and not some others and all the information I've found about it with regards to birth control is vague and conflicting. IN OTHER WORDS, AM I PREGNANT, TQC? And if I am pregnant, can I blame it on a grapefruit? LOL.

3. What has been your highest cell phone bill ever?

4. Do you have any strange eating habits?

EDIT: What is your reading speed based on this test?
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sad girl


I just bought a new dendrobium orchid and want to mount it on a piece of wood.

1. Does anyone know of a site where you can buy branches of different types of wood?

2. Who else loves plants?! Yeah! Tell me what kind you own and they're so awesome!

3. Pictures?!

Medieval Times

Next week I am taking my kids to California -- Anaheim, and we will be there for three days. All three days we are doing Disneyland. However I wanted to do something different with the kids.

I saw an ad for Medieval times and went to their web site. Is it worth going to this? It will be 300 dollars for three adults and three kids. Ouch.

Anyone been there?

Best Friends.

Lets say that you have a best friend. You have been married for 4 years to a man who basically handles all the expenses of the running of the house (utilities, mortgage, food bill, etc.) So any money you earn is yours to do with as you wish.
Your friend gets married, has three kids from a previous marriage and her situation is that she goes to College full time and her husband, like yours, handles all of the expenses. The difference is, her husband spoils her with material her full reign to shop with his credit cards, buying her jewelery and telling her how beautiful and wonderful she is.
Your husband, having never been the most communicative type shows his love by basically busting his ass in a job that allows you to pursue a job that although it doesn't pay alot is spiritually fulfilling and taking care of you so you never have to worry about things.

What would you do if you were starting to feel inferior compared to your friend?
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aw | blink

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I need to be able to pour water into holes about the size of a toothpick, maybe a little bigger.

Any ideas what to make a mini funnel with materials found around the house? I just can't think of anything right now. It has to be something that is clean as it's bottled water that I will be consuming (it's an ice sphere tray).

Edit: I suppose my problem's already solved, but I'm still interested how one would go about making a mini funnel for this purpose.
mornington crescent
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What should I get for dinner?

Chinese takeout
Sushi (from the japanese grocery store, not a sushi bar)
Indian food
I have a better idea for what you can get in the East Village for under $10
Meerkat: It's What's for Dinner
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1.) What's your favorite type of store to shop in?
1b) Least?

2.) Why do bookstores commonly put sci-fi and fantasy books together? Is "sci-fi/fantasy" a euphemism for "books that nerds read"?
2b.) What have you done to deserve a question #2?

3.) Did you lurk in TQC before joining?
3b.) Was it because TQC is oh so intimidating?
3c.) Or was it because of an irrational fear of guacamole?

4.) Today, when I was walking around downtown, some Scientologist guy was handing out pamphlets or personality tests or whatever. I refused, and said, "No, thank you. I happen to like my Body Thetans." Does this make me a bad person? (Srs answers only, please.)
4b.) Are there Scientologists where you live?

My answers:
1.) Used book stores are always awesome. Record stores are a very close second.
1b.) Clothing/Department stores.
Text - best is yet to come

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Is there a website where you can put in your weight, height, and what you want to tone and then they'll tell you what exercises to do when and help you keep track of the fact that you should be doing them?

Do you have exercise tips for someone who thinks exercising is boring?
misc - learned it all from wiki

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1. Have you ever been to a revolving restaurant? Which one(s)?
2. If you had a choice between patronizing a business that openly advertised with a Christian message (ichthus fish, Bible verse in ad, etc.) and a secular one, which would you choose, all other things about them being equal?

And just for fun:
3. What is your favorite cat macro?

Collapse )
Bruins - shadow

get away from meeee

If your so/husband/wife/partner/whatever told you that they didn't want to see you ever day because they would get sick of you (and used those words, too) would you be mad?

How often, in an ideal situation where schedules were not an issue, would you like to see your "special person"?

My answers:
No I wouldn't be mad, I feel suffocated really fast.
3-4 times a week would be nice :)

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I am 5'5" and weight 122 pounds. I look in the mirror every day and hate the way I look.

Would you consider me fat?

Does anyone have any advice for increasing one's self esteem?

I can't stand living like this anymore.
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Transfer essays

So I need to write an application essay for New York University. I am transferring there at the end of this semester, and I need to have the application in by April 1st. I have all the needed documents already sent to the school, except my application. My problem is the essay. I have no idea how to start it. I want to make a good impression so that I get in, as it is the only school that has Gender and Sexuality as a major for undergrads. This is the essay requirement:

Please discuss your interest in transferring to New York University. Explain your reasons for wanting to leave your current college or university (or if not currently in attendance, why you left the last institution you attended), and describe how you feel your educational goals can be better achieved at NYU.

Does anyone have any hints or tips on how to start an application essay? Or a good web site that has examples of good essays? Anything would be a really big help. I'm a good student, but I know the essay is what people are really looking at.

Thanks in advance!!
  • xechox

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I've had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, if you don't know the acronym) for a few years now, approximately three. Well, some of my friends know about it and think that doing things that aggravate it is funny.

How do I tell them that it isn't funny and it actually upsets me?

I've tried being blunt and even saying that it wasn't, but the idea just doesn't seem to sink in. I usually just get mad and leave the room, but I know that doesn't really resolve the issue.

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There is a transporter accident. Two of your favorite characters from any series get blended into one person. Who are those two characters?

And no, you cannot choose William Riker and Thomas Riker.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Where can I search for newspaper and magazine articles online? I've already tried specific newspaper/magazine websites, my city's library, my school's library,, and Any other suggestions? I'm looking for information about television broadcasting and corporate media, if that rings a bell with anyone.

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I usually trim my own bangs since I don't feel like paying somebody for something I can do myself. Every other time it's been fine, but tonight I screwed them up pretty bad. They're uneven, and much shorter than usual. After I finished laughing at myself for a little while, I figured this would be a good opportunity to get my hair cut.

Collapse )

Any suggestions for a haircut? This long hair drives me nuts, anyway.

oh no, not emo?

For those of you that end up with a shoe box full of random things after a breakup, I wonder:

1.) Do you still have that box, and how long have you had it?
[I still have mine, and I've had it for 3 years...These questions are sparked by my sudden urge to eliminate this box from my life.]
2.) What kind of things in specific did you save?
[Two composition book journals. Packed with every little thing I remembered through out the day that made me smile and wrote down. Pictures of course. The peice of paper I wrote his phone number down on when he first called me. Mixes, and a 20 sided dice necklace.]
3.) How often do you go through the box, and how do you feel when you do?
[Once a year? And 75% of it makes me cry, but 25% of it really makes me laugh...]

4.) Have you ever gotten rid of a box? How long did it take before you were ready to finally get rid of it?
yellow submarine

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1. The other day in class I was of course not paying attention and I was watching a guy a few rows in front of me. He took out a packet of ramen noodle, opened them up, put the little noodley block in a little plastic container and set it aside. And a few minutes later he opened it up and had cooked ramen noodles. I'm assuming I must have missed part of this process, but what just happened?? I mean, damn, I want some self-cooking noodles!

2. I can do this weird...thing...I have no idea what to call it. It's sort of a vibration that feels like it's just behind my eyeballs. It makes a pretty loud vibrating rumbling rushing sort of noise in my head. I can do it entirely at will. I used to assume everybody could do it, but then as I got older I realized I was unusual. Can anyone else do this? Or does anyone know what I'm doing? Am I eventually going to vibrate my eyeballs out of my skull or anything?

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Okay, for my parenting class I have to make a book, a childs book. Mine is about numbers, well THE number six. My last page says

"Kevin can say goodbye in six different languages"

Does anyone know how to say, or rather WRITE goodbye, in punjabi or urdu, because i like punjabi as a language, and think it would do a world of good to have my languages a little more diverse, than just french, spanish, german, etc.

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They say you never forget your first love.

1. Who do you consider yours? The person you had a real relationship with, or someone you had an enormous crush on for years and years? How old were you?

2. How often do you think about him or her now?

3. If it was someone you dated, did the reasons that you broke up have any effect on how often? Explain, if you want to.

4. When you begin a new relationship, how hard is it for you to adjust to the new person's way of handling conflict? their sense of humor? or any other aspects of their behavior?

4b. Did you fall in love quicker or slower?

Collapse )
emoticon death
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So I passed the group interview and got called back for a personal interview.

It's my first 'real' job interview, since when I sat the interview for my last and only prior job it was only a formality.

What sort of questions should I anticipate? Do you have any tips for presentation, things to say/not say? Ways to combat extreme nervousness?

(no subject)

I am starting a new job tomorrow morning and I just realized that I need two forms of government issued ID.
I have my driver's license, but I don't know where my birth certificate is and I don't know where my social security card is, either (bad, I know).
I think they're both in a box at my mom's house-- Do you think they'll fire me or something else for not having two forms of ID tomorrow? I can probably get them by tomorrow afternoon, but I work bright and early in the morning.
Gah. I'm stressing out about this.

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1. Do you completely blank out sometimes? Like people talk to you about a conversation you had with them but you have no memory of it?

2. Why is my cat trying to battle my dog?

My Answers:
1. For the past year there have been a lot of lapses in time and it's getting pretty annoying. At first I thought it was Ambien so I stopped taking it but months later it's still happening. I just thought of it now because apparently I called my sisters friend last night at 4 in the morning telling him to come over. I told him to just hang up on me if I ever call him again.

2. Because she's crazed. She's flipping around in front of him, stopping in front of his face, and then she runs away. Lather, rinse, repeat.
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This is so ridiculous.

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I just broke my ankle and tore a ligament (not completely in half, but I'm a little afraid about the inner stability of my ankle). I got a plate and screws surgically...installed? but I'm not going to be doing anything high-impact at all for the next 5+ weeks. In fact, I'll be in a walking cast for the majority of that time (for those who don't know: a walking cast = a cast you can walk in and remove for showers).

I have been pretty sedentary for the five days post-op and cannot handle this lifestyle any longer, especially since two weeks ago I was running, serving tables, walking at least two miles a day to and from public transportation, running up and down lots of stairs, etc.

SOOOO...can anyone suggest any exercises that can be considered cardio but that are NOT high impact? I lead a pretty active lifestyle when I have two feet, and because of the drastic drop in activity that's gonna happen, I kinda need exercises that would even make me lose weight as opposed to maintain, so as to compensate. Also, exercises I can do in my home and not a gym, as no tengo dinero.

Thanks kindly!

Yum yum!

A question for dinner-time.

1) Are you left- or right-handed?
2) Which hand do you hold your fork with?
3) When cutting with a fork and knife, which hand holds which?
4) Do you think other-handers ought to hold it a certain way?
5) When you're cutting, do you prefer to use the edge of the fork or a fork and knife?
6) Where does the silverware sit on your plate when you're not holding it?
7) ... or when you're done eating? If yes, how?

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1. Do you like to smoke only when you're drunk? I do, and I find it disgusting when sober.

2. Does birth control really make you gain weight?

3. How do hang a huge poster straight when you don't have a yard stick and need to use nails? I have no way to match up the nail holes to the holes in the back of the mounting.
I'm a Quitter


1. Who was it with? (not names just basically how you knew the people)

2. Were there romantic feelings involved? With who?

3. Did it change anything?

4. How did you feel afterward?

5. Would you do it again?

6. Was it generally a good or bad experience? Not necessarily was the sex good.

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To those of you born in the 80's and you find it bizarre that people who are 16 (or possibly 17)were born in 1990 and that they probably never used a computer that used floppy disks?

*edited* I meant the floppy floppys..not the small hard disc ones.*

What makes you feel old?

macs and pcs and wow, oh my!

i've always used PCs, and i just recently bought a macbook. besides being super excited and feeling a bit smug, i'm curious as to what i should know about the switch over.

what are some secret-y cool things that macs can do that you've discovered? is getting parallels worth it, or should i just download boot camp and live with restarting? granted, parallels would most likely be a birthday present, so cost doesn't mean much to me at the moment.

does WoW run well on a macbook (2.00GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM-2x1GB, 120GB Serial ATA @ 5400 rpm)? i opted for the 2GB, as i've heard the graphics on the macbooks are very RAM dependent. if the frames are kind of slow, what options should i disable to get the speed but the best possible quality?

and how was your day?