February 27th, 2007

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1. What happened to the emo post by demia asking if anyone cared if they died tonight?
2. How many times have you been sick/gotten a cold so far this year?
3. What kind of desk chair do you have?  (for example, is it just a wooden chair, a ghetto office chair, a really nice executive one, etc.)
4. How often do you clean your monitor?
5. How disturbed would you be if you were in college and were given a study guide for a history test that cited WIKI-FUCKING-PEDIA as a site to study from?

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1. Why does no one in my creative writing class have any concept of the conventions of English grammar and punctuation?

2. a. Men: Do you hold the door for women?
b. Women: Do you like it when men hold doors for you?

1. I'd blame the public school system, but I went through it and I know what to do with a comma.

2. b. I love it.

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1. Were you ever really involved in an activity when you were younger that you no longer participate in? What was it?

2. Did you have a special uniform for it? What did it look like? What have you done with it?

3. Is there an activity that you were really involved with when you were younger that you are still really involved with as an adult?

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Have you ever taken a PM medicine and forced yourself to stay awake just to see how it felt?
I took some Nyquil, which always knocks me out, but I wanted to finish a comic panel before i fell asleep and now I feel reaaaally light and uncoordinated. Which means I just may pass out on the keyboard.
Do you ignore the warning and drive after taking cold medicine?
A few times I did, but I don't usually take cold medicine. Nothing bad happened.
Friends: LESBIAN

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What is something you are looking forward to?

What is something that made you laugh (or feel really good) in the past 24 hours?

What is something that made you feel kinda down in the last 24 hours?


Does anyone have a copy of Pushit (salival version) by Tool that they want to share?  My CD is skipping on this one song and I badly want to listen to it...
word can help write your suicide note

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I've got a bad computer related problem that's been driving me batshit insane (er, I mean even more batshit insane) and I now turn to you, TQC, for your wisdom and guidance in this dark hour of need.

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So basically, is there some way I can just "reset" the permissions for everything on the whole drive all at once, so I can be rid of this damn problem?  I've tried pretty much everything I could think of and I'm out.  I reinstalled Windows all over again today and as soon as I started up Limewire and iTunes I got the same permissions error all over again.  I'm planning on switching to Linux coz I'm so fed up with Windows but I can't figure that out either, it'll take me a while to learn it.

If nothing else works I'll just back everything to DVD, format the entire drive and reinstall everything from scratch and copy it all back, which will be a huge pain in the ass but it looks like I might not have a choice.  Also I don't have a DVD burner yet, hence the problem at hand.

Please help me out, TQC!!  Before I toss my beloved puter out the window and kill myself :-(
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1. Why do a lot (not all!) of Americans seem to state what political party they support in info about themselves? Only asking because I don't know any other country which do this.


2. Is your bed a single, double, queensize, kingsize?
3. How big is your bedroom compared to other bedrooms in your house/apt? As in the biggest, smallest, etc.
4. How many bedrooms are there in your house/apt? What about the total number of rooms altogether?
5. Do you put anything up on your bedroom walls? What?
6. Do you store your clothes in a wardrobe or drawers? Or anything else?

2. Single
3. Middle
4. 7.. not including the attic
5. I cut out outfits I like from magazines and stick them up.. as well as different words.
6. Wardrobe.. used to have drawers but got fed up of folding clothes.
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What are the bills you pay? (Amounts too please!)


1. Netflix- About $19
2. Electricity- About $29
3. Cable/Internet- $70
4. Rent- $450
5. Life Insurance/Car Insurance for my husband and I- $105
6. I also pay credit card bills but I pay them off entirely every month so it differs depending how much I buy.
7. Every 4 months I have to make a payment on our school loans which is like $700
8. Cellphone- $55
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evil dat is me

you only get so much

I have a sex journal, which sadly I'v not been posting to for some time, and I'm looking to get back to that. The current name of it is fairly sexual, understandably, but as I'm usually online at work that will not do.

So, I'm looking to rename it.

The limit on a journal name is 15 characters. Originally was going to go with a variation of happy naked bouncy time, which is much too long obviously so I worked through several variations and settled on something that's close enough.

Before I go there and settle on that, was wondering if you might be able to suggest alternatives. It's gotta be slightly sexual, though not overt, and fairly goofy.

Any suggestions?
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what the dumbest thing you've heard so far today?

A certain male claiming that he can't eat a sandwich without meat, because it isn't manly enough.  And that someone, he'll become a pansy from this.  And that he'd rather go hungry :p

CAD with Sound Physics

Does anyone know of a computer-assisted-design program that contains sound physics? I'd like to be able to model organically shaped instruments (bulbous acoustic guitars) and watch changes in sound behavior inside the resonance chamber as I tweak parts of the chamber design. I'd really like something that has the molding capability of Maya/3DSMax but allows you to add sound wave generating entities. I need to see the amplitude and frequency changes in the sound waves over time, so I can test to see which acoustic designs will be the loudest and cleanest.

Thanks for any help.
grey's anatomy - dance

Jack's Mannequin

Has anyone seen Jack's Mannequin on their current tour?

If so, can you tell me what time doors opened and how soon after JM went on stage?

My class ends at the same time doors open and I'm trying to figure out how/when I'm going to get dinner and where my friend and I have to meet up to not miss the show.

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Is there anyone from LJ land (TQC too) you'd like to meet in real life?

Is there anyone from history you'd like to ressurect and meet?

What is one "do over" moment/decsion from your pathetic life?

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I wanted to thank everyone yesterday for the advice about handling the neighbor's dog. Animal Control came and picked it up and last night, the police were there to deal with them for some other things. After the police left, I heard them over there working on the fence. Looks like calling the authorities worked!

Now, my questions..

1. Do you feel you are a good neighbor?
2. Do you have good neightbors, in general?
3. Has anything ever happened between you and neighbors that was awful?
4. Can you describe this event?

Easter Gift Baskets...

My friends and I love making cutesy little gift bags/baskets for each other everytime there is a holiday. So, even if we could not care less about Easter, it's a perfect opportunity to buy things for each other. I want to get a head start on making their gift baskets but need some ideas. What kind of things do you all suggest? In the past I've done starbucks gift cards, gas cards, cheapo jewelry from the mall, inside jokes etc. I would like to get a little more creative this time.

Thanks :)

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1)What do you usually have for lunch at work/school?
2)What is your favourite part of your job?
3)What is your least favourite part of your job?
4)What has been the best trick/stunt pulled by someone at your work/school?

1)It depends. I usually go to the cafeteria for lunch. Lately Ive been having fried egg sandwhiches or bacon and egg rolls with bbq sauce.

2)The best part is helping someone and they really appreciate it and ive gotten them out of trouble when theyre on a deadline. 4:45pm can be the most hectic emotional time! (i fix computer problems)

3)When people want their computer to do what they want yesterday. People lack patience with technology and take it out on the first person they phone.

4) In science in High School one of the guys in my class was bored and stuck some scissors in the power point on the desk. Both science blocks blacked out. We called that guy Sparky after that.
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Poll #936328 Radio killed the radio star
This poll is closed.

Which of the following words are used in radio station slogans in your area?

Kool (or Cool)
Kiss (or Kissin')
"The River"
"Today's mega electric polka hits"

Also, how do you teach table manners to a five-year-old with a short attention span?

Also also, what was your motivation to wake up this morning?

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1. For those of you who draw your eyebrows on (if any) how the crap do you get them to look awesome? Mine look like plain lines. The girls on browlessbitches have it to an art and I fail.

2. True or false: Guys won't make passes at girls who wear glasses.

3. Have you ever seen that commercial where it shows a girl with cuts on her arms, and then theres kids drinking, and two lipsticks - a bunch of random shit, and then it tells you something about 'the choices you make'?? WTF is that about? Me and my friend can't figure it out.
sweet dee mothafucker


We were talking about satire in class today and my teacher talked about a Swift quote and I looked it up. I am trying to get a better feel for what it means. Can someone offer some insight?

"Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own."

I am a just a little confused. They are making fun of everyone else but don't include themselves or don't see themselves in the satire that they write? Just a note, this is not homework. I just want to know.

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You're flying over the Andes in a small plane. There's room enough for one other person. The plane experiences engine trouble and crashes into the mountain. There's no food. That's the setup. Who's on the plane with you?

Johnny Depp
Jessica Alba
Daniel Craig
Scarlett Johansson
Karl Rove
Rachel Ray

What considerations did you make when you picked this person?

We'd have passionate, animalistic sex, using our body heat to stay warm
They wouldn't be missed and I wouldn't feel bad about ditching them
They're smaller and weaker than I am. I'll be eating good tonight
They're meaty. Lot more to eat
I chose this person because they're so famous that the rescue team will be working extra hard to find them
Believe it or not, they're actually interesting. We'd sit around and talk
They're the least irritating of all of them
This person has to go away, and if I have to take one for the team to get them out of the media spotlight, then so be it
Their name comes first alphabetically. I'm OCD like that

The other person says "if I go first, I want you to eat me to stay alive". Your response?

That's quitter talk, man! We gotta remain positive! They'll find us!
I could never do that! That's so....wrong!
Ok, and if I go first, you can eat me
But...I'm hungry now! Can't you....you know....speed up the 'going first' thing?
You should be far more concerned what I do to your corpse after you've gone. Let's just say I really like you and really want to do things with you but are too shy to ask

Lastly, how do you pronounce 'personable'?

You say 'person' with a-bull at the end
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So I bought this laptop last night, but at the store, we ended up paying $100 more (factoring in the rebates) than is listed on the web site.

I printed out the website, and it's dated. We still have the receipt. Do you think if I took the print out into the store along with the receipt, they would refund me the additional $100?


What were the last shoes you wore?


What is one TV show that you refuse to miss on TV/are obsessed with?


What was the last thing you cooked?
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Yesterday, I drove to work and there was very bad road conditions throughout the day. About a half an hour before my lunch I realized that my cell was completely dead, so I plugged it in to charge and as I was plugging it in, a boss came in. I have worked here for over two years and have always been a hard-worker who has never been caught slacking off. When the boss saw me, he said, "It looks like all we do is pay these young girls a lot of money to play with their cell phones!" in a completely serious manner.

1. Would you be pissed off at what he said given your track record?
2. Would you respond (and in what way) or would you completely ignore him?
3. Would you say anything to him (and what would you say) when you had to wait on him later on that day for a half-an-hour because he was talking on his cell phone to his girl-friend when he should have been working?

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The Receptionist Classic

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I'm trying to track down a copy of an older (few years) game for a PC.
I've looked on Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, and Half.com. Nada. Well, I did find the game on Ebay, but the guy wasn't including disc #3, which is the CD you need to you know, play the game.

What other places can I look for this (online)? It's a long shot, I know, but hey, I've got nothing better to do today. (For the record, the game is Wizardry 8 and it is the 3rd CD that I'm really needing.)

Rent and House payments

Inspired by this post: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/18303633.html

I saw some of the rent prices and I was shocked.

So, for those of you who rent or are paying a mortage and you don't mind sharing:

What is your payment per month?
Can give a vague description of your place?
What state do you live in?

I was actually having a conversation about this, this morning. My husband and I are looking into buying our first home. It's a nice two-bedroom with a partially fenced in back yard and a 2 car garage. The family only wants $25k for it. It could easily sell for twice that.

I watch those house flipping shows and I'm amazed by the prices people pay for homes. Here in Southern Illinois, you can get an extremely nice house for around $60k.

Edited to add

My first apartment was $350 a month for a 2 bedroom, water included.
My second apartment was $385 a month, central heating and air, 2 bedrooms, and a w/d hookup.

We're currently staying with my husband's parents while we're trying to save for this house. It's a 2 bedroom, dining room, full basement, HUGE yard, water included - $550 a month.
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Some random, some not so much.

1- Do random people on the street ever ask you for directions? Have you ever wondered why, if so?

2- PJ pants! Have you ever worn them under regular pants when it's cold? On their own when it's warm enough?

3- Do you do sudoku, crosswords, any sort of newspaper-type puzzles? Are you any GOOD at them?

4- What is the last thing you cooked/baked?

These next two questions are very close to my heart, so if you feel like being mocking about something, do it about the above questions, please. ;P

5a- If you've had, want, or are trying to have kids, when did (or would you) tell people you're expecting?
5b-Would your answer change if you have had one or more miscarriages early on in the past?

1- Yes. I've been told by people who know me that it's likely due to me looking 'safe'. :/ Problem is, I'm the most lost person I know. Asking me for directions is very... not brilliant.
2- Yes, I am now. ;P I've only once worn them when the weather was nice on their own. White trash ftw. :) I saw a girl shovelling snow yesterday in PJ pants, it was so cute to me. Hahaha. :D
3- Yeah, Sudoku. I'm sorta good, but I still frig up, sometimes. Likely part in due to me using a pen. .........Yeah.
4- Perogies last night. Turkey ones for husband, and potato/cheese ones for me, though he stole some of mine. :(
5a&b- I've told people entirely too soon. It's led to heartbreak all around. I don't know when a 'safe' time is to actually accept it. Blah...

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This woman who's visiting the office today sounds like she got all her teeth knocked out, sucked some helium, and then gargled some molten glass.

Is there somebody in your life that has a voice so annoying you try to avoid even going near them?

If so, please describe their voice as best you can.

(no subject)

Have you ever fooled around with someone you consider a close friend?

If so, did the two of you actually feel closer or did things get weird?

I've had incidences where both have happened to me, and wondered if anyone else wanted to share.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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[this is a situation I read about in someone's LJ]

If you're dating someone, and that person's mother/father says something along the lines of "so-and-so[you] is fine for now, but you're still looking for someone better, right?", would you want your significant other to tell you what his/her parents said?

Additionally, what if you were the person whose parents were encouraging you to find someone better, would you tell your SO what your parents said?

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I tried this in another community, but had no luck, so I'm hoping someone here knows the answer.

There's a show on E! hosted by Debbie Matenopolous called "The Fashion Police".  After the Grammys, Jay Manuel and Miss J. critiqued the celebrity outfits from the Grammys Red Carpet.  There was a rotating guest host about every half hour and at one point it was Brooke Hogan. The person I'm looking for was the short curly-haired British guy who said Shakira's hair was "dryer than Gandhi's bloody sandal", which collapsed the two Jays into giggles.  He has a terrible habit of shouting "Hello" in a sarcastic manner every few minutes and ripped nearly everyone he saw into shreds.

Who is this man?
aw | blink

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have you ever used the word "epic" to describe a song?
if you have, what does it mean when a song to be epic?
what songs come to mind?

for those who have never used the word to describe a song, don't think length, think feeling. or something.
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For those of you that go to the gym..
1) what do you wear to the gym? Are you one of those people who wear the least amount of clothing possible?
2) Have you ever bought anything from Lululemon? is it really worth it for the prices?
3) Do you have a gym routine? or do you just kinda like do whatever?

My Answers
1) to the gym currently i wear like yoga pants from la senza's spirit line, and either a fitted tunic tshirt/tank top.. and no i generally like to be fully clothed at the gym.. i dont under stand the nothing but a sports bra and teeniest shorts ever look.. yes we get it.. your trim yay for you.
2) i might go buy a pair of the pants today..but at 100 bucks for one pair.. i dunno... but i do love them
3) i have a routine.. a full routine that goes into my eating as well...

My google-fu is failing me...

Can you please help me find a picture?  U NO U CAN.

I am looking for a still from Clerks II where Jason Mewes (Jay) basically flashes the camera, completely naked, with his junk tucked behind his leg.  

Please? I have searched Google high and low and I suspect that I simply am not plugging in the correct combination of words because SOMEONE has to have a picture of this because JAY IS HOT, AMIRITE?
Feet Pyramid


So you're friends with someone for a couple of years in college. This person has a reasonably easy life, loving parents, school is paid for, supportive friends and family, etc. Over the course of your friendship you watch this person make irresponsible choices, such as skipping class or staying in unhealthy relationships. You and other friends of this person have tried helping them out as much as possible to absolutely no avail (they blow you off, make excuses, or ignore you completely), until it comes to the point where they fail out of college and are digging themselves in a hole so deep you wonder how they'll make it out.

What is your reaction?

Give up on the person? Keep trying? Stop talking to them altogether?
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1. Do you have a tattoo? How many? What of?
2. Are you strongly against tattoos?
3. I feel as though I want to get one but I can't come up with something I want on my body FOREVER-- Does those feelings stop any of you from getting tattoos?
4. What was the worst tattoo you saw on someone?
5. Do you think tattoos should be really meaningful or if it is cool/pretty that is enough?

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How do you feel about ketchup water? (When you don't shake the bottle of ketchup enough and then some liquid comes out right before the actual ketchup does)

I'm indifferent towards it. It sort of grosses me out when I see it on my plate next to my tater tots, but I manage to deal.
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awhile back there was this question.. i'm not sure what the question was :(.. but i remember the answers had to do with, what to do after a break up... or something along those lines. how to deal with a break up i think. i remember at the time thinking "hmmmm this is good & useful info".. but sadly i didn't make an effort to save the link, or add it to my memories or anything.. i guess cause i figured i won't be in that situation anytime soon. but alas! :( here i'm sitting feeling like omg!the world is going to end! wut am i to do now! and that little bit of pick me up information would be so so useful right now... so my question is:

does anyone have the link to that question?

yea.. this is such a long shot :( but it can't hurt to ask rite :p

taxes - I need advice please!

has any one here used FreeTaxUSA.com before? is it legit?
I really don't have the $50 for turbo tax this year =[

This is the first year my husband and I can file together, but we don't know which would be best for us financially right now. He works full-time untaxed right now, which means he pays the taxes after we file, before October he had a regular full-time job, taking out taxes and retirement, and I'm not working at all. I only worked a portion of this year and made less money than him obviously. We make less than 20,000 a year together.

do you think we should file jointly with him as head of household or separately?

married folks, do you file jointly or separately? why?
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I'm looking for a community, someone linked to it before and I thought it was awesome and wanted to join it. I think it was omgwtf or something like that but I'm trying to look it up and can't find it. What is it?

nana smoking

Celeb/Rock Star Love

Are there any celebrities or rock stars that when you see on television, you wish you could jump through the television and sex them there?

Are some of your famous crushes viewed as very strange by anyone you know?

-Prince, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson, Sean Paul.

-A few of my friends think I'm a complete freak for wanting Mr. Manson like that. I claw the television.

EDIT: I forgot one. Skye Sweetnam. She looks like she'd kick your ass in bed.
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spring cleaning!

I need a cleaning service to come in my house for a complete CLEANING!!

anyways, can anyone tell me what exactly merry maids provides and doesn't provide with
their service?

anyone ever use them?
what was your expreince?
do I tip them when they are done?

Bad luck

I just broke a mirror :-/

Are you superstitious?

I am not sure if i am.

But, apparently google has told me that i gotta burry the thing to reverse the bad luck.
... I live downtown in a city, so that might be kinda hard to do... hah!

oh well!
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When you get cheese on a sub/hoagie/grinder/whatever, can you actually taste it?

What is your favorite kind of sub/hoagie/grinder/whatever?


Would you rather have diabeetus or arthritis?


Which TQC member would you most likely end up murdering if you were stuck in an elevator with them for 12 hours?
mornington crescent

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How casual are you about hair cuts? If you ever cut off a really substantial amount of hair, how did you feel about it? Any females here who've shaved their heads?

The story of my hair:
I haven't cut my hair since I was 9 and I'm going to be 20 soon. It's about hip length now and I don't think it'll get any longer. When I decided to grow it out, I said that I'd grow it for ten years, then cut it short, but the 10th anniversary of my last hair cut came and went and I still have my hair. One part of me would really like to cut my hair super short, or even shave my head, just to do it, but part of me is afraid of it, like I have the last ten years of my life wrapped up in my hair or something. Sort of irrational, I know. And then there's just the fear I'll look terrible with short hair, since my face and body look completely different than they did when I last had my hair short. My other sort of hair fantasy is getting dreadlocks, which would obviously necessitate cutting it short afterwards. I suppose I could keep my hair long in dreadlocks as long as I wanted, but I'm a college sophomore now and it doesn't seem like a good idea to be a white girl with dreadlocks when I'm trying to get a job after graduation.

I'm not really asking for any specific advice. I'm just mulling things over and want to talk about hair cuts.

(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can episodes of the cartoon Mummies Alive? I used to love this show! The only thing I can find on youtube is the intro, and I can't seem to find any torrents.
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(no subject)

If I route my cable TV through my RF Modulator, half of the upper channels come in fuzzy or with interference. (including SciFi (especially SciFi), FX, and VH1.. all 3 of which I do watch)

If I don't use my RF Modulator, there is no way I can use my DVD player.

What's a girl to do?
Do I just need a new RF modulator? This one was bought for me and might be a piece of shit.

I found some answers online as well as here. It's just the nature of the beast. I can buy a new TV (solid solution).. or possibly replace the RF modulator.. but a lot of them cause this problem. I'm just going to leave it unplugged unless I need the DVD player.

(no subject)

1. I just discovered The Cramps (literally like thirty minutes ago). I fell in love almost instantly and would like to use my gift card to buy some of their stuff. If you're a fan, which album would you recommend I start out with? What other bands (with a similar style) would you recommend I try out?

2. Who are some of the most eccentric musicians/performers/bands you can think of? I believe GG Allin tops this pyramid, but who else?

(no subject)

What one word do you think holds a lot of power?

My choice would be "you". It can boost or lower your self esteem. It can make or break your day. It can assign preference or blame. It can reflect happiness or anger. Etc, etc, etc.


I'm going my school's gym today for the first time. We have a fitness room that seems to have things like bikes & treadmills, and weight rooms. I'd prefer to stick to the fitness room, but what machines are better for being in shape overall??

Treadmills or bikes? And if bikes, the regular kind or the kind where you lay back?

I have no idea what I am doing. haha

(no subject)

1. what is/was your favorite fake journal?

2. what are your opinions on porn?

3. have you ever been featured in stupid_free? bonus points if you totally missed being featured.

4. do you think the united states will become a theocracy? if it did, do you think this will be a good or bad thing?
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alright tqc,
I have to go to a bridal shower. the these is british high tea/ mad hatter party.

should I:

just buy a nice skirt and top and go

rent an alice in wonderland dress and go


have my mom say shes going to the hospital so I can get out of it because I feel obligated to go but don't really want to go.
Mitty box

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I have strawberries, various yogurt flavors, an apple, some milk, and some V8 Splash berry blend. Can I make a smoothie with any of these? Which ones would taste the best? How much should I use?

Have you ever thrown random things in the blender and end up with something delicious? Gross?

What's the grossest thing you've ever made? The tastiest?

Have you read Outlander? Did you like it?
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What's wrong with the DOW today? Dropped over 415 points to close? Was down over 500 at mid day?

What happened to this great economy we had going?

What sprung up and sank half my portfolio?
Ai Takakashi - Dakishimete

(no subject)

My dad died about 6 months ago.

Today we got a letter with some grief-counseling packets in it from the funeral home.

Wasn't it bit insensitive of the funeral home to address the envelope to both my mom and my dad?
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(no subject)

1) Puerto Rico is currently a US territory, and has a diverse population. Like USA the people there are descendants of natives, European immigrants or a mix of both (my family from there is mixed).

If Puerto Rico were to become a state, would the native people be considered Native American?

2) Can drums be self-taught or is it better to learn from a teacher? (Just a regular drum kit).

3) Do you enjoy painting your nails?

(no subject)

So, I am filling out an application for a leadership position at school.

I am just wondering how you would answer this question.

You walk into a dorm room where four of your friends are drinking alcoholic beverages. You know that everyone is under 21 years of age and that two of them are student leaders on campus. How would you handle this situation?

If you tell the Resident Assistant on the floor would you tell your four friends you were telling on them?

thanks for the help,

EDIT: My answer is, i would tell the RA and not tell the students i told on them

(no subject)

Why on earth are there not any videos of the Tom Cruise couch-jumping incident ANYWHERE on the internet? Did he get some sort of lame injunction?

PS: If anyone has a video of this, please post it!!
Bruins - shadow

heres the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail

1. My favorite water bottle got mold in it. :( Its soaking in hot soapy water.. but should I throw it out?
2. Whats your favorite vegetable?
3. Do you like scary movies? Whats your favorite?
4. How often do you change you email address?
4b.What is so great about gmail?
4c.How do you get gmail codes?
4d.Should I switch to gmail?
5. Do think macros are the funniest things ever? Whats your favorite one!!

1. I think I should, but Im sad and really want to save it.
2. Carrots, raw with ranch dressing
3. Yes I love them! I dont really have a favorite, and I want new ones to watch. I hate how lame scary movies have gotten =\
4. Almost never. Ive had the same one for a really really long time.
5. Yes I do haha
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Snoopy Enterprise

(no subject)

Does the city you live in have a unique/rank/disgusting/pleasant smell outside?

I live in Rochester, NY which is the home of Eastman Kodak. On certain days, you can smell the disgusting chemicals or whatever the hell it is blowing from the production facilities right into downtown and it's nauseating. Thankfully it's not summer time because it's especially noxious when it's hot out.

(no subject)

Today I was given a plant.
To me, it looks like a bonsai tree with a bunch of rose-like flowers on it (forced to bloom, not naturally blooming).

to get 'technical' though, I'd say
Woody stems
leaved shaped like.. elongated "leaf shape", i guess. slightly fuzzy. they seem to do the fibonacci thing growing out of the stem, and then right under the flowers they're more clumped up.
most stems end in flowers, 1-5, usually about 3
the flowers are pink, and sortof like some freak rose/hibiscus blend- the multiple layers of ruffly petals, but that bell-shape and with 1 "thingy" sticking out of the center.
It's maybe a foot tall, and has about two inches of exposed 'trunk' at the bottom before everything starts growing horizontally or at angles, so maybe some sort of mini bush? top part is maybe a foot and a half across.
The flowers basically crown the entire thing, there isn't a whole bunch of green showing from a top view.

I've tried to google for a key, but i just end up with a lot of how-to websites for how to use a dichotomous key, or a super-technical one.

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(no subject)

I know computer questions are annoying, so I apologize in advance.   My boyfriend was right in the middle of typing a paper in Microsoft Word, when he got this error message, "Microsoft Works has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience."  It won't let him save anything.   We have already called Microsoft and they said we had to pay a $50 service charge in order to figure out how to make the message go away.  He needs to either be able to save the paper, or   at least be able to see what he's written so that he can copy it onto another computer.  Does anyone know what we could do?  Thanks so much

ETA: He's rewriting the paper, and could write a few more with the string of curses coming out of his mouth right now.  Haha.  Thanks guys.
Simon - Go away.

Laptop Bag

Would this bag be good for a laptop with a 15.5" widescreen?  The website says it'll fit a laptop with a 17" widescreen, but I'm still slightly worried that my computer will bounce around in it a bit.

Does anyone have any suggestions beyond this bag?  I want to have a bag that I can carry my computer, power supply, and a few notebooks/textbooks.

lead me

lock me up!

Do I have a shot at finding a combination lock at Wal-Mart this time of year?

Bonus question 1: Did you have a cool combo lock in high school? Wanna tell me about it?

Bonus question 2: Anybody else here have a hell of a time remembering combinations? I was thinking about putting the combination on the back of mine in case I forget it (I need it to use at the gym), but maybe that's not such a good idea.

(no subject)

Is a therapist allowed to treat two people who are related to each other on an individual basis? [As in, Patient A becomes Therapist's client, and then Patient B, who is Patient A's relative, goes to the same Therapist and wants to become a client also. Not family therapy, just two clients who happen to be a part of the same family.]

Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I couldn't remember whether or not there is some ethical rule against it.


So im in this Philosophy class and we have to watch this video and say what we think Socrates would say the philosophical argumentation is and how it contributes to the value of human life.


I highly doubt it, but has anyone ever been through a philosophy class and could give me a hand with this?  any help would be great!

And if you know nothing about philosophy you should still watch this, its funny!


(no subject)

Why does my roommate have her TV up almost as loud as it can be?

Bonus question:  You think if I just made up a mayan festical, my peruvian spanish prof. would notice?

What would your festival be about?

(no subject)

How do I get my computer to stop displaying ????? instead of foreign characters/symbols? I've tried Googling various language packs, but it's not working. Is there anything I could run that would like, check for updates that I need? I'm using Firefox if that helps.
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Nitrous Oxide (Credit to Syndarys)


From a phone conversation just now:

Me:  What are your thoughts on peanut butter and pickles?
southernkitten:  Nauseating.  Please tell me you're not eating that.
Me:  Just finished, as a matter of fact.
southernkitten:  Are you pregnant?

So, the question is, do you find this combination revolting?

And since southernkitten mentioned that particular anatomical impossibility, what's the weirdest pregnancy craving you've ever heard of?  While I was gestating away, minding my own business, my mother used to sit on the floor sucking the pimientos out of green olives and chasing them with Kiwi Strawberry Shasta.  Probably explains a lot of what's wrong with me right now, that does...
dw: come along pond

(no subject)

What's your favorite up-all-night-writing-papers music?

Is Studio 60 getting a second season? I want it baaaack.

-I can't listen to anything with lyrics because it messes with mah verbal skillz.
-It better.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Did you enjoy Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid? I loved them, my school library had dozens and I devoured them! (Not literally.)

Want to choose our own adventure?

For the sake of looking nice, please include the text of the page the previous person chose to go to, and the link to the page you choose.

I'll go first.

You're sitting at home, minding your own business, when someone knocks at your door. What do you do?

Choose: Answer it or Hide in the bathroom

I'm going to hide in the bathroom!

The first commenter will include the text of the bathroom page once they have clicked on it and then a link to their choice.

(no subject)

1. How much cash do you usually carry with you?
2. Who do you like better- your mom or your dad?
3. If you went blind tomorrow, what is one thing you would miss seeing the most?
4. How often do you eat breakfast?

(no subject)

1. What does a script for a comic look like?/How is a script for a comic written?

2. How do you go from a rough sketch to clean black outlines?

3. How do you draw speech and thought bubbles perfectly?
merlin ♡ w.e

Um, my iTunes is blank.

When I turned on my computer this morning my iTunes was BLANK. I restarted my computer and it's still blank. I had almost 400 songs on the damn thing. I didn't do anything different with my computer yesterday then I usually do.

Does anyone have any idea what the hell happened?!
pyramid eyebrows

Law & Order: CI used to be a good show...

Hypothetical question inspired by watching too much Law & Order: say you're at a restaurant eating lunch with someone you're sort of working with (you're a detective, s/he's a defense attorney).  You're talking about your current case and the two of you obviously aren't agreeing about something.  After a few cold, ruthless remarks to each other, it's clear that the two of you will not be cooperating and working for the same end to this investigation.  So what do you do about the lunch?  Do you finish eating in uncomfortable silence, or do you pay the bill and leave asap?  Or do you do something else? 

oh hey tqc...




12 or below
damn I accidently stuffed up the 35-40. It should be 36-40. I'm way too lazy to edit the poll.

(no subject)

Burn the

virgin sacrifice
the candle at both ends
hot dog

PS Please don't be an asshole about me posting twice. This was an emergency.

(no subject)

Why do so many people need therapy?

Would you rather talk to a stranger or a close friend about your problems? Why?

Have you ever encountered a therapist who is like ones on television/movies/book? As in, they're either incredibly intelligent and determined to get to the bottom of your problems, or just bored and wanting to get you out of the office as soon as your hour is up.

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NEED HELP finding pay downloads of individual karaoke songs

I just woke up and was reminded that I had wanted to ask this earlier today.

Today I found a site where I could download the karaoke version of "The Highwayman" (Sometimes just called "highwayman"), by the Highwaymen, but didn't remember to save the link and ended up frustrated when trying to find it again later. Does anyone know of a good site to download individual karaoke songs at a price? This place I saw had the song available for DL at 99 cents, but I have NOT been able to find it since then, and it's baffling me! I recall trying about every possible google search imaginable and getting nada.

Thank you so much to anyone that can help me out.

(no subject)

1) Do you spell it "damnit" or "dammit"? I googled it and most results were for "dammit". Wouldn't "damnit" be more logical, since it's a combination of "damn" and "it"?
2) Do you have any personal homemade remedies for cough/itchy throat? Don't redirect me, I want what works for you personally.
3) How do you feel about the immigration issue in the US?
4) Have you ever heard of the Philly band El Toro? Most people won't have, I'm just curious.
5) How has your week been?
[dance] pink side to side

Junk in the night.

1- Have you gotten 'back' into anything recently, that you'd forgotten for quite a while? What is it, if so?

2- Do you or anyone you know suffer from any degree of dyslexia?

3- Do you find it cruel that dyslexia is such a hard word to spell, and that lisp has an 's' in it?

4- Does it make sense for someone to be labeled as slutty even if they've only ever slept with one person? How about if they're a virgin? (HONEST virgin, darnit. Anal and oral sex are still sex, no matter which teenager or American president says otherwise!)

5- If you have xBox360 live, would you like to play with me? I know I could find people in other more xBox related comms, but I wanna play with TQCers! (Same SN as here, I lack originality...)

1- Melanie Doane music. I dunno why I stopped, she's neat.
2- Yeah. I only have it with certain words, like 'work'... it comes out almost ALWAYS as 'owkr'. :(
3- Yes. ;P
4- Not sure. People call me it, probably due to my openness about things. I myself am not trampy by a mile, though. o_o;
5- I'm just amused that the Firefox typo checker thing didn't red-underline "xBox360" as a typo, but DID red-underline "xBox" by itself. How odd.
sad girl

Dream Lover

What do you think I will dream about tonight?

Last night I dreamt I was on Heroes and then suddenly I was supposed to assemble a swingset. There's some deep meaning in that I'm sure.

Aaaand...talk amongst yourselves.
heavy metal

2 unrelated questions...

1. For those of you that live in big cities, have you ever spent a day or two doing all of the touristy things in your city? Why or why not? What things do you think you would do? And where do you live?

2. For those of you with roommates, do you have a set schedule for cleaning shared rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen? Or do you generally clean whenever you feel like it or think it's getting dirty or something?