March 1st, 2007


comp stuck on ''shutting down''

I'm writing this on the other comp in the house because my laptop seems to be stuck ... I clicked ''turn off'' like 10 mins ago and how the screen is stuck on the stage where it says ''Windows is shutting down ...'' and it's never ever taken so long.

I'm worried. What can I do without killing my comp??? :(
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Poll #937609 Powerpuff Girls

Who is your favorite powerpuff girl????

that ugly fat bitch they made up in that one episode... she was purple
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sup tqc.

I have to write a paper (er, two papers, really) for Forensic Pathology tonight. I need something awesome to write it on. I was going to refer to Dr. House, but I would like the second opinion of you, Dr. LJ-user-text-equals.

It can be about disease (don't make me remind you that it is never lupus) or birth defect, or anything like that. Unfortunately, one of my classmates has already chosen scurvy, so that's out.

red goatee!!

so i'm tired of hearing about other guys quite so much, right

Can y'all help me come up with a good way to tactfully phrase

"okay, that's about enough ex-boyfriend mentions. Srsly, at this point it just makes me nervous. I know you've had other people you've gone out with, but there's a limit to what I want to hear."

to a (still quite new) girlfriend? Since, well, that doesn't seem to be quite the way to put it.

to clarify: I really like the girl, I do. This is the only irritating thing, and it's kinda... I don't know what to think about it. So... Yeah.
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01. When you see a bunch of protesters, what is your first thought? Do you try to understand why they are protesting?

02. Have too many of us become germophobes?

03. Assuming you're an adult (18+) what "childish" things do you still enjoy? (i.e, cartoons, comics, toys, etc.)

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I have troubles falling / staying asleep.

1. What do you think about when you lie in bed trying to sleep?
2. How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?
3. Any tricks you have to making yourself fall asleep?
4. What time during the weekdays do you go to bed? Weekends?
5. Do you eat right up until you go to sleep or try to have some space between eating and going to sleep?
6. What position is best for you to fall asleep?

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I mean it this time!

Do you know the name of this landmark? Is it a volcano or mountain?
I know the name and whether or not it is a volcano or mountain, but I'm just testing your knowledge. I even took the picture for you!

dead zone johnny & sarah

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What is a normal sized tv (not too small, but definetly not a big screen tv)?

Is 20" small or normal sized? I know it is at least on the smaller end of "normal".

Does this tv look acceptable for the price? I'd like to get a cheapish flat panel tv for a number of reasons (not as heavy as a regular tv, easier to move (I'm only living where I am living right now for a year), etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Other tv ideas, etc. I'm looking to spend up to $300, maybe $350.

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1.) Did anyone else read the weather for today, see "Tornado Watches" then look outside at the still melting snow and die a little inside?

2.) What's with all the hate? Can't we all just get along?

3.) What's your favorite sweet treat?
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this is what my user name is from

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Why do so many people seem to think that atheism is a religion? It is the absence of religion!
Someone wrote in atheism that they were happy to find books about atheism in the religion section at their local book store. Wouldn't that be like finding books about anorexia in the cookery section?


Is this a better analogy;

Surely putting books on atheism in the religion section in bookshops/libraries is like putting books about communism under capitalism?

Many people seem to think that atheism is only defined by what it is opposed to. But there is more to it than that. Certainly in the many subsections of it, like humanism etc.
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Give a dog a home


Do you consider people who live in Russia to be Asian?

EDIT: What about, say, a 3rd generation person who is black who marries and has a baby with another 3rd generation black person whose families have lived in Asia for the past 100 years?


Since today is my 26th birthday, I ask:

Are you the sort of person who waits for people to notice your birthday, or do you tell everyone that it's your birthday?

(Obviously, I am the sort of person who tells people. If I could wear a crown today, I would.)


Do you have any birthday traditions? I always call my mom and thank her for giving birth to me. I imagine that it wasn't exactly an easy process.
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1) When was the last time that the only thing you were sick with was a COUGH?
2) What's the best way to treat a cough?

I swear, this is the most random sickness I've had in SO long (other than phantom flu symptoms)... I don't think I've had JUST a cough in 10 years. Weird... but I'm tired of coughing... this raspy voice and gross mucusy feeling (sorry...) is getting really old.

Baby Shower

1. How does it work when an aunt has three young children who are not very well behaved - not in a horrible way, but just in the way that she's the type of mom who lets them do whatever as long as there is no blood, etc. When one is having a baby shower, do you invite the young children?

2. Is it unheard of to have your best friend and a sister plan the shower together - if they are both wanting to do it, common sense would say for them to collaborate and do it as a team, right? (They do know and like each other. They live about an hour from each other if that makes any difference.)

3. Would you feel comfortable attending a shower if you could not afford a gift? How would the expecting mother tactfully communicate that gifts are truly secondary?
rufus, muppy

Stupid Paypal

Why is it that all of the sudden, everytime I make a paypal payment now, it goes in the form of an e-check (which takes nearly a week to clear). I had alway made direct payments before and never had this e-check thing happen before.

It's pissing me off.
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At uni at the moment, we're studying this case where an indigenous Australian is sentenced to three years imprisonment (with a bail period after 6months [on appeal], which was originally 18 months) - for 3 counts driving without a license -basically from a reserve to a hotel and back, all of which occured within 12 hours of each other.

The judges presiding decided he should serve the maximum sentence for each charge, since he had nine prior convictions for the same charge. No one else in my law class seemed to think it was a bit sad that this guy was being jailed for three years for what most people would consider a fairly minor crime, or a crime that perpetuates itself. If you're poor in a remote region, there's no public transport and taxis cost too much. You're pretty much going to drive if you know how to, even if your license has been revoked, even if you know it's against the law. There's not much else in the way of options. Imprisonment won't stop him doing it again, it'll just take him away from his family. Also, the figures for indigenous deaths in custody are really quite alarming. I can't help thinking there's got to be a better way of dealing with people driving without a license in these kinds of scenarios. What do you guys think? Was the sentence fair and reasonable? Can you think of a better system?
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I'm an idiot.

1. What were you really excited about at one point, but not at all excited about now?
Seeing Bright Eyes tomorrow =[

2. Yesterday I had to buy books for school. I bought 3 books which were about $190, and I paid with my credit card. I called my dad after to let him know I made it to school safely and that I got my books. He asked how much they were and I lied and told him they were $100, and he said "Okay, I'll give you the money when your credit card bill comes". I told him they were less than they were because I knew he would give me the money for them, and I'm tired of him not letting me pay for anything myself. What should I do? I was thinking about telling him I paid in cash the next time he mentions it.
Bruins - shadow

I lose at google :(

1. Anyone know where I can find a list of things that have happened historically since you were born?
I remember there being a site where it told you how much a gallon of gas, loaf of bread, etc was the year were born, but Im looking for something a little more expanded.
Yes, I have tried searching, and I failed.

2. Do you like lingerie?
Why is a teddy called... a teddy?


Posted elsewhere too

Is there a living-on-student-loans-or-dear-god-what-have-I-done-D: community on LJ for Australians? Or, are there any tips that anyone would like to give me about living cheaply on a day to day basis in AUS?

I promised the boy that once I move there, I'm going to take Sundays to make his/my lunches for the week. I plan on making week's worth of frozen things (soups, stir fries, casseroles, etc) for us. (I'm tired of him bitching that he's tired of sandwiches, or that uni food is gross :P) I have some foods that I already know how to make, that are easy/cheap, but I would love suggestions, please?

ooo, also. Does anyone know how expensive slowcookers/crockpots are in AUS? What about pressure cookers?

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There?  That better? :|

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I'm procrastinating again, TQC.

1. Do you know of anything I should include in this paper I'm not writing about Trajan's Column? 
Specifically, anything not in the wikipedia article.

2. Do you like the art of ancient cultures? 
I'm a huge fan of ancient Greece and Rome art, I love the human figure and how they saw it.

3. How does the polar bear know what apples are?!

4. On average, how many TQC questions do you answer a day? 
I'm up to at least ten by now.

Bento Boxes

1) Are you familiar with bento boxes?
2) Do you have any good website/links suggestions for ideas of what to put into bento boxes?
3) Do you think it would be a good idea to try out the bento box lunch/dinner to try and get portion control together?
4) Do you know of any good websites that offer tips on good healthy eating?
5) Any suggestions on some high protein low fat foods I should add to my grocery list?
(I ask this because I like the feeling of being full but want healthier choices at the same time).


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crap crap double crap.

What is the word I'm trying to think of?

"Surcome" is the only way I can think to spell it, which is completely wrong D:

"The Podemos Party fears that by accepting the Venezuelan aid, Bolivia
will surcome to plans..."
there's the context.

succumb, I phail.  Danke.

Weird hypotheticals inspired from my radio program

1. You're dating someone new. You guys hit it off well, and it's very flirty and compatable and fun. However, they tell you they won't sleep with you just yet, and they don't like kissing. Because you get along so well, you don't worry too much. You're falling hard for them. After a month, this person sits you down and makes a confession: they have herpes. It's a very embarrassing thing for them, and they do like you a lot, and were afraid to tell you, fearing you'd leave them right away.

How do you react?

2. Your SO (you have one in this scenario) keeps having erotic dreams about your best/closest friend (of the opposite sex). Like, 2 a week. They're the most vivid dreams she/he's ever had. Because of the dreams, you notice that they're more attentive and maybe unintentionally flirty with your friend when they're around.

How do you feel, and do you do anything about it?

video games in car

Hi! I'm going to buy a present for someone before work tonight (since Best Buy is right by my work, but will close by the time I get off of work). Is it okay to leave the video game in the car even though it is about 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside? Will the video game be okay and still work if it is freezing outside?

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When was the last time you played with Legos?

Why are they so freaking expensive? Were they really that expensive 15 years ago? (accounting for inflation, at least)

Do you think a grown man playing with Legos is wierd?
jus chill

(no subject)

1. who has a birthday in march?
2. what date (in march) is your birthday?
3. do you think people with the same sign behave in very similar ways?
4. what are some common characteristics of pisces people (or things you've noticed about pisces people)?

Collapse )
Film - Elf

What's that show?

This is going to sound insane, but I was talking to my mother about "The Office" last night (I'll get her into it if it's the last thing I ever do), and she said she saw some office-related show and wasn't sure if it was it. She said there was a tall, goofy mail guy, a hot blonde receptionist and an attractive black guy who was in the closet, I think. I confirmed that it wasn't "The Office," and it's wasn't "Just Shoot Me"...anyone have any idea what show she was talking about???
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a) hey, don't i know you from somewhere.. if i don't, can i get to know you.. somewhere ;)?
b) is there anything that you hate that you think no one else hates as much as you do?
c) is there anything that you like that you think no one else likes as much as you do?
d) is there a certain character off a tv show or perhaps a movie OR even a singer/group that you wonder where they are now? what do you think they're up to?
Other bear dancing

text messaging

Does anyone else ever find it rude when you're spending time with someone (watching TV, eating dinner, etc.) and they spend half the time text-messaging to other friends when you're right there? So many of my friends do this when they come over to my house. Since I'm home schooled, I really never get to see them. When I do, it makes me uncomfortable that they spend most of the time texting other people.

Since I'm not really around people in general on a daily basis, I was wondering if this is now a normal thing to do, or if some still consider it a little rude.
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Is there anything you had/saw while in another country and you'd love to have it but it's not available where you are currently located?

Yes!  When in England I loved kit-kats and Bountys and polos.  Also, I got the absolute cutest umbrella and I left it in my Uncle George's living room.  He has since passed on so I'm guessing when they cleaned out his house they threw out my umbrella.  Booo.  In DR they had Nivea roll-on deodorant.  Mine's all used up now.

I've created a comm. dedicated to this topic since it seems to get mentioned often in here.  If you're interested check my info for the community and join up.  I'd love to send people something that would make them smile!

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If someone was to mention that they wanted to get married, why do people always assume they mean RIGHT NOW?

My mother has called me about twenty times (no joke) since this morning. She does this all the time and it drives me insane, especially when I'm trying to get something done and she constantly interrupts me. Do you know anyone who does this? Doesn't it drive you batshit crazy?!

The new puppy we got is turning out to be a huge handful. We're trying to be patient, because she's really still a baby, but she's a very loud, destructive baby that plays too rough with our other pets. What are some good training tips, and how long will it take before she learns what 'No' means?

(no subject)

Recently, TX governor Rick Perry passed a mandate requiring all girls who are in the 6th grade to recieve a shot that is a vaccine agains HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer. There is a lot of controversy, though many people think it's a good idea, a lot of people think that forcing people is a bit too much.

My question is: Do you think requiring HPV vaccines is a good idea? Why or why not?
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1) if you had a large food budget what would you buy?what would you splurge on?
*EDIT* NOT eating out. 300$ to spend at a grocery store each month.
2)what is on your typical grocery list?
3. if you had lots of milk, cheese, and eggs what would you make? besides the obvious and not necessarily together. just looking for things outside the box.
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Do you have any cool ideas for painting faces for mardi gras? (The gay and lesbian mardi gras btw)

Post pics of yourself/others you think are interesting or just give ideas.
think fun, bright colours and not stuff for kids parties (ie fairies, dogs, cats etc)

My shower broke

My shower head broke in a most pointless, frustrating way. The shower head is of the type that has a ball-bearing thing that screws into the pipe, and then the rest of it snaps onto the ball-bearing thing leading to the shower. Unfortunately, the ball bearing snapped out of its housing. The ball bearing and housing came attached. They're not designed to be adjusted by the consumer, and, as far as I can tell, I can't snap them back together. I also can't get it to unscrew from the pipe. I can't do it with my hands, and can't get a wrench to grip the relatively smooth, round surface. So, does anybody have any advice for me? I thought about trying differential heating, but that seems too dangerous to try unless there's no other option. Is there anything I might be able to do to make the thing easier to unscrew, or to make the bearing snap into its housing again. Any help would be appreciated.
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(no subject)

I'm looking for an online comic. It's a little cartoon guy who is afraid of germs. In one frame he says or thinks, "you are all dirty." It's a simple black-and-white strip (except for the occasional blood) that was fairly popular not too long ago. He basically just wants to go about daily life, but it always ends up going horribly wrong. There are only a few of them.

Do you know what I'm referring to? If not, do you know where I could ask and possibly find the answer? I've already tried whatwasthatone--that's why I'm here. Help me, tqc!
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Random stuff for a Thursday

1. I was having a conversation with someone last night and she told me she took a course in college about Jewish women in society. Have you ever had a conversation that made you feel like an anthropological oddity?

2. Does shopping really make you feel better?

3. Can you describe your style of dress in three words or less? What are the words?

4. What was the last work of fiction you read? Last nonfiction? What are you reading now?

5. Are your home, office, car, etc. anally neat, clean and organized, messy, or all-out dirty? Can you keep one neat and one dirty or are they all on the same level of cleanliness?

6. Do you know the story of the book of Esther?

7. Have you gotten spring fever yet?


My best friend just moved into an apartment. She's getting it for a really good deal, but the bathroom has a lot of mildew//stains on the tile. We have some cleaning supplies (bleach, Comet, 409), but not a lot. We've been Googling and trying to find some good solutions you can make out of normal household stuff, but frankly, we're not coming up with a lot of good hits that actually use things we have on hand (think regular basic kitchen stuff and some vinegar, etc). So, geniuses, my question to you is do you have any good tips about what we could use to get rid of this nastiness? We're really desperate, so while you answer, we'll be Googling some more. And, if you don't have any tips, but know of a good community or something...feel free!

(no subject)

1. You're in a second floor apartment building, and you look out the window to see someone stealing your (imaginary?) car. Obviously, your natural reaction is to drop what you're doing and run down stairs to stop them. How far (physically) do you go to stop them? What do you do if they take off?

2. Who gets bubbles of dry skin on their feet? Almost like a blister, but not painful, and can be easily burst and peeled off. ...Anyone?

3. Is vanilla ice cream boring?

(no subject)

Were your classes canceled today?  And/or tomorrow?

ETA: What's your location?
Mine were canceled both days!
I'm in South Dakota.

It ends tonight.

1. How would you feel if Britney overdosed and died this weekend?

2. What color highlighter do you prefer?

3. Does your office (if you have one) have the kind of toilet paper rolls that don't go a full rotation so you have to pull, tear, pull, tear...does that piss you off at all?

4. Are you a clock-watcher at work or do you settle in for the day and forget about time passing?

5. What do you think of garden gnomes?

6. Who has your favorite American Idol winner been so far? (if you've watched it)

7. Was anyone else disappointed by the direction and production of that new game show, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

How much notice?

When I got home from work Monday evening, there was a bright orange notice of a temporary water shutoff, occuring today (Wednesday) from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., due to some work on the water service in my neighborhood. The notice instructs homeowners to turn the power off to the water heater before the water is shut off and to clean out all the little screens on faucets after the water comes back on. It wasn't a big deal to me, but my neighbor, who's home all day, was furious (she freaks out about everything, though).

My question is, do you think the water utility is giving enough notice? I can deal with the inconvenience (including having to flush out the yucky brown water that always appears after they work on the water system), but I kind of feel like they should give residents at least a week's notice.
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Spring break...

If you're a Northerner (or live in the cold, especially now), how do you spend your Spring break?

I think I take advantage of it because I'm from, and still live in, Florida. It's easy to take things like that and summer for granted, and bitch and moan when winter comes. ;) So I tend to go to the beach, which was 10 minutes from where I lived, and now a little over an hour where I live now.

Creation Refund

Man tries to cash 50k check from God

I didn't get a check from God. I thought I've been pretty good lately, but nope, not one check endorsed by the big guy. I'm hoping that the mailman still has it and it'll be delivered any day now

1. Did you get your check from God?
2. If you did get a 50k check from God, would you reconsider religion?
3. Say you got God's credit card number. He's gotta have a pretty high limit. What would you do with it?

did you know...

There are cowboys that hail from Sweden? Well, I think he's from sweden, maybe switzerland - they're the same place to me, haha... This guy started at my company and he's of that kind of origin and he's a full out cowboy. I thought he was dressing that way to try and fit in better, but apparently he's always dressed like that...
so, did you know? :)

(no subject)

In my psychology class the other day, we were talking about the longest friendships we've had. Most of the class still have friends that they have met when they were toddlers or in elementary school.

so what was everyone's longest friendship? and are you still friends with them now?
[My longest friendship is my friend Kevin; we met in kindergarten and are still friends to this day.]
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One more.

According to the official Girl Scouts website, the biggest cookie sellers are:

25% Thin Mints
19% Samoas®/Caramel deLites™
13% Peanut Butter Patties®/Tagalongs®
11% Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-si-dos™
9% Shortbread/Trefoils

The other varieties combined account for the remaining 23%.

Which are YOUR favorite GS cookies?

Mine: Thin Mints (frozen), Tagalongs, and Lemonades
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(no subject)

1.Are you signed up to be an organ donor?

2.Why or why not?
I see absolutely no reason not to donate my organs after I die. I'm not going to need them anymore.

3.Are there any good reasons other than maybe religious to not be an organ donor?
I don't even think the religious reasons (such as needing your body for the rapture or whatever) are good reason. :/
kwidine hearts

does anyone have experience with adobe indesign cs?

hi guys.

probably a pretty obscure question, but i figured i'd give it a shot.

i work on my high school newspaper staff using adobe indesign cs for layouts. i have a copy of the program that a friend got me [ahem] so that i can do layouts at home instead of being at school late into the evening on deadline days. so i emailed myself a few of my layouts today from school to my home email address, to make sure they work alright.

they don't. when i save the pages and try to open them, an error message comes up reading: "cannot open file. document framework.rpln. cannot open 'page 5.indd.' please upgrade your plug-ins to their latest versions, or upgrade to the latest version of adobe indesign." when i click 'updates', it tells me that there are no updates available.

can i make this work? it would really make my life 92957142 times easier! thanks for any insight you can help me out with :)
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

Advice for Apartments

I'm going to go apartment hunting with a friend of mine on this weekend. She's done a lot of the work already and we have a bunch of good listings. Anyway, we're going to look at the ones she found. She said we might even sign the lease up there. That makes me really nervous! I usually take ages to make little decisions, let alone big ones like this.

So guys, what should I look for? What questions should I ask? Is there any hidden fees or anything I need to find out about? Is furnished or unfurnished better? What are some common problems an apartment will have that I should look for? Anything else I should be aware of? If it's relevent, I'll be in the middle of PA (State College) where the snow is crazy during the winter.

(no subject)

For those of you who are in some type of "fandom" on the internet:

Who doesn't like or approve of slash?

Who doesn't like or approve of incest/incestuous slash?

General opinon:

If a pro-writer or some other pro-artist filed a lawsuit against a fanfiction writer or fanfiction website for violating the writer's personal request to not allow fanfiction of his or her work, who do you think would win the lawsuit?

Virgin Media/Sky catastrophe

So Virgin Media (formerly NTL) has taken off some Sky channels after refusing to pay their ridiculous prices.
Sky have reported they've had a 65% increase in new subscribers today.

So fellow Brits, are you staying with Virgin Media or switching to Sky?

Switching. My dad likes his sky sports news and I like my Sky one (LOST!). So it looks like we seem to be changing for 2 channels. Hah.

(no subject)

Any macromedia flash people out there?

I'm having a heck of a time working out the button thing, you know when the frame will stop and you can press the button to go to the next key frame.

I make the frame have an action called stop right?
And then I add a circle or whatever, turn it into a symbol, and have that action called play.

I always get an error, but I'm not sure what I should be doing then. Could someone please help me out?

EDIT. I got it all figured out :)
Papi da Puppy!

(no subject)

Have you ever seen the livejournal/myspace layout with the background image of a cassette tape with the tape coming out forming a little heart?
Do you know where I can find that image?

I want it to edit and make into a tee shirt.

EDIT: I found a tiny version. I need the big background version of it.

kiv dancin.

while i'm bored at work, talk to me about your musics

what's a band or singer that you always keep up with? meaning that you always buy the new album from this person or persons, even if you haven't heard it? is there any group or singer that you are confident enough in your liking of them that you'd do that?

edit: what i mean is, you will buy everything this person/group puts out without hesitation, becuase you know you will like it. you have confidence that no matter what this person/group does, it will be good.
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(no subject)

I'm getting my hair cut in half an hour.

I've been to this place once before (but not for a hair cut) so I know that when you pay at the end, their debit/credit swipe thingy has a tip function where you can add it in there.

Should I just use that or should I leave the tip on the mirror counter where I get my hair cut?

(no subject)

What are some good things to take to someone who is in the hospital?

My mom was admitted into the hospital this afternoon--just to get antibiotics and rest for pneumonia. I'm putting a bag together to take up to her tomorrow morning. I'm also going to stop by the store to buy flowers and what not. I'm kind of stressed right now and afraid I'm not going to think of everything I should get to make her stay a little nicer. Thanks in advance.

Name this movie!

My friend and I were discussing movies we remember from our childhood, and there's one movie title that I can't remember for the life of me.

Some things from it:

  • It was animated.
  • The characters were talking animals.
  • There was a truck, it had an accident, and this poison of some sort leaked out & made all the animals sick.
  • There was one animal that got especially sick, maybe a parent/grandparent? A bunch of the younger ones had to go and find medicine, or a doctor, or something like that.
  • There was some kind of flying machine that the young animals built to travel.

    I'm not sure if all of that is right, seeing as I watched this movie YEARS ago. I think that's the basic plot of it, though.

    Does anyone know what this movie is called?

    EDIT: Answered, thanks! It was Once Upon A Forest :)
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    (no subject)

    For the British and those who have been exposed to British chocolates:

    When smarties came in tubes they had a plastic cap with a letter on it.
    1)Does anyone remember what they were for?
    2)Did anyone collect them? (I did for a little bit but never got all the letters).
    3)How do you feel about the new shape of the smarties tube?

    I personally hate the new design. I liked it better when it was a tube and not a hexagon shape because you could stomp on the tube and watch the little plastic cap fly off.
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    Is there some way to get rid of the recommendations that keep popping up every time I log in to buy something?

    Sure, I can just IGNORE them but that would be easy. And I don't like easy.

    fred geeks most interesting people

    Gifts to Adult Children...

    Pretend you are a parent to a young adult - somewhere between the ages of 18 and 25, and this child of yours lives independently from you, on their own, in a different city a good distance away. As the present for their birthday or any other holiday, you usually give them money, because this is what they like, because then they can spend it on the necessities of life and so on.

    Your child is financially independent from you, but because of a series of complicated reasons, their credit card bill still goes to your house. You pay it for them, and every few months, when your child comes to visit, they pay you back.

    Their birthday is coming up, so they are coming to visit. The recent credit card bills add up to approximately the amount you were going to give them for their birthday.

    Which do you do? Do you...

    ... give them an envelope with cash/a cheque of the amount you wanted to give them, knowing full well that you'll be getting it back the next day as they pay you back?
    ... give them an envelope with a card/note that says "Happy Birthday! You don't owe us anything for the most recent series of credit card bills!" (or something to that extent)?
    ... something else?

    And, if you were the child, which would you prefer?
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    (no subject)

    what is the worst?

    to me, the worst is when you bite your cheek and then through out the rest day, or week, you continue to bite the exact same spot and it hurts just as bad each time. or when you get the hiccups, those just suck.
    lost wolfwood

    (no subject)

    So uh. How does that new fangled technology of wireless intertubes work anyhow?

    I don't need.. overly elaborate descriptions.. I'm just wondering the basics of how my desktop computer picks up the wirelessness. Well, how's a laptop do that, for that matter? Becausethat's my next endeavor.. buying a laptop.
    lactose intolerant

    (no subject)

    as far as i know, you don't have to pay for very basic basic cable, do you?
    not like most television provider's "basic cable" plans that include a few dozen channels or whatnot, but just the anchor networks, like cbs, nbc, abc, etcetera.

    i'm moving to a new apartment and i don't feel like paying for television because i'd rather not watch most of it. if anything, i just watch nbc (the office, conan, the black donnellys) and get the news if i need it or whatever.

    if i just hook up a tv to the cable cord, what happens? what do i get?

    to settle an argument...

    1. Do you own a Queens of the Stone Age CD? Or at least have one of their songs illegally downloaded? If not, have you at least heard their name before?

    2. Do you know the names of anyone in Queens of the Stone Age (past or present)?

    3. Would you consider them a mainstream band?

    4. If a band had songs that made it into the Top 40 but most people don't really know much about the people in the band, would you consider them 'underground'?

    5. Will you be more likely to buy (or illegally download) Era Vulgaris (the new QotSA album) when it comes out because Trent from NIN and Julian Sasasomethingorother from The Strokes will be featured on it?
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    whole lotta shakin goin on

    have you ever felt an earthquake? what's the biggest one you've felt? what did you do?

    me: there have been so many right near me lately (centered in berkeley, ca) so they feel really strong. in fact i just felt another one. they're getting bigger and i'm scared there's gonna be a big one and these are "foreshocks." the biggest one i've felt was 7.1

    the first move

    If you were dating someone (but not officially yet) for whom you had strong feelings and who you knew liked you, how would you go about making the first move?

    Go ahead, share any relevant information: first move stories, cute ideas, theories, etc.

    Collapse )
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    at seven

    (no subject)

    Hey, thequestionclub. So this Saturday my friend is playing a concerto with the orchestra, and it's a really big deal, and we're very excited, and we want to do something special afterwards to surprise her and celebrate her. For a while the option of a champagne toast was considered but eventually thrown out because her boyfriend is a douche and seriously anti-alcohol and would make drama. But we want to do something more special than just a cake, which is what we always do for each other, but is all we can come up with.

    Any ideas?

    If it helps, she doesn't really like to drink either, and she loves peanut butter.
    Me--State Fair

    the fleecing of America

    What's the last thing you overpaid for and why?

    I just paid $2 for a box of tissues. I was out, my nose won't stop running, and it's blizzarding like hell out so I wasn't going to drive to get some at a reasonable price, so I walked the half block to the convenience store.
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    (no subject)

    Does anyone know the song that is playing for the TV trailer for Zodiac?

    Is it the same song that's playing in Spun when they're driving around in the car high out of their minds before Britany Murphy gets on the bus to Vegas?

    (no subject)

    1. Has anyone gotten the ability to take surveys yet? I want to vote Frank for President :D

    2. Has anyone shared a dream with somebody else? For example, you just wake up from a dream of seeing your friend at the mall, and your friend calls you and says: 'I just had a dream we were at the mall!'

    Do you consider these coincidences, something spiritual, or something else?
    Bruins - shadow

    music is my boyfriend

    1. What do you wear to concerts?
    Whatever genre you usually go to..
    1b. Have you ever "dressed up" like the artist that you were going to see? If yes, WHY!?

    2. How many concerts have you been to?

    3. What was your favorite?

    4. Least favorite?

    5. Who would you LOVE to see that you haven't had a chance to?

    6. Share your favorite picture if you have one!

    //////////my answers\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    1. Jeans, and a regular shirt.
    I usually go to pop, so it doesnt really matter :)
    1b. I dressed like a major skank when I went to see Stripped (Christina Aguilera) It was a bad idea. I was wicked uncomfortable the whole show. I dont know why I did it. :( ugh. Never again.

    2. Ooo just kidding, Ive been to 11 :)

    3. The Backstreet Boys Never Gone tour. omg, it was so good. <3<3<3 Im such a dork.

    4. Umm.. 98*. I was not impressed and their opening act was horrible.

    5. Barenaked Ladies, or Dave Matthews.
    Beast mode!

    (no subject)

    My uncle thinks I should buy his house when he buys a new one in April. And it's actually a really good idea, except for the fact that this is about two years earlier than I had planned on buying a house and I have practically nothing saved up for a deposit.

    I know there are government programs that help first-time home buyers get mortgages with little to no downpayment. Google just gives me a bunch of results for people who want to sell me things. Do any of you have any experience with any of these programs? Where can I find information on them? How does one go about applying for them?

    What are some other things a first time home buyer needs to think about?

    (no subject)

    1. What do you consider the most vile phrase in the English language?
    2. How would you rank flavor, texture and healthiness in terms of importance to you in food?
    3. Do you think you tend to over or underestimate the amount of calories you eat?

    computer question

    I emailed the tech center on campus, and they're not going to be much help ATM since they close at four (lameasses). So I come to you for help.

    Ok. I have an IBM T43 laptop. Not my choice, I'm just paying for it (college supplied craptop). It did it's normal Windows updates today, or what I would assume to be normal, and after restarting an hour or so ago (I haven't been around all day), it has started telling me that there is a "power surge on a hub port" ... more specifically, "a USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port" ... the only things plugged in are my power cord (I took my battery out) and my network card. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Craptop is not overheating and the network is, as per USUAL, being an uncooperative fucktard. So really, nothing is terribly out of the ordinary except this obnoxious speech bubble in the lower-right hand corner of my craptop telling me that a hub port had a power surge? *blink* If I click the bubble, a window pops up telling me to disconnect the device and reset it. So I pulled the network card out, and hit reset. Nothing. Still speech-bubbling.

    So, any clue why it's doing this or what I can do to shut it up? I've restarted twice and am currently running Ad-Aware SE. Will do a spybot and symantec run through afterwards. Thanks for any help/info :)

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    brand new, blood in my veins

    (no subject)

    Okay, I have a dilemma.

    One of my friends with benefits, has a daughter. Said daughter is going to turn 1 on wednesday. He asked me if I'd bought her anything, I said yes, even though I hadn't and had no idea it was even her birthday.

    What the hell do I buy a 1 year old?

    (no subject)

    1)Who do you like to blame stuff on when you don't want to take the blame?
    2)Did you ever have those tin can phones?
    3)Has a teacher ever caught you passing a note in class? Did he/she read it aloud for the class to hear? What did it say?
    4)What kind of pie do you like? Do you like anything on top of it (whipped cream and such)?

    Hotflashes at night

    For the past week, i've been getting hot flashes every night starting around 8-9pm.

    Why on earth would this be happening? I sometimes get hot flashes occasionally, but nothing like this.. and not on a schedule.. lol
    bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

    i hate paypal!!!!!

    I paid for something using Paypal...but then the person who was selling the shirt I bought from changed her mind cause she said the item wasn't she refunded my money back. I got the e-mail from Paypal that my money got refunded. But I don't see any balance in my Paypal account...yet.

    I'm not verified...meaning, I didn't add my bank account so the money would go directly into my account. So if she refunded the money back, would it show on my balance on my Paypal account?

    And how do I pay with that amount that I'll have in my Paypal account next time I decide to pay for something using it? Will it automatically take the money I have in my Paypal account or will it totally ignore that and take it out my checking account?

    EDIT: ANSWERED. THANKS brokensemaphore!!
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    (no subject)

    Little advice?

    Ok so I'm hoping to move out with a friend soon. First time either of us will be leaving home. Thing is, we haven't talked about it seriously yet, so I'm guessing his girlfriend will be moving in with us seeing as she's currently living with him & his family.

    Has anyone here ever lived with a couple? What were the positive & negative aspects of it?
    More specifically, has anyone ever lived with a friend & their partner (which you are not as close with). Positive & negative?
    Bug-eyed Earl


    How do you say "...does not live here!!" in spanish? I changed my number a few months ago and people keep calling for the lady who had the number before me, who didn't speak english apparently.

    (no subject)

    For those of you that watched tonight's episode of Scrubs:

    During the dancing scenes montage, what is the name of the song that was playing? It's totally addictive and I want to download it. :P
    tick tock

    foreign colleges

    What are some good universities in European cities which:

    - speak English quite a bit of the time, or offer courses in English? (undergraduate)


    - have Psychology or Human Sexuality programs? Or, women's studies, sociology, social sciences, etc.

    What's a goood way to search for universities like these? I've tried googling things like, "universities in scotland" but I don't want to individually go through each university's website to look to see if they have psych programs.

    Feel free to direct me to LJ communities, other reference websites, people you know, etc.

    Puppy trouble!

    I have a four month old Chihuahua which I have had for about 2 months now. I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to train her. I have really long days, I work and go to school. I leave the house at around 7 and on a good night don't get back until 5 or 6 (but usually more like 7). I live with my grams and when she gets home she makes sure to feed her and take her out, but she is still having accidents ALL THE TIME. When we're home we take her out and she goes, but still comes back inside and does it in here too. I have her in a crate during the day (which breaks my heart) and since I can't stand to leave her in there without any comfort, I put her bed in there - which she pees on allllll the time.

    I've pretty much HAD it with her. I love her to death but I am fed up. I know that it takes time, but she's not showing improvement. Plus, I don't think I'm going about this the right way and I don't even know how successful we can be if I'm gone for so many hours in a day.

    So, with all of that being said - any suggestions? I've pretty much heard it all, but more input wouldn't hurt. I'm considering a walker, like some neighborhood kid to take her out midday, but the problem is we live with a SHIT TON of old people so I doubt they'd care to take her out.

    Beast mode!


    My roommate and her boyfriend are downstairs in the kitchen screaming at each other. I'm not sure what they are fighting about, but my name keeps coming up (not like I'm part of their fight, just "Go ask Sarah! Go ask Sarah!"). I really have to pee. There is no way to get from my room to the bathroom without going through the kitchen. What would you do in this situation?

    Edit: The screaming stopped so I went downstairs and they're sitting on the couch watching TV like nothing happened. WTF is up with that? Crazy ass people.

    Challenged/Banned Books?

    I was looking at the ALA's most challenged books of 1990-2000 and I was shocked to see that Bridge To Terabithia had made the list!
    Where do you stand on challenging/censoring books? Are there certain books that you think ought to be banned from public libraries?
    When you find out a book has been challenged do make an effort to read it?

    I think most people challenge books out of extreme ignorance. A couple months ago a woman frantically tried to ban Harry Potter books in Gwinnett County, GA because they were Eeeevil. She'd never bothered to read them, though. Go figure.
    Public libraries? NO. Although I do think that there should be a way for parents to keep an eye on what their kids are reading. Unfortunately, this only works if parents y'know PARENT.
    YES! I always figure if there's info that someone doesn't want me to know I need to know it.
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    Yeah, okay. I'm bored.

    1. What do you think about that Food Network awards show thing?

    I personally think it's a stupid idea.

    2. Who's your favorite old school Food Network star?

    Mine is Gale Gand, she always made the best desserts.

    3a. Do you like Rob Schneider?
    3b. More than Ben Stiller?

    4. What do you think the funniest show on tv is?

    5. Do you like anything in your water to flavor it or do you just like it plain?

    6. Has anyone here gotten cosmetic surgery? What were the results?