March 2nd, 2007


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Straight from the Guide to Getting it On!:

"I don't know about other women, but I have discovered that the geek crowd which doesn't often get laid in high school has a great deal of time to contemplate what they'd do if they ever got their hands on a woman. They are far better lovers because they've taken the time to conteplate something other than scoring. As a friend of mine used to say, 'Nine-tenths of sex happens in your mind; the rest is all in your head.' Geeks thin, while jocks avoid it at all costs because in high school, thinking is not cool. Besides, geeks know how to be passionate rather than just stoked. Give me a geek anytime."

So, to those of you in the know, is geek sex better than non-geek sex? Reasons?
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europe travelling aaah help!

So remember when I posted a few days ago about travelling somewhere? I want to walk el Camino de Santiago in Spain. I have googled the life out of me and am having a very hard time with the specific travel information. I want to start in St. Jean Pied de Port (in France right by the Spanish border) and I'm trying to decide where to fly in to that would be cheapest (I could take a bus or train if it was far). It ends in Santiago (de Compostella).

If you know anything about these places or what airports would be close- or cheap to fly to, I could take a bus the rest of the way- please give me suggestions! I've been all over the internet but I'm really confused. A lot of searches return books and I'm not able to get to any bookstores before this proposal is due.
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Would you rather...

Date someone with similar faults than you?


Date someone with opposite, or drastically different faults/quirks/etc.

I'm currently dating a guy who is just like me: academically lazy, a little messy and forgetful, yet smart, funny, and generally cheerful.

I don't know if anyone with a different personality could even tolerate my quirks, especially the lack of motivation and messiness. What do you think?
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1) Are there any websites about the dangers of various recreational drugs that don't use scare tactics and propaganda? I want actual facts, not exaggerated truths.

2) I have longish (past my shoulders) straight hair, but it's very thick. As such, it tends to get kind of big (not afro big, just puffy and all over the place big) right after I've washed it. Is there any simple way I can keep it down without drowning it in foul-smelling hair spray?

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1. Do you think most places you could live in the world are going to be pretty much the same? I've never really been to the continental united states, and I want to move there, but I'm afraid I will be overwhelmed. Have you ever moved somewhere completely different and just had it be too much for you?

2. How many serious relationships have each of your parents had in their lives that you know of? From what you know, what where they like? Why did they end?

3. Have you ever had work be canceled on account of the weather? How bad was it?
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spills and Bright Eyes

What is the last thing you spilled on yourself?
I just spilled skim milk all over myself. Now I have to change my pants before I leave.

Also, have any of you seen Bright Eyes on the current tour?
I'm going tonight but I've heard it's been really awful.

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My Fiance works in a small department with about eight other people. The last two months there has been some fairly bad weather and as soon as there is snow or rain or ice on the ground a woman that he works with calls my fiance, on his cell, in the morning about three or four times to see if he is going to work or not. I have asked him to tell her to call the house instead of his cell phone but she insists on calling the cell, despite the fact that he is at home when she calls. This morning she texted him and then called him yet again while he was driving me to work and sounded very surprised that I was in the car with him.

1. Do you think that this (married) woman has a crush on my fiance or is it possible that she is really that co-dependent on a co-worker?
2. Do you think that my fiance is actually telling her not to call his cell but she is ignoring him?
3. How do I (politely) tell this woman that I do not like her calling my fiance three and four times in the morning when there is bad weather?

EDIT I understand that some of you think that I am being insecure and controlling. However, some people agree with me. That having been said, it is no longer necessary to tell me that I am being insecure and controlling. Could you please answer the questions that I asked? Thank you.
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HP love

To any vegans in the house:

Why did you decide to go the extra step and go vegan?
Do you find it more fulfilling than being vegetarian?

I'm not considering going vegan, for the record. I wouldn't have a problem with milk if the animals were allowed to live a full life after their contribution.

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What is a 6-letter word for "show clearly"?

update1: The first letter of the above word is the third letter of the 4-letter word for "First lady's residence"

Update2: EVINCE and EDEN are the answers

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OK TQC...we've been "friends" for a month this reltionship serious? Where are we going with this? Are we friends with benefits now? I have to know. All this ambiguity is killing me. And I want presents too....

Do you eat when you're bored? What can I eat without guilt?

What are you going to do to entertain me the rest of today?? Its Friday here..and I'm bored already.
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Why do people get pets they aren't willing to train or give time to, and then get all defensive when told to find them a new home?

When was the last time you got sick to your stomach (out of either end)? What do you think caused it?

Who is someone in TQC that you really didn't like at first, but now you think they are a-okay?
I didn't like fourcorners or hajiomatic at first, but for some reason, I really like them now.

For those of you who LJ from work/school:
When you accidentally encounter NSFW pictures, what do you do?
I freak out and clear my cookies and do disk cleanup ASAP.
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elementary school

Does anyone remember the song that goes, "wasting water hurts the power. Turn it off when you brush it's a 8 gallon rush"

From elementary school? It was in an engery play we did in Illinois when i was little... and i can't figure out the rest of the song

New York --> South Africa?

I'm trying to get from New York to Cape Town this summer
I'm hoping to be there for approximately the month of June.

Right now NY --> Frankfurt and then Frankfrut --> Cape Town has been what's shown up as best.

Does anyone here know of something better/cheaper? Any non-US-centric travel websites? Any experience going from the States to Capetown?

For the stopover I was hoping for somewhere vaguely explorable, London especially, but that's been more expensive than Frankfurt.

*I'm a student at a private university if that's applicable anywhere.
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1. We all know there are at least 50 ways to leave your lover. What are some additional ways?
2. According to the muppets, there are also 50 ways to love your lever. How many can you think of?
sweet dee mothafucker

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I am in study hall and I was searching art related things and I keep getting blocked for nudity. It’s really pissing me off because it’s nudity in paintings and things like that. Anyway, it got me to thinking that everyone in this school uses kproxy to get onto Myspace. I do not have a myspace but I thought I could use the same technique to get onto these damn art sites. The problem is every “Anonymizing Utility” is blocked and every technique I see online is blocked. I cannot for the life of me figure out how these kids are doing it. I’d ask but I don’t really know anyone in this room right now.

Please don’t lecture me on how school is for work and these things are blocked for a reason because I am doing work. So, how can I get onto these websites if all these proxy sites are blocked? Sorry if I sounded blunt. Thank you all.

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What's a song you think everybody should hear at least once?

What's good food to put hot sauce on?

What is it called when people use words like everyone, all, always, never, or nobody inappropriately? Something like "everyone is always so mean to me!" when, in fact, not everyone is always mean to the person. I know it's a term other than "exaggeration"... that or I've gone mad.
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Does anyone have the video of Fiona Apple doing I Want You at the Elvis Costello and Friends show on VH1 a few months ago? It's been taken off youtube due to copyright issues, but I have this craving to see it today, for some reason. She's so intense, I love it!

Anyone have it?
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A long time ago-like about a year, maybe, I bought a cell tone ring because my cell phone didn't have any normal phone rings on it and I really hate all the other kinds. So I bought just a plain phone ring tone. Just a few days ago my phone rang but it used the default ring that came with the phone. I thought it was strange b/c I never changed it....when I went to change it back the one I had bought, it was no longer on there. I have Cingular phone service and thats who I bought it through... Does anyone know if it is only for a year that you get a ring when you buy them??? I think that is pretty ridiculous if that is the case.

Does anyone happen to have an MP3 of a normal ringing phone they could upload for me? Are there any cellphone ring communities that you know of that might have one?? I really don't want to buy a new one or use the crappy ones on my phone.

[dance] pink side to side

Names and such.

1- Was your name one of the most popular names in the year you were born?

2- I've met a lot of people who have changed their name after immigrating here (Canada) from a non-English speaking country. Do you think you'd do the same if you moved to a country whose native language wasn't your own? What name would you choose? :)

3- How many names do you have? (First, Middle, Last, Baptism? Other?)

4- What would you think I'm talking about if I mentioned a Metal Doll? ETA: Collapse )

5- Worst name (first, last, or first/last combo) that you've ever encountered?
not mine, mat

Johnny Cash and LJ

1. is the comment posting thing on LJ giving anyone else trouble?
2. I am almost 100% sure that Johnny Cash covered "thirteen" but i can't seem to find who the original was, anyone know? google failed me
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1. Inspired by this post, I had my nostril pierced on February 16th and it's still kinda of tender. It has stopped crusting, and isn't red or buoyant and looks generally fine, except still kind of new. Is this normal? Should it be completely healed already? Am I going to get a keloid?

2. I downloaded two songs today, totaling my playlist to 666. Is this a bad omen? Should I download another song? I need all the luck I can get.

3. What do you do with leftover bacon grease?
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America's Army....Say What, Homie?

Not sure if anyone else has seen the recent US Army commercials..but here's the two that really bothered me:

1. Two guys are playing a military shooter(like GRAW or well...America's Army) and they're having fun when one of the characters on screen stops and asks, "You guys look like you're really into this...want a REAL challenge?" Then the US Army insignia shows.

then there's....

2. "Call now and we'll send you an information package, including pamphlets, a video, and a copy of the America's Army video game!

Now...I know that the Army designed the AA game...but...uh....I'm still bothered by their recent tactics. Does this make me a bad person? And does it equally bother me that some politicians that are trying to censor/ban video games...are endorsing these tactics? =/
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Which do you think?

Say that you're a mechanic. You have two jobs waiting for you to be done by people who just dropped their cars off. Your shop, for whatever reason, is also looking kinda like a tornado hit it. Which would you think is more important?

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1)Do you live with your parents? If not, how often do they come to visit you?
2)Inspired by bellasmommy: Who are some folks in TQC that you immediately liked?
3)Are you a very tidy person? If not, do you enjoy being a bit of a slob or are you just not motivated enough to be neat?
i say, old bean


1. have your parents ever left you to raise your younger sibling(s)?

2. when they got out of hand, how'd you take care of the situation?

3. what is one fantastic way to spend a friday with your SO?

4. what's your favorite poster you own? if not a poster, maybe a picture/painting?

5. what did/do you want to be when you grow up?
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Inspired by an earlier question. Say you're going on a casual date, just a walk in the park or something low-key like that, with a guy who you know is a (closeted) anime fan. Is a bento box a nice thing to take for lunch, or does it seem silly? The girls in anime always pack bento boxes when they go on dates...

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1. For any community mods that are reading this...Are you planning on switching to moderated posting when the last Harry Potter book is released?

2. Am I the only one who is a spoiler junkie? As long as I follow it, I need spoilers man, I need them bad.

3. For those who are in the know about healthy weight loss, how much can one expect to lose in a year with healthy-ish eating and moderate activity? I say about 50 lbs a year.
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So there's this program called HJSplit that you can use on a PC to combine files, such as videos, that have been split into parts.

Is there a version of this for Mac, somewhere, somehow, that actually works?

(ChunkJoiner, the Mac version advertised on HJSplit's site, doesn't work and is actually pre-OS X.)
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Five Questions for Friday!

1. Why did Tori Amos think making a version of 'My Favorite Things' was a good idea?

2. How are you today?

3. Any big plans for the weekend?

4. I need help.  I'm doing an internship and there is a class that goes along with the internship.  I have the class on Tuesday at 7:15 and I do my internship Wed/Fri.  On Friday's we have a "journal" entry due.  I'm having trouble remembering to do the entries, because by the time I get out of work on Friday, I've lost my brain. Anyone have any clever/helpful ways I can remember to do this journal?

5. Now the annoying weight question.  What's the most weight you've ever lost? In how much time?  Don't worry, I'm not looking for quick fix weight loss or anything.  I just need some inspirational story type crap to get me motivated.  I've got 2 and a half months til graduation, and I'd like to at least know I've started losing weight.

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1. Why do people yell 'FREEBIRD!' at concerts instead of 'WHIPPING POST!' nowadays? And where the hell did either of those traditions start? Have you ever yelled either of those songs?

2. What do you think it means to have 'good taste' in music?

3. Is there a lot of variety in the music you listen to? Or is it mostly one genre with maybe a couple songs here and there outside of your typical listening zone? What type of music do you listen to the most?

4. Which musical trend do you think is worse - Nsync and BSB and other boybands, or Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco and other current pop bands? Why?

5. What type of music do you think will be popular in 2015?
Mitty box

Region encoding and other things

So, I taped Finding Nemo off of my DVR a couple of weeks ago. Well, we bought the real copy at Target the other day. I was wondering... if I sent my DVR copy to my friend in Russia, will she be able to watch it? Will it be encoded to my region? I don't want to waste the postage if it's not gonna work. I am in the USA.

We are selling our washer and dryer tomorrow. What are the odds that I can do a pile of laundry that I've been avoiding that is almost as tall as I am before they come and pick it up tomorrow? Slim to none, I'm guessing.

Also, why do kids like Nemo so much? Out of all of the movies we've watched on the Disney Channel, my son's favorite is Nemo. As with all the other little kids I know.

Last night, I had the heat on. Today, I have the a/c on. Isn't that strange? The weather here is weird.

I have to take fish oil pills and I was wondering. Is there a way you can make it so that when you burp, it doesn't taste like fish? Because yuck!

EDIT: Is there anyone who can make me an animated icon of the soots eating the stars from the Spirited Away movie? Or are there any good icon communities that are geared towards anime or Miyazaki films? I am never quite sure what to search for when it comes to those kinds of communities.
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petit prince


1. would you name your child "kaida"? what do you think of when you see that name?

2. do you feel comfortable having over-the-covers sex with the light on?

3. what's the best discovery you've made in the past week?

4. people always talk about the greatest advice they've ever been given- do you remember what advice was given to you by whom in your lifetime?
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Anyone else take pleasure in doing an Ad-Aware/Spybot scans, and coming up with a fairly notable assortment of spyware? I like finding bugs that way, and it's almost disappointing when I come up with just a neglible item.
Bruins - shadow

Hay Baseball Fanz !!11!#$

In celebration of the Braves first televised spring training game today, some baseball related questions:
1. Favorite team?
2. Favorite player?
3. Do you watch spring training games?
4. How many games have you been to, if any?
5. Do you play baseball, or just watch it?
6. Do any other members of you family love baseball? (for ex. Your dad loved the White Sox, so now so do you)
7. Do you score games on a score card? If yes, why?

If you dont like baseball:
8. Why?
9. Where do you live? (Just curious if you live near a big baseball town!)

My answers Collapse )
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Is gmail being a dick for anyone else?

Do you like cheese and onion flavour crisps? What about prawn cocktail? Pickled onion?

Do they still do Worcestershire Sauce ones? What about beef and onion?
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the deathly hallows

as i am a big harry potter nerd and have been rereading the books in anticipation for the last one...
1) Which two characters do you think will die in the last book?

Lately, ive been thinking Harry and Draco. i dunno though. either way ill be crying buckets.

piercing question

I've had a cold recently and it's been irritating my nose ring so last night I took it out. When I got up this morning I discovered what I'm pretty sure is a keloid on the inside of my nose. I've had keloids in the past and have always treated them with "aspirin paste" but I'm wondering if that is ok for the inside of my nose; I'm worried I might accidently inhale some of it and that just doesn't sound pleasant. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance!!
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Hey guys,

Okay, I've got a grammar question regarding the slang "Wing."

As in, to do something without preparation. "I didn't have time to study, so I'm just gonna wing it"

What is the proper way to use this in the past tense? "I winged it"? "I wung it?"
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1. Do you ever keep your cash (&similar items) in your bra?
Sometimes when I go to concert or something alone I keep enough to buy a train ticket home in my bra. Under normal circumstances my boobs are the only thing in my bra.

2. Do you ever bring extra shoes when you're going to a show, or concert, or something of the sort?
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Hey there Sports Fans.

A break from my pathetic love life and political blathering...

Yo Sports Fans!(Or anyone else for that matter) I was surfing around today and came across this link Top 10 sports injuries... DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A STRONG STOMACH!!!!

(seriously people, there is some very graphic footage.)

It got me wondering... what is the worst sports injury you have ever seen or heard about?

For me it has to be a toss up between Napolean Mccallum on Monday night football and the Sabers Goalie in the above link. (Mccallum can be found on youtube, be warned it is graphic)

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I have entirely too much free time on my hands this weekend and rather than do anything productive, I feel compelled to play some computer games. I'm in the mood for Zork: Grand Inquisitor or one of the King's Quest series. Do you know any places online where I could find those specific games to play or download for free? Or if not, can you recommend me some other game like those that I could play for free online?
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I need to read more

So in an effort to do just that, I am going to read more books. But I don't know what to read. Reccomend me something?

Some things to note.
- I'm dyslexic. It doesn't effect my reading too much, just reading comrehension (am I spelling that right? It looks wrong to me) and vocabulary. So it helps if the writing is simple, but not patronising. I like Dean Koontz for that, as an example.
- I like crime/supernatural/horror kinda stuff (see above statement about Dean Koontz) but I'm not opposed to a bit of fantasy here and there, although they tend to be written quite elaborately.
- I really dislike love stories in...well, anything. I don't mind if it's subtle, but if it's the main point of the story then it frustrates and bores me.
- My favourite book is Battle Royale

Second question, totally unrelated. My boyfriend had this comic of a guy getting a blowjob from a ghost and saying "WOO WOO GHOST BLOWJOB" or something along those lines. He cannot find it anywhere after his hard drive crashed and since his cat had to be put to sleep today, he could really use some cheering up. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm sure he'd love to see it again.

Thanks, guys!
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What's a good free or free trial version of photo editing software that works on a mac? besides CS3 which doesnt seem to want to work?

I need basic editing stuff, saturation, hue, stamp, cropping etc etc.
<lj user=jaie> and others

(no subject)

I promise, last for a while.

Relating to my last question, though:

What do I do about an insatiable desire to act when I've never really done it before and don't know if I'm any good at all?

And why does LJ hate me?
heavy metal

For the Christians in the group..

Do you observe the rules of fasting and not eating meat during Lent?
Do you consider poultry to be part of the meat you cannot eat?

I don't fast, but I try not to eat meat. Fasting was never stressed when I was younger and if I'm hungry, I'm going to eat dammit!
I've always been told that I can't have chicken, but my friend was telling me today that her family eats chicken and not just red meat. I thought that was weird.

And one for everyone...
Don't you hate it when you have certain plans for the day and then you get distracted by something?

Yes. And now I'm way behind on the stuff I wanted to do today. However, I was having a really interesting conversation with my friend, so I don't feel too bad.
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I was looking through comment threads in stupid_free and was sidetracked to the stupidpetowners community (yep, the thread regarding the parakeet...) when I came across this post.

So I checked this link, which was in the comments.

No one else seems to have noticed this, but in the testing they did for that organization the burners were turned up to the highest temperature setting. Non-stick (i.e. teflon) pans are strictly for low heat, medium heat at most.

Of course you're going to run into problems if you use things outside the recommended use.

Am I going crazy or is okay for me to chuckle at everyone who is going on about teflon killing birds when they're the ones who apparently don't know how to use their cookware?

End note: This is by no means making light of bird deaths, since I've owned many and lost my parakeet last summer after twelve years of having him around. He also lived near the kitchen. Hmm...
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

(no subject)

Has anyone ever had Poland Spring or any other kinds of water delivered to their homes? Like those gallon ones that come with water dispenser?

Does the person that delivers them set up the thing for you or not?

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Have you ever been really into and excited about something pointless? Like, enough that when it ends/it's done, you're disappointed even though it isn't a really important thing?

For instance, we've been doing the stock market game in history for the past ten days. It's to learn about the Stock Market Crash. Granted, I had no idea what the hell I was doing but it was fun. My friend and I spent a while every day discussing what we were going to do. I bought thousands of stocks of RCA; it split yesterday, I sold GM, etc. I thought I was doing good. Dad told me to sell RCA today. I was really excited, I thought I'd be a fucking millionaire. I mean, I was up to over 800 thousand dollars. (My friend? 1.3 million.) So what happens?

The stock market crashes today. RCA went from 101 dollars to 28.  I lost five hundred, thousand dollars. I was in fourth place. I wanted third, you get prizes for the top three. I think I fumed for the rest of the day. I was quite disappointed that I wasn't able to sell RCA like my original plan. However, I realize now that it's a game and I shouldn't have taken it so seriously. It's not real.

So: Am I pathetic or does this happen to anybody else?

(no subject)

quick stop and think!:

what situation/scenario/place can a woman be loved? or where someone who loves her needs to be reminded of that? i'm hoping your answers can help me to produce some wonderful photos to look at. so far i've got: in the bedroom; and in an empty plate (healthy body image). please note there will be something in every image to show this love. the background just helps reinforce it. and yeah an empty plate can be love.

nothing dirty okay? key word here is love. not lust. there's a difference. just cos it's on your tv, in your magazines, and in your movies, and in your high schools/colleges/workplaces doesn't mean that all of the world truly operates like that.

(no subject)

Should I make myself a big cup of tea later tonight?  (peppermint, orange spice, earl grey, english breakfast?) dunno D:

Don't deleted posts make you sad?  yes

What's your favorite quiche?  this tortilla quiche my mom makes, yum

Ham?  Great meat, or greatest meat? great
This is so ridiculous.


Do you all think the world will end on December 21st, 2012? Why or why not?

I hope it doesn't...I have too much to do and I can't get it all done by the age of 27.

(no subject)

Which Bruce Campbell character is your favourite?

BTW, I'm not sexist, but I can understand why you would think that.

1) I concentrate too much on men's problems and too little on women's problems. But that's because pretty much everyone talks about women's problems and very little is said about men's problems. Men have less problems, but their problems are no less important.

2) I might have trouble wording thinks correctly, so they come out sounding offensive. I don't see anything offensive, but somehow other people manage interpret it that way.

I don't know why I'm posting this, since you all probably have your minds made up, and you wouldn't change your minds even if I donated a million pounds to a battered women's shelter. Someone is probably going to troll this topic, bullying me and calling me names, and then when I lose my temper and fight back they'll use that as "proof" that I haven't changed. That's the Internet equivalent of a criminal provoking a cop into attacking him so that he can claim police brutality.

tater tots

Were (or are) tater tots present in your high school?
Did you often eat the tater tots?
Do you currently like tater tots?

It seems like tater tots were a school cafeteria staple. If you did NOT have tater tots are your high school, where did you attend high school?
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I just took out one of my nipple rings because it seemed like it was getting rejected. I have had them both done for close to a year. I have a few questions about it:

1. How long can it go without a ring in it before it closes?
2. If I keep it out for a few days, will it heal a bit and not be as big of a hole? Will I be able to put it back in?

If anyone can help, it would be great. I really don't want to lose my piercings, they are my favorite!

(no subject)

1. Does Pennywise freak you out?

2. What is your favorite Tim Curry role (Dr. Frank N. Furter, Pennywise, Wadsworth, The Lord of Darkness, etc.)?

3. Different Tim: If you consider yourself a Tim Burton fan, has he made a film that you don't like or were disappointed in?
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(no subject)

What magazine should I subscribe to?

Collapse )

I'm considering Glamour, but that's not really geared toward a married woman, more toward a young, single, etc. type woman, and well, that's just not me. I already subscribe to Rolling Stone and Real Simple.

I'm not into the whole "BLOW HIS MIND IN BED" or "HOW TO GET 40 NUMBERS IN A NIGHT" magazine like Cosmo, but I'm also not quite the right demographic for, say, Redbook.

Are there any in-between magazines for me? :(

Sensitive Issue

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I purchased a Siberian Husky puppy. So, we have fallen in love with little Napoleon.
Sadly, after realising that the training we were doing wasn't working, we found out he is deaf and mentally retarded.
We are taking him back because we feel it is the best for his and our own safety.
But, I still feel like I am going to be hurting the pup by doing this to him. Like I don't really love him enough to accept him and look after him. To replace him is so harsh, but that is what was decided.
See, my brother is mentally retarded. It is like we are giving him away! Because we cannot accept him into our lives.
I know this is only over a dog, but we are grieving this loss. It is like our child has died or something.
We are crying constantly over this puppy.
Are we doing the right thing?
A part of me thinks if we just tried harder we could have this beautiful dog for life.


rufus, muppy

foot stuff

I posted a little while ago about this but no one could really help, so i thought pictures would help.

I've been having pain on the outside of my foot by my baby toe. It happened out of nowhere, I was just walking around my apartment, and it felt like the side of my foot was bruised out of nowhere.. I looked down to find a lump and a bruised area.

Now I've been getting it on and off for a couple weeks now and I dont know what it is. Here are a few photos. They are a little dilute, in person it looks much more purple.

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[dance] pink side to side


1- My wrist hurts, would you kiss it better, or just hack off my arm?

2- Have you ever been textually molested for breaking a rule in a comm? Which comm and what rule, if so? ;P

3- Would all you people who take offense to 'gay' being used 'wrong' be happier if 'queer' was used instead? :)

4- Whatcha dooooooooooooin?

ETA: 5- Anyone else NOT get supposedly "triggered" by every other freakin word out there on the internet? OMG YOU SAID FOOD, you so reminded me that I eat and am fat. PLEASE TO BE CHANGING YOUR WORDS. :(


I was thinking about how when people list their hometown within the US, they usually list their state (and sometimes city too), but simply in initials just because it's so widely recognised. I'm Australian and I can list almost all of the American states (and work them out from their initials), but this is just general knowledge I've picked up - it certainly isn't taught in school.

When I give my location on the internet, I always say 'Sydney, Australia' because I feel that no one outside of Australia would have any idea what I was talking about if I said NSW. If I was from a rural area or a less-known city, I'd probably just say Australia. Am I right to think this way? Are country's 'states' commonly known outside of the USA?

EDIT: For that matter.. Where are you from, and what knowledge do you have of other countries (and their history) that was taught at school? We gain a decent understanding of American & British history throughout school (and the media), but there seem to be so many ignorant people out there who think we speak like Steve Irwin and have pet kangaroos. Then again, I doubt there are many of those in TQC, so I guess it's pointless to ask.

I see dead people...

Do you think it is weird that I have a copy of my mother's autopsy report?  As in the full medical report that was dictated and filed by the medical examiner.

Would you be squicked out reading about how heavy your mother's brain and heart were and knowing that someone took them out of her to weigh them?

Everybody poops!

 Inspired by the comment in this post I made in co_workers_suck:

Am I weird because I'm grossed out by the guys in my office pooping in the (only) washroom in the place?  On a daily basis?   What would you do if you went into a professional office setting as a client and used a washroom that smelled like shit?  (I'm not saying you'd be likely to leave & discontinue your business there or anything drastic, but...)

Do YOU poop in public washrooms? 

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cat tea

help me, TQC

Okay, I have kind of a problem (I think)...

I have a pillow top mattress. I slept with a hot water bottle last night because I was sick. It was pretty full, maybe about a gallon of water. Anyway, when I woke up, it was fine. I just went to get in bed, though, and the water bottle had mysteriously leaked all the water. The cap was on, there were no holes in it. Whatever, that's besides the point.

My mattress is SOAKED in an area of about 1' x 1' right by where I'd lay my head. It went down pretty deep--not into the actual mattress I'm sure but definitely through the top 'layer' and into the insides of the pillow top.

I tried to blow dry it until my hair dryer started shooting out sparks. I tried to absorb it with a towel. That worked for some of it but it is still wet and it's under the surface.

I googled 'how to fix a wet mattress' and other variations on that and all I got was mattress websites with their warranties stating: DO NOT LET YOUR MATTRESS GET WET.

So my question is: IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO or do I have to go buy a new mattress this weekend? Is it going to get musty and moldy? (I guess next time I should get a mattress pad. We just bought it a year ago!)


For everyone else:

1- What was the most annoying/aggravating thing to happen to YOU today?

2- Do you support Fair Trade or do you think it's a scam? Why?

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I haven't been to Florida since I was a kid and don't remember anything about it - if I were to visit, only for about 5 days, where should I go? I'd be going with a couple friends, and we're definitely not doing the Disney thing (sorry, seanutbutter). We're kinda looking for a place with beaches but actual stuff to do.. any ideas? Thanks.

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1. Gay men: Have you ever kissed you closest female friend?
Women with gay male friends: Have you ever kissed said gay male friend?
My best friend is a gay man named Chris. Tonight I met Chris' boyfriend for the first time, and he was really surprised to find out that Chris and I have never kissed and even asked why not. ha Now I'm curious as to how common this is.

2. Who is your favorite pack: The Rat Pack, The Brat Pack or The Frat Pack?
I refuse to choose between The Rat Pack and The Frat Pack. =P

3. Do you have any recurring dreams or themes in your dreams (and if so, what are they)? Have any of them lead to lucid dreaming?
Every time I run in a dream I run on all fours. Anymore if I start running in my dreams, I immediately become aware of the fact that I'm dreaming.

entering the US

My fiance is Irish, and while we're woking on him getting his green card he's been travelling back and forth between the US and Ireland quite a bit. The last time he entered the US, immigration held him for a while and nearly didn't let him on the plane. Now he needs to go home again, but we're worried that he won't be allowed back into the US. Is there a way to find out if you've been flagged by INS? Is there anything we can do to ensure his passage?

We have an immigration lawyer, but she's unavailable until Monday, and I'd like to know what to expect, yanno?
Oh hay thar

the evil plastic

1. Which credit cards are the best, or at least, won't screw me up the ass as much as some others?

2. Is it really that terrible of an idea if I get a credit card solely so I could pay for a vacation, then cut it up?

I am a student receiving a government loan and grants, if that matters, and I have clean credit.

EDIT: I'd be able to pay off about $300/month of the balance, and it would only cost about $1200.