March 3rd, 2007

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1) I want to wallpaper lots of pages from a book (glossy paper) on to a painted wall. What's the cleverest way to stick it on?

2) Do you ever laugh in public when a really funny thought pops in to your mind? smirk?


i had a brief, but very vivid and rather random dream last night. for some reason it's been on my mind all day long and i'm starting to change my feelings towards an old friend based on how he acted in my dream, which i know is ridiculous seeing as it wasn't real. (holy run on sentence)!
anyway, i want to know what the hell it means. i've checked out some dream interpretation sites, but they all pretty much sucked. is anyone here into dream analysis? do you know of any good sites or things i should check out that might be able to help me..or better yet..can YOU help me? i'm going crazy over this.
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Smoke Alarms

I know how these things are supposed to work (obviously), but owing to a kitchen accident a few minutes ago (melting chocolate) I thought of something.

Is it the actual presence of smoke that these alarms are supposed to alert us to, or is it the heat of the smoke?

I'm curious because the chocolate smoked about a medium amount and no alarm. O_o Which is good, I suppose, though it did raise the question in my mind.
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I'm bored.  Therefore:

1.  What would happen if you gave insulin, intravenously, to an individual who was not diabetic?

I ask because once a long time ago when I lived in the Middle East with my mom, she was admitted into hospital for high blood pressure, and the staff hooked her up to an IV drop thing filled with insulin and kept her for observation.  When we found out it was insulin, we figured someone was trying to kill her and my friends and I busted her out of there quick.  This is not so unlikely or bizarre when you remember the Middle East's respect for little things like international human rights and freedom of religious worship and whatnot.  My mom was likely a target because she kept helping out Arab Christian converts and stuff that is generally not good for your longevity in that part of the world. 

It makes for a great story.  Plus proves that my mom is totally awesome.  Tiny, but awesome (she's four foot ten).  Fortunately she lives up in Washington state now, where she only has to worry about bears, lions and her Subaru falling off the mountain on the way to church. 

2.  While we're on this wonderful topic brought to you by boredom, sleep deprivation and office broadband, has anyone ever tried to deliberately kill you?  Why?
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Ugh, a computer question!

I'm performing an upgrade on my computer. New processor, motherboard, RAM, Videocard, everything except the hard drive. I'd like to NOT have to completely wipe the hard drive when I install the new hardware. Is there any way of doing this?

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(Quite) A few posts back someone had a green "Boondock Saints" icon and they were wearing Leprechaun hats. I was wondering if anyone knew the origin of that icon? I've searched back through the memories until almost a month ago.

And a completely unrelated question: are hygienic hippies ok (meaning, in your opinion, are they a good kind of people)?
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I just had a dream where my house caught on fire. :(

What would you grab if your residence went up in flames?
Has this ever happened to you?

I really want to get one of those flame resistant lock boxes now. I hate dreams like that.
Anyway, I would grab my sons photo albums and his baby book. As well as my purse. (containing my wallet, cell phone, ipod.. the important stuff haha) Depending on how much time I had, my computer too. Omg thats such a scary thought. Ive never been involved in a fire.


1. Did your school growing up have macs or PCs in the computer lab?

2. What sort of computer do you use at home?

3. Was there any sort of advertising at your school? For instance BP donated computers to my school district (or maybe they just donated money to the state) and so we had their logo hanging in our computer lab.

EDIT: So what's this Channel One thing, guys?
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Hey, anyone here from Puerto Rico and want to answer some simple questions for me about schools there there that I can't find on-line?

Or just want to lie to me and say they're from Puerto Rico and make stuff up? I don't care. Either one works.
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We know that junk e-mail is called "spam" partly because of the Monty Python sketch. If it hadn't been for that sketch, what would we call it? BE CREATIVE!
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Help me TQC.

There used to be a cartoon show on Nickelodeon (I think) about a young boy whose dad was obsessed with cheese. In one episode the boy and his dad go to the supermarket and the dad proclaims "and we'll get some cheese!” I think they also have a small brown dog, but I could be wrong. Long story short- they are at the supermarket and the boy spies a young girl he likes, in the end the dad embarrasses him by doing something involving cheese and creating a scene in public (i.e. falling over and knocking a display over in the dirty minded individuals) Anyone know? My brother and I are going crazy trying to think of it, we've been saying "camembert" in the dad’s voice all morning and I must know.
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Great News, Everyone!

Book it! is the reason you're fat.

Did your schools do Book it! when you were younger? Are you fat now?

Do you agree that Book it! promotes obesity by telling kids that they should only read with rewards in mind, and personal pan pizzas are the best reqard?

Did your school use a different reading incentive program like accelerated reader or other things I don't know about? Did you get rewards for reading books?
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Walk On

I know there are some San Francisco and Bay Area people out here in TQC land. Are any of you participating in this year's Bay to Breakers?

For everyone else.. Have you ever participated in a long race like that? (This one is about 7 miles across the city.) Did you walk or run? Did you take pictures of naked people, too?
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Those of you with laptops:

When you poop, do you ever take your laptop into the bathroom with you and do stuff while you poop?


Are there any people on your f-list that hate each other? How do you deal with it? Do you choose sides?

Please participate in this poll; I need data to support an English paper I'm writing.

Poll #939218 Based on the information given, which woman would you rather have lunch with?

Karen and Rachel are two American-born-and-raised women. They are not related, and they have never met, but they are both the same age and are so similar in appearance that they could pass for twins. Karen has spent significant amounts of time living in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Rachel has lived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota her entire life. Based on this information alone, which woman would you prefer to have lunch with?


Thanks in advance for answering :-)

Need a bit of help

I'm writing a story where one of my characters has multiple personalities. I already know enough about treatment, causes, etc but I need a bit of help with something that's more difficult to find information on.

How often does someone with DID typically lose control and switch to another personality? Are there certain triggers (like extreme anger, or just seeing something on TV that triggers them) or is it totally random? Are there certain signs (like violent headaches as an example) that someone is about to lose control or does it just happen without any warning?

I'm trying to be as accurate as I can with this, partially for the sake of having accurate characters but also out of respect for people who have DID. I don't want to glamourise it at all, because I've seen that done with things I suffer with and it's not nice, so anything you can give me would be awesome.
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1. My dad's taking me out for lunch today and we're going to this place where I always get the same thing every single time because it is so completely yummy. But I feel like I could be missing out on something even better. So, take a look at this online menu. What would you order from there? Do you think I should order that?

2. When you eat out, do you usually get the same thing or mix it up?

3. Are there any restaurants that you're a regular at?

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1. I'm looking for information on skin whitening products.. things that are safe and affordable. My Google-fu is failing me yet again!

2. WHAT WILL GET RID OF THIS BLASTED COLD?! I think my sinuses are clogged too.. Just been throwing back ibuprofen for the headache.. also, I have no money and have just been popping Vitamin C... any ideas?

3. What wierd things do you make with potato chips? I like salt&vinegar chips and mustard sandwiches. Deeeeeeeeeelicious.

I saw the Trailer Park Boys movie!( I was like the last one to see it. DAMNIT.)



I signed up for a hotel on Priceline, but now I don't need it.  Am I screwed or will I be able to convince them to give me my money back?

adding and editing for clarification...

Has ANYONE ELSE been able to get out of a hotel from priceline?

I was extending a business trip, so I had a free ticket, now it's been canceled so I no longer can afford to go on the trip an no longer need the hotel room.
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Who's your favorite James Bond?
Do you have a least favorite/ hated bond?

My Answer
1)I love the current one.. dunno why. But i love Daniel Craig.. he's so debonair and oh so dreamy
2) Wasnt a big fan of pierce....

you give up your soul til you break down

I'm getting thoroughly frustrated with the internet. I usually store some of my MP3 files and background images for myspace layouts on my school FTP server, but it's lame and down for a little while. I need a place that allows direct linking. I've signed up for tripod, 100webspace, and and none of these are working out. Seriously, all I want is to make my mp3 player automatically start playing blahblahblah.mp3. Do you know of any normal file hosting sites that will let me do this?
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1)How would you feel if the government stopped making pennies (or their equivalent wherever you happen to live)? I fucking hate pennies and would not be sad to see them go.
2)Should you be able to shoot someone who is trying to rob you in your car or place of business?
3)If you take your lunch to work/school what are some typical things you pack?

work-at-home NON SCAMS

Okay so sorta in relation to the last post, which was most definitly a scam, does anyone know of any legitimate work at home programs? the only one that i know of, i used to do a few years ago when i was between jobs, it was basically answering infomercial phone calls at home , and entering their order information into forms on your computer (scary to think when you call and order something from off tv, you are giving your cc info to someone sitting at home, so don't ever order anything from off tv!). it wasnt something to get rich doing, but it did pay $0.25/min, which was $15/hr during busy times (during the middle of the night, mostly). anyway i was just curious since it seems like 99.99999% of work at home things are scams.
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What an I-Hole!

yes, I posted in ipod support, but no response.....
so here goes.....
My wife has an Ipod mini, approximately 2 years old. I recently got an Ipod Shuffle - when I went to download songs to the shuffle I got a message that I must upgrade to the latest version of itunes. We have heard that updating when you use the older mini's causes problems...... is this true? Any advice for upgrading on an older ipod??

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Are you scared of any LJ Community mods?
UM YES. The mod at adayinmylife is the most frightening piece of um.. shit? ever. The rules are sooooo bloody tight. I just posted an image and got yelled at because it didnt "sum up my day"... even though it clearly did. And it's all reinforced and posts get deleted as soon as theres like a tiny mistake. It's pretty pathetic.

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My sister and I are currently trying to decide what the Best Bass Line Ever is. Our current frontrunner is Rock Lobster. What do you think should win this distinguished honor?
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Does anyone know of an online photo priting site where you can order odd sizes? I need 8 x 8 prints of some digitals photos my husband took in Pittsburgh last year...

I'm currently searching through google but I'm only finding places where you can get 8 x 10, 4 x6, etc.

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This is ridiculous, but I need advice.

I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, the main bedroom being where I sleep, the 2nd bedroom being where I have my 'creating area', where I do tons of crafty things, including jewelry making.  There is also a bed in there for guests.  Last time I had company over, 2 of them decided they wanted to fuck.  In the bed.  Nasty, leaky, bloody, smelly sex, in that bed.  I accidentally walked in on them, and they left such a disgusting mess, and didn't offer to clean any of it, we don't even SPEAK to them anymore, because they blatantly disrespected my house, me, my fiancee, and my daughter.  Not just because they left their sex juices all over the place, they locked themselves in there the entire weekend, among other things.  I'm all about fucking, having sex, intercourse, whatever.  But if you are going to do it in someone else's house, keep it clean, and if you don't, clean it up.  Now, I can't even bring myself to go into that room.  I have no idea why.  It's totally unlike me, I'm not a prude of any sorts, it just makes me disgusted for some reason.  This is totally out of character for me.  What the hell can I do to get past this?????

What is the last thing that disgusted you?

What is the last thing you ended a friendship over?

ETA: Meaning to get past it so I can be in that room comfortably again.  Also, there is no other place in my house I can have my 'area' set up. 


1. My first question has to do with my computer. I have a Sony Vaio that is about a year old, and it is usually super fast. I NEVER had any problem watching DVD's, movies, etc, until about a month ago. Now whenever I try to listen to music or ANYTHING, it chokes up.  It will play, but it sounds like it's literally choking... I don't have a virus, don't have adware... maybe I accidentally deleted something? Is there some sort of diagostic program I can use to seek out a problem? 

2. Does anyone know of any active online communities for writers- particularly short story writers*? .. Either LJ communities or other communities. 

*Not those fan-fiction things.

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TQC, I need your help.

I have a six-year-old niece that has reached the "Why?" stage of life. What are some good, age appropriate books that explain her body and how it works, and just how everything works in general? She's smart as she can be, and curious, and I want to be able to give her the resources to find the answers she wants and needs.

I thank you all very much.
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Do you have a collection? If so, what is it of?

I never really collected things growing up, but last year I started a small collection of Dunnys from various designer toy stores. 8 isn't really a good collection, but I love all of them.
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1. When was the last time you went to the ER and why?

2. How often do you get paid?

3. Have you seen any of the tourist attractions or Wonders of the Modern World listed here. (under tourist travel wonders, underwater wonders, natural wonders or the NEW seven wonders.) Which ones?

4. Do you do all your banking online? How many checks do you write now, in comparison to before you started doing everything online?

5. I'm sure this has been asked before but not anytime recently. If you use StumbleUpon, what's the best website you've found?

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Do you regret naming your kids the names you gave them?
Do you regret having kids?
Do you regret having them when you did?
DO you want more kids? How many?

Are you child free?
Are you CF because you hate kids?
Because you don't have enough time?'
Because are focused on other things at the time?

Do you make fun of nerdy or brainy people? Why?

What is your IQ?

What do you think?

My friend told me she was 10 Weeks pregnant and last night at 3am she had a miscarriage..Today she's at work..Does this sound like a Lie to you? 

She is known to lie all the time..IT's getting on my last nerves...

What would you say if you were me? Now My cousin had a miscarriage and had to stay in the hospital and have other things done to her. I think they let her out the NEXT day.....

What are your thoughts?

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Why are some adults less mature than children and teenagers?

Do you mention it to someone when you catch them in a lie? Do you expect to be caught if you lie?

Do you think it's a bad idea to tell someone that you refuse to be near them until they go to rehab, if they have a problem?
-would your answer be different if this included not going to their birthday party?
-would your answer be different if this person was a family member?


1. I have this mailbox in silver. It's getting rusted on top so it needs to be painted. What should I paint on it? Keep in mind I have very little artistic ability. I think I might go with polka dots.

2. I know I've posted in here about the ongoing shitty job my carrier does, but that was quite some time ago. Well yesterday we did not get one piece of our own mail, we got all of our neighbor's mail. Today we got 2 pieces of our own mail but they were just junk, and we got 3 of 4 things for some people with the same house number on a nearby street. Now I have had enough of this, but my father is convinced that if we complain about it that it will get even worse. He also claims that people around here have definitely already complained, and that they won't do a thing if we complain. I don't understand him, surely this affects both of us. He gets way more mail with personal info in it than me, so I would think he would really want to do something about it. What would you do? If you've complained about your mail carrier, what was the outcome?

I was just going to fill out the thing on the USPS website for now and see what happens. I told him and he was like "Fine, I hope you don't want us to get our own mail ever again." so I didn't fill it out. I would call or go to the post office but the people who work there speak very broken english making it hard for me to understand them, plus there is always a huge line. I really avoid going to that post office at all costs.

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I've spent the last 2 days looking for my flash drive. I've literally torn up my room looking for it. I found it inside one of my slippers.

What is something you've found in an odd place? Where did you find it in?
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This may be a dumb question, but Google has run dry, and I've run out of people to ask, so...

I just got a new computer, and in installing the Sims 2 and the expansion packs I have to it, I found that I seem to be missing Disc 1 of the Night Life expansion pack. I've looked everywhere with no luck. I'd really like not to have to buy it again, so does anyone know of a place where I can download the Night Life expansion pack (or at least disc 1 of it) for free? I still have the manual with the little numbers on the back so it's not technically stealing... I hope...

Thanks in advance!
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When was the last time you:

-Scrubbed/mopped your floors?
-Cleaned the bathroom (toilet, shower, sink, mirrors, etc.)?
-Washed the windows?
-Made your bed?
-Changed your sheets?
-Thoroughly cleaned your entire house/apartment?
-Went through all your clothes, books, etc. and got stuff to throw away/donate/give away?
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1- Aside from no work/school, what do you look forward to on your days off, whichever days they may be?
2- Is anyone looking at you right now? Who?
3- Have you ever been asked if you are going insane when laughing at something on a computer when someone else is in the room?
4- Do you believe people should act online as they would in the real world, or is the internet a good place to act like a jackass, since the people aren't real? ROBOTS ARE TYPING OUT THESE QUESTIONS. :X
5- Would you be sad if you found out that everyone online who you've never been face-to-face with was a robot/script on a computer?
6- Have you ever posted a picture online and told people it was you, even though it wasn't? Why?

1- Sleep.
2- Yeah, Roz, my cat. :( I dunno what she wants.
3- All the time.
4- Yeah. I don't get why people seem to forget they're still talking to humans. o_O
5- Yes. I don't want no one else to exist. :(!!
6- Naw. If no one likes me cuz I'm some frumpy fat chick, too bad for them. :P

Best Skype Phone? Huge Jigsaws?

Ok, so I want a Wi-Fi capable cellphone. I'm tired of paying $150/month for cellular service, and I know there are cellphones out there with Skype built in.

1. Have you ever tried or owned a Skype phone?
2. Is wi-fi reliable enough to use for everyday calling?

I'm particularly looking at buying the Belkin Skype phone for $150 at my local CompUSA. Is that a good deal?


I want to order a CUSTOM jigsaw puzzle. Any places you can get HUGE jigsaw puzzles made to order? I'm talking something like 4'x4' ....yes, feet.

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My boy has the Logitech MX revolution wireless mouse and he had to buy another cause he broke the first one. All he broke was the lil USB piece though, does anyone know if there is a way to replace that piece? {Yea, I want it}

What do you do?

Imagine the following chain of events:

You are at a pub with a friend, having a beer. When you get ready to leave, a group of guys starts talking to you both so you end up staying because your friend seems to be having fun. The guys offer to buy drinks. You are driving so you have no other drinks but your friend does. You end up talking to one of the guys. He seems pretty insecure (calls himself stupid, actually says that he has a small member O_o, etc.), but he's fairly nice. He shares something about one of his friends that should not be shared with girls you've just met. He also talks about tennis. You've never played. He suggests getting together to play sometime. At the end of the night he asks for your phone number. You've told him that you have a boyfriend (you really do have a boyfriend, who lives in another state), but tell him that if he wants to play tennis or something platonic that it would be fine. You are certain NOT to lead him on. You give him your phone number.

The next week, you get a phone call. Someone says "hello, beautiful." You ask who it is, but they say "oh sorry, wrong phone number" and hang up. You're fairly certain it was that guy. The voice sounded the same. All throughout the week, you get a series of calls where when you answer, the person hangs up. At the end of the week, the guy from the pub leaves you a message asking if you want to hang out and gives you ALL of the phone numbers where he can be reached. You are mildly creeped out.

What do you do?
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all about sweeney

Stephen Sondheim himself sounds pretty positive about the project: "Sometimes a story or stage production has to wait a long time until the right people come together to turn it into a motion picture. That's what has happened with Sweeney Todd and I'm excited as well as confident that it will be a first-rate and startling movie."

Are you excited to see Burton's adaptation of Sweeney Todd?
Have you seen Sweeney Todd on stage, or the DVD version?
Do you really think that Sondheim would allow Depp to sing Sweeney poorly?
What are you most looking forward to in relation to the movie?
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I'd like to get a tattoo but my skin is extremely sensitive. (I have keloids from where I used to have piercings.) Is it likely I could get a tattoo with no ill-effects? Is there a way to test whether my skin would take it?

Thanks for the advice! :)

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Worst name for a girl


Worst name for a boy


Worst celebrity child's name

Audio Science (Shannyn Sossamon)
Moxie Crimefighter (Penn Jillete)
Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q (Bono)
Kal-El (Nicolas Cage)
Moon Unit (Frank Zappa)
Sage Moonblood (Sylvestor Stallone)
Speck Wildhorse (John Cougar)
Tallulah Belle. (Demi Moore)
Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (Michael Hutchence )
Fifi Trixabelle (Bob Geldof)
Reignbeau and Freedom (Ving Rhames)
Pilot Inspektor (Jason Lee)
Banjo (Rachel Griffiths)
Prince Michael, Prince Michael II (Michael Jackson)
Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson)
Georgie - Smiles

(no subject)

1 - Who do you fantasise about?

2 - What movie can you watch over and over without getting bored of it?

3 - Could you embed a YouTube vid which showcases great vocal talent?


1 - LOL I'm 16, so everyone and anyone. Teachers, friends, hot guys at school, celebs occasionally, fictional characters. I have a vivid imaghination. =D imagination. (So, we've established that I suck at proofreading)

2 - Peter Pan (2003 Live action), Lord of the Rings Trilogy, A Series of Unfortunate Events. I dunno, they're all such pretty looking movies too. Realism? No thanks. =D

3 -

For the single girls.

Any single girls here who have slept with married men?

The first time I did it, I thought it was this big deal, but then, when I went back to him. . I just realized I wasn't the one doing the adultery, so why worry about it?
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Did michael moore attend univeristy or undertake any other form of studies other than highschool? What about the guy that did Supersize me?

I'm asking as a friend says they did not. And my google searches fail me.

answered, thank you.

And now,more random questions.
Do you believe that journalism is bias?
Do you believe that somebody needs to complete (insert qualification needed here) to become a journalist? Or can you become successful without said qualifications?


(no subject)

ok. is there ANY way to get my computer to STFU until Monday morning when I get it back to the help desk? they let me keep it for the weekend since they wouldn't be able to do anything more than test it yesterday. if we remember correctly, it's telling me there was a power surge on a hub port. resetting doesn't work, and there's either a speech bubble warning me about this in the corner of my screen or I have to keep the window open to reset it. One or the other and now it's just pissing me off.

help. please. it's going straight back to the tech center monday morning, but this is driving me batshit because the speech bubble keeps popping in and out and ARGH *throws piece of shit at wall*


I feel better now.
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1- TQC, I'm 3 days late and have been nauseated all week, am I gonna have a baby?!

(Take that as you like, byah! :P Not expecting serious answers, HAVE AT IT!)

2- Do you remember being a kid? How far back? (I feel bad cuz I can't remember further back than about age ten ... Bleh..)

3- Did you ever babysit to earn money, and not just as a favour to a parent or other relative? If so, did the experience make you lean more/less towards the idea of having kids of your own? ;P

Consensual Incest

Why is consensual incest deemed wrong by society?

I do believe it is wrong (and it's virtually impossible that I will ever think otherwise), but it just occurred to me that besides high risk of birth defects between opposite-gender, fertile partners in an incestuous relationship, I'm not clear on why I feel, along with most other people, that consensual incest is unacceptable. I feel it's immoral, but I do not yet have a sufficient explanation as to why it's immoral. I guess I could also say I think it's unnatural, which it basically is and always has been, but being unnatural is not the same as being immoral. Also -- in an article I just read, the writer mentioned the concept of "confusing relationships."

When I speak of consensual incest, I'm thinking mainly of the most "severe," in regards to proximity on the family tree: parents and children, siblings. Also, I suppose, aunts/uncles with nieces/nephews, as well as grandparents with grandchildren, are all looked upon with similarily high levels of disgust because of the additional age gap that gets nonrelated sexual partners skeptical looks as well. The only incestuous relationship that has a bit more room, to some people, are those between cousins, whether first or second, etc.
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What are TV shows that you can think of with numbers in the title?

Just off the top of my head I have 24, Just the 8 of us, and My 2 dads.

What about movies with numbers in the title (and not just numbers saying it's the 2nd/3rd in the series)?

Uh, I can't think of any at the moment.
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Do you know this book?

Okay, so my boyfriend is trying to remember the title of a book he read in class in 7th grade.

He said it was about a black family moving into an underground railroad house. The house was full of secret passages and there was a ghost and an evil old black guy who lived in the woods. You find out that he used to work at the house and his son is dressing up as him and scaring people.

Do you know it?
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Do you have any little habits like biting your nails or twisting your hair? What do you do? Do you notice?
I chew my lip or play with my tongue ring or bite my nails, so to keep from doing that I chew gum a lot.

What is something you do when you're bored?
I try to beat old video games/set new records.

Do you like board games? If yes, what is your favorite game? What game(s) are you horrible at?
I like Life, and Trivial Pursuit. I'm horrible at Pictionary. Everyone assumes that I'm awesome because I draw all the time, but I take forever to draw anything and always lose :(


(no subject)

1)What's your preferred art medium?
2)What sort of frozen/ice cream treats do you like?
3)How necessary is it (to you) for there to be a chocolate fountain at a party?
4)What do you think "the taste of Texas" tastes like?

(no subject)

My life feels "off balance" lately. Ever feel that way?

What do you do to counter act that feeling of being "unbalanced"?

Maybe I'm just antsy for spring and should buy some flowers or redecorate...
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Time waits for no LJ.

Where do you folks find the time to post here so often?

I mean, this community averages somewhere around 150 posts per day (so sayeth the recent archives), and that's sans comments. As for me, I'm usually just procrastinating like mad, but DAMN, people!
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Mr. Blue/ The Oh in Ohio

I was watching The Oh in Ohio the other day and there was a song I heard but I don't know the title nor who it's preformed by. The only thing I can remember was a soft female vocal saying 'Mr. Blue' in the song. Who is the artist and what is the name of the song? Please help!

Update: It was in the Movie 'Running with Scissors', oops! Issue resolved, thanks guys!

moms and tickets.

When I first stared driving 5 years ago, I got 2 speeding tickets within about a month of eachother. One of them I took the class for and got rid of the points, but I couldn't for the other one because you can't take the class twice in one year. I am on my parents insurance still and just recently their insurance went up for both of those tickets from when I was 16.

Today I got a speeding ticket. The officer told me if I took the class and got the points taken off my liscence, that my insurance wouldn't go up.

If this is true, then my questions are:
a.) Why did my insurance go up for two tickets, 5 years later, when I took a class for one and got the points taken off?
b.) If I take the class, and pay the ticket, will anything still go to the insurance company or is it just not a possibility to keep this from my mother?